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No. 2D: Eye Trouble

Male, born February 11, 1918, 3:45 A.M.

If the poor child whose horoscope we are about to diagnose had lived, he might well have said, "I could have been the master of my fate, but instead I have become a slave." Freedom of will depends upon the limitations which the soul has placed for itself in its former lives. It may have placed obstacles in its way by wrong use of knowledge or by breaking the laws of nature in some way. Man was made in the likeness of God and God gave him dominion over the lower kingdoms. Therefore he has no one to interfere with his freedom of will; he is absolute master of his destiny.

Now, if this is so, why do we find so many who are born with misshapen and deformed bodies or whose lives have been so unfortunate? Sometimes through accidents as wee babes they are made to suffer during the rest of their earth life. A cause set going in one life has its effect in another embodiment. If it were not so, if the law of cause and effect were not—

Birth Chart No. 2D

Birth Chart No. 2D

Midheaven: Libra 18
Sun: Aquarius 21:51
Saturn: Leo 10:14 R
11th House: Scorpio 14
Moon: Aquarius 21:03
Uranus: Aquarius 23:37
12th House: Sagittarius 4
Mercury: Aquarius 1:25R
Neptune: Leo 5:16 R
Ascendant: Sagittarius 21:06
Venus: Aquarius 19:38
Dragon's Head: Sagittarius 28:50
2nd House: Capricorn 29
Mars: Libra 2:42 R
3rd House: Pisces 13
Jupiter: Gemini 1:54

—established beyond a doubt, would not God, whom we know is an all-loving Father, be very cruel and unjust? Could we love and worship such a tyrant? But He has made man a little lower than the angels and has offered him a crown of glory. This crown is not given for the asking, however; man must earn it by a life of purity and unselfishness.

Now let us see what fate we may find in this babe's horoscope:

We find Sagittarius rising, with Venus, Moon, Sun, and Uranus all in conjunction in the advanced sign of Aquarius, intercepted in the 2nd house, sextile to the Ascendant. Also the Dragon's Head, which is of a Jupiterian nature, is in conjunction with the Ascendant. This would have given the little fellow a most beautiful and charming personality. With Mars near the Midheaven, trine to Mercury, which is in the mental sign of Aquarius, he was very bright mentally.

At eleven months of age he could stand alone. On July 12, 1919, at the age of 17 months, he fell from a balcony, but no serious symptoms developed. At that time we find the transiting Moon and Mars square to the radical Mars in the Midheaven; this is a very strong indication of accident. On July 14th and 15th the boy began to get drowsy, and could not keep food in his stomach, for on that day the transiting Moon was in Aquarius, making an opposition to Saturn and Neptune in the eighth house in Leo. On the morning of the 16th he was taken with convulsions, the transiting Moon having just passed a conjunction with Venus, Moon, Sun, and Uranus. Uranus when afflicted causes convulsions. At the third convulsion the child lost his eyesight, for the transiting Mercury had reached an opposition to the planets in Aquarius, (especially the lights, the Sun and the Moon), which brought on total blindness, as indicated in the radical chart by Neptune in conjunction with fixed stars, the Ascelli, and also in conjunction with Saturn. On the fifth day of his illness he became unconscious, lost his hearing and the control of his tongue, and the head was drawn back over the spine. A number of the most noted doctors were consulted, but none could diagnose the case. They operated on the head and spine, however, and the operations failed.

Now, from the astrological diagnosis what do we find? Neptune rules the spinal canal, that channel of spiritual fire from which all life emanates. Saturn, the planet of obstruction, the chastener, is found in conjunction with this mystic planet, which also has rule over the pineal gland through which the spiritual faculties first become awakened. Abuse of the spiritual powers in former lives brings about physical infirmities. From birth this boy's spine was affected, the spinal fluid obstructed, and total blindness unavoidable. It is a known fact to astrologers that a child born at the new or the full of the Moon, if not supported strongly by benefics, rarely lives. This child was born when the Sun and Moon were in exact conjunction with the benefic Venus, and Mars, the planet of energy, was elevated near the cusp of the 10th house, trine to Jupiter and Mercury. These benefic aspects made it possible for this babe to live for a short time. We have not the exact date of the child's death. The last letter we received from the parents stated that he was very low on November 6th, and was not expected to live. We find on November 14th, 1919, the transiting Sun making a square to the cluster of planets in Aquarius, and the transiting Moon in conjunction with the afflicting planets in Leo and making an opposition to the planets in Aquarius. It would be almost impossible for the babe to pass these afflictions, and death, no doubt, occurred at that time.

The Eyes

We will here give a lesson on the effect of Saturn, the obstructor, when in the last decanate of Aquarius. The writer has observed that many cases of eye trouble may be traced to Saturn when he is posited between the 24th and the 30th degrees of Aquarius, and especially does this affect the sight of the left eye.

No. 2E

Female, born August 19, 1905

We will use a flat figure as the hour of birth is missing. We find the Sun in its own sign of Leo. Saturn is retrograde in its own sign, Aquarius, and Mars is in Scorpio, the sign in which it is able to exercise its full strength. These three powerful planets are all in fixed signs and in opposition or square to one another. Here we find a debt of ripe destiny facing this soul which it was impossible to avoid. At the age of twelve this girl was almost entirely blind.

Birth Chart No. 2E:
Flat Chart

Birth Chart No. 2E

Midheaven: Capricorn 0
Sun: Leo 25:48
Saturn: Aquarius 29:48R
11th House: Aquarius 0
Moon: Aries 14:40
Uranus: Capricorn 0:26R
12th House: Pisces 0
Mercury: Virgo 13:36R
Neptune: Cancer 9:36
Ascendant: Aries 0
Venus: Cancer 14:41
2nd House: Taurus
Mars: Scorpio 28:43
3rd House: Gemini
Jupiter: Gemini 4:19

Now let us see if we cannot read the message of the stars and see why this dreadful affliction should come upon one so young. What is the debt that she is called upon to pay? Neptune, the planet which rules spiritual sight, is exalted in the watery sign of Cancer. This esoteric planet is in opposition to Uranus, which is retrograde and in the saturnine sign of Capricorn. Uranus stands for clairvoyance and the unseen. Capricorn is the natural 10th house sign of authority, that of one who rules. The Sun, Saturn, and Mars, all at home and in fixed and dominant signs and Mars parallel to both Neptune and Uranus indicate that this poor soul in a previous life, and in a cruel and dominant manner while occupying a male body, used his esoteric powers to enslave the opposite sex, thereby causing many tears to be shed. It is said, "The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small." The Lords of Destiny have brought this Ego, who caused so many tears to flow in a past life, into the weak body of this little girl, whose mother, fearing childbirth, shed many tears while carrying her. The result was a tender, sensitive body with impaired eye sight.

NO. 2F

Female, born January 31, 1876, 8:00 P.M.

Birth Chart No. 2F

Birth Chart No. 2F

Midheaven: Gemini 12
Sun: Aquarius 11:38
Saturn: Aquarius 26:36
11th House: Cancer 16
Moon: Aries 16:47
Uranus: Leo 18:14R
12th House: Leo 18
Mercury: Aquarius 29:17
Neptune: Taurus 0:25
Ascendant: Virgo 14:35
Venus: Pisces 12:58
2nd House: Libra 9
Mars: Aries 11:00
3rd House: Scorpio 9
Jupiter: Scorpio 28:57

Here we have Saturn in the 26th degree of Aquarius in conjunction with Mercury and in the 6th house, the house ruling sickness. The Moon is parallel to and in conjunction with Mars in the sign of Aries. This indicates emotion and impulse. It shows one who does not reason but jumps into things thoughtlessly and with fear. Especially is fear indicated when in addition the sign of Virgo is rising. Sometimes in such cases the resulting acts of impulse rebound upon the native, causing great suffering as in the case of this woman. When she began to suffer with eye strain she permitted the doctors to operate on her eyes on two different occasions. The first time they removed the right eyeball, and the second time the operation destroyed the sight of the left eye. From planetary indications, with the proper care and diet her eyesight might have been saved, but unfortunately she did not hear of the Invisible Helpers until too late.

We see that in the case of horoscope No. 2E, the native was in the hands of fate, and she had to pass through the greater part of this life in darkness, while in the second figure fear and excessive emotion precipitated total blindness.

No. 2G: The Eyes

Female, born July 27, 1856, at 9:00 A.M.

This woman has the feminine, earthy, and common sign of Virgo on the Ascendant. We are taught in the Cosmo-Conception that the Law of Consequence works in harmony with the planets, and that the spirit is born into the physical world at that opportune time when these may operate in harmony with each other. The birth of the Ego is so timed by the Lords of Destiny that the horoscope, which is the clock of destiny, registers the kind of debts which the Ego has incurred in its previous lives and the time when these debts come to fruition, when the harvest from the seeds which have been sown must be garnered.

However, the law of destiny is not a blind law, for it may be modified to a certain degree in proportion to the strength of the will of the Ego. When fixed or cardinal signs are on the angles and the afflictions are from common signs, then the Ego is often able to modify the effect of planetary afflictions; but when, as for instance in the horoscope under consideration, we find a common sign on the Ascendant and the afflictions come from fixed signs, then it is very probable that the forces involved in the debt of destiny are too powerful for the Ego and the Law must take its course.

In this horoscope we find the Sun strongly placed in its own sign, Leo, which is a fixed sign, in conjunction with Venus, square to the inflammatory Mars, and parallel to Uranus. The fiery planet, the Sun, is also in conjunction with the Ascelli, a fixed star which is in 5-41 of Leo and has influence over the eyes. We find Uranus in 24-36 Taurus, a fixed sign, in—

Birth Chart No. 2G

Birth Chart No. 2G

Midheaven: Gemini 21
Sun: Leo 4:38
Saturn: Cancer 7:51
11th House: Cancer 25
Moon: Gemini 12:29
Uranus: Taurus 24:36
12th House: Leo 25
Venus: Leo 6:32
Neptune: Pisces 20:09R
Ascendant: Virgo 22:10
Mercury: Cancer 20:54
2nd House: Libra 18
Mars: Libra 27:59
3rd House: Scorpio 18
Jupiter: Aries 9:10

—conjunction with the Pleiades, a group of fixed stars which are in 28:41 of Taurus, also having an afflicting influence upon the eyes. We find the Moon prominently situated near the Midheaven in 12-29 of Gemini and in opposition to another fixed star, Antares, which is in 8 degrees and 27 minutes of Sagittarius.

Here we may read from the clock of destiny that blindness was likely to be the fate of this woman. With the feminine, earthy, and common sign of Virgo on the Ascendant and the afflictions from fixed signs, what could be expected but that the will of this soul would not be strong enough to overcome. Total blindness was the result.

But what did she do to precipitate this? We find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in the 10th house in the sign of its fall, Cancer, and square to Jupiter. Saturn is most evil in this watery sign, the sign of the stomach, where he can undermine health by denying the stomach the fluids which are so necessary for digestion. In Cancer Saturn also perverts the appetite. People with Saturn afflicted in Cancer have strange likes and dislikes regarding food and are most stubborn about it. Even if they know that too many chocolate creams and sodas and too much pie, cake, etc., will undermine their health, they will have them. People with this affliction frequently suffer from auto-intoxication. The poison which is then generated by the stomach is mixed with the blood stream, and this very frequently precipitates blindness.

We find in this horoscope a well aspected Mercury, which is sextile to Uranus and the Ascendant and trine to Neptune, indicating that the native had a keen desire for knowledge, especially along esoteric lines, and did not save her eyes, but very likely read with poor light late at night, perhaps reading in bed, which is a most dangerous habit and which has caused many to lose their eyesight. But every cloud has its silver lining, and although this poor woman has been totally blind for some years, yet she has developed the sixth sense. With Neptune sextile Uranus and trine Mercury, she has a wonderful development of the spiritual faculties, making it possible for her to leave her body at will and she claims to be able to travel to far-off planets.

Had these afflicting planets and the Ascendant been reversed, with a fixed sign rising and the afflictions from common signs, even though Saturn had been in Cancer, the will would have been strong enough to have saved at least a degree of this woman's eyesight.

"One ship sails east and another sails west
With the self-same winds that blow.
'Tis the set of the sail and not the gale
Which determines the way they go."

No. 2H: The Eyes

Female, born June 28th, 1868

This horoscope is minus the hour of birth, therefore we are using a plain figure with the planets copied from the Ephemeris for noon, Greenwich Mean Time; but from all indications we believe that this woman has the last part of Cancer on the Ascendant.

The Sun is in conjunction with Uranus, square to Jupiter, Uranus being square to Neptune, while Jupiter is in conjunction with Neptune in Aries. If we take the rising sign to be Cancer, this would bring the Moon back so that it would be within orb of an opposition to Jupiter and Neptune and square to Uranus. We have here a configuration of planets which indicates that excesses and emotions have ruled this woman to a very great extent, especially as we find the planet of desires, the hot tempered Mars, in its fall in Taurus. Mars when in Taurus has a tendency to express his evil side and is prone to cause excesses in food and also in temper. Now, with Cancer, the sign ruling the stomach, on the Ascendant and with Uranus, the planet of impulse, in conjunction with the Sun and square to Jupiter and Neptune, we have a woman who has very little self-control. Excesses of all kinds have filled her body with toxic matter. The blood vessels have become clogged and hardened. When a woman at the age of fifty-five who has had to work hard to support herself and family gives away to anger, and when as a result the blood bounds through the hardened arteries bringing an unusual rush of it to the head, we may expect trouble. Let us see where this may be found:

Birth Chart No. 2H
Flat Chart

Birth Chart No. 2H

Midheaven: Capricorn 0
Sun: Cancer 6:59
Saturn: Sagittarius 0:00R
11th House: Aquarius 0
Moon: Libra 22:46
Uranus: Cancer 12:46
12th House: Pisces 0
Mercury: Cancer 27:45
Neptune: Aries 17:13
Ascendant: Aries 0
Venus: Leo 2:22R
2nd House: Taurus 0
Mars: Taurus 27:55
3rd House: Gemini 0
Jupiter: Aries 12:13

Mars is in conjunction with the group of fixed stars, called the Pleiades, which have an evil effect upon the eyes. With Mars in 27-55 of Taurus in conjunction with fixed stars of a Mars-Moon nature, with the progressed Sun within orb of a square to Mars, and with the progressed Saturn retrograded back to the opposition of Mars, there is a tendency for the temper to be aggravated, bringing trouble upon parts of the body which Mars affects, — in this case the eyes. Saturn has a hardening, ossifying, restricting influence upon the part of the body corresponding to his position in the horoscope. We find this planet in 0 degrees and 0 minutes of Sagittarius in opposition to Mars radical. With these afflictions we may expect some trouble with the eyes.

In the early part of July, 1923, this woman developed what doctors called retinitis of the right eye, which is an inflammation of the retina. This caused a rupture of one of the blood vessels accompanied by severe pains in the neck and shoulders.

We would not, however, attribute all the damage to temper and hardened arteries, for the foundation of the trouble had been laid by eye strain. This woman was employed during the day as a chiropodist, and at night she spent long hours in reading esotericism and studying astrology. She had the pernicious habit of reading with a bright light close to the eyes while lying upon a couch or bed, thereby causing a strain of the muscles of the eye. With Neptune in opposition to the Moon and Uranus square to both Neptune and the Moon, there has been a desire to force development. Intensive gazing at bright objects, such as crystals, etc., which is ignorantly taught by some esoteric orders, has a most destructive effect upon the eyes and has caused much eye trouble among esoteric students.

The Throat
No. 3A —
B: Tonsils — Adenoids

Male, born March 20, 1911, 3:10 P.M.

Figure No. 3A has Leo rising, with the ruler, the Sun, in conjunction with and parallel to Mercury in the 8th house, and in the 12th house sign of Pisces. This position and aspect of the ruler would deplete the vitality and create nervousness. The boy would be easily disturbed and of a fretful nature. This would interfere with the assimilation of food in the small intestines, for the conjunction of Mercury and the Sun would have an effect in the opposite sign of Virgo, the intestines. But we find another affliction which will have a much more evil effect upon the health. Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, also hot and fiery by nature, is posited in the airy and nervous sign of Aquarius and in the 6th house, ruling sickness. Mars afflicted in this saturnine sign shows an evil side. We find him square to the obstructive Saturn in the 9th house and in the sign of Taurus, ruling the throat and the tonsils. Wherever we find Saturn, especially when afflicted, we may expect restriction, crystallization, and lack of fluids, and with a square aspect to Mars, the planet causing fevers and inflammation, what can we expect but a disturbed condition of the throat,—

Birth Chart No. 3A

Birth Chart No. 3A

Midheaven: Taurus 17
Sun: Pisces 29:08
Saturn: Taurus 4:37
11th House: Gemini 23
Moon: Sagittarius 5:18
Uranus: Capricorn 28:31
12th House: Cancer 26
Mercury: Pisces 29:30
Neptune: Cancer 18:48R
Ascendant: Leo 24:14
Venus: Aries 26:14
Dragon's Head:Taurus 12:17
2nd House: Virgo 17
Mars: Aquarius 5:06
3rd House: Libra 13
Jupiter: Scorpio 13:59R
Dragon's Tail: Scorpio 12:17

—a swelling of the tonsils? The affliction coming from fixed signs, and Mars being in the 6th house, sickness, the trouble will be somewhat difficult to overcome, for this physical weakness was brought over from a former life in which the soul had broken the laws of nature. A case of this kind is often the result of abuses of the most sacred function of the body, that of the generative organs. The results of abortions, or abuses of like nature, are often brought back into the next embodiment producing weakened organs.

This boy could be helped greatly by manipulation and massage to keep the circulation normal. The Piscean Sun, conjunction Mercury, requires a quiet and harmonious environment which we fear he will not have. Jupiter in Scorpio supplies good food and plenty of it which, however, he should not indulge in to excess. A simple vegetarian diet will be most necessary for him. Saturn in Taurus would indicate that one of the parents will be apt to interfere with his freedom too much. A Leo can be ruined by the "don'ts" of a saturnine parent, and the boy would suffer in health as a result of this restriction by one parent and overindulgence of the other.

No. 3B

Female, born May 22, 1915, 3:22 A.M.

Horoscope No. 3B is that of a little girl who suffered from the same illness as in the case of 3A, vis., the swelling of tonsils, adenoids, etc., but with very different astrological afflictions. This shows how invaluable the study of astrology would be to the physician in his diagnosis and that it is absolutely dangerous to treat each case alike. What will heal one might be dangerous to another.

Here we have another fixed sign on the Ascendant, Taurus, ruling the throat, with its ruler, Venus, near the cusp of the 1st house and sextile to Saturn, but square to Neptune and in conjunction with Mars. The symptoms would be very similar to those of 3A, but the trouble is from a different source.

We find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in the sign of Cancer, the stomach. Although this planet is not afflicted, yet wherever he is placed, or whatever organ he rules over, there we may find a lack of fluids. Saturn "dries up" and when he is in Cancer the appetite is abnormal and digestive fluid is lacking. He craves the things that are detrimental and refuses those which the body needs, and is very apt to gourmandize when the palate is tickled with pie, cake, candy, etc. The result is that the body becomes clogged like a stream dammed up: the material must find an outlet somewhere. In this case Mars, the planet of energy, is in conjunction with Venus, the planet ruling the venous blood. This indicates the section of the body that will be affected. The blood becomes impure, causing swelling and inflammation in the throat. To manipulate this afflicted region would —

Birth Chart No. 3B

Birth Chart No. 3B

Midheaven: Capricorn 18
Sun: Gemini 00:12
Saturn: Cancer 1:13
11th House: Aquarius 12
Moon: Virgo 2:30
Uranus: Aquarius 15:40R
12th House: Pisces 15
Mercury: Gemini 20:39
Neptune: Cancer 28:09
Ascendant: Taurus 2:10
Venus: Taurus 0:19
Dragon's Head: Aquarius 21:35
2nd House: Gemini 3
Mars: Aries 27:11
3rd House: Gemini 27
Jupiter: Pisces 23:32

— cause more inflammation. The remedy here would be to discontinue all food for a day or two and give the girl only pineapple juice, putting the feet in hot water with cold cloths on head and throat, in order to draw the surplus blood to the lower extremities. This would give instant relief.

Can we wonder, after comparing two horoscopes of this kind, why the medical man often fails in his treatment and feels that the only cure is the removal of the inflamed parts? If he could read the stellar script, he would make few failures and would then not be so apt to ruin the life of the child by an operation. He little realizes that a removal of the tonsils or an operation upon the throat interferes with the function of the generative organs. A child who has been operated upon will suffer as a result when it reaches puberty. Painful menstruation and trouble in childbirth are likely to affect the life of the woman who has been thus operated upon in childhood. Inflammation of the prostate gland in the man, and various other physical weaknesses are often the result of an operation upon the throat.

No. 3C: Throat And Tonsils

Male, born July 11th, 1882, 11:15 A.M.

Here is given the horoscope of a man with the cardinal sign of Libra on the Ascendant, and the ruler, Venus, in the fixed sign of Leo in the 11th house, square and parallel to both the malefics, Saturn and Neptune. The last two planets we find in the fixed sign of Taurus and in the 8th house. This at the start is a very serious affliction, indicating that this man came into life facing a heavy debt of destiny.

Now let us see if we can find the cause of the condition and why this soul has been restricted even from birth. Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs, stubborn and immovable, therefore they are also the signs which bring chronic and incurable illnesses; and where the afflictions come from two of the most subtle planets, both slow in their motion, one may expect that the disease is of a nature which the soul has attracted to itself as a debt of destiny by the breaking of nature's laws in past lives, and not so much on account of misdeeds in this embodiment.

Planets often work in opposite signs. Afflictions as in this horoscope, in the fixed sign of Taurus governing the throat, may have been brought about by the abuse of the generative function (Scorpio) in one life, causing a weakness of the throat or larynx in the next life, or vice versa. The unnecessary removal of the female organs in one life may cause the Ego, who changes sex in each life, to be born in a male body with the afflicted planets in the opposite sign, Taurus, as in the case of this man who was born with underdeveloped organs of voice and throat.

Birth Chart No. 3C

Birth Chart No. 3C

Midheaven: Cancer 8
Sun: Cancer 19:13
Saturn: Taurus 23:20
11th House: Leo 12
Moon: Gemini 7:05
Uranus: Virgo 15:30
12th House: Virgo 12
Mercury: Cancer 2:23
Neptune: Taurus 18:22
Ascendant: Libra 6:37
Venus: Leo 24:27
Dragon's Head: Scorpio 27:08
2nd House: Scorpio 2
Mars: Virgo 6:34
3rd House: Sagittarius 3
Jupiter: Gemini 18:22
Dragon's Tail: Taurus 27:08

The above statement does not mean that all women who have been operated on will have these afflictions. Often through childbirth, or neglect of nurse or doctors, the poor woman is forced to undergo an operation. These are conditions for which she is not held accountable; but should she on account of excesses or abortions have weakened the organs of sex, which would make it necessary for their removal, such sins will bring their reaction in restrictions of some kind, usually of the throat which is under the rule of Taurus, the opposite sign to Scorpio, which rules the generative organs. In fact the larynx and brain were developed in primitive man by the sacrifice of one half of the creative faculty. Afflictions may not be active in the body in childhood, and with a knowledge of the planets and a strict adherence to the rules of right living, man may pass through life with but little inconvenience; but whenever the laws are broken, when abuses are allowed, then it is that the afflicted parts give way, for as it is said, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

We find the Sun in Cancer, which is the sign of the stomach, sextile to Neptune in Taurus, the throat and palate, also sextile to Uranus which is the ruler of the 5th house, the house of pleasures. Venus is sextile to Jupiter. All these facts show that this man has been very popular with his women friends, who have entertained him lavishly, and the pleasures of the table have helped in his undoing.

The planet which helps to bring about physical ailments, the inflammatory Mars, is in the sign of the intestines, Virgo, square to the Moon in Gemini, showing that the intestines suffered first from an excess of food and drink. When the small intestines are inflamed, as they would be in this case, they are unable to assimilate food properly. This inflammation throws considerable poison into the blood, which seeks an outlet in the weakest spot. Saturn conjunct Neptune in Taurus indicates that the throat received the poison. This man has had his throat lanced twice for what the doctors termed quinsy, an inflammation of the tonsils. He has had pieces taken from the tonsils, showing that the blood was contaminated, causing suppuration in the tonsils.

No. 3D: Goiter — Tonsils

Female, born August 12, 1911, 7:27 A.M.

We will consider here the horoscope of a girl with Virgo on the Ascendant. Virgo people have somewhat less resistance to disease than the average, especially when common signs occupy the four angles and Mercury and the Moon, which rule the mentality, are also in common signs and in opposition to each other. The three strongest planets, namely, the Sun, Saturn, and Mars, are in fixed signs. We may expect that these planets will indicate in what part of the body the disease will show itself.

The sign of Taurus, we are told, in The Message of the Stars, has rule over the neck, throat, tonsils, the carotid arteries, etc. From this we may infer that Taurus also has rule over the veins and arteries which serve the organs located in the throat; likewise it has rule over the lower part of the occipital region of the jaw. The arteries of the human body have their beginning in a common center. The aorta is to the circulatory system what the trunk is to the tree. All main arteries and veins have a connection with the great human engine, the heart. The aorta is the main trunk line, from which many branches carry the blood to all parts of the body, after which the veins carry it back to the heart. These branches feed the various parts of the body. The branch in which we are most interested in this lesson is the carotid artery, from which branch off the thyroid arteries, two in number, the superior and the inferior.

In this horoscope we have the inflammatory Mars in Taurus. Mars focuses heat, and wherever this planet is placed we find an abundance of blood. Mars here is in the sign ruling the neck and afflicted by the conjunction of —

Birth Chart No. 3D

Birth Chart No. 3D

Midheaven: Gemini 13
Sun: Leo 18:22
Saturn: Taurus 19:50
11th House: Cancer 17
Moon: Pisces 12:48
Uranus: Capricorn 26:31R
12th House: Leo 19
Mercury: Virgo 15:04
Neptune: Cancer 22:20
Ascendant: Virgo 15:34
Venus: Virgo 26:28
2nd House: Libra 10
Mars: Taurus 17:15
3rd House: Scorpio 9
Jupiter: Scorpio 7:01

— Saturn, the planet of obstruction. Saturn has a drying-up effect upon the parts which he influences. The effect of these two malefic planets may be pictured by filling a rubber tube with water and closing both ends, then pinching one end of the tube and forcing the water into the other end. We may expect this to be the condition of the blood in the arteries and veins of this girl's neck. Mars fills them full of blood, and Saturn with his restricting influence holds the blood in one part, obstructing its flow and resulting in enlarged veins of the neck, goiter, swollen tonsils, etc. Saturn and Mars are afflicted by a square from the life-giving Sun. The Sun is strong in its own home, Leo, which rules the vena cava, the aorta, and the heart.

At the age of eleven years this young girl suffered with goiter and swollen tonsils, having constant trouble with the throat and a tendency to coughs and colds. One important fact will be found in the case of most children with a tendency to throat trouble, namely, that they formed the habit when tiny babies of breathing through the mouth. In nine cases out of ten of children who are suffering with diseased tonsils and throat afflictions they have not been taught to breathe through the nose. Parents should at all times watch small children, and if they show a tendency to mouth breathing while asleep, they should be given a solid rubber nipple, minus the opening. This will force the breath through the nostrils and thereby save the child much suffering in later years.

With the Sun in Leo, square to Saturn and Mars, this girl has a latent tendency to valvular heart trouble. This may not develop until later in life when the Mars-conjunction-Saturn-in-Taurus temper has been permitted to do its damage, and Mercury in Virgo in opposition to the Moon, in the 12th and 6th houses, the latter ruling the health, have made themselves felt.

There is great hope in this horoscope, however, due to Saturn being in trine aspect to Mercury and sextile to the Moon. This will give balance and also persistence to the mind, which will help to stave off any illness and save the girl much suffering in later life.

No. 3E: Goiter

Female, born June 14, 1853

As we have no birth hour, the signs are entered on the houses in numerical order so that Aries occupies the first house, Taurus the second, Gemini the third, etc. and the noon positions of the planets are used just as they are given in the ephemeris.

We will first note that the progressed position of the Sun in 1916 is Leo 23-27, and that of Mercury is Leo 26-27, retrograde.

The aspects which particularly concern us are: Moon parallel Neptune, square Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury; Jupiter opposition the Sun and Mercury; Saturn parallel and conjunction Mars, squared by the progressed Sun and Mercury.

We will first acquaint ourselves with the condition of the mind of this woman. Gemini and Sagittarius are the signs ruling mind. Mercury is essentially dignified in Gemini, and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Sun also is favorably situated in the Mercurial sign Gemini. So far so good, but Mercury, our significator of the mind, follows the Sun and is too close to this luminary; furthermore, Jupiter is in opposition to the Sun and Mercury. Add to this that the Moon, the other significator of the mind, is square to Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury, and it will be apparent that the mental state of the native is not a very happy or auspicious one.

Saturn is in Taurus, the sign of the throat. He is the planet of obstruction and has always an inimical influence on whatever part of the body he occupies by sign. We may therefore judge that the throat will be —

Birth Chart No. 3E
Flat Chart

Birth Chart No. 3E

Midheaven: Capricorn 0
Sun: Gemini 23:16
Saturn: Taurus 25:27
11th House: Aquarius
Moon: Virgo 21:28
Uranus: Taurus 11:00
12th House: Pisces 0
Mercury: Gemini 24:23
Neptune: Pisces 13:44R
Ascendant: Aries 0
Venus: Cancer 1:48
2nd House: Taurus 0
Mars: Taurus 23:25
3rd House: Gemini 0
Jupiter: Sagittarius 19:06R

— obstructed, causing hoarseness of speech; and we may also be sure that Saturn has an effect in the opposite sign Scorpio, which governs the generative and eliminative organs. Saturn is cold, clammy, and moist. Mars is hot and dry. He is posited in the sign Taurus, closely conjoined and parallel with Saturn, giving a tendency to inflammation and swelling. In the region governed by the opposite sign he would produce scaling urine and copious menses.

Thus to inimical forces of opposite natures have been at war in the region of the throat from birth on, but the case did not become really acute until 1914. Then the Moon by progression reached the opposition of the radical Sun and Mercury, and at the same time the Sun by progression came within orb of a square to Saturn and Mars from the sign Leo, which governs the heart. The keynote of Saturn is obstruction, and in Taurus he is particularly powerful with respect to the heart action for he governs the pneumogastric nerve which produces cardiac inhibition. On the other hand, when the dynamic energy of Mars is directed by a square to the progressed Sun in Leo violent palpitation is bound to be the effect. Thus the enormous range of heart action attendant upon exophthalmic goiter is produced in this case. We also find that Saturn is near a conjunction with the Pleiades located in Taurus 29, and his square to the progressed Sun has an effect upon the eyes, which protrude in people affected with exophthalmic goiter.

The configurations of the significators of mind previously mentioned couples with the absence of radical squares and oppositions to Saturn and Mars indicate that the basic cause of the patient's condition is mental. The diagnosis is further confirmed by the fact that the acute condition was brought about by the above noted progressed positions of the Sun and Mercury. As this affliction is from a fixed sign there is danger that the condition may become chronic. If the person, however, is placed in a quiet, cheerful environment and if she can be taught to wean herself from her morbid imagination, there is a good chance of a permanent cure being accomplished when the Sun gets out of orb of its square to Saturn and Mars, particularly if the proper diet is adopted.

No. 3F: The Vocal Organs

Male, born May 30, 1919, 11:55 P.M.

"The tissue of the life to be
We weave with colors all our own,
And in the field of destiny
We reap as we have sown."
— Whittier

This is truly so in the life of the soul whose horoscope we are to study here.

With the fixed, Saturnine sign of Aquarius on the Ascendant and the second ruler of Aquarius, the inspirational and advanced Uranus, in Pisces, intercepted in the first house, we may say that there are really two rulers of this horoscope: Saturn, which is in its fall in the seventh house in Leo, and Uranus, which is strong in the mystic sign of Pisces in the first house.

Planets in angles have a greater influence on the life of the native than when they are in cadent or succedent houses. Planets which are in fixed signs and afflicted also bring with them a debt of destiny, which is usually most difficult to overcome. In this horoscope we find Mercury in the fixed sign of Taurus, square to the obstinate and obstructive planet, Saturn, which is in Leo, a fixed sign, and in the seventh house angle.

Saturn being one of the life rulers, though in the sign of its fall, will have the post powerful rule over the life, and when Mercury and Saturn are afflicting each other from bestial signs, namely, Taurus and Leo, we may look for an impediment in the speech.

Birth Chart No. 3F

Birth Chart No. 3F

Midheaven: Sagittarius 6
Sun: Gemini 8:48
Saturn: Leo 22:34
11th House: Sagittarius 25
Moon: Cancer 3:32
Uranus: Pisces 1:40
12th House: Capricorn 14
Mercury: Taurus 25:44
Neptune: Leo 7:01
Ascendant: Aquarius 11:17
Venus: Cancer 21:04
Dragon's Head: Sagittarius 3:46
2nd House: Aries 7
Mars: Gemini 3:30
3rd House: Taurus 13
Jupiter: Cancer 16:23
Dragon's Tail: Gemini 3:46

This boy at the age of five years refused to talk. He is able to speak, but will do so only when the greatest persuasion is used. Doctors have operated on him twice for water on the brain but have failed to find anything wrong, and what the effect of these operations may have upon the organism in the future remains to be seen. Up to the present time, however, the health of the boy has been normal.

He will repeat only the sentences which are suggested to him, but if the parents are persistent they may in time help him to overcome his weakness.

In the Cosmo-Conception, we are told: "What we are, what we have, all our good qualities are the result of our own actions in the past. What we lack in physical, moral, or mental excellence may yet be ours in the future."

This boy has truly taken up his life where he laid it down in a previous one. The planets are the clock of destiny, which shows when each soul must needs learn certain lessons, when it must reap from the seeds which it has sown in its past lives.

We learn in the Rosicrucian teachings that we are in this life here on earth preparing to build the archetype of the body which we are to use in our next life. In the case of this poor soul as we look back into his past, we see where in his keen desire for spiritual development he neglected to build his physical body by mortifying the flesh and neglected to use the organs of speech, being a member of a silent Brotherhood. In which the life was spent in silence and prayer. In this extremely one-sided life he developed the spiritual faculties at the expense of the physical senses.

We see here the mystical Uranus is in the sign of Pisces, in the first house, trine to the Moon, which is in its own sign of Cancer. Neptune, another spiritual planet, is parallel to Mercury and sextile to Mars and the Sun, indicating a soul who is highly developed along spiritual lines, but one who is lacking in the ability to use his development in this life on account of the lack of desire to use the organs of speech.

This child may, however, be assisted by the parents in developing this desire, but it will require great patience, as the mentality, on account of Mercury square Saturn, will be slow to respond, and the boy will be very stubborn, because of this aspect being from fixed signs. Mars, however, which is in the Mercurial sign of Gemini, will lend its assistance in overcoming the influence of Saturn to some extent.

No. 3G:
The Loss Of Speech

Male, born December 19th, 1896, at 12:30 A.M.

The young man whose horoscope we will analyze here has the cardinal and airy sign of Libra on the Ascendant. Physically he expresses the sign of Libra, being six feet in height, splendidly developed and with beautiful blue eyes. People with cardinal or fixed signs on the angles have more power of resistance than others. The will is stronger than that of common signs. In the case of this young man, however, we find an affliction active before he reached the age where he could be of assistance to the healers.

In The Cosmo-Conception we are told that in the latter part of the Lemurian Epoch man's body became upright, this being necessary before he would become an indwelling, self-conscious being, and certain changes then had to take place in the bodily structure in order that the Ego might express itself through its vehicles. When the Ego entered within its vehicles, it was necessary that part of the sex force be used to build the brain and larynx, for it was destined that man should henceforth learn to do his own thinking, and the voice was necessary that he might make himself understood and thereby communicate with others. To accomplish this a part of his sex force had to be used. So a part of the creative organ remained with the upper portion of the body, and was gradually converted into what now constitutes the brain and larynx. Thus we may see that there must of necessity be a close connection between these organs, namely, the generative organs, larynx, and brain.

It is interesting to note through astrology how this works out. We find —

Birth Chart No. 3G

Birth Chart No. 3G

Midheaven: Cancer 5
Sun: Sagittarius 27:54
Saturn: Scorpio 25:54
11th House: Leo 9
Moon: Gemini 17:27
Uranus: Scorpio 26:48
12th House: Virgo 9
Mercury: Capricorn 9:20
Neptune: Gemini 18:40
Ascendant: Libra 4:09
Venus: Aquarius 7:49
2nd House: Libra 29
Mars: Gemini 16:16R
3rd House: Sagittarius 0
Jupiter: Virgo 10:10

— Scorpio, the sign ruling sex, in opposition to Taurus, which has rule over the throat and larynx. Proof of the above close connection may also be found in the boy whose voice changes at puberty; also in the woman who has had her ovaries removed and whose voice becomes deep and harsh.

In the horoscope under consideration we find Saturn, the planet of atrophy, in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn is in conjunction with Uranus. These two planets are unaspected save by the conjunction with each other and a semi-sextile to the Sun. And this we must consider as a condition which had its beginning in a past life. When we find Uranus and Saturn in conjunction in Scorpio and afflicted by other planets, we look for perversion or abnormal sex expression. But in reading these two planets we go into the past life for the abuses which have weakened the organs, causing the poor soul to come into this life with the larynx and brain each unable to function normally.

With Saturn conjunction Uranus in Scorpio we may look for its effect in the opposite sign of Taurus, the throat. Saturn then has a tendency to retard or restrict the secretion of the fluids of the glands or organs within the region of the neck, for instance, the thyroid, which is placed astride the windpipe at the front of the neck, and which may truly be called the balance necessary for the proper functioning of the mind. The thyroid also regulates all the other ductless (endocrine) glands, and every drop of blood in the circulation in the upper part of the body passes back and forth through it. Excesses or perversions of sex deplete the fluids of the thyroid gland. What a telltale the human voice is! How the misuse of sex will make the male voice effeminate and the female voice masculine!

In this horoscope we have the story of a man who at birth had a voice, but after the age of four years he would not make a sound, nor has he spoken a word since. The organs ruling the voice in this case have been weakened by the dissipation of the sex fluids in a former life. We find Neptune, the higher octave of Mercury, the planet ruling the pineal gland, in the mercurial sign of Gemini, in conjunction with the Moon and Mars, and in opposition to the Sun. Neptune has rule over the pineal gland and the spinal spirit fire. The brain in this case has remained childlike. The young man dresses himself but he will not speak, and he spends his entire time turning the leaves of books.

Truly, the spirit encased in this limited vehicle is learning some remarkable lessons — lessons which are likely to bring it back in its next embodiment as a childlike, virtuous woman.

The Lungs
No. 4A: Tuberculosis

The horoscope here shown is that of a well-to-do man who spoiled his life by excesses of all kinds. He was born on August 28, 1881, at 11 P.M. In the first place we find Jupiter, the planet of opulence, in the 12th house, that of sorrow, trouble, and self-undoing, sextile to Venus, the planet of attraction, in Cancer, the sign ruling the stomach, and in the 2nd house, that of finance. This accounts for the native's business instinct in money matters as well as his desire for rich and unhealthful foods; in part, too, for his fatal weakness for the opposite sex. The Moon square to Venus from the fifth house, the house of pleasures, also Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, conjunct the saturnine Dragon's Tail, and both square to Uranus, the planet of unconventionality and clandestine attachments, are other strong testimonies in the latter direction. Furthermore, Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in the 12th house, that of sorrow, in conjunction with Neptune, the planet of underhandedness, in Taurus, which is the opposite of Scorpio, the sign governing the sex organs, shows trouble in that region and also in the throat.

Birth Chart No. 4A

Birth Chart No. 4A

Midheaven: Aquarius 16
Sun: Virgo 5:57
Saturn: Taurus 12.25R
11th House: Pisces 15
Moon: Libra 21:28
Uranus: Virgo 13:39
12th House: Aries 26
Mercury: Virgo 3:50
Neptune: Taurus 16:34R
Ascendant: Gemini 11:32
Venus: Cancer 25:28
Dragon's Head: Sagittarius 13:52
2nd House: Cancer 4
Mars: Gemini 15:49
3rd House: Cancer 24
Jupiter: Taurus 25:45
Dragon's Tail: Gemini 13:32

As a whole this horoscope shows all manner of excesses, and a consequent clogging up of the system. Venus in Cancer, the latter ruling the stomach, gives a love of good things to eat, and especially to drink. Its square to the Moon in the sign Libra, ruling the kidneys, shows that there was a very bad condition there preventing proper elimination. The conjunction of Saturn, the planet of obstruction, with Neptune in the sign Taurus, this sign having a reflex action in Scorpio, resulted in painful hemorrhoids. Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, conjoined with the saturnine Dragon's Tail in Gemini, the sign ruling the lungs, square to Uranus, the planet of spasmodic action, shows a tendency to coughs and weakness of the lungs, which finally destroyed the life.

This horoscope is a lesson on the ravages of excess and indulgence of the lower nature, and astrologers may use it for the purpose of convincing people who are on the downward path that the way of the transgressor is hard, and that our sins will surely find us out. By the exercise of will power, at least a great deal of the trouble indicated might have been avoided. Toward the last the man realized that he was going down and wanted help, but he was too weak to cease from his indulgences. Consequently he yielded to the tendencies shown in his horoscope, and became the victim of tuberculosis and a number of complications.

No. 4B: Tuberculosis

Female, born June 16, 1884, 8:30 A.M.

Suffering from tuberculosis is shown very plainly by this horoscope, for Saturn, the planet of obstruction and crystallization, is in Gemini, the sign which rules the lungs. Although he is unaspected he always has a malefic bodily influence in whatever part of the chart he is placed. His obstructive and hardening tendencies clog and crystallize the lungs and would be inimical even if he were not supported by evil aspects. We find that the Sun, which is the giver of life, is also in Gemini, square to the Moon, which is the particular significator of health in a woman's horoscope. The Moon is placed in the 8th house, the house of death, in Pisces, the twelfth sign, ruling confinement in hospitals and kindred institutions. The Sun is also square to the spasmodic Uranus, and Uranus is in opposition to the Moon. This will produce the cough and the hemorrhage which are part of the symptoms of tuberculosis.

Leo, the strong solar sign, is rising, and Jupiter, the planet of optimism and joviality, is therein sextile to Mercury, the planet of reason and mind. We may also note that all the angles are occupied by fixed signs. These conditions show that in the first place the constitution was a good one, that the native had to begin with a strong, vigorous nature and a jovial sunny and friendly disposition. Had this horoscope been set up in childhood's days so that one could have worked with the native and counteracted the tendencies to tuberculosis, the chances are that she would have entirely outgrown this tendency. As it is, however, the squares and —

Birth Chart No. 4B

Birth Chart No. 4B

Midheaven: Taurus 5
Sun: Gemini 25:54
Saturn: Gemini 15:16
11th House: Gemini 11
Moon: Pisces 27:42
Uranus: Virgo 24:07
12th House: Cancer 15
Mercury: Gemini 3:16
Neptune: Taurus 22:05
Ascendant: Leo 14:36
Venus: Cancer 27:59
2nd House: Virgo 6
Mars: Virgo 6:16
3rd House: Libra 3
Jupiter: Leo 4:35

— oppositions of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus taken together with the Moon's placement in the 8th house and the 12th house sign show that this case is likely to terminate fatally. The best that can be done for the patient now is to make her suffering as little as possible. The magnetic force of an Aries person whose Saturn is not in any of the degrees encompassed by the 6th house of the patient's horoscope would be of great help to her, and milk just fresh from the cow would do a great deal to keep up her vitality as it is filled with the healthy animal ether.

No. 4C: Tuberculosis

Male, born December 1, 1883, 3:51 A.M.

By mistake this chart was first set up so that Leo occupied the Ascendant and the Sun was in the fifth house. The planets show the affliction no matter what sign rises, but a glance showed the figure to be erroneous because the Sun cannot be in the fifth house at four o'clock in the morning. So we had it calculated again, with the result that we find Saturn in the eighth house instead of in the eleventh and the Sun in the second house instead of the fifth. This makes a great deal of difference in the strength of the symptoms. We would advise students that whenever they are given a figure for judgment it is wise precaution always to look at the place of the Sun and notice if its location in the horoscope corresponds with its actual place in the sky at the time of day when the birth took place. If it does not, that is evidence that the horoscope has been incorrectly set up and is therefore unfit to be used as a basis of judgment. We are all liable to make mistakes in our calculations but this hint will undoubtedly help students to avoid this particular mistake.

The subject of this horoscope is suffering from tuberculosis, a disease neither necessarily serious nor fatal. The student of Astro-Diagnosis has special facilities for judging how deeply the disease is rooted by the positions and aspects of the afflicting planets. Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in Gemini, the sign which rules the lungs, shows the tendency to cold in the lungs and also hardening such as occurs in tuberculosis. But this testimony would not have been so dangerous if it had come from —

Birth Chart No. 4C

Birth Chart No. 4C

Midheaven: Leo 7
Sun: Sagittarius 8:37
Saturn: Gemini 6:27R
11th House: Virgo 11
Moon: Sagittarius 23:40
Uranus: Virgo 27:40
12th House: Libra 8
Mercury: Sagittarius 11:22
Neptune: Taurus 19:09R
Ascendant: Libra 28:33
Venus: Sagittarius 26:35
2nd House: Scorpio 26
Mars: Leo 19:05
3rd House: Sagittarius 29
Jupiter: Leo 4:23R

— the position shown in the erroneously cast figure where Saturn was placed in the eleventh house, instead of its position in the true horoscope where he is in the eighth house, denoting the manner of death.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in opposition to Saturn, and so is the life-giving Sun. We may also note that the Moon, which governs the tidal air in the lungs, is in conjunction with Venus, which rules the venous blood, and is square to Uranus. All these are signs which show that there is comparatively little hope of escape for this patient from the dread disease until death looses the silver cord and frees him from the body.

You will notice that the last degrees of Libra are rising so that the native has really more of the impulsive Scorpio characteristics than those of Libra. Mars, ruler of Scorpio, in Leo adds to his energy and makes him fond of swaggering and showing off, prodigal of his vitality. Mars trine Mercury in Sagittarius shows an inclination for sport and probably overexertion, which may have been responsible for the first breakdown about the twenty-eighth year when the progressed Moon was over the place of the radical Moon and Venus, or the year preceding when it was in opposition to Saturn.

It would be extreme cruelty to tell the patient that there is little hope, of course, and no aspirant to invisible helpership would be so thoughtless, but would strive to make his lot as easy as possible during the remaining time, though realizing that whatever measures were taken would only palliate but not cure. Meanwhile, it should be made clear to the person that there is a spiritual reason for disease and that esoteric investigations have established the fact that a materialistic conception of life in a previous embodiment is a fruitful source of just such a condition as this one, for by the thought that death ends all, the materialist gradually puts himself out of tune with all activities in the spiritual world. When he enters the Second Heaven where the archetypes of new bodies are built, he puts all his crystallizing thoughts into the new vehicle, which is then born under the hardening rays of Saturn, who in some way obstructs the life-giving Sun. If such a patient can be taught to believe this and become a devoted Christian, he will be saved a similar fate in a future life.

The Heart
No. 5A — The Heart

Female, born October 16, 1907, 2:00 P.M.

Aquarius, a fixed and airy sign, is on the Ascendant. The fiery planet Mars is just above the cusp in the 12th house, and the plastic and watery Moon is in the same sign in the first house. This gave this young woman a very strange nature, for there is a great difference between the temperaments given by the Moon and Mars. Mars on the Ascendant afflicted by a parallel to the ruler, the impulsive Uranus, gave the native a very impulsive nature. It indicates one who would fly into a fit of rage at the least provocation. The two natures given by Mars and the Moon were continually at war with each other, the one impulsive, energetic, dynamic, and the other restless, plastic, and changeable. The Moon, however, is trine to the Sun, which gave a soft, peaceable, kindly nature, directly opposed to the martial temperament. The restless, critical Mercury is placed near the Midheaven in the martial sign of Scorpio; this added to the temper.

Planets when situated in angles and in fixed signs, as are several in this horoscope, have a larger orb than otherwise, and we give eight degrees or a little more to the major planets in such cases. We would consider —

Birth Chart No. 5A

Birth Chart No. 5A

Midheaven: Scorpio 26
Sun: Libra 22:23
Saturn: Pisces 21:59R
11th House: Sagittarius 19
Moon: Aquarius 25:07
Uranus: Capricorn 9:03
12th House: Capricorn 11
Mercury: Scorpio 15:46
Neptune: Cancer 14:53
Ascendant: Aquarius 7:14
Venus: Scorpio 0:48
2nd House: Pisces 21
Mars: Aquarius 1:57
3rd House: Aries 28
Jupiter: Leo 10:28

— Jupiter here to be in opposition to Mars. Venus is in square aspect to Mars, and Mercury is parallel to Venus and square to Jupiter. With Venus ruling the venous blood and Jupiter the arterial blood, both being afflicted by Mars and Jupiter by Mercury also, this young woman suffered from restricted circulation, especially due to the fact that the afflictions are all from fixed signs and angles, which affected the action of the heart. With her high-strung, nervous temperament and uncontrolled fits of temper she precipitated an attack of heart trouble each time she permitted herself to be ruled by this emotion.

There are also indications of inharmony in the home, for we find the rulers of the 10th and 4th houses, Venus and Mars, in square aspect. Mars is also the ruler of the 3rd house, which stands for sisters and brothers. The above aspect would indicate that this young girl was greatly domineered by those in the home, and being of a very impulsive and dominant nature herself, this provoked much display of temper, which was very injurious to the health of one with the above planetary configurations.

In 1917 the progressed Sun reached the square to the radical Mars, while the progressed Mars was in conjunction with the Ascendant. The result was that a chronic condition of heart trouble set in which slowly led to dropsy, for restricted heart action frequently bring about other complications. The doctors, unfortunately, were unable to diagnose the disease correctly, and she was treated for Bright's disease. In 1921 the progressed Moon reached the opposition to its radical place at birth. This opposition usually marks the beginning of puberty, and is sometimes a critical period for young girls, especially when Venus and Jupiter are both afflicted. When the Moon passed through Leo, the sign of the heart, while making the opposition to its radical place, it aggravated the dropsy, for the Moon in Leo or Aquarius has a tendency to cause dropsy in a patient suffering with heart trouble.

Uranus, the planet of impulse and the higher octave of Venus, which also has an influence over the circulatory system, is in opposition to Neptune in Cancer, the sign ruling the stomach. Neptune is in the 6th house, health; this would indicate that there was trouble with the digestive organs and an abnormal desire for indigestible food.

The young woman's parents called upon Headquarters for healing after the doctors had given her up. They were told that the case was hopeless; she passed out three weeks after she was put on our healing list. The case was an incurable one when it reached our hands. She died in February, 1921. We may here see how powerful afflictions are and how difficult to overcome when they are from fixed signs and in the angles. This was truly a debt of destiny which this soul was called upon to pay, and it was beyond the power of the Invisible Helpers.

No. 5B: Heart; Kidneys

Male, born October 25, 1862, at 5:20 A.M.

We will use here the horoscope of a man with Libra on the Ascendant and cardinal signs on all the angles. The planet of obstruction, Saturn, is exalted in Libra, and is placed in the twelfth house. Saturn is in opposition to Mars and Neptune. Mars and Neptune are in conjunction and parallel with each other. We have here three malefic planets, one in the 12th house, ruling hospitals, and two in the 6th house, the house of sickness. The twelfth and the sixth houses are very dangerous positions for planets afflicting each other by opposition.

Saturn in Libra, when afflicted, causes obstruction of the renal secretions, and lack of these secretions disturbs the chemical laboratory of the kidneys. Poisons are thrown off by the blood after it passes through the renal arteries to the kidneys, where it is purified and undergoes a thorough filtering process, leaving its poisons such as urea, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, potash, lime, and other refuse matter which it has taken from the food.

If the kidneys are healthy, these organs receive enough water from the blood to dissolve these poisonous secretions, which are then washed out from the kidneys as urine. But in a case such as we have for our diagnosis, where Saturn is afflicted in Libra, this washing out is not fully accomplished. The kidneys retain some of these poisonous secretions, which become hardened mineral matter. In course of time a hardening process develops and the kidneys refuse to function properly. The result is that the —

Birth Chart No. 5B

Birth Chart No. 5B

Midheaven: Cancer 22
Sun: Scorpio 1:47
Saturn: Libra 0:18
11th House: Leo 23
Moon: Sagittarius 1:04
Uranus: Gemini 20:24R
12th House: Virgo 24
Mercury: Scorpio 6:24R
Neptune: Aries 1:42R
Ascendant: Libra 21:57
Venus: Libra 20:17
Dragon's Head: Sagittarius 18:20
2nd House: Scorpio 21
Mars: Aries 7:41R
3rd House: Sagittarius 21
Jupiter: Libra 13:02
Dragon's Tail: Gemini 18:20

— blood is not purified, and this mineral matter is lodged in the blood vessels, which become clogged, and the circulation becomes impaired. The eyes are closely allied with the kidneys, and when the latter organs are sluggish and filled with mineral matter, the eyesight becomes impaired.

People with Mars in Aries have a desire to drink much liquid, as in the case of this man, who was afflicted with an unquenchable thirst. As the kidneys were not able to extract the excess water from the blood, this liquid, which was not eliminated through the skin, remained in the blood, and in time the man suffered from palpitation of the heart and dropsy. His case was diagnosed by the doctors as heart disease. People suffering with this affliction have very scanty and very highly colored urine.

If a case of this kind is taken in time, the kidneys can be flushed and the poisons eliminated by a proper diet. String beans, carrots, asparagus, and tomatoes are most helpful in stimulating the kidneys and assisting in the elimination of water. Onions are astringents, and where there is an excess of urine, the onion will regulate it. Therefore it is very necessary that the vegetables be properly chosen to work against and not with the disease.

No. 5C: The Heart

Male, born October 6th, 1855, 1:00 A.M.

"We shape, ourselves, the joy or fear
Of which the coming life is made,
And fill our Futures' atmosphere
With sunshine or with shade.
We weave with colors all our own
The tissues of the Life to be,
And in the field of Destiny
We reap as we have sown.
Still shall the soul around it call
The shadows which it gathered here,
And, painted on the eternal wall,
The past shall reappear.
Think ye the notes of holy song
On Milton's tuneful ear have died?
Think ye that Raphael's angel throng
Has vanished from his side?
Oh, no! we live our life again;
Or warmly touched, or coldly dim,
The pictures of the past remain —
Man's work shall follow him!" — Whittier.

Well may we say of the soul whose destiny we read through this mystic scroll that his work in the past followed him. He hewed a path for himself, and chose one that was rough and rocky. His was the path of a leader of men, for he had the sign of Leo on the Ascendant, with the Moon in conjunction with Mars and the Ascendant and sextile to the ruler, the Sun. He also—

Birth Chart No. 5C

Birth Chart No. 5C

Midheaven: Taurus 1
Sun: Libra 12:26
Saturn: Cancer 0:01
11th House: Gemini 7
Moon: Leo 18:49
Uranus: Taurus 20:14R
12th House: Cancer 12
Mercury: Scorpio 6:51
Neptune: Pisces 16:06R
Ascendant: Leo 11:34
Venus: Libra 4:22R
Dragon's Head: Taurus 4:42
2nd House: Virgo 3
Mars: Leo 21:46
3rd House: Virgo 29
Jupiter: Aquarius 23:01R

— had fixed signs on the four angles and five planets therein. This is the sign of a strong soul, a man who will never lean on anyone, but who will be a doer, a lifter; as such he spent his life. This was a man who carried his cross willingly and who bore the stripes of the cruelties of the world uncomplainingly. One with such signs on the angles and with the planets as strongly placed as in this horoscope and afflicting one another surely finds his life full of lessons, and many responsibilities are placed upon him.

In his home he was most unhappy, as we see from Mercury in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail in Scorpio in the 4th house. This indicates that the wife was a nagger and a scold. Mercury in Scorpio shows that the wife would never permit the husband to have a moment's peace. Then we find Saturn in Cancer. Cancer is the natural fourth house sign. Saturn is square to Venus, again indicating a masterful and discordant marriage partner. With Jupiter in the seventh house, in opposition to the Moon and Mars and square to Uranus, marriage and partnership are shown to be accompanied by many trials and much opposition.

In spite of all this we find that this man achieved quite a fortune, did a big work, and made many friends. He was a leader in Masonry, where he did many kind acts, helping the widow and orphan generously with his money. He was deeply interested in prison work and also in esoteric studies. Neptune in Pisces, sextile to Uranus, shows his interest in esotericism, but both these planets are retrograde, which brought him all kinds of restrictions. He was never free to follow his higher ideals.

With his many crosses, hard work, and disappointments he developed heart trouble of a very serious nature, and for years he used heart stimulants so as to keep at his work. He never allowed his physical sufferings to interfere with his business, however, which was of a very responsible nature, with many branches scattered over a large part of America; also he had many men under him. With leakage of the valves of the heart and in spite of the resulting suffering he lived to the ripe old age of seventy years. We may see from this that the will can be used to overcome and that man is truly the master of his fate. Had this man had Virgo on the Ascendant or some other sign less strong than Leo, together with the afflictions from fixed signs, he would have become a confirmed invalid or have passed out as a young man. Hence we may see that "the wise man rules his stars; the fool is ruled by them."

No. 5D — Heart Disease

Male, born September 12, 1858, 8:15 A.M.

Our first concern when diagnosing this horoscope is to ascertain the mental caliber of the patient. Jupiter placed in the house of the higher mind and Mars near the cusp of the house of the lower mind are in opposition, also square to the Sun and Mercury, a fact which stamps the native as a pessimist of an irritable nature. This is accentuated by the opposition of Mercury to Neptune, the lower mind being out of tune with all spiritual concepts. Saturn square Venus prevents the native from seeing the beauty of life. As these adverse testimonies are only counterbalanced by the Moon sextile Mercury and the Sun, and trine Neptune, we may conclude that this person is in a sad state and needs all the help and cheer it is possible to bring him. We are afraid that even the best efforts will avail little against such a barrier of pessimism as he has built around himself.

Regarding the disease to which he is subject, the cold hand of Saturn in Leo shows us the obstructed heart action, and the consequent sluggish circulation is designated by the square of Saturn to Venus and the square of the Sun and Mercury to Jupiter, for Jupiter and Venus govern the arterial and venous circulations respectively. Uranus sextile Saturn produces a spasmodic action felt as a fluttering of the heart; and being posited in Gemini he also imparts a spasmodic motion to the lungs, making it at times difficult for the patient to breathe, though the condition is not so well defined as in asthma. The affliction of the Sun and Mercury in Virgo —

Birth Chart No. 5D

Birth Chart No. 5D

Midheaven: Cancer 23
Sun: Virgo 19:34
Saturn: Leo 7:59
11th House: Leo 26
Moon: Scorpio 20:18
Uranus: Gemini 3:31
12th House: Virgo 26
Mercury: Virgo 24:05R
Neptune: Pisces 23:55R
Ascendant: Libra 19:37
Venus: Scorpio 4:50
2nd House: Scorpio 17
Mars: Sagittarius 17:07
3rd House: Sagittarius 19
Jupiter: Gemini 20:22

— opposition Neptune indicates intestinal trouble. The affliction of the Sun and Mercury by Jupiter and Mars from the houses of travel, also the opposition of the last named planets, show a predisposition to accidents, especially when on a journey. With this phase of the indications we are not, however, concerned at the present time.

We may bend our efforts to accelerate the action of the heart and promote impaired digestion in order to give the person relief and a brighter outlook upon life. As Saturn controls the pneumogastric nerve, his presence in Leo shows us that this is the principal seat of the trouble, for this nerve inhibits the heart action and acts also upon other vital organs. It is difficult to reach this nerve in an efficient manner when we are clothed in our dense bodies. But the conscientious Rosicrucian health adjuster has other means at his disposal, for his Obligation to himself taken before the Elder Brothers enables him to work upon his patients during the hours when his body is sleeping. And he is taught how he may materialize fingers inside the body of the ailing and thus give the needed help to remove obstructions, growths, etc.; yes, even to adjust displaced bones. We receive many letters at Headquarters from patients who sense the presence of the Invisible Helpers and the withdrawal of hands from their bodies at the moment when they awake.

The best method to treat such a case as this would be for the healer to thoroughly impress upon his or her mind where the seat of the malady is to be found, physiologically and astrologically. Then after retrospection in the evening say, "Now, I will go to help my patient under the direction of the Elder Brothers," letting that be the last waking thought.

The healer best fitted to take charge of this case would be one whose rising sign is in harmony with Libra. Aquarius would be the first choice and Gemini the second. It is further required that he or she should not have Saturn in Libra or Pisces.

No. 5E: The Heart

Female, born September 18, 1854, 10:00 A.M.

Here we have a horoscope with the energetic, active, and aggressive sign of Scorpio on the Ascendant, with the life ruler, Mars, in the 1st house within orb of the Ascendant and in its own sign, where a planet has the greatest power either for good or evil. In the case of this woman this martial energy is dissipated and not kept under control, for the planet Mars is in opposition to the erratic and impulsive Uranus which is posited in the 7th house in the fixed sign of Taurus where it is in its fall and therefore apt to show its evil side. The combined influence of Mars and Uranus, both being planets of impulse, acts like a fire fanned by the wind which has got beyond control.

We find the water Moon near the Midheaven in the hot, fiery, and fixed sign of Leo, and this planet is in square aspect to both the above planets of impulse. Fire in contact with water generates steam. This affliction of the planets of fire to the watery and emotional Moon has a similar effect upon the mind of this woman. Mars in Scorpio afflicted and on the Ascendant —

Birth Chart No. 5E

Birth Chart No. 5E

Midheaven: Leo 23
Sun: Virgo 25:06
Saturn: Gemini 15:48
11th House: Virgo 26
Moon: Leo 10:03
Uranus: Taurus 16:26R
12th House: Libra 20
Mercury: Libra 0:04
Neptune: Pisces 14:18R
Ascendant: Scorpio 6:30
Venus: Virgo 3:34
2nd House: Sagittarius 5
Mars: Scorpio 14:20
3rd House: Capricorn 11
Jupiter: Capricorn 17:43

— gives an uncontrolled temper, showing a woman who would fly into a rage at the least provocation and this anger is apt to be directed toward the marriage partner. If we place a kettle of water on a fire which is kept fanned into a red heat, in time the water boils down, the bottom of the kettle becomes dry and burns out. In this state we find this woman. For years she has created such a nervous and emotional environment about her in her home that the poor heart has been burned and scorched, for the Moon afflicted in Leo indicates that the heart has been under a great strain. The result is that in the year 1916 when the progressed Moon reached the conjunction of the radical Mars in the 1st house and later the opposition of Uranus in the 7th house (indicating the husband), domestic relations reached a critical point. With the progressed Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Moon all transiting the 1st house and in the martial sign of Scorpio, the resulting fiery emotions were too much for the body, and the poor woman lost all control of herself. She wanted to cry all the time, she could not digest her food, and would often swoon away with heart trouble.

There is, however, another cause for this physical break. We find a wonderfully strong and well fortified Neptune in its own sign of Pisces in the mystic 4th house, in sextile to Jupiter and Uranus and trine to Mars. These aspects, especially the sextile between the two mystic planets, Neptune and Uranus, ordinarily give a strong desire for development along mystical lines and would cause one to develop rapidly. But Neptune is making a square to Saturn, and Uranus is square to the Moon. Evil aspects between planets as well as good will bring development but the development is of a different nature.

As we have often stated in our lessons, anger and evil emotions are much more injurious to a person who is endeavoring to live the higher life than if he were content to drift and be of the earth earthy. Each time that this woman gave way to her anger she set in motion a counter-clockwise vibration, a fire that burned up the spiritual life that had been awakened, and the poor body could not stand the strain. She cannot long continue placing this strain upon the heart, for with the squares and opposition of Mars, Moon, and Uranus from angles and fixed signs, the heart will not be able to stand the strain and death may be very sudden.

The Stomach

No. 6A: Stomach Trouble
And Tuberculosis

In the diagnosis of disease by the science of the stars it is sometimes most difficult to know in what direction the afflictions may work. For instance, we have so often written of the sinister effects of Saturn in Cancer, the sign which has rule over the stomach. When he afflicts in this sign he robs the stomach of its gastric juice, which is necessary for the digestion of the food. Saturn in this place has also a tendency to create a desire for unhealthful foods and leads to the excessive use of cream, sugar, desserts, etc. But in this lesson and the next we will endeavor to show how Saturn when placed in the opposite sign, Capricorn — in which Saturn is at home and where his influence is much more subtle and malevolent than when he is in the sign of Cancer — has similar effects.

We will use two horoscopes by which we will show the effects of Saturn in Capricorn whereby diseases are produced of vastly different natures. We will first use horoscope 6A, which is that of a man born February 19, 1902, 3:00 P.M.

We find Saturn in 23-21 of Capricorn in the 6th house which has rule over the health. Saturn is in opposition to the Moon. This last named planet is in its own sign of Cancer, the sign ruling the stomach. The Moon is also in opposition to Jupiter. When Jupiter has any connection with signs or —

Birth Chart No. 6A

Birth Chart No. 6A

Midheaven: Aries 17
Sun: Pisces 0:23
Saturn: Capricorn 23:21
11th House: Taurus 22
Moon: Cancer 27:17
Uranus: Sagittarius 20:44
12th House: Gemini 27
Mercury: Aquarius 28:09R
Neptune: Gemini 28:47R
Ascendant: Cancer 28:12
Venus: Aquarius 22:19R
Dragon's Head: Scorpio 7:53
2nd House: Leo 20
Mars: Pisces 8:40
3rd House: Virgo 16
Jupiter: Aquarius 2:53
Dragon's Tail: Taurus 7:53

— planets which rule the appetite, he creates a desire for food in large quantities. Whatever Jupiter does must be on a big scale; with the Moon and Jupiter in opposition we may look for the gourmand.

With Saturn afflicted in Capricorn the gastric juice of the stomach is sluggish, and we may expect trouble in the digestion of the food.

If the stomach is filled with an excess of rich food, the man will receive nourishment from only that part which the stomach can digest. The blood is carried to the lungs to be oxygenated. Oxygenation is to the body what the draft is to the stove. If we shut off the draft, we smother and kill the fire, and so it is in the body. If man stops breathing, he dies. In shallow breathing the lungs are not able to supply sufficient oxygen for warmth and energy, and they do not exhale all the carbon dioxide.

In this horoscope we find Neptune in Gemini. Gemini has rule over the lungs. Neptune is on the cusp of the 12th house in opposition to Uranus in the 5th house in Sagittarius. Uranus and Neptune when afflicted indicate a nervous, cramping, spasmodic action. Neptune here indicates that the capillaries of the lungs were incapable of taking the amount of oxygen necessary to oxygenate the blood. Consequently the carbon dioxide formed faster than the lungs were able to exhale it. The result was that poison was stored up in the system. The nerve cells became weak and sluggish, and little by little the body became lowered in resistive power; the weakest organ was then unable to keep up with its work. The bellows of the body, the lungs, in the case of this man were unable to inhale enough air to burn up the poisons. The result was the lungs became diseased and tuberculosis set in.

People with planets afflicted in common signs are frequently susceptible to tuberculosis. With the Sun and Mars in conjunction in Pisces, and with Uranus in Sagittarius in opposition to Neptune in Gemini — Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini being common signs — the lungs as a consequence attracted the impurities. Hence we can see that Saturn in either Cancer or Capricorn may be the direct cause of disease which expresses itself in another sign.

Three years ago this man began to suffer with stomach trouble, which has now been followed by tuberculosis of the lungs, a disease which had its beginning in wrong eating. It can at this stage be cured by a very carefully chosen diet of raw vegetables and fruits and very little protein. We will in our next lesson take up Horoscope 6B, which has Saturn in Capricorn, but which has its outcome in a quite different disease.

No. 6B
Stomach Trouble And
Inflammation Of Kidneys

Horoscope 6B is that of a man born February 26, 1871, 4 P.M.

This will be a continuation of the lesson on the effect of Saturn in Capricorn, showing how this planet may express its evil side through the planet which it aspects adversely.

We find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in the sign of Capricorn, a cardinal sign. Signs of the like nature, especially the cardinal signs, have an affinity for one another and respond to afflictions more readily on that account. In this horoscope Saturn is in Capricorn, square to Mars in Libra, both cardinal signs. Libra rules the kidneys and the little ducts leading from the kidneys to the bladder, the ureters. Where we find Mars afflicted we may look for heat and excessive action. Saturn in Capricorn gives tendencies similar to those which he gives in Cancer — perverted tastes, desire for strange and unnatural foods, and a liking for sugar, pastries, etc.

Saturn in Capricorn also obstructs the flow of the gastric juices in the stomach, hence we can see why people with an afflicted Saturn in tropic or cardinal signs, namely, Capricorn or Cancer, are often afflicted with indigestion, rheumatism, uric acid deposits, etc. When we find the inflammatory Mars in the cardinal sign of Libra, square to Saturn in Capricorn, we may expect that the poisonous elements which are left undigested to ferment in the stomach will lodge in the kidneys, creating highly acid urine, which causes inflammation in the kidneys and ureters.

Birth Chart No. 6B

Birth Chart No. 6B

Midheaven: Taurus 9
Sun: Pisces 7:55
Saturn: Capricorn 7:47
11th House: Gemini 15
Moon: Gemini 2:18
Uranus: Cancer 22:58
12th House: Cancer 19
Mercury: Aquarius 15:54
Neptune: Aries 19:57
Ascendant: Leo 17:40
Venus: Pisces 27:07
2nd House: Virgo 10
Mars: Libra 6:13R
3rd House: Libra 7
Jupiter: Gemini 16:50

In this horoscope we find the Moon in Gemini, square to the Sun in Pisces. Gemini and Pisces, being common signs, here obstruct the oxygenation of the blood and interfere with its purification, hence more impurities are sent to the kidneys from this source. Thus we may see the similarity of causes in this horoscope and horoscope 6A, although the results are not the same.

This man should be placed on a milk diet for several weeks, and after the kidneys have been purified by this system of flushing, he should eliminate all highly seasoned and most starchy foods from his diet.

No. 6C: The Pylorus

Female, born March 29, 1909, 1:30 P.M.

We find that this girl has a very bright mind, with Mercury, the mental planet in sextile aspect to the quick-witted and active planets, Mars and Uranus, in the sign of Capricorn which gives stability and balance, bringing the saturnine influence to bear upon the impulse and quick wit of the last two planets. Mercury is also making a trine to the Moon which is in its own sign of Cancer. But we find much that is dangerous in this active mentality should the parents allow this child to take up the dangerous fads of mystic writing such as the planchette, Ouija board, etc. Saturn in the sign of the head, Aries, in square aspect to the mystical planet Neptune, Neptune being in conjunction with the Moon, and the Moon in opposition to Uranus and mars from the 12th to the 6th house, show that some time in life, if the parents are not careful this girl may suffer through insanity or spirit obsession.

Birth Chart No. 6C

Birth Chart No. 6C

Midheaven: Taurus 1
Sun: Aries 8:33
Saturn: Aries 12:27
11th House: Gemini 9
Moon: Cancer 22:18
Uranus: Capricorn 20:46
12th House: Cancer 15
Mercury: Pisces 17:58
Neptune: Cancer 14:19
Ascendant: Leo 14:48
Venus: Aries 0:52
Dragon's Head: Gemini 20:28
2nd House: Virgo 4
Mars: Capricorn 22:41
3rd House: Virgo 29
Jupiter: Virgo 6:10R
Dragon's Tail: Sagittarius 20:28

This horoscope has another affliction which makes it a very interesting figure for diagnosis. The Moon is in the sign of Cancer, the stomach, in opposition to the inflammatory Mars and the nervous and contracting Uranus which has a tendency to disturb digestion and create gas in the stomach, also inflammation of the mucous membrane. Uranus is airy, the Moon watery, Mars fiery. In order to illustrate the effect of these three planets upon one another, we kindle a fire, allow a strong breeze to blow upon it, and after it is in full blaze pour water upon it; this will describe to a certain extent the effect of these three planets when acting upon the stomach. Every bit of food that was taken into the stomach created a disturbance. This child rarely tasted food without having great distress, nausea, and vomiting; nothing could be retained in the stomach. She was afflicted in this manner even from birth. At the age of eight years she was operated upon by the doctors, who diagnosed her trouble as being in the cardiac orifice, saying that this was too small. But the patient received no relief from this operation.

If the physician could only have reasoned that the vomiting and disturbance when food was in the stomach could not have been caused by a defect in the entrance of the stomach but by another cause deeper down in the organ! Astrology tells us that Saturn in square to Neptune indicates malformation, undersize. If these two planets had been in the first part of the sign of Cancer or the last degrees of Gemini, it would have indicated the cardiac orifice, but we find that the Moon is in 22 degrees of Cancer, showing that it was nearer the lower part of the organ. Mars and Uranus indicate involuntary muscular action. Mars, when afflicting the Moon, shows nausea, and Uranus, when afflicting the Moon, causes contraction. Thus we see indications that there were involuntary muscular action and contraction which caused nausea. But why should the food be thrown back out of the stomach? as the child could retain nothing. We find an undersized pylorus, an undersized outlet. After the food was in the stomach it could not be passed into the intestines in the proper manner, and there being also insufficient mucous membrane, there was faulty digestion. Naturally vomiting would be the result.

In such a case it would have been difficult to cure this young woman without an operation, but instead of operating upon the cardiac orifice, the doctors should have observed the pylorus and watched the action in this part of the stomach.

No. 6D:
Stomach And Kidney Trouble

Female, born January 23, 1886, 4:00 A.M.

A number of operations have been performed in the abdominal region of this patient, and she has gone from one doctor to another until now she is a physical and mental wreck.

When we trace these effects back to their primal cause, we come to Saturn in Cancer, the sign which rules the stomach. It is our experience that most people who have Saturn in this position are mincers and peculiar in their choice of food. Saturn in this horoscope is square to Jupiter, the planet of self-indulgence, and to Uranus, the planet of spasmodic and irregular action. Thus Saturn causes this person to indulge unduly her desire for good things to eat.

Uranus and Jupiter in the sign Libra, which rules the kidneys, square to Saturn, the planet of obstruction, show that after the system has been filled with food which it cannot assimilate, the kidneys are unable to eliminate the waste products. Thus there is a general clogging of the system with toxins and poisons of all kinds. Then the hot and fiery Mars placed in Virgo, the sign ruling the intestines, lights the fire of inflammation in order to cleanse the system. As the native's will power is not particularly strong on account of the weak sign Sagittarius rising, she is easily persuaded to undergo operations rather than undertake a reform in her ways of living which would bring about an amelioration of her condition even at this late hour.

It is very sad to say that this is the case with a great many people. They are sometimes ready to admit being gluttons when the fact is shown —

Birth Chart No. 6D

Midheaven: Libra 2
Sun: Aquarius 3:20
Saturn: Cancer 2:46R
11th House: Scorpio 0
Moon: Virgo 16:15
Uranus: Libra 7:39R
12th House: Scorpio 22
Mercury: Capricorn 13:22
Neptune: Taurus 22:48R
Ascendant: Sagittarius 9:45
Venus: Pisces 7:32
Dragon's Head: Virgo 18:43
2nd House: Capricorn 14
Mars: Virgo 25:12
3rd House: Aquarius 25
Jupiter: Libra 5:59R
Dragon's Tail: Pisces 18:43

— them, but in most cases they think they are models of self-control as far as the appetite is concerned even when they admit that they are eating the wrong food. We have had a number of cases, however, where they admitted this but claimed absolute inability to overcome the fault and curb their appetite. The person whose horoscope we are considering was not exception to the general rule, and therefore all our efforts to aid her were in vain. She would not even expend the energy necessary to keep up the weekly letters required of patients. In such cases there is of course nothing to do but to leave the patient to his own resources until he learns his lesson—if not in this life, then in some other one.

The Kidneys
No. 7A: The Kidneys

Male, born March 14, 1892

The horoscope which we will use here is a flat figure. The hour of birth is not known, but in astro-diagnosis it is not necessary that we have the hour of birth unless we are looking for a crisis. We must then take into consideration the exact degree of the progressed Moon and its aspects, also the transiting planets; but the natural tendencies as to temperament and morals, also the organic weaknesses are shown by the radical planets, which give the astrologer the key to the health of the native, although if one has the rising sign to show the will and the strength it is a help. Certain signs such as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius will overcome and fight off a disease where most of the feminine signs, especially Taurus and Virgo have not the will power to rise above physical conditions. Of the common signs the sign of Gemini is the best able to control physical ailments.

In this horoscope we find the Sun, the life-giver, in the common and negative sign of Pisces. The Sun is afflicted by an opposition and parallel of the destructive Saturn. Here we have at the beginning an indication of low vitality. Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces and having rule over the—

Birth Chart No. 7A:
Flat Chart

Birth Chart No. 7A

Midheaven: Capricorn
Sun: Pisces 24:23
Saturn: Virgo 26:58R
11th House: Aquarius
Moon: Libra 4:55
Uranus: Scorpio 5:53R
12th House: Pisces
Mercury: Aries 2:19
Neptune: Gemini 6:28
Ascendant: Aries
Venus: Taurus 5:02
2nd House: Taurus
Mars: Capricorn 0:29
3rd House: Gemini
Jupiter: Pisces 29:24

— arterial blood is in its own sign in conjunction with the Sun and in opposition to Saturn. This opposition tends to lower the vitality, for if the blood stream is stagnant, the entire body must suffer. We find Venus, the planet having rule over the venous blood, in its own home in Taurus where this planet is strong. Venus is afflicted by the opposition and parallel of Uranus. This will increase the ill effects of Jupiter and the Sun afflicted by Saturn. With the afflicting influence of Saturn from Virgo, the sign which has rule over the small intestines, we may expect impaired assimilation of food.

We find the Moon in opposition and parallel to Jupiter and square to Mars. These aspects coupled with Venus in Taurus in opposition to Uranus in Scorpio would indicate that sensual pleasures have ruled this young man and that his health was quickly shattered. Uranus in Scorpio in opposition to Venus indicates indiscretion regarding the sacred generative function, and at the age of sixteen when the progressed Moon had reached the conjunction of Venus and the opposition of Uranus, he contracted the dread disease of syphilis. Although later seemingly cured, yet the powerful compounds such as those of mercury and the various remedies used by medical science to combat this disease left their destructive influence in the blood, and tuberculosis of the kidneys set in. This is shown by the Moon in the sign of Libra, ruling the kidneys, square to Mars, in opposition and parallel to Jupiter, and in opposition to Mercury.

This young man entered the medical profession. Later he was operated on and had one of his kidneys removed, which was found to be hollow. The doctors diagnosed his condition as tuberculosis of the kidneys.

He passed out at the age of twenty-eight. When he reached that year, we note that the progressed Moon had finished its cycle and had again reached its place at birth in Libra, and the progressed Jupiter had reached the opposition to the radical and progressed Moon. The time when the Moon has made the circle of the whole horoscope and reached its place at birth is a critical time, and frequently when the Moon is afflicted in the radical figure, this is a time of illness and one in which the native is faced with many trials.

No. 7B:
Kidneys And Mastoiditis

Male, born May 8th, 1865, at 1:45 A.M.

This horoscope has the fixed sign of Aquarius on the Ascendant, with the Sun in the fixed sign of Taurus and in conjunction with Venus and Mercury. The Sun is also sextile to Mars. Jupiter, the planet of opulence and benevolence, is in the 10th house in its own sign of Sagittarius. These positions and aspects of the Sun and Jupiter indicate one who is a great lover of humanity, a man who is very generous financially and very ready to go out of his way for others, even sacrificing his own comfort if he finds anyone whom he can relieve of suffering or shield from harm. But we find Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all retrograde. This indicates that the man will find difficulty in realizing his ideals and in doing as much good as his heart dictates, for retrograde planets indicate latent talents, possibilities, and opportunities.

Ability for earning money is very marked. This man is also a liberal spender, having Venus in its own sign, and house — Taurus and the second house — in conjunction with the Sun and sextile to Mars. Whatever he does must be done on a large and generous scale. He is a good entertainer also and a good liver, for the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Taurus, sextile to Mars in Cancer, and Taurus ruling the palate, give a desire for good things to eat and plenty of them. Likewise does Mars in Cancer, sextile to Venus and the Sun, desire rich, highly seasoned foods and in large quantities.

With Mars in the 5th house this man loves to share with his friends. But while this generosity may have been good for others and he has made people —

Birth Chart No. 7B

Birth Chart No. 7B

Midheaven: Sagittarius 13
Sun: Taurus 17:26
Saturn: Libra 25:27R
11th House: Capricorn 2
Moon: Libra 16:25
Uranus: Gemini 27:16
12th House: Capricorn 24
Mercury: Taurus 10:14R
Neptune: Aries 9:30
Ascendant: Aquarius 26:12
Venus: Taurus 17:28R
Dragon's Head: Libra 29:19
2nd House: Aries 19
Mars: Cancer 20:36
3rd House: Taurus 20
Jupiter: Sagittarius 28:11R
Dragon's Tail: Aries 29:19

— happy by tickling their palates, the result has been disastrous to himself. His health could not withstand the onslaughts made upon the body by high living.

To find in what part of the body the damage done by excess of food will show, we look for the strongest afflictions. We find Mars in Cancer, ruling the stomach, square to the Moon and Saturn, which are in the sign of Libra, Libra having rule over the kidneys. We also find Saturn in conjunction with and parallel to the Moon. The Moon rules the white fluids of the body and the lymph. Saturn being the afflicter would as a result resist the free flow of these fluids. As Jupiter, the planet ruling the arterial blood, is in its own sign of Sagittarius, near the Midheaven, in opposition to the nervous, excitable, and spasmodic Uranus in the Mercurial sign of Gemini, and as Mars is parallel to both Jupiter and Uranus, we find an obstructed arterial circulation with the lymphatic circulation also impaired.

When the man is continually breaking the laws of health by excessive eating, we may expect that the break must come some time. In 1906 while the progressed Sun was in conjunction with the radical Uranus in Gemini and the progressed Moon was making a square to Mars and an opposition to both the Moon and Saturn radical, this man was taken down with a severe attack of pneumonia. In 1907 the progressed Sun reached the opposition to the radical Jupiter. This was followed in 1912 by the progressed Moon in conjunction with the radical Mars in Cancer. During that same year the progressed Moon afflicted by square its own place at birth and the radical Saturn, both in Libra. This brought on a severe attack of kidney trouble and constriction in the ureters, which interfered with the waste water passing from the kidneys to the bladder.

At the age of thirteen, when the progressed Moon had reached the sign of Aries, and during its transit through this sign, it came to a conjunction with the radical Neptune, an opposition to the radical Moon and Saturn, a square to Mars, and a conjunction with the Dragon's Tail. This brought on trouble with the ears and continual headaches and earaches. When the Moon reached the conjunction with the radical Mercury and the retrograde progressed Venus in Taurus, inflammation of the mastoid cells developed. The doctors operated on the mastoid bone twice, draining the pus which had formed in the mastoid cavity. These operations left the patient with a chronic headache and impaired nerves.

If this man had been taught that he should eat to live instead of living to eat he might have been saved much suffering.

No. 7C: General Breakdown

Female, born April 19, 1888, 4:30 P.M.

Judging the mind first as usual, we find that Mercury is in conjunction with Venus and trine to the Moon and Jupiter in fiery signs. Thus all the three significators of mind may be said to be in trine. Jupiter is in a measure concerned in the mental makeup because he is ruler of the ninth sign, Sagittarius, and from him come the benevolent impulses which are gradually lifting humanity from savagery through civilization to sainthood.

It is at once apparent that we have here a person of unusually fine mentality. Even the conjunction of Saturn with the Moon is very beneficial, for as we have often said before, the nature of Saturn is obstruction, and when he lays his restraining hand upon Mercury or the Moon, it helps to steady the flighty mind and gives power of concentration. At the same time, of course, there is a tendency to melancholy connected with any of the aspects of Saturn to the significators of mind. Therefore it may be said that those who have the greatest and deepest minds are usually of a sad disposition.

This woman is not of a deliberative nature, however. She does not moan her days away over the sorrows and sufferings of the world for there are cardinal signs upon the angles and Mars is conjunction Uranus in the first house. This gives here a very impulsive and restless nature. She has the mind to see where reforms are needed, but the nature of her effort to carry out these reforms depends upon her station in life, with which we are not acquainted. If she had been born into a broad environment where wealth, —

Birth Chart No. 7C

Birth Chart No. 7C

Midheaven: Cancer 5
Sun: Taurus 0:14
Saturn: Cancer 29:57
11th House: Leo 8
Moon: Leo 5:36
Uranus: Libra 14:34R
12th House: Virgo 9
Mercury: Aries 9:44
Neptune: Taurus 28:39
Ascendant: Libra 4:21
Venus: Aries 8:14
Dragon's Head: Leo 5:27
2nd House: Scorpio 1
Mars: Libra 18:28R
3rd House: Sagittarius 1
Jupiter: Sagittarius 5:06R
Dragon's Tail: Aquarius 5:27

— position, and influence were at her command, she would have been a powerful factor, felt in a wide sphere; but if she was born in a financially cramped environment, she would be correspondingly hampered by its circumstances. However, no matter where she is her influence is bound to be felt, and she will endeavor to revolutionize things with the inevitable result that she will wear herself out in her efforts for improvement.

As a chain always breaks at the point where the weakest link is found, so it is also with the human life. Uranus, the planet of spasmodic, uncontrolled action is in opposition to Mercury, the planet which governs the cerebrospinal system, showing that there will be a nervous breakdown whenever great strain is put upon the body. Saturn, the planet of obstruction, is in conjunction with the Moon in the sign that governs the heart, Leo, and it is square to the Sun, ruler of Leo. Thus it is evident that the heart action is very poor and there is an inability to specialize the vital force from the Sun, also a poor circulation. In fact, the chart shows the possibility of a condition which can only be described as a general breakdown from overwork and nervous tension, affecting every organ in the body, for Uranus and Mars in Libra will interfere with the action of the kidneys, the Sun afflicted in Taurus will act upon the throat, and the rectal elimination, governed by Scorpio, will be interfered with. This condition has finally materialized.

It is almost needless to say that in such a case as this, absolute rest, mental and physical, is necessary, preferably on a diet of fruits, for it is very detrimental to force food into a system that is in such a shape as this one. An Aquarian nurse whose Saturn is not in Libra or Pisces would have a quieting and beneficial influence. But even though relief is given and a cure effected, persons with this nature and temperament are bound to work themselves to death some time sooner or later. Nothing that one can say or do to educate them to the fact that they should take things quietly in order that they may last will have any effect, for the spasmodic urge of Uranus and the dynamic energy of Mars on the Ascendant will outweigh any consideration because there are cardinal signs on the angles. This woman is bound to work even if she knew that she would drop dead the next minute. There is no doubt, however, that she is bound to benefit very much in soul growth even if the body is destroyed in the process.

No. 7D: Renal Calculi

Male, born September 21, 1863, noon

In this horoscope Saturn is in conjunction with Mars and Venus. Neptune is in opposition to all three, and the Moon is square Saturn and Venus. Mars, the planet of impulse, causes the native to see red on the slightest provocation, and were he left alone there would be absolutely no chance of restraining him save by putting him in a straight-jacket, particularly as the Sun is square Uranus, which would intensify the impulsiveness and obliterate reason. But the saturnine ray is sufficiently effectual to wet-blanket most of the erratic tendencies for he is in the sign of his exaltation, Libra, and highly elevated.

Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter, both elevated and in trine to Uranus, shows us that there is a wholesome, kindly, and religious side to the mind. From Mars comes the readiness to take offense even where no reasonable ground for it exists; Saturn will cause the native to brood over injuries whether they be real or fancied; but Jupiter will endeavor to instill charity and judgment. It is apparent, however, that the forces which tend to accentuate the evil side of the nature are the strongest and that it is a hard and uphill fight for the higher nature.

Saturn in the first part of Libra, the sign ruling the kidneys, acts in such a manner that the secretion of urine is obstructed. Mars there causes inflammation. The conjunction of Saturn with Venus, the latter governing the venous circulation, reveals the fact that the branch of the portal system which conducts the blood from the kidneys is obstructed, and the square—

Birth Chart No. 7D

Birth Chart No. 7D

Midheaven: Libra 0
Sun: Virgo 28:14
Saturn: Libra 7:17
11th House: Libra 29
Moon: Capricorn 13:47
Uranus: Gemini 25:06
12th House: Scorpio 21
Mercury: Libra 23:51
Neptune: Aries 4:54R
Ascendant: Sagittarius 10:17
Venus: Libra 9:20R
2nd House: Capricorn 14
Mars: Libra 1:55
3rd House: Aquarius 23
Jupiter: Libra 29:14

— of Saturn to the Moon diminishes the amount of urine secreted. Neptune in opposition to Saturn shows clearly a mental cause, irritability and worry, interfering with nerve action. Thus renal calculi are formed, and the person is subject to one of the most painful maladies imaginable.

To help a person of this nature we must invoke the aid of Jupiter and Mercury trine Uranus. Mars is the great energizer that impels to action, but Saturn in conjunction puts a damper on him, and the native becomes indolent, averse to the exercise generally enjoyed by the Sagittarians. We must therefore wake the native up to the urgent necessity for exercise and plenty of it. The Moon in Capricorn acts in the opposite sign, Cancer, ruling the stomach, and because it squares Saturn in Libra, the sign of the kidneys, it interferes with the secretion of urine. Hence the necessity for the regulation of the diet. Nothing of an irritating or unduly stimulating nature should be eaten.

The best healer for this person would be one who has Leo rising, as that is in harmony with Sagittarius. Aries is second choice for the reason that an Arian may be too rough and arouse antagonism without so intending. Neither should have Saturn in Sagittarius or Taurus, these being on the cusps of the patient's first and sixth houses respectively.

No. 7E: Renal Circulation

Female, born March 24, 1845, 5:06 A.M.

In judging the case presented in this horoscope our first care, as usual, is to find out what sort of mental quality this person has, for always we must remember that the mind is the maker of the body. Therefore the wisest doctors now use harmless pills and helpful suggestions.

Mercury and the Moon, the two particular significators in respect to mind, are in opposition. The Moon is also in opposition to the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus. Mars is square to the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus. Thus the person is extremely erratic, vacillating, and torn between different purposes. There is only one redeeming feature, namely, Saturn trine the Moon and sextile Jupiter. Were it not for these aspects, which steady the mind, the native would likely have gone insane. Take now in conjunction with the foregoing remarks the fact that four common signs are on the angles and you will understand that she is extremely difficult to handle mentally. She is one of those unfortunate weaklings afflicted with a wishbone instead of a backbone. The Sun square Mars makes her impulsive, also the adverse aspects from cardinal signs give a certain surplus energy which manifests as impulse. But she lacks the persistence to carry out her impetuous designs.

The affliction of Jupiter indicates faulty circulation, and naturally we judge the presence of Saturn in Aquarius as an indication of obstruction in that place, for the diseases to which the human body is heir are found in the weakest spot, and Saturn usually marks this. Aquarius governs the lower —

Birth Chart No. 7E

Birth Chart No. 7E

Midheaven: Sagittarius 19
Sun: Aries 3:39
Saturn: Aquarius 15:39
11th House: Capricorn 10
Moon: Libra 10:57
Uranus: Aries 6:07
12th House: Aquarius 4
Mercury: Aries 5:17
Neptune: Aquarius 24:52
Ascendant: Pisces 9:24
Venus: Pisces 19:56
2nd House: Aries 26
Mars: Capricorn 9:41
3rd House: Taurus 26
Jupiter: Aries 13:45

— limbs, and the presence of Saturn there shows us that the obstruction of the circulation is at work in that region. Moreover, Mars has progressed to the conjunction of Saturn in Aquarius, and both are in the twelfth house, the house which indicates confinement. Therefore we may judge that the person is afflicted with a severe case of impeded circulation, and it is no surprise to learn that her legs are numb and cold, that she cannot use them properly, and that she is confined to her bed on that account.

The Moon in Libra, which rules the kidneys, and her opposition to Jupiter shows that the renal circulation is out of order, and the presence of so many planets in Aries, which governs the head, is a sure indication that there is a riot of conflicting forces there. Thus because of the afflictions of these planets we have a case of sleeplessness, extreme nervousness, and the irritability given by Uranus. The blood runs riot in the upper part of the body, and there is too little in the lower.

As that native is well along in years there is not much to build upon, but an effort should nevertheless be made to stimulate the kidneys. The secretion of urine is often totally stopped by the opposition of Uranus, Mercury, and Jupiter to the Moon in Libra. This leaves deposits of poison in the system, and as long as these are not eliminated the person will be weighted down by a heavy and sluggish feeling which makes the body seem as if it were made of lead. Great care should be taken to soothe and calm this woman as every bit of anger or irritability makes elimination more difficult and causes more poison to collect in the system. A healer who has Scorpio rising and who does not have Saturn in Aquarius, Pisces, or Leo would have a beneficial effect.

No. 7F:
Bladder Trouble

Female, born October 21, 1886, 11:00 A.M.

When we note that the Moon and Mercury, which are significators of the mind, are squaring each other from fixed signs, it is at once evident that this patient will be rather set in her opinions and on that account difficult to handle. A person with Leo or Aries rising whose Saturn is not in Gemini would probably have the best success in making her obey orders. Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in Cancer, the sign which rules the stomach, shows that the digestion is poor, and his square to the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus placed in the sign Libra, which rules the kidneys, indicates that there is difficulty in the removal of the waste material through these organs. The Sun being close to the cusp of Scorpio, the sign which rules the rectum, further accentuates the trouble of elimination, showing that the person is subject to constipation.

It should be noted that when the significator of bladder trouble is in the fore part of the sign Libra, the difficulty will usually be found in the kidneys themselves, but if in the latter part of Libra, the bladder will be affected. Thus, following out this line of judgment we may know that as of the Sun is in 28 degrees of Libra, the trouble will be found more in the bladder than in the kidneys. The square of the Moon to Mercury in Scorpio shows that there is nervous trouble in the rectal region. Altogether the various signs and aspects which we have enumerated show that this person is suffering from constipation and bladder trouble.

Birth Chart No. 7F

Birth Chart No. 7F

Midheaven: Libra 16
Sun: Libra 28:13
Saturn: Cancer 22:22
11th House: Scorpio 12
Moon: Leo 12:32
Uranus: Libra 9:22
12th House: Sagittarius 4
Mercury: Scorpio 13:16
Neptune: Taurus 27:11R
Ascendant: Sagittarius 24:04
Venus: Libra 17:38
2nd House: Aquarius 1
Mars: Sagittarius 11:33
3rd House: Pisces 11
Jupiter: Libra 18:53

This is not all. We find Mars, the planet of surgery, conjunction Antares. When one of the malefics is placed near the nebulous spot Antares, Sagittarius 8, and either of the lights are afflicted, trouble with the eyes is quite certain to result. In this horoscope both the Sun and Moon are afflicted, one by a square of Saturn, the other by a square of Mercury. We may therefore judge that this woman will have trouble with her eyes, and as Mars is placed in the twelfth house, which rules confinement in hospitals or kindred places, it is evident that she is facing a grave danger from that source.

It is also plain from the horoscope that Saturn in Cancer is at the root of all the trouble by obstructing the digestion, and if we can once convince the patient that right living is the key to health, it may not be too late to restore the tone of the system. It will probably be very difficult to so convince her on account of her fixed mental attitude indicated by the square of the Moon and Mercury in fixed signs.

A diet of coarse food consisting of whole wheat bread and vegetables which have a great deal of fiber in them will be necessary to stimulate the peristaltic action of the bowels. Asparagus and other foods which act on the kidneys, with plenty of lettuce and spinach, which are full of iron, will help to tone the system up so that in time elimination will become normal and then the eyes will grow better.

No. 7G: Diabetes

Female, born December 28, 1885, 11:55 P.M.

The patient in this case is suffering from diabetes, a disease in which the food is turned to sugar in excess of the requirements of the body, and this product is eliminated in the urine. Here we find Jupiter on the Ascendant in the sign Libra, which governs the kidneys, conjunction and parallel Uranus, and square the Sun and Saturn, the latter in the sign Cancer, which rules the stomach. We also find that the Sun is square the Moon in Libra, and parallel and opposition Saturn. Thus it is very evident that the stomach and kidneys are the weakest links in the chain of the body, and therefore we may look for disease in these organs.

Jupiter afflicted and on the Ascendant denotes one who is too fond of good things to eat, a glutton. The conjunction with Uranus tells us that this person is not satisfied with quantity alone but desires her food to be superfine in quality and to be excessively seasoned. Saturn, the planet of obstruction, being in Cancer, the sign governing the stomach, interferes with digestion. Consequently the food cannot be entirely assimilated, and some of it must be expurgated from the system or it will cause a clogged and poisoned condition. Jupiter has rule over the liver, where the sugar usually required in the economy of the body is manufactured but he is sorely afflicted by a square of Saturn and the Sun. Consequently this activity is abnormal, and as Jupiter is placed in the sign of the kidneys, Libra, he allows the sugar to slip out in the urine, thus giving rise to the symptoms which we diagnose as diabetes. There is also a throat affliction because —

Birth Chart No. 7G

Midheaven: Cancer 6
Sun: Capricorn 7:49
Saturn: Cancer 4:40R
11th House: Leo 10
Moon: Libra 17:46
Uranus: Libra 7:38
12th House: Virgo 10
Mercury: Sagittarius 19:04R
Neptune: Taurus 23:06R
Ascendant: Libra 5:10
Venus: Aquarius 23:20
2nd House: Scorpio 2
Mars: Virgo 21:06
3rd House: Sagittarius 2
Jupiter: Libra 5:15

— Neptune is in Taurus, the sign that governs the throat, afflicting Venus, the ruler of Taurus.

When we look to the inner causes of this disease in our endeavor to find a remedy we note that Saturn is elevated and afflicting the Sun and Jupiter. This makes the person morose and irritable, given to looking upon the dark side of life and to finding fault with everything and everybody. The ductless glands are centers of important spiritual activity. An afflicted Neptune in Taurus and an afflicted Uranus in Libra interfere with the activities of the thyroid gland and the adrenals.

Before such a person can be really cured she must experience some kind of a shock or be taken into an entirely new environment and more cheerful surroundings. A healer with Gemini or Aquarius rising whose Saturn is not in Pisces would probably have the most beneficial effect.

No. 7H: Diabetes

Female, born February 24, 1863, at 9:50 P.M.

The horoscope of this woman has the sign of Libra on the Ascendant, with cardinal signs on the four angles, and Leo intercepted in the 10th house. These are all signs of strong feeling. The cardinal signs are the favorites of the universe, for the Sun's entrance into these four signs marks the four seasons. People with the cardinal signs on the angles feel more keenly, live more intensely, and as a result suffer more than others.

The ascending sign of our patient is that of Libra, with Jupiter retrograde on the Ascendant. Jupiter is parallel to the Sun, but its being retrograde naturally weakens the effects of this planet. We find Jupiter in the latter degrees of Libra, a Venusian sign, and Venus and the Sun in the Jupiterian sign of Pisces; usually under such conditions the body taken on an abundance of flesh after middle life. This woman was of immense size, weighing over two hundred pounds, which is indicated by the above positions, also by Jupiter on the Ascendant and Mars in Taurus sextile to Venus in Pisces. Venus being in the fifth house, this woman found great pleasure in good things to eat and wanted her food in large quantities. This naturally caused her to put on much flesh.

Neptune, the planet of mysteries, representing hidden or esoteric things is in Aries in the 6th house, sextile to the Moon. The 6th house rules labor and the 10th house the vocation. The Moon is the ruler of the 10th house, and together with Neptune indicates the vocation which this woman would choose. It is thus clearly indicated that she was a professional medium.

Birth Chart No. 7H

Midheaven: Cancer 29
Sun: Pisces 6:05
Saturn: Libra 4:08R
11th House: Virgo 2
Moon: Gemini 2:00
Uranus: Gemini 16:42
12th House: Libra 1
Mercury: Aquarius 12:29
Neptune: Aries 2:32
Ascendant: Libra 24:20
Venus: Pisces 24:17
2nd House: Scorpio 22
Mars: Taurus 22:46
3rd House: Sagittarius 24
Jupiter: Libra 27:03R

She was reported to be a very good one, which is shown by the Moon sextile to Neptune and trine to Saturn, the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses being involved. Uranus being trine to Mercury, she would seek reasons for spiritualistic phenomena, also because Mercury is in the intellectual sign of Aquarius. Uranus is in the mercurial sign of Gemini, a sign of intellectuality, and Uranus and Mercury are therefore in mutual reception, which is conducive to much sympathy between these two planets. What is meant by "mutual reception" is that these planets have exchanged signs; Uranus is in Mercury's sign, and Mercury is in the Uranian sign. These two planets as a result have a strong influence on the life of the native. This woman conducted classes in spiritualism and gave spiritualistic readings.

We find Venus and the Sun in Pisces in the 5th house, the house of pleasure. Venus is sextile to Mars and has a weak square to Uranus. This was clearly expressed in the woman's life, for she lived with a man whom she introduced as her husband but to whom she had never been married. This man was represented by the Sun and Venus in Pisces and by Venus sextile to Mars and in weak square to Uranus. The man was large, red-haired, and fond of drink. He depended upon this woman entirely for his support, and they both lived to eat, and to make merry upon the money which she earned as a medium. This kind of a life may do for a while, but there comes a time when nature rebels, when the vital organs refuse to stand the strain any longer, as in this case.

When the progressed Venus reached a conjunction with Mars in Taurus and the progressed Moon was in Aquarius, making a square to Mars radical and to Venus progressed, the strain which the woman had placed on her body by her riotous living found a weak spot in the kidneys, for the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Saturn usually shows the spot where the weakness is apt to show itself. We find in this case Saturn in Libra in opposition and parallel to Neptune. This woman called upon headquarters when she was suffering very greatly from diabetes. It was, however, very difficult for her to follow the diet laid down for her as she was accustomed to the richest foods, which were taken in large quantities.


Sex And Throat
No. 8A; 8B

We are told in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, that when the Ego entered into possession of its vehicles, it became necessary to use part of the creative force for the building of the brain and the larynx. The latter was originally a part of the sex organ. The larynx was built while the dense body was yet bent together in the bag-like shape which is still the form of the human embryo. As the dense body straightened and became upright, part of the creative organ remained with the upper part of the dense body and later became the larynx.

It is always possible to make the lesson stronger by using two horoscopes. In this case we will begin with the horoscope numbered 8A, which is that of man born April 22nd, 1881, at 2 P.M.

The common sign of Virgo is on the Ascendant and common signs on all the angles. In this horoscope we will show the law of the vicious circle, which the doctors are so interested in and which is so baffling, and how this law proves the truth of the statement quoted from the Cosmo-Conception.

We have Saturn, the Sun, and Jupiter in conjunction, and Saturn and Jupiter are parallel to the Moon. Neptune is in conjunction with Venus and both —

Birth Chart No. 8A

Midheaven: Gemini 3
Sun: Taurus 2:30
Saturn: Taurus 2:07
11th House: Cancer 10
Moon: Aquarius 17:31
Uranus: Virgo 9:54R
12th House: Leo 13
Mercury: Aries 9:07
Neptune: Taurus 13:34
Ascendant: Virgo 9:10
Venus: Taurus 19:07R
2nd House: Libra 1
Mars: Pisces 14:41
3rd House: Libra 29
Jupiter: Taurus 2:33

— are square the Moon. All these planets except the Moon are in Taurus, the sign which has rule over the throat.

We find the planet of impulse, Uranus, retrograde on the Ascendant in Virgo and in opposition to Mars. These planets are in common signs and in angles. Thus they are strong by house position but placed in weak-willed signs. Uranus and Mars give the desire for pleasure and the gratification of the senses. Mars is sextile to Venus and Neptune in Taurus, a sign which—

Birth Chart No. 8B:
Flat Chart

Birth Chart No. 8B

Midheaven: Capricorn
Sun: Scorpio 19:52
Saturn: Scorpio 11:11
11th House: Aquarius
Moon: Virgo 23:19
Uranus: Scorpio 20:15
12th House: Pisces
Mercury: Scorpio 0:57
Neptune: Gemini 17:24R
Ascendant: Aries
Venus: Libra 4:24
2nd House: Taurus
Mars: Scorpio 9:25
3rd House: Gemini
Jupiter: Leo 8:52

— makes one apt to drift along the same path, Taurus ruling the sense of taste. Neptune and Venus in Taurus, square to the Moon in Aquarius, would lead to the habit of drink and also to irregular association with women friends, for the Moon is the ruler of the house of friends, the 11th.

We find no planets in Scorpio, the sign which rules the generative organs, but Uranus afflicted by Mars gives a tendency to venereal diseases. Syphilis was the net result. Therefore we may see that Taurus which rules the throat and larynx, here expresses itself through the opposite point of the vicious circle of the fixed signs, namely Scorpio, ruler of the generative organs. The Moon in Aquarius, the third point of the circle, is also a contributing factor in the situation.

In the second case we will use a plain figure, as the hour of birth is lacking. This is the horoscope, numbered 8B, of a woman born November 12th, 1895.

In this figure we find Mercury, Mars, Saturn, the Sun, and Uranus all in the sign of Scorpio, which has rule over the generative organs, with Saturn and Mars in conjunction and square to Jupiter. The Sun and Uranus are also in conjunction with each other and the Sun is parallel to Jupiter.

This woman had her tonsils removed at puberty. The tonsils are ruled by Taurus. Due to Mars in conjunction with Saturn, and the Sun in conjunction with Uranus in the sign of Scorpio, she unfortunately yielded to the vicious practice of abortion, which so weakened the functions of the generative organs that removal of the ovarian tubes was necessary. Here again we see the vicious circle of the fixed signs in operation, Taurus and Scorpio being the points affected.

We may see by comparison of these two horoscopes how the generative organs and the throat are closely in sympathy with each other and that abuses of the function of one of them often express themselves through impaired functioning of the opposite organ.

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Reference: Astro-Diagnosis—A Guide To Healing, by Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel

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