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"In his training, back in the early days in Atlantis, Chaldea, and Egypt, Astrophilus learned that accuracy in mathematical calculation and comprehension not only externalized the apperception of a mode of Truth, but acceptance of the mental disciplines involved in training externalized the sincerity of his pursuit of truth. Accuracy is truth externalized; and because of the tremendous complexity of 'things' which are studied on the Astrological Path, the willingness to discipline the mental body so that the right results are obtained in mathematical endeavors is an important factor in the astrologer's dedication to his service."
The purpose of presenting this discourse is two-fold. It is well that new students of astrology obtain a perspective of what this Path requires of them in mental training and what it includes in expansion of knowledge and understanding. Those students who are experienced on the Path should periodically remind themselves of the requirements of their chosen Path and refresh their spiritual aims, methods, and objectives. The Astrological Path is a long one, containing many complexities of unfoldment; the "long-range viewpoint" and quiet, unshakable patience are prime requisites for the fulfillment of any of its phases. Some students, in the present life, may be recapitulating knowledge gained through study in past lives, now ready to begin to apply their knowledge and understanding; some may still be continuing their program of absorption, and still others may be taking their first step on this Path. Regardless of present placement, all should have a comprehensive knowledge of the over-all program that is involved in this complex study so that the spiritual ideal and purpose may be held to unwaveringly.

The art-science called "astr-ology" is the study of universal laws as they apply to evolutionarily unfolding consciousness; consciousness is the one primordial light and the symbols of the "lights" — Sun, Moon, and planets — are used to designate the faculties, vehicles, and powers by which unfolding consciousness becomes aware of divine consciousness. Just as our solar system is one of seven systems comprising a galaxy so each of our "solar-system-lights" is one of a family, inter-related to and interdependent upon each other and the central sun; all being externalizations of the divine creative consciousness of our Logos. Astrology is primarily not a "study of the stars" — that is the astronomer's job. The astrologer is a student of modes of consciousness which are externalized as the planetary, solar, and lunar bodies of our system. We humans have correspondence with these planetary bodies because we and they are creations of the same Divine Source and vibratory affinity aligns us all together in this solar system. The astronomer assists the astrologer in providing scientifically calculated data pertaining to the geocentric and heliocentric relationships of the "lights" to the belt of the zodiacal signs; this data is synchronized with time-space principles of incarnation for the calculation of the natal horoscope which symbolically pictures the present cyclic status of an evolving human consciousness. The "astr" of astrology refers to "star" only exoterically; esoterically and philosophically it refers to that light which is consciousness. It is by the degree and quality of evolving consciousness that all phenomena, experience, and relationship are interpreted; this refers to the physical body as well as to all environments, activities, endeavors, karmic lessons, aspirations, and ideals. All of these factors are symbolically pictured in essence by the natal horoscope; the sum-total of the "contents" of a chart represents the person's basic inclinations and tendencies in viewpoint — the specific result of the way he exercised his inclinations and tendencies in past lives up to the present life. When the astrological student establishes his awareness of the "astro-path" as being the study of consciousness — ever evolving through incarnated experience and patterned by the great archetypal Principles of the Universe — he will then appropriately evaluate each factor of the study to the basic core and thus maintain all evaluations in proper proportion and perspective. Every factor in a correctly calculated horoscope is an exact picturing of results in consciousness from causes in consciousness. Regeneration of consciousness determines improved conditions, more truthful evaluation of experience and a clearer and more perfect apperception of powers — potential and actual.

The ancients were encouraged in their apperceptions of Divine Nature and Consciousness by the technique of "personalization;" modes and facets of the Divine Essence were given exposition as "the gods and goddesses." The anglicized versions of some of these divine names are now applied to our identity of the planets — the name of each planet representing a composite or synthesis of divine potentials, principles, and powers. So, in considering the many phases of the Astrological Path we will also personalize, for concreteness, and, in imagination, consider the nature and abilities of one whom we will call "The Master Astrologer," and whom we will identify as the prototype of all astrologers and astrological students, past, present, and future. His name will be "Astrophilus" (he who loves astrology), and he is one who, through many lives during many centuries of time has dedicated himself to the ever-expanding comprehension of astrological principles. As a Master-Astrologer, he is one who now is able to correlate all phases of learning with astrological symbolism. He will be understood to be the "personalized ideal" of all who walk the "Astro-Path."

Astrophilus always has been, is now, and will continue to be aspiritual aspirant. This means that he does not permit his desire for astrological knowledge to supersede his desire for understanding of right use of astrological knowledge. He dedicates his application of knowledge to the service of human enlightenment because he knows that the enlightenment-service is the basic purpose for the attainment of knowledge in the first place. He knows that the maximum fullness of his knowledge is but a fragment of universal wisdom so, with true humility, he keeps his mind and consciousness ever-open and ever-adjustable to the consideration of new ideas. He is as impersonal and honest in his evaluation of his own chart as he is with the chart of anyone else because he knows that only total honesty will nourish his own unfoldment and ability. His intellectual and analytical endeavors — extensive, profound, and crystalline as they may be — are continually nurtured by prayer; whenever the need is felt, he invites the recharging of his consciousness and intuition by the powers of the Super-mind. Every act or endeavor in his astrological service is dedicated and consecrated by his love for God and fellow-humans. He recognizes that he is "Elder Brother" to — probably — most of humanity, but he never forgets that he himself is as much a child of the Divine Parent as is the most ignorant and uninspired of his fellows. His calculation of each horoscope is an act of spiritual ritual by which the forces of his mind, consciousness, and Spirit are focalized and unified to the fulfillment of his service.

As a Brother, Astrophilus is sincerely appreciative of the endeavors and aspirations of humans on all paths which serve human enlightenment and regeneration. Through his many past lives he has shared the absorption of knowledge with fellow- students who represent all lines of inquiry and investigation. He maintains an essential gratefulness toward all teachers and experiences which serve to further his astrological, philosophical, and spiritual education. In finding a correlation between his chart and any experience, he appreciates the experience, however painful or difficult, because it served to expand his knowledge and understanding. He regrets and resents no experience; the healthy adjustability of his mind — dedicated to the reception of Truth — permits no morbid retention of negative interpretations of experience but rather rejoices in each and every opportunity for the expansion of comprehension and apperception. He seeks always to avoid attitudes or viewpoints of bias and so refuses to retain in consciousness that quality of mental action that breeds prejudice or false approbation. He strives to regard his own experiences with spiritual equity so that he may more perfectly represent the equity of true enlightenment to those he helps.

As a scientist, Astrophilus is first of all a mathematician and geometrician. The technical aspects of his work require a fluent comprehension of all arithmetical principles and of certain principles revealed through geometry. Since algebra is the mathematical exposition of the universal Law of Correspondence, a knowledge of this branch of science enables Astrophilus to evaluate and tabulate any and all vibratory equations to be found in a given chart, or which form the "patterns of linkage" between two or more charts. In his training, back in the early days in Atlantis, Chaldea, and Egypt, Astrophilus learned that accuracy in mathematical calculation and comprehension not only externalized the apperception of a mode of Truth, but acceptance of the mental disciplines involved in training externalized the sincerity of his pursuit of truth. Accuracy is truth externalized; and because of the tremendous complexity of "things" which are studied on the Astrological Path, the willingness to discipline the mental body so that the right results are obtained in mathematical endeavors is an important factor in the astrologer's dedication to his service. Whenever it is possible to do so, Astrophilus always seeks to determine the accuracy of all data; he works with that data in such a way that the maximum accuracy may be obtained. In his teaching-work, Astrophilus encourages his students in every way possible to appreciate the value of mathematical training; he knows from his own experience that Humanity owes a great debt to Mathematics for what it provides in disciplining, harmonizing, and focalizing the mental vehicles and the powers of consciousness. To engage successfully in mathematical endeavors, one cannot be satisfied with anything less than right (truthful) results!

It is interesting — and significant — to note that so many forms of visual exploration are made through a circular frame-work. Our two eyes are focused in such a way that everything we see is through a "circular window;" the astronomer gazes through a circular mechanism to study and explore a portion of the solar system, a galaxy or some other division of the phenomenal universe exterior to the earth; the chemist and biologist peer through a circular microscope to study the "littleness" of material phenomena. In his work as a student of human consciousness, Astrophilus centers his attention also on a circular diagram formed by a certain arrangement of the zodiacal belt which contains a specialized set of symbols placed according to accurate mathematical principles and which convey a revelation of spiritual laws. Astrophilus is a specialist in the sense that his prime objective is to serve the furthering of human enlightenment but the principles which are inherent in his specialized study are germane to all forms of exploration made by other scientists.

As far as scope of knowledge is concerned, Astrophilus "takes hands" with all of his brother-scientists; the essences of his study and exploration are found to be represented in some form or degree in all other branches of study by which the nature of the universe is revealed and comprehended. In the degree that the nature of the universe is comprehended does the realization of unity with the universe unfold. Astrophilus must use the powers of analysis just as a chemist does, but in addition he must also synthesize because his purpose is not to teach the "separateness of man from the universe" but to reveal the unity of humans with each other, with all creatures, and with divine source. The analytical factor in his study pertains to the human as an individualized aspect of consciousness, with particular karmic requirements of experience and particular "personal tendencies." The factor of synthesis is actually a process of the Higher Mind by which Astrophilus may assist the person to experience an expansion of awareness of unity within himself through developing spiritual autonomy and of awareness of unity with other humans through affinity of common destiny and evolutionary goal.

Astrophilus, in addition to being a scientist, mystic, and priest, is also an interpretative artist. He seeks to find, through study of horoscopical indications, those modes and techniques by which the person concerned may through regeneration of consciousness become consciously more and more aware of the beauties of his own spiritual consciousness. Every principle used in astrological representation has its counterpart in one — or all — of the fine arts. In an over-all survey of astrological factors, we find design, rhythm, color (by implication), structure, mass (by implication), spectrum, and every conceivable aspect of beauty that can be realized or externalized by human beings. During the many years and lives of his experience, Astrophilus enjoyed contact with artists and artistic interpreters of all kinds. His spiritual affinity to these persons was based on the inspirational factor inherent in all artistic expression and enlightenment-service. To "enlighten" might be thought of as a process by which "light is thrown into consciousness" or "the presence of light in consciousness is revealed." Any human, by whatever mode or means, who serves to reveal harmony to other persons is an inspirator; harmony is the revelation of equilibrium throughout all parts of a thing and it is the conscious re-attainment of equilibrium that characterizes our evolutionary goal. It was from that state that we were projected, as individualizations, at the start of our experience as humans. All apperception of Beauty is a glimpse of the "heaven in our own consciousness," and through his knowledge of alchemy, Astrophilus is able to help people understand how they may effect conscious regeneration of their inner powers and thereby unfold wider and purer apperceptions of the beauty of their divine nature.

After many lives devoted to the practice of realized truths and in accordance with high ethical standards, Astrophilus found a strange and wonderful awakening in his own consciousness. It pertained to a cognition that "the planets" which he had studied for so long in horoscopes were modes by which the divine revealed itself through human consciousness. As a result, Astrophilus found himself becoming more and more conscious of God's presence in all planetary aspects — each aspect being thus perceived to be an indication not of "absolute evil" or "absolute good" but rather that of spirit-ual viewpoint. The hitherto-considered "evil" aspects were then perceived to be, in truth, symbolic pictures of experience-methods by which a human must ultimately realize his own divine nature. All square and opposition aspects register karmically timed and karmically qualified conditionings from which, through incarnate experience, the human is to be brought face-to-face with the results of past thought and action; from experiencing these results he is to apprehend in greater degree those modes of thought and action which further, rather than obstruct, evolutionary unfoldment and realization of the Spirit's highest ideals.

Reader, these things said herein about "Astrophilus" are really being said about you — now an astrological student, perhaps a practitioner — who from some point on the Path may unfold the powers of the perfectly trained mental vehicle, the winged power of intuition and the diamond-clear power of clair-cognition through your continued and devoted application to astrological study. May the Spirit within grant you the strength of patience, the buoyancy of inspirational joy, and the blessing of ever-expanding appreciation of your fellow-humans through the truth- pursuing study of horoscopes as the need for such study may be brought to your attention. Life provides all opportunity to fulfill the Astrological Path.
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Reference: Studies In Astrology, by Elman Bacher

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