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The Rosicrucian Philosophy
in Questions and Answers
Volume II
by Max Heindel
(Part 5)

Spiritual Hermaphrodites
Question No. 83

In your esoteric explanation of the opera Tannhauser, you state that man must find the woman in himself. Just what do you mean?

Answer: It is taught both in the Bible and esoterically that there was a time when mankind was male-female, hermaphrodite, or bi-sexual. At that time each was able to perpetuate the species without the assistance of anyone else. Man was then a complete unit, capable of self-fertilization. However, in order to become a perfect vehicle for the Spirit it was necessary that a brain should be evolved, together with a larynx, so that man might be able to think and express himself in words. In order to accomplish this one half the creative force was directed upward to build these organs and enable man to turn his creative consciousness outward and people the world with things of his fancy, such as we see in ships, houses, railways, telephones, and all other things made by the hand of man, which have first been conceived in thought, then objectified in the world.

Thus man became a creator on two planes, they physical and the mental, but we know that we cannot make an electric circuit with one wire. We must have two of opposite polarity and when one half the creative force was diverted to the brain, only the other half remained usable for procreation. Thus man ceased to be a complete creative unit and became dependent upon some one else to supply the part of the force which he lacked, either positive or negative, masculine or feminine. Since then sorrow, sin, and trouble have entered into the world, and we have come under the dominion of death. However, in time mankind will learn to turn the other half of the creative force upward through the spinal cord into the brain, which will then be bi-polar.

At that time we shall use both the hemispheres of our cerebrum and not one as is now the case. When that day has come man will have found the woman within himself, and woman will have found the man within herself. Then it will not any longer be necessary to seek a mate in order to perpetuate our bodies, for we shall then be able to conceive in our brain a vehicle fit for our expression and objectify it as we now clothe our other ideas in physical form. It is by this power that Adepts perpetuate their physical existence and create a new body before they leave the old, but they have two spinal cords and use both hemispeheres of the brain.

Man a Hermaphrodite
Question No. 84

Please explain the following seeming contradiction in Questions and Answers: "Man had first been like the Gods, made in their image — male-female, a hermaphrodite, and later one side was taken away so that he became divided into two sexes." "Each spirit is complete in itself. It takes upon itself a male or a female body at different times in order to learn the lessons of life and it is only in the present stage of development that there is such a function as sex." The first quotation seems to imply that man was one and became divided into two parts while the latter quotation implies that man always was one and is not divided into two parts.

Answer: Both quotations are right, but the first refers to that which is now the physical body. During the stage of crystallization in the Hyperborean Epoch when man-in-the-making was plantlike, the physical body was like many plants in being able to fructify itself and create a new body, but later on in the Lemurian Epoch when it became necessary for man's evolution that he should have an instrument of thought and speech wherewith to express himself, one half of the sex force was diverted for the purpose of building a larynx and brain. Thus the physical body of one group of mankind retains the negative or feminine polarity for procreation, while another part of humanity has the positive or masculine gender developed in the physical body.

However, it should also be understood that it would have been impossible to divide humanity into sexes even for a time, were not the creative energy of the Spirit bi-polar. This dual creative force is used in all magic, and it expresses itself as will and imagination, masculine and feminine, positive and negative. Whether set in motion by God, the Architect of all the solar universe, or by an Initiate of any degree, the process is the same. It involves, first, the exercise of the feminine quality of imagination whereby the thing to be created is pictured and molded in mind stuff to the minutest detail and forms an archetype for the thing to be created; and second, when this work has been done it requires a powerful effort of the masculine creative force, the concentrated will, to gather and build into this archetype created by the imagination such material as is necessary for its manifestation in the world to which it belongs and wherein it has to function. The same process takes place when an Initiate has to mold a vehicle for himself wherein he may operate and materialize, or when a magician of the lower order desires to create a flower or a similar article for demonstration. Each one must then be able to exercise the feminine function of imagination in order to mold in the invisible world the object to be found. The odor and everything about it must be complete — color, shading, etc. Then the powerful effort of will marshals the physical atoms into the matrix and the object is manifested in the physical world.

A similar process also takes place in the creation of a new body under the present system. The powerful feminine imagination of the mother is necessary to mold the embryo into human shape during the period of gestation, and it is the concentrated will of the father during the moment of copulation which gives the needed impulse and furnishes the motive power during the time until the Ego is able to begin its own work.

It should not be forgotten either that humanity is still bi-sexual so far as the physical body is concerned, for though one sex is developed to completion, the other remains latent and in embryo, so to speak. Thus there is no contradiction between the quotations, for one refers to the physical body particularly and the other to the Spirit.

The Crown of Thorns
Question No. 85

Does it serve any real purpose to recall each year the suffering of Christ? If not, why does not the Christian Church omit the passion and the Crown of Thorns, and concentrate its efforts upon celebrating Easter as a time of joy?

Answer: The gospel story as it is usually read by people in the churches is only the story of Jesus, a unique character, the Son of God in a special sense, who was once born in Bethlehem, lived once upon the earth for the short space of thirty-three years, who died once for mankind after much suffering, and is now permanently exalted to the right hand of the Father. Thence they expect Him to return to judge the quick and the dead, and they celebrate his birth and his death at certain time of the year, because they are supposed to have taken place on definite dates, the same as the birthday of Lincoln, Washington, or the Battle of Gettysburg.

While these explanations satisfy the multitudes who are not very deep in their inquiries concerning the truth, there is another side which is very patent to? they mystic. This is a story of divine love and perpetual sacrifice that fills him with devotion to the cosmic Christ, who is born periodically in order that we may live and have an opportunity to evolve in this environment for he understands from that viewpoint that without such recurring annual sacrifice, this earth and its present conditions of advancement would be an impossibility.

At the time when the Sun is in the celestial sign Virgo (the Virgin) the Immaculate Conception takes place. A wave of solar Christ light and life is focused upon the earth. Gradually this light penetrates deeper into the earth, until the turning point is reached on the longest and the darkest night of the year, which we call Christmas. This is the mystic birth of a cosmic Life Impulse which impregnates and fertilizes the earth. It is the basis of all terrestrial life. Without it no seed would germinate, no flower would appear upon the face of the earth, neither man nor beast could exist, and life would soon become extinct. Therefore, there is a very, very valid reason for the joy that is felt at Christmas time. As the divine Author of our being, our Father in heaven, has given the greatest of all gifts to man, the Son, so men also are impelled to give gifts to one another. There reigns upon earth, joy, good will, and peace, no matter whether man understands the mystic and annually recurrent reasons therefor.

As "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump," so this spiritual life impulse which impregnated the earth at the winter solstice works its way through the winter months, towards the circumference, giving life to all wherewith it comes in contact. Even the minerals would not grow were this light impulse withheld, and by the time Easter is reached, when the earth is in bloom, when the birds start singing, and the animals in the forest are mating, all is imbued with great Divine Life. It has spent itself, it dies, and is raised again to the right hand of our Father. Thus Christmas and Easter are turning points which mark the ebb and flow of the Divine Life annually given for our sakes, without which it would be impossible for us to live upon the earth. The latter ends also the annual recurrence of the festive feeling which we experience from Christmas to Easter, the joy that thrills our being. If we are at all sensitive, we cannot help but feel Christmas and Easter in the air, for they are laden with divine love, life, and joy.

But whence come the note of sorrow and suffering which precedes the Easter resurrection? Why may we not rejoice with an unmingled joy at the time when the Sun is liberated ad returns to His Father? Why this Passion, this Crown of Thorns? Why cannot this be left out of consideration?

To understand this mystery it is necessary to view the matter from the Christ viewpoint, and it is necessary to realize fully and thoroughly that this annual life wave which is projected into our planet is not simply a force devoid of consciousness. It carries with itself the full consciousness of the Cosmic Christ. It is absolutely a true fact that without Him was not anything made that was made, as we are told by St. John in the opening chapter of his Gospel. At the time of the Immaculate Conception in September, this great life impulse commences Its descent upon our earth, and by the time of the winter solstice, when the mystic birth takes place, the Cosmic Christ has fully concentrated itself upon and within this planet. You will realize that it must cause much discomfort to such a great Spirit to be cramped within this little earth of ours and to be conscious of all the hate and discord we are sending out from day to day all through the year. It is a fact that cannot be gainsaid that all life expression is through and by love, and similarly, death comes through hate. Were the hate and discord which we generate in our daily lives in our transactions one with another, the deceit, the infamy, and the selfishness, left without antidote, this earth would be swallowed up in death.

You remember the description of initiation given in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception. It is there stated that at the Service held every night at midnight, the etheric Temple in Germany is the focus of all the thoughts of hate and disturbance in the Western world which it serves, that these thoughts are there disintegrated and transmuted, and that this is the basis of social progress in the world. It is also known that saintly Spirits grieve and suffer greatly at disturbances in the world, at the discord and the hate, that they send out from themselves individually thoughts of love and kindness. The associated efforts of such orders as that of the Rosicrucians are directed in the same channels of effort when the world is still, so far as physical exertions are concerned, and is therefore more receptive to the spiritual influence, namely, midnight. At that time they endeavor to attract and transmute these thought arrows of hate and discord, suffering thus their small share while trying to lift a few of the thorns from the Savior's crown.

Considering the foregoing, you will understand that the Christ Spirit in the earth is, as St. Paul says, actually groaning and travailing, waiting for the day of liberation. Thus He gathers all the darts of hate and anger. These are the crown of thorns.

In everything that lives, the vital body radiates streamers of light from the force that has spent itself in building the dense body. During health they carry away all poison from the body and keep it clean. Similar conditions prevail in the vital body of the earth which is the vehicle of Christ. The poisonous an destructive forces generated by our passions are carried away by the life forces of the Christ, but every evil thought or act brings Him its own proportion of pain, and therefore becomes a part of the Crown of Thorns — the crown because the head is always thought of as the seat of consciousness. We should realize that every single evil act of ours reacts upon the Christ in the manner stated and adds another thorn of suffering.

In view of the foregoing we can realize with what relief He speaks the final words at the time of liberation from the earthly cross: "Consummatum est." why the annual recurrence of suffering, you ask? As we take into our bodies continually the life giving oxygen to go through its cycle to vitalize and energize the whole body, as that oxygen dies to the outside world for the time being, while it is living in the body, as it is charged there with poisons and waste products, and finally exhaled as carbon dioxide, as poisonous gas, so it is necessary for the Savior annually to enter into the great body which we call the earth and take upon Himself all the poison that is generated by ourselves, to cleanse and purify, and to give it a new lease of life before He finally is resurrected and rises to His Father.

Meeting the Lord
in the Air

Question No. 86

What is meant by the elect being caught up in the air to meet the Lord? Does that refer to a physical uprising?

Answer: this passage occurs in First Thessalonians, 4:17, and in the fifth Chapter of the same Epistle, 23rd verse we find it stated:

"And the very God of peach sanctify you wholly, and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Thus Paul recognizes that man is a composite being consisting of three parts, the Spirit, the soul, and the body. If you will now turn to the fifteenth Chapter of First Corinthians you will find there that he says, "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." Speaking to them further concerning the same mystery, he says: "Behold! I shew you a mystery. We shall not all sleep but we shall be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye," and in the forty-fourth verse which has been mistranslated, he tells them that there is a spiritual body and a soul body; soma psuchicon.

This is a very important point. You will find it nowhere but in the Rosicrucian literature. All others have passed over or overlooked this important mistranslation, and read the text as a "natural" body instead of a "soul" body. This soul body is composed of ether and capable of levitation. Without this faculty it would be impossible for us to meet the Lord in the air, or to become a citizen of the kingdom of the heavens preached by Christ Jesus and His apostles. Let is be thoroughly understood that mankind has always traveled outward from the center of the earth in its evolution. Adam, the primitive man, was made of the red (hot) earth, for at that time our globe was still in a cooling condition, aglow with the red fires of the forming crust. Next we are told that a mist went up from the cooling planet, and mankind at that time lived as "children of the mist" in the valleys of the earth.

Later when the mist condensed into water, and falling, filled the earth's basins, man moved to the highlands, his present abode, above the waters, and when he had dropped the dense earthy fleshy body, which Paul says cannot inherit the kingdom of God, he will ascend into the air in the glorious soma psuchicon, or soul body, to take up a new phase of evolution. There we shall not deal with concrete things in the same sense as we do now, but we shall learn to work with life instead of with dead things. Thus the Bible says exactly what it means when it tells us we are to be caught up in the air, in the twinkling of an eye, so that we may be fit inhabitants of the new Jerusalem when that "comes out of the heavens," or becomes visible. It should also be understood that this kingdom is now being prepared, though it is invisible to most people. It is nevertheless in course of construction, waiting for the time when we shall have learned the lessons of concrete existence and fitted ourselves for the discrete occupations which we shall then learn.

Meeting the Christ
in the Air

Question No. 87

If a few advanced Egos will meet the Christ in the air, will they return to this Earth to live again as ordinary mortals?

Answer: the idea is, "I saw a new Jerusalem coming down from heaven." The new Jerusalem or New Age involves living in the air or ether as we are now living on the solid ground; that is not the Aquarian Age. They must not be confused. The New Age is a condition in which we shall live in our soul body. That is now being formed within us, and we shall not live under the same material conditions as we have now. We shall not need to take material sustenance. We shall be able to live on the substance of the air and ether, and we shall be able to live and have our being entirely in the aerial. Nor is this reserved for a few advanced Egos, for the majority of the human race will have been brought to perfection in the soul body by the time the Christ returns.

The Keys of Heaven and Hell
Question No. 88

Did Christ really give Peter the keys of Heaven and Hell, or what does that passage mean?

Answer: Undoubtedly, Christ gave them to Peter and to others as well, but they were not keys such as we sue to unlock doors. Yet no man can enter either place unless he has these keys. They are musical "keys," or incantations, such as are used in all esoteric orders and for all esoteric purposes. The modern Masons have something similar, for they furnish the lodge differently for each degree. They use different passwords and different grips, so that a Mason, though he may be initiated in some degrees is as effectually barred from all others as a stranger because he has not the "keys" that unlock the doors.

In the esoteric orders, like the Rosicrucians, the keynote of the incantation intoned at each degree is of a different vibratory measure from the keynote of all the other degrees, and one who has not the key and is unable to attune himself to it is halted as it were by an invisible wall of vibration which surrounds the Temple. In the substance of the lower Desire World, surrounding the earth, which constitutes hell, there is a different vibration from that which prevails in the part of our atmosphere constituting the upper Desire World and the Region of Concrete Thought. This rate of vibration again differs from the pitch of these states of matter which is inside the earth, in each of the nine subterranean strata. Therefore each of these divisions of the invisible world also requires a different keynote, which is gradually taught initiates as they progress upon the path towards Adeptship. It was the "key"-note to one or more of these various realms that was given to peter and others by Christ, who was the Initiator in their case. The same "keys" are now given to His followers by His successors, who initiate worthy ones into the mysteries that they may serve their fellow men better in a larger sphere of endeavor. Thus music has a greater mission than simply to provide enjoyment for us. In fact, the harmony of the spheres is the basis of all evolution. Without that there could be no progress, and when once our ears have become attuned to that, we have the "key" to all advancement.

The Essence of

Question No. 89

What is the essence of particular teaching of real Christianity?

Answer: In the opening chapters of the Bible we find a commandment given to infant humanity, who had been permitted the freedom of the Garden of Eden, a state of bliss. Only one restriction was placed upon them, viz., "of the Tree of Knowledge thou shalt not eat." When we analyze this command in the light of such sentences as, "Adam knew Eve and she bore Cain"; "Adam knew Eve and she bore Seth"; and Mary's question, "How shall I conceive, seeing I know not a man?" we readily understand that humanity was prohibited from indulging the passional nature. The esoteric teaching supplies us with a further knowledge that this function was exercised only at certain times of the year under the guidance of the angels, when the interplanetary lines of force were propitious, and consequently, parturition was painless.

In view of this knowledge we can also understand the so-called curse, "in pain shalt thou bear thy children," the reason being that the Procreative act is undertaken at times when the planetary vibrations are not suited to this purpose. Thus sin or the transgression of cosmic law entered into the world and has caused untold trouble. To correct this the Religion of Jehovah was given to mankind. This is a religion of law, prescribing penalties for transgressions and pitting the fear of the law against the desires of the flesh. We are told that the law was a taskmaster to bring mankind to Christ. However, man rebelled against it all the time, and it required the most severe visitations to keep them anywhere near the line of moral conduct desired. Under this regime of Jehovah mankind was divided into nations which were used to punish one another for their transgressions by war and pestilence. They were also used as clubs to secure obedience, and the Old Testament closes with a promise to the battered and bleeding nations that, "the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in its wings." The comes the Religion of Christ and the angelic message which heralded the birth, "on earth peace, and among men good will." This is in the beginning of the New Testament. At the end is a vision of the consummation, when all nations shall flock to a heavenly city where lust and passion have no place- -where there is no marriage because death has ceased to make the birth of bodies necessary, where peace and true love reign, where the perfect love inculcated by the religion of Christ has cast out the feat engendered under the religion of Jehovah.

Thus the essence of the Christian teaching is that the law of sin and death may be overcome by love, which will restore immortality.

Changing Water
To Wine

Question No. 90

Please tell me what Jesus meant when he said to his mother, Mary: "Woman, what have I to do with thee, mine hour is not yet come." (John 2:4).

Answer: this is another case where the Bible translators mistranslated the Greek text in a most unwarrantable manner. The remark was made on the occasion of the marriage of Cana, when Mary, the mother of Jesus, is said to have come to him saying there was no wine. Jesus then answered in the following Greek words: "It emoi kai soi gunai." Translated literally this is, "What (is that) to me and to thee, O woman? My time has not yet come." Even apart from the esoteric significance of the remark this seems very much nicer than the coarse answer attributed to Jesus in the popular version of King James. It should also be remembered that the Christ was not the son of Mary in the same sense that Jesus was, and that although He used the body of Jesus, He did not recognize physical relationship to Mary and was therefore perfectly justified in addressing her as "woman."

However, there is another and deeper significance to the whole proceeding of the marriage at Cana. It has been taught in the Rosicrucian literature that the Gospels are not histories of the life of an individual called Christ or Jesus, who was unique among mankind. Although the Jesus of the Gospels did live, the Gospels themselves are stories or formulas of initiation, and the marriage at Cana at which Christ performed His first great miracle was something far greater than a mere marriage ceremony of a man and woman in ordinary life. It was, in fact, a mystic marriage of the higher and lower self under the new order of Temple Service then inaugurated by Christ. In the Atlantean Epoch water had been used in the temples, but for the Fifth, post-Atlantean Epoch, wine was essential.

Different races have lived upon earth at various times, and they have been differently constituted than we are today. The first human race is symbolized in the Bible by the name Adam. They were of the earth, earthy. That is to say, they had only a mineral body, for they were formed of the mineral earth. The second race is symbolized under the name Cain. they had both a dense mineral body and also an etheric or vital body. Therefore, they were plantlike, and a plant food was given them to eat. Hence, we hear that Cain tilled the soil and planted grain. The third race also evolved a desire body, and because of this emotional and passional nature they became animal life. Therefore animal food or flesh was given them to eat, and we read that Nimrod was a mighty hunter. Lastly, the mind was added as a link between the threefold body and the threefold Spirit. The Spirit then entered the body and became indwelling, an Ego.

In order that this Ego might learn the lesson on earth it must forget for the time being its heavenly spiritual origin To this end a new food was given it, and wine, a spirit fermented outside the body was first used by Noah, the Atlantean Hierarch, to deaden the true Spirit dwelling in the body. Under the intoxicating influence of this pseudo spirit man gradually forgot his divine origin and focused his whole attention upon the lessons to be learned in this world. However, although humanity indulged in this new article of nutrition, wine, despite even the orgies that were held in exoteric services, the sanctuaries of all the ancient dispensations were served by water, and the highest and the holiest of their priests never allowed wine to pass their lips. Hence they were not blind leaders of the blind, but saw clearly the invisible world and knew the sacred mystery of life.

During the earlier Epochs of man's evolution he had been guided by the visible messengers of the Divine Hierarchies whom he revered as God, and even after they left him prophets and seers continued in his midst, to testify to the reality of God and the invisible realms. The ancient religions also taught the doctrine of rebirth, and thus man knew that he progressed by the experience gained in a series of earthly bodies of gradually improving texture. For that reason many Hindus, who believe in rebirth, feel that there is no need of haste in evolution. However, in order that man in the Western World, might apply himself with his whole soul and his whole mind to mastering the secrets of earth life, it was designed that he should be entirely deprived of this teaching. Also, the spiritual adviser was blinded for the time being to the conscious knowledge of God and the vision of the inner worlds, so that all mankind would be left to stand upon its own feet during the new dispensation, and would consequently apply themselves altogether to the material evolution in store for them. Wine wrought this in the world exoterically from the beginning, and its use was sanctioned in the temple by the first miracle.

Under the ancient dispensation water alone was used in the Temple Service, but in time wine became a factor in human evolution. A god of wine, Bacchus, was worshiped, and orgies of the wildest nature were held in order to drown the aspirations of the Spirit so that it might apply itself to conquer the physical world. Even under the Mosaic Dispensation the priests had been strictly forbidden to sue wine while officiating in the temple, but Christ on His first public appearance changed water to wine, ratifying its use in the order of things then existent. Note, however, that this was done in public, and that it was His first act as a public minister. However, at the last esoteric session of the Christ with His disciples, where the new covenant was given, there was no flesh of a lamb (Aries), as required under the Mosaic Order. Neither was there the wine, but only the bread, a vegetable product and the cup of which we shall presently speak, when we have noted His words at the time: "I will no more drink of the fruit of the vine until I drink it with you new in the Kingdom of Heaven." The newly extracted juice of the grape does not contain a spirit of fermentation and decay, but is a pure nutritious plant food. Thus the followers of the esoteric doctrine have been instructed by Christ to use a non- flesh, non-alcoholic diet.

It has generally been supposed that the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper contained wine, though as a matter of fact, there is no Biblical foundation for that supposition. Three accounts are given of the preparation for this Passover. While Mark and Luke state that the messengers were told to go into a certain city and look for a man who carried a pitcher of after, none of the Evangelists say that the cup contained wine. Furthermore, research in the Memory of Nature shows water was used, and that so far as the esotericist was concerned wine had had its day. From that act dates also the inauguration of the temperance movement, for these cosmic changes involve long preparation in the inner worlds before they become manifest in society outwardly. Thousands of years are as nothing in such processes.

The use of water at the Last Supper also harmonizes with the astrological and ethical requirements. The Sun was leaving Aries, the sign of the Lamb, for Pisces, the sign of the Fishes, a watery sign. A new note of aspiration was to be sounded, a new phase of human upliftment was to be entered upon during the Piscean Age then approaching. Self- indulgence was to be superseded by self-denial. Bread, the staff of life, which is made from immaculately generated grain, does not feed the passions like flesh; neither does our blood when diluted with water surge so passionately as when wine is imbibed. Therefore, bread and water are fit foods and symbols of ideals during the Pisces-Virgo Age. They represent purity, and the Catholic church has given to its followers the Piscean water at the door of the temple, and the Virginal Bread at the altar, denying them the wine cup at the Service. However, even the foregoing consideration does not bring us to the heart of the mystery hidden in the "Cup of the New Covenant."

The old wine-cup given to us when we entered the Fifth Epoch Earth, the land of generation, was filled with destruction, death, and poison, and the word which we then learned to speak is dead and powerless.

The new wine cup mentioned as an ideal for the future epoch, The New Galilee (which is not to be confused with the Aquarian Age), is an etheric organ built within the head and the throat by the unspent sex force, which to the spiritual sight appears as the stem of a flower ascending from the lower part of the trunk. This calix, or seed cup, is truly a creative organ, capable of speaking the word of life and power.

The present word is generated by clumsy muscular motion which adjusts the larynx, tongue, and lips, so that the air passing from the lungs makes certain sounds, but air is a heavy medium, difficult to move in comparison with Nature's finer forces like electricity which move in the ether. When this new organ has been evolved it will have the power to speak the word of life, to infuse vitality in substances that were hitherto inert. This organ we are now building by service.

You will remember that Christ gave not the cup to the multitude, but to His disciples who were His messengers and servants of the Cross. At the present time those who drink from the cup of self- abnegation that they may use their force in the service of others, are building that organ, together with the soul body which is the wedding garment. They are learning to use it in a small way as Invisible Helpers when they are out of their body at night, for then they are taught to speak the word of power which removes disease and builds in healthy tissues.

When the Atlantean Age was drawing to a close and mankind left its childhood home where it had been under the direct guidance of the divine teachers, the old covenant was made, giving them flesh and wine, and these two, together with the unrestrained use of the sex force, has made the "Arian" (Aries) Age an age of death and destruction. We are now drawing to the end of that era.

The Piscean Age, or the time when the Sun by precession goes through the sign Pisces, the fishes, is nearly spent. During that period the sign opposite from Pisces, the Fishes, namely the Celestial Virgin, has been the ideal of man. She has been worshiped by a celibate priesthood who enjoined the eating of "fishes" upon their charges, at certain times of the week and the year. In the Pictorial Zodiac the sign Virgo has a wheat ear in one hand. Both the grain and the grape are products of the vegetable kingdom, and the immaculate Celestial Virgin therefore embodied the first principle of the Immaculate Conception, the blood (wine) and the body (bread) of the Christ. To these things the celibate priesthood, which directed the worship, have called attention during the Piscean Age, which is now soon spent, and the wine is therefore fast being abolished from the temple service and from the use of the masses, with the result that a corresponding measure of sensitiveness is being experienced. The divine Spirit hidden within each human being has awakened from its toxic sleep induced by the spirit of wine, and is beginning to remember its divine origin and heritage of life, without beginning and without end.

It is noteworthy in this connection that all the clergy of the various countries in the old world, and the Catholic priests in America as well, still continue to use wine and liquors as a daily beverage, and it is more than significant that when the Parliament of England, the king and the nobles, who represent the State Craft, endeavored to pass laws looking toward prohibition of the sale of liquor in England, the measure fell flat on account of the determined opposition of the highest dignitaries of the church.

This attitude of the European clergy does not imply, however, that they are degraded, nor to be censured in any respect whatever. Humanity has still many lessons to learn which can be learned only in the age of wine. When the need of the counterfeit spirit has passed it will get into disuse without need of legislative measures, which generally do not good, for it is absolutely impossible to legislate morality into people. Until the consent to a law is given from within, they are bound to break it to secure the gratification of their desires, regardless of restrictive measures.

Was Temptation Necessary
for Christ Jesus?

Question No. 91

Why was it necessary for Christ to enter the body of Jesus and be tempted in order to have compassion for us? Could not such a Great Being have compassion without that?

Answer: Evidently not. Temptation to be temptation requires that the person tempted see something desirable in the object which is to tempt him. Lacking this there can be no temptation. Meat cannot tempt the writer, for even the thought of eating it is nauseating. Therefore, there is no virtue in abstaining. He does not have to overcome the desire for flesh, but would have to overcome his disgust in order to eat it. The great Sun Spirit, Christ, in His own nature could have felt no temptation to turn stones to bread in order to still hunger. He would not have felt it as a sacrifice to refuse allegiance to a power that would place HIM as a sovereign over our little earth, but just as we, when we look through a colored glass see everything tinted with that hue, so also when the Christ- consciousness was focused in Jesus' body it perceived the things of this world through the eyes of Jesus, a human being. From the viewpoint of such an one, bread seemed eminently desirable when hunger was felt. Hence it constitute a temptation.

Power also seems desirable to the majority of mankind. Hence the knowledge that by power within Himself He could gratify this desire would constitute a temptation. Only from the human viewpoint of Jesus could Gethsemane have seemed so terrible that He wanted to avoid the ordeal before Him. We may judge on the principle that no one knows where the shoe pinches as well as the one it is on, that the Christ Spirit learned through the bodily limitations of Jesus to have compassion for our frailties in a manner which could not have been equaled by observation from without. Having once worn a body and felt the frailty of the flesh, He knows better how to help us than anyone else and is therefore rightly the Supreme Mediator between God and man.

Reason for Calling Christ
"The Son of Man"

Question No. 92

If Christ was divine and an Archangel, the highest initiate of the Sun Period, as you say, why then was He called "The Son of Man"?

Answer: To understand properly this title: "The Son of Man," it is necessary to know the Masonic legend of the creation of the world and man upon it, as well as the Biblical story. As not all present students have read the lessons on Freemasonry and Catholicism, we will repeat this legend, or rather the more salient features of it.

In the beginning the Elohim Jehovah, created Eve, and the Elohim Samael, who is the ambassador of Mars to this earth, united with her. Cain was the offspring of this union. Afterward the Elohim Jehovah, also created Adam, and Adam united with Eve, with the result that Abel was born. Thus Abel was the son of human parents, both of them creatures of Jehovah, and he was docile, amenable to the commands of the God who was regarded as his Creator; whereas, Cain was the semi-divine father. On that account he had the inherent divine urge to create. Abel was therefore content to tend the flocks, also created by Jehovah, which, like himself, fed upon the plant food that grew wild without effort on his part, a gift of the gods. Cain was different. In him that dominant desire to create something new, that divine urge to make two blades of grass grow where formerly there was one, was a dominant, compelling power, and he could not be satisfied until he had achieved something by his own initiative. He therefore planted the seeds which he found, caused grain to grow, and offered to Jehovah the work of his hands.

However, his offerings were not pleasing to the God Jehovah, who saw in him a possible rival — one not to be entirely domineered. As a consequence there was war between Cain and Abel, and their blood was shed. Then Adam again united with Eve, and from this union Seth was born. Since then there has always been in the world two classes of people: The Sons of ain and the Sons of Seth. From one was born the long line of kings, which held their office "by the Grace of God," and which culminated in Solomon. This line is the son of men. That is to say, they were born of a human father and a human mother; namely, Adam and Eve, both created by God and amenable to his dictates — both of them thoroughly and entirely human. In this respect the Sons of Seth differ radically, very radically from the Sons of Cain. Cain was virtually the Son of a Widow, because Eve had been left by her divine husband, Samael, at the moment fertilization was accomplished. He had never taken the part of a husband or a father, therefore, his offspring was as said, the son of a widow.

From this semi-divine progeny, Cain, there has descended a long line of sons who have originated all the industries, as you will see by consulting the Bible. They invented all the arts and all the sciences. To them all the material progress of the world has been due, and their line culminated at the time when Solomon, the son of man, sat upon the throne of Israel, in the birth of a son of a widow, called Hiram Abiff, which you will also find chronicled in the Bible. I do not mean Hiram of Tyre, but Hiram, the master workman, who was sent by King Hiram of Tyre to build the Temple of Solomon. He, then, was "the widow's son," and Solomon was the "son of man." At a later time both of these characters in the world drama were reborn. Solomon became Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man; Hiram Abiff became Lazarus. He was also the Widow's Son of Nain, and the two resurrections recorded are one event, referring to Initiation.

Since then these two characters, the Son of Man and the Son of a Widow, have worked for the same ends, but in different spheres. Jesus, the Son of man, has worked among the churches, and is doing so still. Christian Rosenkreuz is the later name of Hiram Abiff and Lazarus, the Son of a Widow. Jesus, the Son of Man, stands as the genius and protector of all church craft, whereby religion is fostered and man is brought back to God along the heart path of devotion. Christian Rosenkreuz, the Son of the Widow, works with the world powers, the industries, and science, in order to bring about the union of the temporal and spiritual power, the head and the heart, which must take place before Christ, the Son of God, can come again.

By the way, about this union, I said in the Cosmo that the second coming of Christ would take place at a time when the State and the Church had been united, but that was not exactly a happy expression to use. You will remember that the teachings were given to me in German, and in such volume that it was very difficult to find the proper English expression for everything right off. I therefore occasionally translated too literally. The words state and church, as used by the Teacher, were meant to convey the idea that at some time the temporal and ecclesiastical power must work hand in hand and become more and more united; for at the time toward which we are looking, the Kingdom of Christ, there shall be only one ruler. He will then be both King and Priest, and therefore, naturally, the human race must be educated to such a point where their human rulers approach that ideal more and more, being wise enough to rule a state, and good enough to guide the hearts of men. Thus and thus along can we approach the Kingdom of God, and that therefore, is the condition which Christian Rosenkreuz and Jesus are now endeavoring to bring about in the church and state.

The Son of Man
Question No. 93

Why was Jesus called "The Son of Man"?

Answer: He was not really called that; he called himself that. "Who do people say that I the Son of Man am?" He was called the Son of Man in the respect that He had the human body, but there is a hidden reference there to the sign Aquarius which we are soon to enter. Then the Son of Man shall come again. There was a time when humanity worshiped the Bull, at the time when the Sun by precession went through the sign of the Bull — Taurus. Every year the Sun comes northward and about the 21st of March it reaches the equator. That is then called the first degree of Aries. Then it goes around the circle, at the next 21st of March coming again to the equator, but it comes a little bit earlier — it precedes. The vernal equinox, when the Sun passes the equator, will be a little previous to the first of Aries of last year, and so by precession it goes all around the signs. When it went through the sign of the Bull as said, people worshiped the Bull. Then it went into the sign of Aries and it became a deadly sin to worship the golden calf. God called to His people: "Come out of Egypt. Do not worship the Bull, but by the blood of the lamb shall you pass over." Therefore, the door posts were sprinkled with the blood of the lamb and they passed over by the blood of the lamb.

Then Christ was born, and He tells those that He wants to be His disciples, "Come away from that place where they worship the lamb. I am going to have you fishers of men." He thus prepared for this age when the Sun goes through the sign of the fishes, which it has been transiting the last 2,000 years. During these 2,000 years we have been eating fish on Fridays, during the season of Lent, etc. Just after the time of Christ there was a great controversy: Should His symbol be a lamb or should it be a fish? Hence we see the bishop wears a miter on his head and the form of a fish's head. Thus the Savior is indicated by the sign the Sun goes through by precession. It is now coming close to the cusp of Aquarius, the great intellectual sign. It is soon leaving the devotional sign Pisces where people have lived by blind faith. We are nearing Aquarius and we are beginning to feel its influence, the great intellectual sign of the Son of Man. If we read our Bible right and without preconceived opinions, we shall find that the first miracle He did was to change water to wine at the marriage of Cana. However, when He had come to the end of His ministry He abrogated the old covenant, by sending His disciples to a place where He would eat the passover. He said to them:

"Go into that city and walk around until you find a man bearing a pitcher of water (that is the symbol of Aquarius); follow him wherever he goes; in that house (the house of Aquarius) will I eat the passover." they did as He told them, and He went there and broke the bread and gave thanks. He passed the cup and said, "Take, drink, this is the sacrament of the new covenant, I will no more drink of the fruit of the vine." There is the point. He told them to look for a man with a pitcher of water — the sign of Aquarius. There is only one sign in the whole zodiac that is a man, and Aquarius sits there with the urn pouring out the water. Christ Jesus called Himself the Son of Man because He brought the religion of the Aquarian Age.

Did Christ Jesus Eat
After the Resurrection?

Question No. 94

In the 24th chapter of Luke it is stated that after the Resurrection, Christ appeared to His disciples, saying "Handle me"; also that He ate. How is this possible when he appeared in the vital body?

Answer: The answer to this question involves an understanding of the principles of materialization. When a materializing medium is used by Spirits for the purpose of showing themselves to an audience, they first extract the vital body, or as much thereof as they dare, from the medium, leaving the dense body in the cabinet in a fearful shrunken state. That is dreadful for people unused to such phenomena to see. With this vital body — which, by the way, has been photographed by scientists, as the camera will register rays that are invisible to the eye — they produce the desired phenomena readily, because it is a living thing and attracts matter greedily so long a it has not collapsed in the manner that it does shortly after death. They interpolate physical atoms of the surrounding atmosphere after making a matrix (mold) of the vital body of the medium, and thereby shape a body into any form that suits the Spirit materializing to take upon itself.

The vital body of a medium may be used by any number of Spirits during a seance, each one clothing itself in the plastic substance and filling out with atoms from the surrounding atmosphere, even borrowing from the sitters who very often feel much exhausted upon leaving a séance room.

During accidents by drowning or asphyxiation the person feels very calm and restful after the first struggle, though he realizes his peril in a measure. The vital body is extracted before the silver cord has parted, so it retains the properties of attracting matter from the physical world. Therefore, people who died by drowning and asphyxiation, have been seen by their relatives many thousand miles away perhaps for an instant, life-like in the extreme. An inclination or desire to be with their friends from whom they were separated had been in their minds for a long time, perhaps, and being themselves free from the fetters of the body, they are at once borne thither upon the wings of desire. Arrived in the place, the vital body attracted to itself sufficient of the particles of the atmosphere to be visible to the person visited. Then perhaps at that moment the silver cord broke, the vital body collapsed and the vision was gone.

Thus we see that it is a property of the vital body to attract to itself physical matter, and it is much easier for one who leaves the body unconsciously to allow the physical particles to flow into his soul body than to keep them away. The soul body, of course, is note subject to death, decay, or collapse. Therefore it is very easily understood that the Christ could use that vehicle to go through the walls into the room where the Disciples were gathered and there draw about Him the necessary material to show Himself in a physical vehicle which was disintegrated the moment He wanted to leave. However, it is noteworthy, that it is the disintegration that calls forth an effort and not attraction of physical matter.

Can Spirit Suffer?
Question No. 95

I find difficulty in arriving at Mr. Heindel's true meaning about Christ re-entering the Earth every Christmas, there to suffer until Easter. Can spirit suffer? Kindly explain what you mean by Christ being in the center of the Earth and that when a sufficient number of disciples have been perfected, the Christ will be freed and the disciples will then have control of the Earth. This theory would seem to involve the necessity of different hierarchies to control different planets.

Answer: This question has been considerably abbreviated, but the main points are given. The first question seems to be, "Can Spirit suffer?" This is surely very easy to answer. You know that when a person has been run over by a street car and a limb has been severed that limb will not suffer. It has been removed from the vital body and all feeling is gone. On the other hand, the man who has lost the limb is sure to suffer intensely, and if he is of a high-strung nervous temperament, he will stand small chance of recovering, compared with one whose sensibility is slight and who perhaps knows nerves by name only. But physical suffering is slight compared to mental anguish. Who would not rather suffer the most severe headache than the pangs of remorse for some deed done on the impulse of the moment? This is pain that Spirit can suffer, both from physical and spiritual causes.

Now, can you understand what it means, to be a free Spirit and have to draw consciously into a certain vehicle of limitation? Perhaps that is impossible for anyone who has not experienced the feeling, but we assure you that when the Invisible Helpers who retain their consciousness while out and away from the body return to re-enter it in the morning, the body which we prize so highly, which we look upon as being so precious, creates in him who views it from without a sense of the most intense disgust. He feels repugnant in having to enter that cold, clammy dead thing there on the bed, and only the very highest sense of duty can compel him to enter. As soon as he enters, that feeling leaves him, for the viewpoint has altered. Nevertheless it is there as a memory all through the day. Similarly the Cosmic Christ enters the earth annually at the winter solstice, though not in the same full sense as we enter our body. Rather it is by a projection of a part of Its consciousness, which is then imprisoned in the earth and labors for the etherealization of our planet. It suffers and feels everything that a consciousness can feel in a physical body. It feels the lack of morality as well as the physical surroundings, and therefore the lot of Christ is so much harder. Therefore, also, is our moral responsibility so much the greater, for by our conduct we are either prolonging or shortening the time when He must continue to bear our burdens and suffer for our wrong doings.

You have surely read in the Bible about the Seven Spirits before the Throne. They are the Seven Star Angels, very easily identified in symbolism. To elucidate this matter fully would take far more space than can be given here, but you will find the explanation in The Cosmo-Conception. You know Paul speaks of the Christ being born within you. Angelus Silesius also says: This Christ-Principle we must all evolve within (ourselves); this also is the Golden Wedding Garment in which those who are "the bride" will meet their Lord when He comes. The name of the garment is soma psuchicon, in Ist Corinthians, 15:44. The English translation rends it "natural" body, words which should be taken out and translated "soul" body. It is said that we shall meet the (our) Lord in the air (etherealized earth). Truly, flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, but when we have the soul body which is made of ether, we can meet Christ in the air. We can also support the earth in its orbit, for that requires only a sufficiently buoyant ethereal body, which is now supplied by our Lord, and must be until we can take His place.

Whereabouts of the
Desire Body of Jesus

Question No. 96

What became of the dense body of Jesus which was placed in the tomb, but was not found Easter morning? If the vital body of Jesus is preserved to be used again by Christ, what does Jesus do in the meantime for a vital body? Why would it not have been more practical to have obtained a new vital body for Christ at the Second Coming?

Answer: Study of the Scriptures will reveal the fact that it was the custom of Christ to draw apart from His disciples, an they knew not whither He went — or if they did, no mention has been made. However, the reason was that, being so glorious a Spirit, His vibrations were too high for even the best and purest of physical vehicles. It was therefore necessary to leave it frequently for a period of? complete rest so that the atoms might be slowed down to their customary pitch. Consequently the Christ was wont to go to the Essenes and leave the body in their care. They were experts, and the Christ knew nothing about handling such vehicles as He had received from Jesus. Had not this rest and care been given, the dense body of Jesus would have disintegrated long before the three years' ministry was ended, and Golgotha would never have been reached.

When the time was ripe, and the earthly ministry was ended, the Essenes ceased to interfere. Then things took their natural course, and the tremendous vibratory force imparted to the atoms scattered them to the four winds, with the result that when the grave was opened a few days later no trace of the body was found.

This is in perfect harmony with natural laws known to us by their operation in the physical world. Electric currents of low potential burn and kill, while a voltage of many times the strength passes through the body without harmful effect. Light, which has tremendous vibratory rate, is pleasant and beneficial to the body, but when focused through a lens the vibratory rate is lowered and we have force which destroys. Likewise, when Christ, the great Sun Spirit, came into the dense body of Jesus, the vibratory rate, being lowered by the resistance of the dense matter, must burn up the body, as in cremation, if not interfered with. The force was the same, the result identical — save that as it was true, invisible fire which burned up the body of Jesus, and not fire clothed in flame, as in ordinary manifestation of fire, there were no ashes. In this connection it is well to remember that fire sleeps invisibly in everything. We do not see it in the plant or the animal, nor in the stone, yet it is there, visible to the inner vision and capable of manifesting at any time when it takes a garment of flame from physical substance.

Considering that the author of The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception had practically no help when proof reading, it is cause for congratulation that no more mistakes were noticed. In this work is one which has a bearing on the present subject. It has been corrected in the 4th edition, where the words "seed atoms" have been substituted for "other vehicles." These sentence then reads: "Upon the death of the dense body of Jesus, the seed atoms were returned to the original owner." During the three years' interval between the Baptism, where he gave up his vehicles, and the Crucifixion, which brought the return of the seed atoms, Jesus gathered a vehicle of ether, as an Invisible Helper gathers physical matter whenever it is necessary to materialize all or part of the body. However, material not matched with the seed atom cannot be permanently appropriated. It disintegrates as soon as the will power assembled in it is withdrawn, and this was, therefore, only a makeshift. When the seed atom of the vital body was returned, a new body was formed, and in that vehicle Jesus has been functioning since, working with the churches. He has never taken a dense body since, though perfectly able to do so. This is presumably because his work is entirely unconnected with material things, and differs diametrically from the work of Christian Rosenkreuz which has been with state, industrial, and political problems. The latter therefore needed a physical body in which to appear before the public.

The reason why the vital body of Jesus is preserved or the Second Coming of Christ, instead of a new vehicle being provided, is given in Faust which is a myth, setting forth in pictorial terms great spiritual truth of inestimable value to the seeking soul. Faust, by endeavoring to obtain spiritual power before he has earned it attracts a Spirit ready to pander to his desire — for a consideration, for unselfishness is a virtue singularly lacking in such. When Lucifer turns to leave, he is dismayed to see a pentagram before the door, its one point turned toward him. He asks Faust to remove the symbol so that he may withdraw, and the latter inquires why he does not go out through the window or chimney. Lucifer then reluctantly admits that, "For ghosts and Spirits it is the law, that where we enter we must withdraw."

When in the natural course of events, the Spirit comes to birth, it enters its dense body by way of the head, bringing with it the higher vehicles. On leaving the body at night, it leaves the same way, to re-enter in the morning in like manner. The Invisible Helper also withdraws and re-enters his body by way of the head, an when at length our life on earth has been lived we soar out of the body for the last time by way of the head, which is thus seen to be the natural gateway of the body. Therefore the pentagram with one point up is the symbol of white magic which works in harmony with the law of progression.

The black magician who works against nature subverts the life force and turns it downward through the lower organs. The gate of the head is closed to him, but he withdraws by way of the feet, the silver cord protruding through the lower organs. Therefore, it was easy for Lucifer to enter the study of Faust, for the pentagram turned with two horns toward him represented they symbol of black magic. However, on trying to leave he finds the one point facing him, and cringes before the sign of white magic. He can leave only by the door because he entered that way, and thus he is caught when he finds that the way is blocked. Similarly Christ was free to choose His vehicle of entrance into the earth where He is now confined, but once having chosen the vehicle of Jesus, he is bound to leave by the same way. Were that vehicle destroyed, Christ must remain in the cramping surroundings till Chaos dissolves the earth. This would be a great calamity, and therefore, the vehicle He once used is most jealously guarded by the Elder Brothers.

In the meantime Jesus has been the loser of all the soul growth accomplished during his thirty years on earth prior to the Baptism and contained in the vehicle given the Christ. This was and is a great sacrifice made for us, but like all good deeds, it will rebound to a greater glory in the future. This vehicle will be used by Christ when He comes to establish and perfect the Kingdom of God, and it will be so spiritualized and glorified that when it is again restored to Jesus at the time when Christ turns the Kingdom over to the Father it will be the most wonderful of all human vehicles. Although it has not been taught, the writer believes that Jesus will be the highest fruitage of the Earth Period on that account, and that Christian Rosenkreuz will come next. "Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life," and giving not only the dense body but also the vital body, and for so long a time, is surely the ultimate of sacrifice.

Disintegration of
Jesus' Body

Question No. 97

I am very grateful for the answers about the body of Jesus and its real relation to Christ, but am still ij the dark as to how the body of Jesus would be scattered by the vibratory forces of the Christ Spirit after that had left; also how the atoms could pass out of the tomb when that was sealed.

Answer: It is one of our illusions that the body which we inhabit is alive. As a matter of fact it is nothing of the sort. At least there is such a very small portion of this body which can really be said to be alive that our statement is practically true. The larger portion is absolutely asleep if not entirely dead. That is a fact well- known to science, and something that reason must teach us is so. That is because our spiritual power is so weak that it cannot furnish this vehicle with life to a sufficient extent. In the measure that we fail thus to vitalize the body, it seems like a heavy clod of clay, which we must laboriously drag along with us, until after a few years it crystallizes to such an extent that it is impossible for us any longer to keep up the vibratory action. Then we are forced to leave the body and it is said to die. A slow process of disintegration takes place to restore the atoms to their original free state.

Contrast now that state of affairs when one of these same earth bodies is taken possession of by a powerful Spirit like that of Christ. You will find an analogy in the case of a man being resuscitated from drowning. There the vital body has been extracted, and the vibratory action of the physical atoms has ceased almost, if not altogether. Then when the vital body is again caused to permeate the physical body, it begins to prod every atom into action and vibration. This attempt to awaken the sleeping atoms causes the intensely disagreeable prickling sensation which persons who have been resuscitated from drowning describe, and this sensation does note cease until the physical atoms have attained a rate of vibration one octave below that of the vital body. Then they are insensate and nothing is felt save as we ordinarily feel.

Take now the case of Christ entering the dense body of Jesus. There the atoms were moving at a speed much lower than the vibratory forces of the Christ Spirit. Consequently the acceleration had to take place, and during the three years' ministry this marked acceleration of the vibration of these atoms would have shattered the body had not the powerful will of the Master assisted by the skill of the Essenes held it together. Had the atoms been asleep at the time when the Christ left the body of Jesus, the same as our atoms are asleep when we leave our bodies, a long process of purification would have been required to disintegrate the body. They were, however, as we said, highly sensitized and alive, and therefore it was impossible to keep them in bondage when the Spirit had fled. In future ages when we learn to keep our bodies alive we shall not change atoms and, therefore, bodies so often. Nor when we do, will it take so long as at present to complete the process of purification. The tomb was not hermetically sealed, and would not offer obstruction to the passage of atoms.

Loss of Experience
by Jesus

Question No. 98

Why should Jesus lose the experience of his thirty years previous to His giving up his vehicles, since he occupied these vehicles and the seed atoms were returned to him after the Christ had finished using them?

Answer: This question grows out of previous statements that when Jesus left his vehicle in charge of the Christ, he thereby lost the experience of the thirty years which he had lived, and that is true. The experiences are really indented upon the seed atom, and when Jesus received these seed atoms upon the death of the body on Golgotha he thereby received a record of the experience, but the vital body had received the impact from the experiences. Jesus had lived his heaven and hell day by day, as every true probationer does, and wrought the experience into the soul body which was surrendered to Christ. The soul body, the two higher ethers that had been growing during the life upon earth, including of course the three years when Christ occupied it, Jesus is still minus. That will not be returned until the Day of Liberation and the Millennium has come and gone, so that the Christ will be entirely finished with the vital body He received from Jesus. Then, of course, the soul growth that was made upon it by the Christ will fail to Jesus, drawn by the law of attraction, and therefore he will become manifold richer than he would have been if he had not thus sacrificed his body. For that reason I stated as my opinion that he would be the highest one on earth on that account.

Christ the Spirit
of Our Earth

Question No. 99

Is Christ (the individual of the Sun Period) the Spirit of our Earth? As the Earth was hardly a dead mass up to 2,0000 years ago, where is the previous occupant? If it is only a ray of the Cosmic Christ, which as a purifying source is working in and through the Earth, is there any other Spirit whose body our Earth is? When the Spirit of the Christ is released from its bondage, who will be the Indwelling Spirit?

Answer: The law of analogy hold good everywhere. It is the master key to all mysteries, and you will find that what applies to the microcosmic man also applies to the macrocosmic God or the Divine Power. The animals now are guided by Spirits from without. At a later period they will become indwelling spirits, and learn to guide their vehicles without assistance from any source. Similarly it was with the earth as stated in the Cosmo and various other parts of our literature. Up to 2,000 years ago Jehovah had charge and guided our earth from without as the animals are guided by the Group Spirits. thus the earth was held in its orbit by His power, and He was up to that time the Supreme God.

However, at the change made on Golgotha the Christ Spirit drew into our earth in order that He might aid us to evolve faculties which Jehovah could not give us. Jehovah gave us laws which held us in check, but the Christ gave us love. One is the restraining force, applied from without; the other is an impelling energy applied from within. Thus the Christ is now guiding the earth in its orbit from within, and will continue until we have learned to vibrate to that attribute, love, whereby we shall be able to apply the power to our own planet and thus guide it in its orbit from within.

Christ is the highest Initiate of the Sun period and as such has His dwelling place in the Sun. He is the Sustainer and Preserver of the whole solar system. In one sense it is right to speak of that which dwells within our earth as a Ray, yet it does not convey the exact idea of what is the case. Perhaps we can get at the matter by an illustration. Let us liken the great Spirit in the Sun to a refiner of metal. He has upon his furnace a number of crucibles and is watching them all. Heat is melting these metals and throwing the dross to the top. The refiner is gradually skimming the crucibles, until at last the metal is absolutely beautiful and clear and he can see his face in each. Similarly we may see the Christ turn His attention from one planet to another, and as He turns Himself to our earth, for instance, His image is reflected in the earth. It is not a dead image, however, it is a living, feeling, sentient being, so full of life and feeling that we ourselves in our present dead state, dwelling in these bodies of earth, can have no idea of that faculty of feeling possessed by the indwelling Spirit of the earth.

Thus, for a time, His energy is imparted to this picture as a focus, and while really being in the Sun, the Cosmic Christ feels everything that is going on in the earth, as if He were actually here present. That picture within, which it must be thoroughly understood, is not a picture in the ordinary sense of the word, is a counterpart, a part of the Solar Christ, and through it he knows and feels and senses everything upon the earth as if He were actually present. I have repeated this, but it might be repeated time and time again without detriment, as it is something that should be very thoroughly understood. That is what is really meant by omnipresence. Thus while the Christ is the indwelling Spirit of the Sun, He is also the indwelling Spirit of the earth, and must continue to hold this office of helpfulness for us — feeling everything, enduring everything that goes or would go with an actual presence, for our sake.

Let us consider for a moment what that which we call the earth is — that is to say, its origin. The solidification commenced in the Sun Period, when we were unable to vibrate at the high rate demanded to remain here. Thus we gradually worked ourselves out of the Sun and were projected into space. The rate of vibration was gradually lowered until the middle of the Atlantean Epoch, and thus the earth crystallized into a mass of stone, we might say. Thus we ourselves made the earth what it was, and if no help had been given we should have been unable to extricate our selves from the meshes of matter. Jehovah from without endeavored to help us by laws. To know the law and to follow it would have in time aided us, provided we had the requisite strength. However, no man is justified by the law, and by the law all spirit must become further enmeshed. Therefore, there had to be given a new impulse which would inscribe the law into men's hearts. There is a great difference between what we do, because we must, for fear of an outside master who metes out a just retribution for every offense, and the inner urge which impels us to do right because it is right. We recognize what is right, when the law is inscribed in our hearts, and then we obey its dictates unquestionably, even though it may cause our whole being to vibrate in pain.

Thus we are collectively the Spirits of the earth. We must some day guide the vehicle we have created. Jehovah guided it from without by means of laws. However, as this was not sufficient to bring us to the point of individualization where we shall be able to take care of ourselves, Christ came in as a Savior, and is helping us until the time comes when we shall have evolved within ourselves a love nature sufficient to float the earth. So there have been no other Spirits in the Earth. The Christ is here only temporarily to help us, and in time it will be our privilege to take up the task for ourselves and guide our planet as we want and as we should. The increased vibratory force has already made the earth much less dense, much lighter, and in time it will become ethereal again as it once was. It will cease to be dead in sin (self). It will become alive in love.

The Mission of Christ
Question No. 100

If the world is a training school and we must all evolve some time, why was it necessary for Christ to die for our salvation?

Answer: If you have studied The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, you will remember that at different periods in the development of the world there were certain stragglers who did not come up to the requirements needed to go into the next class, as it were. This is on the same principle that we see in our schools of today. In every class of children there are some who do not apply themselves as much as others, and therefore, when the time of examination comes, they are not ready to go into a higher class and must consequently be left behind. Under the regime of Jehovah egoism was instilled into early mankind to evolve humanity. In early Atlantis the Spirit had just entered the body, and all felt universal kinship as children of the great Father. However, they were designed to conquer the world and evolve individuality, and to this end they were divided into nations and families.

Having been given dominion over all things, they were encouraged to acquire possessions. Material favor, increase of children, of cattle, and of land, were given to them as rewards for obedience to the dictates of their various Race Spirits who were regarded by them as messengers of God. Contrariwise, if they transgressed and disobeyed the commandments of Jehovah, they must pay in famine, pestilence, or other material calamity. There was under the regime of Jehovah no promise of a heaven, for it was said that "even the heavens are the Lord's but the earth has he given to the children of men." Furthermore, they were told that they would be rewarded with long life to dwell in their land, if they were obedient to His commandments. Thus, by degrees egoism and self-seeking were made paramount, and the good deeds which are the basis of heaven life, where spiritual progress is made, were neglected. The more intelligent the people became the more their cunning, and covetousness were exercised to lay up treasure on earth, but never a though bestowed on the treasure in heaven, so necessary to spiritual advancement. The body also crystallized more and more by this method, and had it been pursued indefinitely, evolution would have come to a standstill. Humanity builds both the earth and their own bodies in the Second Heaven between two lives, and they would have crystallized the earth and themselves in their grasping egoism, till it would have become like the Moon.

To escape such a calamity another influence was necessary, and the seer who can read the Memory of Nature sees that ages before the actual advent of Christ His benefic influence was exercised from without. He was preparing to act as Indwelling Spirit of our planet and thereby raise the vibration so as to purify the moral atmosphere and change the motto, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," to "Love your enemies." Jehovah is the ruler of all the satellites in our solar system. In order to stir the backward class of Spirits which are contained on these moons, it is necessary to use the most strenuous means indefinitely, but as soon as a sufficiently enlightened stage has been reached by the people on a planet the Cosmic Christ takes them in hand to save them from the law by love. He generates in them and the planetary atmosphere the altruistic vibrations of brotherhood.

Sinking His consciousness in such low and material conditions with sufficient concentration to effect His object involves a temporary death to the higher, spiritual realms; but this is necessary, and therefore Christ must die to save the world.

Jesus After the Baptism
Question No. 101

Where was the man Jesus after the Christ took his lower vehicles? Was he present but in abeyance throughout the Christ's ministry?

Answer: Jesus was in the invisible world and has been working from there with the churches ever since.

Jesus and Christ Jesus
Question No. 102

How does the Rosicrucian Teaching agree with the bible in the following particulars: You say "Saviors" and speak of Jesus as a Savior, and class him with Buddha and Mohammed; the Bible says Jesus is God's only begotten Son (John 3:36); the Bible also says there is no other name under Heaven given among men where by we must be saved(Acts 4:12); Jesus said "No man cometh to the Father but by Me." (John 14:8).

Answer: If you will read the Rosicrucian Teachings carefully you will find that a distinction is made between Jesus and Christ. Jesus was a man among men. When we look in the Memory of Nature we can find his previous lives just the same as other human beings, though he is probably the grandest and most noble soul that has ever lived in a human body. Christ is the Highest Initiate of the Sun Period and had never lived in an earthly body before He took the body of Jesus at the Baptism, to teach men directly the way to the Kingdom of God. Thus both Jesus and Christ are vastly above the grand and noble world teachers such as Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, and others.

You are right in stating that the authorized version of the Bible says that Christ is god's only begotten Son, but to understand that it is not enough to rely upon the English translation. The phrase used in the Greek is ton monogene, and it may be translated as "the alone begotten," the same as in plants where mono-genesis takes place. That is to say, many plants have both male and female flowers and are capable of fertilizing their own seed, so that these seed will grow up into plants like the parent. We know from the Bible that man was male-female, a hermaphrodite, and he was then capable of begetting from himself another being without the cooperation of another, as is now the case, because of the division of sexes. Therefore, the idea which the Bible wishes to convey is not that the Christ was the sole and only One begotten by the Father. That may be the case, or it may not. We have no knowledge concerning this matter, but what we do know from the Bible passage is that the Christ was begotten by the Father Himself without any other intermediary — by mono-genesis, the same process by which a plant possessing male and female flowers, as already said, can reproduce its kind. This does not apply to the physical body, however, for the dense garment Christ wore during His ministry among us was the body of Jesus, born in the usual way and traced back to David as the ancestor of his race by the historians of the genealogy found in the Bible.

It is also true what the Bible says, that there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved, and that Jesus said, "No man cometh unto the Father but by me." However, we must also remember that both these sayings have regard to the indwelling Christ Spirit whereby the body of Jesus was informed during the years of the ministry.

Job and Rebirth
Question No. 103

How do you know the Ego is conscious after death? Please refer to Job, chapter 14:12, which reads: "So man lieth down, and riseth not; till the ehavens be no more, they shall not wake, nor be raised out of their sleep."

Answer: When you are reading a book you do not take everything it contains literally, if the strain of the book is poetical. You see the absurdity of this literal interpretation of the Bible when it come to such passages which say that the trees sing or that the hills dance, for you know that as a matter of actual fact the hills do not dance nor the trees sing and laugh. You enter into the sentiment of the poet, but discount such expressions a poetical terms, not meant to be taken literally.

It is similar with other statements that are contrary to what is actually known to be the facts. When one has evolved the spiritual sight, it is a fact patent to him that consciousness does not begin with birth nor end with death. In reality the waking consciousness in the physical world which we think so paramount and important during life is really very limited when compared with the spiritual consciousness. We are more conscious before birth and after death, because we are closely in touch with the spiritual Source of our being in whom is all consciousness.

The Spiritualists and the Society for Psychic Research have done a great deal toward bringing positive evidence before the public that there is a continuance of consciousness after we pass out of this body. While there has been much fraud in these demonstrations, there has also been an overwhelming mass of truth brought out, under conditions that made deception or mistakes impossible. Messages have been received from persons who had passed out of this life and they have shown that such a state as that described in this passage from Job is absolutely not true. If you will read our lectures, "The Riddle of Life and Death," and "Where Are the Dead?" you will find the question of rebirth very thoroughly discussed.

Both biblical and historical instances, such a that of Joan of Arc, the French liberator, who was an ignorant peasant maid, but guided by the Spirit voices intelligently out-maneuvered the English generals and brought victory to the French armies, prove that those who pass out of this life are not in a state of unconsciousness and do not lose their intelligence to any degree whatever.

Besides, it is not necessary to rely on Spirits from the other side of the veil of death to communicate to us the facts of existence there. Each one of us has latent within himself or herself a sixth sense which, when cultivated, enables us consciously to penetrate that field and to see, know, and function upon that plane of life and existence together with those Spirits who have passed out of the present life. We may then talk with them, walk with them, and in all things enter into their lives, so that we may know for ourselves without depending upon anyone else that the consciousness which we have in life is augmented, if anything, by the shuffling off of this mortal coil.

It requires exercise and labor, however, to awaken that spiritual faculty an use that sense, just as it requires time, labor, and application to acquire the art of playing upon a piano or making a watch. However, everyone has the faculty latent within and may develop it if he or she so wills.

In the course of time every human being will have that faculty in addition or our present five senses. That is what is meant in Revelation when it is said that in the new heaven and the new earth there shall be no death. Job speaks of the body and the present heavens. These pass away, but Revelation speaks about a New Heaven and a new Earth where dwelleth righteousness. The last enemy that is conquered is death. When we have evolved that spiritual faculty so that it is possible for us at any moment to focus our vision upon that plane of existence where those whom we call "dead" are now living, we see them as they were before and we realize that there is in reality no death. That is the best proof.
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Reference: The Rosicrucian Philosophy In Questions and Answers, Volume II, by Max Heindel (1865-1919)

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