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The Message of the Stars
by Max Heindel and
Augusta Foss Heindel
(Part 5)

  Saturn in Cancer is always weak and his virtues therefore find it difficult to express themselves when he is in this position. Nevertheless he gives reliable judgment concerning houses, lands, mines etc., and gains by investing in these things; when well-aspected, he favors thrift, economy and solid comfort in the home with quiet, peaceful and comfortable conditions in the latter part of life. He makes the person frugal and gives a good control of the appetite. But when afflicted he indicates domestic infelicity, the person being held back in life by a gloomy kill-joy partner who is always restraining every ambitious thought. Trouble, sorrow and disappointment increase as the life advances and to this is added ill-health, for Saturn in Cancer indicates that the stomach is weak and the gums subject to pyorrhea, hence there is inability to properly digest the food, so that unless such people have sufficient will to curb their appetites they become the victims to chronic indigestion. Saturn in Cancer also indicates a religious tendency and an inclination toward study of the deeper sciences.

   Saturn in Leo when well-aspected gives favor from people higher in the social scale and success in obtaining public appointments where the Saturnine virtues, tact, diplomacy, discretion and system, honor and executive ability are required. The constitution of these people is not overly strong by they may maintain perfect health by the conservation of energy as indicated by Saturn. When Saturn is afflicted in Leo however, they are cruel and quick-tempered, jealous, and do not scruple to stoop to underhanded methods to satisfy an ambition. This position also indicates heart trouble.

   Saturn in Virgo gives a studious, deep, scientific mind of studying the deeper problems of life. It indicates an innate ability to manage others. It gives a thrifty, economical and frugal nature, but when Saturn is afflicted in Virgo the mind usually centers upon disease and the person becomes a confirmed hypochondriac. These people are the nest customers of the patent medicine vendors for most of their ills are usually imaginary. This position does however, carry with it a liability to intestinal diseases.

   Saturn in Libra is exalted and very strong and therefore his good aspects bring out all the fine saturnine qualities and on that account secure for the person public esteem and recognition. The marriage partner is chaste and pure as gold. This position also brings good health and long life, but when Saturn is afflicted in Libra the marriage partner is either treacherous or removed by an early death. If the person goes to law he is likely to lose, and become the object of public disfavor. He will also be subject to urinary troubles.

   Saturn in Scorpio when well-aspected gives a rare mechanical turn to the mind, a resourcefulness under the most difficult conditions, an indomitable courage and a patient persistence before which even the most difficult construction problems must give way. Hence such people make exceedingly able engineers and are invaluable in all pioneer undertakings; they blend the fire of Mars with the forethought of Saturn and are therefore invincible. They gain by legacy, economy and thrift and their financial fortunes are much improved after marriage. Good health and a long life are also indicated, but when Saturn is afflicted in Scorpio the marriage partner is poor, dull, egotistical and exacting and the person is liable to worry and ill-health; constipation and piles are the basic causes when then affect the nerves and the whole system.

   Saturn in Sagittarius when well-aspected gives a charitable and philanthropic disposition with a desire to elevate humanity by self-help under just laws and true religious impulse. It couples all the saturnine virtues with the benevolent Jupiterian spirit of aspiration so that such people always aim to work for the public good according to their ability and station in life. Therefore they are trusted, honored, respected and in much demand for positions where these qualities are of value, in social, industrial or religious circles. When Saturn is afflicted in Sagittarius he makes the person insincere, cynical and sarcastic, ambitious to fill positions of trust and honor but for selfish purposes, liable to become involved in law and lose thereby. This position also affects the lungs and the person should be very careful not to catch cold.

   Saturn in Capricorn when well-aspected is strong and therefore his virtues are also pronounced, with honesty and integrity as staunch as the Rock of Gilbraltar and the determination to work toward the desired goal no matter how long it may take. Hence in spite of all handicaps and obstacles people with a well-aspected Saturn in Capricorn ultimately achieve a large measure of success and are generally esteemed by their contemporaries. But when Saturn is afflicted in Capricorn the mind is gloomy and the person sees life from a biased point of view. There is a general sense of dissatisfaction which sometimes develops into a diseased mind. These people are cunning, underhanded and not to be trusted.

   Saturn in Aquarius when well-aspected gives a humane outlook upon life, a sympathetic and friendly disposition, very distinct and deliberate speech and a seriousness in all affairs of life. These people therefore make friends among the aged, the wealthy and the intellectual who are able to help then rise in life. But when Saturn is afflicted in Aquarius it makes the disposition shrewd, cunning and alert to prey upon others by gaining their confidence and friendship and such people therefore sink to the lower levels of society. This position also carries with it a tendency to heart trouble and varicose veins.

   Saturn in Pisces when well-aspected gives a tendency to success in some quiet peaceful line of life where these people do not come into contact with the public, such as laboratory or research work or in connection with institutions for the care of wards of the community; they are regular "home-bodies" but when Saturn is afflicted in Pisces it gives danger of confinement by a chronic disease or liability to imprisonment. The person makes many enemies who will be persistent in their persecution of him.

The Aspects
of Saturn

   The Sun sextile or trine Saturn endows the person who is fortunate enough to have it with some of the finest faculties in the gamut, for it brings out the best qualities in the two planets. It gives foresight, method and organizing ability with the moral stamina to carry any project determined on to a successful conclusion despite delays and obstacles. Yet the person makes no enemies in so doing, for this configuration also makes him the soul of honor, kind and considerate; he would never stoop to do anything mean for he is sincere and just in his dealings with all men, but on the other hand, when he believes a certain course of action to be right he will never swerve there from through heaven and earth be moved against him. These aspects bring success in political and judicial positions, also in connection with mining or agriculture. The person often benefits by legacy, but recognition and success are generally delayed till middle life.

   The Sun conjunction or parallel Saturn. Either aspect has a very detrimental effect upon health, especially in the common signs where the resistance is fundamentally low; in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces it gives a tendency to tuberculosis. It does least damage in the fixed signs where the resistance is greatest, but when sickness does get a grip on the person it hangs on like grim death, for this configuration lessens the power of the body to throw off disease quickly, hence recuperation is very slow. This is especially true in a man's horoscope; in a woman's figure it affects her husband's health.

   The Sun square or opposition to Saturn. These aspects are adverse to that which is generally termed success, but they give an abundance of experience, so they are excellent form the standpoint of the soul. It may truly be said of the person who has either that "the best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley," for no matter how carefully be may plan his affairs he will be subjected to delays and meet obstacles which will thwart his desires; his marriage often is unhappy and is likely to end in divorce or early death of the partner; there is difficulty in finding and keeping employment, trouble with employers and authorities, a feeling as if he were held in leash all his life and denied expression in any direction. These are the outward experiences but they are generated by the inner nature, and until that changes he must suffer the whiplash of necessity. In the first place such a person has a tendency to crawl into a shall and shut himself in and others out. He is pessimistic and a kill-joy, has little or no regard for the feelings of others and is very obstinate. In the horoscope of a woman it signifies marriage to one much older, a person who will hold her with a very tight rein; it augurs death of the husband and often several marriages which are terminated by death or divorce.

   These configurations often bring legacies but either there is trouble and litigation over the bequests, or the person squanders the estate after he receives it. If Saturn is in Libra, his exaltation-sign, the latter part of the life may be better because the person has taken the lessons of life to heart and mended his ways.

   Venus sextile or trine to Saturn. The good qualities of Venus are love and affection and the good qualities of Saturn are tact, diplomacy , method and system, justice, thrift and economy, and we may therefore judge that when these two planets are configured in good aspect they make the person faithful and true, just and honorable, diplomatic and tactful, systematic and methodical, qualities which make for success in all departments of life. Therefore a person with these aspects will be much sought as a friend and adviser, or as a person to be trusted with any commission requiring sterling honesty and ability. The make him simple in his tastes and of impeachable morality. Hence either is what one may call one of the luckiest aspects in the gamut.

   Venus parallel, conjunction, square or opposition to Saturn brings out the evil qualities of the two planets and troubles which are thus generated usually come through the person's relations with the opposite sex. It makes him underhanded and scheming to gratify his passions, often in an unusual manner, and his perverted desires are usually directed against someone who is much younger than himself. If regular marriage relations are entered into, such a person is often a demon of jealously which makes life a burden for the marriage partner on account of his suspicious nature. People with these afflictions are also stingy in all money matters and exceedingly avaricious. They have very poor business judgment and are therefore liable to losses, failure and bankruptcy. During the earlier years people with these configurations should beware of dealings with older people who will be prone to take advantage of them, but later on it will be their turn to prey upon the young.

   Mercury sextile or trine to Saturn acts as a brake upon the flighty mind and gives it a seriousness, depth and concentration which is of inestimable value in life. The forethought and profound reasoning ability indicated by these aspects insure success in whatever vocation the person may pursue. The patient persistence which permits no temporary failure to stand in the way of ultimate success, also caution and diplomacy make such people invincible in the long run. Therefore they generally become prominent in connection with some serious enterprise such as secret societies, the church or even in politics. They are in demand for high positions where a steady hand is required on the helm. But they do not usually shine for they are very quiet, subdued and serious in their manner and demeanor. They are absolutely honest, hence they make the very finest judges obtainable.

   Mercury conjunction or parallel to Saturn. These aspects also give depth to the mind and forethought, together with all the other good qualities enumerated as resulting from the sextile or the trine, if Mercury is otherwise well-aspected; but not in so full a measure, or at any rate the person does not seem to be able to externalize them as readily, hence does not meet the same assured success as given by the definitely good aspects; he also suffers from the tendency to melancholy denoted by the square or opposition, especially if the aspect occurs in one of the common signs or in Capricorn, and if in Gemini it interferes sadly with the dexterity; such people tend to drop everything they take into their hands. These aspects also give an embarrassing timidity and if Mercury is afflicted the undesirable qualities enumerated as resulting from the square or opposition may be looked for.

  Mercury square or opposition to Saturn makes the person subject to trouble and delays all through life. He is thwarted on every hand by slander and secret enemies and this condition in time makes him bitter and sarcastic with the additional consequence that he is shunned by all who can possibly get away from him, and that in time leads him to become a recluse who shuts himself away to brood over his troubles. Such a person sometimes becomes a subject of melancholia of a most piteous character. These aspects also make the person cunning and untruthful. They give the same desire to study esotericism conferred by the good aspects, but there is the great difference that while the good aspects of Saturn and Mercury incline to the study of esotericism from unselfish motives the bad aspects impel him to ferret out nature's secrets for person power or gain.

   The Moon sextile or trine to Saturn imparts all the best saturnine qualities tot he mind; it makes the person self-reliant, serious, sober and systematic, careful and thrifty in business affairs and gives success in life through tactful and diplomatic dealings with others. Such people are eminently reasonable and trustworthy in all matters of honor and justice and gain great esteem in the community on that account. Their patience and persistence are inexhaustible.

  The Moon conjunction or parallel to Saturn is not always to be classed as a bad aspect so far as the mental qualities go, for in any case it deepens the mind and gives greater power of concentration, but if Saturn is strong by sign, in Libra or Capricorn, and the Moon is otherwise well-aspected this position also will impart the virtues of Saturn, through under all conditions it makes the mind gloomy and the person is subject to periodical spells of melancholy; but if Saturn is weak by sign, especially if he is in Aries and if the Moon is otherwise afflicted, then his conjunction is to be judged and read the same as the square and opposition The effect of the conjunction also depends upon the department of life we are considering; for instance, the conjunction of the Moon and Saturn is good for concentration of the mind, but bad for the digestion, particularly in a woman's horoscope, where it has also the tendency to obstruct the menses with all that that implies, and in a man's horoscope it indicates the death of the marriage partner. Similar distinctions should be made when reading the conjunctions of the so-called malefics.

  The Moon square or opposition to Saturn is one of the signatures of sorrow in life, for it makes the mind melancholy and full of worries so that the person is constantly carrying an atmosphere of gloom with him and as thoughts are things this attitude of mind brings about delays and disappointments in every department of life. Such a person will experience difficulties from persons and things signified by Saturn, probably parents, and if he has money he may lose it and have difficulty in getting more. Thus he may be in poverty all his life. He will make more enemies than friends and become subject to slander and scandal, but the disfavor he meets is undoubtedly merited for these aspects make the mind bitter and selfish and such people are unscrupulous, avaricious and entirely unfeeling with respect to others, hence they are under the whiplash of Saturn that the sorrow and troubles which they themselves are constantly feeling may make them more mellow. If the aspect is six, five or even four degrees from being exact and if Saturn is in his exaltation sign Libra these aspects are not quite so evil in the latter part of life. They may then imply that the person has learned his lesson and as a consequence he may find himself in easier circumstances. The adverse aspects of Saturn to the Moon are very had for the health, particularly in the woman's horoscope. There they indicate obstructions of the female functions. In the man's horoscope they either deny marriage or indicate the death of the marriage partner and their general tendency is to obstruct everything connected with the houses and signs wherein they are placed in the horoscope.

  Jupiter sextile or trine to Saturn gives a strong character with a deep and profoundly philosophical mind, a benevolent disposition with a strong sense of justice and fair play. All the virtues of Saturn and Jupiter are combined by these aspects and people in whose horoscope they are found will consequently gain honor and esteem in the community where they are. They will be looked upon as the pillars of society and gain prosperity commensurate with the environment in which they are placed, for these aspects give sound financial judgment, the ability to grasp opportunity when it is met, benevolence, devotion to duty, religion and all good objects in life.

   Jupiter parallel or conjunction Saturn has the same beneficent influence as the sextile or trine, though not in as great a measure and if Jupiter is weak by sign or otherwise afflicted the aspects will probably count for very little, but in that case its effect upon the arterial circulation will be obstructive, giving a tendency to sclerosis of the arteries the same as the opposition and square.

   Jupiter square or opposition to Saturn gives a diffident, vacillating mind unable to form decisions, always distrustful of others, indolent and inclined to drift with the tide, often a ward of society either in the poor-house or the prison, for the character is basically dishonest. These aspects also give a tendency to arterio-sclerosis.

   Mars sextile or trine to Saturn gives a capable, determined and energetic nature capable of intense and sustained actions and of obtaining unusual results thereby. The executive ability, dominant forcefulness and endurance of these people are remarkable and consequently they are constantly accomplishing that others cannot achieve. On account of these qualities they always rise to prominent positions and are much esteemed on account of their ability but seldom liked for these aspects also make the character cruel and hard. They give a strong physique and general good health.

   Mars conjunction, parallel, square or opposition to Saturn. These are thoroughly bad aspects indicating a selfish, violent, harsh and cruel nature, quick-tempered and vindictive, absolutely dishonest and untruthful; unscrupulous and liable to public disgrace and imprisonment, also to accident and a violent death, but if one of the planets is essentially dignified or exalted the evil influence is much enhanced. It should also be remembered that such serious defects do not result from one aspect alone and if the other configurations in the horoscope are good the foregoing delineation will only apply in a very mild measure.

   Uranus sextile or trine to Saturn is fortunate for a public career in an officially capacity for it gives ambition and determination with ability to concentrate upon large problems and exercise authority, plan upon large problems and exercise authority, plan and systematize. It strengthens the intuition so that such people are guided by an interior insight when new and important steps have to be taken, therefore they are in demand and find positions with large corporations where they win their way through sheer ability. The mind is both mechanical and ingenious, hence this position often denotes the successful inventor, particularly along the lines of electricity.

   Uranus conjunction or parallel to Saturn has an influence like the good aspects of the planets are elevated, in angles, essentially dignified or exalted, as Saturn in Libra or Capricorn or Uranus in Aquarius or Scorpio; but if the conjunction occurs in signs where either of the planets is weak, like Aries, Taurus, Cancer, or Leo then the influence will be detrimental and should be judged the same as the square or opposition.

   Uranus square or opposition to Saturn gives an unscrupulous, dishonest nature with an extremely violent temper. The outbursts are as sudden as a bolt from the blue and exhaust the person completely. These people are very eccentric and look at everything from a peculiar angle; they are treacherous, idle, indolent and altogether dangerous to the community. These aspects also indicate chronic or incurable diseases according to the signs wherein they are placed, but as said, if the other indications in the horoscope are good the influence of a single aspect will not bring out such evil characteristics and therefore the whole horoscope is to be carefully considered before judging the influence enumerated for they may be materially minimized by favorable indications in the horoscope.

   Neptune sextile or trine to Saturn is good for success in worldly affairs for it brings out the saturnine virtues — honor, self-reliance, determination, etc., by which the person gains the confidence and esteem of others, but the principal effect is spiritual and therefore only felt by those who are able to respond because of other aspects in the horoscope. To them it gives the ability to delve deeply into esoteric and mystical subjects, also to become proficient in the art and practice of them.

   Neptune conjunction or parallel to Saturn has the same effect as the good aspects when it occurs in a sign where either of the planets are strong as Neptune is in Cancer and Pisces and Saturn in Libra and Capricorn.

   Neptune square or opposition to Saturn lays the person liable to loss by deception, treachery or fraud.
XIII. Jupiter, the Planet
of Benevolence

  From each of the divine Hierarchies which have ministered at birth and evolution of humanity we have received certain qualities and faculties upon which we are being nursed from nascence to omniscience and from impotence to omnipotence in life's great school. From the Lords of Venus we received the priceless gift of love which links humanity in the tenderest affection of varying degrees and makes life beautiful. From the Lords of Mercury we received the no less valuable gift of mind which enables us to conquer the material world and provide ourselves with the comforts of life, but something more is needed. The divine spark within us is every seeking an outlet and the greater the two qualities of love and intellect grow, the stronger the upward urge, but this cannot be fully satisfied either if the Spirit seeks to raise itself to its divine source only through the love nature expressed by Venus and culminating in its higher octave Uranus. The religious fervor then expresses itself as devotion of the most sublime nature but there is still a lack. Feeling without knowledge is incomplete. Nor can the inner urge be satisfied if through the mercurial channel of intellect it attempts to raise itself to the spiritual perception of Neptune, the higher octave of Mercury, for though the intellect be sharp as a razor it is of no account when it is devoid of love. It therefore follows that only by the wedding of love and intellect can wisdom be born. The mercurial knowledge in itself, through neither good nor evil, may be used for one purpose or the other. Even genius shows only the bent of this knowledge. We speak of a military genius, one who has a wonderful knowledge of the tactics of war, but a man of war, whether he be a Napoleon or a common soldier, is not be be classed as wise because he deliberately crushes the finer feelings of which we take the heart as symbol. Only when the mercurial faculty of mind is tempered, blended and balanced by the heart-born faculty of love generated by the Venus ray, is wisdom born of the union. And this is the quality which the planetary spirit of Jupiter is seeking to infuse into mankind to aid them in their spiritual evolution that they may rise above the material plane and soar to higher spheres. Therefore the Jupiterian ray makes people human, honorable, courteous, refined and generous, law-abiding and religious, cheerful and optimistic. The true Jupiterian is aptly described as a jovial fellow, and he is usually large but his heart is almost too big to find room even within his capacious chest. The corners of his mouth are always turned upward with a broad smile that can only be described as radiant and in his hearty good-feeling he is so demonstrative that when he shakes your hand the ligaments of your arm are almost sprained. He is "hail fellow well met" with everybody, always ready to give anything or anybody a boost. He seems actually grateful to you when you ask him to do you a favor and is never so happy as when working hard to help others. He would not harm a child and never gets angry on his own account but when moved to righteous indignation on account of the wrongs of others then he may be terrible in his wrath, yet he will never be cruel to the aggressor or the oppressor, but show mercy and kindness even to them as soon as they have been vanquished. Such is the pure Jupiterian, but of course he is very seldom found at the present time. Nevertheless, an increasing number of people are beginning to walk the way of wisdom and show the Jupiterian traits.

   It is said that "Opportunity knocks at every man's door," yet we often hear people bewail their fate because they "never had a chance." Saturn is blamed for our misfortunes when we have learned to study Astrology; we are so intently on the lookout for evil that we usually forget to look for the good, and thus miss our opportunity. It takes Saturn thirty years to go around the horoscope, by transit, and form aspects to all planets, but Jupiter, the most beneficent influence in the solar system, goes around once in eleven years and thus the good fortunes which he may brings are at least three times as numerous as the misfortunes brought by Saturn's evil aspects.

   As a matter of fact, we get from others just what we give, each is surrounded by a subtle auric atmosphere which colors our views of others, and the thoughts, ideas and actions of others towards us. If we harbor meanness in our hearts, that colors this atmosphere so that we see meanness in others and in their actions towards us, we awaken this trait in them, as vibrations from a tuning-fork start another of the same pitch to sing. On the other had, if we cultivate the Jupiterian qualities of benevolence, his expansive smile, his cordial attitude of mind, etc., we shall soon feel the response in our circle of acquaintances and the beneficent aspect of Jupiter will them have greater effect in making our life and work pleasant.

   Jupiter is essentially dignified when found in Pisces, or in Sagittarius, the sign of aspiration. He is exalted in Cancer, the house of the Moon, for the seed-atom which furnishes the body of the incoming Ego is protected by the Moon into the sphere of Cancer but in Jupiter represents the spiritual part and therefore he presides at the ingress of the Ego itself into the body. He also rules the blood in which the indwelling spirit finds expression, though his activities are confined principally to the arterial circulation. He furthers assimilation and growth, and therefore he also rules the liver. (Saturn rules the gall bladder.) Jupiterians are very fond of show and display. In their religious observances they love ceremonial and they are rather partial to the established church but often dislike any "ism" not sanctioned by society or correct form.

   When Jupiter is afflicted his influence makes the person lawless, sensuous, self-indulgent, gluttonous, extravagant and careless in the payment of his obligations, hence liable to loss of health, trouble with the law and consequent social disgrace. An afflicted Jupiter makes people sporty, fond of horse-racing and gambling.

Jupiter in the
Twelve Houses

   Jupiter in the First House when well-aspected is a good sign of health and general fortune in life. It gives a good-natured, kindly disposition, a nature which breathes cordiality, honor and uprightness. These people love pleasure, particularly out-of-doors, and are fond of traveling. They have considerable executive ability and are therefore sought for positions of importance and responsibility. There is an inclination to stoutness in later years.

   Jupiter afflicted on the Ascendant gives a tendency to self- indulgence, according to the sign wherein he is placed. If in Cancer the person becomes an inveterate glutton and literally makes a god of his stomach with the inevitable result that in the course of years he becomes excessively stout, the liver being particularly enlarged and as a consequence he is subjected to sickness of a serious nature. In Sagittarius it makes him an inveterate gambler who would stake his soul on the toss of a coin. In Pisces he becomes an incurable drunkard, in Scorpio a sensualist of the worst nature and so on with the other signs. It may also be said that whenever Jupiter is afflicted on the Ascendant the health suffers through some corruption of the blood.

   Jupiter in the Second House when well-aspected, particularly by the Sun or Moon, gives great financial prosperity in life and this is a fortunate position in that respect even when Jupiter is afflicted, but then the person is liable to loss under bad directions. When Jupiter is unaspected he gives no help; the person may then be poor and starve.

   Jupiter in the Third House when well-aspected gives a mind of a highly optimistic nature so that no matter what other obstacles there may be in life the person who has this position will always look at the silver lining of the cloud and in so doing forget the cloud itself. He will have exceptional educational advantages and what is more the education which he receives will be of great benefit to him. He will be popular among his brothers, sisters and neighbors and they will help to benefit him. Success is indicated by traveling, writing and publications. When Jupiter is afflicted in the Third House the person is liable to be in wrecks and accidents while traveling, but he will not be injured though he escape only by a hairbreadth. If Saturn afflicts he will become careless and indolent, thus forfeiting the respect and esteem of his immediate family, but if Mars is adverse they will mistrust him because of rash and imprudent acts.

   Jupiter in the Fourth House when well-aspected is most fortunate for the home conditions, especially in the latter part of life. People with Jupiter in this position will do better in their place of birth than anywhere else. They will receive considerable help from the parents and probably an inheritance from them. Their business affairs will be on a solid basis and run smoothly so that at the close of life there will be a considerable accumulation according to their station and the opportunities of their environment. They pass their days in peace and end them amid friends, wealth and prosperity. But when Jupiter is afflicted in the Fourth House the person should leave his native town early in life for the conditions there will be detrimental to this success. Lavish and extravagant expenditure, love of display and kindred costly tendencies will sap his resources and bring him into bankruptcy; besides a false pride will keep him from undertaking a radical reform even when he has awakened to the fact that he ought to do so if he would save himself and the only way out of it to make a new start will be removal to another city.

   Jupiter in the Fifth House and well-aspected increases the number of children and they will bring much profit and pleasure to the parents; it gives popularity and good friends who will be a help to the person, also a sociable and pleasure loving disposition. Gain by speculation is foreshown, high intelligence and success in educational work or the publishing or newspaper business. These people make fine teachers and have a very convincing way of putting things. If Jupiter is afflicted in the Fifth House, especially in Sagittarius, it gives a tendency towards gambling and loss thereby, a love of sports, disinclination for work, and trouble with children.

   Jupiter in the Sixth House gives good health and success in the care and cure of the sick, faithful servants, and the respect and esteem of all with whom the person comes in contact in the course of his occupation. But when Jupiter is afflicted in the Sixth House it gives a tendency toward liver troubles, enlargement of the liver, obesity and general disorders produced by over-indulgence of the appetite.

   Jupiter in the Seventh House gives a noble, great-hearted and sympathetic marriage partner who will bring the person favor, fortune and social prestige. It is an ideal indication for marriage, also for a person seeking to take a partner or enter into partnership. He may also be assured that the partner will be noble, sincere, honest and trust-worthy, and that success will come by co-operation. It is an ideal position for a lawyer for it indicates success in law and the ability to reconcile opponents. But if Jupiter is weak of afflicted the person will lose his lawsuits or suffer by misplaced confidence in his partner; marriage will be delayed or denied and when consummated trouble will arise through the indolence and self- indulgent habits of the marriage partner. Therefore wisdom would dictate that the person avoid such relationships.

   Jupiter in the Eighth House when well-aspected indicates financial gain by marriage, partnerships or legacy, but when weak or afflicted it indicates lawsuits and losses in connection with these matters. A well- aspected Jupiter in the Eighth House is also a sign of an easy and peaceful termination of the life when the full course has been run.

   Jupiter in the Ninth House gives a peaceful, noble, optimistic and kind-hearted disposition, with religious tendencies, broad-minded and tolerant of the opinions of others, but favoring the more orthodox and established lines of thought. The person is much esteemed in society and apt to occupy prominent positions in church, state or in institutions of learning or philanthropic associations. This position also gives a love of travel with pleasure and gain thereby. But when weak or afflicted by sign or aspect it gives arrogance and love of display which is our of proportion with the person's pocketbook, consequently there are lawsuits and liability to social discredit. It also shows danger when traveling.

   Jupiter in the Tenth House when well-aspected is one of the best indication of an eminently successful and virtuous life, especially if he is supported by Saturn, Sun and Moon, for then the person will rise to a high position in the church, state or law and gain great wealth, honor and social esteem. Furthermore he will deserve all he gets for the character will be of superlative nobility. But if Jupiter be weak or afflicted in the Tenth House, particularly by Saturn or the luminaries, it shows that the character is not reliable. The person may rise but his evil deeds will find him out and therefore he will experience reversals of fortune and loss of prestige.

   Jupiter in the Eleventh House and well-aspected gives wealthy and influential friends who may be relied upon to help the person to realize his hopes, wishes and ambitions. It also gives a sociable disposition and fondness for pleasure. In a man's horoscope it signifies that the marriage will be fruitful and that his children will be a credit and a help to him, but before judgment is rendered in this respect the wife's horoscope should also be examined to see whether it concurs, for if not then the judgment must be modified. When Jupiter is afflicted in the Eleventh House either the person meets friends who are good and sincere in their desire to help him but lack the ability or less the friends whom he attracts come to him to be benefited. In either case he will not be helped much by friends but must depend upon his own resources to attain his desires.

   Jupiter in the Twelfth House when well-aspected brings gain and success through occupations carried on in comparative seclusion such as laboratory work, work in hospitals or asylums in an executive capacity; or in a position in one of the fraternal orders which have to do with sick benefits or in the study and practice of the mystical or esoteric arts. If people with Jupiter in this position are personally indigent they receive much bounty from people or institutions of a fraternal or charitable nature, but if they are well-to-do they give lavishly to these purposes. If they have enemies they also have a way of turning them to friends. If Jupiter is afflicted it makes the person indolent and improvident so that in time he usually becomes the ward of one of the charitable institutions where he lives till the end of life without either trouble or worry.

Jupiter in the
Twelve Signs

   Jupiter in Aries gives a high-spirited, energetic and ambitious mind, always on the lookout and alert for new and progressive methods usable for advancement in the world's work, it makes a true pioneer, neither too conservative not too impulsive, a thoughtful, but sympathetic disposition, sincere, honest and trustworthy, somewhat religiously inclined. It gives some legal of literary ability and a love of out-door games with popularity in social and business circles. But if Jupiter is afflicted the mind is not so conservative and well-balanced. There is a tendency to rash and impulsive acts; impatience and temper are shown under adverse circumstances with a consequent loss of esteem and popularity.

   Jupiter in Taurus when well-aspected gives an eminently kind and sympathetic nature to all people but a deep-seated, tender and warm love for those towards whom the relationship warrants such expression. This position also attracts wealth and gives a generous disposition to aid in philanthropic enterprises; yet Jupiter in the Second House or second sign is never lavish or extravagantly generous but rather conservative and inclined to investigate the merits of any proposition before he extends a helping hand. On the other hand he is absolutely open-handed to those who are near and dear to him. His home and his family are all in all. When Jupiter is afflicted in Taurus it inclines to extravagant expenditures for show, display and gratification of the lower nature. Such people are great gourmandizers, fond of rich and savory foods that tickle the palate. They often experience financial difficulties and trouble with creditors, also such sickness as may result from the over-indulgence of their appetites according to other indications of the stars.

   Jupiter in Gemini when well-aspected gives literary ability of a high class and if that is backed by the necessary education success in this line in certain. This position also gives an inventive turn to the mind, a love of mathematics and an attraction towards esotericism. Jupiter in Gemini shows that travel will bring both pleasure and profit and it gives an honorable, courteous and friendly disposition. But if Jupiter is afflicted the person is liable to meet with losses and trouble when traveling. He will have a number of hair-breadth escapes from accidents, legal and religious trouble, also difficulties with brothers, sisters and close relatives.

   Jupiter in Cancer. The full effect of Jupiter for good or ill is never felt until the middle life and this is especially the case when he is placed in the Fourth House or fourth sign, Cancer. When well-placed there he gives an exceedingly kindly and courteous disposition, that is at peace with all the world; he is endowed with a most vivid and fruitful imagination, a dreamer of Utopian dreams and a lover of the esoteric and mystical. There is also however, a practical side to the nature which makes him ambitious to attain worldly success and fortunate in his investment in houses, lands or mines, so that he will accumulate property and be well-to-do especially after middle life. this position also indicates that the person may receive much help from his parents during life and an inheritance after their death. Jupiter in Cancer makes the person very fond of the pleasures of the table but if well-aspected he will probably keep himself within such bounds that his health does not suffer. If however, Jupiter is afflicted it inclines to inordinate gluttony which will eventually corrupt the blood and cause such disease and noxious growths as result from that condition.

   Jupiter in Leo gives a truly noble nature, blending kindness and courage, self-reliance and loyalty, self-restraint and compassion, mercy and justice. It indicates, in short, a paragon of virtues nowhere excelled. It gives an abundance of vitality and a strong constitution so that it marks a leader physically, morally and spiritually, nor will such a person ever be content to follow. He craves positions of trust and responsibility, the greater the better. He will always be equal to the occasion and never abuse the confidence of those who have placed him there. Such people have an innate culture and refinement. They are fond of everything that tends to the uplift of humanity, religious, sincere; sure to win recognition and success dealing in speculative investments. When Jupiter is afflicted in Leo the person becomes cruel and sensuous, abnormally fond of pleasure and subject to loss by investments, speculation and gambling.

   Jupiter in Virgo gives a cautious, analytical and practical nature with an almost unerring faculty for discriminating between the seeming and the real, for sifting truth from error and arriving at facts. They cannot ferret out secrets by underhanded methods as Saturn in Capricorn which makes an ideal detective, but if Jupiter in Virgo is the judge no one is clever enough to hide the truth from him. A well-aspected Jupiter in Virgo indicates success with servants who will be found faithful and loyal, ready to do their master's bidding. It also indicates prosperity through business or professional vocations; but if Jupiter is afflicted in Virgo it gives a cynical carping and critical disposition, mistrustful of others and therefore liable to loss through servants or employees. Such people cannot succeed in business and they will find it extremely difficult to obtain or keep a position. At any rate they will serve in a very inferior capacity.

   Jupiter in Libra when well-aspected gives a kind, sympathetic and loving disposition, a conscientious, sociable and benevolent nature and an interest in all that makes for the uplift of humanity — music, art, literature, social intercourse, et cetera. On that account the person is popular, particularly with the opposite sex from whence gain and benefit may be expected. Success in the business and public life are shown. But if Jupiter is afflicted in Libra undue indulgence of the lower nature will bring trouble and public scandal with a consequent loss of popularity and prestige.

   Jupiter in Scorpio gives an ardent, aggressive and self-reliant nature, an enthusiastic, constructive and resourceful mind with the ability to meet all the exigencies of life in an efficient manner and it ensures success in practical everyday occupations, gives a large family and plenty of means to provide for them. This position also shows a tendency towards esoteric investigations. But if Jupiter is afflicted in Scorpio it will bring loss and trouble through the indulgence of the lower nature in an inordinate measure, love of rich an expensive good and sickness on that account.

   Jupiter in Sagittarius when well-aspected gives good fortune and general success in life, a humane, broad and philosophical mind, a reverent and religious disposition. Hence people with this position rise to the top and become leaders in their various spheres of life, finding places of prominence in church or state, scientific or philosophic enterprises or institutions. If Jupiter is afflicted in Sagittarius it makes the person sporty, fond of cheap and gaudy display, extravagant and ready to take a chance on any gamble, causes loss of social standing if born in a better environment, trouble through law, financial difficulties, narrow-minded sectarian views if incline to be religious.

   Jupiter in Capricorn gives an ambitious nature, self-reliant and self-controlled with a desire to rise to a position of authority over others also the ability to dictate wisely and well. It gives a careful, economical disposition, and an abhorrence of waste; ingenuity, resourcefulness and some mechanical ability. These people are trust-worthy to a degree, sincere and honest in all their undertakings and hold every promise inviolate, therefore they usually rise to honor, esteem and general popularity. As already said their aim is to attain independence at the head of some business, but if they do not succeed in that and have to work for others they are best suited to be in the employ of the government, either municipal or national. On account of the implicit trust generated by their sterling characteristics of honesty, sincerity and faithfulness these people are often made the recipients of confidence from friends who feel the need of sharing their troubles with someone who can be depended upon either to give honest, disinterested advice or else to keep the secrets told then inviolate. If Jupiter is afflicted in Capricorn it makes a miser who will hoard all he can scrape together and deny himself all except the barest necessities and is consequently despised by all who know him.

   Jupiter in Aquarius when well-aspected gives a humane, optimistic, original and philosophic mind, fond of friends and the society of others particularly those who are interested in science or mysticism, literature and music, consequently he attracts people of that nature and they will be a benefit to him in helping him to realize his hopes, wishes and ambitions. He may possibly obtain a position of importance in some official capacity with secret or esoteric societies. This is a good indication of general success in life, but if Jupiter is afflicted it makes the nature restless, nervous and erratic with revolutionary or anarchistic ideas with disinclination for serious work and such people are generally disliked and distrusted.

   Jupiter in Pisces gives a charitable, sympathetic and hospitable nature which loves to minister to the outcasts of society. These people are veritable angels of mercy to all who suffer in body, soul or spirit. They are well known to those who are "sick of in prison." Being of a sensitive nature and subject to the influences from the invisible world they not infrequently have psychic experiences and become students of esotericism. They love music, art and literature and if well-aspected by Venus, Jupiter in Pisces will give considerable ability as a performer; but if Jupiter is afflicted in Pisces it gives a vacillating mind, a nerveless, cowardly nature indulging in all vices in the calendar and a generally despicable dispositon — a social parasite.

The Aspects of Jupiter

   The Sun conjunction, sextile or trine to Jupiter. The conjunction gives a tendency to apoplexy, especially if it occurs in Aries, but with that exception we may say that these configurations are sure indications of health, wealth and happiness; they give the person an abundance of vitality which is proof even against very severe onslaughts of disease, and should a particularly unfavorable planetary influence succeed in breaking down the constitutional resistance recovery will be so rapid as to seem miraculous. This nearly impregnable condition of health is all the more unassailable because it is backed by a disposition at once "sunny" and "jovial" and that latter characteristic also makes the fortunate possessors of these aspects beloved by all with whom they come in contact; everybody is glad to see the person with the perpetual smile, but they do more than "smile" — they earn the friendship universally bestowed upon them by deeds of kindness, by words of sympathy, cheer or hope as the occasion may demand. They are trusted by everybody for they never betray a trust; they have good clear heads, good judgment and executive ability so that they are well fitted to help others. These characteristics also favor their own financial fortunes so that they accumulate wealth, but theirs is never "tainted money," they never benefit by the loss of others. They are conservatively religious and may be aptly described as "pillars of society." They shine particularly in governmental offices.

   The Sun square or opposition to Jupiter gives a tendency to indulge in habits which are bad for the health; the person is far too fond of the "good things in life" and very selfish in supplying his own comforts; he exercises little and never denies himself, with the result that the circulation becomes sluggish and as these people have a superabundance of blood their lassitude and indulgence is productive of various noxious growths and kindred disorders; sometimes a fit of anger raises the blood pressure to such a point that a vessel burst and ends the life or leaves the person thenceforth a useless wreck. These aspects give a bombastic, haughty disposition with an inordinate love of display and thus induce to extravagance both in social and business affairs with the result that the person sometimes finds himself involved in debt which he cannot pay and then there is but a step to the bankruptcy court. A false pride often prevents these people from working honestly for others so they would rather prey upon the public as gamblers where there is an opportunity to swindle other people and get what they call an "easy" living until then land in the meshes of the law. Children with these aspects should be given special training in self- restraint, thrift and honesty, above all, religion, for they have a tendency to scorn and scoff at religion, but perhaps a memory of a devout mother may help to keep them straight.

   Venus conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Jupiter is one of the best signs of success and general good fortune in life. It favors the accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of all the luxuries of life. It is a good indication of a successful and happy marriage, social prestige and the respect of all with whom the person comes in contact. It endows him with a jovial, optimistic, generous and large-hearted disposition, makes him honorable to a degree, interested and active in philanthropic measures, liberal in mind, tolerant of the views of others even where he differs radically, fond of pleasure, traveling, parties, and capable of enjoying life to the fullest extend; he loves expensive and ultra-comfortable things, a fine house, valuable books, pictures and other rich appointments.

   Venus square or opposition to Jupiter gives the same luxurious likings as the good aspects but limits the ability to satisfy them; although such people make the most frantic efforts to present a fine front to the world they are generally found out to he shams. Their lack of business ability so often responsible for failure and bankruptcy and they are very liable to suffer losses through treachery of others. Love and marriage also are sources of sorrow for those whom Venus and Jupiter are afflicting. They are apt to be jilted before marriage or the marriage partner will prove faithless and may desert them. These aspects also produce an amorous nature likely to take liberties regardless of the laws of decency and make the person faithless to marriage vows.

   Mercury conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Jupiter is one of the finest assets in life for it gives a cheerful, optimistic disposition with the ability to always look upon the bright side of things and keep up the spirits in the hours of adversity; the mind is broad, versatile and able to reason correctly and to form a reliable judgment be careful deliberation; these people never decide hastily; they require time to think over what is presented to them, but once they have reached a conclusion, it will be found incontrovertible. They are successful in law or literature and much respected for their honesty and sincerity. These aspects are particularly fortunate for people who travel for business or pleasure, for they will reap both benefit and enjoyment from a migratory mode of life. It will make them "healthy, wealthy and wise" beyond the average, loved by everybody for the vital vibration they radiate upon whomever they meet.

   Mercury square or opposition to Jupiter gives a vacillating and wavering disposition so that the person cannot make up his mind when more than one course of action is open, hence people with these aspects often lose their opportunities through procrastination and lack of judgment; they must therefore often be classed as failures. They are liable to scandal and slander because of treacherous associates, and should not ravel for it will bring them loss and trouble; they should also be extremely careful in making contracts or agreements to do or deliver certain things at a specified time for they will probably be unable to fulfill the requirements and thus trouble and loss will result.

   The Moon parallel, conjunction, sextile or trine to Jupiter gives an optimistic, noble and generous disposition. The open-hearted honesty, fairness and friendliness of people with these aspects make them universally popular. These aspects strengthen both the reasoning faculties and constitution, so that such people usually have a strong mind in a strong body and hence a powerful personal magnetism which may be used to great advantage in healing the sick. They have lofty ideals and a fruitful imagination with the power of acquiring wealth which will grow greater if used in philanthropic enterprises of which these people are prone to dream. This is one of the best aspects in the gamut and makes for general success in life both physically and spiritually.

   The Moon square or opposition to Jupiter impairs the reasoning faculties and brings the person trouble through litigation, lack of fore-thought and indecision or dishonesty. People with these aspects are too fond of ostentation aid display, extravagant beyond their means, lavish in their expenditures, prone to take desperate chances in gambling or speculation to rehabilitate their fortunes and doomed to loss, slander and sometimes bankruptcy on that account. These aspects are also bad for health in a woman's horoscope especially; they indicate digestive and liver troubles.

   Saturn sextile or trine to Jupiter gives a strong character with a deep and profoundly philosophical mind, a benevolent disposition with a strong sense of justice and fair play. All the virtues of Saturn and Jupiter are combined by these aspects and people in whose horoscope they are found will consequently gain the honor and esteem of the community where they are. Thus they will be looked upon as pillars of society and gain prosperity commensurate with the environment in which they are placed, for these aspects give sound financial judgment and the ability to grasp the opportunity when it is met.

   Saturn conjunction or parallel to Jupiter has the same beneficent influence as the sextile or trine through not in as great a measure and if Jupiter is weak by sign of otherwise afflicted the aspects will probably count for very little, bit in that case its effect upon the arterial circulation will be obstructive, giving a tendency to sclerosis of the arteries the same as the opposition or square.

   Saturn square or opposition to Jupiter gives a different, vacillating mind unable to form decisions, always distrustful of others, indolent and inclined to drift with the tide; often a ward of society either in the poor-house or the prison, for the character is basically dishonest. These aspects also give a tendency to arteriosclerosis.

   Mars sextile or trine to Jupiter. It is the nature of Jupiter to be somewhat conservative and dignified, but when blended with the fire of Mars it gives enthusiasm and an ability to influence of others and imbue them with the same feelings. It makes the nature noble, sincere, honest and straightforward. This aspect is also good for the financial prosperity of the person, for both Mars and Jupiter when well-aspected give good earning ability and favor accumulation. Jupiter is somewhat conservative in respect to expenditures, Mars is too free, but where the Martian and Jupiterian tendencies are blended by a good aspect the result is an ideal, generous nature, neither too lavish not too conservative, able to strike a happy medium. These people have much ingenuity and constructive ability and whatever they do they put their whole heart in it. Hence they are successful in business, popular in society, fond of out-of-door sports and games. They love to travel and gain much pleasure by so doing. Mars rules the hemoglobin in the blood which is so important a factor in health and vitality, therefore the good aspects of Jupiter and Mars increase the red blood corpuscles with the result that people with these aspects have an abundance of health, vitality, power and endurance.

   Mars parallel or conjunction Jupiter strengthens the constitution and increases the vitality the same as the good aspects. It also indicates that the person is able to earn much money and uses it freely and generously, but the mental qualities are similar to those conferred by the bad aspects: sporty, swaggering, tricky, deceitful and untruthful, impulsive in judgment, but to be depended upon, and if the conjunction occurs in one of the watery signs, especially in Pisces, the person will probably be a drunkard, through this is not as certain as with the square or opposition.

   Mars square or opposition to Jupiter is the signature of the gambler and if one of the planets is in a watery sign, especially in Pisces, he will be a drunkard also, a tricky, dishonest and disreputable character who always acts through impulse. With respect to health we find that these people suffer principally from blood and liver complaints, the circulation is poor and the blood is so rich that there is danger of apoplexy.

   Uranus sextile or trine to Jupiter gives a broad, humane disposition and a tendency to delve into the esoteric arts and sciences. It favors an association with secret orders and gives promise of prosperity in life. Such a person is honest and sincere, sociable, hospitable and likely to benefit a great deal from influential friends in official positions. This positions also gives executive ability and success in connection with institutions of learning.

   Uranus parallel or conjunction Jupiter gives similar indications to the good aspects but the influence is not quite so decided, particularly if either of the planets is weak by sign or otherwise afflicted. In that case it will be found that the tendencies conferred are more like those of the bad aspects.

   Uranus square or opposition to Jupiter gives am impulsive nature liable to act in a sudden or unexpected manner to one's own undoing; loss by speculation, lawsuits and impulsive extravagance are also indicated, many changes both of occupations and residence, loss of friends and reputation.

   Neptune sextile or trine to Jupiter gives an inspirational, mystical nature and success in an occupation connect with esoteric orders, that is to say where the character is sufficiently developed is that Neptune can makes his influence felt, for then this position brings out all the noblest and most spiritual strength of both planets, and esoteric experiences are not infrequently the result. During the sleeping hours these people are quite conscious in the invisible worlds.

   Neptune parallel or conjunction Jupiter gives an influence similar to that of the good aspects when Neptune and Jupiter are not afflicted, but if they are in a weak sign and aspecting the other planets by square or opposition then the influence is similar to that one of the bad aspects of Jupiter and Neptune.

   Neptune square or opposition to Jupiter indicates lack of control of the emotions. The person is sensitive to the low psychic influences of the borderland between the seen and the unseen worlds but they are of an awe-inspiring and disgusting type, hence apt to cause hysterical conditions, such as involuntary trance and kindred disorders attendant upon negative psychism. From a material standpoint it gives danger of fraud through speculation or large companies and dealing with predatory interests should therefore be avoided.
XIV. Mars, the Planet
of Action

  From the Bible we learn that Jehovah was the Creator of mankind for we find His angels announcing the birth of various notable personages. Thus the conclusion is inevitable that He and they preside over the generative function and impart the quality of fertility which at that time was looked upon as a token of the favor of God while barrenness was indicated as a sign of His displeasure. This is in accordance with the Western Wisdom Teaching which tells us that tin the earliest days when mankind was still in the making Jehovah and His angels guided them to great temples at the times of year when planetary conditions were propitious to generation, and men born under those harmonious conditions lived for hundreds of years without sickness of disease. It is noticeable that wild animals which are still entirely under the guidance of their group-spirits and mate only at certain seasons are also immune from sickness. Jehovah still retains control over the fertilization of the animals which are attuned to His lunar vibrations through their twenty-eight pairs of spinal nerves that correspond to the twenty-eight days of the lunar revolution and His vehicle the Moon still measures the period of gestation for men and beasts.

   But the Bible also tells us of Lucifer and his fallen angels who taught humanity to take the prerogative of creation into their own hands and instilled into them the passion that has caused sorrow, sin and death, because the holy function of generation which was intended only for temporary purposes of propagation and which works so well under propitious planetary conditions has been desecrated and made subservient to the lusts of humanity at all times regardless of the stellar rays. Yet it is a mistake to think of the Lucifer spirits as evil, for under the sway of the angels humanity neither good nor evil and having no choice or prerogative, but since though the martial Lucifer spirits we have learned to know good and evil we are also able to exercise of will power to shun the evil and choose the good, to flee from vice and cultivate virtue, thereby placing ourselves in harmonious co-worker-ship with God and nature and unfolding our divine possibilities so that we may become like our Father in Heaven.

   While Jehovah and His angels are thus working upon humanity from the Moon the Lucifer spirits who rebelled against His regime are located on the planet Mars and from them also we have received and are receiving many valuable gifts, chief among them fire and iron. It is well known that every living body is warm, for the Ego cannot manifest in the physical world save through heat, or perhaps it should be said that heat is generated in the manifestation of the Ego. But without iron, which exists in the blood in the form of hemoglobin, there could be no oxidation and consequently no heat. That was the condition previous to the fall, so-called, when man-in-the-making was mindless. But then the Lucifer spirits came and infused iron into the blood, which made it possible for the Ego to draw into its vehicles and from that time the Ego became an indwelling spirit capable of evolving individuality. Thus had it not been for the Lucifer spirits man could not have become man. It is their fire and their iron that has made the world what it is today, good and bad according to the use man has made of it. The solar force focused through the Moon imparts vitality and the faculty of growth but the rays of the Sun focused upon us by the martial Lucifer spirits give us dynamic power and are the source of all activity in the world.

   Power may be latent for millennia, as exemplified in coal beds, which are reservoirs of solar force; a furnace and engine are required to transmute and make it available as dynamic energy, but, once the sleeping giant has been roused from latency to potency it knows no rest or peace till it has expended the last ounce of its prodigious strength. Under strict control, and carefully guided into channel of useful activity, this Martian force is the most valuable servant of mankind; the most powerful agent in the world's work, an incomparable boon to humanity. But if it escapes control the servant quickly takes mastery, its inimical power of destruction and devastation is then as terrible as scourge as its beneficent use under guidance is an inestimable blessing. It is as precious as it is dangerous, eternal vigilance is the price of safety from its ravages, but without it the world would be wilderness.

   Mars, as a focus for the latent solar life, transmutes it into desire, passion and what we may call animal spirits. It is a consuming fire, more dangerous than all the nitroglycerine every manufactured, but also more precious than any other blessing we can have or enjoy.

   The Hindu preacher, nurtured in a land governed by Saturn, the planet of obstruction, says: "Kill out desire." However, as "temper" conserves the edge of the steel that carves its way through all obstruction, so the well-directed energetic desires of the martial Western culture has wrought a marvelous transformation in the earth; they have reared a civilization beyond all which preceded it, and through perhaps brutal in many respects, there is promise in that also, according to the proverb: "The greater the sinner, the greater the saint." Parents should take this lesson and refrain from applying the Saturnine wet blanket to the fiery Mars spirit of children. Saturn always says "don't, don't;" his aim is to repress and obstruct. A clear fire under proper control is useful, but death lurks in the smoke and noxious gases of a smothered fire; too many "don'ts" smother legitimate ambition and frustrate accomplishment; they may drive hapless victims into ways of evil, for the dynamic energy of Mars must and will have an outlet, so beware. The worst faults of Mars are impulsiveness and lack of persistence, but he breeds no hypocrites as does an afflicted Saturn.

   From Mars we receive a number of our highly-prized virtues as well as some of our worst faults. When well-aspected he gives a strong constitution and physical endurance, a positive, independent and self-reliant nature, determined and proud, generous and energetic, resourceful and quick to learn, especially when in Aries, Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn, but when he is weak by sign as in Taurus, Cancer, Libra or aspected by squares or oppositions he makes the person quick-tempered, obstinate and spiteful, inclined to drunkenness and criminal acts, cruel and hard, a bully and braggart.

   People who have Mars prominent in their horoscopes are eminently practical and play an important part in the world's work. They are especially proficient in occupations where iron and fire are used for constructive purposes or where sharp instruments are handled. Soldiers, surgeons and butchers, machine workers and iron founders, engineers and man in kindred occupations are of the martial nature. They also excel in other positions where courage and intrepidity are necessary qualities.

Mars in the
Twelve Houses

   Mars in the Ascendant, or First House, when well-aspected has a most beneficial influence upon the constitution, particularly if he is in one of the fiery signs, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, or in the sign of his exaltation Capricorn, but sometimes when a weak sign like Cancer is rising and the other planets are much afflicted Mars in the Ascendant may infuse sufficient energy into the body to tide it over the critical period of infancy. This position also gives energy, ambition, courage, self-reliance and determination which are exceedingly helpful characteristics in winning the battle of life. It indicates an enterprising and practical person who will shun no effort in order to succeed. When Mars is afflicted in the First House he nevertheless strengthens the constitution and gives muscular power and endurance, but he makes such persons rash, impulsive, headstrong and foolhardy. Thus they neglect the ordinary precautions to guard their health and become subject to fevers and other inflammatory diseases, also liable to accidents and loss of blood by lesions of varying magnitude, danger from fire such as burns or scalds, according to the nature of the afflicting planet. In this respect the Sun is usually productive of fevers and inflammations. Jupiter gives liability to broken bones or accident by railroad or rolling stock, Uranus and Saturn falls and bruises and Venus disease caused by indulgence of the passional nature.

   Mars in the Second House when well-aspected makes the nature free and generous in financial dealings with others. The person has a splendid earning capacity and will make a financial success in any business or a martial nature involving the use of fire, iron tools or machinery. It is also an indication of money by marriage or legacy, but although the money comes fast and easily, the person will not accumulate wealth as he is very generous and fond of comfort and pleasure. When Mars is afflicted in the Second House money will come just as fast as under the good aspects at times, but at other times the bad aspects make the person outrageously extravagant and inclined to be reckless in financial ventures, with the inevitable result that heavy losses are incurred and the person may find himself without a cent in the world. A competence may be made and spent several times during life. These people never give up, however, and when they have met financial disaster they immediately start to build up anew on the ruins of the old. They are then usually successful for a time again, but they can never learn to be more careful and less extravagant, hence they are always liable to repeated financial shipwreck.

   Mars in the Third House when well-aspected makes the mind keen, bright and alert, fond of argument, quick at repartee, ingenious, inventive and resourceful, with plenty of initiative and constructive ability. But when Mars is afflicted in the Third House it gives liability to accidents on short journeys, a quarrelsome nature specially liable to get into trouble with brothers, sisters and neighbors. These people are very critical towards everybody with whom they come in contact and therefore generally feared and avoided when possible.

   Mars in the Fourth House when well-aspected gives a strong constitution which is maintained unimpaired even in old age; the digestive faculty is particularly good and consequently the health and strength are rugged. It makes the native exceedingly aggressive in his efforts to "feather his nest" and accumulate property for old age and rainy day. There is also likelihood of a legacy from his parents. This is a very fortunate position, especially if Mars is in Aries, Leo or Capricorn, but if Mars is weak as in Cancer or Pisces and afflicted by square or opposition, digestive troubles or dissipation will undermine the vitality and the person will become more quarrelsome and disagreeable every day he lives. He will be liable to accident by fire in the home also to fevers and inflammatory diseases. People with Mars in this position should leave their native place as quickly as possible. This may in some measure relieve the trouble.

   Mars in the Fifth House when well-aspected gives an ardent, demonstrative love-nature. It makes the person fond of athletic exercises, sports and muscular effort, a clean, masterful man much admired by the opposite sex or a woman who is a real "pal" to her male companion. These people make excellent disciplinarians and are much beloved by their pupils if placed in positions as teachers, or better still as principals for they make much better leaders than followers. But when Mars is afflicted in the Fifth House it makes the person very fickle in his affections. It is on with the new love even before he is through with the old, an all-around flirt and therefore likely to get into a great deal of trouble. Over- indulgence of the amorous nature is liable to sap the vitality and create dangerous physical conditions. In a woman's horoscope there is grave danger of death to a child in the horoscope of either sex. People with Mars afflicted in the Fifth House are also liable to loss through gambling and speculation in stocks, bonds and securities.

   Mars in the Sixth House when well-aspected makes a quick, energetic worker who is likely to rise to prominent position in the employ of someone else, therefore the larger the firm in which he seeks employment the better. But he should not attempt to start in business for himself, for people with Mars in the Sixth House always succeed better when in the employment of someone else. This position also increases the vitality and should the person on account of other planetary configurations in the horoscope become subject to disease the dynamic energy and recuperative power of Mars will soon burn and leave it in better health than before. But a liability to trouble and quarrels with other employees or employer. Should the person be in the position of employer himself he will always be at a variance with his employees and subject to loss by theft and dishonesty through them. They will waste his goods and have no regard for his interests. An afflicted Mars in the Sixth House also gives a liability to fevers and inflammatory diseases, dangers of burns, scalds and gun-shots and accidents sustained in the course of employment.

   Mars in the Seventh House when well-aspected gives a capable, industrious and aggressive marriage partner, untiring in the promotion of the welfare of the family, a strong personality who is bound to rule but will do so in a kindly manner. This applies to both sexes, for when in a man's horoscope the marriage partner is indicated by Mars in the Seventh House she also will be masculine and will want to take the reins of government in her own hands. However, as Mars in the Seventh House gives a tendency to an early union when the parties are both plastic they accommodate themselves to these conditions more easily than if the marriage were consummated at a more mature age. But if Mars is afflicted in the Seventh House it indicates an accident or sudden death to the marriage partner who will be of a domineering, quarrelsome nature and if one of the watery signs, Cancer, Scorpio not Pisces is on the cusp he will also be a drunkard and sex addict. This latter applies particularly if Mars is afflicted in Scorpio. Then he also brings on inflammatory diseases of the genitals or rectum.

   Mars in the Eighth House and well-aspected brings financial benefit through the marriage partner or by legacy. In business it is also good for gain by partnerships, lawsuits or similar Eighth House matters. But when Mars is afflicted in the Eighth House the financial conditions grow worse after marriage through the extravagance of the marriage partner. Business partnerships and litigation should also be avoided for they are sure to bring loss. People with Mars in this position should not delay making their will for the end usually comes very sudden and unexpectedly.

   Mars in the Ninth House well-aspected gives a liberal, broad and progressive view upon all problems of life. People with Mars in this position are likely to take up some cause having for its object the social or spiritual upliftment of mankind in general and become very enthusiastic workers in the particular cult which has aroused their sympathies. They are fond of a roving life and benefit by changing from one place to another, especially by travel in foreign lands. They have a clean, clear and alert mentality and a taking way or presenting their views to others. Therefore they make good missionaries in whatever line of propaganda they take up. But if Mars is afflicted in the Ninth House he makes people bigoted and fanatical in their views, regular ranters who disgust all whom they try to afflict with their ideas, whether they are religious or atheistic. People with an afflicted Mars here should never travel, but remain in their native place for they will always be in danger of accident on journeys and however much they may be disliked in their native place they will find a still worse reception in foreign parts.

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Reference: The Message of the Stars, by Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel

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