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The Message of the Stars
by Max Heindel and
Augusta Foss Heindel
(Part 7)

XVII. Neptune, the Planet
of Divinity

  As Uranus is the octave of Venus and acts principally upon the love nature, aiming to elevate mankind in matters personal and social, so Neptune is the octave of Mercury, and altogether spiritual in its aims. As Mercury is Lightbearer of the physical Sun, so Neptune is Lightbearer for the spiritual Sun, (called Vulcan by the Western Mystics). Intellectuality, ruled by Mercury lifted us above the animal and made man, man; the Spirituality ruled by Neptune will in time raise us beyond the state of the human and make us divine.

   Neptune really signifies what we may call "the gods" commencing with the supernormal beings we know as Elder Brothers, and compassing the innumerable hosts of spiritual entities, good, bad, and indifferent, which influence our evolution. Its position and aspects denote our relation to them; malefic aspects attract agencies of a nature inimical to our welfare, benefic configurations draw upon the good forces. Thus, if Neptune is placed in the Tenth House, trine to the ascendant, the person involved will have the opportunity to become a leader or prominent in a movement along mystical lines as denoted by the exalted position of Neptune. His body will be capable of receiving the finer vibrations, and of coming in touch with the spiritual world, as denoted by the trine of the ascendant. On the other hand, when Neptune is placed in the Twelfth House, whose nature is passive and productive of suffering, that position indicates that at some time, perhaps under a square form the midheaven, the evil forces, among whom are spirit-controls, will be drawn to that person and endeavor to obtain possession of the body. the conjunction of Neptune with the ascendant will make the body sensitive and usable for spiritual purposes, as well as the trine. Given the opportunity afforded by the first aspect mentioned, the man may become a pupil of a mystery school and a factor for great good in the uplift of mankind; placed under the affliction of the second aspect, he may become a helpless tool of spirit-controls: an irresponsible medium.

   But there is one factor which is never shown in the horoscope, and that is the will of man. He is bound at some time in life to meet with the experiences denoted by his horoscope, and the opportunities there indicated will be placed before him one by one in orderly succession, as the clock of destiny marks the appropriate time; but how he, the free and independent spirit, meets that fated experience, no one can determine beforehand, and the man in whose horoscope the first mentioned benefic configuration occurs may not be sufficiently awake to the great opportunity before him to catch it on the wing, it may have flown before he realizes it was there. Yes, he may never become aware of the fact. On the other hand, the person in whose life the square indicates the assault by spiritual forces mentioned, may develop his spiritual muscle by resisting the onslaught and become a victor instead of being vanquished. Forewarned is forearmed.

   Neptune was not discovered until 1846, but we should err greatly if we supposed the influence ascribed to it fictitious on that account, for as the person born blind lacks the organs to see the sunlight and colors, so most of humanity is still lacking the sensibility which makes them amenable to the vibrations of Neptune. (See section on that subject, also on Planetary Octaves). But we are gradually developing finer feelings and becoming more able to respond to his influence. At first this influence is mostly felt by sensitives who become esotericists when of a positive nature and mediums when negative, others gain from it the cunning common alike to the criminal and the detective, or it impels the weakling to take drugs which in another manner produce dreams and visions similar to those obtained by the mediumistic process.

   Neptune strong in the figure gives a very vivid imagination and an artistic nature, poetic, musical or literary, a fondness of ease, comfort and beautiful surroundings. The person is easily swayed by the emotions, and when Neptune is afflicted may become subject to trances, fainting, hysteria, or psychic storms. There is a love of travel, preferably by water.

   When Neptune is weak by sign or afflicted it also inclines to drink or drugs, it robs the person of ambition and makes him an indolent loafer or cheat, thoroughly dishonest, or if the horoscope is otherwise good he may become the prey of other people who will rob or defraud him. People with an afflicted Neptune should particularly avoid dealings with large corporations or they may be subjected to swindles of the most fantastic nature.

Neptune in the
Twelve Houses

   Neptune in the Ascendant, or First House. Neptune is by nature esoteric, prophetic and spiritual. The Ascendant signifies the body wherein we function and thus by combination of these ideas we find that Neptune on the Ascendant will give a particularly sensitive body capable of feeling the finer vibrations in nature, and according to the aspects which the planet receives, these will be either good, bad or indifferent. If Neptune is strong and well aspected to the Sun, Jupiter or Uranus, we may judge that there is an intensely mystical nature latent in the person. Whether or not it will be developed is, of course, another question depending upon opportunity and environment. On the other hand, if Neptune is afflicted, it indicates a very low mentality, perhaps even insanity. In any case the nature is visionary, romantic and generally unpractical, at least from the worldly standard. The prophetic, inspirational and visionary faculties are usually highly developed when Neptune is unafflicted in the First House. There is a love of art and music, a desire for luxury and whatever gives power and tone to life. But when Neptune is afflicted in the First House the nature is indolent, procrastinating and changeable; perverted tastes and desires come to the front and impel to acts of indiscretion which may bring grave consequences. There is indication of prostitution of the spiritual faculties; a deceptive, dishonest disposition, also a tendency to mediumship and spirit obsession.

   Neptune in the Second House and well aspected brings gain through all things in which water plays a prominent part; also through mystic and esoteric matters and societies. But if Neptune is afflicted the financial affairs of the person will always be in an uncertain, chaotic state.

   Neptune in the Third House, when well aspected enhances the mental faculties to a considerable degree. It gives ability in the direction of inspirational writing and speaking, high ideals, a devotional mind. But when Neptune is afflicted in the Third House the mind is of a low order, cunning, sometimes imbecile and idiotic, with weird and uncanny feelings and perverted appetites. Neptune in the Third House also gives a tendency to many journeys, frequently by water, but whether or not they are successful depends upon the aspects.

   Neptune in the Fourth House, when well aspected, gives a spiritual atmosphere to the home with unusual conditions for soul-growth through the relationships there formed, but when afflicted it brings fraud and deception, unhappiness and distrust, peculiar problems and many changes of residence. There is also a liability to extreme poverty at the close of life, even confinement in a public institution of charity.

   Neptune in the Fifth House, strong and well aspected, indicates a successful courtship of one of a highly advanced spiritual nature, success as a teacher of mystic matters, and gain by investment in things ruled by Neptune, aquatic sports and any other business in which the watery element is strong.

   Neptune in the Sixth House, well aspected, is a favorable indication of latent psychic faculties which may be developed with profit from the spiritual point of view. But when afflicted it predisposes to the prostitution of spiritual faculties by mediumship, etc. Thus the person may become subject to spirit control and run grave danger of obsession. It also indicates trouble and loss through employees and a liability to chronic wasting diseases and deformity. Usually these tendencies are then accentuated by a sensuous nature and a self-indulgent manner of living.

   Neptune in the Seventh House and well aspected indicates a marriage to one of an esoteric, inspirational nature, generally a platonic union of the most soul-satisfying nature, a true companionship of two who are really mates. It also shows success as a public speaker on esoteric or mystical subjects. But when afflicted, Neptune in the Seventh House shows an emotional mediumistic, unreliable marriage partner, or there may be fraud or deception in connection with the marriage, perhaps one of the partners committing bigamy. this position also indicates one of the parasites that prey upon the public in general, or of those who become victims of public disfavor, all according to the nature of the aspects. They show whether or not this is merited.

   Neptune in the Eighth House, when well aspected, gives gain through the marriage partner, but not through the ordinary channels of business; it comes in a peculiar manner. This position is also favorable for esoteric investigation and often enables the person who has it to obtain information at at first hand. But when Neptune is afflicted in the Eighth house it brings a loss by fraud or deception of the marriage partner, financial troubles with estates or corporations and a strange, unusual ending to the life.

   Neptune in the Ninth House is very favorable for the cultivation of spiritual faculties; when well aspected, it brings strange visions and unusual intuitional forebodings and presentiments, also profit and pleasure in connection with long journeys or voyages.

   When Neptune is afflicted in the Ninth House it makes the mind fearful and anxious, always on the qui vive with vague forebodings; it inclines to travel but brings trouble in that connection, also danger of legal complication and loss on that account.

   Neptune in the Tenth House, when well aspected indicates one of high aspirations and inspirations, spiritually inclined, who has the ability to rise to leadership, fame and honor, in connection with some mystical society or in scientific research. This position of Neptune also indicates an accident to one of the parents, probably by water, while the person is still a child, but when the planet is well aspected a legacy often accrues.

   Neptune in the Tenth House and trine to the Sun or Moon are sure signs of the ability to cultivate the spiritual sight in this life. A number of well-known seers have this aspect.

   When Neptune is afflicted in the Tenth House it indicates fraud, deception and dishonesty which in time will bring their reward of sorrow, trouble and scandal.

   Neptune in the Eleventh House and well aspected shows a person of high spiritual aspirations and the ability to attract others of a similar nature who will be of help to him in realizing his desires, hopes and wishes. When Neptune is afflicted in the Eleventh House it indicates deception and treachery on the part of people who pose as friends; this will bring loss and trouble. Therefore people with this position should be particularly careful whom they cultivate and admit their friendship.

   Neptune in the Twelfth House, well aspected, brings success in research work of a scientific or esoteric nature which is carried on in secret or far from the haunts of men. It also indicates a secret soul-satisfying or clandestine but honorable relationship with someone which will bring benefit to both and it not infrequently happens that this friend is in the spirit world, but the relations is much more close in such cases than it can ever be between friends who are both in the physical body. When Neptune is afflicted in the Twelfth House it gives a liability to confinement and restraint in a public institution such as a hospital, asylum, or prison, on account of secret but powerful enemies, a chronic and noisome disease or insanity due to perverted practices.

Neptune In The
Twelve Signs

   Neptune in Aries, when well aspected fills a person with religious enthusiasm, though not always of the orthodox kind, and gives him the energy and ambition to push forward to the front rank in whatever line of thought and belief he espouses. There is a desire to elevate humanity to a higher and more noble plane of life and on that account this configuration or position usually brings the person forward as a public character or more or less importance, according to the general aspects and tenor of the horoscope.

   But when afflicted, Neptune in Aries brings out the destructive tendencies. There is a similar desire to raise humanity to realms of happiness, but the methods are anarchistic and it incites to murder of those whom the person conceives to be the enemies of society, by bomb plot or assassination, and lays the person liable to imprisonment on account of conspiracy against the government or others in authority.

   Neptune in Taurus gives a kindly, companionable disposition and an inclination towards the beautiful and artistic in nature. He is fond of music and the pleasures of life. This is also a good omen for the acquisition of land or property. But when Neptune is afflicted in Taurus it gives a sensuous and passionate nature and a strong tendency to gourmandize which in time is bound to bring trouble and sorrow in its wake.

   Neptune in Gemini, well aspected, is one of the best indications of unusual mental faculties, for Neptune is the octave of Mercury the planet of mind, logic and reason. Hence this position develops the esoteric, prophetic and inspirational faculties. It makes the person sensitive to the finer intuitional and inspirational vibrations in nature. It is the signature of genius in one direction or another according to the conditions in the horoscope. It gives the gift of oratory and unusual literary ability, and makes the person a fine mechanician or mathematician; in short, there is no field of endeavor where mental ingenuity is required, that the person with Neptune in Gemini, well aspected, does not excel.

   But when Neptune is afflicted in Gemini it indicates inability to concentrate to any good purpose. The mind is restless, chaotic and wavering, inclined to cunning, fraud and deception, or at best it makes the person a visionary and a dreamer who is apt to become the dupe of others. There is generally trouble with brothers, sisters and neighbors who cordially dislike the person in whose horoscope this aspect is found.

   Neptune in Cancer, when well aspected, gives an intuitive, sympathetic and lovable nature quick to understand the sorrows and joys of others and ready to feel for them or with them. Hence these people are generally very much liked, both in the home and in their immediate circle of acquaintances. This position also brings them in touch with the finer forces of nature and enables them to cultivate such spiritual faculties as psychometry and a species of intuition whereby they can get in touch with whomsoever or whatsoever they wish for the help and benefit of others. They are very versatile in the spiritual direction and may reach great heights by devotion, which is strongly expressed in them. But when Neptune is afflicted in Cancer it gives a very self-indulgent disposition which generally exerts a baneful influence in the home, perhaps more by inuendo than by direct malicious expression. This position also gives peculiar tastes and appetites which are apt to cause great trouble to the alimentative system and there is a strong inclination for drugs or drink.

   Neptune in Leo, when well aspected, gives a generous, sympathetic and warm-hearted disposition, a sociable nature, fond of pleasures and artistic pursuits. These people have considerable ability and success in educational pursuits because of an intimate understanding of the nature of others and the faculty of imparting to them whatever knowledge they possess themselves. They are very conscientious in their dealings with others and successful in affairs of the heart.

   But when Neptune is afflicted in Leo it makes the nature super- sensual and therefore liable to disappointments in love. These people are governed by impulse rather than by reason; they lack the stamina to face an issue, are cowardly, fickle and not to be depended upon; they incur a general dislike among their acquaintances.

   Neptune in Virgo. Mercury, the planet of mind, reason and logic is exalted in Virgo, and the esoteric, prophetic, inspirational, spiritual, devotional and musical Neptune is the octave of Mercury, hence the blending of the Mercurial and Neptunian qualities produced by Neptune in Virgo gives exceptionally fine mental faculties with the addition of inspiration, prophetic ability, devotion to high ideals when Neptune is well aspected, for Neptune adds gentleness and sympathy to the cold Mercury; though such people are rather odd in their ideas and inclinations, especially with respect to marriage, which they usually regard from the platonic standpoint. If Neptune is afflicted in Virgo it gives hypochondriac tendencies and an imagination of having all the ills and ailments in the universe which makes the person's life miserable. There is also a tendency to become the plaything of spirit controls, not only with respect to mediumship but such people are liable to direct obsession and when this calamity has once occurred it is very difficult to free the body from the obsessing entity.

   Neptune in Libra, when well aspected, gives a musical, poetic and artistic temperament and indicates a union of a highly spiritual nature which will be of great comfort and satisfaction to the person. When Neptune is afflicted in Libra, there is a tendency to clandestine, unconventional and illegitimate relations, either of the person himself or of the marriage partner, according to the nature of the aspects to Neptune. It indicates a weak and over-emotional nature which incurs and merits the dislike for those in its immediate environment.

   Neptune in Scorpio, well aspected, gives a desire to delve into the secrets of nature and thus it is a good position for those who work in scientific or esoteric research. It gives energy, enthusiasm and inspirational perception beyond the realm of reason and augurs successful accomplishment of whatever is undertaken. But when afflicted it gives a terrible temper, a sensuous and passionate nature, an inordinate desire for drink or drugs and a tendency to drowning either by accident or design.

   Neptune in Sagittarius, when well aspected increases the inspirational, devotional and religious tendencies in the horoscope. It brings dreams, visions, and esoteric experiences. There is love of travel and a great enjoyment of the pleasures thus obtained. When Neptune is afflicted in Sagittarius the subjects become liable to fears and forebodings; dreams of danger and visions of distress prey upon the mind, making life miserable. Sometimes they have great desires to travel but are unable to gratify them, or if they do they have trouble or accidents to contend with.

   Neptune in Capricorn, when well aspected gives a serious and contemplative nature, able to concentrate upon whatever matters come before it, hence such people are successful, keen and far-sighted business men, usually working on a large scale, or if the nature of the other aspects of the horoscope draws them toward secret work they make excellent detectives capable of solving the most intricate problems, or researchers along psychic lines; in fact they excel in any occupation where deep thought and concentration are the keys to success.

   But when Neptune is afflicted in Capricorn it makes the nature melancholy, secretive and very often deceitful. These people are generally recluses and shun the society of their fellow-men.

   Neptune in Aquarius, when well aspected, gives an altruistic or utopian disposition with a desire to emancipate the whole world from whatever social, mental, moral or physical ills the person may be able to perceive. Hence these people are usually too far in advance of their time and age to be understood. They are regarded as dreamers and visionaries, idealists and, as in a sense, dangerous to society because of their originality and independence of conventions. At the same time they are very popular with the most progressive people in society. They easily apprehend Nature's finer forces and are therefore the pioneers in exploration of hitherto undreamed-of fields.

   When Neptune is afflicted in Aquarius it gives similar ideas and ideals in regard to conventions. But it is only too liable to bring such people and their lives into discredit and disgrace.

   Neptune in Pisces, when well aspected gives a love of mysticism and a tendency to investigate the esoteric. Sometimes these people develop their spiritual faculties and obtain first-hand knowledge. They are compassionate towards others, unobtrusive, retiring in their manner, well liked also often the recipients of aid from others, cheerfully and willingly given.

   When Neptune is afflicted in Pisces the person is liable to suffer through mediumship, obsession and deception of secret enemies. There is danger of imprisonment and a tendency to indulge in drink or drugs which will end in sorrow and self-undoing.

Neptune in Aspect With Other Planets

   The Sun sextile or trine to Neptune favors the possibility of developing spiritual faculties, for Neptune intensifies the higher vibrations in the aura and as some express themselves best through music these aspects make them unusually sensitive to echoes from the heaven world, which is the realm of tone. Many people with these configurations hear the harmony of the spheres and if Mercury, the lower octave of Neptune, gives the requisite dexterity they become musicians of a high inspirational nature. In others it breeds a love of esotericism which leads them into the higher life, but they usually approach it from the intellectual standpoint as psychic investigators. A few live the life and obtain first-hand knowledge.

   The Sun parallel, conjunction, square or opposition to Neptune also brings the person in touch with the denizens of the invisible world by raising the vibrations in his aura, but these configurations attract the undesirable element such as are seen at the ordinary spiritualistic séance. In a watery sign Neptune induces the person to drink to excess and then the resulting acceleration of the vibratory rate frequently causes such a person to perceive the ugly and gruesome forms abounding in the lower realms of the invisible world, which are real elemental entities and not figments of his fancy as believed by people who hear him tell what he sees during delirium tremens.

   Venus sextile or trine to Neptune makes an inspirational musician. It gives a fertile imagination and deep emotions, a nature that is pure and chaste, hence occasionally it leads to platonic unions and companionship of the most ecstatic nature.

   Venus conjunction or parallel to Neptune is to be judged on the same line as indicated in the cases of Mars and Uranus.

   Venus square or opposition to Neptune makes the person liable to sorrow, loss and trouble, especially through the marriage partner or anyone else in whom he trusts. People with these aspects should be particularly careful to avoid anything which has in it an element of chance or speculation for they are sure to lose, especially in dealing with large companies or corporations.

   Mercury in conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Neptune makes a man peculiarly adapted to esotericism, particularly if the conjunction occurs in the Third or Ninth House or the trines are from watery signs — Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Such people usually succeed in esoteric science and often develop a supernormal faculty. They are particularly good as magnetic healers.

   Mercury square or opposition to Neptune gives a chaotic mind, liability to lack of memory, indolence and a disposition to dream the time away. There is a restless desire for fame frustrated by inability to fit in anywhere. Such people are liable to fraud, deception and slander, also to temptation to suicide.

   The Moon sextile or trine to Neptune increases the faculty of imagination to a superlative degree, especially if either of the planets is in the Ninth House. Then it favors prophetic dreams and visions which bring the person into contact with the invisible worlds. It indicates ability in the esoteric arts and success in their practice. It makes the nature exceedingly inspirational and it also gives a kind and sympathetic disposition. The spiritual qualities mentioned may not be apparent even to the person himself, but them they re latent and capable of development. It is also safe to say that at some time or other during the life persons with these aspects will come in contact with esotericism and be very much attracted, whether the qualities of the soul are developed or not.

   The Moon conjunction or parallel to Neptune< indicates the same strong psychic faculties as the good aspects, particularly if Neptune is placed in the psychic sign Cancer. Those who have been norm with the good configurations of Neptune during the fourteen years when it was in the airy scientific sign Gemini are now conquering the air and perfecting scientific inventions which will make us marvel, but the children who have been born under favorable configurations during the fourteen years Neptune has been going through the psychic sign Cancer are growing up around us as a band of mystics and when they have reached mature years they will astonish us with their spiritual insight and power. Among other things they will develop the soul of music in a hitherto unprecedented manner.

   The Moon square or opposition to Neptune is also an indication of the soul qualities similar to those given by the good aspects, but under the former aspects the person will be of a negative nature and is apt to become the prey of spirit-controls and subjected to mediumship, therefore people with those aspects should be very careful not to attend spiritualistic seances, "sit in silence" or use other methods of esoteric development.

   Saturn sextile or trine to Neptune is good for success in worldly affairs for it brings out the saturnine virtues, forethought, honor, self- reliance, determinations, system et cetera, by which the person gains the confidence and esteem of others, but the principal effect is spiritual and therefore only felt by those who are able to respond because of other aspects in the horoscope. To them it gives the ability to delve deeply into esoteric and mystical subjects, also to become proficient in the art and practice thereof.

   Saturn conjunction or parallel to Neptune has the same effect as the good aspects when it occurs in a sign where either of the planets are strong as Neptune is in Cancer and Pisces and Saturn in Libra and Capricorn.

   Saturn square or opposition to Neptune lays the person liable to loss by deception, treachery or fraud in worldly matters and if he should undertake to investigate or practise esotericism he is liable to become the prey of spirit-controls and be led into mediumship with consequent danger to the health, and liability to attempt suicide.

   Jupiter sextile or trine to Neptune gives an inspirational mystical nature and ability to fill a position connected with esoteric orders, that is to say, where the character is sufficiently developed so that Neptune can make the influence felt for then this position brings out all the noblest and most spiritual strength of both planets, and esoteric experiences are not infrequently the result. At any rate, during the sleeping hours these people are quite active and conscious in the invisible worlds and often bring experiences back with them as dreams or visions.

   Jupiter conjunction or parallel to Neptune gives an influence similar to that of the good aspects when Neptune and Jupiter are not afflicted, but if they are in a weak sign and aspecting the other planets by square or opposition them the influence is similar to that of the bad aspects of Jupiter and Neptune.

   Jupiter square or opposition to Neptune indicates lack of control of the emotions. The person is sensitive to the influences of the borderland between the seen and the unseen worlds but they are often of an awe-inspiring and disgusting type, hence apt to cause hysterical conditions, involuntary trance and kindred disorders attendant upon negative psychism, but from a material standpoint it gives danger of fraud through speculation or large companies and dealing with predatory interests should therefore be avoided.

  Mars sextile or trine to Neptune intensifies the emotional nature and gives a leaning toward the study and practice of esotericism and mysticism. When other testimonies in the horoscope concur, the martial energy directed toward the psychic subjects denoted by Neptune often helps the person very materially in his aim to penetrate into the invisible worlds in a conscious manner.

  Mars conjunction, square, parallel, or opposition to Neptune makes the nature coarse and sensual, impulsive and irascible, militant and extravagant in speech and action, self-indulgent to a degree in whatever direction his passions may lead him and unable to exercise restraint over himself in any direction. It gives a fanatical spirit which may express itself in either religion or atheism and under favorable conditions such people are liable to become victims of discarnate spirits who may either use them as a medium or by obsessing them. It gives a tendency to lawlessness and participation in anarchistic schemes or plots.

   Uranus sextile or trine to Neptune gives inclination towards the esoteric or mystical side of life, and if either is placed in the Tenth House the person usually becomes a leader or authority in these lines, he wins at least local recognition and if other testimonies concur his fame will be national or international. Such an aspect will bring direct tough with the spiritual world and success in dealing with inhabitants of that plane. It produces dreams and visions of a prophetic and inspirational nature, strengthens the healing powers and will consequently enable the person to do a great deal of good for his suffering fellow-men. These aspects give a highly developed intuition which amounts almost to mind-reading. There is a love of travel and exploration of the physical world as well as of nature's finer realms. Nor are such people altogether dreamers, they have a strong will with excellent executive and organizing powers which will aid them in realizing their hopes, wishes and ambitions to rise in life and be at the forefront of whatever profession they select.

   Uranus conjunction or parallel to Neptune are convertible aspects; if the planets are well placed by sign and otherwise well afflicted, their effect will be similar to the sextile or trine, though not so pronounced, but if they are cadent, weak by sign, and afflicted they are only a little less evil than when aspected by square or opposition.

   Uranus square or opposition to Neptune brings underhanded, deceptive influences into the life which aim to undermine the reputation and make the person suffer scandal and public disfavor, sudden and unaccountable reverses in business are met with, or trouble in social affairs. There is the same love of travel and exploration as given by the good aspects but the person cannot accomplish his aims with the same facility, or if he does it is to his disadvantage and brings added trouble He is also drawn towards the esoteric or mystic side of life, but his path is beset by dangers of mediumship and obsession and all through life he is filled with a vague dread of impending disaster which he can neither account for nor dispel by will or reason, hence uncertainty overshadows the life as a cloud and robs him of peace and contentment.

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XVIII. The Doctrine of
Delineation in a Nutshell

  Students of the Stellar Science will find the following Table very useful in delineating horoscopes for though the planets confer many more characteristics than there given, as shown in the general reading which opens the section wherein the places and aspects of each planet are given, the following keywords give in a succinct manner the quintessence of the characteristics conferred by each planet according to whether it is well or ill aspected.

   When the student has mastered the meaning of the positions and aspects of the various planets as given in the preceding sections he or she may with the greatest of ease give a good delineation of the effect of each aspect by combining the key-words in this Table and elaborating upon them. For instance, if reading a horoscope where the Sun is trine Saturn, put down the description given in the Table as follows:

   "The vital, venturesome and authoritative Sun trine the deliberative, persevering, tactful, cautious, methodical and thoughtful Saturn (then elaborate) will give John a tenacious hold on life and endow him with both courage and caution, so that while he may seem venturesome at times he will always carefully calculate the obstacles to be overcome and not attempt anything foolhardy, but accomplish his object once he has decided to go ahead. He will be systematic, orderly and methodical, also persevering in whatever he undertakes after due deliberation and forethought, hence his efforts will generally be brought to a successful issue. In dealing with others he will be thoughtful and tactful, hence usually able to obtain his desires by diplomacy. On account of these qualities he will be generally successful in life and he will lay up a fair fortune, for Saturn is also the planet of acquisitiveness."

   In a similar manner students may combine the key-words of all the other planets and aspects from this Table and elaborate on them as they can. This will enable them to give a good reading of any horoscope with a little practice. For further practical demonstration of this method students are advised to study the children's horoscopes in Rays from the Rose Cross, where the writer makes use of it every month. These horoscopes are a mine of instruction which not student desiring to perfect himself in the stellar science can afford to be without. The key-words will bring to his mind what has been said about the general nature of the planets under consideration; this he may combine with the nature of the signs and houses where the planets are placed if a very full reading is desired.

Table of Planetary

  Sun sextile or trine: The vital, venturesome, dignified and authoritative Sun.

  Sun square or opposition: The lazy, ambitionless, despotic and cowardly Sun.

  Venus sextile or trine: The harmonious, artistic, beautiful, lovely, cheerful and suave Venus.

  Venus square or opposition: The dissolute, sensual, vulgar, slothful, loud and lazy Venus.

  Mercury sextile or trine: The quick-witted, versatile, eloquent, literary, adroit and dexterous Mercury.

  Mercury square or opposition: The restless, shiftless, profane, gossipy, demagogic, dishonest, untruthful, forgetful, and clumsy Mercury.

  Moon sextile or trine: The magnetic, imaginative, plastic and changeable Moon.

  Moon square or opposition: The negative, procrastinating, dreamy, vacillating, visionary, frivolous, childish and worrisome Moon.

  Saturn sextile or trine: The cautious, deliberate, methodical, persevering, tactful, thoughtful and thrifty Saturn.

  Saturn square or opposition: The malicious, materialistic, melancholy, pessimistic, avaricious, obstructive, secretive and worrisome Saturn.

  Jupiter sextile or trine: The law-abiding, charitable, conservative, reverent, optimistic, opulent and benevolent Jupiter.

  Jupiter square or opposition: The indolent, procrastinating, bombastic, ostentatious, prodigal, dissipated and lawless Jupiter.

  Mars sextile or trine: The gallant, enterprising, energetic, enthusiastic and constructive Mars.

  Mars square or opposition: The coarse, combative, egotistic, discordant, destructive, passionate, audacious, impulsive and hot-tempered Mars.

  Uranus sextile or trine: The advanced, romantic, original, independent, liberty-loving and inventive Uranus.

  Uranus square or opposition: The licentious, unconventional, fanatical and irresponsible Uranus.

  Neptune sextile or trine: The esoteric, prophetic, inspirational, spiritual, devotional and musical Neptune.

  Neptune square or opposition: The fraudulent, vague, deceptive, dishonest and mediumistic Neptune.
The Strength and Weakness
of the Planets
Shown by Elevation, Exaltation,
Critical Degrees, etc.

   The foregoing delineation of the effects and influences of the planets in the various houses and signs, also by aspect and position such as parallel and conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition, are subject to wide modification according to the other configurations of the horoscope, and according to whether the planets are essentially dignified or in their detriment, exalted or in fall, or placed in critical degrees. The following table of planetary powers will show at a glance the signs in which the various planets are strong or weak; and when the student known in what sign a planet rules or is exalted it is only necessary to remember that it has its fall or detriment in the opposite sign. Thus the Sun rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. Hence it is very powerful in those signs, and as the opposite signs are Aquarius and Libra it is at once apparent that when placed in these signs the Sun is comparatively weak. Another important factor which it is necessary to take into consideration is elevation. The closer a planet is to the Midheaven, the more highly it is elevated and the more powerful it is. Consulting the table of planetary powers we find that Mars rules Aries and is exalted in Capricorn. Let us suppose that in a horoscope, Mars is found placed close to the Midheaven in Aries or Capricorn and square to the Sun which is near the Ascendant. Then the evil will be very much greater than if Mars were in Libra or Cancer, the signs of his fall and detriment, and the Sun placed in the Midheaven elevated above Mars. Similarly, if the Sun were placed in Aries, its exaltation sign, close to the Midheaven in high elevation and trine to Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, then both planets are very strong and their effect would be much more marked than if they were placed in the signs of their fall and debility. By memorizing this table and bearing in mind the matter of elevation, the student will be able to form a much more accurate judgment of the effect of planets in any particular horoscope than if this is not taken into consideration.

Table of Planetary

Planet: Rules: Detriment: Exaltation: Fall:
Sun Leo Aquarius Aries 19 Deg. Libra
Venus Taurus, Libra Scorpio, Aries Pisces 27 Virgo
Mercury Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius, Pisces Virgo 15 Pisces
Moon Cancer Capricorn Taurus 3 Scorpio
Saturn Capricorn, Aquarius Cancer, Leo Libra 21 Aries
Jupiter Pisces, Sagittarius Virgo, Gemini Cancer 15 Capricorn
Mars Aries, Scorpio Libra, Taurus Capricorn 28 Cancer
Uranus Aquarius Leo Scorpio Taurus
Neptune Pisces Virgo Cancer Capricorn

Critical Degrees

   Another division of the Zodiac which it is easy to remember and important to take into consideration is based upon the message of the Moon from the first degree of Aries through the twelve signs. It takes the Moon about 28 days to go around the Zodiac and she moves with an average velocity of 13 degrees. Thus if we start with the first point of Aries and measure one day's travel, the second day will commence at the 13th degree and the third at the 26th; the fourth commences at 9 degrees of Taurus and the fifth day she starts at 21 degrees of the same sign; on the sixth day she reaches 4 degrees of Gemini; on the seventh day she starts at 17 degrees of Gemini and completes the first quarter by reaching the cusp of Cancer on the morning of the eighth day. It is evident that she will strike the same degrees of the signs composing the other three quarters during the three weeks it takes her to complete the circuit, and thus we may easily memorize the critical degrees in the following manner:

   In the Cardinal Signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the first, thirteenth, and twenty-sixth degrees are critical.

   In the Fixed Signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, the ninth and twenty-first degrees are critical.

   In the Common Signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, the fourth and seventeenth degrees are critical.

   It has been found that when a planet is within orb of three degrees of one of these critical points it exercises a much stronger influence in the life than it would otherwise. Therefore students will also do well to remember this and should a planet be in a sign of fall or detriment, but in a critical degree, it is thereby strengthened and will do more good or bad according to its nature and the aspect it has. On the other hand, if a planet is in its exaltation sign, highly elevated and in a critical degree, its aspects will be exceedingly powerful and make themselves felt much more in the life than would otherwise be the case.

Mercury Before and
After the Sun

   Another important point which is only too often overlooked is the position of Mercury with regard to the Sun. When Mercury is in a lower degree of the same sign as occupied by the Sun, or in any degree of a preceding sign, he rises before the Sun and, so to speak, carries the rays of the Day Star forward. But when he is placed in a higher degree of the same sign as the Sun or in the sign following that occupied by the Sun, then he rises after the Orb of Day and is, so to speak, overshadowed. Therefore it has been found that when Mercury, the planet of mind, logic and reason, rises before the Sun, it gives a keener, better intellect than when he follows the luminary.

Are You Helping
Your Stars?

   One not infrequently hears students of Astrology express their annoyance at the way the stars work. They complain that the evil directions are always on time and marked in their effect, while very often the good directions seem to have little or not influence and they wonder why. Have you ever realized that you cannot possibly get something for nothing, any more than you can create something out of nothing. This holds good whether you want a loaf of bread, a position, favors, or anything else. If at any time you seem to get something without paying for it, you will have to settle later, and settle with interest, for it is nature's law of Justice that nothing is given for nothing. There must be an equivalent in one way or another; the scales may be tipped in one direction for a long time, but as surely as the pendulum swings equally to one side of the neutral point, so surely will the scales of justice swing, and swing until the balance is reached.

   This holds good in Astrology; it is said that "God helps the man who helps himself;" you may also say that the stars help the man who helps himself, for they are God's ministers and it should always be remembered that the stars show tendencies, they mark times when opportunities are ripe, but they never under any circumstances compel anyone to act in this, that or the other manner. But neither are the directions haphazard events, they are lessons and experiences for us, of which we may avail ourselves, or not, as we choose within certain limits. For instance, the Moon comes to a square of Mars, and it will bring to us an opportunity to lose our temper, and get into trouble thereby, then when the trouble is over and we sit down to reflect on the occurrence we will most likely say to ourselves: Well, what fools we were to allow a little thing like that to play havoc with our happiness. On the other hand if the Astrological student uses his knowledge in the proper manner, then he should know what the effect of the Moon square Mars will be, he should resolve beforehand to be calm and say: Here is an opportunity for me to rule my stars. I am going to keep my temper well under control so that no matter what happens, I shall maintain my equilibrium. Then, when the opportunity comes along to lose his temper he may stand firm. Although he may feel the passions surging within, he may stand outwardly quiet, keep a cool head and when the danger is past he will have gained a victory and learned the lesson which it was intended he should learn. Or suppose it is a square of the Moon to Saturn; this will cause people to worry and look upon the dark side of life, but the astrological student may say to himself when such a configuration is approaching: No, I am not going to worry; worry will not help matters, it hinders, because it takes from me all my strength, wherewith otherwise I could overcome conditions. I am going to look at the bright side of the matter and see what I can do to remedy this trouble.

   As a matter of fact most of the things we worry about never come to pass, and if the student can learn under this planetary direction to keep his equilibrium, to stop worrying, then he has ruled his stars and learned an important lesson. Thus, if he helps his stars be learning the lessons which they re endeavoring to teach him, the evil directions will not have the same power over him as if he simply sits down and folds his hands saying: "Well, I cannot help it, I am under the evil directions and naturally things are bound to go wrong in every particular." There is in the horoscope a dominant factor, namely, the Individual Will; bear in mind that the horoscope shows only tendencies and it has no power whatever to compel you; compulsion is from within yourself. You, in the final analysis, are the dominant factor in that horoscope, and can by an exercise of sufficient will power rule your stars. It is admitted that we are all weak, and therefore not able to exercise the necessary will power at all times; but that is exactly why these evil directions are sent to us, to enable us to cultivate a stronger will to do the right thing at the right time and it depends upon ourselves whether we shall be compelled by circumstances from without or by our own will from within. Surely that is the proper way, and astrological students above all other people ought to be able to guide their lives safely amid the rocks and shoals of existence, because they have proper warning, they know what is coming, and they should prepare for it.

   On the other hand it is asked: Why do the good directions not bring a corresponding measure of benefit? And the answer to that question is, for the same lack of co-operation. It is as absolutely necessary to help our stars in one direction as to hinder them in the other. Are you out of a position with perhaps the family exchequer running low and no means in sight wherewith to replenish it; but your hopes centered upon a strong favorable direction such as perhaps a trine of the progressed Moon to the ruler of the Sixth House or the Sun? Under these conditions you feel sure, from an astrological standpoint, that you are going to obtain a good position which will put you on easy street. Very well, you may be sure that the opportunity will come, but do not expect it to be laid in your lap without a single effort on your part; if a thing is worth having it is worth going after, it is worth making the very best efforts to get it; do not neglect any detail, dress yourself carefully, but not showily when you go to see the person who has it in his power to bestow the favor, remember, first impressions are important; have all your ammunition ready in the shape of recommendations and everything else that you would have were you not depending upon an astrological aspect to help you get the position. Use every proper means if impressing the prospective employer with your ability and you may depend that your effort will be successful, for you have helped your stars, you have grasped your opportunity. Or, are you about to embark in a business venture with some one else and you feel very confident because the Moon is trine to the Sun and Venus in the Seventh House? Be careful that you do not lay aside your caution on that account, thinking that under such a direction no one can come into your partnership who is not all right. If you do, you neglect your part and you will have no reason whatever to blame the stars if later on it is shown that the person is not all you expected him to be. Nothing is needed in the world today in the same degree that we need common sense, and this applies to the department of astrology, as well as to every other department of life. Opportunity may be likened to a toboggan slide between ourselves and our desires; it is necessary for us to make an adequate initial effort in order to launch our sled upon this incline, but once we have done our part, then everything will go along swimmingly under favorable directions, for then the stars are with us to impress others in our behalf, or to strengthen our penetrative power so that we may know what is best for us.

   If you want to know positively the power of directions, even transits, as will call the actual position of the stars in the sky, take an ephemeris and note the moon's aspects for the current month. When the Moon is in opposition to Mars you will find in people a general lack of energy and ambition, they would rather tear down than build. When we have a conjunction of Mars and the Moon, people will be active and energetic, but impulse rather than common sense will govern, hence they will accomplish little good, and may do harm without intention. But when the Moon and Mars are trine, there will be a general desire among people to do something of a constructive nature, and they will meet with success in such efforts. And last, but not least, when the Moon is square to Mars it will make people irritable, quarrelsome, destructive, ready to fly at each other, unreasonable and unmanageable.
XIX. Mind and the
Ruling Planet

When we wish to study the character, disposition and temperament of anyone we must first realize that the mind is the keystone of the arch of the human personality. But character, disposition and temperament do not depend so much upon the quality of mind, whether it be keen, sharp, and alert or slow and plodding, as upon what channels it takes for its expression. Intellects of the first magnitude are sometimes put to perverted use to the detriment of the community and the individual who thus misuses his divine heritage, while a slow and very inferior mind may minister to many in lowly but loving meekness and reap sheaves of soul-growth thereby. Thus it is not sufficient to determine the quality of the mentality; we must also ascertain what is the channel of its expression. To judge that or any other matter thoroughly really involves consideration of the horoscope as a whole, separately and apart from its bearing upon all other matters. But in a general way the character and disposition may be learned fro the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ascendant and the ruling planets.

   It has become the custom of many astrologers to take the lord of the rising sign as the ruler of the horoscope. That is correct in Medical Astrology because the Ascendant represents the body, but when we want to judge the character which is the combination of all the forces focused through the horoscopical wheel of life the matter is different. Then we must find what planet has the most dominant influence in the life and that is then the life ruler regardless of whether or not it is the ruler of the Ascendant. To find that planet look first to the lord of the Ascendant. If he is elevated, essentially dignified or angular and strongly aspected, remember, it matters not whether the aspects are good or bad as long as they are close and plentiful (for if it were only the good aspects that made the ruler then there would be only good people in the world. But we know that there are people of all shades of character and therefore it is necessary to select the ruler according to the aspects, regardless of whether they are good or bad), and above all, if the aspects are close, then the lord of the Ascendant is also the ruling planet, for he will exercise the most potent influence in the life.

   On the other hand if another planet is more highly elevated than the ruler of the Ascendant, if it is exalted, essentially dignified or placed in an angle and its aspects re more plentiful or closer than the aspects of the lord of the Ascendant, the judge that that planet will be the ruler of the horoscope and exercise a dominant influence in the life regardless of the fact that it is not the ruler of the rising sign.

   But if there are two planets running neck-and-neck in the race for rulership, so to speak, with no strongly marked difference in favor of one or the other so that it is difficult to make a choice, do not utterly discard one and choose the other, for then they will both be very active in the life and must be classed as co-rulers.
The Influence of
Ruling Planets

Well Aspected

The Sun as Ruling Planet

   When the vital, courageous and ambitious well aspected Sun is ruler, it gives dignity to the whole nature, a lofty price that would not stoop to do anything small, mean or degrading, a fine and noble courage that may show itself on occasion as much by disdainfully ignoring the attacks of an adversary whom he considers too far beneath his notice as by a fight to the death for a principle. There is an intense craving for recognition and leadership which will make it very difficult for him to occupy a subordinate position; also an intense warm-hearted, affectionate and demonstrative nature.

Venus As Ruling Planet

   When the refined, luxurious and musical well aspected Venus is ruler of the horoscope it gives tender, loving, even amorous nature which craves love as we all desire air, for love is the very life breath of such people. They are extremely fond of children and usually have many pets which serve as avenues for their expression of love. They are also pleasure-loving and fond of social intercourse, neat and artistic in their ideas and in the decoration of their homes. They love jewelry and anything else that adds beauty to the life; they are luxurious in all their tastes, very amiable and much beloved by all; their greatest faults is an inordinate love of ease and an aversion to soiling their hands.

Mercury As Ruling Planet

   When Mercury the planet of reason, expression and dexterity is the well aspected life ruler it gives a keen, quick-witted mind which craves knowledge as a thirsty man craves water and absorbs it as readily, a mind that solves, apparently without effort, the most intricate problems. Thus there is ability in the various branches of mental endeavor, science and literature, but these people are also very apt and forceful orators and have an extraordinary dexterity so that they can usually turn their hands to anything. They are fond of traveling and very successful as salesmen and agents.

The Moon as Ruling Planet

   When the romantic, imaginative and restless well aspected Moon is the life ruler, the people born under its influence are indeed rolling stones and far fields always look greenest to them. Therefore they have an overwhelming desire for travel and change which generally does not permit them to stay in one place longer than necessary to earn the money which will enable them to go to the next. They have a most vivid and fanciful imagination and a romantic nature entirely foreign to any practical endeavor; listless, restless and unstable as the tide that comes and goes, flotsam and jetsam upon the sea of life. They are generally mediumistic, though usually unconsciously so, but are otherwise quite harmless through utterly irresponsible and untrustworthy where anything requiring an effort is concerned.

Saturn As Ruling Planet

   When the serious, sagacious and profound well aspected Saturn is life ruler, the people born under its influence are of a profoundly thoughtful, serious nature. They have a keen sense of responsibility and are full of forethought, hence trustworthy and reliable advisors; they are systematic, orderly, and have good executive ability, frugal in their tastes, thrifty and saving; just to a degree, but their justice is cruel, hard and untempered but the slightest degree of mercy. They are chaste, sober and exemplary in their lives but they have neither mercy nor pity for those who are unable to overcome faults or habits or who otherwise become delinquent to the laws of society. They care little or nothing for pleasure or the society of others and generally keep their own counsel and company; they are highly respected, esteemed and trusted in the community but neither care for nor merit the LOVE of their fellow men.

Jupiter As Ruling Planet

   When the jovial, genial and generous well aspected Jupiter is life ruler, the people born under his influence are ensouled by a great desire for honor, respect and esteem in their community. Therefore they aspire to be pillars in the church, legal lights, or to fill an honored position in the pulpit; failing this they enter by preference one of the progressions as lawyer or doctor. They are cordial, genial people with a jovial smile and a hearty handshake that make one glad to meet them wherever the go, so they are always welcome. They are law-abiding and just but inclined to temper their justice with mercy; and while they themselves live lives beyond reproach they are kind, forgiving and lenient to those of a weaker morality whose lives are smirched by sin and crime, hence they are philanthropic and always ready to give to charity and benevolent work. They are not only respected and esteemed but beloved in the community where they reside.

Mars As The
Ruling Planet

   When the enthusiastic, energetic, constructive and militant Mars is the well aspected life ruler, the people born under the influence of this dynamic rays are eager for the fray and battle of life. They are ensouled with an ardent desire to conquer the world. To them it does not so much matter what they do so long as it affords an adequate outlet for the constructive energy which, figuratively speaking, threatens to burst them unless released. The bigger and more difficult the undertaking, the more they exult; hence they become the pioneers and pathfinders of civilization, the engineers and contractors who build our cities and the highways and byways that connect them, who develop the resources of the world and turn them over to others to use. They are extremely impatient of restraint and will brook no interference with their plans or methods. These people govern others and bend them to their will by the whiplash of sheer force for they have neither tact nor diplomacy but win by the merit of might. They earn money easily and spend it as lavishly and foolishly. They are extremely extravagant and when reverses come they are down and out for the time being but they never stay down, the indomitable inner force soon accomplishes rehabilitation and with it the old reckless ways of living reassert themselves. They are generally foolhardy to a degree, hence liable to accidents and a violent end.

Uranus As
Ruling Planet

   When the original, romantic and eccentric well aspected Uranus is life ruler the character is idealistic, unconventional and utopian. These people are generally out of patience with the conventional ways of living and determined i their efforts and endeavors to break the shackles of society and live a bohemian life. They are full of fads and given to usually beliefs, too advanced for the majority. At the same time they are pioneers of a new age in which many of the ideas we now consider utopian will be modified so that they will be held by all. These people are also the inventors of the world, in touch with the higher worlds where ideas merge from the Divine Mind to impinge upon the minds of those who are sufficiently sensitive to grasp them and bring them to birth for the use of humanity. The Uranians are very headstrong and always ready with an argument to defend their ideas and secure a convert to their cults; odd in dress, in food, in ideas, they are a class apart.

Neptune As
Ruling Planet

   When the esoteric and mystical well aspected Neptune is life ruler we have a person of a most peculiar power whose chief mark is a strange expression of the eye which must be seem to be appreciated. It is as if he looked right through and through whatever is before him, but it is not necessary to discuss this type for there are so few that they are very seldom encountered by the average astrologer and only an esotericist can know and judge another esotericist.

The Influence of the
Afflicted Ruling Planets

   When the life rulers are afflicted by the conjunction, parallel, square, or opposition from the other planets, especially from the malefics — Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Neptune — they affect the life in an inimical manner which may be outlined as follows:

The Sun As
Ruling Planet

   When the cowardly and arrogant afflicted Sun is life ruler, people born under his debilitating influence are egotistical in the extreme, full of swagger, self-importance and arrogance. If they obtain authority over anyone whom they think they can overawe they will rule such dependent with a rod of iron, trample upon his tenderest feelings without a twinge of conscience or compunction, but if they themselves come under the authority of another these spineless weaklings will then cringe, creep and cater to the slightest whim of their master though they hate him with an intense hatred that is only kept in check by their fear. They whine and wheedle at the faintest frown though ready to spring and devour him if only they dared. It is the signature of one of the most despicable characters in the gamut.

Venus As
Ruling Planet

   When the slovenly, slothful and lazy afflicted Venus is ruler of the horoscope the persons are sensual and profligate, untidy and slatternly, of depraved, perverted tastes and utterly disreputable in their conduct; they are social parasites. They use loud and obscene language and are fond of music of a clanging, jarring nature. They love revelry and debauch, their affection expresses itself in coarse lusts, unbridled passion, free love and moral perversion. They revel in spangles and tinsel, loud, clashing colors and cheap imitations of beauty and worth.

Mercury As
Ruling Planet

   When the untruthful, dishonest and clumsy afflicted Mercury is life ruler the people under his influence are either entirely mentally unsound so that they must be confined for their own good in proper institutions, or they are so cunning that they are able to hide their mental bias and prey upon society as thieves, pick-pockets, defaulters and criminals of similar nature. They are notoriously untruthful and prefer misleading others to telling the truth, even where it is of no benefit to them. They are either dull of comprehension or of such consummate cunning that they seem to be driven by a resistless force to get the nest of some unsuspecting person. They excel as confidence men, badgers and in similar unsavory occupations, They are thoroughly unreliable and dishonest in all their dealings; neurotic and perverted, scabs on society. These people are also inveterate talkers and always ready to criticize, slander or ruin the reputation of others. They are a menace to society in all their activities.

The Moon As
Ruling Planet

   When the changeable and visionary afflicted Moon is life ruler it makes the persons extremely restless and averse to labor of any kind, fidgety and always on the move; if they cannot travel from one city to another, they move from one house to another and from one situation to another as often as possible and they infuse the same restlessness into whosoever they come in contact with. If the afflictions are very severe the mind suffers and their mental phases coincide with the changes of the orb of night.

Saturn As
Ruling Planet

   When the morbid, melancholy and malicious afflicted Saturn is life ruler he robs life of all joy and brightness so that these people become recluses and melancholy misanthropes; so miserly and avaricious that they will starve themselves and forego the comforts of life even when they have ample means to satisfy them. They are cruel, hard and suspicious of the acts and motives of others and if they take up work as a detective they become human ferrets, blood-hounds who will hound their prey to death and gloat over his misery. If anyone frustrates such people they will hold spite forever and aim to get even, if it takes a lifetime. But the end of these people is always bad, sometime or other they overreach and fall into the trap they have set for others. They usually die an ignoble death and the world gives a sigh of relief when they pass out.

Jupiter As Ruling Planet

   When the indolent, bombastic and egotistical afflicted Jupiter is the life ruler the person is often a parasite on the social tree, a gambler, confidence man and speculator, sporty, fond of display and ostentation; he wears loud clothing, paste diamonds and cheap jewelry. He is usually met with in pool rooms, on race tracks and in similar places; playing poker or playing the ponies are among his favorite means of earning a living; he is very loud and egotistical anxious to attract attention no matter how; he often figures in court proceedings on account of shady transactions or immoral conduct or unpaid bills, for he is an adept at obtaining credit for everything he wants and never pays the price of his expensive tastes if there is any way of avoiding a settlement of his debts. Among the laboring class he usually figures as a demagogue and agitator, inciting to strikes and riots, but he is always ready to sell out a striking union to the employers. We find them among the typical Italian padrones, as keepers of sweat-shops, and in similar occupations.

Mars As Ruling Planet

   When the arrogant, egotistical and foolhardy afflicted Mars is life ruler the person is an egotist of the first water, bound to attain to his wishes by force or destruction if other means fail; in fact he prefers to bulldoze others to do his will rather than to have them submit without a struggle. He is a first-rate slave driver, section boss on the railway, in a construction camp and similar places, a liar, braggart, bouncer, or pugilist, a daredevil wiling to risk his life and the lives of others at any moment and in any undertaking.

Uranus As Ruling Planet

   When the stubborn, erratic and independent afflicted Uranus if life ruler the mentality is usually so obsessed in one direction or another that such people become fanatics and generally also there is an excessive sensuality and perverted taste. They are always ready and anxious for an argument as a means of airing their ideas but they are so hypnotized by their own particular fad that they are never convinced and can never see when the argument goes against them. They always espouse the most radical and unconventional ideas.

Neptune As Ruling Planet

   When the mediumistic, neurotic and self-indulgent afflicted Neptune is life ruler, the persons are of a dreamy, neurotic and negative nature, apt to become the medium of disembodied spirits or even obsessed by them. They are likely to evolve psychic powers of a low grade such as involuntary clairvoyance, crystal gazing, etc., and if they are unable to develop these faculties they often simulate mediumship and other psychic gifts for the purpose of duping or defrauding others. They have a strong faculty of imitation and easily become adepts at deception.

The Signs As
Mental Significators

   When the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are on the angles, that is to say, the Ascendant, Midheaven, Fourth and Seventh Houses, it is a general indication that the person is mentally alert, quick to grasp an idea, active and enthusiastic in whatever work he undertakes; one who has organizing and executive ability and is capable of carrying whatever enterprise he may start to success; a bold, brave indomitable spirit. This is especially true when many planets are in Cardinal Signs and these people may be classed as the business men of the world.

   When the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are on the angles it indicates a thoughtful but slow and plodding type of mind which requires time to come to a decision. They always look before they leap but when they have made up their minds they adhere to the course mapped out with a remarkable patience and perseverance which in the end insure success. They are very reliable and can be depended upon to keep their word and meet their obligations. Their principal fault is that they are too apt to get into a rut and become narrow-minded. They are very original and may be classed as the inventors of the world. These delineations are especially true when many planets are in Fixed Signs.

   When the Common Signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, are on the angles the mind is flighty and superficial, wavering and versatile. These people are often very quick to grasp a point and form a decision, but just as ready to forget and change their minds. They are adepts at imitation and often pretend to virtues or abilities entirely foreign to their nature. They are easily swayed by the winds of emotion; one moment they may be highly elated over some small matter and the next a trifling trouble bows them down to earth. They are inconstant and unreliable in all their dealings with others because they do not know their minds two minutes in succession. They constitute the agents and middlemen of the world, where they occupy a subordinate or serving position. These delineations are particularly apt when many planets are in Common Signs.

Mental Effect of
the Rising Sign

   When there are no planets on the Ascendant the rising sign has considerable influence on the type of mind.

  Aries rising gives an energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious type of mind, but inclined to rash and impulsive acts and a quick temper.

  Taurus rising gives a stubborn, headstrong and selfish nature, envious, covetous and malicious when angered.

  Gemini rising gives a quick, alert and versatile mind, easily adaptable to conditions but so fluidic that it lacks the ability absolutely essential to sustained effort and lasting success.

  Cancer rising gives a negative, imaginative and receptive type of mind, sometimes of a rather morbid nature, reserved and mistrustful; but when such a person has made up his mind to do something he is usually very tenacious in his adherence to his ideas; sympathetic, hospitable and kind.

  Leo rising gives a frank, open, ambitious mind; a powerful will and a proud, honorable and kind disposition but inclined to be hasty, quick- tempered, sensual and apt to go to extremes.

  Virgo gives a critical, scheming and ingenious mind, able to evolve ideas galore but usually lacking the initiative to carry them out unless prodded by others. These people are very selfish, self-centered and reserved. They do not take other people into their confidence and they seldom become really familiar with anyone.

  Libra rising gives an easy-going but kindly and sympathetic type of mind which is unable to grasp or cope with the exigencies of existence. Therefore these people drift along the stream of life, taking as much of the sweet as they can get and using every effort to avoid the bitter. They crave approbation and in return adore their friends and are usually bound up in them.

  Scorpio rising gives a dual type of mind. This is one of the most mystical of the twelve signs. Some times it is symbolized as an eagle representing the lofty, aspiring type soaring as does the eagle into the ether. At other times it is typified as a serpent which crawls in the dust, and again as a scorpion. There is also considerable esoteric significance in the fact that the serpent has the sting in its head and the scorpion has it in its tail. But for the present purpose we will judge the two latter as one.

   The Scorpio type of mind denoted by the eagle is thoughtful, reserved and inclined to lofty ideals' dignified in demeanor, proud and with perfect control of the temper. These people are very reserved and generally keep their own counsel.

   The other type when Scorpio is represented by the serpent is entirely different; deceitful, shrewd and secretive; past finding out; sensual and unforgiving; jealous and passionate, with a very sharp tongue and fiery temper.

  Sagittarius rising gives an energetic, aspiring, benevolent mind but rather lacking in ambition. These people are usually of an ardent, affectionate disposition and sometimes very demonstrative.

  Capricorn rising gives a tactful, diplomatic, deep and thoughtful type of mind but selfish, envious and covetous. These people are apt to get into a rut and become very narrow, and when they are crossed they hold spite and plan revenge. They are self-reliant and persistent in whatever they undertake.

  Aquarius rising gives a good intellect, a friendly, sympathetic and humane disposition, but these people are very original and independent; they will brook no interference with their vagaries and pursue their own course regardless of what others say or think, sometimes even against their own reason and just to assert their independence.

  Pisces rising gives a sentimental and romantic type of mind, inclined to worry and restlessness, apt to turn to esotericism, and to mystical ideas. The mind is very sensitive and often takes in the conditions of others with the effect of unsettling and troubling the person.
XX. Your Luck
In Life

  Health, wealth and happiness are to most people the prime objects of life, and whoever has them is rightly considered lucky, though as we have endeavored to show, luck is very closely linked to merit, and we have earned what we have either in this or former lives and what we lack in fortune or ability we may acquire in this or later lives by good use of our opportunities.

   Thus health and disease, vocational ability, social and financial fortunes, marriage, etc., are shown in the horoscope as outlined below.

Health and Disease

   The subject of health and disease is thoroughly elucidated in that part of the book which deals with medical astrology, but those who do not care to go into the depths of the subject will find the following general hints helpful in determining the matter for ordinary purposes.

   The main indicators of health and disease are the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, together with the planets in the First House or just above the Ascendant. The twelve signs of the Zodiac confer a vitality of differing degrees and when there are no planets near the rising sign it is of much greater importance than otherwise. The signs may be classified as follows:    Both the Sun and the Moon affect health in all horoscopes, but the Sun is the particular significator of health for men and the Moon has the same function in a woman's horoscope. Thus, if a boy is born at a New Moon which is a total eclipse, he will have very poor chances of surviving. The same may be said of a girl born at the Full Moon when that is eclipsed.

   If the Sun is strong by sign, well aspected by Mars or by the benefics, if he is in essential dignity, exaltation or elevation in a male horoscope, it indicates the possession of a strong vitality and presages a life blessed by good health. If the Moon is similarly placed in a woman's horoscope the same effect follows.

   On the other hand if the luminaries are in weak signs in the Sixth or Twelfth Houses or afflicted by Saturn, Mars, Uranus or Neptune, the vitality is weak and much sickness will result unless, from childhood, care is taken to follow the laws of health and hygiene. It must be borne in mind that the horoscope shows only tendencies which work out infallibly if we drift with the tide of life. But on the other hand, it does no show the factor of the human will, which being divine may enter in and by proper efforts in the right direction correct, at least in a large measure, the limitations.

   It is a good indication of health when a strong sign rises with Jupiter or Venus close to the Ascendant and well aspected. But if a weak sign is on the Eastern horizon, and the life forces are further sapped by Saturn, Uranus or Neptune in the rising sign, a life of suffering is foreshown.

   With respect to Mars it has been found that his presence on the Ascendant strengthens the constitution when he is well aspected but predisposes to feverish or inflammatory complaints when he is afflicted.

   It should be understood that the Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and Jupiter do not afflict save by square or opposition, whereas the conjunction and parallel of Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Neptune are considered inimical as well as the square or opposition.

   The afflictions from Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, indicate acute ailments which usually run their course and leave no particular trace.

   The afflictions from Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, indicate organic or hereditary tendencies which are difficult to conquer and usually become chronic.

   The diseases indicated by Common Signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, are convertible. They may be entirely overcome or run their course until they become chronic, according to the mental temperament of the person in whose figure these are found.

   The places of the malefics, Saturn, Mars, Uranus or Neptune always indicate weak points in the anatomy and the place of Saturn is particularly sensitive; no matter whether he is afflicted or not it is always a danger point. By knowing the parts of the body which are ruled by the different signs it is easy to see where the weak limits in the chain of human health are located:    Thus if Saturn is placed in Leo it will indicate that the person is subject to heart trouble. If it is in Pisces it will indicate cold feet. The hot and inflammatory Mars afflicted in Aries, the sign which rules the head, would indicate a tendency to fevers, and so on with the other planets.

   There are three nebular spots located in the Zodiac, namely: The Pleiades in 29 degrees of Taurus, the Ascelli in 6 degrees of Leo, and Antares in 8 degrees of Sagittarius. If the Sun or Moon are found in these placed and afflicted by a malefic, be careful of the eyes, or if one of the malefics are in one of these places afflicting the Sun and Moon the same judgment holds good.

   With these general indications the ordinary student should be able to judge a horoscope with respect to health and disease and should a more thorough examination be desired, a study of the matter in the part dealing with Medical Astrology will give the necessary information.

The Social and
Financial Fortunes

   The vocation, financial fortune and social standing, like all other matters, should be judged from the whole horoscope, but the Second, the Sixth, the Eighth and the Tenth Houses with their lords are the chief significators.

   The Second House indicates what the person earns by his efforts. When Jupiter, Venus, the Sun, the Moon or Mars are well aspected and placed in the Second House or lord thereof they attract wealth commensurate with the number and closeness of their aspects and their position as to dignity, exaltation or elevation. But if Saturn, Mars, Uranus or Neptune are elevated and afflict the Sun and Moon it is a sure sign of financial misfortune.

   Jupiter in the Second House is moderately generous but Mars makes a free spender and consequently the money he brings goes about as fast as it comes. Saturn in the Second House, or its ruler, makes the person thrifty and saving but he will find it difficult to make ends meet unless Saturn is in his exaltation sign Libra and well aspected by Jupiter; then fortune comes by legacy or in the latter part of life. Uranus in the Second House and in good aspect to Jupiter or the Sun and Moon is also a good indication of financial fortune.

   The Eighth House: The planetary influences which bring financial fortune through the person's own efforts when operating through the Second House bring money through the marriage partnership or legacy when operating through the Eighth House. Thus Jupiter in the Eighth House indicates money by marriage or partnership if well aspected by the Sun, Moon, Venus or the lord of the Seventh House. But if aspected by Saturn or Uranus it shows a legacy. Mars in the Eighth House well aspected shows a husband, wife or partner with good earning capacity but too free a spender. The other indications enumerated as acting through the Second House may be similarly applied to the Eighth.


   When the majority of the planets are well aspected and above the Earth or when the Sun is in good aspect to the Moon and Mars it is generally easy for the person to obtain a situation and when the Sun is in good aspect to Jupiter it gives promise of a lucrative occupation. But when the majority of the planets are below the Earth, weak and afflicted, or when the Sun is in bad aspect to the Moon, Mars or Jupiter, it is usually difficult for the person to find employment.

   To find the employment in which the person will be most likely to succeed consider the nature and significance of the Houses and Signs which hold the majority of the planets.

   When the majority of the planets are in the Fiery Signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, it indicates as profitable the occupations in which the metals and fire play a prominent part, as those of machinist, engineers, chauffeurs, smiths, cutlers, barbers, surgeons, soldiers, also hazardous and dangerous vocations.

   If the majority of the planets are found in the Earthy Signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, it indicates success in agriculture, horticulture, gardening, land, mines, timber, building materials and as contractor for buildings, houses; dealers in foodstuffs, both in the raw and cooked states, such as the grocery business, in restaurants or as grain dealers, chemistry, etc., also dress goods and clothing; in short everything that comes out of the Earth to nourish, clothe and shelter the physical body.

   If the majority of the planets are in the Airy Signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, it indicates success in clerical, literary, or artistic pursuits; occupations principally involving brains or travel, as those of accountants, bookkeepers, agents, messengers, expressmen, architects, civil engineers, mechanical draftsmen and designers, lecturers, scientists, electricians, aviators, inventors, and all similar occupations in which mind is a principal factor.

   If the majority of the planets are in the Watery Signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, the person should seek occupations in which fluids are prominent, as those of sailors and fishermen, ship builders and ship owners, marine engineers, and other occupations on shipboard, manufacturers and dealers in liquid refreshment, etc.

   The ruling planet also has an important bearing on the life-work, and the occupations signified by the different planets may be stated as follows:

   The Sun as life ruler indicates a leader — it may be of a state as king or president, or of a province or city as governor or mayor, or has head of a corporation, whether large or small. Thus when the Sun is life ruler, especially if it is in the Tenth House, it indicates a government position or employment in an executive capacity.

   Venus as life ruler indicates employment in an artistic capacity as a musician, singer, actor, theatrical agent, manufacturer or dealer in millinery or fancy goods, laces, embroidery and women's clothing; candy and confections, flowers or ornaments, etc.

   Mercury as life ruler indicates success in literature or on a lecture platform; as printers, publishers, or bookkeepers; as school teachers, express agents, mail carriers, commercial travelers, stenographers, secretaries, office workers and all other clerical and traveling occupations.

   The Moon as life ruler signifies success as traveling salesmen, railroad employees, ticket agents and other positions concerned with the transportation of the public; car builders, hotel keepers, dealers in fluidic commodities, nurses, obstetricians, fishermen, sailors and others employed on shipboard and in the shipping trades.

   Saturn as life ruler signifies all employments connected with the earth such as agriculture, gardening, mines, building and building materials; diplomats, judges politicians, police, jailers, detectives, secret service agents and all whose work is accomplished by stealth and strategy; night workers and those engaged in slow, plodding, laborious work.

   Jupiter as life ruler signifies success in the professions, as lawyers, judges, clergymen, ambassadors, cabinet officers, senators, congressmen or other positions of public trust; bankers, financial agents, physicians, benevolent or social workers.

   Mars as life ruler signifies employments in which iron and sharp instruments are prominent, as used by soldiers, surgeons, smiths, founders, engineers, and in all dangerous occupations.

   Uranus as life ruler signifies employment in which air, electricity, thought power and genius are chief factors, as those of inventors, electricians, aviators and those interested in supernormal or superphysical subjects such as psychology, phrenology, magnetic, divine or mental healing; also in connection with co-operative colonies, socialism, and advanced ideas of life and living.

   Neptune as life ruler indicates occupations involving esotericism, watery and psychic elements; also those in which fraud and deception are rampant because the genuine psychic article is so rare. These occupations include those of astrologers, mediums and clairvoyants. Neptune also produces some highly inspirational musicians.
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