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Life On Earth:
Social Conditions

If we were pure spirits and part of an all-knowing God, why was it necessary for us to take this long pilgrimage of sin and sorrow through matter? »

If God made man a little lower than the Angels, how will man ultimately become their superior in the spiritual world? »

Why should it be necessary for us to come into this physical existence? Could we not have learned the same lessons without being imprisoned and limited by the dense conditions of the material world? »

If this earth life is so important, and really the basis of all our soul growth, the latter resulting from the experiences we gain here, why is our earth life so short in comparison with the life in the inner worlds, approximating a thousand years between two earth lives? »

How long will it be before we can do without these physical bodies and function altogether in the spiritual world again? »

Does the spirit enter the body at the time of conception or at the time of birth? »

What was the purpose in the division of the sexes? »

Is the soul of a woman masculine and the soul of a man feminine? »

Do we keep the same temperament through all our lives? »

Is the desire body subject to sickness, and does it need nutrition and replenishment? »

How is it that we atone for all sin in Purgatory and then at rebirth must again suffer through the law of cause and effect for sins of a former life? »

Is conscience the voice of God or of our Guardian Angel? »

What is genius? »

Is a soul that is born as a woman always a woman in its after lives, and how long is the interval between two earth lives? »

When a man pays his debts, cares for his family and lives a moral life here, will he not be all right hereafter? »

It is sometimes contended by people that we have a right to think what we will and are not responsible for our thoughts. Is that so from an esoteric point of view? »

If a person is constantly bothered by evil thoughts which keep coming into his mind although he is always fighting them, is there any way in which he can cleanse his mind so that he will think only good and pure thoughts? »

If woman proceeded from man as per the rib story, will she in the final return to unity be reabsorbed, losing her individuality in the masculine divinity? »

Why has woman been cursed by inequality, assumed inferiority and injustice since the beginning of human existence upon this plane? »

Why was the suffering Marguerite so extreme and out of proportion to that of Faust, even to imprisonment and the death penalty, while his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness were unmolested? »

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