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Aquarian Age Stories for Children

Table of Contents

Volume I

1. Dedication;
    The Little Lame Princess, by Matilda Fancher
2. Spring Sprites, by B. Coursin Black
3. Betty's Dream, by Esther Tobiason
4. Cornelia and the Color Fairies, by Hasmick Vee
5. Oh, Fairy, Tell Me! (Poem), by Cyril Vernor
6. The Garden in Spring, by Grace Evelyn Brown
7. Fairies (Poem), by Catherine M. Bloom
8. What the Pinky-White Blossoms Told Elva, by Helen Boyd
9. Friendly Robin, by Florence Barr
10. Celestia's Gift, by Matilda Fancher
11. Star Babies, by Olga White
12. Jane's Thought Garment, by D. D. Arroyo
13. My Thoughts (Poem), by Patsey Ellis
14. The Princess Who Learned to Smile, by Evelyn Van Gilder Creekmore
15. The Tired Little Worker, by Dorothy V. Baird
16. The Elf-Man (Poem), by John Kendrick Bangs
17. Our Angel Helpers, by Perl Amelia Williams
18. The Taylor Twins at the Fairy Flower Dance, by Maxine V. Griswold
19. The Fairy Bouquet, by Rowena Greenwood Noyes
20. God Is Holding Your Hand, by Clara E. Huffman
21. The Wind (Poem), by Patsey Ellis
22. The Fairy Ring (A One-Act Play for Children), by Helen M. Mann

Volume II

1. Lucile Meets the Thought Fairies, by Myrtle Hill Leach
2. The Adventurer, by Florence Barr
3. The Little Shadow, by D. D. Arroyo
4. The Fairies' Ministry (poem), by Clara Huffman
5. A Journey with the Fairies, by Emma Mary Coates
6. The Perturbed Little Tree, by Kay Randall
7. Marky and the Angel, by D. D. Arroyo
8. Sleeping Out (poem), by Edna Blevins Lewelling
9. A Garden Fantasy, by Maude H. Wilkinson
10. Felice Meets Greytail, by Ellen D. Wildschut
11. The Enchanted Lake, by Mary-Abby Proctor
12. Billy's Soul, by Helen Boyd
13. Undines (poem), by Patsey Ellis
14. The Little Prince, by Florence Barr
15. Oh! My Tummy! (A playlet for children), by Marjorie Brinkly

Volume III

1. Dedication;
    The Coral Necklace, by Florence Barr
2. Michael's Watermelon, by Patsey Ellis
3. "Let the Whole Wide Earth Rejoice", by Helen Waite
4. James' Gift, by Marguerite Walker
5. What Child Is This?, by Gussie Ross Jobe
6. When (poem), by Ola Sward
7. A Week in Fairyland, by H.P. Nicholls, Part I, Part II (pdf)
8. To a Hazel Nut Tree (poem on last page), by Grace S. Gaudy (pdf)
9. Keys to Heaven, by Manfred Kyber (pdf)
10. Fountain of Friendship, by John Scott Douglas (pdf)
11. In the Garden of the Flowering Carpet, by Helen Waite (pdf)
12. The Fairy Court (a three-act playlet), by Ella Van Gilder (pdf)

Volume IV

1. Karen's Space Trip, by Dagmar Frahme (pdf)
2. Child's Morning Prayers (poem on last page), by Ella van Gilder (pdf)
3. The Bag of Magic Gold, by Adelaide L. Walker (pdf)
4. The Little Brown Ball, by Florence Barr (pdf)
5. The Leaf Painter, by Dagmar Frahme (pdf)
6. Rain (poem on last page), by Robert Loveman (pdf)
7. Tullia of Pompeii, by Rona Elizabeth Workman (pdf)
8. Jonathan and the Angel, by Dagmar Frahme (pdf)
9. A Message from the Fairies, by Amelia C. Elliot (pdf)
10. The Princess Sybil, by Elsie Lund (pdf)
11. How the Burro Got His Ears and His Voice, by S. B. McIntyre (pdf)
12. The Wedding Garment, by Ella Van Gilder (pdf)
13. The First Easter, by Dagmar Frahme (pdf)
14. The Robber (poem), by A. N. B., last page (pdf)
15. The Palace under the Big Oak Tree, by Florence Barr (pdf)
16. Mortimer's Lesson, by Dagmar Frahme (pdf)

Volume V

1. The Queen of Good Thoughts (pdf)
2. The Bright Light (pdf)
3. The Christ Child (pdf)
4. The Monarch of the Forest (pdf)
5. The Surprise (pdf)
6. Sibyl's Shadow (pdf)
7. Rosalie and Sunbeam (pdf)
8. The Golden Beauty (pdf)
9. Francesco (pdf)
10. Little Me Too (pdf)
11. Brave Lao (pdf)
12. The Water Nymph (pdf)
13. Tommy Helpful (pdf)
14. Golden Sunshine and Peter Prickles (pdf)
15. The Grasshopper's Tonic (pdf)
16. The Twins (pdf)
17. Bennie, the Puppie (pdf)
18. The White Rose Chain (pdf)
19. Speckles (pdf)
20. The New Chicks (pdf)
21. Brownie (pdf)
22. Cuffee (pdf)
23. Cuffee and Piggy Runt (pdf)
24. Playmates (pdf)
25. Little Miss Crab and the Sea Beetle (pdf)
26. The White Rose (pdf)
27. Gerry and Derry (pdf)
28. The Linnets and the Fir Tree (Part 1) (pdf)
29. The Linnets and the Fir Tree (Part 2) (pdf)
30. The Linnets and the Fir Tree (Part 3) (pdf)
31. The Singing Top (pdf)
32. The Boy Who Forgot (pdf)
33. The Discontented Spark (pdf)
34. Laddie Boy (pdf)
35. The Beloved One (pdf)
36. The Beautiful Goddess (pdf)

Volume VI
(For Intermediates)

1. Capricorn — December 22nd to January 20th
    Ambition (pdf)
    Caution (pdf)
2. Aquarius — January 20th to February 20th
    Friendship (pdf)
    Cooperation (pdf)
3. Pisces — February 20th to March 20th
    Sensitivity (pdf)
    Compassion (pdf)
4. Aries — March 20th to April 21st
    Initiative (pdf)
    Action (pdf)
5. Taurus — April 21st to May 22nd
    Harmony (pdf)
    Stability (pdf)
6. Gemini — May 22nd to June 22nd
    Reason (pdf)
    Versatility (pdf)
7. Cancer — June 22nd to July 23rd
    Tenacity (pdf)
    Love of Home (pdf)
8. Leo — July 23rd to August 24th
    Leadership (pdf)
    Loyalty (pdf)
9. Virgo — August 24th to September 23rd
      Purity (pdf)
      Service (pdf)
10. Libra — September 23rd to October 24th
      Partnership (pdf)
      Poise (pdf)
11. Scorpio — October 24th to November 23rd
      Secret Forces of Nature (pdf)
      Courage (pdf)
12. Sagittarius — November 23rd to December 22nd
      Generosity (pdf)
      Aspiration (pdf)

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