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Astro-Diagnosis —
A Guide To Healing
by Max Heindel and
Augusta Foss Heindel
(Part 5)

Chapter XXII
The Circulation

No. 11A
Palpitation of
the Heart

Female, born April 24, 1862, midnight.

The Ascendant in this chart is occupied by the Saturnine sign of Capricorn, with Saturn, the ruler, intercepted in the 8th house. When we find the life ruler so weakly situated and afflicted, we may look for a person who is very likely to become a victim of circumstances, instead of being victor; one who will allow the planets to rule her instead of her ruling the planets. Where Saturn is afflicted in the house of limitations, the native is very gloomy and always looks at the dark side of life, and if he suffers physically, he is very apt, like the Virgoans, to give in to the disease. Wherever Saturn, the plant of obstruction, is posited in the horoscopes, we may look for trouble. In this case we find him in the sign of Virgo, ruling the small intestines, and in conjunction with the planet Jupiter, which rules the arterial circulation. Jupiter also has rule over the adrenals. The secretion of these glands is necessary to give tone to the blood, and when restricted by Saturn we may expect that the arterial blood will be disturbed.

Birth Chart No. 11A

But we do not judge by Saturn and his influence alone. We find the planet Venus, ruling the venous blood, in conjunction with the Moon, which has rule over the synovial fluids, the lubricants of the body. Venus and the Moon are in opposition to Jupiter and Saturn. What would be the effect upon the body of the afflictions of the above four plants? Due to the restricting influence of Saturn we may expect trouble with the arterial circulation. With the venous blood also restricted there is no freedom to the blood flow, and the effect is the same as that of a stagnant stream of water which becomes muddy and full of poisonous weeds. We may expect the blood to become polluted and stagnant.

We extract a certain amount of minerals from our food, which while we are children can all be utilized to build bone; but after we have reached our full stature and the body can use little of this mineral matter for its growth, if taken in excess it then deposits in the joints and blood stream, clinging to the surface of the little blood vessels in the same manner that it does on the inside of a tea kettle. If the circulation is good and the blood has freedom to flow through the arteries and veins in a natural manner, this deposit is very slight; but in old age or when circulation is impaired, this mineral is deposited in the blood and causes what is commonly known as sclerosis or hardening of the arteries. In this case the walls of the blood vessels are covered with a deposit of hard mineral substance, consequently the blood flow is impeded; the muscles and joints become stiff and sore, and gradually as this condition becomes chronic the person loses the use of arms and limbs and chronic invalidism is the result.

In this horoscope we find both Jupiter and Saturn posited in Virgo, ruling the small intestine. This small tube, although it is between 20 and 25 feet in length, is coiled in a small space in the abdominal region. It is lined with mucous membrane and small tongue-like vessels that assist in digesting and absorbing the food elements, afterwards distributing various minerals extracted from the food into the white and red fluids of the body. If the mucous membrane and these villi of the intestines are obstructed by Saturn, as in the case of this woman whose Moon is also opposed by this afflicter, then the secretion of lymph and chyle, the white fluids of the body, is obstructed, and in addition, the blood receives little nourishment.

The woman suffers greatly from palpitation of the heart, headaches, high blood pressure, and a constant pain in back and limbs. When the blood has become sluggish and filled with ash it stands to reason that the heart must suffer, for when through undue excitement or anger an excess of blood is drawn to the heart and the clogged condition of the blood vessels prevents it from freely leaving this central station, palpitation, high blood pressure, rush of blood to the head, and various other afflictions naturally result.

Now, what can we give as a remedy for such a condition? First of all we would advise a simple and very light diet with very little starch, less sugar, but more of raw onion, lettuce, spinach, etc. Always keep the bowels free, and give the body a dry rub with a pair of bath mitts each morning on arising and at night before going to bed. Unfortunately, a woman with the Sun aspected, as in this case, except by a semi-sextile to Neptune, and with afflicting planets in Virgo and Pisces will not make the effort to get well. It is so much less trouble to drift into invalidism.

No. 11B
Sluggish Circulation
and Cataracts

Female, born April 9, 1851, 1:58 A.M.

We first judge as usual the mentality of our patient. Aries, the sign of the head, has more planets than any other, and two of these are malefics. Even if this were all it would be unfortunate and an indication of unfavorable characteristics, but the affliction of Saturn in Aries to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus, and Jupiter tell us this is a subtle and untrustworthy person, who is sadly indifferent to moral obligations of truth and justice. Nor is it to be wondered at that such pronounced mental characteristics should produce a marked effect upon the bodily functions, especially as the afflictions are all from cardinal signs.

Saturn, the planet of obstruction, makes the native subtle and cautious mentally by his conjunction with Mercury and square to the Moon, and also protects her from being "found out." This same configuration obstructs the flow of nerve force, and thus causes a clogging of both the voluntary and sympathetic nervous systems, which are ruled by Mercury and the Moon —

Birth Chart No. 11B

— respectively. Saturn's principal field of activity will be found in the pneumogastric nerve, which is normally saturnine and suppressive in its action upon the heart, stomach, and other vital organs. The conjunction of Saturn with the Sun is aggravated by the fact that they are in parallel, situated in the first cardinal sign, Aries, ruling the head, square to the Moon in the second cardinal sign, Cancer, which rules the stomach, and in opposition to Jupiter in the third cardinal sign, Libra, which rules the kidneys. Were it not for the trine of Mars to the Moon and the placement of the Sun in its exaltation sign, Aries, it would be difficult for life to be sustained in this severely afflicted nativity.

This person is afflicted with sluggish circulation, indigestion, and nervous constipation on account of the planetary afflictions mentioned, still this is far from the worst trouble. The conjunction of the planets in Aries, the head, and their opposition to Jupiter, which rules the arterial circulation, show plainly how the nerves and blood vessels are clogged in that most important part of the body, the head. As a consequence there is a dearth of material with which to build up the various organs, and an accumulation of waste. We all know that a bad stomach reacts on the eyes, and when we consider the effect of the Sun and Saturn in Aries square to the Moon in Cancer, we see that it is small wonder that both eyes are afflicted with the saturnine obstruction known as cataract.

A Taurus healer would be best fitted to handle this case, and it should be made very, very plain to the patient that frankness and strict adherence to truth are an absolute necessity for recovery. Even if resented at first, a kindly statement of the fact of the opposite fault and its effects will probably bring a change. A religious attitude of mind will loosen the tension of nerves, allowing the bodily functions greater freedom. Uncooked food should be given in as large a measure as the patient will allow, for its ether is necessary to build up the nerves. Onions are prime builders, and pineapple is unrivaled as a digestive stimulant. But in this case physical factors, though of vital importance, pale into insignificance in comparison with the benefit that will be derived from a proper appreciation of the moral factors that have caused the disease, and a realization of the imperative necessity of altering the trend of mind before any permanent relief can be experienced. Nor should the healer despair and feel that this is a case analogous to that of the leopard changing its spots, for the afflictions are from cardinal signs and therefore movable. It requires thought and energy to plan how to deceive successfully, and this energy if turned to good, will be a factor of equal power in bringing the light of truth into the patient's life and letting it shine for others.

(The above was the diagnosis of this case in 1915. The outcome in 1919 is given in 2BX — Editor.)

No. 11D
Varicose Veins

Female, born January 17, 1875, 7:00 A.M.

This woman has the Saturnian sign of Capricorn on the Ascendant, with the life ruler, Saturn, in Aquarius where this planet is at home and most powerful. Being in the first house, in an angle, and in a fixed sign we may look to Saturn as having the most powerful influence on the life as well as the health of the native.

We find that the obstructing Saturn is in square aspect to the inflammatory Mars. This last named plant is on the cusp of the Midheaven and also in an angle; it is in its own sign of Scorpio where it is powerful. Mars is square to the spasmodic Uranus, which is in the sign of its fall, the fixed sign of Leo, and also angular in the seventh house. Consequently, these three malefics so powerfully situated in fixed signs and in the angles will be very difficult to overcome.

Mars in the Midheaven will dominate the actions of this woman, and it being square to the restless Uranus will incline toward excessive social activity. With the Capricorn egotism enhanced by the Sun and Mercury in the first house in Capricorn, square to Jupiter and Neptune, the native would aspire to shine in society. Especially would this be true with Venus in the active sign of Sagittarius and in the eleventh house, ruling friends. With Venus sextile to Saturn she would aim to lead in games and social affairs, into which she would enter with all the impulse of the Mars-Uranus nature.

Capricorn people are not very robust, and with the Sun and Mercury on the Ascendant in Capricorn afflicted by the square of Jupiter and Neptune, both —

Birth Chart No. 11D

— of these last named planets being in martial signs, giving impulse, the native would be very apt to dissipate her strength, the result being a physical break in the weakest part. The greatest afflictions in this horoscope are found in the region of the knees, Capricorn, and the lower limbs, Aquarius, causing enlargement of the veins. Varices are caused by interferences in the Venus circulation resulting from overtaxing the muscles or nerves of certain parts of the body.

Venus being the best aspected planet and free from afflictions in the sign of sports, Sagittarius, in the eleventh house, friends, trine to Uranus and sextile to Saturn, and Mars, being prominent in the Midheaven, indicate that the patient was an enthusiast in games; also in the entertainment of friends, for the Moon is well aspected by the Sun and Mercury and is in the Venus sign of Taurus in the 4th house, indicating the home, where the native would be lavish in her entertainments. The consequent exertion would put a heavy strain upon the heart. Uranus in Leo, square to Mars, and opposition Saturn indicates organic heart trouble, and causes a spasmodic gushing of blood through the aorta. Interference with the natural flow of blood through the heart will cause a disturbance in the veins in other afflicted parts of the body, as in this case where we find enlarged veins in the lower limbs.

This woman called upon our Healing Department for help in September, 1920, while under the care of the doctors in a hospital, after having had a second operation for varicose veins. At that time the progressed Venus had reached a conjunction with the radical Sun, and the progressed Moon was also in that part of the horoscope. The transiting Sun, Mercury, and Saturn were in conjunction in Virgo, the sign of health. The transiting Saturn was square to the radical Venus, which brought on the last attack and was responsible for her submitting to the operation.

Ordinary cases of varicose veins may be relieved and even cured by bandages, and by a removal of strain so that the circulation of the blood may become more normal. When the knife is used, however, as in this case, healing is interfered with.

No. 11E
Restricted Circulation

Female, born April 13th, 1862.

This horoscope is minus the hour of birth, but as the given time of birth is frequently unreliable on account of the difference in time and clocks, unless we have some data by which we can correct the horoscope, we are nearly as safe in using a flat figure — diagnosing from the planets and signs only. A very safe diagnosis may be arrived at by this method. Only when it is necessary to watch for the crisis in order to help the patient pass through a critical period is it necessary that we have the hour of birth. This is then required in order to observe the progressed Moon and the aspects of the transiting planets.

We here find Saturn, the malefic, conjunction Jupiter in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is the natural sixth house sign and therefore rules health and sickness to a very great extent. We find that people who are ruled largely by Virgo are prone to think much of their health and often become hypochondriacs. When several planets are found in this sign, we may trace the cause of disease to this part of the horoscope. The small intestine is the organ of distribution of the nutriment, where much of the food must go to be distributed to the various parts of the body through the blood. The intestines are to the body what the commissary department is to the army. Therefore Virgo necessarily is a most vital part of the horoscope.

Jupiter is the planet ruling the arterial circulation and the glycogen of the liver, and Saturn has rule over the gall bladder and the pneumogastric —

Birth Chart No. 11E

— nerve, the most important of all nerves, which sends its branches to the three most important parts of the body, namely the heart, stomach, and lungs. Here they affect the distribution and digestion of the food in the small intestine due to the sluggishness of the gall bladder in furnishing the needed amount of bile and through impaired peristalsis. As a consequence the tiny blood vessels which are distributed over the inner intestinal surface are robbed of their nutriment, and the blood stream becomes deficient and sluggish causing anemia.

Especially is this true since we also find Venus, which rules the venous blood, afflicted by a square of Uranus, these planets being in the common signs of Pisces and Gemini. Uranus is also squaring Saturn and Jupiter. This will interfere with the oxygenation of the blood as it passes through the capillaries of the lungs.

Before middle life these afflictions may express themselves through colds, pneumonia, and painful menstruation. But after middle life when the body begins to feel the strain of years, these afflictions will cause anemia, arterio-sclerosis, and high blood pressure. The patient suffered from the latter three diseases, and at the age of sixty was threatened with paralysis of the right side. She also had a dizzy, reeling feeling in the head.

A healer should advise such a patient against stimulants such as coffee, tea, etc. Stimulation by friction of the skin would be of great benefit, using a pair of bath gloves night and morning and rubbing the body until it glows. Keep the mind free from excitement and worry, adopt a light and carefully selected vegetarian diet, and drink plenty of pure water between meals.

No. 11F
Pernicious Anemia

Female, born Aug. 12, 1886, 5:00 A.M.

We are using this chart to impress upon the mind of the student the great necessity of advising patients as to the proper diet. Ninety per cent of those who are suffering and broken down in health are ill, not on account of the lack of food but because of wrong combinations or too much food.

This young woman has the fixed sign of Leo on the Ascendant, and the Sun, the ruler, on the cusp of the first house. We find the obstructive Saturn in his detriment in the sign of Cancer, which rules the stomach. Venus, the planet ruling the venous circulation, is in conjunction with Saturn and in opposition to the negative Moon, which is in its detriment in the Saturnian sign of Capricorn. Since Saturn and the Moon are both in their detriment and in mutual reception, the power for evil of these two planets is greatly increased. The opposition occurs from the sixth house, that of sickness, to the twelfth house, that of hospitals, confinement, and self-undoing. We can well see how this poor soul has been responsible for her complete breakdown. She has for years been an invalid in bed, not able to use her limbs. The doctors have stated her disease to be arteriosclerosis.

We find that Jupiter, ruling the arterial circulation, is afflicted by the conjunction of Uranus in Libra, and that Venus, ruling the venous circulation is square to Mars, these two latter planets being respectively in the sign of the kidneys and the stomach. Mars is also square to the Moon in the house of sickness, the sixth. With this planetary afflictions to the —

Birth Chart No. 11F

— stomach there is a tendency to overeat. The opposition of Venus and the Moon gives a great desire for liquids and sweets, and Saturn gives an abnormal desire for unnatural foods and an excess of pastries, starches, etc. This patient's body was like a stove that is filled with paper: when the paper is burned it makes a terrific heat, but the heat is not lasting, and the stove is quickly filled with ashes.

With Saturn in Cancer, there is a lack of gastric juice in the stomach. Leo is rising and the Sun and Mercury are on the Ascendant in sextile to Mars. These positions give an unusual amount of energy but also the tendency to dissipate it. When the body has become worn out and tired, the stomach cannot digest the food; then if too much food is partaken of, decomposition takes place, especially if the meal is made up of inharmonious food elements. In the present case the poor weak stomach has been stuffed to overflowing with food, and then cold water or hot tea with sugar has been poured in after it. What was the result? Fermentation took place and the food turned to poison instead of nourishing the body. This poor young woman at the age of twenty-four was an invalid. Her body was filled with ash, and with both the venous and arterial circulation impaired the blood could not remain pure. She dissipated her energy, could not use moderation. She went to excess in food, play, and mental work, and the result was that the body could not throw out the ash accumulated from the excessive and ill-balanced food.

If she had come in contact with a doctor who would have placed her on a rational and carefully chosen diet and who would not have given her poisonous narcotics, she could have been saved much suffering. Man often starves in the midst of plenty, overloading his stomach while the body is really starving from non-assimilation, as was the case with this young woman. She lived to satisfy her appetite, but did not give her body blood-making food. Her joints became stiff, her body ached, and in a few years she became a confirmed invalid and is now confined in a hospital. If she were taken to a hospital where scientific dietary treatment is given, she could yet become a useful woman.

When we meet such poor unfortunate ones, it behooves us who aspire to become helpers and healers of humanity to use our efforts to guide them in the right direction.

No. 11G
Rheumatism and
Impure Blood

Male, born August 14, 1912, 1:30 P.M.

We are using here the horoscope of a young man with the martial sign of Scorpio on the Ascendant, and with the life ruler, Mars, in the 10th house, sextile to the Ascendant and in conjunction with the watery Moon. Where we find the close conjunction of a hot and inflammatory planet with a cold and watery one as in this case, and especially in the sign of Virgo, which is the natural sixth house sign governing sickness, we may expect that it is a starting point of illness, for fire and water create steam.

Virgo is the sign which has rule over the small intestine, the intestines being among the principal organs for the digestion, assimilation, and distribution of the food. The inflammatory Mars in this sign causes inflammation of the intestines. As Mars is in conjunction with the Moon, the latter having rule over the lymphatics, we may expect that the lymphatic vessels and glands will be disturbed in their functions. They are carriers between the cells of the body and the blood. Not only do they carry some of the nutriment of the food to the blood, but they also act as cleansers, taking up a part of the waste matter and carrying it where it may be eliminated from the body through the excretory organs. When the Moon is afflicted by the inflammatory Mars in Virgo, we may expect the lymphatics to be inflamed and not able to function so as to help the blood in its work. The Moon has rule over the chyle, or white fluid which has been extracted from the food through the villi of the small intestine. This intermingles with the lymph and passes on into the circulation. These white fluids, —

Birth Chart No. 11G

— which are so necessary in the work of feeding the blood, are obstructed in the case of this boy.

We have still another affliction which interferes with the purification of the blood stream. Saturn the obstructor is in the sign of Gemini. Gemini has rule over the lungs. Saturn is in opposition to the planet Jupiter, ruling the arterial circulation, and square to Venus, which has rule over the venous blood. The lungs are the bellows of the body. Into the tiny capillaries of these organs the pure air passes and the blood is thus oxygenated and aerated. The pure oxygen is drawn into the air cells of the lungs, the poisonous carbon-dioxide is exhaled, and thus the body is freed from a large portion of its poisons. Whenever we find Saturn in the sign of Gemini, especially if this planet is afflicted by both Jupiter and Venus, we may expect the blood to be unhealthy and impure for Saturn, the obstructor, is stationed at the door of the respiratory system, partially shutting out the air from without and also partially keeping the carbon- dioxide within the body.

With these planetary afflictions we may look from a health point of view for impure and anemic blood; also a tendency to intestinal inflammation which will interfere with the proper assimilation and distribution of the food. This boy at the age of eight years suffered from blotches and eruptions of the skin. As the Moon has rule over the synovial fluid, we may see how the conjunction of Mars with the Moon caused rheumatism and fallen arches, an indication that Mars burned up the oils which were necessary to keep the joints of his legs and feet in order.

What a pity that the parents were not familiar with the science of astrology! If they had been, they would have known of these planetary afflictions and by a careful diet, plenty of fresh air, and training in deep breathing this boy could have been saved from much suffering. From all indications tuberculosis of the lungs may set in should he neglect his health by exposure to cold, for with Saturn afflicted by both Venus and Jupiter from common signs, he has naturally developed a habit of shallow breathing, which will tend to induce lung trouble.

No 11H, 11I

We will use two horoscopes in order to show how planets placed in different signs will bring about the same symptoms, the real causes of the disease being different.

No. 11H

The native, a woman, was born on March 16, 1865, no hour given. We find the fiery, discordant Mars conjunction the restless Uranus in the nervous sign of Gemini (the arms and shoulders), and square to the life- giving Sun and Mercury, which are in conjunction in the watery sign of Pisces. Mars and Uranus are also in opposition to Jupiter, which rules the arterial blood, and Jupiter is square to the Sun and Mercury.

This patient has always had some trouble with obstructed circulation, especially in the arms and legs. Afflictions often work in squares and oppositions. Illustrating this we find the assimilation in the small intestine much impaired. Venus, the planet ruling the venous circulation, is in opposition to the Moon, which we find in the martial sign of Scorpio, ruling elimination, the anus, urethra, and the generative organs. Saturn, the planet of obstruction, is found in Libra, the kidneys, and being placed in the last degree of this sign he obstructs elimination through the ureters, the small ducts carrying the urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

With all the many obstructions in the elimination of waste matter and the impaired assimilation of food do we wonder that when this woman reached the —

Birth Chart No. 11H

— age of menopause the body suffered and the blood became so sluggish and impure that rheumatism was the result? Her body was stiff, she found it almost impossible to move about, and she suffered especially with the arms and shoulders.

No. 11I

The native, a man, was born December 6, 1870, about 7:30 P.M. There are four planets in the sign Sagittarius in the 5th house, ruling pleasures and —

Birth Chart No. 11I

— appetites. The Sun, ruler of the Ascendant, and Venus the ruler of the house of friends, are in conjunction and square to the impulsive and discordant Mars, showing that this man is fond of a good time. His love for wine and women has been his undoing. He has indulged the appetites, and he is surely paying the price of such living.

Jupiter in the nervous sign of Gemini afflicted by the opposition of the obstructing Saturn and nervous Mercury, also square to the inflammatory Mars in the sign of Virgo, the small intestine, are indications similar to those in horoscope 11H. This man suffered from numbness in the arms and hands. The great strain put upon his system and the abuse of the poor stomach caused neuritis, as both the venous and arterial circulations are afflicted from the signs ruling the nervous system.

The instruction given to both these patients would be very similar, namely a simple vegetarian diet, elimination of meat, alcoholic drinks, and highly seasoned foods, using plentifully green, raw vegetables, especially lettuce and onions. The onion is a wonderful nerve tonic and body scavenger. If taken at night in the form of a sandwich when the stomach is empty it will purify the kidneys and liver and build up the nervous system. A good brisk massage with a pair of bath gloves night and morning to keep the pores of the skin open and stimulate the circulation is recommended. In case 11H the bowels and kidneys should be kept free from clogging, and food should be taken that works directly upon the liver and kidneys.

Chapter XXIII

No. 12A, 12B

Male, born September 11, 1885, at 1:00 A.M.

The writer feels that horoscopes 12A and 12B, those of two brothers, will give students a most helpful lesson in the diagnosing of disease, and show that though the underlying causes and the outward appearances of both cases are of a similar nature, still these cases are entirely different when scientifically diagnosed.

In both cases the relatives called upon Headquarters for healing of the dread disease with which these brothers were afflicted.

In horoscope 12A we find the watery sign of Cancer on the Ascendant, with the obstructive Saturn near the cusp and square to Uranus in Libra. Here we have two planets which both by position and aspect indicate eruptive blood disease, and show the two stations where the poison is generated, namely, Cancer, the stomach, and Libra, the kidneys.

Saturn in Cancer interferes with the peristaltic action which is so necessary in the churning and the breaking up of food in the stomach. Saturn has a tendency also to dry up the body fluids, and when in Cancer, which is —

Birth Chart No. 12A

— the sign of its fall, this planet is weak and therefore most evil. Uranus is the higher octave of Venus, and as Venus rules the moral nature on the lower planes, so does Uranus rule or balance the morals on the higher planes. Uranus in the Venus sign of Libra afflicted by a square of Saturn would indicate that a lack of moral balance was largely responsible for the physical ailment of the patient.

Uranus has rule over the pituitary body or hypophysis. This little organ, which is so wonderfully protected in a cradle-like bone within the brain, consists of two small lobes, the anterior and posterior. The anterior lobe has rule over the sex or creative force and over nerve fibre, while the posterior lobe contributes to and controls the circulation of the fluids of the body, especially the renal circulation.

With Uranus is Libra, which has rule over the kidneys, square to the obstructive Saturn and both in cardinal signs, also with the impulsive-cardinal signs on all the angles, we may expect excesses. With Mars, the planet of dynamic energy and impulse, in the first house in Cancer, square to the planets of pleasure and self-indulgence, Venus and the Moon, (Venus being strongly situated in its own sign of Libra and the Moon being the ruler of the Ascendant, square to its own house,) we may conclude that this man through his excessive desires indulged in sensual pleasure to such an extent that the functions of the pituitary body became impaired. As the pituitary body regulates the assimilation of food, and as Saturn and Mars are afflicted in the sign of the stomach, (Saturn in Cancer gives abnormal tastes and appetites, and Mars in Cancer indicates a gourmand) we may expect that this man would be apt to make a cesspool of his body.

With Venus and the Moon in conjunction and square to Mars in Cancer on the Ascendant, and with Saturn on the cusp of the Ascendant, we may expect this person to be very untidy and careless. He is one who would neglect cleanliness of the body and of his surroundings, also the elimination of toxic poisons through the colon, kidneys, and skin. This would in time fill the body with poisons which would ultimately cause eruption.

The skin would become dry and dead, for the pituitary body with the assistance of the thyroid gland feeds the skin. When these glands are tired and depleted by sensual excesses, the conditions of the skin as well as the general circulation of the body are impaired, dulling the mentality and causing the slowing up of energies of mind and body. In this case the result was leprosy.

This dread disease first made its appearance after the Flood, when vegetation was scarce and Noah and his family were forced to revert to the use of meat for food. This together with excesses and degeneracy relating to the generative function was responsible for this disease being of such common occurrence among the ancient Israelites and Egyptians. This ailment was classed as unclean, and those afflicted with it were ostracized and excluded from the church.

Truly it is a disease caused by unsanitary and unclean habits of living, and only those who, as in the case of this man, are gluttonous and careless in their personal habits are afflicted with it. We will use horoscope 12B to illustrate another phase of this disease.

No. 12B

Male, born March 19, 1896, at 7:50 P.M.

During the ancient Israelitic times the Jews looked upon leprosy as a peculiar disease sent to man by God. It was recognized as a mark of the displeasure of God for some great sin committed, and it was considered a dreadful moral disease. The afflicted ones were separated from others by the priests, who used ceremonies of purification for the healing of those who had this unclean disorder.

We see in this horoscope indications of moral depravity and uncleanliness: We find Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, the sign which rules the secret parts, the generative organs. Saturn is square to Mars, which is in Aquarius, the home of Saturn. Uranus is also retrograde and in the sign of Scorpio. These three planets, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars, are in mutual reception, that is, Mars is in a Saturn sign and Saturn and Uranus are in a Martian sign. Uranus is parallel to Mars and opposition the Moon, both Uranus and the Moon being in their exaltation signs and in angles and fixed signs. These planets are thus strong both by position and sign; therefore they are also most powerful in their afflictions. When Saturn afflicts Mars from Scorpio and Uranus afflicts Mars and the Moon from this sign of sex, we may at once diagnose the case as venereal disease, but it was of such a malignant nature that it was believed to be leprosy, for all outward symptoms indicated leprosy.

Certain forms of venereal disease go hand in hand with the dread disease —

Birth Chart No. 12B

— of leprosy; when the blood stream is poisoned, the glandular system is also affected, which in turn interferes with the metabolism of the entire body.

The Jews in olden times used no medicine to cure this unclean disease. They claimed that it withered all desire for grace and spiritual life; therefore the only cure was prayer and spiritual purification.

In Matthew, 8th chapter, we find: "When he (Christ) was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him. And, behold, there came a leper and worshiped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus put forth his hand and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. An immediately his leprosy was cleansed."

Chapter XXIV

No. 13A

Female, born August 22, 1899, 1:30 P.M.

Paralysis of the limbs and arms is the affliction of this young woman. We note first that this condition is indicated by the Moon, which is the particular significator of health for a woman. She is in Pisces which rules the feet, and square to Saturn, the planet of obstruction, placed in Sagittarius, the sign ruling the hips. Thus the whole region of the lower limbs is afflicted. The Moon is also square to Neptune and the saturnine Dragon's Tail, which are placed in Gemini, the sign ruling the arms. The life-giving Sun is square to Uranus in Sagittarius and to the Ascendant, and these afflictions are all the more powerful because the Sun and Moon are both angular, one near the Midheaven, the other close to the Nadir. Thus there are strong tendencies to trouble with the arms and limbs, dropsy, paralysis, and wasting disease shown in the natal horoscope.

These conditions did not become manifest until the patient was eighteen years of age. At that time the progressed Sun had reached Virgo 16-33; it was then square to the radical Saturn. This brought out the latent weakness and resulted in a gradual loss of control of the limbs, which left her —

Birth Chart No. 13A

— prostrate. Neptune conjunction the saturnine Dragon's Tail in Gemini, the sign ruling the lungs, gives an asthmatic condition and the afflicted Moon in Pisces gives a tendency to dropsical swellings, which have also manifested. Thus for the time being she is in the grip of what seems an incurable condition. But it is noteworthy that the afflictions are all from common signs, and this gives the astrologer a ray of hope that when the Sun has passed the critical points the affliction may be cured and she may regain the use of both arms and limbs even if not in full measure.

In the meantime every effort should be made to promote circulation by the manipulation and massage of the limbs and arms. A diet of fresh milk, which contains much ether, and uncooked vegetables that will give her mineral salts is sure to be of great benefit in helping to keep the limbs in shape and preventing atrophy so that when the present planetary afflictions have passed, the sextile of the radical Sun and Jupiter may restore circulation. This patient can best be treated by a healer having Aries or Leo rising and whose Saturn is not in any place included in the degrees of the patient's 1st or 6th houses.

No. 13B
Paralysis and Hardening
of the Arteries

Male, born February 9, 1855, 9:00 P.M.

We note first the mental qualities of the patient. The Moon is conjoined with the Dragon's Tail, a saturnine influence, and Mercury is square to Saturn. Thus the two significators of mind are afflicted by an obstructive and melancholy influence, which also operates upon Mars and Venus through the square of Saturn. Saturn moreover is placed in the 9th house in the sign of the lower mind, Gemini. Thus there is very little joy for this person; all the world looks blue and gloomy to him; he meets everybody and everything with gloom and distrust, and is always afraid to make a move in any direction for fear something is going to happen to him.

This mental attitude is at the bottom of all his trouble, for no one who carries such thoughts of fear and worry can ever be healthy. The more cheerful and optimistic we are, the more we act as magnets for good things; we become what people call "lucky." Conversely, such an attitude as this person has is bound to bring misfortune and trouble. He thinks he has cause to be worried, and upon the surface it may appear so, but the trouble is that he mistakes effect for cause. The first work of a healer should be to show him this fatal error and teach him to smile or at least to try to smile.

Just as cheer promotes circulation and elimination, keeping the body in health, so worry produces concretion by hindering the elimination of waste matter, and therefore a diseased condition of the body follows. Three places in this patient's body are affected by the Saturnine influence.

Birth Chart No. 13B

In the first place Saturn is in the sign Gemini, which governs the lungs; he is square Mercury, Mars, and Venus, and thus he obstructs the expulsion of carbonic acid and prevents the proper oxygenation of the blood. The Moon has particular rule over the fluids of the body. She is in the latter part of Scorpio in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail. Thus we may look for obstruction of the urine and for concretions in the bladder. The Sun and Jupiter are in Aquarius. Uranus squares Jupiter and the Moon squares the Sun. The effects of this is felt in the opposite sign Leo, which rules the heart. The Sun is also parallel to Uranus, and therefore the heart action is very uncertain, the circulation poor, the blood poisoned and heavy with waste matter that cannot be eliminated through the regular channels. So this clings to the walls of the arteries, and in the course of years the condition known as hardening of the arteries takes place, and the body becomes dry and emaciated.

The horoscope is the clock of destiny which marks the time when tendencies shown at birth are due to materialize. In August, 1910, the Moon had progressed to the conjunction of its radical place. his configuration excited the Moon's radical conjunction with the Dragon's Tail to action, as well as her square to the radical Sun and her opposition to Uranus radical. Thus the disease which had been prepared for during so many years took a serious turn and commenced to seriously hamper the native. In January, 1912, the Moon progressed to the opposition of Saturn radical and squared Mars and Mercury, thus enlivening and bringing into action the condition foreshown in the natal chart. Mars and Mercury govern the nervous system. Mars has rule over the motor nerves and Mercury over the sensory nerves. The above progressed affliction obstructed the vital flow along the nerves and paralyzed the body.

Jupiter was parallel to the Sun's radical place during 1912-14, and the conjunction of the progressed Sun and Mars in January, 1914, served to give more energy. These influences should have been taken on he wing. The patient should have outdoor life, on a farm if possible, with a diet in which buttermilk has a large part, and above all the cultivation of a cheerful attitude should be forced. This with manipulation of the spinal nerves would probably bring life into the paralyzed limbs and might restore a fair measure of health under good progressed aspects.

No. 13C
Facial Paralysis

Female, born April 13, 1912, 9:00 A.M.

This horoscope is that of a young girl with the watery and cardinal sign of Cancer on the eastern angle and with the fiery Mars in conjunction with the Ascendant. Mars is square to Venus and trine to the Moon, the Moon being the ruler of the Ascendant. Mars is the ruler of the 6th house, which has rule over the health; consequently we must look to Mars as the indicator of health.

Mars in Cancer afflicted by a square from Venus, and Venus in the martial sign of Aries, would indicate a gourmand, one who would as a result of too much rich and highly seasoned food suffer from indigestion or inflammation of the stomach.

Neptune in Cancer afflicted by a square from the Sun and Mercury would be apt to give nervous trouble or malnutrition. But this young girl has been in the very best of health, with the digestive organs in good condition. The conjunction of Mars with the Ascendant in Cancer and square to Venus has had little effect upon her health.

The birth of this child was prepared for under the purest conditions and in the most careful manner. The parents had prepared for it even before conception, for they desired to attract to birth an Ego advanced and pure. During all the prenatal period the mother received the greatest care, and the child was loved into this physical world by advanced and pure parents. She was a most wonderful child — healthy, happy, far above the average child of her years, and superior to other children of her age in mentality.

Birth Chart No. 13C

In the summer of 1922 she was taken with frequent hemorrhages of the nose and with severe headaches. The best physicians were consulted, who did everything possible to locate the cause, but to no avail. The facial muscles of the right side began to relax, and facial paralysis finally set in, greatly disfiguring a beautiful face. After trying every available method to relieve the child, the father and mother took her on a touring trip to southern California, hoping that the sea coast and lower altitude might relieve her, which they did to some extent.

Having read the Rosicrucian books on astrology, and knowing of our method of healing and diagnosing, they visited Headquarters with the hope that the writer would be able to diagnose and help them in their trouble. This hope was realized. As soon as the aura of the child was contacted, the writer was impelled to lay the child on her face and to run her hand over the spinal column. Although not an osteopath nor a chiropractor, she found irregularity in the region of the upper cervical vertebrae, also in the center of the dorsal region.

During this, may we call it intuitional or spiritual, diagnosis the parents were silently watching every move of the writer, exchanging glances from time to time. When it was mentioned that the spinal column was irregular, the father spoke up, saying, "Oh, her spine is all right." When asked if she had had an adjustment, he admitted that both he and his wife were chiropractors and had practiced for almost two years. When asked if they had not both practiced on the child, they shamefacedly admitted that they had, with the result that the motor nerves had been over-stimulated.

Through the wonderful keyboard, the spinal column with its thirty- one spinal nerves, a skillful operator can by manipulation enervate or stimulate almost any part of the body, while an unskilled one may cause untold suffering. Such was the case with this beautiful young girl. The parents who had loved her into existence, who would have sacrificed their very lives for her, had in ignorance played once too often on her spinal nerves, exciting them to work overtime, and after the damage had been done, they were not skilled enough to know what method to use to undo the damage.

We take the rulers of the 10th and 4th houses to indicate the parents. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, which is on the Midheaven, and Mercury the ruler of Virgo, which is on the cusp of the 4th house. The above two planets are squaring each other. Mars on the Ascendant indicates accidents, injuries, etc. Mars is square to Venus in Aries, the head. The cardinal signs act upon each other. the parts affected by squares such as from Aries, the head, to Cancer, the stomach, are in mutual bondage to each other. While the nerves of the stomach may have been over-stimulated, thereby sending an excess of blood to the head causing the bleeding of the nose, by a knowledge of proper adjustments a skilled osteopath or chiropractor could in a few treatments overcome this trouble. The Invisible Helpers of the Rose Cross, by materializing a hand, can also accomplish the same thing.

No. 13D, E: Paralysis

Male, born March 25, 1876, 2:00 A.M.

We will use for this lesson the horoscopes of a man and woman who have afflictions in common signs, in order to illustrate why one patient will succumb to disease and become an invalid when another who has many more afflicting planets rises above them and thus becomes able to lead an active and useful life.

We will first diagnose horoscope 13D, where we find the common sign of Sagittarius on the Ascendant with the ruler, Jupiter, retrograde, and in its own sign in the 11th house, trine to the life-giving Sun, but square to the obstructing Saturn, which is in the sign of Pisces, another common sign. We find the Sun making only good aspects. The Moon is square the Ascendant and in conjunction with the desire body Dragon's Head, which has a Jupiterian influence, sextile to Mars and Venus, and trine to Jupiter. These configurations should give much vitality and be a strong factor for health in this horoscope. Now why should a man with so few afflictions have become an invalid?

We find only two afflictions which would be detrimental to health; these are Saturn square Jupiter, and Venus conjunction Mars in Taurus square to Uranus in Leo. But with the common sign on the Ascendant this man's will was not strong enough to withstand the temptations shown by Venus conjunction Mars in Taurus, the larynx (Taurus also represents the generative organs by opposition from Scorpio), and square to Uranus. Dissipation in food and drink filled the blood with impurities, which impaired the arterial —

Birth Chart No. 13D

— circulation. Saturn in a common sign, square to Jupiter also in a common sign, Sagittarius, which has rule over the sacral region, shows that the fifth lumbar nerve and the sacral nerves were obstructed in their function. Naturally this interfered with the circulation in that part of the body, causing paralysis of the lower limbs. The common sign man naturally follows the line of least resistance and drifts into invalidism.

Now horoscope No. 13E, that of a woman, has the fixed sign of Leo rising, and Mars is on the cusp of the Ascendant, but in this case we find the —

Birth Chart No. 13E

— ruler, the Sun, also the Moon, both afflicted by the opposition of Neptune and the square of Uranus. Venus, which has rule over the venous circulation, is in the common sign of Virgo, square to the obstructing Saturn in Sagittarius, the home of Jupiter, Sagittarius also ruling the sacral region. A native with the dynamic Mars on the Ascendant in the fixed and impulsive sign of Leo is full of energy and ambition, and would naturally use up much strength and through temper and impulse dissipate much of her vitality. With the circulation restricted in the sacral region by Saturn, why should this woman not suffer with conditions similar to those of the man in horoscope No. 13D?

In the man's horoscope we find conditions indicating a phlegmatic, mentally lazy person. With Moon and Mercury in conjunction in Pisces and sextile to Venus and Mars, and with Jupiter trine Sun, everything came to him without any great effort. Especially was he drawn to 5th, 7th, and 10th house people — musical, theatrical people and movie actors, who led him into a life of pleasure. We find the woman in horoscope No. 3E with plenty of will and ambition, whose desire to heal and help humanity led her to take up the medical profession. But she had a constant fight to keep her joints from becoming stiff and sore. With Saturn obstructing the circulation in the sacral region she suffered greatly with granulated joints of the shoulders, hips and feet. Venus or Jupiter afflicted from common signs gives a tendency to paralysis of the limbs, but with a fixed sign on the Ascendant the native will not succumb. Therefore i is most necessary at all times when diagnosing a disease to observe the rising sign and the aspects of the Sun, Moon, and the ruler of the Ascendant.

One who suffers from such afflictions as the above should make an effort to keep the circulation normal by eating very lightly of plain food, exercising plentifully, and with a pair of bath mitts rubbing the limbs briskly morning and night. This will often avert a case of paralysis.

No. 13F
Infantile Paralysis

Male, born July 7, 1908, 2:00 A.M.

We will here examine the sympathetic aspects of planets in the cardinal signs. We find in this horoscope a most interesting lesson illustrating the sympathy and antipathy of the planets when placed in signs which are square or in opposition to each other.

The horoscope of this young man has the common sign of Gemini on the Ascendant, with Mercury, Venus, Neptune, the Sun, Mars, and the Dragon's Head all in Cancer, the sign which has rule over the stomach. Four of these planets, namely, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and the Sun are in opposition to Uranus and square to Saturn. The Sun is parallel to Uranus and Neptune; Neptune, Uranus, and the Sun are square to the Moon in Libra in the 6th house.

From our first observation we might diagnose this case as one of stomach trouble, for with Venus in conjunction with Mercury, Neptune, and the Sun afflicted in Cancer we may expect poor digestion. When Neptune is one of the afflictors, especially when it in turn is afflicted by Saturn, there is —

Birth Chart No. 13F

— a tendency to underdevelopment; the organs affected are often undersized and Misshapen. With Saturn square Neptune and Uranus, Uranus being in the sign of Capricorn which is in opposition to the sign ruling the stomach, this child could not digest its food, which was often found in the stool in pieces. The parents, being ignorant of the cause of the condition, were indulgent and permitted him at the age of two years to eat whatever he craved; as a small child he was given solid food to eat.

With Neptune in the sign of the stomach, square Saturn, and in opposition to Uranus, the tiny glands which secrete the gastric juice of the stomach and which are so necessary to furnish the lubricating mucus as well as the digestive fluid, were lacking in vitality and prone to function spasmodically; for Uranus causes spasmodic action, Saturn sluggish action, and Neptune undersize or abnormal functioning. Therefore we would expect that the blood in this case would not receive due nourishment from the food. The body, as a result, would be deprived of the elements necessary for nourishment.

The damage in such cases generally materializes where the planet is placed which has the most evil aspects. Here we find Uranus in Capricorn making several adverse aspects as noted above. Uranus is receiving no help whatever from other planets; therefore naturally we may expect the place of such an afflicted planet to be the focusing point of the vicious circle. Capricorn has rule over the legs and joints, especially the knee joints. At the age of two years this boy was afflicted with what the doctors call infantile paralysis, which caused him to lose the use of his feet. Infantile paralysis is a disease which is diagnosed by the doctors as inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord but this has not been proven. Some of them are in doubt about this, and are seeking for another cause.

No two children have the same effects from this infantile disease. From an astrological standpoint no two who are afflicted with it have exactly the same planetary afflictions nor necessarily the same rising sign. The writer has found in seven horoscopes of children afflicted with it that Neptune has been the chief afflicter in each case. As stated in The Message of the Stars, Neptune has rule over the spinal fluids and the pineal gland, and it depends upon the planet which is afflicting Neptune as to how the disease expresses itself. This naturally baffles the doctors, and they are unable to explain why one child is left with one paralyzed leg, another with both legs and arms paralyzed, and still another with one side entirely useless. But the planets tell the reason for this diversity of outward expression.

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