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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 8)

Chapter IX

When he heard this, the man became much excited. "I have done many things that no one knows about. Must I receive the same kind of treatment that I gave others?"

"Yes," the Helper said, and the man moaned. "I thought that one is forgiven for his sins and wrongdoings," he said.

"You will be forgiven but you must reap as you have sown, whether it was good or bad, otherwise you could not get your reward," she said.

"Lady Angel," he said, "get God to give me, another chance and I will be good to everybody, rich or poor, regardless of race or color. When will I go to Hell? I am afraid. Can you not put it off for a month, or two?"

"No, that cannot be done," answered the Helper, "but you will be forgiven and you will be given another chance to make restitution.

"Will you go and tell my family to be good to everybody and to be good and faithful Christians?" he said.

"They would not believe me," the Helper said, "for you have been setting a bad example before them for over twenty years. You taught them that the Bible did not mean them."

"I have done wrong," the poor man moaned "Lord, have mercy on me!"

The Helpers told the man that someone would come and get him and take him to his final place.

"Angel, please pray for me," he said.

The Helpers then left him and went on. This was a sad case and shows the need of esoteric knowledge.

Another night some Helpers were sent to take away an old African-American preacher who had died in his sleep from heart trouble. They went to a little town in the south and found the preacher who had just died. He was standing beside his body and he noticed the strangers at once. "Are you an Angel who has come to take me to Heaven?", he asked the lady Helper.

"No," she said.

"Am I dead?" he asked, and he was told that he was.

"I thought that I was to go to Heaven. Where is Heaven?" the old man asked. "Lord have mercy on me and help me to find Heaven. Lord, I thought Angels would come and get me."

"Come with me," said the Helper, "and I will take you where you belong." The preacher went very willingly and the Helpers took him to the Borderland.

"Take him on up to the First Heaven," a Lay Sister said.

Then the Helpers took the preacher up where he was met by his mother and father and daughter, who had died many years before. A home was waiting for him. He had created a very beautiful mansion by his good thoughts and high ideals. He had truly lived by faith and had harmed no one for over forty years The united family all sang and praised God. A Lay Sister told the Helpers that this man's seed atom was clean and that he had earned his just reward for right living. He had been a preacher for forty-five years and he had loved and helped everybody.

Love and prayer bring one into close contact with the highest, purest beings that man can contact here on earth, This preacher had a lovely bright soul body which he had built by clean living and loving service to humanity. Thus we see that some people do not have to go to Purgatory at all.

Some time ago two Helpers went to a house where a woman had just committed suicide by taking poison. The house was in great confusion. The woman's mother was sitting down and crying softly to herself. One Helper tried to comfort her, but could do very little. The other Helper called to someone at a distance and asked if they might take the ego, who had just taken her own life, to the Borderland. He was told to wait until someone came to go with them.

Soon a pretty young Lay Sister came in her desire body which was very beautiful. The three Helpers went to the dead woman, who ran toward them from her place near her dense body which was lying on a bed. "What happened? Am I dead?" she asked.

"Yes," one of the Helpers answered.

"There is something the matter with my stomach'," she said. "It feels empty. I am hungry. No, I can't be; I have just eaten. What is wrong? I thought death ended everything. What can I do to get rid of this awful feeling?"

"Come with me," said the Lay Sister, but the woman refused to leave her body. "You did not want your body and you have just killed yourself with poison. Come, now, and I will take you to a place where you will stay until it is time for you to go on. The Lay Sister took hold of the woman, but she snatched herself loose. She tried to run away, but she did not know where to go.

The Lay Sister went and again took hold of her and gently put her to sleep and carried her to the Etheric Region and woke her up. The poor woman then began to scream and cry. "Don't go away and leave me," she begged.

The other suicides in this place crowded around the Helpers and wanted to be helped. They said that they were hungry and thirsty. They wanted to know when it would end. Some of them looked as if they were insane. The Lay Sister made all of them stay at a distance. Everything in this place looked dark, and desolate. The people were moaning and crying out to God to help them. The Lay Sister told the Helpers never to kill themselves no matter what happened.

One Helper asked the Lay Sister why the woman had killed herself and she was told that she had been disappointed in the one she loved and wanted to forget in death.

Some Helpers were sent to the northern part of the United States one night to help an Indian chief who was about to die. The Helpers hurried there and found him very weak but still alive. He had requested that he be dressed in his feather headdress and chief outfit so he could go to the happy hunting ground as a warrior. He was over ninety years old. One of the Helpers spoke about how handsome his many colored feather headdress was.

The chief asked the Helpers if they had come to take him to the happy hunting ground. "Will I be able to do much hunting now that I am so old and feeble?" he asked.

"You will do no hunting where you are going," said one of the Helpers. "After you have paid off all of your debts for the wrong you have done, you will rest."

"I have been a brave and good warrior in my time," the Indian chief said. "Will they put my rifle and plenty of bullets in my coffin? Paleface, who are you? I can see through you, and the others cannot see you. I want you to take me to a good hunting ground."

The Helper was not able to make him understand that there is no hunting ground for the dead.

Just before the chief died his spiritual sight was fully opened and he could see the Helpers although they were not materialized. He passed on and then he said, "Come, Paleface, and take me to the hunting ground before I die. I am like you now and I can pick out the place I want when I get there."

The Helpers took this Indian to the Borderland and gave him to the High Beings there. He looked around and seemed disappointed. "Huh, no deer here! No buffalo here! Where is the hunting ground? Let us find it quickly before I die. I feel sleepy and I may not be able to find it." The Helpers then left him and went on with their work.

Two Helpers were sent to help an old man who had died in a hospital. This man was a friend of one of the Helpers. They found the man in a morgue standing near his body. He was much frightened and wanted to know if he was dead.

"Yes, you are dead as man knows it," said the man Helper.

"Where am I going? I thought I was to go to Heaven. I hurt so and it is dark here. When am I going away from here?"

"Will yourself well and you will be all right," said the Helper. How long can you stay awake?"

"I generally go to sleep early," he said.

"You must review your life," went on the Helper.

"How do you do that? I have forgotten many things that I have done. I am seventy years old," the man said.

"Will to see your entire life and note carefully all the things what you have done. Notice both the good and the bad."

The old man stood still and began to look intently. "I am getting sleepy," he said.

"Do not go to sleep yet," said the helper. "You remember how I tried to tell you that one does not die and that you had been taught wrong. I told you that you would be punished for all the sinful and bad things that you have done that you have not tried to make right and you will be rewarded for all the good you have done."

"Am I dead, and are you both dead, also?" he questioned.

The Helper told him that they were not dead but that they go out as Helpers every night and help people.

"I used to think that you were not quite right mentally," he answered, "and yet so many of the things you told me came true. If I am not dead take me home and take me to the place where I used to work."

"Come with us," the Helper told him.

"I can't walk fast," he said. "I am too old."

"Just will to go as fast as we do," said the Helper.

The man did and he went with the Helper and they took him where he wanted to go. When he reached his home he said he could not get in as he had no key.

"You don't need any key," said the Helper. "Come along."

They went right through the wall into his room, and the dead man saw that all of his things had been removed and the room was cleaned out and ready for a new occupant.

"Well, I now see that you are right," said the man. Let us go where I work."

"The Helpers took the man there and he saw another man in his place. The man seemed to sense the people although they were in their desire bodies and he could not see them. He became nervous and stood near the door ready to run out. The Helpers told the old man to go with them. When they got out on the street the man saw a man that he knew, and he spoke to him, but the man passed on for he could not see or hear him.

"I must be dead," the old man said. "What time is it?"

The Helper told him that it was three-thirty A.M. Then he explained his teachings to him and told him what he must. Expect and that if he is sorry for the wrongs that he had done and promises to make these wrongs right his punishment in Purgatory will not last so long.

"I do not know all the wrong that I have done and I cannot make right the wrongs now," he said. "I am supposed to be dead."

The man Helper explained about rebirth to him and he said, "If I can do this, I will."

The Helpers carried the old man to the Borderland and gave him to a Lay Brother. The old man broke down and began to cry, and he begged the Helper not to leave him for he was his friend while he was living. He asked the Helpers to please return and see him again. A Lay Sister said that he would not stay long in Purgatory for he had had a lot of retrospection while he lay ill in bed and that his life record was well-etched on his desire body.

Here is how a dying man was helped one night. Two Helpers met a hunter who was in a serious condition. During his vacation he went walking up in the mountains and slipped and fell and broke his left leg and left arm and had other injuries. He had been without food or water for five days, and his leg and arm were black and badly swollen. "I am not hungry but I am thirsty," the suffering man said. "I have no family but I have a niece in the east."

One Helper had the other write a note in his book giving this niece all he had and his bankbook, etc. and the Helpers witnessed it with their names. The Helpers took the water bottle that the man had with him and got him some water.

The Helpers went to the nearest city and sent the man's note book containing his will and bankbook to his niece by registered mail. They then returned to the man and found that he had passed on while they were gone. He had had his retrospection before they found him. One of the Helpers wrapped up his receipt for the letter in some paper and put it in the dead man's inside coat pocket. The Helpers did not now whether the man's body would be found or not. They left his gun and everything with him.

The Helpers greatly relieved the dying man's mind because he was very anxious to leave his money to his niece. When his will was written he passed on with his last wish fulfilled. This relieved him and kept him from being earthbound.

Here is the story of the death of a nurse who died on a battle front. One Friday night some Helpers were helping in a base hospital where a long line of wounded men were steadily coming in. There were men and women helping them who did not belong to the Hospital Corps. The Helpers saw a nurse who was a good worker.

"Oh, he is dead," they heard her say, and she left the hospital and started to the front. The red cross on her cap and the cross on her arm shone very brightly in the sun in contrast to her white uniform. She walked as if drawn to the trenches. When she had walked about half a block she fell face forward. She had been shot through the forehead.

Her body lay on the ground but she moved on. When she got to the trenches she began to look at the dead soldiers. She found the one she was looking for and called him by name. "I got your call and came," she said.

"Oh, you are bleeding," he said. "What has happened?" she replied, and then she said, "Oh, my head hurts.

"You are like me," the soldier said. "You must be dead."

"No, I am not dead," she said. "I am talking to you."

"You are both dead as man calls it," the man Helper said.

"We are not dead," insisted the nurse.

"Look" said the Helper. "Do you see that white form lying out there? That is your body."

"Yes, I see it but that can't be me when I am here," she said.

"Help me turn this man over," continued the Helper. The nurse stooped down to help him, and her hand went through him and a look of surprise came over her face.

"Am I really dead?" she asked. "I can talk."

"Yes, you really are," the Helper told her.

"How can that form be me?" she asked still unconvinced.

"I will show you," the Helper replied, and he went to her body and twisted a finger. She cried out in pain and said, "It must be me."

"Yes, it is you, for it is not me,"' he said.

"Are you like him and me?" asked the nurse.

"Yes, in a way, but we are not dead," he said. "We help everybody that we can.

"Oh, my head hurts and I cannot think," she said.

The Helper told the nurse and the soldier to will themselves well. After that the nurse looked carefully at the Helpers.

"I would like to be like you," she said, "so I can go on helping my people."

"You must help everybody over here and if you cannot do that you can not work," the Helper told her.

She thought this over a little and said, "I will help all who come my way."

The Helpers took these egos to the Borderland and the man Helper told the lady in charge what the nurse had said.

"I will put you in a band," she told her.

"How can she go into a band of Helpers when she hasn't been in Purgatory?" the man Helper asked.

"My Friend," the lady said, "you seem to forget that they died on the battlefield and their blood ran into the soft earth and it was purified. With her already intense desire to help humanity she would, with a little teaching, make a good Helper. In a good instructor's hands she wiIl be all right."

The Helpers left them and went on with their work.

When a soldier bleeds to death on the soft earth of a battlefield, his vehicles are purified and he goes to the Children's Heaven. There he stays from one year to twenty years and he is then reborn and dies in infancy so he can reap the experiences or his wrong-doing in the life in which he bled to death.

He does not go to Purgatory but is taken there to watch those whose experience is similar to his and he suffers as if he were there. No one escapes punishment for his wrongdoing. No one goes to the adult's Heaven who has not paid his debts in Purgatory or suffered here on earth through his retrospection.

Here is what happened when a very bad man died some time ago. Some Helpers were sent to the bedside of a man in the south who was dying. He had been very mean to the help on his farm and those who were with him. He had been sick in bed for two weeks and had steadily grown worse. He was out of his head part of the time. His spiritual sight had come to him and he could see his thought form of death and the pictures of death that people had told of while he was punishing them for sport.

When the Helpers arrived the man was talking. "Go away, death," he said. "You look too horrible. Don't get too close to me with that fire and pitchfork. Go away, I tell you. Free me and let me out of this bed."

The raving man was tied in bed. "Take that dead baby off of my bed," he said. "Take that dead dog out of here. Look at that man hanging in that hole! I put him there to see his tongue and eyes come out. Take him away. Help! Move that snake for he wants to bite me. It bit that white girl because she would not go with me. Ha! Ha! I put that snake on her and they found her dead. No one will know it. Sally's child is mine. I made her do my bidding for I told her if she didn't I would kill her husband." Thus this evil man raved and told everything.

The lady Helper turned to her companion. "Where is this thing that he is raving about?" she asked.

"Come here," he said. "Get behind me and look in front of you."

She looked and the Helper felt her hands tighten on his shoulders. "How terrible he is," she said. "Is he real?"

"Yes," said the man Helper. "He is as real as you and I. He is the sum of all the evil that this man has done in the past and the sins he has committed in this life and he will surely punish him when he dies."

The man's sin body looked like an overgrown grizzly bear or a gorilla. He had two large teeth sticking out of the corner of his mouth and he was slobbering. He held a large torch and a three pronged pitch fork. At his feet were several skeletons of adults and two of babies. He had a large right foot, which meant that he had used that foot to kick people with. The entity, or sin body, had a very large right hand. This indicated that he was in the habit of hitting people who displeased him. The entity also held a rope. This meant that he had hung some one.

His wife and daughter were afraid of him and did not go near him. They had two men watching him. One of these men went out and called them in, for the man was dying. He was moaning as he lay on his bed. Then he gave a loud yell and died.

In a little while the man formed beside his dead body and the entity rushed toward him. "Not yet," said the man Helper, and he made the entity keep away. The Helper told the entity that he would have to wait until the man had viewed his past life and then he could have his way.

The Helpers took the ego of this bad man to the Borderland and then took him to his place in Purgatory. They knew that his body would not be embalmed before it was buried. The Helper really did the man a great service as he prevented the sin body from taking his desire body and vital body. This man's punishment will be very severe because he was so cruel to others. One Helper said that he did not want to witness anything like that again.

One night some Helpers were sent to another home in the south. The man died while they were there. He had been a good man to his family and they idolized him, but he had been a hard business man who had made a great deal of money. He was a devout Christian, and the Bible was law to him from cover to cover.

Fortune had smiled on him during the depression and he was well liked by the people who worked for him. He had driven all his competitors out of business by his shrewdness.

He became ill with pneumonia and his doctor had given up hope of saving his life. His pastor was present with the family at his bedside.

When the Helpers entered the room the sick man saw them. "There are two strange people here," he told his wife. "They are so bright that they must be Angels. The lady says that they are human and are Invisible Helpers. I wonder what she means by that?"

One of the Helpers explained her teachings to the man very hurriedly.

"I have not heard of this philosophy," he said. "Oh, yes, I did, too, but I could find no trace of it in the Bible, so I dismissed it," He turned to the preacher and asked him about it.

"Oh, it is some belief that a man thought up to get himself a following so he could live easy, I guess. There is no proof of it in the Bible," answered the preacher.

This made one Helper angry and she went out and materialized and knocked on the door and was admitted to the room.

"She is the one who was talking to me?" said the sick man.

The preacher asked the lady Helper if she was a witch.

"No," she said. "If you would learn more and live a better life you would know a lot more."

The Helper told the man to tell his wife not to have his body embalmed as it would destroy his life record.

"You are a witch," the preacher said, "and you want his blood to live on!" He had heard of black magic. "People do not feel any pain after death," he continued.

"I believe her and I do not want to be embalmed. Keep me four days on ice," said the man who was growing weaker. He then passed on.

The undertaker came and as usual he said that the law required that everyone be embalmed. The preacher sided with him and said, "Yes, it does."

"You shall both pay for this," said the lady Helper.

"I do not know," said the man's wife.

"Lady, "I believe you, but what can I do?" said the daughter, who was about fourteen years old.

You can do nothing, my child. Come outdoors, and I will show you something that will do you good," said the Helper and she disappeared from her.

"Oh, she is gone!" exclaimed the girl. Then she said, "Dear God, I have seen and talked with an Angel and I thank Thee."

The Helper came back and let her aura out and the girl fell at her feet. "Dear Angel, please tell me how I can be like you. Can I become an Angel?"

"Yes, you can become an Angel of mercy such as I am trying to be." The Helper then told this girl what she must do, and she said that she would do it all through her life even if it was hard.

"Is my father dead?" asked the girl.

"Yes, as you know it, but he is more alive now than he was when he was in his body," the Helper answered.

The Helper showed her father to her and she called him and he turned around and looked at her and she waved her hand to him. He was at the undertaker's office standing beside his body and he was afraid to leave it. The Helper got permission to let the girl see her father be embalmed. She saw and heard him cry out in pain when they began to embalm him. She heard him say that he was burning inside and in a few minutes he said that he was freezing. When the Helper again turned to the girl she found that she had fainted and gone to her father.

The Helpers then went there. "Why was I not taught about this in life?" asked the father. "Am I dead?"

"Yes, as man knows it," replied the Helper sadly.

The Bible does not speak about this," said the man," but it does say that when one dies he knows nothing."

The Helper told him that the Bible is a written document setting forth the way a man should live so that he can live by that document and escape Hell as he knows it.

"Well, I have lived all my life wrong and now it is too late for me to learn, for now I must spend the rest of my life in Hell, when I thought I would go to Heaven," said the poor man with a sigh.

"You have been a hard and exacting taskmaster," said the Helper. "You have been very unjust in your dealings with other people."

"I have been good to my family, and my employees liked me," he said.

"Did you give them a chance when they made a mistake?" she asked.

"Why, no, I followed the law of an eye for an eye," he said.

"You will reap as you have sown," she answered.

Then the man began to talk to himself. "My baby girl told me that I should be more merciful with the people. Now I must reap what I have sown. Lady Angel, if you will give me another chance and don't take me to Hell I will do all I can to undo what I have done that is wrong. Oh, I am dead and I cannot get in my body to use it! What shall I do? Where am I? The things I learned in church do not account for this state of things. Lady Angel, if you will take me home I will tell my wife to give you five thousand dollars to let me go, and I will hide from the devil so he cannot find me and burn me."

The Helpers took him home to his wife and he put his hand on her shoulder and she paid no attention to it. He called her name but she did not answer. "Lord, am I dead? Have mercy on me and if I ever get a chance, I will undo the wrong I have done, and tell everybody that we do not die, as man sees it, and to never be embalmed. Lady Angel, let me see my little daughter and I will be ready to go wherever you may take me, for I can do nothing here."

The Helper took him to his daughter who had fainted on the porch and they found her standing beside her body. She saw her father and ran to meet him. "I wish I had listened to you!' he said." "How different my life would be now!"

"Papa!" his daughter said, "promise God that you will do better when you come back and say that you are sorry and God will show mercy to you and forgive you, although you have to be punished for your sins. Then you will be given another chance."

"Daughter," he replied, "there is no forgiveness after one is dead."

"The lady Angel told me that there is," she said.

The man asked the Helper and she said, "Yes."

"Thank God," he said. "I will do as you say, and ask God for the chance."

One Helper pressed the doorbell for the people to go out on the porch and get the girl who had fainted and take care of her.

After that the Helpers carried the man away to the Borderland and left him in a happy frame of mind over his new chance to live again and do better after he has paid fur his sins.

The girl will remember all that happened that night and will be a different girl, and in time she will find the Path which will lead her to conscious knowledge.

Occult students who have read reliable books on this subject will see that these true stories all agree with what the authors say about after death conditions. Strange as it seems, most people do not believe that they will feel anything when they are embalmed. They will pay little or no attention to anyone who tells them when they are living.

After death they are eager for information to help them understand what has happened to them. It seems sad that people are not a little receptive before it is too late to save them from added suffering.

Here is a wonderful story about how some Invisible Helpers saw the funeral of a Liberated One. They were going along and they met a band of Angels that they knew. As the Angels came along they stopped and one of them spoke to the Helpers. "A Liberated One is about to pass on and we are going to his home," she said.

The Helpers went along until they got within a mile of his home in a little town in the western part of the United States and then they stopped. They could feel the atmosphere becoming tense. One of the Angels told one of the Helpers to go on and go to the house, but the other Helper objected. "We are earth beings and cannot stand the intense vibration," he said.

The first Helper wanted to go anyway but her companion said, "No," and she started to cry. The leader of the band of Angels said that she would take care of the Helper.

"No, you cannot take care of her among those very High Beings. Their vibrations would shatter her nerves," said the man Helper.

The Angels went on and soon a man came by and spoke to the Helpers. "Go up higher and then look down and you will be able to see and hear everything," he said.

The Helpers went up and looked down. The sight they saw was grand and glorious. The Liberated One lived with a family of Initiates. He lay in a bed between two windows. The members of the family and a lot of High Beings were around him. They had some kind of incense burning. There were Angels, Archangels, Initiates, High Beings, and very High Beings present.

Then some High Beings came in chariots from other planets. They put more incense on the stand and the Helpers saw a High Being from another Solar System come. Soon they saw a band of High Beings, both men and women, from another Solar System arrive at the house. They heard a High Being say that they were the Angelic Choir. They were singing, "All hail the power of Jesus' Name! Another son is coming home."

The man did not want to go. Dear Lord," he said, "I have plenty of work to do yet. Please let me stay until humanity comes home."

The Helpers found out that this Liberated One became liberated at about the time Jesus was born and has been in a physical body continuously since that time. He came to America with the Pilgrims and has been here ever since.

A double line of egos was formed outside the windows, and the line went out of sight gradually in a slanting direction. Then a Lord of Destiny told the man that he must come home and rest.

"I am not tired," the man said. "I love this earth and its people."

Then the man resigned himself and the Lord of Destiny touched his heart and he stepped out of his body and he was of about ordinary height. The man looked at his body lying on the bed.

"My friend," he said, "you have served me well and can now go back to the primordial force," and his body disappeared.

The man then shook himself and let out his aura and it enveloped everything around as far as the Helpers could see, including them away above the earth.

"Merciful Father," said one to the Helpers, "he surely must be a God."

The dog, the cats, and all the animals that the Helpers could see, on or near the place, bowed their heads and moaned. The Initiates, that they saw in the family appeared to he dead.

"Oh, are they dead?" asked the lady Helper.

"No," her companion replied. "I can see them standing beside their bodies with their heads bowed."

Then the man who had died went out the window between the two lines of Helpers, and the very High Beings Were around him in the chariots with the Angelic Choir singing in front of him.

As the procession passed out of sight the Helpers turned around to go, and they saw many Helpers and Initiates all around them who had also been present at the passing of this very advanced man.

Chapter X
Reincarnation is a Fact

Let us consider some proof that certain people have experienced during the last ten or fifteen years which have convinced them that Reincarnation, or Rebirth, is a fact. Some people are willing to accept the Mystic teachings concerning Rebirth at once and never have any doubts in their minds. Other people are not willing to believe that we have lived before, and it is quite useless to do more than mention this great truth to them.

Then there are other people who become interested in the law of Reincarnation and after they have studied about it and thought the matter over a while they are ready to accept it. Then they want to know more about it and how it helps us to progress in evolution.

I shall try to show you by means of true stories that reincarnation is true and that we have lived before. This will not be proof to you because everyone must be convinced by his own experience. These stories will show some of the ways that Mystic and Occult students receive proof themselves. Also how they help other people to find out the truth about themselves.

Our Earth is a school of experience for us. We must return to Earth many times before we can hope to learn all the knowledge that we need for our future progress. We cannot possibly learn all this knowledge in one life, so we return to the Earth life after life, after intervals of rest, and take up our lives where we left them, just as children do in school day by day.

Most people do not remember their former lives, but there are some people who do. Students of the Mystic teachings are shown some of their lives from time to time while they are out in sleep and some of them are able to remember it. It isn't necessary to have spiritual sight to find out about one's past lives.

A lady once told me that she had seen herself as a man in the Continental Army uniform. From this she reasoned that she was a man in her past incarnation, and that if she served as a soldier in the Revolutionary Army she was not gone the usual time of a thousand years before she returned to rebirth to continue her education in the school of life.

Another student has been shown some of her past incarnations several times, once by a young man in China whom she recognized as a former friend. She talked with this young man and remembered seeing a certain curtain being raised to reveal a wall where the pictures were to be shown. She remembered her great excitement and interest when she awakened the next morning. Although she remembered the details of the trip to the house, as well as his library and his appearance, she could not recall the past lives that she had seen.

Later, while out of her body in sleep, she visited at a Chinese home and was shown pictures of herself in past lives. She plainly remembered the scholarly man who showed them to her from the Memory of Nature, and his attractive daughter who was in the next room where her friend was waiting.

Another time, while out of her body in sleep, she was shown some pictures of herself in past lives. The next morning she remembered three lives when she was a man. In one of them she had long hair and whiskers, a hairy-looking face. She laughed heartily when a certain lady showed this picture to her. "There is a strong resemblance to me in all of them," she said.

This incident settled a question which had been in the student's mind for a long time. She had wondered how people can recognize an ego in many incarnations, for each ego gets a new physical body each time it returns to rebirth. We are individual beings we show this from life to life. The resemblance is strong enough for the ego to be recognized by anyone who sees his past lives shown from the Memory of Nature. The Memory of Nature is located in the fourth subdivision of the World of Thought. I have read that everything that has ever happened in our Solar System has left behind it an ineffaceable picture in the reflecting ether there.

Here is some partial proof that a student has of the return of an ego from Heaven. She remembered one morning that, while out of her body during sleep she, had visited some friends in their apartment. They had no children at that time, but the husband was eager to have a child come to them.

The two friends saw a little girl apparently about two years old in the room. She was playing with the man and he was talking to her. There was a high chair there and at one time the child sat up in the high chair and seemed to be waiting for some food to be brought to her. Everyone was happy and cheerful and the child was a little darling.

Several months later the student heard that these people were the parents of a little girl. A few months later she saw this little baby in person. She believed that it was the same ego that she had seen before birth, but she could not be positive at that time. When this child was a little over two years old the student saw her one day, and she looked exactly as she had seen her that night. She was positive that it was the same ego that she saw during sleep. This child knew that these were her future parents and spent some time with them. A child who has had its parents selected for it plays with them when they are out of their bodies in sleep, from one to two years before birth. They usually follow the mother. People with psychic sight often see these children and think they have been born and died. This sometimes embarrasses a woman and gives a wrong impression.

Later on this same student several times saw a little baby that was later born to some friends of hers. Once she saw this ego playing with the boy who was later her big brother. The student was sure of the identification of this child also.

A certain student of the Mystic teachings has been allowed to watch three children die and return to rebirth. I will quote from a written statement which he wrote concerning one of these children.

A Child Returns
to Birth

"I was reading a chapter in a book about Rebirth and the Law of Consequence and I wondered if it was really true. I had been a student for some years, and I wanted some proof of the things that I had read. I said, `Dear Friends who are teaching me at night, listen. I am out of my body somewhere in sleep, please show, me someone who is going to die and come back to rebirth.'

"A lady came to me. "Do you know Mrs. X's child, who is sick?' she asked, and I answered, `Yes.'

"`Well, you watch that child, as he knows you,' she said. `He will soon pass out. You go over and renew your friendship with him.'

"Knowing the little six-year old boy, I went to his home and talked and played with him nearly everyday when he was feeling well. He soon began to look for me and ask about me.

"The next time I saw the lady who was teaching me, I asked her how I would know this child after he died. I told her that I did not know where he would go, that I had never been up to the Children's World, and did not know where it was located.

"From now on until he comes back as a girl you can see him whenever you wish by spiritual sight no matter where you are," the lady said. `You will also be with him every night in the Children's World. You will be able to see him there from a distance. He will be within your vision until he returns to Earth.'

"This little boy died at 2 o'clock in the morning. I was at his bedside in my desire body and I went with the lady who carried him to the Heaven World. At the time I was fully conscious and had the use of all of my faculties. I went to see him many times at night, and he knew me as well as when he was a little boy on Earth.

"Later this ego went on to the Second Heaven where he stayed for a few days. I went there and followed him on down to birth. I saw him when he used to go around with his new mother-to-be and father. I saw how this ego used to play with his new mamma when she was out of her body in sleep.

"The first parents of this child did not know the new parents and they lived in different parts of the same city. I happened also to know the new parents. When the baby was reborn I recognized her and she was very friendly with me. She would come to me whenever I went where she was.

"It was exactly two years and three months from the time he died until he was reborn as a little girl. From that time, I never questioned any of the Mystic Teachings. I have always said when something came up, that I did not understand that in time it would be made clear to me. It has always been so.

"I was also shown this boy's previous life when he was a woman. At that time she was a nurse in a Hospital Corps. She met death in France by being blown to pieces during the World War. She had lived a good life and had been an untiring nurse in the front lines where she helped everybody impartially. She had given a good account of herself both in her home and as a nurse in France.

"In a previous life when she was a man in southern Europe one thousand years before she had befriended her present parents. Her life records show that she had lived a good, useful life for four lives. It seems very likely that this ego will take up the Path and live a really useful life. Her record in the Memory of Nature shows that she was born in 1879 and that she was one of the first nurses to be killed from her unit in 1914. She was reborn in 1918 and died in 1924 at the age of six years. She was reborn in 1927 as a girl, and is still living and in good health. She is a very bright, intelligent child."

A student had often heard that an ego sometimes comes back to the same parents a second or even a third time. She had heard of one such instance of this kind. In considering her relatives, she wondered about some cousins of hers. The pictures of two of these children were strangely similar. She wondered if little Ruth and Mary were not the same ego.

She thought about this often and one morning she awoke with wonderful memories of what she had seen while out of her body in sleep. She saw a series of pictures which were like tableaus. They were a kind of colored moving pictures which showed the ego in the most beautiful and realistic manner imaginable. Each life started with babyhood and took the ego up to the time of death. The student learned that this particular ego had come to the parents three times to teach them the lessons of love and kindness.

First this ego came as a beautiful dark-eyed boy. He became sick and died during childhood and the parents were grief-stricken. Next she returned as a little girl whom the parents named Ruth. This pretty child lived to be about eight years old and then she passed on with diphtheria. The parents were distracted and the father seemed entirely to lose his belief in God. She later returned to the same parents as another little blonde girl. This time she stayed and has outlived her parents.

At first when the student saw the lives of this ego being unfolded by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness, she was greatly interested, but she did not recognize who the baby was since he had lived before she came to birth. Then came Ruth, and her life with her parents. When her death was shown and she was reborn as Mary the student recognized who it was whose lives were being shown to her.

She then saw Mary as a baby. Then she was shown as a happy child dressed in bright colors. Next she appeared as a busy school girl and after a while as a pretty high school graduate. Then the scene showed her as a happy bride dressed in lovely white clothing with her face flushed and excited. Later she was shown as a mother with a little child. Afterwards as an attractive older woman with a beautiful home.

The scene changed and she appeared as a widow, and the atmosphere was filled with sorrow and gloom. She was wearing a dark brown robe and she walked with her head bowed. This meant that she was worried and grief stricken. Then she was shown clad in a black costume and walking with faltering steps. Soon she had passed on in death and her body lay upon a bier draped in black. Life had run its course. The panoramic view was over. It was solemn and awe-inspiring. The next morning the student remembered hearing the word requiem being used in connection with the closing scene.

When the student awakened she knew that this lady would lose her husband. Sure enough, a few years later he took his own life and left his wife and daughter to face life without him.

Each time a child is born what appears to be a new human being comes into the family. We see the little form as it lives and grows, becoming an important factor in the lives of various people for days, months, and years. Then a time comes when the form dies and the life that ensouled that form passes on to the Invisible Worlds. The family and friends sorrowfully ask themselves where it came from. They wonder why it was here, and where it has gone.

Into every family the Death Angel comes sooner or later and cuts the silver cords of the members of the family and they die one by one. Every person, old or young, sick or well, rich or poor must pass from life into death and leave his loved ones behind him, at least for a time. Down through the ages people have been piteously crying for the solution of the mystery of life and death.

In The Cosmo- Conception we read the following:

"So far as the vast majority of people are concerned, the three great questions, Whence have we come? Why are we here? Whither are we going? remain unanswered to this day. It has unfortunately come to be the popularly accepted opinion that nothing can be definitely known about these matters of deepest interest to humanity. Nothing could be more erroneous than such an idea. Each and everyone, without exception, may become capable of obtaining first hand, definite information upon this subject; may personally investigate the state of the human spirit, both before death and after."

A friend told me some years ago that she saw her mother die. At the moment when the spirit left she saw what looked like a thin, gray veil ascend from the top of her head and take shape by the side of the bed.

Invisible Helpers very often see people pass on in death. One night some Invisible Helpers were sent to a certain house where a man was dying. They stood in his room and saw his family grouped around him, crying in their grief. They saw the man's heart bulge out in the left ventricle. Then his chest heaved up and he began to leave his body by way of his head. It looked as if someone were pulling a piece of gray gauze out of his head. Passing out of the body is an unscrewing process, a left to right motion.

In a few minutes the man took shape and stood by his body and looked about him in surprise. He saw the Helpers and they told him that he was dead and that he was to go with them. The Helpers took him to the Desire World where he began to review his life.

One night a Helper was at the home of some people in England. She was talking to a lady and her daughter in the front room of their upper apartment. There had been a quarrel between the husband and the wife and he had left the house and gone out. The Helper looked out of the window and saw a man dressed in a white linen suit. He was wearing a white hat like a helmet. This man was standing at the edge of the roof of a tall, brick building across the street.

In an instant he jumped off and fell heavily to the pavement below, striking his head and one side of his body. He was killed instantly and his ego stood beside his body and looked on while a man and a doctor lifted up his broken body. The Helper could see right through his clothing that his head was smashed, an arm was broken, a collar bone was broken, and that one thigh was very badly bruised. His limp, lifeless body was borne away to his home which he had left in anger only a few minutes before. This man was the husband of whom the wife was complaining to the Helper only a few minutes previous. He valued his life so little that he destroyed it, thinking death would end all; but it did not. This man will be punished for his act of destroying his dense body. He will have to stay in the region where suicides are kept in Purgatory until the time comes when he would have died a natural death. He will have a hollowed out feeling that will cause him much discomfort, and unhappiness until that time comes. After that he will go into the region of Purgatory, where people have their evil desires torn out of their desire bodies. Then he will ascend to the First Heaven to reap what happiness he may have garnered. In the meantime much valuable time will have been lost.

I know of many instances where Helpers have seen people die and where they have carried off the egos to the Desire World. Some of these egos have been very good people who have lived lives of service. They were not afraid to die. When they saw the Helpers who were there to carry them away, they went willingly. Some of these people asked if the strangers were Angels. Other people had told their relatives that two Angels were there waiting to get them.

Invisible Helpers have seen other people die who were terrified when they realized that they were about to die, and who had to be tied in bed. They had lived wicked lives and were afraid to go. Before they died they saw into the lower Desire World and then they realized that they would have to reap what they had sown.

As another illustration of why we know that there is no death, I shall give a brief account of what two Helpers remembered one morning. They had been sent somewhere to help a man who had died. When they reached his house they saw him in his desire body, sitting near some red drapes, in an easy chair near his body which was laid out in a coffin close by. He looked just as he had looked when he was alive, only he was badly frightened because he did not understand what was happening to him.

This man had been dead two days and bad suffered a great deal. He had died of pneumonia. Instead of letting him die naturally, the doctor had given him hypos which jerked him back into his body again and again and caused him to suffer terribly. After that he had been embalmed and this caused him further pain. He had tried to tell the undertaker not to do it, but could not make him understand. The poor man was distressed because his family and friends could not see or hear him and were only interested in his lifeless physical body.

The Helpers had a long talk with this man. They explained all about what had happened to him and told him about after-death conditions. They were able to help this man, and when he finally understood what had happened he was much comforted.

When a Helper remembers such an experience as this she knows that there is no death and that the state that the world calls death is only a transition from one world to another and that the spirit lives on.

We know that the Mystic teachings are true because we have had proof that people who have passed on from physical life are still living, although they no longer have dense bodies. Many ministers of the Gospel speak of Heaven and tell their congregations that if they live good lives and are honest, helpful people, they will go there. As I look back over many years of church attendance I can say that no one really impressed me with this fact. I know now that I believed the Christian teachings because of truths learned in former lives.

Helpers know that Heaven exists and that it is just as real a place as this physical Earth upon which we are now dwelling. They know because they have gone there while out of their bodies in sleep. For instance, one student has met his mother there many times. He talked with her concerning matters of vital importance to him. Another student met her father who died when she was a child. She has met and talked to the three grandparents that she knew in life. She has met and talked to at least ten of her relatives who have passed on, and are out of Purgatory and in the First Heaven, or in some other region of the Desire World. She recognized these people and they knew her, and she was able to help them by explaining conditions to them.

One of these egos was a suicide. He now realizes what a dreadful mistake he has made. He was one of those people who believed that death ends everything. He knows now that life is continuous and that it will be a long time before he can go on as he should have done.

Someone may say, if reincarnation is a fact then there must be some place where the spirits who pass on in death may go to await a new birth. Can anyone go there and find out what conditions are like?

Yes, there are a number of places where people go after they leave their bodies in death. Many people dream of meeting their loved ones and talking to them. This is a great comfort to many persons who mourn the loss of loved ones. These people really go to the First Heaven during sleep and meet the ones they wish to see. This is done every night by various people.

Students of the various Mystery Schools may also make contact with friends who have passed on. I shall tell you of two happy meetings of which I know. A certain student was associated for some years with a lady who taught school. This successful teacher taught a roomful of truant boys and maintained splendid discipline with apparently little friction. She would send out and buy a great many sandwiches to give them for a treat. Another time she would send out and buy a supply of cake and ice cream and give out an unexpected treat. She had succeeded in holding this room after seven other people had tried and failed. She had a strong will and loved her work. She passed on some years ago after a serious operation.

About ten years later this student met her in the Heaven World School where she was teaching and the meeting was a happy one. There are schools there and children are gathered into classes and taught much as they are in the schools on Earth. On this occasion the student remembered being in a classroom. A child that she knows well entered and gave her a fresh strawberry pie made of desire stuff. The student went across the hall and shared the pie with her friend who also teaches children This student had not seen her friend for over ten years and had not thought about her for some time, but the recognition was mutual.

When we are out of our bodies at night we are clothed in our desire bodies and look just the same as we do in the daytime. People who pass on keep their desire bodies until they leave the First Heaven. After that they discard the desire bodies and function in the sheath of mind, or mental body, in the Second Heaven. They carry with them the seed atom of the dense, vital, and desire bodies. We may say that they retain the quintessence of the three discarded vehicles of consciousness. That is why it is easy to recognize their friends, both living and dead, in the Desire World.

A student was up in the Heaven World one night while out of her body in sleep. She went to the Children's School. She was taken to a certain room and there she met an old friend of hers who had been teaching in the Children's School in Heaven for over thirty-five years.

While on Earth, this lady was a remarkable primary teacher. She graduated from normal school and then obtained a position in her home town. She remained there until just before her death. She taught for many years and had splendid success. Her pupils were happy and contented. She found out that she was not a normal woman physically, so she never married. Instead she devoted her time and ability to perfect her teaching.

Some Lay Sisters introduced her into the Children's School. She took to it at once, for she loved children. She poured out her love on them, for she knew that she could have no children of her own. Most of her day school pupils followed her to the Heaven World at night and did not want to leave her to enter the next grade. She knew nothing of the Esoteric teachings except what she had learned while out of her body in sleep from the Lay Sisters who looked after her.

This lady's soul body grew and developed beautifully and her seed-atom was clean when she passed on in death from an incurable disease. Then she passed right through Purgatory to the First Heaven. Since her death, she has been teaching as before in the Children's School. The student friend found out that this lady was to go on to the Third Heaven and make preparation for rebirth. So her place had to be filled by another.

The friend who visited this teacher's room closely observed her methods of teaching and her materials. She asked many questions about everything. The teacher explained all about her work and told how she taught her class. No one can ever convince this student that we do not live and serve after death if we have fitted ourselves for service. She knows that Heaven is a very real place.

I shall now tell you some true stories of real people so that you may see how the laws of Cause and Effect, or Karma, have worked out in the lives of a number of peopIe. This may help you to realize that reincarnation is a fact, and that we are the cause of all of our shortcomings and defects.

About five years ago some Helpers met a lady who founded a home for the friendless. She was standing by her coffin wondering what was going to happen to her. She saw the Helpers and asked them who they were and they told her.

"I wonder if I did my intended work, and if so did I do it well?" she asked.

"I do not know, but I hope so," replied one of the Helpers.

"How did you happen to start this place?"

"It is a long story," she said. "When I was eighteen years old I fell in love with a man. He went off and left me. After that I turned to help people in trouble. I tried to work off the heartache in my breast. I tried to forget my disappointment, but today it is just as fresh as the day it happened.

"I have been all over the world. I have gone into all kinds of danger hoping that something would kill me to ease my heartache. I always kept on helping others regardless of who they were. I never had any restrictions put on me until I reached this city. It came to me in a dream to start this home, and I got some other people to help with the work. Many times I had to go away to hide my misery. Why do you suppose I had to suffer like that?"

"The Memory of Nature would reveal the cause," said the man Helper.

"Will you please find out for me," the lady said.

Someone showed the lady and the two Helpers the cause of her disappointment. They saw how two lives before this, when she was a very pretty Persian woman she had won the hearts of many handsome men and had cast them aside. Finally, she found one who really loved her. She rejected him and he became a monk. This monk lived a worthy life and became an Initiate. When he was about to die he cried out for her, and this lady was sent for. She was then an old lady of eighty years and he was eighty-nine years old. She hobbled to the monastery and he died in her arms, telling her of his love which he could not conquer.

She cried and said that she was sorry, but that vanity and pride had the mastery of her. Other Initiates who were present when this good man died told her that some day she would have to suffer as she had made him suffer. She said, "How can I do that when I am old and alone and penniless?" She passed on, regretting that she had not married when she had an opportunity.

When she came back as a man she worked hard and became prosperous. As a man she was well off and acquired considerable property, but had a loveless life. She helped many unfortunate people and made many friends for this present life. The Initiate never met her in that life, but he overshadowed her in this life and kept much injury from her in her quest for death. They never met in person in this life as he was too far ahead of her.

One of the men who hated her for refusing his love two lives before met her, and she fell in love with him. Then he rejected her love and left her. Her suffering caused her to gain much soul growth and she nearly succeeded in purifying her seed atom.

After this lady had been shown pictures of her two previous lives she wanted to know why they had to burn her when they put that embalming fluid into her body after she died. "It burned me terribly and then it froze me," she said.

The Helper explained all about the bad effects of embalming to this poor lady.

"I thought that when a person died he did not know anything," she said. "Am I really dead? I tried to tell the undertaker that I was not dead, and that he hurt me, but he did not see or hear me. Will I remain here all the time or will I go somewhere else? If I am going away, when will I go?"

The Helper explained everything to her and she was astonished.

"Why were we not taught rightly?" she asked. "Are there not many thousands of people who are misled in their beliefs about after death conditions? And is there no way to inform them?"

"Yes, some people do try to tell others," he said, "but they will not believe it until they die. When they are living they are not interested."

"I would like to go somewhere and lie down and rest," the lady said, "I am getting tired and sleepy."

"Don't you want to wait and see your funeral?" he asked,

"No, I don't care about it," she answered.

After that the Helpers carried her to the Borderland and left her. By that time she was too sleepy to notice anything.

Five years later the lady Helper remembered meeting this lady again. She had changed greatly and is now an Invisible Helper and can go about helping people twenty-four hours a day. At the time of this last meeting, the lady Helper, who had helped take her to the Borderland, was out of her body in sleep helping wherever she could. She met a boy in trouble under a viaduct. Some other boys had him and meant to hurt him. The lady Helper could not get the boys to release him. She called for help by means of thought and this lady came and materialized in front of the boys. This frightened them so that they released the terrified boy whom they were holding, and he ran off as fast as he could. The two Helpers remembered each other and were very happy to think that they had met again in the same city.

Sometime ago I saw a picture of a horned man who lived somewhere in Africa. He had a great horn like a cow's horn growing out from his forehead.

Naturally, I wondered what could have caused this man to grow a horn on his forehead. Being interested in the Occult and Mystic teachings, I knew that it was no accident of nature, for we are the result of our past lives. The horn could not have been caused by a blow on the head. I felt sure that it must have been given to him by the Recording Angels, the Lords of Destiny, who give to each and everyone what they have earned.

Later I was able to get some information about this ego which explains this strange horny growth on his head. The Memory of Nature revealed the true cause. Two lives before the present life this young man was a chief herdsman. When a cow or a bull became unruly, he punished them in a very cruel way. He had a device made that he could clamp on each horn. With a short strip of rawhide he would put a stick in it, twist it around and pull the horns out of the animal's head or split them off. This caused terrible suffering to the poor creatures.

A man came to him one day from nowhere and told him that he had done enough cruel deeds for one life. This man was an advanced Helper. "If you break off another horn you will be severely punished," the man said.

This man frightened the chief herder and he stopped his evil doings, but he never made any restitution. He was still cruel and unfeeling toward all animals. He could have dressed the wounds of those poor creatures that he had mutilated but he did not do it.

In his next life he was a woman and lived in the same locale or in a similar locality in the same country. She never married. She stayed with her parents and had a hard life, for they were very exacting with her. She was afraid of all animals.

When this ego came back in a male body in this life he was apparently a normal child. When he was seven years old, the time when the vital body is born, a change took place. A horny growth appeared on his forehead and it continued to grow. After it reached a certain stage it cracked open and caused him to have severe pains. This growth Iooks like a huge horn, and he has been called a horned man.

His fellow tribesmen realize that this is a punishment for some cruelty of the past. Look at this man through your imaginary eye and think of the condition that he is in. We wonder if he will liquidate this debt. The severe pain in his head will either make him humble and kind to every living thing and have a desire to help all, or it will make him very caustic and resentful. Only the Lords of Destiny can tell. There is only one solution possible. He must devote many lives of service to all mankind and to animals to pay off this huge debt of karma.

Looking at him with your mind's eye, you can see a frightened, apprehensive look on his face. To get rid of that fear he must leave that place and those people and find some place where he can be among strangers and live a life of service to humanity and to animals. In that way he can atone for the sins of his past when he tortured animals two lives ago. In that way he will earn the right to be helped by the Elder Brothers. They can send a Helper to work on his vital body and cause the horn to disappear in time.

If this ego has never lived before, surely it would not be fair and just for God to allow him to come to birth in a body that would produce such a painful bony growth. He must have lived before and earned this present condition. We know that some egos are born into fine, strong bodies in good environments where they receive every advantage and enjoy many blessings.

If the law of Reincarnation is not a fact we cannot find a satisfactory reason for this ego having such a handicap in the race of life. If this ego had been a newly created soul coming fresh from the hand of God to live one life on Earth and then pass through the gate of death to enter the invisible worlds, never to return again, it would surely be unjust and cruel. This is contrary to all the teachings of the Bible where we are told that God loves all his children and is just and fair to all. The Apostle Paul said, "For every man shall bear his own burden." It is evident that the man with the horn must bear his own burden because he brought it upon himself, by his own actions.

One night some Helpers were sent to help a man who had fainted and fallen to the floor. He was a lighthouse keeper and alone in the lighthouse. He had slipped and fallen about a month before. He fell and struck the side of his head on a rock. An abscess had gradually formed in his right ear. The pain had become so great that he fainted.

The Helpers went to him and opened the abscess so that it could drain. They put him to bed and woke him up. When he saw the lady Helper smiling at him he jumped up. Suddenly he realized that he was dressed only in his underwear. He became confused and pulled a blanket over his body.

"How did you get here?" he asked. "It is ten miles to the mainland and it is impossible to reach this place in a towboat unless one knows the way. You must be an Angel. I did ask God to help me before I lost consciousness. Will you tell me why I have to spend my life out here and why I could not fit in anywhere else. I was good in school and I earned a university degree.

Then, the lady Helper began sending thoughts to her companion asking him what to tell the man. He told her to ask a high lay Sister that they know to show her so she could explain it to the lonesome man. She got a chair and sat down and took the man's hand. The other Helper told her to sit on the edge of his bed and be more comfortable. She did this and asked to be shown.

The Helper was shown in the Memory of Nature how in his past life as a woman he became a recluse. When he was a young girl he was disappointed in a friend, who was a mere boy, about thirteen years old. She could not get over her disappointment and felt it until she died at the age of eighty-nine. The boy tried to regain her confidence but failed. He went off and later married and had a family.

Consequently, this ego as a woman had no connection with anyone and remained alone. The Helper told the lighthouse keeper to go out into the world and make contact with the best people, help everyone he met, and be kind to animals. He was only thirty years old and has a long life ahead of him and can do much good.

The man saw his life as she explained it to him. He was amazed to know that he had lived before. The Helper explained her teachings to him and he took to them readily. He wanted to know who the Helper was and where she came from. "What is Heaven and where is it?" he asked.

The Helper told him what he wanted to know. After that she told him that she would send someone from the mainland to help him and disappeared.

"I have been a woman," he said to himself. "I have lived before and I will live again. Well, I will so live this life that my next one will be more useful. I want to be in better circumstances when I come back. How strange that I was a woman and lived in Normandy, France, about the year 1000 A.D."

The Helper next went to the office of the lighthouse and lifesaving station. She told the captain at the desk to send someone to this lighthouse keeper as he was sick.

"How do you know it?" the man inquired.

"He prayed to God for help and my companion and I were sent to him," she replied.

"The man laughed and looked at her again. "Why, lady!" he exclaimed. "You are too nice looking to be drinking like that." He thought she did not know what she was talking about.

The Helper disappeared and the words froze on his lips and the other men in the room got up as if they were uneasy. The Helper appeared in her desire body with her aura out, and the man got down on his knees. "Excuse me, Angel," he said, "I did not know."

"Get up," the Helper said. "Your records do not show that anyone has ever reported a lighthouse keeper sick, but many cases are on record where lighthouse keepers have been found dead. Now send someone to help this man."

The captain sent a doctor and a male nurse to the keeper and they started off on a coast guard cutter.

Thus you see that when this ego became a recluse in one life, she prepared the way for a future lonely life. Destiny placed him in a position where he would be alone. He became a lighthouse keeper but this life did not satisfy him.

In the future this young man will work, hard to overcome his limitation. In time he will become sociable and friendly with everyone he meets, and in a future life he will have a more normal and happy life. His past has built the present and will have a tendency to influence his future life. The lesson for us to learn from this story is that we should not allow ourselves to become recluses and isolate ourselves.

I will now tell you a story of a man who became wealthy by means of fraud and deceit. You will see what happened to him one night when he refused to deal fairly with his farm laborers. You will also see how he wrecked his future life here on earth by his cruelty to others.

One night two Helpers were sent to the backwoods of one of the southern states to help some sick people in four families. This large farm was about five miles from a railroad and there were many poor, African-American families living on it. The Helpers went to a family in a log house which had been built on stumps. One Helper knocked on the door and went in. The people who lived there were surprised to see her. They made many excuses for the way they were living. An old man and, a girl about fourteen years old were sick in bed.

The house was clean, but the people were so poor that they had nothing to eat. They said that neither the boss nor the overseer would give them anything to eat because there were not enough of them working to pay for their food and clothing.

"You go and get the boss," one Helper said to the young man of the family.

"I am afraid that the boss will whip me," he said.

The Helper sent a thought to the boss to come to that house. In a little, while he came in with his whip in his hand. "What is the matter here?" he asked. He looked around and turned to the old man. "Are you praying again?" he asked and he started to whip this sick man.

"Just a moment," said the lady Helper. "It was I who sent for you. I want you to give these people food and clothing. You are not to charge it to them, or to the other people on this farm whom we are going to see tonight."

The man raised his whip to strike the stranger and said, "Why you — ," and then he stopped. His arm fell to his side and his eyes bulged out and he began to tremble. The other Helper had asked that his arm be made inert temporarily to teach him a lesson.

The lady Helper let put her aura and it made the room as bright as day and the candlelight was not seen.

"I did not know that you were an Angel," the boss said. "I thought you were one of those meddlesome women from the city. These people have no credit to buy things here. There is only one of them who has any credit."

"You have taken more from them than they have ever received," replied the Helper pleasantly.

The man became braver and said, "They shall not get anything from me, and if you do not get out I'll horsewhip you, Angel or no Angel. Now get out."

The Helper did not move the boss attempted to strike her, and his arm locked in the air. She went up and took the whip and broke it up. The whip had a piece of iron in the handle so it could be used as a mace with which to strike someone. The Helpers called for help to deal with this wicked man.

A very high Lay Sister came and she took charge of the situation at once. "You must either feed and clothe these people and give them medical care, or you will receive the same fate now." she said, "Will you do it?"

"No, I will not," replied the boss.

"Will you not consider your own family?" she asked. "Will you not consider these poor people on this farm?"

"No, they will not get anything unless they work for it," he answered.

"Well, you have sealed your own fate," the Lay Sister said. "You may go home." The man's arm dropped down and he went out of the cabin quickly, got on his horse, and went away.

The Lay Sister worked on the old man and the girl. "You shall have food and clothing tonight," she promised.

Not long after this the Helpers heard the farm bell ringing. They looked out of the door and saw the light of a big fire. The boss's house was on fire. There was no water to put the fire out, so the house burnt down.

The Lay Sister told the poor people to break into the store and get food and clothing as it would go up in flames, too. They did and not long afterwards the store burned down as it was ignited by the flames from the burning house.

The Lay Sister told all the poor people to leave the farm. She said that they would find work in the city in which they would stop. She told them to go to one of the northern or western states and live as the man would never be able to see his farm again.

The boss came to the Lay Sister and begged her to have mercy on him and he said that he would be good to all. You see, he finally realized that he had precipitated his punishment for an evil life by his refusal to deal justly with his workers.

"You had your chance and you refused it," she said.

The Helpers went to the other three families and helped the sick people and told them to leave the farm.

A few nights later the Helpers again visited this large farm. They found that the workers had all left with their families. They saw the boss and his family living in one of the old log cabins. He had a wife and two children. These children had been going to town to school in their Ford car.

The Lay Sister told the other Helpers that the man had money in the bank, plenty of cattle and hogs, and about a thousand bales of cotton in a warehouse. "This large farm will never do him any good now," she said. "He will be reduced to poverty and want. His wife and children will take what he has and leave him. He got his wealth by fraud and he will lose it all."

We can see that this man will be most unhappy. We hope that he repents and makes what restitution he can, so that he will not have to spend too much time in Purgatory. If he does not do this we can feel sure that he will be severely punished in Purgatory, and will have little to enjoy when he at last reaches Heaven. In his next life he is likely to be poor and friendless since he did not try to be friendly or kind in this life.

Our future depends very largely on our past and present lives. We should be very careful what we say to strangers for they may be high, or advanced Beings who have come to help us, or to test us out for some purpose. Do we know all the people to whom we talk during our daily life? Do we know whether they are ordinary human beings, or Angels, or Invisible Helpers? I know of several people who have met Invisible Helpers.

In one case the person sensed something very strange and unusual about an old man whom she met while she was away from home. Later she found out that he was an Invisible Helper. She has met him several times at night when out of her body in sleep. He confirmed her belief that he appeared to her in a materialized body. Two other people recognized such visitors by their desire bodies, and one of them asked a man if he were not more than human and he said, "Yes."

Our present physical bodies are the result of our past, also. Our future bodies will depend on what we do today. If we try to make our bodies strong and beautiful we will improve our archetypes. Then when we are reborn we will have better physical bodies. Many of the people who excel in sports today were Grecian runners, swimmers, and disc throwers in the Olympic games in Greece long ago.

Here is a story of a girl with very large legs who was about to kill herself because of her lack of a normal body which she was responsible for forming in a past life.

One night two Helpers went to a girl's home to help her. Her family had plenty of money and she was pretty. She was in the depths of despair and was about to commit suicide. She was sitting on the side of her bed in her nightgown holding a glass containing potassium cyanide and one containing water which she intended to mix. The Helpers walked up to her. "My pretty one, do thyself no harm," one of them said.

The girl turned around quickly to see who spoke. The Helpers were standing with their auras out. They came over and sat down, on each side of her.

"Dear Angel, why must I be like this?" she asked the lady Helper. "Why was I made this way?" and she showed the Helpers her legs which were very large but shapely.

"Child, you have nothing to worry about," the Helper said.

"Why, you have a fine pair of legs."

"No, I haven't," she replied. "I cannot attract any boy friends, and I cannot buy any stocking to fit me. Why did God give me such legs?"

"God had nothing to do with it," he said. "It was you."

"How did I have anything to do with the size of my body?" the girl asked.

The Helper asked that she might be shown by the Jupiterian Consciousness as he talked to her. He took one of the girl's hands and the lady Helper took the other.

"One must not set his heart on anything with too much determination," he said. "For when, he gets what he wants he may not want it. This is true in your case. At the time you wanted big legs it was an honor to have large legs. A thousand years ago you were a man and lived in a country which was owned by France and later by Germany. It was considered a great honor to have a large stomach and legs at that time.

"During many previous lives you had developed a well built body of ordinary size, and when you were reborn in Germany you became a beautiful woman with a well shaped body. When large legs became the style of the day you did all in your power through walking, running, and massage to develop your legs. In your old age you died still wishing for large legs. You belonged to an aristocratic family, and had plenty of time to break down and destroy the good work you have done on your legs for many lives. Had you lived about twenty years longer you would have accomplished your aim. You died without achieving your purpose.

"You have received your reward in this life, when streamline is the present style and fashion for human bodies as well as for automobiles and trains. Now the only thing you can do is to reconcile yourself to your legs and massage them down and enjoy life. Walk everywhere you can as that will use up the excess fat. Then when you come back in your next life you will be of normal size."

"I want to marry and have a family," the girl said.

"Do so," said the Helper. "Now you know why you have large legs. I have been sent to tell you that you have work to do. You must take up social work among the poor of all races. Help them to know God and to find a better way of living, and you will receive a reward some day."

"I like the idea and shall get a job as a social worker," the girl promised. "Tell me who you are and about your work. What does Heaven look like? What does Hell look like? Are there many Angels and Archangels?"

"Heaven and Hell are what we make them,"' the Helper said. "There are more Angels than there are human beings, and there are more Archangels than human beings."

"How did you get into the house?" she asked.

"We can go through walls of wood, or stone, or plaster," a Helper answered. "We came to tell you of our work~'

"Oh, I wish I knew what you know!" the girl exclaimed. "I want to do what you can do."

"You can if you will live a good, useful, clean life. Do not eat meat, or use tobacco, or wear furs," he continued. "Marry and have a family."

"I will do what you tell me, but what shall I do with my sealskin coat?" she asked.

"You can sell it or give it away," one of the Helpers said.

After that the Helpers went away, leaving the girl very happy. Not long ago a famous opera singer died. I have been told that she had been a good singer for three lives. Two lives before her life in modern times she was a woman in France with a sweet voice. She developed it as well as she could. When she was reborn about a thousand years later in Italy, she was a man who had a fine, strong voice which was developed to a high degree. Then when she was reborn again she became an opera singer and became prominent when only about fifteen years old. She reached her zenith in this incarnation and was known in all modern lands. In other lives she will develop other faculties and talents.

Many years ago an ego, who was destined to do wonders with plants, was born in the eastern part of the United States. He was a slender boy who spoke with a quiet voice. He began helping his mother in her garden when he was very young, for he loved all growing things.

When he grew up he went west and developed new kinds of fruit, nuts, and berries. He improved and developed many beautiful flowers, grains, and grasses, and grew new kinds of vegetables. He did many wonderful things with growing plants which astonished the many visitors who went to see him at his work.

He also wrote several volumes on the results of his many experiments to help others who were interested along these lines. He did much to help the plant kingdom and the human life wave.

It is interesting to know how his past lives helped to determine the one which ended a few years ago. I have been told that this man was the chief horticulturist under one of the Pharaohs in Egypt two lives ago when he was a man. In his next life as a woman he lived in Babylon in the fertile crescent. This was the life before his present one. As a woman he was interested in plants and was employed by the government as a horticulturist. Is it not interesting to know that this advanced ego has spent at least three lives working to develop the plant kingdom? Does this not show us how one life leads into the next, and how we influence our future, by our work, in the past? Many people know that reincarnation is a fact because they have seen themselves in other bodies that they had in past lives and this is very convincing evidence.

Here is an unusual story of two afflicted people who saw themselves in their past lives. They were shown the reason, for their troubles and were cured of their afflictions by some Invisible Helpers.

One winter day a man who is a Helper went to sleep. Then he went up to the northeastern part of the country and did something that he had never done before. It was very cold and slippery and people had trouble getting about. The Helper met a young man about twenty-four years old who had the most beautiful collie dog that the Helper had ever seen in his life. The man was blind and the dog was leading him.

This man slipped and fell. The Helper assisted him home and then helped his mother put him to bed. The man had been blind about twelve years. The blindness had been caused by an injury to his head. The young man was much shaken up by this and his mother was very worried about him.

She told the Helper her life story. She said that she had married well, but her husband died when her son was ten years old. They had become pals and, were very happy together. Then her boy was injured and went blind. She said that she had spent much money on her son, but he was not helped. Now he had been injured again.

The Helper sat down and talked to the poor man and his mother about his teachings in an intellectual manner. He got them both to see his point of view and they agreed with him. Suddenly the lady said, "Excuse me a moment."

She went away and returned with a lady and her daughter who lived nearby. "Please tell this lady what you told me," the man's mother said. "I am sorry, but her daughter cannot hear you, but she can read lips."

"AlI will hear me when I talk," the Helper answered.

The girl became excited and wrote on her pad, "I can hear him."

The Helper then told these people about the Occult and Mystic teachings and related two or three of his experiences.

Then the deaf and dumb girl wrote, "Oh, I believe him."

"I have always thought that when fate was unkind to one that he had to remain as he was," said the blind man.

"The laws of God are unchangeable," said the Helper, "and those who run into them must suffer the consequences. Ignorance of these laws excuses no one regardless of age. Those who have done wrong must repent, and become really sorry for what they have done. They must ask for forgiveness and promise to do right by everyone ever afterwards. They may even be healed of their afflictions. If it is possible, they must make restitution."

"Mister, can you help me?" the girl wrote on her pad. "I will be good and help in anyway I can. I was sick with scarlet fever and lost my speech and hearing. What could I have done to cause fate to be so unkind to me? I am only twenty-two years old and I have been this way for ten years."

"My Child,"' said the Helper, "you have not done anything in this life to cause it. Do you know whether this is the first life you have ever had or not?"

"I do not know but through reading I have often thought that it is very strange how fate has played with humanity, giving some more than they need and some not enough, giving some people beautiful and healthy bodies, making others sick and crippled all their lives. I can't understand it. Please explain these things to me."

The Helper asked the Higher Ones for permission to show the people while he talked to them. He explained the law of Cause and Effect and the twin laws of Rebirth and Consequence. Then he told the deaf- and-dumb girl of her past and she saw it as he talked. She saw herself in another life as a man. She neglected a boy in her charge who was sick with scarlet fever, and he lost his speech and hearing for lack of proper care. Then she saw how in this life she had received the same fate only she had the best possible care. The girl cried when she saw this.

"Oh, I am sorry," she said. "If I ever get my speech and hearing back I will always work in Christ's vineyard."

Then the Helper turned to the blind young man. "My Friend," he said, "your trouble was caused by what you did two lives ago. In a jealous rage you took a rock and hit a woman on the side of her head, and, it caused her to go blind soon afterwards. You were never found out. In this life you were hit by the same woman who was then a girl of twelve. She did it because she was jealous of you. To this day, you do not know who hit you. The girl's conscience has troubled her ever since, but you will never know in this life who caused you to be injured and then go blind."

Both of these unfortunate people wanted to know if they could be helped and the Helper said, "Yes."

"Name your price and I will pay it," the girl wrote on her pad.

"Suppose I ask for you," the Helper said.

"If you can cure me, all right, for life with you would be much happier than being speechless and, deaf," she said. "I cannot hear any music and I cannot express my love for anything. Those who know me shun me because I can neither talk nor hear."

The Helper had just said what he did to test her sincerity.

The Helper then asked the man what he would give or do for his sight.

"I will give all I have and become a beggar in the streets," he said. "Please help me."

The Helper turned to the girl. "I want you to learn the teachings I have told you about and become a Helper to humanity. You can marry if you wish, but do not forsake your promise. Always remember that one has to pay for everything he gets in some way or other. The service that I ask of you is small compared to what you are about to receive."

The Helper asked the same thing of the man and he said that he wanted to be an engineer.

"That is all right," said the Helper. "Wherever you go you will find people. Be kind and good to all. Teach them the way to God."

Just then a high Lay Sister came to the house and rang the bell. She asked to see her brother, and the lady of the house told her that he was not there.

"You have been talking to him for over an hour," the Lay Sister said.

Then the lady invited her in. She went over beside the Helper and he got up and gave her his chair. "He is indeed my brother," she said.

The Helper told her what he wanted done.

"I will do it for you," she said, "and you can bring your working partner here tonight. She can heal them, for she will enjoy helping us with this work." The Lay Sister went over to the girl. "Keep your promise," she said. She then touched her head.

"Thank God," said the girl.

The Lay Sister went to the young man and said, "My child, keep your promise," and she touched his head. "Your sight will gradually come back," she said. "Another Helper will come tonight and heal you both."

The Lay Sister sat down. The man thanked her and God.

The two mothers were speechless. Their eyes opened wide at what the Lay Sister had said. "Am I in the presence of Angels?" one mother said. "I never saw the like before."

"This has been done to show you that each one is his brother's keeper," said the Lay Lister. "What hurts one affects all through their thoughts and actions. Yes, I am human and more than human, but the same God made us all. No Angel walks this Earth but human beings in Angel forms do."

The Lay Sister either let her aura out, or it slipped out in her joy to be of service. The Helper called to the Lay Sister and she said, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow," and disappeared.

"I will bring another Helper to see you tonight," the man Helper told the astonished people. "Do not stay up and wait for us because it will be late."

"Come any time," the people said.

That night, the two Helpers went to the girl's home first. The girl was in bed awake when they went into her room. One Helper went behind her bed and shook it. She turned and looked and the lady Helper materialized and spoke to her. The girl turned to her and the first Helper materialized. Unconsciously the girl pressed a button to call her mother as she had been doing for years.

The mother came in a hurry and gave a cry of joy when she saw the strangers. The lady Helper went to the girl, took her hand and asked her how she felt.

"Dear Angel," the happy girl said, "I feel well and I can hear and talk."

The Helper took her hand off the girl's hand. "Hold my hand again for it makes me feel well and very happy," the girl said. She then asked a number of questions and the Helpers answered them all. After that they said goodby to the people and went to see the man.

The man was also awake. "I have prayed the best I could to have you return and heal me," he said.

One Helper took his hand and he said, "Oh, I can see. I can see well."

The man's mother hugged and kissed the Helper in her great joy. "Thank you, Angel," she said, "you have saved me from death, for I was much discouraged because my life was getting too hard for me to bear. You have my blessing. I bless all three of you, but I know you are all Angels."

The Helpers could not make this lady understand that they were Invisible Helpers materialized and not Angels. Angels can not materialize dense bodies, for they have never learned how to build them. When the Angels were at our stage of evolution they had bodies of ether which are not visible to persons with ordinary sight. Both the Angels and the Archangels are invisible to the people of today unless they have spiritual sight or are out of their bodies in sleep.

These people who had almost become unbelievers were won over from the intellectual type by sound reason and argument. They had positive proof that prayers are answered by God when those who pray are sincere and have earned the right to help. They also know that the law of Reincarnation is a fact.

Our next story is about a woman who believes in reincarnation because she has seen herself in other bodies in past lives. One May night two Helpers met a very unhappy lady who was without a home and had no friends. She had about ten thousand dollars in money and bonds with her, but she did not know what to do next.

"Six months ago I was happily married," she said. "One day my husband came back home sick and he died three days later. We had this money, but we did not own a house or any land. My husband's people cut my friendship and the people of the town have turned against me. I cannot understand why they have done this, for I have not done anything to them. I went everywhere with my husband, and now that he is dead, everyone shuns me."

"The Helpers and the poor lady were sitting in a railroad depot talking. "You must work out your destiny because you started it in a former life," the man Helper told her.

"Why, I never lived before," she said with a laugh. "No one lives again. That is absurd."

"Maybe, you didn't but let us see," replied the Helper as he took her hand. "Let us look back a thousand years and see what we can find out about you."

By means of the Jupiterian Consciousness, the two Helpers and the lady were shown some events in her last life when she was a man living in Germany. At that time she belonged to the upper class, and she was very haughty because of her position as a feudal lord. She had no friends because of her unsocial disposition. She died with plenty of money and land. After her death the serfs, kicked her body in handling it for burial, for they disliked her. They seized her property, and killed off all her people.

The unhappy lady looked at the scenes shown with her mouth and eyes wide open. "Can this be me?" she finally gasped out.

"Yes, that was you when you were a man in your last life," the man Helper said.

"I feel as I did then," she said, "but I have no one to lord it over. I feel superior to the people here."

"Well, you are not," replied the Helper. "In fact you are inferior to them. They have homes, love ones, and friends and you have nothing."

"What can I do?" the lady asked in dismay. "Can I not go away and start over?"

"Yes, but it would be harder," the Helper said. "Buy yourself a small home, get some kind of work to do, live a life of service, and you will win all your former serfs back as friends. It will not be easy. Still if you stick to it you will win."

The lady cried very hard and said, "I would rather be dead than give up my pride."

"Here comes a train," said the Helper who wanted to arouse her to action. "'Go out there on the track and it will soon be over."

The lady got up and started for the door and the lady Helper reached for her. The other Helper pulled her back.

"Are you going to allow her to kill herself?" she asked him.

The lady turned around and looked at him. "Oh, I am afraid," she said. "I do not want to die. If you will help me find a room I will work out my destiny here. I will buy myself a small home."

The Helpers found her a good room with a family who had two children. The man Helper told her that she would find work and then her work of helping others would begin.

"Who are you?" the lady asked the Helper who had done so much for her.

"We are Helpers of humanity trying to work out our destiny," he replied.

Just then one of the landlady's children came into the parlor. She had been awakened by the conversation of the people and got up to see who was there. She was a pretty little curly-headed blonde child about six years old. The lady helper went to her and picked her up.

"Oh, I like to have you hold me," she said.

The Helper was so pleased that she unconsciously let out her aura.

"An Angel in disguise," one of the people said.

Hard knocks and adverse conditions are making people wonder why they are as they are. When they know the reasons they are willing to do better. Oh, if we could only learn by the mistakes of others how much happier and better off we would be. We are here for experience and we should be brave and willing to do and learn all we can. Shall we not start now and take up the work of being good servants of humanity? Do not wait until next year. Begin now, for next year you may not be here.

I once met a very fat young lady who interested me. She was seventeen years old and weighed five hundred and seventy-six pounds. She was pretty, and seemed happy and friendly. She told me that her parents were just medium-sized. She has two brothers and a sister.

I weigh more than my whole family together and I have excellent health," she said.

I wanted to know why this young girl became so large and what she could have done in a past life to grow so rapidly.

A friend obtained some information for me that solved the problem satisfactorily. It was necessary to look back into this girl's past lives to find out why she has such a large body in this life.

Two lives ago she was a medium sized girl whose health was not very good. Her parents discussed her health with the family doctor. He advised the parents to take her to a southern climate if they wished to save her life as none but rugged people could live in Norway. This was about two thousand years ago.

Her father held a position in the town where they lived that was similar to being a mayor of a town. He had great influence over the men with whom he went out on trips to pillage and plunder other towns and nations. These men went down the Atlantic Ocean as far as Spain, Italy, and France.

Since the girl was headstrong, she decided to eat her way to health. She demanded permission from her father to go as a mate on one of his boats that was going on a pillaging trip at that time. She put on men's clothes and sailed away with the crew as a second mate. She became a good mate and developed a voracious appetite and determined to get well and strong. She made many trips as a sailor and began to pick up weight.

She soon lost contact with women and became a strong ruler on her father's ships. She never married, but she developed a strange love for the stars and the deep seas. She died with her ship when it was lost in a storm.

She was reborn again as a man in Norway about one thousand years ago. She grew up and became overweight and very strong. She became a ship builder and gave a good account of herself in that life as a man in the 9th century. She cared nothing for women or religion and never married.

Now she is a girl again, and is much too large for comfort. She has no women friends because she has not cultivated them for at least two lives. In the past she made a great deal of money but she spent it freely for good times and made no effort to save it. in this life she should cultivate both men and women friends and she should try to live a happy, useful life. It would be best for her to avoid overeating so she will lose a little weight.

Thus we see that reincarnation must be true because some people can read in the Memory of Nature and see various people living in other bodies in past lives. There are reasons why so many people are too fat, while others are too tall, too small, mentally unfit to earn their living at the present time.

For our next study we will take the case of a little lady only three feet tall who is a grandmother. People who see her wonder why she is so very small. Of course there is a reason for it. The Memory of Nature revealed why this ego is so small in size.

Two lives before the present one, this ego was a normal woman living in the city of Rome in a family that was well off. She was slender, graceful, and well-formed physically. The women with whom she associated were of a different type. They were larger and more portly.

She went to a doctor who was very wise both from a spiritual and from an astrological standpoint. He told her that if he gave her medicine that would increase her weight that it would in some future day cause her to be a grown man or woman but only a child in size.

"I do not live but once," she said. "Let me be as my friends are."

The doctor gave her some medicine that caused her glands to become overactive and she grew and became oversized. This caused her to become unpopular. She fell in love with a man but he told her that she was too large to suit him. She had great love for children but that love was denied her.

Finally she went back to the doctor and asked him to give her something to reduce her size so she could marry and have a family. She was then tilting the scales at four hundred and fifty pounds. The doctor explained to her the laws of Cause and Effect and this time she listened to what he said. He told her that when we go to one extreme in one life, we have to go to the other extreme in some other life.

"Well," she said. "That is all right, but no one has proved to me that I have lived before and I want to reduce."

She was influential and the doctor did not wish to incur her enmity so he complied with her demands. He gave her medicine to reduce the activity of all her glands pertaining to growth. These glands are the thymus, the spleen, and the adrenals.

After she had been taking the medicine awhile she began to lose weight. She lost weight so rapidly that she became frightened and ill and soon died from the loss of too much weight.

This ego was reborn as a man about one thousand years later. She again Iived in Italy, near the city of Rome. He was a sickly man, only about four feet tall. He was a well educated man of good parents, and he wanted a wife and a family. He was unable to find a lady who would marry him because of his small size. In those days, well-developed athletes were the fashion. All the young men tried to perfect their physical bodies and win the contests of that day. He brooded over his condition, for he was a family loving man. He said that he wished that he could have a normal sized body. He said that if he ever got one that he would take care of it.

When a person wishes or desires something when he is alone, particularly concerning his health, the wish is much more sincere and lasting than it would be if a doctor had explained it all to him, for in that case he would be governed by reason, and not by the heart. So this man set out to find someone who would help him and give him the proper advice. He came upon a doctor who was able to give him the information that he wanted. This doctor told him of his life and his doings in his previous life and told him what he must expect in that life and the future life to come.

The doctor advised him to make the best of his life and try to build good conditions for the future. To build a good disposition, a cheerful mind, and to be pleasant to every body and make many friends. He told him that in his next life he would not remember the past life and that his body would still be small; but yet he would marry and have a family and would live to enjoy a ripe old age.

After that he went about in a better frame of mind. He was friendly to everyone and made friends wherever he went. He lived to be middle-aged and died in a cheerful state of mind with hosts of friends.

This ego was reborn in a very large family of native Americans. She was the tiniest of all the children, although she had a brother and sister who were midgets. She married a man of normal height and became the mother of six children. She now has some grandchildren. She also adopted some children who lived with her for many years.

When a person knows about reincarnation, and thinks over this subject carefully he can understand many things that puzzled him before. We are responsible for our actions and when we make serious mistakes in one life we have to suffer the consequences until we learn to do better,

Every little while we read of the birth of a malformed baby. Several years ago I heard of a little boy that was born with a malformed intestinal tract and no outlet for elimination. It was impossible for the baby to take any nourishment. The doctors tried to save his life but he died in a few day's. A newspaper article stated that a doctor had said that the condition was not an unusual one as it occurs about once in every five hundred births. He said about half of the malformed babies operated on recover and live normally.

Students of the Mystic teachings know that we build our archetypes for our next lives when we are in the Second Heaven between lives. Our previous lives influence these archetypes, or molds. An evil life causes the archetype to be malformed.

I was told the reason why this ego came in an imperfect body. Long ago this ego lived in China. He was extremely cruel to his enemies and those he wished to make away with. He used fiendish methods to cause them great suffering. He would have an operation performed and he would have their excretory outlets sewed up. Then they slowly died from the poison and gases generated in their bodies. Two of his victims blew up from the poisonous gases which could not escape from their intestinal tracts.

Because of this extreme cruelty, this ego was brought back in this life with a malformed body which had no intestinal outlet, and the urinary tract was not completely closed up. The ego lived in this defective body only six days and died suddenly. Let us hope that this ego has learned his lesson, and that when he comes back to rebirth again he will deal mercifully with his fellowmen.

One Thursday night some Helpers were shown a shack in the middle of a swamp in one of the southern states. It was a log house with iron bars on the windows and screens to keep out the mosquitoes.

In the shack the Helpers found a very pretty young white woman with long black hair, chained to the floor in the center of the room. She could not reach the walls. In one corner of the room there was a table on which there was some food, fruit, and water but the girl could not reach it. She had been there nine days without food or water, and she was delirious from her ordeal.

The Helpers wondered how the man got her there for the place was full of sinkholes and snakes. The girl was lying on the floor fully dressed. One Helper touched her to attract her attention.

"Give me water," she said. "I will marry you. Give me food. No, that is not I. I have not lived before. I did not fasten anyone out. I am only twenty-five years old. Oh, Lord! Why do I have to suffer this way? I have, never harmed anyone. Water! Water! Food! Oh, I am dying! Have mercy on me!"

The dying girl saw the Helpers and she said, "Lady, please help me. I want to see my mamma before I die. Set me free and I will marry him."

With tears in her eyes the Helper picked the girl's hand up and put it in her lap.

"Oh, thank you, Angel," the suffering girl said. "I am sorry if I ever did wrong. I will not do it again." Then she slipped out in death.

"Oh, she has died," the lady Helper said to her companion.

"You would, too, if you had been chained here for nine days without food or water in this hot swamp with snakes lying in the window," he answered.

After the girl died she formed in her desire body and ran to the food and water. She was surprised and dismayed when her hands went right through the food and water. She turned to the strangers and asked what had happened.
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Reference: The Work of Invisible Helpers, by Amber M. Tuttle

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