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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 10)

Chapter XI

One night two Helpers were passing by the bed of a woman in a hospital. "Lady, will you please stop here a moment?" she asked.

"I will be with you in a few minutes," replied the Helper. This Helper spoke to the nurse on the ward about the woman.

"She only has a thousand and one questions, to ask you about religion," said the nurse.

The Helper went back to the sick woman and sat down beside her bed.

"Nurse, may I ask you a few questions," the sick woman said, and the Helper said, "Yes."

"I am sixty years old and I had a husband who left me for a younger woman," she said. "Now he has lost his money, and I have worried myself sick. Why do I have to suffer this way? I have been a true wife to my husband, but we have no children. I don't think I have been treated justly."

"No one is mistreating you," said the Helper. "You did the same thing in some past life when you were married before. Now you must pray for forgiveness and accept what is being meted out to you."

"Can you prove this to me?" the sick woman asked.

"I do not know whether I can or not," replied the Helper.

She took the poor woman's hand and began to read her past for her. "Two lives before this you were a beautiful Cretan woman," she said. "You married a man and when he grew old you left him and found a younger man. Then you met reverses and died after much suffering."

While the Helper was talking the sick woman rose up in bed with her mouth and eyes open and spoke in a hoarse whisper. "What became of my husband?"

Then she saw him in his home with her picture, made of copper, in front of him. He had just come from work, and he was thinking of her. He became well-to-do but he had no interest in anything. Every evening he went home and sat there alone. One evening he returned home and ate his supper. Then he sat in a chair beside his table and took her picture in his hands. This picture showed that she looked as she does in this life, only she was younger at that time.

"Oh, God," he said. "I can't stand it any longer," and his head dropped down and he passed on. The Helpers, and the woman saw him form beside his dead body and the scene closed.

"Thank God, I know now," said the woman, "and I forgive him."

The Helper told her about the law of Cause and Effect and what she must do to have a better life and home. She saw by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness that her husband in this life had been her husband in that past life. These people did not meet in the life before the recent one when she was a man.

After the woman said that she forgave him she fell back on her bed. The lady Helper called another Helper who worked with her.

"I believe she is dead," the regular nurse said.

"Look at her heart and her head and see if you can see the flame of life," the man Helper said.

"Yes, I see it," the lady Helper said. "She is not dead. She has only fainted."

The man Helper told the nurse that her patient would be all right and to let her alone but to watch her. He told her that she would not ask any more questions and would be a better woman.

The Helper had told the woman all she needed to know and if she follows out what she was told to do, she will make good progress.

Here is another story which illustrates the effect of karma upon two women who had to pay off past debts by being placed in an insane hospital, or asylum.

One night two Helpers were sent to an insane asylum to help two women escape from the place. The Helpers walked through the institution before they materialized and they found many cases of obsession. They found two unhappy women who were supposed to be insane. One had been kept there for seven years and the other had been there for four years.

The Helpers were told to free these women and they had to figure out some way of doing it. It was then very early in the morning. One of the Helpers asked the woman who had been there for seven years what her name and address was. She gave them the needed information and the Helpers went to the office and asked to see her.

The man in charge said that it was against the rules, but that the visitors might go and see her this time. The poor woman said that her husband's people had put her in there to get her out of the way.

"Your time is up and we have come to free you," said one of the Helpers. "Have you any clothes to go away in?"

"Yes," she said and she put on all her clothing.

"Have you any money?" asked the man Helper.

"Yes, I have about fifty dollars," she replied.

"Go home and get a good lawyer and have your case reopened," he advised her. "You will win your case and be free."

Then the Helpers went to see the woman who had been there for four years. They found her and she told her story. She told the Helpers that her mother had put her in that place, because she had refused to marry the man whom her mother had picked out for her. Her mother drugged her and when she came to she found herself in that insane hospital. She said she had a sum of money in a bank.

"Put on all your clothes," said one of the Helpers, "and get yourself ready to go with us. After you get out of here you are to go home and get your things and withdraw your money from the bank and go to some western town and start life over and forget your old lover and your people."

The two Helpers and the two women left the place. The guards and the night warden did not see them because the Helpers built up a screen of desire stuff between the women and the guards. After they left the building each woman went her own way happily, and the Helpers left the town and went on with their work.

These two women were not insane or obsessed but being confined there against their wills by other people. The Memory of Nature revealed the cause for this. The woman who had spent seven years in confinement in this life had put her mother away in a previous life and had kept her a prisoner for six years because she talked too much.

The woman who had been kept in the asylum for four years had, in a previous life, made prisoners of all her farm help who married without her consent. In those days the tenants or serfs on the land had to pay either food, grain, or money at regular periods. When this woman was reborn in this life, one of these women whom she had made to suffer imprisonment became her mother. Somehow she remembered her feelings of a past life, and when her daughter refused to obey her, she drugged her and had her confined in the asylum.

Someone had said, "Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small." If the people generally knew of the law of Karma, they would hesitate more often before they cause others to suffer. Then there would be less trouble and sorrow in the world.

Everything we do is not regulated by karma. We have free will in a great many things and we can start new causes for good and for ill. When we learn that we are the cause of our own sorrow or happiness we should strive to live our lives more in harmony with the laws of God and make a great attempt to rise above these laws of the Physical World and then we will not make any bad karma that must be paid some time. When we are good we prepare ourselves for present and future blessings. There are many spiritual as well as material gifts that God gives to his obedient children.

In order to illustrate how our present lives are linked to the past I will tell you briefly about three individuals whose birth charts I have seen.

First we will consider a lady sword-swallower who was making her living some years ago by giving exhibitions of her skill in the sideshow of a circus. A student went to this circus to study human nature and she saw the lady sword-swallower swallow several swords. One of the swords was made of glass wired for electricity. After she had partly swallowed the sword she turned on the current and the people could see it in her throat.

After the crowd passed on to the next attraction the student lingered behind and talked to this lady sword-swallower. She found her very attractive and pleasant. She told the student a few facts about her life. The student wondered what influences could possibly have caused this lady to take up such a hazardous occupation.

The Memory of Nature revealed the reason why she became a sword-swallower in this life. The life before this incarnation this woman was a white man who lived in India. This man saw some fakirs swallowing swords and daggers. He became interested and from time to time he practiced swallowing swords. He learned how but he died from an accident. A sword pierced his stomach. Up to the last, this ego was determined to swallow three swords at once and accomplished this feat.

It was through one of these acts that a sword pierced his stomach and caused his death. He was well-to-do and good-looking but had no family in that life as a man. He was a rich adventurer looking for excitement and pleasure. He harmed no one but his strange sport was unfortunate for him. He swallowed swords merely for sport in that life.

When this ego was reborn in this life her old desire led her to want to swallow swords again. No one that she knew did this, but a strong desire came to her to try it. At first she practiced secretly and then after three years she became proficient at it. She married and has a family. She has come to enjoy the changing life of the circus and fits in well with it. She enjoys the looks of wonder and amazement on the faces of the people who watch her.

She will be successful in her act until she becomes careless. I have been told that her life will be terminated by the sword unless she gives this practice up entirely. This lady said that she has had two bad accidents. She cut her esophagus once and that injury healed. Then later on she bent over when she had a sword in her throat and stomach the sword slipped, and pierced her stomach and she thought that she was done for. The injury healed after she spent some weeks in the hospital. Later she was able to go on with her unusual work. What a strange life she leads! Her past and her present are strangely similar and we can see that the thoughts of her past have determined her strange career in this life.

We will now trace another ego briefly for three lives to see what effect karma has had upon his destiny. About two thousand years ago in Athens, Greece, there lived a man who was studying medicine under doctors and chemists.

In the course of his studies he became fascinated by the ductIess (endocrine) glands and he was interested in their functions in the body. Secretly he started to experiment with these glands on human beings. His subjects were principally women. He would stimulate these glands to the breaking point. Then he would reduce them, nearly to a state of inertia, causing great harm to the individuals. When he realized the harm that he was doing he tried to find ways and means to remedy the harm that he had done. He died without succeeding.

When he came to rebirth again he grew up in Greece and was a woman. She suffered untold misery all her life from glandular trouble. She determined to find some means by which she could cure herself and others. She was wealthy and well educated. She went to the best doctors, but no one was able to relieve her of her trouble. Her sufferings increased until she passed on in death. Before her death she made a vow that if she ever got well she would devote her life to the study of medicine to help those who suffered as she herself had suffered.

This ego came to rebirth in the United States and early decided to become a doctor. When he was a young child he was in an accident and had to have one leg amputated below the hip. In spite of this handicap he persisted in his desire to become a physician. He specialized in diseases caused by the various ductless glands and traveled to nearly every country in the world in his quest for knowledge. He spent many sleepless nights trying to perfect a remedy that would relieve glandular trouble. He was successful in helping many of his former victims. He did the best he could to use his knowledge to help others.

We little realize how our various lives are interwoven with each other. We vow to do things in one life and then in the following life the desire comes to us to do this very thing and we struggle to accomplish this object. It may be good or it may be bad. It may be easy to do or it may be extremely difficult. Generally we do not realize why we are so eager to succeed along some given line. The Memory of Nature reveals many interesting and surprising things which should benefit us to know if we would but strive to get this knowledge by living a life of service to humanity.

Catastrophes may come to human beings in one way or another. I will tell you a little about a tiny man, a midget, who is said to be only twenty-eight inches tall. He weighs less than thirty pounds. Pathologists have investigated and found that in several human dwarfs the pituitary gland was rudimentary or inadequate for their needs. There is evidence that the skeleton stands under the dominion of the pituitary glands and that overgrowth, undergrowth, and normal growth depend on the functioning of these glands in connection with the brain and the various other organs.

The Memory of Nature revealed the cause of this ego having such a small physical body. Some two thousand years ago when Greece was making rapid strides in literature, science, and arts this little fellow was a master in experimental medicine. He was striving to find some drug that he could feed the people which would destroy their fine physiques, make them shrivel up, and destroy their sweet voices.

The main reason that he did this was because he wanted to destroy the Romans who were invading Greece at that time. They did finally take over the country and captured this man and carried him to Rome as a prisoner. He went on with his experimentation in Rome and did a great deal of damage but never perfected the drug that he wanted. Finally he died in that city.

The same ego was later reborn in the country now called Germany. She belonged to a family of well-to-do people and received an ordinary education. She was killed when a young woman during one of the raids made on the country by some other people.

Then this ego was reborn in the United States as a midget with a weakened voice and an impaired body. He looks and acts like a child although he is an adult in years. I have read that this condition may be caused by the lack of the thyroid gland, which is ruled by the planet Mercury.

The parents of this midget in this life were poor and he is reaping the destiny that he sowed two thousand years ago, or three lives ago. He will spend his life as he is and may die early. He is unhappy and he knows that he is a misfit. lf he realizes the value of a normal body, and is really sorry that he has a small body, there is a good chance that he will have a normal body again when he is reborn, as a woman, in his next life. He must learn a lesson by living in a small, badly impaired body. He has brought this condition on himself as a punishment for what he did to injure other people, when he destroyed their fine bodies and caused them to waste away and die.

Now all of us have done wrong in past lives, and in the present one, to one or more of our fellow beings. We will have to make it up to them in some way or other. Many people can work off much of this bad karma by living good, useful lives.

Let us consider another unusual person who probably feels that fate has dealt him an unkind blow by causing him to grow too large. This giant is said to he almost seven feet tall and to weigh over four hundred and fifty pounds. He can put a half dollar through a ring that fits his middle finger.

It is not generally known what causes people to grow very small or very large. Esoteric students know that there is a hidden reason for every abnormality. Now this giant appears to be intelligent and normal, mentally, but he is a large man. It must be very inconvenient to be so much larger than other people. One giant told a lady that he usually rented a room with two full-sized beds and slept crosswise on them.

In order to find the reason for this man's great size we must look to the Memory of Nature and go back a few lives and see what could have caused it. Two lives ago, this man was a normal small man living in a land which is now called Italy. He wanted to be a normal tall man. He went to Greece and then on to Egypt seeking out medical men who could help him to increase his stature. These men explained to him the danger of increasing his size then, as it would affect him in later life. They said his height could not be changed because he had reached his full growth. The doctors told him that they could help him build up his body and round it out to its normal size. They instructed him how to do this and he carried it to the extreme. He thought he could beat the doctors and attain his end anyway.

The doctors were Esoteric students and knew their business. They knew astrology and all about the seven ductless glands in the body and how they function. This man's body reached a fine state of perfection. He then kept on with his treatment by himself and this in turn caused the glands to become enlarged. The thymus gland became very large and finally choked him to death one night.

In the next life when he was reborn as a woman he again had an ordinary body and nothing serious happened. This ego lived in what is now France and died, a middle-aged woman. He had not incurred any karma involving other people, so the Lords of Destiny let him go on in peace for the time being.

In the present life he came to birth in one of the northern European countries to common parents. He kept on growing and is now of great size. All of his glands are over-active and his large, size has been due particularly to his large thymus gland which has caused excessive growth.

There is nothing that he can do about his size now. He has more than attained his desires of two lives ago. We know he is not satisfied now, for it is very inconvenient to be so different from your friends and neighbors. So we see how karma has affected his life.

In his book, Gleanings of a Mystic, Mr. Heindel, in speaking of the law of Cause and Effect or Karma says the following:

"It is manifest that all the causes that we set going in life do not ripen in the present existence, and it therefore follows that they must find their fruition somewhere else at some other times or the law would be invalidated, a proposition that would be as absolutely impossible as that the law of gravitation could be suspended, for either would make chaos out of cosmos."

This means that if the law of gravity should be suspended, everything would be out of place and chaos would result. Gravity tends to hold everything in its proper place. On the other hand this does not apply to a Helper who temporarily suspends gravity to help a person or an animal.

I will now tell you what took place about six years ago between a man who is an Esoteric student and a Gnome that visits him. While this man was standing on the back porch of the house where he was living, one autumn day, the Gnome came up, and spoke to him.

"My work is nearly done," he said.

"What do you mean by saying your work is nearly done?" asked the man.

"We have painted the leaves on most of the tree's in this locality," the Gnome said, "and the leaves are falling and we are about to retire for the winter."

"What do you mean by retiring for the winter?" asked the man.

"Oh, we are going down into the Earth and there we sleep through the winter," the Gnome replied. "The trees, grass, and the Gnomes of the whole north temperate zone are preparing for the long winter's sleep."

"What is the cause of hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones and catastrophes that occur so often?" asked the man. "What effect do they have on the Earth? Do they cause the Earth suffering?"

"Most assuredly they affect the Earth," answered the Gnome.

"How?" asked the man who wanted some information.

"If you should fall down and skin your arm, or leg, or head, it would make a smarting sore wouldn't it?" asked the Gnome. "Now, there are laggards, and there are those who fail to do in all life waves; consequently they act as a hindrance in the scheme of evolution. By his ways, thoughts, and actions, man causes the Sylphs, the Undines, the Salamanders, and the Gnomes to congregate in given points of the Earth until they can no longer be held in check. The force of whichever group of Nature Spirits is the strongest will break forth and lead, carrying destruction in their wake, which in a sense makes right some of the wrongs generated by man.

"This also causes pain to the Earth by trees being uprooted, the earth being overturned, animals and humans being killed. It is like an abscess in the cosmic body that has come to a head and now waits for man's dressing. This is known as rehabitation, or reconstruction, like the great Chicago fire which occurred many years ago. After the fire took place, reconstruction began and the city was rebuilt on a much better scale than before.

"These conditions on the Earth and in the Earth, generated by man, cause the Earth suffering. When man commences to repair the damage this acts as a dressing being applied to a wound."

"How far into the Earth do you go?" asked the man.

"I go down into the third stratum and there stay until I am awakened in the spring about March twenty-first and then my labors begin. I spend my time beautifying the grass, trees, and all that grows on the Earth."

Soon after this the wise little Gnome said good-by to his friend and went away. We seldom realize that the Gnomes are extremely wise Nature Spirits. They are wiser than we are, or can be, until we can awaken the latent sixth sense which is dormant in most of humanity, and can be developed by self-sacrifice and service to humanity.

For my conclusion I am using a letter which came from a friend who has rating in the F.R.X. This friend has kindly given me permission to use the following information about the cause of unfavorable conditions on the Earth today.

"What is the Earth on which we live? Have you ever stopped to meditate on this subject? Have you ever considered seriously what the Earth is and the reason for its existence? You may answer that the Earth is a planet, which is quite true. It is a planet among many other. But whence came these planets?

"Are they simply luminaries, the Earth excepted, placed in the sky to light our tiny globe, or did they just happen, and if so, how did they happen? It would be interesting to study the various theories put forth and and compare them.

"The esoteric scientists agree that the Sun is the father-mother planet of them all, and that from time to time it has thrown off various portions of itself in order that the beings inhabiting that particular part might be segregated from the rest and given special instruction in the things that would further their evolutionary development. Each globe thrown off from the Sun is under the direct tutelage and guidance of a Planetary Spirit whose body is the planet whereon its particular charges dwell, If Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon each have a Planetary Spirit, is it not reasonable to believe that the Earth has a Planetary Spirit also?

"The Planetary Spirit to which each planet belongs has an ambassador whom he sends to each of the other planets. The names of the ambassadors sent to the Earth from the other planets are as follows: The ambassador from Uranus is Ithuriel; from Saturn is Cassiel; from Jupiter is Zachariel; from Mars is Samael; from Venus is Anael; from Mercury is Raphael; from the Sun is Michael; and from the Moon is Gabriel.

"The names of the Elder Brothers are also known, at least, to all Initiates. Why then is the existence of the Planetary Earth Spirit, if there is such a one, shrouded in mystery? Why does the Christ Spirit have to come to the Earth every year and permeate it with His energy and life? Is the Planetary Earth Spirit, if there is such a one, incapable of sustaining the earth?

"Think on these things; meditate on them until you get their full meaning, and then try to realize that what humanity is now thinking, feeling, and doing, and the forces generated thereby, are affecting the force centers of the desire body of the Earth. If humanity has not harmonized its thinking with God's truth and love, but instead has set up counter forces of selfishness, greed, envy, jealousy, and lust for power, engendering all of the consequent negative and destructive forces before mentioned, and who is there who can deny that such forces are rampant in the world today, learn to understand what terrible diseases must now be manifesting within the body of the Earth.

"All this being true, how long do you think the Earth's body is going to stand the strain? Those conversant with the true conditions know that it cannot endure it much longer. It is hardIy necessary to point out that all seismic disturbances are evidences of nature's reaction to the inharmonious turmoil caused by the evil, vicious thoughts, emotions, and acts of humanity, and that man's selfishness and greed have as a result caused the present badly diseased bodies of the human race.

"Seismic disturbances, the result of a diseased Earth body, have increased alarmingly. Look up the records concerning these for the year 1931. Just as negative thoughts and vile physical practices break down the cells in the physical body of the individual, so are the cells in the body of the Earth broken down as a result of the combined evil thoughts and actions of humanity as a whole. In other words, that which evil thoughts and acts do to the body of the individual, humanity as a whole, through its combined evil thoughts and actions does to the body of the Earth. Humanity so crystallized the Earth that it had to be thrown off from the Sun.

"Later a certain portion of humanity crystallized a spot on the Earth, to such an extent, that it with those responsible for its condition were thrown off from the Earth on what is now known as our Moon. These Moon beings, members of our own life wave, are failures. They are on the downward path and are lost to our present scheme of manifestation. Had the Christ Spirit not come to us when He did, another Moon would have been thrown off at that time. Now we are again on the verge of a great crisis.

"It is for this reason that the call is sent out to all Esoteric students to `live the life,' to apply earnestly in their daily lives, without the least, reservation, in thoughts, words, and deeds, the teachings given to them by the Western Wisdom School, in order that, they may not be found wanting should the final collapse of our present civilization occur, and that they may stand under new conditions as the pioneers and leaders for which the Western Wisdom Teachings are endeavoring to prepare them."

Several years ago this same friend sent me the words of a poem entitled The Rosicrucian. I have never seen it in print and do not know who wrote it or whether it has ever been published or not. Since my friend has now passed from us I cannot find out where he obtained it.

Recently I was shown this poem in the Memory of Nature while out of my body in sleep and I was told that this friend would like to have me use it in this book. I am adding it to this chapter so that you may have this wonderful poem to read and meditate upon.

The Rosicrucian

The brilliance burning at the core
Of life is manifest to me;
The Rose of Heaven I adore
In solemn trance of ecstasy.
I am a man, like other men without
For none may pierce the Veil
Save he who is born of Fire and Spirit.
Such prevail.
The air I breathe is pure delight,
My food is heaven's celestial bread;
I know the secret of the Light
That shone before the World was made.
Time is a stranger of my Lord
And space a thin dissolving dream.
Round me lies the Eternal Whole
Hence emanates the Cosmic Stream.
— Unknown

Chapter XII
Is Spiritual
Healing Possible?

Spiritual Healing is as old as disease. Much has been written about it down through the ages. There have always been a few people in the world who have been able to heal others by means of spiritual power. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament we find many instances where the sick have been healed by this means.

We know that Christ Jesus and His Disciples were able to perform marvelous cures. Many of the Saints were able to heal by spiritual means, and much has been written about wonderful cures that came as a result of prayers to these Saints for help. Many of these stories are true.

The people who prayed did it with their hearts, and their sincere prayers were heard by God or some of His Helpers, and help was sent to them. Of course they had earned this help, or it would not have been given to them.

Many good people have consecrated their lives to the work of healing humanity and have reached the point where they can do spiritual healing.

Yes, spiritual healing is possible, and people are healed every day by this means.

Naturally this question is asked: In what way does spiritual healing differ from other methods of healing?

The usual methods of healing as conducted today consist of drugs, surgery, manipulations of muscles, joints, nerves, etc., light and x-ray therapy, and radium treatments. We must also include nature cures of various kinds consisting of sunbaths, diets, rest cures, etc. As we know, these various methods are needed at times by all of us. The simpler means of assisting nature are to be preferred, but in some cases surgery is necessary.

Spiritual healing belongs to a different plane. This method of healing works through the vital body first and then affects the dense body. The Invisible Helpers work on the ethers of the vital body and tear out diseased portions here and there where it is necessary. When the vital body has been restored to health, the physical body becomes healthy.

The work of healing is carried on by the Elder Brothers of the various Mystery schools through many bands of Invisible Helpers whom they are instructing. This useful work is conducted according to the commands of Christ Jesus, namely, "Preach the gospel and heal the sick." These Elder Brothers are high spiritual Beings through whom the Christ Spirit is working for the benefit of humanity. They have forged ahead and have learned all of the lessons that this Earth planet has to teach and have chosen to remain here as teachers and helpers of humanity. They greatly desire to assist all aspiring souls to find the way that will lead them to liberation.

The Invisible Helpers who belong to the human life wave are persons who live a worthy life of helpfulness during the daytime when they are in their physical bodies, and whose development along evolutionary lines has earned for them the privilege of serving others under the direction of the Elder Brothers while functioning in their desire and soul bodies when out of their physical bodies.

These Invisible Helpers are sent out in bands which generally consist of twelve Helpers and a leader, but smaller groups also take part in this work. Sometimes one person goes about helping others under the direction of some person in authority who knows exactly what is going on.

I will now tell you about some instances where Invisible Helpers healed and helped people by means of spiritual healing. This will give you a better idea of what is being done at the present time all over the world.

A few years ago some Helpers were told to go and help a man who was praying for help. They found that the man had had part of a vertebra taken out of his spine. He was in a steel cast and was suffering so much that he wanted to die, for he had given up hoping that he could be helped. He had tuberculosis of the bone, and the injury would not heal. His back has become crooked, and the doctors had given him up. When the Helper materialized and went in and asked him how he was, he looked up at them with a very sad face.

"There is no hope for me," he said slowly.

"We have come to help you," the lady Helper said. She went up to the man and ran her hand up and down his spine. She noted the missing vertebra and how his spine was twisted out of shape.

The man Helper took off the steel cast and massaged the man's back, chest, and abdomen. The joints began to pop in his spine, and his back became straight. The Helpers told the man to stand up and he did. Thus he was cured of his terrible affliction.

There was no one else in the room but the wife and the Helpers. The man's wife cried for joy and thanked God for the help. She hugged and kissed the lady Helper and thanked both of the Helpers over and over for their help.

"Whatever you want me to do to repay you, I will do," said the man.

One of the Helpers told this man to become a servant of humanity and help everyone regardless of color, creed, or race. The man said that he would do this, and the Helpers left and went to help someone else.

Another night, some Helpers were on the west coast of South America, and they went to the home of a man who had been sick all winter. His family was poor and had very little to eat. The Helpers told the man that they had no money but that they would do what they could for him. His rheumatism had made him, sour, and, cross-looking.

"If you can do anything for me or my family, do it," he said.

"Do you believe in God?" asked one of the Helpers.

"Yes, after the manner of most people, but I have a mind of my own I believe that there is some one, or a body of Beings, who look after the people, and that God has other things to do," he said.

The Helpers then explained their teachings to these people. While the lady Helper was talking, the man Helper got some wood for the, fire and heated some water. He then rubbed the man down with warm water. After the Helper got through with him, he asked him why he didn't get up.

"Why, Man, I haven't been out of bed for three months!" he said in a very surprised tone of voice. "I am too weak to get up."

"Turn over," said the Helper in a gentle voice.

"I can't do it," said the man.

The Helper then told the man to hand him a glass of water that stood on the table beside him. The man raised himself up, took hold of the glass, and handed it to the Helper. Then he looked surprised. "Why, nothing hurts me," he said "What has happened to me?"

"Such as we have, we give freely," said the Helper. "Get up."

The man did get up, and he was well. He put his clothes on and began to question the strangers who had helped him so much.

"Are you the people who have been healing people on the east coast?" he asked. "I have heard about it but I did not believe the stories, for I did not believe human beings could heal me so quickly, and the Angels do not give us a thought. I have heard all kinds of strange stories about people working at night helping people, but I paid no attention to it. May I tell you so that I can know for myself if you are real and so that I can say that I touched you?"

He took hold of the Helpers hands and arms and touched their heads and shoulders. "How can I become a Helper like you and do what you do to help others?" he asked.

One of the Helpers told him and he said that he would like to get out of that cold country. The man told them that she had been sick, his wife had been getting up early. She had to walk a mile to work but did not make much money.

After this man found out that he was cured, he was a changed man. His whole disposition seemed to change. The Helpers told him to love his family and be kind to them and to everyone else. The man wanted to know who the Helpers really were and if they were really human. The Helpers told him that they were human and that their bodies were a long distance away asleep in bed. The man, did not seem to believe this, for he could not understand so much all at once. The Helper said, "Goodbye," and left him.

Some Helpers were in Europe, and they came upon a dog lying beside a man who had fallen and broken his leg. The man and his dog were many miles from home. The Helpers knew that the man should be taken home as soon as possible because his bands and feet were frost-bitten. The lady Helper picked up the St. Bernard dog, and the man Helper carried the man to his home. They suspended gravity and carried them through the air.

When the man was brought home, his wife and family became very much excited. They were poor people and lived on what the man could bring in. This was very little, and the Helpers soon realized that much help was needed in that home. They asked for permission to heal the man and the dog, which had been exposed to the weather for two days with his master.

The Helpers tied the man with a clothesline, across the chest and under his arms, to the head of the bed. Then they put his leg on an ironing board. One Helper pulled the broken leg out straight and set the bone. The Helpers could see the break with their spiritual sight, which they have when they are out of their bodies at night helping others. While this was going on, the lady Helper directed the healing force which comes from God onto the man's body.

At first the man did a lot of screaming, for his leg hurt him greatly. Before long he stopped, and one Helper thought that he had fainted. "He has fainted," she said to her companion.

"No, my leg does not hurt me any more. It is well," the man said in a glad voice.

There were several Helpers present, and when the man began to cry out with pain, one lady Helper ran away frightened because she had not learned to do much. Another lady Helper held the man's hands and talked to him. One Helper told the man that the skin would peel off his hands, feet, and ears.

"You will be all right in a few days," the Helper said, "but you must be very careful for a little while."

The Helper who had been assisting in the care of the man made a pallet bed for the faithful St. Bernard dog and rubbed him down, rubbing his feet very carefully. The dog whined and licked her hands to show that he understood that he was being helped. The Helper told the family to take good care of their wonderful dog.

After that the people began to ask questions. The man wanted to know how the Helpers got him home. He had fainted when they moved him on the ground. He wanted to know how they got down the mountain side, for it was very dangerous for one who did not know the trail. He asked the Helpers how they got his dog home.

"My friend carried you, and I carried your dog home," the lady Helper told him. The Helpers answered their questions the best they could and told them of their work and left.

The Helpers went on farther and met a man whose horse had slipped and fallen and thrown him down a gully. The man was not hurt, but he could not get out. The Helpers helped him out, got his horse for him, and assisted him part of the way home.

One night some Helpers stopped at a house where a girl was very sick with pneumonia. Her parents had little money, and they were very worried about her. The Helpers knocked on the door, and the people let, them in. "We have come to help your daughter," one of the Helpers said to the girl's father.

"Do what you can for her," the man said.

One Helper told the mother to get the slop bucket, and she hurried and got it ready. Then the man Helper dematerialized his fingers and put them in the sick girl's chest, materialized them, and massaged her lungs. He broke up the congealed mucus in her chest and worked it upward. He put a spoon in her throat, and she threw up the phlegm.

"Oh, I feel so much better, and pain is all gone," she said after she got rid of the mucus.

"In a day or two you will be able to get up," the Helper said.

The people thanked the Helpers for their kindness to them and wanted to know who they were. The Helpers told them a little about their work and left them.

Here is a story about a child that was saved from drowning and revived by means of spiritual healing.

One night some Helpers were on the west coast, and they saw a woman push a child off a wharf into the deep water with the intention of letting her drown. The Helpers came down from above and looked into the water. At first they did not see the body of the child. Then one of the Helpers saw her way down in the deep, brownish-looking water. She went right down into the water head first and took hold of the child's feet and came up into the air with her. The salt water ran out of the child's lungs, and the Helper turned her around and held her with her head up. She rushed to the wharf and laid her down.

The people nearby came running and gathered around and wondered how the Helper was able to get the girl out of the deep water without a boat. The other Helper worked on the child and revived her. She was nearly dead, but she came back to her body, and the Helpers knew that she would be all right.

The Helpers were shown by the Jupiterian Consciousness who the child and the woman were and why the woman tried to drown the child. The child's parents were dead. They had left their money and property to this child, and the aunt wanted it.

During this warm evening the aunt bad taken the child out walking to see the night life along the wharf. When they had reached the end of the wharf where the water was deep, the woman stood there awhile and the child played near by. Suddenly the aunt had pushed her niece into the ocean to let her drown.

Then the Helpers appeared, and one of them went down into the deep water and rescued the child, and the other one revived her. The people on the wharf saw the Helper go down into the water and come up with the child, and they were very much excited. A policeman came, and the Helpers gave the child to him and told him what had happened.

The girl then told all about it and said that it was her aunt who had pushed her in on purpose and that it was not an accident. The policeman wanted the Helpers to come back on Monday and attend court, but they said that they could not do it. The Helpers went on with their work. The next morning both of the Helpers plainly remembered this strange scene.

One night two Helpers were over in India, and they met a man who had just been bitten by two snakes. When the Helpers saw him, he said, "What do you do for snake bites? I have just been bitten by two snakes, and I feel dreadfully hot."

The Helpers had the man lie on the ground, and one of them sucked the poison from the places on his right hand and arm where the snakes had bitten him, and the other Helper applied the healing force that comes from God. The Helpers then carried the man home. They knew that be would be very sick but that he would live. Much help of this kind is given to the people in tropical lands where poisonous snakes are very plentiful.

One night a young woman was healed miraculously of a serious skin trouble. Four Helpers met a girl, whose face was full of blotches and sores. She was walking alone in a forest, and she had her salve with her. She sat down on a fallen log and smeared salve all over her face. Her face was in such a terrible condition that two of the Helpers would not go near her but watched from a distance.

The other Helpers went up to her, and one of them picked up the jar of salve and looked at it. He told the girl that she could be healed if she would promise to be good and kind to all people regardless of who they were. "All will be well with you," he said, "if you try to help everybody."

"I will do all I can to be helpful," the girl promised. "The only friend I have left Is a young man who is a servant for the family. My boy friend deserted me because of my appearance. This other young man is sorry for me, and he talks to me and reads to me, for I have to stay in the dark when the sun shines because the bright light hurts my eyes, which are also sore."

The man Helper then took some earth and water and made some mud and smeared it all over her face. The mud soon dried, and fell off. Her face was then clear and smooth, and entirely healed up. The lady Helper picked up the girl's mirror that she had brought with her and handed it to her.

When they saw her face, she just cried for joy. "Are you Angels of mercy who have come to me to answer my prayers?" she asked.

"Yes," the lady Helper said.

The Helper who had put the mud on her face then advised this girl to let her old boy friend alone when he came back to see her because he only wanted her for her money.

The Helpers saw the happy girl home, and they left. This girl had been cured of third degree syphilis.

Here is another case where a wonderful cure was effected by means of spiritual healing. One night a Lay Sister invited two Helpers to go with her to work on a sick young woman who had been sickly from birth. She had inherited syphilis.

When they reached the place, the Helpers all materialized, and one of them knocked at the door and someone let them in. The Lay Sister asked the girl for the cold cream that she had told her to get. This was handed to her, and she took a tablespoon full and rubbed it all over the sick girl's face, head, and back. Her face was in a fearful state. It was covered with sores, scales, and blackheads. This skin disease was also on her scalp, neck, chest, and back.

The Lay Sister told the lady Helper to get a fine comb and comb the scales off the girl's face and out of her scalp. This Helper set to work, and the scales began to fall off. Some were as large as a dime. She then took a brush and brushed all the scales out of her hair and scalp. After that her face was white and fair.

The Helper's eyes began to shine with excitement, and she danced around with joy, for she loves to go about helping people. Next, this Helper gave the girl a bath, and her skin was fair and beautiful. She was instantly healed by the Lay Sister.

Then the girl saw what had happened to her, she cried for joy and thanked God. Her family were astonished at what they saw the strangers do for the girl. "Why couldn't the doctor do that?" the father asked when he saw that his daughter was healed.

"There are a few doctors who could do it, but not many," replied the Lay Sister.

Here is a story of how a sick man was helped and a cripple was cured by her faith.

One night some Helpers went to a sick man's house in answer to his prayers for help. This man had been ill for some time, and he thought that he was about to pass on to the other side. He had been praying all day, and his family and close friends were singing and praying with him. They were singing "Abide with Me" when the Helpers entered the room.

The sick man saw the lady Helper and held up his hand for the people to stop singing. "The Angel is here to take me to Heaven," he said in a surprised voice.

"No, I am here to heal you," the Helper told him.

"I am eighty years old, and I have been a Christian since I was fourteen years of age," the sick man told her. "I want to go to Jesus and tell him all about my trouble and sorrows."

The people began to hum the song that they had been singing. The Helper told the man to have the people get on their knees and bow their heads low and sing "Abide with me." They did this, and while they were singing, the Helper materialized and let out her aura, and the room was flooded with light.

The sick man was so thin that he seemed to be merely skin and bones as he raised up in bed and shouted, "Glory to God, I really see an Angel. What the Bible says is true. Lord, let me go with her. I may not get another chance, and she is here."

The people in the room looked around and gasped with surprise when they saw the stranger. They fell to the floor in their excitement. Just then a little boy dressed in his little nightshirt, came in crying and he walked right up to the Helper for her to take him. The Helper lifted him up in her arms, and he made no effort to get down.

The Helper gradually drew her aura in and told the people to get up. When the child's mother saw her child in the Helper's arms, she became nervous. Angel, please put my child down so that I can get him. You might forget him and carry him to Heaven with you. I want my baby."

The child did not want to get down, but finally he did and went to his mother. After that the Helper told the sick man that maybe his prayers would be answered so that she could take him to Heaven.

"No, I am well now, and I want to live," he said.

The Helper then talked to the surprised and startled people and told them how they should live. "You must do alI you can to be helpful and be kind to everyone," she said.

All the people present promised that they would.

"You can get up whenever you please," the lady Helper told the man who had been sick in bed. The other Helper had not materialized, but he had worked on the sick man and healed him while all this was going on.

A lady who was present spoke up and said, "I have a sick and crippled mother who has been that way for ten years. She has been bed-fast for three years."

"Go home and tell your mother that her belief in God and her prayers for help have been heard, and that her belief will make her well," said the Helper. "Tell her that she can get up and do her work."

The woman went home, and hurried back. "My mother is well, and she is not a cripple any more," she said.

"Bow your heads and thank God," the Helper said, and she disappeared.

These people were Christians and believed in Angels, and so they believed that the Helper was an Angel. Since most of these people were old, it would not have done any good for the Helper to tell them about her teachings or explain what she really was. They would not have believed it anyway. This experience, however, will help these people to live better lives.

Some Helpers who often work in a hospital at night had their attention called to a woman who had had the hiccups for three days. She had slept very little, and was almost exhausted. The lady Helper went up to her and began talking to her about her life, and she found the lady could hardly talk.

"Poor lady, I hope you will get better," the Helper said to her.

The poor lady began begging the Helper to help her, and so she put her hand on her head, and the hiccups stopped at once. "Now, do not talk but go to sleep," the Helper said.

"I want to thank you," the poor lady said.

"No, do not thank me but thank God, for I am his servant," replied the Helper.

"Please go and get my month old baby," the lady said in a worried voice. "I suffered so with the hiccoughs that I could not tell the doctor about him."

The Helper became excited, and she told the nurse to send the ambulance after the baby.

"Are you going in the ambulance?" the head nurse inquired.

"Yes, I want to see that baby," the Helper answered.

The Helper found that the baby was nearly starved to death, for he refused the milk that the family tried to feed him. The Helper carried the baby herself. Her tender loving care and the healing force from God that she directed to him saved his life. She gave the wee baby to his mother, and he drank as rapidly as he could.

In a few minutes they took the baby away and gave strict orders as to when the nurse should bring the baby back to nurse his mother until they returned the next night. The baby was put in a room where a nurse was assigned to care for him, for he was very weak and emaciated.

Here is a how a girl with a skull fracture was healed by Invisible Helpers. One day a girl was in a cafeteria standing in line to get her lunch, "Oh, I feel like fainting," she said suddenly.

A man behind her saw that she was about to fall, and he reached out to catch her, but the man behind him pushed him aside, and the girl fell to the floor. She was taken to a hospital with a fractured skull. She lay there for many days.

One day two Invisible Helpers were sent to her. Her unconscious body lay on a hospital bed, but she was standing beside her body with her head down. One Helper touched, her on the shoulder, and she jumped when she saw him.

"Please, Mister, do something for me," she said sadly. "Am I dead? No, that cannot be, for I am alive. Please help me to get my body back. The doctors say that I will die. The nurses hurt me when they put that glass tube in me. They do not give me enough water, and the water that they give for enemas is too hot, and it burns, me. They have examined me unnecessarily, and I am afraid that I will die, and I do not want to die. Why did that man push the other man out of the way and let me fall? I have never done anything to injure anybody in my life. I am only twenty-one years old. Tell them that I am not dead or unconscious but am out of my body and cannot get in it."

Then the poor injured girl saw the other Helper standing near by.

"Oh, look at that beautiful Angel!" she exclaimed. "Are you the Angel of death? If so, please spare me a little while longer. Let me get back into my body, and I will be the best girl I can possibly be. I take care of my little sister, and I am sending her to school."

The girl looked at the man Helper again. "What is the matter with you," she asked. "I can see through you."

"Sh, sh!" said the lady Helper, as a nurse came in just then.

The nurse looked at the girl. "It is a pity to let such a pretty girl die and that no help can be given her," she said to herself as she covered the girl's body up carefully. Then she left the room.

One Helper asked a Lay Sister who had come to see the girl to show them this girl's past in the Memory of Nature, so that they could see what she bad done to meet such a fate. The Helpers and the girl then saw the girl's past lives.

Seven lives before the present one, this girl and the man who had prevented another man from having her were both in African bodies. She became angry with him one day and pushed him out of the way and let him fall. He received, a skull fracture which eventually led to his death. This man told her that he would get even with her, but they never met again until they met in the present life in white bodies. When he saw her again, this man took a dislike to her as soon as he saw her. In the life long past these two egos had been just friends and not lovers. He had stayed unconscious for two weeks, but finally he was able to get up. The life that he lived caused him to have constant headaches, which finally killed him. This man always blamed her for his injury.

When the girl saw what had happened in the distant past she" cried and said that she was sorry and hoped that God would forgive her.

"God had nothing to do with it," the man Helper said. "You ran into the law of Cause and Effect, and you are reaping the effect."

"When will I get through?" the injured girl asked.

"You are through now," he answered. "We have come to help you." she murmured. "I have suffered much."

"Oh, thank you," she murmured. "I have suffered much."

The lady Helper put her hand on the girl's head, and the girl said, "Oh, that feels so good."

The Helper rubbed the girl's face, and then they saw the ego back into her body. She opened her eyes and looked at the lady Helper. "Thank you, dear Angel" she said. "I will always pray for you."

The nurse came in, and she soon saw that the girl had recovered consciousness. "Oh, dear Child!" she exclaimed. "You have come to."

"Yes," the girl answered. "The Angel there healed me."

The nurse saw no Angel, and she told the girl to go to sleep, and she would feel better in the morning. Then the nurse went out. The girl asked for her mother and her sister, and the lady Helper. told her to go to sleep, and they would be there to see her the next afternoon. The girl turned over and went to sleep.

The next day one of the Helpers went back to see this girl He found her awake. She recognized the Helper at once and was very glad to see him. He told her not to tell anyone except her mother how she had been healed because, people would think that she was out of her mind and would not believe her anyway.

Let us remember that we are not only God's children, but that we are being reborn on Earth again and again so that we may finally reach perfection and win liberation. We all have many karmic debts to pay off, and the very easiest way to pay them off is to live a harmless life and serve humanity to the best of our ability. We are not here for a pleasant life alone. We are here for experience. It is possible for all of us to become Invisible Helpers and take part in the work of spiritual healing that is carried on every night.

One time two Helpers were sent to a place along the coast of one of the European countries. They went north to a village where many fishermen live. Many of the people there had some queer kind of skin disease. The mucous membrane in their mouths was affected, and their arms and hands broken out with running sores.

The doctor there did not know what to do for them, and the people had prayed for help. The weather was cold, and the people were poor and hard pressed for a living. They were not getting a sufficient variety of food to nourish their bodies properly.

The man Helper asked for permission to heal the people at once, and be was told how to do it. The man Helper then sent out word for all persons who were sick to come to the doctors office at three o'clock the next morning, and he would heal them free of charge.

At the time appointed the Helpers again went to this village and found many persons there waiting for them. Some went with sick babies in their arms. The Helpers went to work on them, and all were helped. Some were completely cured.

The Helpers saw a girl about eighteen years old who had that disease and was in a bad condition. She had once been a beautiful girl, but she had been sick all winter. "Won't you please help me?" she said to one of the Helpers.

She had a beautiful soul body, but could not see or hear spiritually. She was just naturally good and kind. She was loved by the whole village because she helped everyone she could.

"I will indeed help you in many ways, the Helper said.

"I will be a sister to both of you," the girl answered.

"Take us to your home," said the lady Helper quietly.

The girl led the way, and the three started out. They went down a dark path that was very rough. "Be careful and don't fall," the girl said looking back as they walked along. She didn't know that the Helpers were in materialized bodies and could not be hurt.

When the three persons reached the girl's home, the parents were in bed asleep. "Go and get some water and some cornmeal," one Helper said to the girl.

She brought out a cupful of cornmeal, and the Helper said, "It is not enough."

"That's all we have in the house," the girl told him.

The Helper communicated with a high Lay Sister by means of thought and asked her if he could increase the amount of cornmeal, and she gave him permission to do so. He told her that he had no money but would get paid the following Monday, and they could take some money out of his pay to pay for the cornmeal.

The man Helper turned to the girl and asked her to show him where they kept the cornmeal. She showed him a box that held one half of a barrel. He stepped up and put the cupful of cornmeal into the box and asked that the box be filled. Then he told the girl to go to the box and get some meal. She went to the box and saw it full of meal, and she screamed in her surprise.

Her parents awakened and came running into the kitchen to see what was wrong. This man asked me to get some meal, and then he put it back into the box and closed it up," she told her parents. "Then he told me to get some cornmeal, and when I opened it, the box was full instead of almost empty."

"You must be in the presence of Angels, and you must always be good," the mother said to her daughter.

"Mamma, I am good," the girl answered.

"Are your thoughts always good?" the mother inquired.

"No, Mamma, and I am sorry, the girl said.

The Helper then took a dish of cornmeal and water and made a paste of it. He told the girl to lie down. Then he spread the paste over her mouth, face, and arms and let it dry. Then slowly and carefully he picked it off while her parents looked on. After the paste was all off, her arms, face and mouth were completely healed, and there were no scars left. Her skin was white and pretty. The mother. made the sign of the cross about six times in her excitement

"I charge you to help all people, rich and poor alike," the Helper said to the happy girl. "First come, first served. Give special care to children, but make no charges. Do not even hint at charges, but if the people wish to give you something you can take it. All you need to do is to put your hands on them if they ask you to help them." The Helper told her what to say to herself. "You will have this ability to heal others as long as you are good in heart, mind, and body," he said.

The girl wanted the Helpers to be brother and sister to her and come often to see her. One Helper told her that they lived several thousand miles away and could not come to see her very often. The Helpers said, "Goodbye," to the people and went away.

The man Helper was told to give this girl the urge to go and help others and serve as a Helper, because she was good and could qualify for that work. Helpers are badly, needed in these troubling times when there is so much unrest, unemployment, sorrow, and suffering in practically every country on earth today.

Here is another story in which the Helpers used spiritual healing. This time a man was helped.

One Friday night two Helpers found a man caught in a steel trap. The jaws of the trap were clamped above and below one knee joint, and he could not move. When the Helpers reached the place, there were four wolves ready to tear him to pieces. The Helpers freed the man and sent the wolves away.

The poor man said that he had set the trap to catch a bear which had been breaking down his corn. Later he found that something had taken the bait off without springing the trap. When he was about to reset the trap, he slipped, and his knee struck the trap in such a way that he was caught in it. He was four miles from home and a quarter of a mile from the road. He had been there for two days and three nights. His leg was black and badly swollen.

The Helpers carried the injured man home and washed his injuries with warm salt water. They where able to restore the circulation in his body and partly heal his leg. The man Helper told the man's people to call a doctor to look after him.

"I will never use one of these traps again, as I know how an animal must suffer before it dies," the man said. "In my suffering I thought of all of the things I have ever done, and I saw all my life way back to babyhood. Then I saw all kinds of things going through the air. I saw people or Angels going along. I also saw a very hideous thing that came and stood before me. It gritted its long teeth and said, "It won't be long now." Then it smacked its mouth and went away. It looked like a wolf or a large dog at first, and then it seemed to look like a savage man.

"I prayed and promised God that if be would save me, I would not use this or any other trap to catch animals," the man continued. "Then you came, and when you released me, I fainted away from the pain, hunger, and exhaustion."

"One Helper told him that the people he had seen could have been human or they could have been Angels, for both can travel in the air in their desire bodies. "We are human beings who go about helping people and all living things."

No you are Angels," said the man, "for I saw both of you pass over me. She touched your arm and said something to you, and then you both turned and came back to me.

The Helpers had been going along when the lady Helper looked down and saw the man in the trap and the wolves near and she said to her companion "There is a man and four wolves. "Let us go and see what is the matter."

They went back and saved him and then went on with their work. The man became psychic from hunger and pain, and then the entity came to torment him. The wolves found him and were, about to kill and eat him. The entity had been made by his own thoughts and actions. Unless this man turns over a new leaf and becomes much better, he will meet this entity when he dies and will suffer great fright. The entity will become a sin body and grow from life to life.

Surely saving that man's life was very practical and useful work. Let us hope that he will now be kind to all living things and try to make restitution for some of the wrongs that he has done. He was so near death that he saw the panorama of his life pass before him.

If this man has an opportunity to contact the truly helpful teachings of some true Mystery school, he will know that they are true, for he has seen human beings in the air and entities, also. He has seen Invisible Helpers materialized and knows that he owes his life to them, He also knows that prayers are answered when they come from a sincere and contrite heart. He knows that a person can see the whole panorama of his life unroll before him and then be saved from death by a miracle, as it were.

One day a Helper lay down on his bed and went to sleep. He left his body and went to one of the southern states to see a lady whom he had helped. He met her coming across a field with her daughter and her dog. They visited awhile. Then this lady asked the Helper to go with her to the home of a sick lady who lived in the neighborhood. He consented, and they went to the place and found a lady there who was quite sick.

"Why didn't you send for a doctor?" the Helper inquired of the first lady.

"I thought I could help her if I rubbed her and bathed her," she replied.

You see this lady was trying to be a visible helper in the daytime so that she could qualify as an Invisible Helper at night, and she had not reached the place where she could do spiritual healing while in her body.

"Your faith is good, but you are not good enough to do what you wish to do," the Helper told her.

The Helper turned to the sick lady, "I may be able to help you if you will give me the chance" he said to her.

The lady called her husband and son, and told them what the stranger had said.

"Let the, man do what he can, for I want you well," the husband said.

The Helper told the men folks to go out and kept the neighbor lady there.

"What is the matter with you?" he inquired of the sick lady.

"My stomach, bowels, and lower back hurt me," she answered.

The Helper told the sick lady to remove all her clothing. The neighbor helped the sick lady undress and get into her bed and drew the covers over her.

Then the Helper drew his patient to the edge of the bed and sat down with his hands under the covers. He began to work on her stomach. He told her that she needed better food, and he told her what to eat.

"You have your hands in my stomach on the sore spot," the sick lady suddenly said. "Now you have removed the weight that was there."

He had materialized a hand inside her stomach and had cleared up the trouble there by means of spiritual healing, but he knew that it would be useless, to tell her. Instead he laughed and said, "You had better look under the sheet. Maybe I have opened you up," and he turned away.

Both of the women did look, and then they looked at each other in wonder. "I wonder what it was!" the sick lady claimed.

Then the Helper worked on the lady's kidneys. He told her that she must not allow herself to become angry and then hold grudges against anyone in the future. "You have been doing this," he said, "and it has reacted on you and caused kidney stones to form in your body. Whom do you get angry at?"

"I was angry with this neighbor," she admitted, "because she had everything in life, and I was so miserable. But I do not feel that way today. The feeling is all gone."

"The aftermath is here, and it has given you kidney stones which must come out," the Helper told her plainly.

He told the neighbor lady to go and get the lady's husband and son and bring them in to help. They came in, and the Helper told the husband to hold his wife's hands to her sides, and he told the boy to hold her feet. He told the neighbor to hold her head. The Helper sat down and began to break up the stones, and he pushed them down to the bladder, and they were expelled.

The people saw the kidney stones, and they were very much surprised. Then the Helper worked on her intestinal tract and got it into action, and the waste material was eliminated thoroughly.

"Oh, I feel so good," the lady said. "I feel like a new woman. "I don't have an ache or a pain."

The members of the family were all happy, and they thanked the Helper and the neighbor lady who had brought him there.

One time a Helper was sent to help a blind girl who lived in one of the southern states. He went to the house, materialized, and walked up to the front porch where he saw a young lady sitting in a rocking chair. To attract her attention he asked her for a drink of water. The girl said, "I am blind, and I cannot show you where the well is." Her sister came to the door and saw the stranger.

"What are you doing at my front door?" she inquired.

"I asked the lady for a drink of water," he replied.

"The well is at the back of the house," she said.

He went and got some water and pretended to drink. He then went back and began to talk to the blind girl. "How long have you been blind?" he asked.

"I have been blind ever since I was ten years old," she told him. "One day while I was playing, a branch of a tree struck me in the eyes and in a very short time I went blind."

"May I see your eyes?" he asked, and she said, "Yes."

He looked at her eyes and saw a skin across them that was about the size of a small pencil. It looked as if this growth would come off. He asked a Lay Sister by means of thought if he could remove these growths from the girl's eyes, and she said, "Yes."

"I can help you if you are willing," he told the girl.

The girl called her sister, and she came out. When she saw that the stranger was still there, she looked surprised. "Why didn't you go away?" she asked. "I will get my shotgun."

"I want to help your sister regain her eyesight, but go and get your gun," the Helper said to the suspicious sister.

She got her gun and stood in the doorway and watched what took place. The Helper reached in the girl's right eye and removed the growth. "Oh, that hurts me," she said. Next he removed the growth of skin from the left eye of the girl.

"Oh, I can see, but the light hurts me," the girl said.

"Tie a handkerchief over them and wear dark glasses for a week or two, and you will be all right," the Helper said.

The sister dropped the gun in her surprise and amazement. "My God, am I seeing right!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, but be careful how you drop guns," he said. "They might go off."

"Oh, I had forgotten all about it," she said as she picked it up.

"Now I can go north to school and see the pretty cities," the girl said. "Where are the best schools?"

The Helper named several. The girl hugged and kissed the Helper before he knew what she intended to do. Then she thanked him for helping her.

"Do you see that small cloud?" he asked the sister with the gun.

"Yes," she answered him.

"Watch me catch it," he remarked. He gradually rose up toward this cloud, waved to her, and disappeared. He had suspended gravity to rise. The Helper had been told to do this so that the people would not go hunting around to find him. Afterwards they could only say that the man rose up into the air and disappeared.

The girl received her eyesight back by means of spiritual healing. She received help because she had earned the right to this help and because she had prayed long and sincerely to God to help her to see again. Her life will be entirely different now.

One night two Helpers who spend part of their time at a hospital were there when a woman came running in and asked for a doctor to come to her home, as her brother was either very sick or dead. The clerk in the office called the head physician, and he sent a doctor to the office with orders to go home with the woman.

The clerk called the man Helper and said that she felt he ought to know about this case. The Helper said that he would go along, and he called the lady Helper and asked her to accompany them.

All four of them walked three blocks to the woman's home with her. When they reached the place, the man was unconscious and looked as if he were dead.

The doctor examined him and said, "He is dead."

"No, he is not," declared the man Helper.

"Yes he is dead," insisted the doctor.

The Helper said no more, but he looked for the light in the man's head and the light in his heart and saw them there. While the Helper was doing this, the lady Helper became a little impatient. "Do something for him," she said. "Don't stand there and look at the poor man.

"There is nothing to be done," remarked the doctor.

Then the man Helper pulled the man's body over to the edge of the bed and began to massage his body around his heart. Soon the color began to come back into his face, and he began to bathe regularly. He opened his eyes and saw the people there. "Oh, Lord, have mercy on me!" he exclaimed. "Those pains were too great. I couldn't stand them."

"You will be all right, but you must take it easy," the Helper said. "If you are careful, you may not have another attack." He worked on the man's vital and physical bodies and made him comfortable.

The Helper asked the man's sister how his trouble started.

"He came home from work and complained of pain in his left breast and arm," she said. "He ate his supper and lay down, and when his pains grew worse, he called me. I went to the hospital for help as we have no money to pay a doctor."

The Helper told the sister that her brother had had an attack of angina pectoris, which often proves fatal if immediate help is not given. "In such an attack there is a pain from the heart region that extends down the left arm," he explained to her. "While the severe pain is on, the person loses consciousness and dies."

In this man's case he was unconscious until the Helper massaged around his heart, and then he came to. The Helper told the sister that her brother would have to take it easier and not become worried or angry, or it might bring on another attack which might prove fatal.

The doctor looked on much surprised and asked the Helper what he had done to restore the man to life.

"Once a person is dead, there is no coming back to life," the Helper answered. "It is true that many people appear dead that are not dead, and hence they are brought back.

"That sounds reasonable," said the doctor. "I thought you were not a doctor but had a drag with the owner of the hospital. I see now that you are more than a doctor."

"No, I am not really a good doctor, for I do not know enough," the Helper answered.

After that the Helpers and the doctor returned to the hospital and reported the case. The man Helper thought that the sick man would get along all right but that he would have to take very good care of himself.

When Christ told his disciples to raise the dead, he meant for them to bring people out of trance conditions similar to this one in which the man would have passed out if he had not received such help as the Helper was willing and able to give him.

Some cases of sleeping sickness are really cases of obsession. In these cases the obsessing entities have never had physical bodies, and so they do not know how to use them properly.

One night two Helpers went to a lady's home to see her little boy, who had been asleep for three weeks. He looked just like a doll asleep. One of the Helpers asked the mother what had happened to her child.

"One day he lisped out to me that something wanted him, and he didn't want to go," the mother said. "I told him that nothing would bother him and went about my work. Soon after this I heard him scream and I heard him kicking on the floor as if he were fighting something. Then he lay still, and I thought he was dead and called the doctor. The doctor came and examined him and said that he had sleeping sickness. Now he has lain in bed for three weeks, and I don't know what to do to help him."

The man Helper saw the real owner of the child's body standing beside his body, which bad been taken by an entity that did not know how to care for a human body. The Helper spoke to the boy.

"I want my body and me (meaning his body)," the boy said. "He pushed me out, and I want my body. I will be good."

The Helpers asked someone by means of thought if they could help this child, and they were given permission to do so. The man Helper crossed the entity three times, and a most horrible entity came out of the boy's body and stood still for a few seconds. Then he rushed toward the Helper, who crossed him again. Soon the smell of brimstone filled the room.

The entity had to go to the Desire World. When the entity came out of the boy's body, it twisted it into all kinds of shapes. His mother cried and wanted to pick him up. The Helper coaxed the ego of the boy back into his body, and he woke up calling, "Mamma."

The Helper told the mother what to feed the boy. "He will get along all right now," the Helper told her.

The mother was a very happy woman and warmly thanked the visitors. After that the Helpers went quietly away.

Here is a story about a girl who was cured of double pneumonia by a lady Helper. One time three Helpers went to a home in the northeastern part of the United States near the Atlantic Ocean where many well-to-do people live. They went to see a little girl who was about seven years old. She had double pneumonia and was dying. They had been attracted there by the girl's prayer. Some other members of a wandering band of Helpers were there and some other Higher Ones.

The child was praying to God to save her so that she could keep her parents together. These Helpers who were present learned that this little girl was an unwelcome child. Her father had forced her mother to raise her and nurse her, and this had caused a breach between the parents. The child's mother wanted to be a social butterfly. The father had not wanted any children, but since one came, he resolved to raise her.

The mother exposed the child to all kinds of weather in an effort to make her sick so that she would die. The child had lived despite unfavorable conditions. One day, the mother took the little girl to the beach and made her go into the water. The water was very cold, and the child developed pneumonia.

When the child realized that she was going to die, she began to pray very hard and earnestly to be spared. She told God that her mother hated her and her father tolerated her. She told God all about how her mother treated her and how she had forced her into the cold water at different times and how some lady had come and kept her warm. "Dear Lord, I love them just the same, for they do not know," the child said.

The Helpers tried to hear the child pray and watched her prayers go up. She meant to reach God himself. The Helpers were waiting to see if they would be given permission to help this child.

"Well, Lord, I give up to die, but I do not want to die," the child finally said. After that she lay very still. Her mother became conscience-stricken and went to the little girl's bed and called her by name and said, "I have not been a mother to you, but I will be if you are spared to me."

The father went to the child and cried and said, "Lord, give her back to me. I did not know what was going on, but I will know from now on."

"Mamma, I will live. There is a lady here who has come and made me well," the sick child said. "She says that I may sit up tomorrow."

One Helper asked the lady Helper who had healed the child who the little girl was, and he was told that this child is an Initiate who has come to do some work. "If the word had been given to help her," she said, "all the Helpers here would have rushed to help her, and more harm than good would have been done. And so I was sent to help her."

The Helpers saw this Lay Sister come, and they admired her beautiful aura. The colors in it were constantly changing from one position to another as she worked on the child.

The child was an advanced child, and she had a large beautiful mental body and a large soul body.

Here is a story of a woman whose life was saved in answer to her prayer for help after she had been stabbed through the abdomen with a long hat pin.

A girl once married against her mother's wish, and when her parents disowned her she went away to live. She prayed for several years for a reconciliation with her parents. She stood the separation as long as she could, and then she talked to her husband about it.

He was much older than she, and he loved her dearly. He agreed to go home with her to see her parents. When she reached her old home, her mother was glad to see her, and they began to taIk. Her husband went out with his father-in-law.

As the day wore on, the woman and her mother began to quarrel, and they had a serious disagreement. Finally the woman went to bed and fell asleep. Not long afterwards the husband and the father of the visiting woman came home and went into the living room.

The mother went into her daughter's room and stuck a long hat pin right through the woman's abdomen. It went through her intestines and other parts of her body and into the bedclothes and mattress, pinning the poor woman to the bed. She awoke in great terror and prayed desperately for help.

Two Helpers were sent to her, and they reached her quickly. They saw what had happened, and they materialized. The lay Helper was astonished at what had happened to the poor woman. She pulled the hat pin out and saw a few drops of blood on the sheet, which needed changing. This Helper told someone to change the linen on the bed and the lady did it.

The man Helper worked on the woman's vital body to heal her dense body. In a little while she was healed and was able to get up and dress. The man Helper told this woman to leave the house and go home right away. The woman cried because of what her mother had done to her.

The men came in when the woman was screaming with pain, but neither of them did anything, and they did not speak a word. The Helpers worked so fast that the people were too surprised to talk.

When the woman's mother did recover from her surprise, she went up to the lady Helper. "How did you get into this house?" she asked in a very cross voice. "Why are you meddling in my business?" She then took hold of the Helper's arm to shake her.

"Sit down," the Helper said in a firm voice, and she did. Then the Helper told her what she was about to do and what the consequences would have been. She told her that her daughter would never bother her again. There was nothing that the Helpers could do with the mother, as she was fixed in her purpose to kill her daughter. The man Helper removed all thought of her mother from the woman's mind.

The young woman and her husband lived in the Midwest, and had a delicatessen store. The' woman's parents lived in the south and were in comfortable circumstances. The mother had other plans for her daughter, but the daughter had disobeyed and married someone that the mother did not like.

The young woman was much surprised at being healed so easily and quickly. She kept feeling her abdomen to be sure that she was really healed. "You are all right," one Helper told her.

She thanked the Helpers over and over. The Helpers went with the woman and her husband in a cab to the depot where they waited for a train to take them away. Then the Helpers went away. The next morning the Helpers remembered clearly what had happened.

Here is how a man with pneumonia was healed by spiritual healing. A Helper was sent to a home to help a man who was very ill with pneumonia. The wife had two doctors and two nurses to care for him.

The man Helper rang the doorbell and the wife answered it. The Helper told her that he had been sent to see her husband.

"Come in," she said, and she invited him into the parlor. "My husband is very ill and the doctors have forbidden anyone to see him. They only allow me to see him twice a day."

"May I see him and do what I can for him?" the Helper asked.

"Yes," she said, "only both of the doctors are here now."

"All right," answered the Helper, and he went upstairs to the sick room and entered it. "Good evening, one and all," he said. "How is the sick man?"

"Get out. No one is allowed in here," said one of the doctors. "The patient is too ill to talk."

"I will go later on. I must see what I can do for my friend," the Helper said. He went to the sick man and looked at him. He saw that he was very low, and he went to work on him at once. He told the nurse to get him a bedpan. He took the pneumonia jacket off the sick man and began to work on one of his lungs. He made him throw up the mucus, and then he worked on the other side.

"Oh, I feel so much better," the sick man said. "I had given up and expected to die, for the pain was too great."

While this was going on, the two doctors had been standing aghast and looking at the Helper as he worked. They wanted to know what he did to help the sick man.

"I did something that you are not able to do," the Helper said to them.

"I am hungry," said the sick man.

"Make some good vegetable soup for him," said the Helper. "Put the vegetables through a grinder first, and then after they are cooked, put the soup through a strainer and give it to him." He turned to the patient and said, "If you feel like getting up, do so for a little while, each day. Keep your nurse for two more weeks, until you regain your strength."

"I would like to have you come to the hospital, as I have two very wealthy patients that I would like to have you see," one of the doctors said to the Helper.

The Helper said that he would go and see them and for the doctor to go ahead and tell them at the hospital that he would be there. The Helper went downstairs and told the wife that her husband was better and would get well.

"I have no children, and life is so lonesome without them," she said. "They are troublesome, yet it is better to have them. I have always wanted two or three, and now I am forty-seven years old. I guess I am too old now."

"Would you care to have one or two if you could get them?" asked the Helper.

"Yes, I would like them," she answered.

The Helper had her stand up, and he looked at her and he saw what the trouble was and fixed it at once. He told her that she would have the babies before long and that she could go and see her husband at any time. "You do not need the doctors now, but keep the nurse for two weeks more."

The Helper then went to the hospital and met the doctor, and they went to see the lady and talked to her. "You have a good doctor here. Be patient, and he will help you to get well," said the Helper to encourage her to please the doctor.

They pulled the bed to the center of the room, and the nurse got the patient ready and laid a sheet over her. The Helper knew at once what had to be done, but he went through the motions of an abdominal examination. The patient's transverse colon had a kink in it that needed to be straightened out.

The Helper put his hands under the sheet, dematerialized them, and put them in her abdomen and materialized some fingers and worked on this kink until he pulled it out straight. The patient screamed and said, "He has cut me open, "and he Is pulling my intestines out."

The Helper then pulled the sheet back and told her to look. She looked at herself and said, "It felt like it."

The Helper told the doctor to give her a mild laxative and that his patient would be all right.

The Helper went to the second patient and saw that she had a pus tube on one of her ovaries. He told the doctor what was the matter and said that he could get it off without an operation but that it would be painful. He asked the doctor if he wanted him to remove it, and he said, "Yes.

The Helper told the doctor to take the patient to the dressing room, and then they could work on her. She was in much pain and did not care what was done, just so she was helped. They strapped the patient's arms and legs down. The Helper materialized one of his hands inside the woman's body and into the diseased tube and broke it from within while he held his other hand on her abdomen. He squeezed the pus out, and the doctor washed it out.

The woman screamed at first, but she was soon relieved. After she was put back in her bed, she fell into a restful sleep. The Helper knew that it would hurt the patient for a few minutes to do this, but that it was better to cure her that way than to put her to sleep.

"What do you charge?" inquired the pleased doctor.

"Nothing," said the Helper. "Just help some poor people with your knowledge."

The doctor promised that he would do this, and the Helper went away as soon as he could.

Helpers need to be all around workers, for they go to of homes and need to know how to cook and do minor repair work as well as be good nurses. For instance, one night two Helpers were sent to help a family of four persons. They were all sick with influenza or severe colds and could only just get around. One of them had cooked some oatmeal, but no one had an appetite for it.

The Helpers worked on their vital bodies and applied the healing force that comes from God, and the were soon much better. The lady Helper knew that they needed a good breakfast, so she asked what kind of food they had in the house.

"We have bread, butter, meat, and eggs," the mother said.

The bread was hard, but the Helper suggested poached eggs on toast, coffee and cookies, and they said that they would like some. The Helper fixed up a good breakfast in a few minutes and served it to them and passed around a bag of cookies.

The people wanted to know who the Helpers were, and they told them about their work. "How strange!" one person said. "It seems like a fairy story. Are you Americans?"

"Yes," said one of the Helpers.

"How, did you learn our language so well?" another person asked.

Helpers use what is called the soul language when they are out of their bodies in sleep working. They can then understand the people of all nations and can speak to them and be understood perfectly. This is something which seems most remarkable to Helpers when they first begin to remember what they do when out in sleep.

One night two Helpers were sent to see a man who was praying for help. He had a sliver of wood in his eye, and it was causing him much pain.

When the Helpers saw him, they told him to lie down so they could remove the splinter from his injured eye. The man lay down on his bed, and his wife stood near. "Please save his eye, she said. The doctor said that he might lose the sight in this eye. Do you think he will?"

"No, I don't think so," replied the Helper.

"Look and see where the splinter is and push it out," the man Helper said to his companion.
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Reference: The Work of Invisible Helpers, by Amber M. Tuttle

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