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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 14)

Chapter XVII

I have been told that in any country where the air is free from smoke, a person with spiritual sight can often, on a clear or moonlight night, see a silver or gold streak going through the air. These bright streaks are Angels in the distance. Normally the Angels shine out more than Helpers as they are naturally brighter.

It is easy for people out of their bodies to distinguish good egos from bad ones when they are going through the air. Here is an example of what I mean. A Helper once closed her eyes and she was shown two egos far out in the distance.

The aura of one of the egos looked like a small oval that was a beautiful shining blue. It was moving away up in the air. After a few seconds it disappeared from her sight. Then she saw something about the same size that was a bright red with a black rim around it. After awhile the red part grew smaller and the object was entirely black. Then it, too, disappeared.

This Helper was told that what she saw first was the aura of either an Initiate or a person who is highly developed spiritually, and the second aura was an evil person looking for something to influence.

While two Helpers were with their band of Helpers in the Desire World at one time, they met a man and woman who were partners. They seemed to be very much interested in each other. One Helper asked them where they lived and one of them said, "We passed on some time ago."

"Were you Helpers before you died?" asked a Helper.

"Yes, we were Helpers and we lived in the United States," the lady replied.

"Did you spend any time in Purgatory?" asked the Helper.

"Yes, I spent about five minutes in Purgatory and it seemed like an eternity and the pain was very severe," she said. "In my last life I was not quite free from prejudice. The moment I was free to go on, and leave Purgatory, I asked to be allowed to continue my work. I then lost consciousness from pain and shock and collapsed.

"When I came to, I was in the Borderland and and told that I was free to work twenty-four hours a day, and I have been busy ever since. Twice I have been called to take my time in the First Heaven, but each time I begged to be allowed to work as I did not want to go to the First Heaven and sit around and enjoy the good that I have done.

"Very recently I was told that if I work much longer, I would find it very hard to get parents who can bring me to rebirth, and give me the kind of physical body that I will need to advance. I told my friends that I do not need parents as I am working and can appear on Earth whenever I wish. I have become used to working all the time as a Helper and I dearly love the work. I have lived out the equivalent of two earth lives since I passed on."

"How long have you been over there?" the Helper asked.

"I do not know but come, and I will find out," the lady said.

The Helpers all went to the upper region of the Borderland and this lady showed the visiting Helpers in the Memory of Nature. They saw this lady, then a woman sick in bed during winter weather. They saw her pass out of her body and stand beside it. They saw her friends wash and lay out her body. Two days later they held a funeral and buried it. The saw her rise to the Borderland with some Helpers and then ascend to the upper regions of Purgatory. They saw her there screaming with pain. She came back to the Borderland and collapsed crying, "Please let me work on." The Helpers looked and saw that it was January 10, 1885, in a little town in the east.

"What effect did it have on your soul body?" the Helper asked.

"I had none, for the Desire World has no effect on the soul body as it is made of the two higher ethers," the lady said.

Then the Helper asked the man how long he had been in the Desire World, and he said that he had been there for thirty-five years. "I spent about a day of your time in the lower Desire World, purgatory, he said. "The strange part about it was that I thought that I would be too sore to work, but the moment I got to the Borderland I was well."

The lady said that she was well, too, when she reached the Borderland, but the shock of the experience was too much for her sensitive higher bodies. "The great advantage of having a somewhat developed soul body is that with it one can go anywhere," she said. "A person whose soul body is not developed cannot go anywhere. Everyone has a soul body, or an outline of one to be filled out."

The Helper was is eager for knowledge for the purpose of helping others, then asked her how she could materialize a body when she had to use a dense body.

"I was taught how to draw the earth ethers to me to make me look solid, and how to release this body when I am through," she answered.

These wonderful people out of physical bodies were very friendly to the Helpers who thanked them for their information and then went about their work.

One Friday night two Helpers were invited to a monastery where a very highly developed man was dying and two Elder Brothers were then going to tie an ego in the body when the man passed on. The man died shortly after the Helpers got there. They saw the Elder Brothers snap the cord and the new ego to the body. He passed into the body feet first and then slid down into his new body.

After he was in it, he shook himself as if getting adjusted to the body. Before long the body became very bright. The men in the monastery raised up their hands and began to shout and praise God. They picked the man up and called him to a new room and laid him on the bed. They all seemed to know him and were glad that the change was a success.

The Helpers were very happy over the experience. They had witnessed a grand sight which few people see. The man who was tied in the body had ten or more initiations.

In the third chapter of Revelations, verse 12, we read the following: "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall no more go out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name."

Then in verse 21 we read the words: "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne."

What does this mean and who are the pillars of God that St. John, the Divine, tells us about? First the temple spoken of means the temple of God, the Architect of our Solar System. It is located in the seventh, world, the World of God.

When one becomes a pillar of God he becomes a servant of God who has proven himself to be worthy to meet his God face to face and talk to him. Then he either goes back to Earth to help the rest of humanity, or he goes to some other planet to work.

The words, "He shall go no more out of it," means that the ego has reached liberation from the wheel of rebirth. He may speak the creative word and build himself a new body which will last for a long period. These bodies often last for hundreds of years. He will then build another body and step into the new one. He does not have to be reborn as a baby and spend long years in acquiring an education. The new name refers to liberation. These High Beings are also called Sons and Daughters of Solitude.

"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne," means that the Liberated Ones become co-workers with God, the Architect of our Solar System, and that they will be able to converse with Him at will.

"Even as I also overcame," tells us that God has achieved His place only as a result of a long period of earnest effort and self- forgetting service. We know that God achieved his high station through work in some other Solar System, and then came to a certain place in space and created our Solar System as is related in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

In the second chapter of Revelation we read the following:

"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; to him that overcometh, will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God."

"To eat of the tree of life," means the secret of how to perpetually vitalize the body. We know that our physical bodies are not perfect today. Someone has said that they are only about fifty per cent perfect. When we reach liberation our bodies will be perfect and we will be able to renew our vital bodies at will. We will then become immortal and co-workers with God. But this is a long, hard road to travel. Many disappointments must be met and many difficulties will have to be overcome and conquered before we reach our goal.

Max Heindel tells us in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception that "The fall into generation was necessary to build the brain, but that is, at best, only an indirect way of gaining knowledge and will be superseded by direct touch with the Wisdom of Nature, which man, without any co-operation, will then be able to use for the generation of new bodies. The larynx will again speak "the lost word," the "creative Fiat," which, under the guidance of great Teachers, was used in ancient Lemuria in the creation of plants and animals.

"Man will then be a creator in very truth. Not in the slow and toilsome manner of the present day, but by the use of the proper word or magical formula, will create a body."

The creative Fiat refers to the creation of our Solar System by God in the first chapter of Genesis.

In verse 17 of the second chapter of Revelation we read the following: "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and in the stone, a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it."

"To him that overcometh," means the Liberated Ones who have paid off all their karma and have overcome all their evil desires and bad habits, and have developed marvelous shining soul bodies which are beyond anything that we can conceive of.

"Will I give to eat of the hidden manna," means that the Liberated Ones are sustained by the manna, or life force that flows from God.

"And I will give him a white stone," refers to his soul body which is also called the "Philosopher's Stone." This soul body must be partly built before an ego can go out of his body at night during sleep and work as an Invisible Helper.

In the fifth chapter of St. Matthew, verse 48, we find the following: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

Here we are told to make ourselves perfect, and it possible for us to do so. How can it be done? The pathway that leads to perfection is a long, hard path that begins with the student. This takes two years. The second step is probationership, a five-year period.

At the end of this period the ego is supposed to have developed the light within so that he may see his way about alone in the inner worlds. Then follows the period of discipleship which depends entirely upon the development of the ego. This period takes one on to the first initiation. The length of time necessary depends on the ego. When the first initiation is taken, the candidate is shown how to leave his body consciously. Then, the ego must work his way up. One initiation after another is taken until all thirteen have been gained.

When the man has reached the twelfth initiation he is then a candidate for liberation. He is a man living here on Earth working among us as other men but we know him not. When the time comes for this great event to take place in his life, he is approached by twelve Archangels, twelve Angels, and twelve Liberated Ones. He is then escorted to a place where the four Lords of Destiny are awaiting his coming, is examined and if be is found worthy, he is called before the council of the Seven Spirits before the Throne. Here he meets those Seven before the Throne and a High Being from the world above ours. This council in known as the Supreme Council of the World.

The candidate is then escorted by the Archangels, the Angels, and the Liberated Ones to the Temple of God. He is then in the presence of the God of this Solar System alone. He is examined by God who will say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." All Liberated Ones desire to come back to Earth to work.

When an ego reaches this high place he becomes a pillar in the house of God. When the candidate goes into the house of God he looks like an ordinary person with a very beautiful aura. When he comes out his countenance outshines the Sun. Liberated Ones are brighter than Archangels. They are even higher than Christ, who is an Archangel.

Do you want to know how a Liberated One looks? Perhaps I can give you a faint idea. An Invisible Helper woke up one morning and remembered seeing a very extraordinary Being. She was in a large room and there were many persons present. Someone either came into the room or was asked to show him-self in his full glory. The Helper saw a great, bright light that filled the room and blotted out everything in it. In the center of this great shining, almost blinding, light was a face. It was a beautiful and lovable face. No other portion of the body was visible and the light was dazzingly bright. The Helper did not see how far the light extended, but it completely filled the room and extended for miles on both sides. This may seem an impossible story but it is true.

One night some Invisible Helpers were taken somewhere by a Lay Sister. They were first put to sleep and were then taken to a large hall. This hall had a high ceiling. One wall was entirely covered by what appeared to be a frosted glass that extended from the floor to the ceiling.The rows of chairs faced this large frosted glass.

The speaker's platform was on one side so that the speaker could see the glass as he talked. To an audience of admiring students this speaker showed a series of pictures by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness. These pictures appeared on the frost glass wall. He showed them the first man who was ever liberated. He showed what a hard time he had and how the people about him fought him on every hand. He was alone and his path was extremely hard. Finally he was given his last test and passed it successfully.

The man then sat down and bowed his head, for he felt very depressed. Suddenly he found himself surrounded by heavenly visitors. Twelve Angels and twelve Archangels had come to escort him. They told him that his presence was wanted before the God of this Solar System. He begged and pleaded to be spared a little while longer as he wished to help humanity. He said that he would never allow himself to be depressed again, no matter what happened. He then stepped out of his body consciously, as all Initiates can do. He felt very sorrowful and unhappy at the thought of leaving the Earth. He was weeping when he left his body.

An Archangel touched his body and it disintegrated at once. This was done because he was not to return to Earth for some time. The Angels and the Archangels carried him up to the World of God. They went almost to the Temple of God. The Angels went that far and parted and the rest went on the lines that they had formed. The Archangels went as far as they could go and stopped.

After that twelve very High Beings came and took the man and carried him on to the Throne of God. The building seemed to be a great white twelve-sided structure. Everything there was very bright. As the twelve Great Beings and the man reached the entrance, they stopped and the twelve formed two lines.

"You are about to stand in the presence of your God from whom you went out aeons ago," a High Being said to the candidate for liberation. "Are you as pure as he is pure?"

"I do not know but I hope so," said the man. "But I want to go back to Earth. I do not want to come here."

This man's aura was so bright that the Helpers could hardly see anything except his face, but they could hear plainly. After the man had spoken he went in first and the rest followed. The people who were present in the room did not hear what was said inside, and they could not see into the Temple, but the building seemed to have grown brighter with the presence of the man and his escort.

The man who was showing the picture began to talk to those present. He told them that he was the first man from our Earth that formed the first conscious link between man and God. The students had recognized that the speaker was the same High Being that they had seen in the pictures. Then he came out in his fullest glory and the Helpers could see nothing but his face and his marvelous soul body.

Then the speaker showed the audience how he returned to our Earth planet many years later, made himself a body and went to work with infant humanity. Next this Liberated One showed ten persons who had won liberation a little while before the birth of Jesus which had occurred 1933 years before. This time the candidates were all taken in together and there were many more egos present. All those egos who had reached liberation before this time were there with twelve Angels and twelve Archangels.

The Angels went as far as they could and stopped. The Archangels went their distance and stopped and dropped out of the procession. The Liberated Ones went all the way and they were met by the Mighty Beings who formed the double line. Each one of the ten candidates for the thirteenth initiation, was asked the same question that was asked of the first one.

"You are about to stand in the presence of your God from whom you went out aeons ago. Are you pure as he is pure?"

All of the candidates asked to be allowed to return to Earth.

Later one of the students asked the speaker who those Mighty Beings were who met the Liberated Ones before they reached the Temple of God. He said that four of them were the Lords of Destiny. Then there were the seven Spirits before the Throne and a High Being from the next world above us. They were all very beautiful beings.

While all these High Beings were inside the building, the speaker spoke to his audience about themselves. He told them that all of them should begin going out of their way to serve humanity.

After awhile all these High Beings began coming out of the Temple and they were truly a beautiful sight to behold. Eight of the Liberated Ones who had just been accepted came back to Earth and the other two went on up with one of the mighty Beings. The rest all stood in a circle as they departed.

Some of these very Liberated Ones are on Earth now and some of them have feminine bodies. We have no idea of the splendor of these Liberated Ones. Their auras are brilliant and large. When they wish they can draw in their auras so that people can see and talk to them.

Another night some lnvisible Helpers met a very friendly Liberated One while they were out of their bodies in sleep. After putting them to sleep she took them to her home and entered her body and woke them up.

"Do you eat food?" asked the lay Helper.

"Yes, sometimes I do," she replied. "I eat when I have company, too. I make it a point to call on my friends when it is not mealtime."

"Please tell us how you live," said the Helper.

"I am free and know all the laws and I am sustained by the manna, or life force, that flows from God," the Liberated lady said.

The Helpers could see that she had a real human body. When she was as about the work of the Liberated One she said that their work is mostly with the Nature Spirits, in the higher regions of the Desire World. They help plants, animals, and man from these higher regions. Some of them work in the lower Desire World. Some spend all their time helping humanity all they can.

The Liberated Ones must live where they will not be disturbed because they go out and leave their bodies at home for days, or even months. The people in the house do not disturb their bodies at these times. When they return they find their bodies in perfect shape.

"When I step out of my body to leave it," she said. "I stop its emanations and slow down my heart."

The Helper asked her about the fluids and excreta in the body. She said that whatever food she ate was pure and would not injure her body while she was out. "I eat vegetables such as greens, raw cabbage and tomatoes, tomato juice and orange juice, etc," she said.

One of the Helpers asked this lovely Liberated One to let them see her in her full glory. She was then so bright that they closed their eyes and saw her just the same. They could see only her face because of her bright aura.

One night some Invisible Helpers were taken into the upper Desire World, and then into the Mental World by a Lay Sister. Then they saw some Liberated Ones teaching Initiates and disciples. Some were teaching music, and others were teaching drawing and painting, and the work was very beautiful.

I am sure you will want to know more about how music is taught. An Invisible Helper has remembered seeing such a class twice before. At one time she was allowed to go into a room where some musicians were being taught how to write down the harmonies of the Music of the Spheres. The meeting was being held at the home of a Liberated lady. There were eight men in the class and all were Initiates. The teacher was a Liberated man. He was teaching his pupils how to catch the tones of heavenly harmonies and put them down as notes on lined paper made of desire stuff. They were writing down a symphony.

The pupils were all in their etheric bodies, but they looked just as natural as if they were in their physical bodies and working in a class of harmony. Writing down the harmony on paper indelibly impressed the music on their physical bodies, so that when they returned to their bodies they could sit down and play what they had heard. Musicians who attend these classes can not only play what they have heard, but they could put the music on paper, and the symphonies are ready for use to delight music lovers. This is the way that our great composers have been able to bring down to us the divine music of the spheres whether they were conscious of it or not.

Liberated Ones help humanity just as we do, only with perfect understanding and marvelous efficiency. They do not influence people against their wishes, but they strengthen good whenever it is found. Some Liberated Ones hold high positions on Earth while others are in lowly places. They are placed where they are best fitted to work. Others live with high Initiates who can see and converse with them while together, or when at a distance. Some take physical bodies and some do not.

After one leaves the Earth Solar System there is no more eating for the earth life-wave, or for the Liberated Ones. They are sustained by the conditions and the influences where they are.

Let us remember that to become a Liberated One, an ego must fulfill all the requirements of the four Lords of Destiny, or the Recording Angels, as they are also called. They must pay off all debts of karma and be given all thirteen initiations.

We will now have some more stories of work done by Helpers here on our Earth. One night three Helpers were sent to answer a girl's prayers. They hurried to her home and there they found a nice-looking girl praying desperately for help to save her life. A man had just shot and killed her sweetheart and was intending to kill her and then kill himself.

Two of the Helpers went to the girl and materialized and the third stood near the dead man. When the assailant saw the Helpers he dropped his gun and started to run. One Helper blocked his way.

"Hold him! Hold him!" shouted the girl in a very loud voice, and the Helper held him securely.

The man tried to fight his way loose, but the Helper would not permit him to escape. The girl called the police and fainted. The man Helper materialized and revived her. He then looked at the dead man who had formed and was standing beside his body.

"What has happened and why did he shoot me?" asked the so-called dead man. I never did anything to him. Am I dead or unconscious?"

"You are dead as man knows it," the man Helper replied.

"Oh, I did not want to die," the man said. I wanted to live and marry her and have a large family. I have saved my money and we were going to be married in May. How can I give her my money that I have saved? Please get my bank book and give it to her."

The man Helper told his partner to write out a statement giving the girl her lover's money that he had in the bank and he asked the Lay Sister who came with them to materialize the man who had just died so he could sign it. One Helper wrote out the statement and soon had it ready. The Lay Sister obtained permission to materialize the man and did this. The man took hold of the girl and hugged and kissed her and signed the note. The three Helpers signed as witnesses and then the man faded away.

The murderer saw what had happened and he was so badly frightened that he could not move. The police came and got the man who had shot the girl's fiancé and moved the dead man's body.

"What shall I do now?" the girl cried out after the men had left her with the three Helpers. "I am afraid to stay in my home alone now."

The Lay Sister went up to her and put her hand on her head and told her that she must be brave and that nothing would harm her.

"Go to bed and have pleasant dreams," the Lay Sister said.

"I will," replied the girl. "I want to thank all of you for the wonderful things that you have done for me.

Then the Helpers left her and went on. This was very unusual help, but it shows what may he done by some Helpers. The Lay Sister who materialized the man is a Liberated One.

One night two Helpers went to an African-American man's home to help him. He had just died and was wondering what had happened to him. He was ninety years old and had lived in the south all his life. He had been a slave for many years and had many hardships. He had been a Christian since he was a young man. He had married and had four children and they had all died. His wife had died about thirty years before. At the time of his death this old man was living with a great-grandchild. He was living on his pension, for he had served in the Civil War.

When the old man saw the lady Helper he brightened up. "Lady, are you the Angel who came to take me to Heaven?" he asked. I have seen lots of Angels in my day. Once one came and stopped my master from beating me. It was a woman like you. She told me always to be good and God would take care of me and help me. But, Lady Angel, sometimes God was a long time in getting around to me. When I asked God to let Sally stay here with me until I had to go, a lady came and said that Sally's time was out and that she would have to go. Then God took my children, one by one, and my life has been very lonesome. All the people that I knew when I was a young man are now dead. Lady, I used to sit in my yard at night and see Angels go by, a man and a woman, and they were white. I have wondered if there are any African Angels.

"I saw an Angel once that I could not look at for the gold and white light blinded me. (This was a real Archangel.) Lady, you are the first person I have been able to talk to since I have been this way. They washed me and put me in this room and said they were going to bury me tomorrow morning. Don't let them do it for I am not dead, although something is wrong. I thought that when I died that my wife and children and an Angel would come and take me to Heaven. They are not here, so I guess I am not dead, but what are you doing here, Lady Angel? Do Angels all wear rings and watches?"

Then the Helper told the old man to let her talk. She told him that he was dead as man calls it and that he had only seen one real Angel. Then the old man's eyes grew large and he began to tremble with fear. The Helper told him that she was an Invisible Helper, and that she helped everybody she could. She told him that her body was hundreds of miles away and that no one could see him as he was under ordinary conditions.

"I came to take you to Heaven to your wife, and maybe to your children," she said.

"Where is Heaven and am I dead?" the old man asked. "I thought I would not know anything until I arrived in Heaven."

The Helper had a hard time explaining her teachings to him. When he finally understood what she was talking about he said, "Maybe Sally missed going to Heaven."

"No, she didn't miss going to Heaven," the Helper said. "She went there, and you will go there, too."

"Well, let's go for I am old and tired," he said, "but I can't walk fast as I am too feeble."

"I will carry you, My Friend," the Helper said, and she reached over and picked him up and started toward the wall.

"That's the wall and you cannot go through it," he said.

Nevertheless the Helpers and the old man in his desire body went right through the wall.

"Well I must be dead, for I could not do this when I was in my body!" exclaimed the old man in surprise. "Lady, I am sleepy," he said as they went along through the air.

"Go to sleep," She said and he did.

The Helpers took the old man to the Borderland and a Lay Sister looked at his aura. "Take him on to his wife in Heaven," she said.

The Helpers found that this family had built a very beautiful mansion in Heaven. It was made through tears, sorrow, love, hardships and faith in God. The old man found his wife and his four children there and they had a great reunion. "Sally, I am here," he said, "Glory to God."

"John," she said and ran to him.

The Helpers left them to their well-earned rest and joy. They had been good people and had been kind to everybody. This is a case where the ego did not have to go to Purgatory at all.

The man in the following story did have to go to Purgatory because he had not lived a good life. One night a man died and two Invisible Helpers were sent to help him. The man was much surprised to see one of the Helpers, for he had been slightly acquainted with him during his life.

This man had been a heavy drinker all his life and had died of delirium tremens. He was standing beside his body wondering what it was all about. When he saw the Helper, he said, "Are you like me? Am I dead? What has happened? If they had given me, the whiskey that I wanted, I would not be this way."

"You are dead, Man," said the man Helper, "and will not taste any more whiskey for about one thousand years."

"Man, you are crazy," the man said. "I have been this way many times and then got all right, but I do not see the things that used to run after me, and tried to get into my body. The doctor used to inject medicine into my arm and then I would be all right in a few days."

"Yes, but what this last man, the undertaker, put into your arm won't cure you," replied the Helper. "It will take many hundreds of years for you to come back and be all right. The undertaker put something in your body, and you felt hot and now you feel cold. Didn't you begin to see the things that you did while you were well?"

"Yes, Man, I thought that guy was trying to burn me up inside," the man said, "and the pictures of the things I did stopped when I was a boy twelve years old. Then I began to freeze."

Just then the man had one of his whiskey fits and he said, "Ha, ha," and made all kinds of funny faces. Then he saw the lady Helper for the first time. "Young lady," this is no place for you," he shouted. "You had better go before these snakes and other things get you. Ha, ha. Look at that one! Make it go away. "Hm-mm, it almost got me that time. Look out! Look out! Ah, ah."

This made the Lady Helper nervous and "she got as close to her partner as she could. "Do something for him or take him to the Borderland," she said. "I will wait for you until you come back."

Then the man Helper went up to the poor man and quieted him.

"Do you want to see your funeral?" he asked the man.

"Whoever saw his own funeral!" the man said, after he had laughed at the idea. "You had better wait until I am dead."

"Come on," called the Helper.

"No, I am not dead and the devil may get me if I leave here," the man said. "There are too many snakes and other things here for us to go anywhere. You had better run along."

By means of thought the man Helper asked someone in the distance if he should take the man to the Borderland and he was told to do so. The Helper touched the man on the head and he became quiet, and followed the two Helpers to the Borderland.

When they reached the Borderland, a Lay Sister spoke to the Helper in charge of the man. "Take him on to his place, but leave your partner with me."

"No, let me go with him," the other Helper urged.

"No, for what you will see may frighten you," the Lay Sister said.

The lady Helper begged to go and the Lay Sister gave her permission. "Tie her to you," she said to the man Helper and he did.

Then they went down into Purgatory with the man. He became unruly and tried to get hold of the Helpers and the lady Helper became frightened and said that she wanted to go home. Finally the Helpers got the man to his place and he began to rave and call out for whiskey. The Helpers could smell whiskey very plainly and could see the fumes of it coming up.

The Helpers saw many men and women who were crazy for a drink. Some were carrying barrels and some had bottles of desire stuff whiskey which they were trying to drink, but could not. One Helper was much frightened and began fighting the people off, for they were following the Helpers around.

They saw a woman who had once been an intelligent, well-to-do woman. One Helper told her that she was in that place to teach her that drinking is not good for anyone. "The sooner you give up the desire for drink, the sooner your suffering will stop," the man Helper said.

"How can I give it up?" the woman asked.

"Throw away your bottle and pray to God to help you and tell him that you will not drink any more if he will give you another chance," the Helper advised her.

"Will God do it? Won't I have to stay here forever?" she asked.

"Yes, He will do it and you will leave here," the Helper said.

The poor woman threw away her bottle and began to pray. The Helper saw her sink down into a drowsy sleep and he knew that her prayers had been answered.

A Lay Sister told these Helpers that this woman had been in the place where drunkards are kept for fifteen years. The only harm she had done was to herself by drinking. She had paid the debt with interest. The man will suffer much for he was sixty-three years old and was inclined to be mean to everybody, and he had caused his own death.

Here is some information that I think will interest you in this connection. A certain student was shown the body of an Initiate at a distance and she had a good look at his vital body as it interpenetrated his dense body. His vital body was a beautiful pink and his body reminded her of a doll's symmetrical, smooth body, only it was very bright.

Now, it is different with the vital body of a dead person. When a person dies in the United States he is generally embalmed in a short time, or as soon as possible. When all the blood is removed the dense body is pale, light gray, or dark. In any case it is not as white as it generally is when life is in the body. This is also true in connection with the vital body after death. As long as there is life in it, it has its natural color. When the ego leaves the dense body and discards the vital body, it is gray and wavy like a fog before a wind when it is leaving a city or harbor.

If the person is embalmed and kept lying in state for seven to ten days, the ego discards the vital body and it comes back and floats over the dense body. In some instances the desire body returns also, but not often, as it belongs to the Desire World. When it does, it is because it has become so interlocked with the desire body that it has to be torn loose.

One night some Helpers were out and they saw some people holding a funeral service for a man and they stopped and looked on. They saw the man's vital body floating over the coffin. It looked like a ragged gray cloth moving slowly up and down a little way over the coffin.

"Do all vital bodies look like that?" the lady Helper asked a high Lay Sister who was with them.

"Yes," the Lay Sister replied.

She then showed the Helper how the vital body of her grandfather floated over his coffin in the same way. Next she showed her the vital bodies of Henry Clay and Daniel Webster, who died many years ago. They looked like a gray, veil-like substance floating over the coffins in which were the dense bodies. One vital body dipped down to the dense body and then rose up again. The Helper remembered this plainly when she awoke the next morning. She felt much surprised for she had not had proof of this before. The vital bodies of the last three egos were seen by means of the Memory of Nature where all the events are preserved for future reference.

Most of us have little conception of what a wonderful universe we live in for we go through life seeing so little. We area little like the horses with blinders on which obstruct their vision.

Whenever we entertain evil thoughts about another person and are envious of what they have, we are in danger of having these thoughts break loose and lead us into doing things that we will always regret. Here is a story that illustrates what I mean.

Some Helpers were sent to an old lady in a western state, in answer to her prayers. They went to her room and woke her up spiritually and talked to her. The lady told the Helpers that her relatives wanted to get rid of her and her brother. She said that she was eighty years old and he was eighty-five years old. She could see that these relatives were studying out some way to get rid of them without causing trouble, so they could get possession of their money and property.

"We are both well off," the old lady said, "but our lives are saddened by the thought that our own relatives want to kill us off quietly so they can enjoy our wealth."

"We will take care of you," promised one of the Helpers.

These Helpers were told what to do by a Lay Sister a ta distance. They went and saw the ringleader of the relatives. She was about forty years old. At that time she was asleep and her ego was out of her body in the room beside her bed. One Helper told her not to bother these old people and told her what would be the consequences if they did away with them.

At the same time the woman was shown all this by means of picture consciousness. She became frightened in her sleep and woke up screaming. When her family came into the room she told them what the Helper had told her. She said that she saw where they would all go if they killed the old people. The woman was cured and so the old people were safe.

The family had probably had this plot in mind for along time and had thought about it so much that it showed on their faces and in their actions. The old people could clearly see their evil desires toward them. This was a strange case where the evil thoughts of people were about to plunge them into very serious evil doing. No doubt there have been many other cases much like this one where the Higher Ones have averted tragedy by similar methods. History records numerous cases where the evil deeds were committed and the evil-doers suffered for their crimes before death. They always suffer after death, too. Sometimes remorse is a powerful chastiser.

I heard a story of some Helpers who found a woman burying another woman's body in the sand. She said that the two of them had lived together in a lonely place. One woman became restless and wanted to leave and return and live among people. Because of this the other woman had pushed her off into the sea and she had drowned. Her body floated upon the shore and the other woman was secretly burying it to save herself.

Another Helper told these two Helpers who met this woman that she would suffer terribly from remorse and loneliness. Then we know that she will be punished in Purgatory. Justice may be suspended for a time, but we reap as we sow.

Here is a story that tells how an old feud was broken up. Some Helpers were sent to one of the southern states to a place where two farmers and their families lived side by side but would not speak to each other because of bad feelings. They each had a large farm and kept help to work the land. Neither farmer would allow his help to talk to the people who worked on the adjoining farm. If any of them were caught talking while on the farm they were discharged.

The feud started far back in Grecian times over land rights and a son and daughter were killed because one member of one family did not like a member of another family. These men were reborn and lived in Rome as women and loved each other. They were in the same social circle and caused much trouble among their friends.

They were reborn in the United States, for their grandparents had settled in the south. Trouble came up again over property rights and the fathers became angry at each other and the sons took up the quarrel. They decided to build a tight board-fence six feet high and one fourth of a mile long between their large farms where their homes were built. It was agreed that if a horse, a cow, a pig, or a chicken should stray over on the other property, it was to be shot or kept.

When the Helpers met these men they had not spoken a word to each other for fifteen years and they were bitter enemies. The man who was really to blame for the trouble over property rights found that his things kept going over to the other man's side of the fence. This man had a daughter twenty years old who was the apple of his eye. He had told her that he would shoot her if she married or kept company with his enemy's son. They were secretly in love with each other.

This girl had raised some ducks and they had strayed to her lover's side of the fence, and his black cat took them because her kittens had died. The Helpers saw the cat mothering the ducklings. They thought it looked very amusing to see a cat trying to take care of baby ducks and she was doing a good job of it. This young man had let the girl know that he had nine of her prize ducks and she told her father about it. The father wrote enemy's son and asked him to send his daughter's ducks back home.

The young man ignored the letter and the girl decided to go and get them herself. When she went there the young man's dog got after her and she screamed from fear. Both of the fathers got up and ran out with their guns. They met the Helpers who had been sent there to prevent a killing. The men began to argue, and while they were arguing the boy and girl were in each other's arms talking.

"For how many lives are you going to carry on this feud of killing?" the man Helper asked the angry farmers. "Now look back while I tell you how long it has been going on. It started back in Grecian times when you were men and disagreed over property rights. There was intense hate between you when you were women in Rome, and now in this life you are ready to kill one another while your children are making love to each other. Look at them. Can you not act as friendly as the animals and fowls? The cat has lost her kittens in death and the ducks have strayed to her. Instead of eating them, she has decided to mother them and she is doing well with her self-appointed task. Surely you can take down this high fence and put up a wire fence and be neighborly, and let the children marry and be happy. If you do not, they will run off in time anyway, and you will never see them again."

The men decided to be friends and take down the spite fence and put up a wire one. One of the men noticed the lay Helper who was playing with the ducks. "She is my assistant," said the man Helper, and he called her and asked her to come over to them. She came and began talking to the men. "I hope you are more highly developed than the cat," she said to them.

"Yes, we are now, but it took us a long time to learn better," one of the men said.

The Helpers left everybody happy when they went away. Both of the Helpers plainly remembered this work when they awakened the next morning and they thought that it was an interesting experience.

One night a Helper went to a woman's prison in answer to a dying woman's prayers. She had been a model prisoner for ten years. She told the Helper when he met her that she had been framed by her husband to get rid of her when her son was born, and that she had not seen him since he was born.

The Helper saw that this woman was going to die and that he could not do what she wanted, so he called a high Lay Sister and she sent a Lay Sister who is a Liberated One. When she came she talked to the prisoner.

"I was arrested for forgery ten years ago and convicted," the prisoner said. "Now I want my name cleared before I die. My parents were rich but it did no good and I was brought here."

By means of thought the Lay Sister called the warden, the prison doctor, and the woman's husband. The warden and the doctor came at once and she had them take down the woman prisoner's statement. By the time this was done the woman's husband was there with the boy. They were let in and they rushed to her. She hugged and kissed her boy. When the husband was asked about the frame up, he admitted it, and signed a confession and was arrested.

The dying woman asked the people to let her husband go and to give her son to her mother, who had visited her every month for ten years. She had been sentenced for twenty years.

"Who are you?" the warden asked the Lay Sister.

"I came to see justice done," she answered quietly.

"Oh, please take me to Heaven," the sick woman said to the beautiful Lay Sister. "I am so tired and worried."

"Yes, Child, I will surely take you there," said the Helper and her aura slipped out for joy, and the people present all fell on their knees. The visiting Helper said afterwards that this Lay Sister looked like an Archangel.

The dying woman held up her hands and passed out. The boy cried and asked the warden to take him to his grandmother, and the man promised that he would. The Lay Sister took the ego of the woman right up to the First Heaven since she did not have to go to Purgatory as most people do.

One time some Helpers were in the Desire World with their band of Helpers. A high Lay Sister said that she wanted a very brave couple to do some very serious work which involved great danger. One Helper said that he would go, as his partner liked excitement.

By means of the Jupiterian Consciousness the Lay Sister showed these Helpers a mob of people forming to drive a man and his wife oat of town, because the wife had had a baby some twenty years before and had not married until after the baby came and now the daughter was to marry a very weaIthy man's son.

Some man in the town who had wanted this woman for twenty years had been circulating the story about the child. The rich people were told the story and they wanted the people to have this girl withdraw her promise to marry their son and she refused to do it. They went to the girl's parents and they refused. Then they asked the people to drive them out of town and break up their home.

The Helpers reached the place when they started to drive the three people out of town. The lady Helper came through the air ablaze of light and stood before them and told them to stop. She told them that the woman had paid her debt to society twenty years before and that her daughter had a right to marry whoever she pleased.

"No Angel can stop us," said the man who had started the trouble. He pulled his gun and fired five shots at her and all the bullets struck her and fell to the ground. Then he had a stroke and fell unconscious to the ground.

The Helper came down to the ground and went to the man and his wife and daughter. "Please help us. We have done no wrong," the other said.

"Where is the man whom your daughter is to marry?" the Helper asked the mother.

"Here I am," said a young man, and she saw that his head was done up and bleeding. "Please, help us, Lady," he said. "I love my intended wife. They are driving her and her family out of town and I am going with them. My parents and another man caused all the trouble."

The Helper told the crowd of people to let the family alone. She told the family to go back to their home. When they got there they found that the house had been ransacked and most of the window panes on the first floor had been broken out.

The man Helper told his partner to get the family and join their hands together and then send out a strong thought for the man's parents to come there. She did this and they came in a hurry.

"Is your son twenty-one years old?" the Helper asked the parents.

"Yes," replied the mother, "but we have a certain standard which we must keep up and we cannot have any illegitimate ones in the family or that would hurt our social standing. If he marries her we will disown him."

"Do you want to marry this girl anyway?" the Helper asked the young man and he said, "Yes."

"Who is the preacher who was to marry you?" the Helper asked and the man told her.

Then she sent a thought to this preacher and he came. The Helper asked him to marry these people and he did. When he pronounced them man and wife, the mother of the young man collapsed. "Oh," she said, "I can't stand any more. My Son, don't leave, me. Come and see me. I won't disown you. I can't."

"Are you both spotless?" the Helper asked and the man's mother said, "No."

"I want you both to have this home repaired at once," the Helper told them.

"We will do it," the young man's parents promised.

Next the Helper sent out thoughts for the people to bring back what they had taken from the house, and in a few minutes they came back, in twos and threes, carrying the property that they had stolen.

The Helper went out on the front porch and told the crowd that she wanted them to take up a collection to help pay the damages that had been done to that home. "Quite a large collection was taken up for them by the next day.

The girl's mother had been a good mother and had helped many people in the town. They belonged to the upper middle class and lived well. Their father had lost his job over the trouble but later he got it back.

The lady Helper told the people that her partner was there and had something to tell them. "Will you all turn aside for a moment," she said. They did and the man Helper appeared and they were surprised to see him.

"You have been a good mother and wife and you have helped many a poor soul," she said to the girl's mother. "I wiII give you something that will help you as long as you are good to all mankind. Remember not to become over-confident and do not get angry with others. Come to me."

She went to the Helper and he put his hand on her head and told her that the whole town would be friendly to her and her family. "The man who slandered you will now help you and will be friendly to your family," he said. "Now we must go and see him."

"Mister, are you an Angel?" asked the girl.

"Yes, my brave sweet one," he said. "I am an Angel to many and my sweet Angel here is the sweetest Angel of them all to me." The lady Helper blushed very prettily.

"Why don't you shine like she does?" the girl asked.

"It is because you cannot see me," he said. He let out his aura and they were greatly surprised at his brightness. The Helpers then disappeared from them, and went away.

Some years ago a group of people were going to camp in the woods and they were driving at night. They came to a narrow bridge and got up on it and started to cross it. The bridge became more narrow, and they were much afraid and did not know what to do. They could not back off and they could not get out of the car as there was no room to walk. There were five people in the car. An old lady in the car began to pray, for she did not want to die.

Two Invisible Helpers came by and saw them and knew at once what their trouble was. They came down and went up to the people and the man asked them to help them.

"Move over and I will drive you across," said the man Helper who had materialized what looked like a physical body. He got in the car and eased it off and suspended gravity and went on across the narrow bridge which was about a block long. It was a foot bridge which had been built over a stream in one of the eastern states and it was not intended for automobiles or wagons. There was a sign on it that said, "For walking only, "and the man thought it meant that drivers should go slowly.

The people in the car were very excited, for they saw that they could never have reached the other side or returned to the main road without help. They were very grateful and thanked the Helpers over and over.

Here is a very strange story of a lady who was saved by Helpers after she lay in her coffin. One night two Helpers were sent to save a lady who was suffering from a chronic disease which had made her an invalid. She was comfortably well off, but not wealthy. Her husband had died and she had one son. This boy had been allowed to have his own way and he would not mind anyone. The lady's relatives wanted her out of the way so they could get what she had.

She often had sinking spells and had had one the day before. Her relatives thought she was dead and laid her out in a coffin. Perhaps they wanted to be sure that she really was dead before they buried her for they did a very strange thing. They took out all the playthings from a built-in the wall dresser drawer and found that it was large enough to hold the coffin as she was a small woman. They placed the coffin containing the lady in the drawer and found that it closed easily. They did this without the boy knowing it.

This was the drawer where the boy kept his play things. That night this boy, who was about ten years old, went into this room in the dark, to put his playthings in the drawer. Not knowing that his mother had been put in there, he put an armful of things on her head and closed the drawer.

The Helpers came in just as the boy was doing this, and the lady Helper flew into action as she knew that the lad was about to die from lack of air. The Helpers pulled the drawer out and took the things off the lady's head. "Good gracious," said one of them, "Is she dead or smothered?"

The man Helper shook the coffin to waken the lady as he knew that she was not dead.

The relatives were startled and very nervous when they saw that the lady was alive and had been saved by some strangers. The Helpers could see the lady's pink vital body. It was hanging down at first, but after they got her back in her body and had strengthened her, it began to stand out. The Helpers looked for the blue flame in her heart and the light in the of her head. They were burning very low. They saw her heart pumping blood through her veins. The man Helper knew they had a chance to save her if they worked fast and they did.

The first thing the man Helper did was to massage her body well and increase her circulation and then he worked on her intestinal tract and got it cleaned out. He gave her part of a lemon in some water to give her an appetite and neutralize her system. After that the lady looked much better.

When the relatives came in they found the lady sitting up in her coffin. The man Helper took her out and put her in her bed and told them to send for a doctor to give her medicine to build up her strength as they had cured her of her illness. The relatives left the room.

"You clean out all your relatives from your home, "advised the man Helper, "and rule your boy with an iron hand."

"I will do it," the lady said, "for when I was standing beside my body, I heard them planning to take all I have and put my boy in an orphanage. I prayed hard to live, for I want to, take care of my boy. I decided to get rid of them if my life was saved for I knew that they did not want me to get well."

The lady Helper took on the lady's feelings of terror and despair and plainly remembered what had happened when she woke up the next morning.

Our next story is about an elderly woman who was healed when she was eighty years old. At one time, some Helpers were sent to help a woman who had been crippled for forty years. She said that she had not slept in a bed for for thirty years and was then eighty years old. She had been injured at the birth of her youngest, child forty years before and had steadily grown worse. She had a reversed spine and reverse heat regulation of the body. As her body heat was out of control, it shriveled up her body.

She was the strangest looking person that one of the Helpers had ever seen. She was all drawn out of shape and was lying on a bed made on the floor in a corner of the room.

This woman had a strong will and much faith in God. If it had not been for her will power she would have been dead long before.

"I have been praying for twenty-live years to be made well," she said. "I have wanted to be made well before I died. About twenty years ago I dreamed that a beautiful Angel came one night with a man and made me well, and I have been looking for them ever since. One night I had a strange dream. I thought I was a man and injured a woman through carelessness. I had brown skin and looked like an Egyptian. The dream stayed with me until I began to pray for the woman and say that I was sorry I did it. After that the dream went away and I wondered what it all meant. Can you tell me, Lady?"

"Will you please explain it to her," the lady Helper said to her companion.

He asked to be shown so he could see and explain the dream to the woman. As her life unrolled backward four lives they saw that the crippled woman was then a wealthy Egyptian doctor of that time. He was called to help a woman of moderate means and he did not wish to leave his beautiful wife. (This wife was then the husband of the crippled woman who was viewing these scenes that took place in a past life. He was then eighty-one years old.) He hurried to the woman and in helping her give birth to a child he injured her pelvis and caused her to become badly crippled and she never recovered her health.

While the Helpers and the cripple were looking at this life long past, the crippled woman said, "Oh, Lord, I now understand! Have mercy on me! I am sorry and I forgive the man who injured me. He died long ago."

The doctor who had injured her was the woman whom she had injured four lives before. After the pictures were gone, the Helpers went to work on the crippled woman. The man Helper told his partner to hold the woman's feet and he took hold of her shoulders and pulled them until her bones made a cracking sound and then she straightened out. After that he rubbed her back and shoulders. He twisted her pelvis and gave her a general massage.

"Oh, I feel so well," she said. "Thank you, dear Lord, for sending help to me."

"Put on your clothes so you won't catch cold, "advised the lady Helper.

"I have not been cold in twenty years," she said. "I have always been too hot even in the winter. I get chilly in the summer."

The man Helper picked her up and put her in her bed and told her to stay there. Her two sons and her daughter were there with their families and they watched the Helpers work. They stood speechless while the Helpers healed their mother and grandmother.

"Now I can die in peace," the woman said, "for I know my prayers have been answered. I have not been out of the house for ten years.

"Are you Angels?" one of her children asked and a Helper said "Yes," for she knew that nothing else would satisfy them.

The lady Helper then rubbed the woman again to give her strength and they went away. But the next night the same Helpers stopped by again to see the woman and she was sleeping peacefully on the floor. The man Helper woke her up and told her to stay in bed as she was a well woman and if she slept on the floor she would catch cold and die. She got up and went to bed. "The bed is too soft and it smothers me," she said.

Here is an interesting story about how an advanced ego died. One June night two Helpers went to a man's home to help a child who was very sick. The man who lived there had died two days before and now his grandchild was very sick over his death and the parents were praying for help for her as her life was despaired of.

The man who died was very far advanced spiritually. He had a granddaughter who was very fond of him. Every evening she went to him for a story and after the story he would put her to bed. She was seven years old. On the night of the twenty-ninth of June she came for her story as usual.

"I will tell you a good story tonight," the man said."I will call it the last retrospectIon.

She climbed into his lap and he began his story about a man. (himself) "There was a little child who had very kind and good parents who taught him the way to God," the man said. "When this boy was sixteen years old he used to go to his parents at night and they went out helping people all over the world. He got so that he didn't want to go out with other young boys and girls. Finally his mother told him that he must mingle with people and that he must marry and bring other people into the world."

"Oh, Grandpa, that was you," said the little girl."Now I see mamma."

"Wait, my Child," he said. "We must hurry, as I don't have much time left. I went to college and there I met my wife, a nice, gentle girl. We were married after I finished my college course. We had a hard time getting started. Then a daughter came and she was a gentle child. One night we found her following us and after that we took her with us. When she was ready for college we wanted her to go. It was very hard for this daughter to leave her mother to go to college and the mother had to drive her to it.

"When she returned home after her college days were over she met a young man and they were married and then a little girl came to them. After that her grandpa fell in love with this child and told her stories every night. He has done this every night since she was big enough to know what stories are. He taught this child how to go over her life every night before she went to sleep so that she could go out with her mamma as a Helper."

By this time the child was asleep. "Dear Lord, I have tried to do my work well and I have tried to instruct my children," said the grandfather. "Now my time is up. I would like to be spared a little while longer, at least until this child is grown."

Then he quietly slipped out of his body and he took the ego of the sleeping child and they went out of the house and went to the Borderland. There he was told that he was free to work twenty-four hours a day. The little girl wanted to go with him and when he sent her home the next morning she began crying loudly for him and woke up the whole family.

The parents found the grandfather of the child in his chair dead and she in his lap crying, and no one could comfort her. She cried herself sick and finally the Helpers were sent to help the worried parents.

The Helpers found the little girl calling for her grandfather.

"My grandpapa is gone," she said, "and will not tell me any more stories, nor will he take me with him at night."

The lady Helper picked her up and began talking to her.

"Angel! Dear Angel!" the child exclaimed. "Take me to him. I know he wants to see me. Can't you go and get him and bring him to me, Angel? I have been a good girl, haven't I, mamma and papa? Please tell this Angel that I have been good."

"Now you go to sleep and we will try to see your grand-papa," the Helper said. The man Helper told the lady Helper to rub the child's forehead. She did this and the child soon went to sleep and went to the Heaven World School.

Then the mother told the Helpers how her father had always told the child stories until she went to sleep, and that on Sunday night he had slipped out while the child slept in his lap. The man Helper told the mother that they would take the child to her grandfather after her school was out and bring her home later.

"She will be quiet, but very studious and more kind and gentle than ever," he said.

The Helpers took the ego of the child to her grandfather whom they found in the Desire World. The meeting between the two was very touching. The man told the Helpers that he knew that he was going to pass on and he made his last retrospection his last story to the child, and finished it as she went to sleep. Then he took her with him to the Borderland and then with him at his work.

"I have always gone home with her before," the man said, "but this time I sent her home and she cried for me."

The grandfather rubbed his hand over the child's head."She will not cry any more," he said to the Helpers. "She will be a good child and come to me every night."

The Helpers carried the dear little girl back home and she woke up happy. The members of the family were advanced people and one of the Helpers said that he believed that they were all Initiates but they would not admit it. The man's daughter took her father's death very hard, and cried."I am not crying after my father," she said, "but you do not know what I have lost. I know where he is, but I cannot bring him back. It is very hard, for he was very dear to all of us."

"You can see him at night," said one of the Helpers.

"Yes, I know, but that is not like having him here,"she answered.

A little later on the mother said, "I followed you when you took the child to her grandfather and I saw and heard everything. I am very thankful for what you have done for us."

This beautiful story illustrates some of the joys of a good life well lived. In this case the man died a peaceful, happy death. He did not have to spend any time in Purgatory and he had earned the right to be a twenty-four hour Helper. This is a wonderful privilege to an ego who loves to help people and animals.

This man was glad to forego his life in Heaven which he had earned by right living and service. His family will be able to meet him while out of their bodies in sleep. When they are all reborn in another life they will be friends again and continue their beautiful friendship.

Isn't this something to work for and doesn't such a lovely story take away any fear of death? Of course we don't want to die, but let us remember that death does not end all. It is only a transition to another world, and if we are good we can pass from this life right into the First Heaven and avoid Purgatory altogether. We can continue our work as Helpers if we prepare ourselves properly. That is the aim of all true and faithful Occult students.

Chapter XVIII
Are Angels Real?

Angels are as real in their sphere as we are in ours. Their bodies are made of ether and so are invisible to the ordinary physical sight, but they can be seen by egos who are out of their bodies at night. They are sustained by the life force of the World of Life Spirit which interpenetrates the planets of our Solar System until their span of life is over. Angels have all the colors of the spectrum, except black, in their auras and are very beautiful to look at.

The home of the Angels is on the Moon. The Moon was once part of the Earth. Later part of the Earth was thrown off, and the present Moon was formed from it. The stragglers in evolution were thrown off with this portion of the Earth. The Moon acts as a storehouse for the egos who have lost out in this life wave and were unable to keep up with the other egos of the Earth.

Angels study the same as humans do. They have schools and colleges which, however, are on a very much higher scale than ours.

The Angels build their homes by the spoken word. They are able to control their thoughts to the extent that when they make a home or plan anything, they can plan it down to the minutest detail. They can create a home and soon have it ready for occupancy.

Archangels function in bodies composed of material from the Desire World, and the lowest vehicle that they have is the desire body. They belong to a life wave one life wave above the Angels and two life waves above ours.

The Archangels live on the Sun. They have families the same as people on the Earth, only the conditions are very different. Both Angels and Archangels may be found on the Moon. Both of these classes of Higher Beings have families and homes and important work to do.

Angels and Archangels do not feel heat or cold because of their high vibrations. Their bodies are very light, and they do not get tired as we do because they do not have heavy bodies to drag around and feed with material food as we do. During our sleeping hours, we can slip out of our dense bodies by way of the head. Then we can stand outside in our desire bodies and if we are not afraid, we can go forth and get about exactly as the Angels do, without getting tired at all and come refreshed and happy.

Angels move by the power of thought, and they can go anywhere in our Solar System. They can travel faster than our thought. Their speed is governed by their thoughts and desire. They have very strong willpower that is under perfect control.

The Angels enjoy themselves much as we do here on Earth. They have schools, churches, homes, and lecture halls suitable to the different stages of development of their being. They have parks and places of amusement for all. They have only the Christian Religion or the Religion of the Father.

The Angels do not grow old in appearance. They all have youthful bodies and are very graceful and look like persons about twenty years of age. When they come to die, they still look young. Their egos go to the World of Virgin Spirits, and their bodies disintegrate quickly. The Angels are truly virgin spirits, for they have overcome all temptations. The Angels grow brighter and more beautiful as they develop through the ages.

Angels both laugh and weep as the occasion arises.When an Angel's charge is in trouble or being persecuted they weep and pray. They also weep when karma is taking its toll. There is great rejoicing when a charge has successfully passed a test, and then the Angels laugh and sing.

Egos who belong to our life wave are sometimes born into the Angelic life wave to carry on some specific work, and they are born in the most chaste and holy manner possible for a human to conceive of.

Baby Angels are born in a like manner and are reared very carefully. They are sustained by the power of the mother until they have reached the age where they can sustain themselves through the life force of the World of Lift Spirit. Their food is the same as ours in appearance, but it is not dense matter, although it is dense in the Etheric World in which they live. The food is created by the power of thought of the individual who wants it.

As nothing is tangible except to those who have eyes to see, we can understand why scientists see no evidence of beings living on other planets.

As young human beings are cared for by the macrocosmic body of the Earth, so also are the baby Angels cared for by the macrocosmic body of the Moon on which they live. The mother has the same function of overseeing and teaching her baby Angels that the Earth mother has in caring for her offspring.

Before a baby Angel can walk, it goes about on its mother's or father's back. In time this Angel can fly as fast as its parents. When an Angel takes her baby out, she instructs it how to concentrate its mind on its flight so that it can keep up with her, and these teachings are set in before the baby's soul body is born. The vital body takes the place of our dense body, for the Angel's densest body is its vital body. We will have the same bodies in the Jupiter Period, only our dense bodies will be etherealized, and we will be Angel-like. As these teachings are set in before the birth of the soul body, the baby Angel becomes very proficient in flight by the time that its soul body is born, and so it can keep up with all in the Angelic life wave.

This accounts for the fact that some people can see baby Angels around, saints and holy people when they are playing sweet music, for good music attracts the baby Angels. These little Angels may hear beautiful music on Earth just as the Lords of Destiny, or the God of our Solar System, may hear our prayers when we pray. Then the little Angels ask their mothers if they can go down and enjoy the music. Sometimes one little Angel may go alone or a band of them may go and enjoy the sweet music, and their influence will bless the musician and, if he sees them, it will make his joy too great for words.

Baby Angels recognize their parents in the same way that human babies do, only they are much more intelligent and can locate their parents in any group and under any conditions.

Baby Angels are never under any conditions subject to the influence of the demons and evil forces that are in the higher regions around the Moon.

An Occult student once asked a man why people are so indifferent concerning the life and habits and flying methods of Angels.

"Man cannot be indifferent to a thing he knows nothing of," he said. "Man spends his time where his interests are. When man has ample proof of the existence of Angels or of anything beyond his present senses, his interest will be developed to the extent where he will want to investigate to the fullest. I am sorry to say that man is not yet ready to blindly lay down his present doings and live in such a way that he will become conscious of these things. Yet today as of old thousands of children will lead man to know that there are Angels and other beings that people the Earth which man cannot see or know anything of. If man would pay attention to what children say, he would soon know that there is something else which he needs to learn to investigate to find its realities."

Angels cannot be seen with ordinary sight, but people with spiritual sight can see them and so can Invisible Helpers when they are out of their bodies at night.

A group of Helpers were taken to the Moon by a Lay Sister to see what kind of homes Angels have, and one of them remembered about this trip and told the following.

The Angels had large buildings which looked like castles with turrets and towers. They seemed to be located on cloud-like formations, and each building had many apartments where families of Angels dwelt. The buildings look as if they were built of finest sandstone. The archway of the entrance appeared to be of the finest of granite. The surface of the Moon looked like a great frozen cake of ice with hollows in it.

There are men, women, and children Angels, and they are all subject to the influence of the Elder Brothers and Liberated Ones.

The highest Angels have auras that are glittering white with tints of gold. The Archangels have all of the most beautiful colors radiating from them. Both the Angels and Archangels look like beautiful people. Artists usually depict Angels as beautiful human-like beings with wings. Angels do not actually have wings but are radiant Beings who flash by with streams of bright light.

In order that you may better visualize Angels, I will give descriptions of two that were seen by a student of the Occult teachings. This student met these Angels while out of her body in sleep and was able to remember when she awoke. She was somewhere in the Earth's atmosphere and contacted an Angel by some means which she does not understand.

She looked up and saw a broad beam of golden light which extended upward and to the left for a great distance. She saw a lady Angel looking out of the window in her home. The Angel was looking at the student with a most intent look in which great curiosity and interest were plainly shown.

The student gazed upward at the Angel with feelings of joy, rapture, and awe. The Angel had a beautiful face with cheeks and lips. She had brown eyes and dark wavy hair which hung down her back and was tied at her neck. She appeared exactly like a young and extremely beautiful human lady. The student could only see her head and shoulders and did not remember seeing any colors in her aura except the long shaft of golden light which made the Angel so plainly visible. She seemed to focus her aura on the student.

Later on this same student awakened one morning filled with great enthusiasm and delight, for she remembered seeing a most remarkable sight while out of her body in sleep. She knew that she had seen an Angel or an Archangel, and she was such a marvelous Being, that no words can adequately describe how she looked.

The student remembered being suspended in the air in an upright position, looking up at the Angel, who was above her and moving rapidly away. The student followed her as fast as she could, all the time keeping her eyes fixed intently on the Angel until she disappeared.

The Angel was like a beautiful lady in the air, and she was going along through the air like a bird with her body in a horizontal position. Her feet were behind her and her lovely arms were extended a distance from her sides in a graceful way. She had the sweetest face that the student had ever seen and her expression was too lovely for words to describe. She seemed to have beautiful cream white skin, blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. Her hair was cream colored and curly.

This Angel appeared to be clothed in a long flowing robe that covered her body, but her arms and feet were bare. There was a brilliant light with, gold and delicate tints of pink and blue that streamed out from her in all directions. These were not steady or intermittent, like a man-made electric sign such as we see in our cities, but were self generated and glowing and scintillating in all directions.

This student was told later that this High Being is an Archangel and that she is the leader of a band of Angels that often assist the bands of wandering Invisible Helpers and Healing Bands.

One night some Invisible Helpers saw a band of Angels, and they heard a lady Angel sing the words to this song:

Teach me, teach me, Holy Spirit;
To be kinder every day
Always to be Christlike, gentle,
No matter what mortals may do or say.
"Teach me wisdom, Holy Spirit,
Patiently their faults to bear,
Conscious of Thy Holy Presence,
Joyous, free from anxious care."

After some Helpers had saved a woman one night, they saw a band of wandering Angels, and the Angels waved to them. The Helpers looked at the Angels as they were going along, and one of them said to the other. "Look! They look as if they had wings."

The Angels were going in nearly a V-formation, and they were a beautiful sight with their many colored auras. It made the Helpers very happy to see them passing by.

One night while some Helpers were coming to the United States, they came upon four Angels that seemed to belong to one family. There was a man, a woman, a boy, and a girl. The children seemed to be about twelve and thirteen years of age.

"May I ask some questions for my friend here?" the man Helper asked the man Angel.

"Yes." he said in a very pleasant voice.

"How long does an Angel live? Where do they go when they die? How far do their auras extend? How do they eat, and how are the children born?"

"Angels live as human beings live on the Earth only on a higher scale," answered the man Angel. "Their food is created by them, and only enough is created for that meal, so that nothing is wasted. Their homes are created according to their ability to plan for their needs. Babies are born from chaste bodies, and they are cared for until their sixth year, when they come into their own powers. The young Angels are sent to school from that time until they are about twenty years old. They are supposed to have completed their education by that time.

The Helpers were also told that the Angels are of different heights. The Angels bodies seem to have perfect outlines. There are no heavyweights among them, and they never grow old looking. They may live six or seven hundred years, and when they die, they go to the Third Heaven, where they stay a long time, and are then reborn.

"People on the Earth are reborn two or three times before an Angel comes back, but the Angels stay longer than people do when they are alive," said the Angel.

"Suppose an Angel that has charge of some human being dies," said the Helper. "What becomes of that person?"

"Another Angel takes charge of that person, and that Angel can look into the Memory of Nature and get what information he may need for that person's guidance," the Angel said. "An Angel six or more years old can cover any country or continent with his aura, and an adult can nearly encircle the Earth.

"Could you let us see a school and a college for Angels?" the Helper asked.

"Look and see," the Angel sald.

The Helpers saw an immense school, and it was full of pupils. A woman teacher was instructing the Angels there by Jupiterian Consciousness, and the pupils were reciting their lessons in the same way. The halos around their heads made a most beautiful picture, and the Helpers were delighted with the sight.

Then the Helpers were shown a college with Angels of all sizes. There were both men and women teachers. The halos of these Angels were larger.

"There is no sickness or sorrow on the Moon where the Angels live, for there is no sinning there," the Angel continued, "but the Angels do feel sorrowful over their Earth charges. When an Angel does wrong, his punishment is swift and sure, and the Angel is more careful in the future. Our baby Angels know more than your college professors."

The Helpers found out that the Angels look like very beautiful people and are far superior to the people on our Earth. When an ego is in a female body, it has a male Angel for a guardian during that life. If that person is good he will receive many helpful influences from that Angel. When death terminates the life of the ego, the Angel's responsibility ceases. When that ego is reborn in a male body, the Angel who is at his birth is a female. She overshadows him during that life.

There are instances known where the ego's Angel actually healed his charge, but such help comes only to a very highly evolved ego. People with seven or more initiations receive such help from their Angels in case of need.

An Angel can only impress a human being when he is really good. If a person has spiritual sight, he can see his Angel, and he can converse with him and receive his suggestions.

An Angel can converse with, guide, and instruct a person until that person takes the nine lesser initiations. An Archangel can overshadow a person until he is ready for his twelfth initiation. A Hierophant takes care of a person after he has had twelve initiations. A Liberated One can guide an ego from birth until he receives liberation. Usually Liberated Ones are not assigned to overshadow such Initiates, for they confine their efforts to those who are on the Path and have from one to nine degrees. A guardian Angel has many other duties besides overshadowing an ego.

The Angels work with the plant kingdom, in particular. Some Angels work with animals and some work with human beings. Some transfer the Sun's influence and light from the Sun to Moon and then to the Earth under the direction of the Archangels' who work with the Lords of Destiny. Some of the Angels work with the Wandering Bands of Helpers who answer the prayers of people in distress who have earned such help and assistance by living helpful lives.

Each of us has a Guardian Angel who is present to help us at important times in our lives. This Angel is present at our birth, our marriage, and our death, and may be seen by those who have spiritual sight.

One time, a Helper was very ill at night, and he saw his Guardian Angel standing nearby. At first he was frightened because he was afraid that the death Angel was behind her, but she was not. The Helper recovered safely and was very thankful, because he didn't want to die.

Animals and birds also have Guardian Angels. These Angels rejoice when their charges are safe, well, happy and good, but they grieve when they are sick or injured and when they die.

The following story illustrates how Invisible Helpers and Angels work together to help the birds.

Early one morning during a time when the land along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers was badly flooded, two Helpers were going over the flooded area. Suddenly, they heard an eagle screaming. They looked and saw her flying over the water. She had two baby eagles on her back, and she looked as if she had lost her way or had become confused.

"Let's save her and the young eagles," said, one of the Helpers. "She wants to live and save her children. There is no light in her now."

"I don't know about that," the man Helper replied."She is the queen of the air and can stay up there a long time."

"Look, she is coming down!" the lady Helper exclaimed.

The mother eagle gave a loud scream and glided toward the swiftly moving water, and the Helpers rushed to help her.

"You take the babies off her back," the Helper said, and I will get the mother."

The Helpers went to the eagle, and at first she tried to fight, but she could not. One Helper spoke to her to calm her fears."Listen, Mrs. Eagle! We came to save you and your children I know that you and your babies do not want to die. I am going to carry you home."

The Helpers materialized and suspended gravity, the eagle slowly descended, and the Helper took her in his arms. The lady Helper took the almost half-grown babies. The mother folded up her wings, and it sounded as if she gave a sigh of relief. The eagle babies cuddled up in the lady Helper's arms and put their heads under her arms.

"What are we going to do with them now?" she asked her partner.

He asked the Group Spirit of the eagles where these eagles lived, and he showed the Helpers their home in some mountains a long distance away. They saw the papa sitting near the nest.

The Helpers rose up in the air and started for the eagle's nest and soon reached the place. The papa eagle rose and let out a call and went to meet the Helpers. The man Helper told his partner to get behind him and not to run or drop the babies.

The papa eagle showed fight, so the Helper spoke to him.

Mr. Eagle, It is a fine morning! Your wife and children got lost, and we are bringing them home. I hope you are not sorry."

The eagle flapped his wings and let out a loud scream and started for his nest. The Helpers landed on a high peak. There one Helper put the mother eagle down, and the other Helper put the babies down. The mother rolled over and the lady Helper went to her and looked at her and rubbed her feathers.

"Oh, she is hurt!" she exclaimed.

The other Helper looked at her and said, "Someone has shot her in the side." Then he asked that she be healed for her babies sake. He told the lady Helper to rub the injured place gently. She did this, and soon, the mother eagle began to move, and in a few minutes she seemed to be almost all right.

Then she called her babies, and they ran under her. She said something to the papa, and he went close to her and said something. I guess she was telling him of his close call with death. Then she said something else and looked at her babies. He rubbed her neck with his bill, and then walked to the edge of the cliff. The mother eagle said something more to him, and he answered and flew off.

"What did she say?" asked the lady Helper.

"I do not understand the eagle language," he answered,"but I guess she told him to be careful."

The Helpers patted the mother on her head", and she looked up at them very kindly and said something. Perhaps she said, "Thanks for bringing me home and for healing me."

The Helpers then left the eagles and went on with their work.

The next night the same Helpers met a girl Angel who had beautiful long golden hair. She hurried to the Helpers and said, "Please hurry! One of my dear little children is sick. I can't do what I want done, but I can help you, and you can help me."

"My Friend, who is your child?" the man Helper said to this lovely Angel. "I have never helped an Angel who was sick."

"It is not an Angel but an eagle," she said. "You saved my charge and her two children and took her home yesterday. Come, one of the children is sick."

The Helpers went with the girl Angel, and they soon reached the eagles. One of the little ones was all huddled up.

"Which one is sick?" the man Helper asked the girl Angel.

She showed him, and he spoke to the mother eagle.

"Mrs. Eagle, good morning. I came to help your child. Will you move over?"

The mother eagle got off her nest, and the lady Helper picked up the sick baby. The Helpers worked on it, and it was soon all right. It had been constipated.

Then the man Helper asked the girl Angel why she had such fierce charges.

"The eagles as well as the rest of the wild things have to be fierce to make man respect them," she said. "They must be fierce to protect themselves. Man is so inhuman to his younger brothers."

Then she shook hands with the Helpers and said, "Good-bye," and went away. This meeting made the Helpers very happy.

Here is another story of how some Invisible Helpers worked with some Angels. One night two Helpers worked with an Angel band and did some work that was new to them.

There were two children Angels along, a boy about six years old and a girl about seven years old. These children Angels shone like new gold when at a distance but looked like human children when close at hand.

The Helpers worked with plants in South America and in the southern part of Australia. The Angels also showed the Helpers how to work on the vital bodies of several people that they went to see.

One man was sick in bed with muscular rheumatism, and the Angels showed the Helpers how to strip his vital body. The man called his wife, and she went to him. "I sense the presence of someone in this room," he said. "Someone is doing something with my body and tickling me. I am sweating as if someone was pouring water on me. I can draw up my legs and turn over,and it does not hurt me. Oh, the Lord be praised! I thank thee for thy help. I knew you would help me if I had faith and prayed. I will tell about thy good blessings every-where I go."

The leader of the Band of Angels told one Helper to appear before the man and tell him to be good to all people and to all animals and to remind him that he had not always been as kind as he should have been.

The lady Helper materialized, and the man jumped out of his bed and fell at her feet and kissed the hem of her dress and her hand. She told him to be more kind to all people and animals and then disappeared.

The man's wife saw the Helper also, and she stood speechless with her mouth and eyes wide open. The Helpers knew that this experience would make better people of them.

One night some Helpers were going along, and they met a beautiful boy Angel, and he asked them to go and help his friend, an earth being.

"All right, my Friend, lead the way, but do not go too fast,"' said one of the Helpers. "I cannot step on the air as you do."

The Angel and the Helpers went along swiftly, and they soon reached a houseboat somewhere in Asia.

In the house lay a very sick girl. Her legs were one mass of sores nearly up to her hips, and she had a high fever. She was "swimming," the boy said, "and something bit her. She scratched it and the trouble spread to both legs. The witch doctor wanted to kill her because he does not know how to make her well."

The witch doctor was in the room, and the Helpers looked at him. "Doc, you have something there that you cannot handle," the man Helper said.

"Hmm-mm, the evil spirit got her," said the witch doctor. "Me kill 'em but war man not let me."

The Helper told the man to get some dirt, and he got it.

"Look, he is pouring something in it." said the lady Helper.

The Helper sent the man back three times after dirt,and the last time told him not to put anything in it.

"Me kill 'em," said the witch doctor.

The Helpers found out that the witch doctor had cobra poison in the bottle. He knew that if this poison got on a raw sore, It would kill a person or animal. He meant to kill the sick child with this poison.When he knew that the Helper suspected what he meant to do, he became angry and tried to stab him with a knife. The Helper made the knife disappear out of his hand. This badly frightened him, and drops of perspiration rolled off of him.

The Helper told the witch doctor to stand still, and he made a mud paste which he put on the girl's legs and left to dry. In a few minutes the Helpers took it off, and her legs were well. The cure was not effected by the mud itself. It was merely used as a medium for the healing force that comes from God.

"Is this girl a good child?" the man Helper asked of the boy Angel.

"Yes, and we play sometimes," he said.

"Make her wise," said the Helper, "so she can protect herself from the local doctor."

"There is no need, as he will die soon," said the Angel. "He is mean and has killed many people."

The Helper told the local doctor to go and see the girl. When he saw her, he let out a blood-chilling yell and rushed off into the jungle. The Helpers heard him scream, and when they got there, they found that a python had squeezed him to death.

The Helpers asked the boy Angel to make the girl the tribe doctor. He said that he could not do that but that he would get someone else and he left at once.

The boy Angel brought back a man that the Helpers had never seen before. This man called all the members of the tribe together and told them that the girl was to be their doctor and that she would heal all who would come to her and all whom she visited. He said, "Nothing shall harm her as long as she is a good girl." He turned to the girl and told her that all the things in the jungle and in the sea would obey her.

Then the man shook hands with the Helpers and thanked them, and said, "Be of good cheer," and he and the boy Angel disappeared.

Here is a story about an Angel and a sick child. One night some Helpers were in a hospital to help some sick people. As they were going down a hall to an elevator, they met a beautiful girl Angel who was walking with her head low.

"Look!" said the man Helper to his companion.

"Oh, she is in trouble," the lady Helper said. "Let's help her."

"My dear Child, what is worrying you?" asked the man Helper. "Can we help you?"

"Oh, please do," the Angel answered. "My charge is extremely sick, and I cannot impress the doctor what to do for him and the boy does not know me any more. He has been good to me for two lives, and I do not want to lose him."

"Take us to him," said the Helper, "but don't go too fast."

The Angel took the Helpers to the children's ward to where a boy about ten years old lay on a bed. This child was a fine looking boy with a well-built body. He was unconscious at that time. His parents were there, and his mother was crying and praying to have her child spared to her if it were God's will.

The man Helper asked someone at a distance by means of thought if he might help this boy, and he was given permission to do all he could for him.

"How long has this boy been in this condition?" theHelper asked the nurse.

"Since two o'clock," she answered.

The Helper asked the mother what her son's name was,and then he spoke to him to arouse him from his weakened state. "Robert! Robert! Your Sweetie is here. Wake up."

The boy turned over and murmured something, and the Helper called him again and told him that his friend was there. The boy opened his eyes and said, "Where?" and then he held out his arms to her. "Oh, you Sweet Thing!" he said, and he joyfully hugged his beautiful Angel.

The others at his bedside looked at him in surprise, for they thought he was hugging the air.

The man Helper got a cart and took the boy to the dressing room and massaged him thoroughly from head to foot while the lady Helper held the boy's hand.

"Don't hurt him," said the girl Angel who was the boy's friend.

"I am not going to hurt your Sweetie," the Helper said jokingly. "I am going to tell the other Angels that you have a sweetie."

"I don't care," she said and dropped her head and smiled.

This Angel really loved that boy, and he loved her. He was an advanced ego and had a beautiful soul body.

The Helpers put the boy to bed, and the man Helper ordered that he be given some liquid food, and he signed the chart. He talked to the mother telling her not to question her son but to let him alone and he would soon get well so that they could go home.

After that the Helpers went on to help someone else.

Here is a story of how a Helper happened to see another girl Angel and her charge.

One day a man who is a Helper was going down a boulevard in the city where he lives, and he saw a robin that had been hit by a car. The injured robin was fluttering about in the gutter. The Helper saw a beautiful girl Angel glittering in the sun nearby. She was trying to quiet the bird and had tears in her eyes.

The man went to the robin, picked it up, and found that one of the wings was broken and that the bone which was sticking out was dirty. He took the robin to a house nearby and asked the lady there if he might wash its wing in her house. She looked at the stranger and thought to herself, "Is that man crazy, or is he up to something?"

"No, Lady," the man said. "I only want to help this bird."

She then showed him the bathroom, and he washed the dirt off the robin's wing and pulled the bone under the skin while the lady held the robin. The Helper prayed and asked that the injury be healed by the healing force that comes from God.

"Why, it will get dirty again and be killed," she said.

"No, it is well," said the Helper.

"Let me see it," she said in a surprised voice. When she saw that the bone was knit together, she could hardly believe her eyes.

"My Lord," she said, "the wing is healed. What cured it?"

"Anyone can do things like this who is clean in his heart and mind." she said.

"Are you clean?" the lady asked.

"No, but I am trying to be," he told her, and then he held the robin out so that the Angel could bless it. After that the man touched the woman, and she saw the lovely Angel. When she realized that she was actually seeing an Angel, she became excited.

"My Lord, an Angel!" she exclaimed.

The man took the robin outside and told it to go and to be more careful, and the robin and the Angel both went away.

"I have a sick child upstairs," the lady said to the man. "Will you please put your hand on her. Maybe you can help her."

"Your faith has made her well," said the man. "Go dress her and feed her vegetables and fruit. Give her only a little meat, fish, or chicken. Be kind and good to her." And then the man went away.

Here is how a tiger was saved from death by some Helpers who saw the tiger's Angel nearby.

Two Helpers went to Africa, and while they were going over the jungles they heard an animal cry of distress. They went down later and saw a tiger caught in a clinging vine. A clinging vine is a kind of tropical plant which is very dangerous, for when anything gets in it, it closes up on the victim and causes its death.

The tiger had jumped back to escape a snake and had become entangled in this strong vine. The vine was squeezing the tiger, and he was crying out in pain.

"Let's release him," said one of the Helpers. They got the tiger out, and he lay down to rest, as he was almost exhausted from his struggles. The snake ran toward the tiger and started to wrap himself around the tiger's body. The tiger could not do much fighting so one Helper made the snake go away.

The Helper went up to the tiger and stroked him and sat down beside him. The tiger laid his head on the man's lap.

"Come on and pet the tiger," he said to his companion, and she did so slowly. Soon she became braver, and they both rubbed the tiger's head and shoulders and talked to him. The tiger stood up and stretched and licked the Helper's hands.

One of the Helpers looked to see if any Angels were around, and he saw a magnificent one standing near them. This beautiful Angel thanked the Helpers for saving the tiger. When the Helpers started to go, the tiger followed them, and the Helpers looked around to be sure that the snake had gone away before leaving the tiger.

When the Helpers rubbed the tiger, they gave him renewed strength, and he was soon all right again. In a few minutes the Helpers reached a clearing in or near the jungle, and they disappeared.

All animals have Angels who work with them, for the Angels work with man, animals and plants.

Another night these Helpers met a Death Angel during the course of their work. Some Helpers went to the bedside of a woman who was about to die, and they were told to watch the woman. They were not materialized but were in their higher vehicles. The object was to see the Angel pierce the seed atom in the woman's heart and cause her death.

The woman did not see the Helpers, for she was conscious to the last. She was an ordinary woman who did not want to die, and she was unmarried. She seemed to be between twenty-five and thirty years old. She had ulcers of the stomach because of over-eating and because she did not use common sense about her food.

When the Helpers got there, they found this sick woman talking to her mother, father, and brother. She was telling them that if she could live her life over, she would live it much better and would marry and have a family. "I have hated children," she said, "for I thought they would be in my way and would stop me from having pleasure."

"Why, you have been sick for two years," said the mother.

"Yes, I know," said the sick woman, "and in those two years I have dreamed many strange things about life. I thought I saw my life from birth to death. I thought I went some place, and a beautiful lady,or an Angel, told a man and a woman and a woman Angel to take me to Purgatory,and I woke up screaming. You came running into my room, and I said I had had a strange dream. I have often wondered if that is the way people do when they die."

"I do not know, but pray for help," said the mother.

"I have prayed as well as I know how, but it has done little good," the sick woman answered.

She talked about common things for a while. "I wonder where all my boy friends are tonight," she said finally. "I have had many from my school days to now. I wonder what became of John! Oh!" and she put her hand over her heart and gasped.

"Mother, I am dying," she said. "Tell John that I loved him and that he was my only love. Kiss me, all of you, and wish me good luck," and she passed on.

While this was going on, the lady Helper suddenly took hold of her partner. "Look!" she said in a startled tone of voice and got behind him.

A most beautiful Angel came in with a long two-edged sword, and she pierced the woman's heart. "Oh, a pain struck me in the heart,"the sick woman said. Then a shadow of fear passed over her face. "I am dying," she said.

The Death Angel looked just like the other Angels. She nodded a greeting to the Helpers and went on. The lady Helper was not anxious to be with this Angel, but she watched her until she was out of sight. These are the most dreaded Angels of all, because most people do not want to die.

Then the lady Helper regained her composure. The dead woman had formed by this time, and she saw the strangers. "Are you the Angel of death?" she asked the lady Helper, "and have you come to take me where I am going?"

"No, we are not Angels of death," replied the lady Helper, "but we have come to take you to the place where you belong."

The Helpers took the woman to the Borderland.

"Take her to Purgatory," said the lady in charge.

The woman moaned and began to scream and called her mother.

"You go ahead with her, and I will stay here and wait for you," said the lady Helper to her companion.

"You go with your partner," said the lady in charge of the Borderland," and go everywhere he goes. You have been over here long enough to be as brave as he is."

"Yes," said the lady Helper meekly, and she followed the man Helper and the woman.

"I ought to take you all over this place," he said to tease her.

"You do what you have to do and leave here," she replied.

"All right," he said. They instructed the woman who had just died and told her what to do and left her in Purgatory.

When the Death Angel came with her glittering sword, the atmosphere became calm and peaceful, and all in the room relaxed and took a deep breath. The Angel stood beside the bed until the hour was up, or until the lady's time to die had come. Then she pierced the woman's heart and left.The lady Helper watched her closely all the time that she was present.

One Helper wondered if this happens in all deaths except suicides and was told that it does. This happens even in accidents if the person's time is up, that is, if the person is killed instantly.

Here is another story of a person who saw the Angel of death.

About six o'clock one evening a man was talking to another man, telling him his troubles, when he suddenly became alarmed.

"Look!" he exclaimed.

The second man, who works as an Invisible Helper, looked closely, and he saw the Death Angel with a shining white sword coming towards them, and he felt sick and cold.

The man who was about to die got behind the Helper and trembled like a leaf. "Oh, I am not ready to die," he said. "Save me."

The Death Angel saw that the Helper was afraid that it might be his turn to die, and he spoke to relieve his mind. "Not yet, my Friend," she said. "You have many years to live yet. Just be faithful."

Then she went around the Helper and pierced the other man's heart with her two-edged sword. He put his hand over his heart and said "Oh!" and slumped to the pavement dead.

In a few minutes be stood by his body and asked what had happened. The Helper told him that he was dead as man knows it.

"No, I am not dead," the man answered.

"I know it," the Helper replied, "but you will not make any more fuss for a thousand years."

After the coroner bad seen his body, it was taken to an undertaker. I have been told that everyone knows when his time comes to give up his body whether he speaks of it or not.

Angels can summon help for their charges, but since they have never had physical bodies, they cannot materialize bodies and rescue their charges when they are in the water or injured. They can call on people who are Helpers, and many are saved in this way.

One night while two Helpers were going along in the air, they met an Angel who asked them to help a lady about thirty years old who had slipped and fallen and was caught on a snag. She was about to drown in the icy water of the Hudson River. The Helpers rushed to her rescue and carried her to shore, and then she told them her story.

She said that she lived up on the hill and that she liked to go down to the river at night and study as she walked along the river bank.

"What do you study about?" one Helper asked her.

"I think about my husband and boy who were drowned ten years ago," she replied.

The Helper told her that she had wasted ten good years, as her husband would not be back for a thousand years and that the best thing that she could do would be to get someone to take her husband's place and have some more children. He told her that she might get her son back. The Helper explained his teachings to her and she was very much interested.

"You have opened up a new life to me," the lady said, "and you have told me things that I never knew of. I will do as you suggest."

I will now tell you some more about Angels by means of four questions and answers.

Before a baby is sent to rebirth, does the mother's Angel place the matrix of the baby's body in her body?

When an ego chooses its parents, the baby's Angel places the matrix in the mother's womb at the time the choice is made.

Whose Angel puts the seed atom in the prospective father's body?

The same Angel places the baby's seed atom in the man's body, and conception takes place later. Any Initiate who knows someone who can give him the kind of body he wants can bargain with the woman to be his mother by making certain promises which it must keep.

Does the baby's Angel take any part in the development of the baby before birth?

The baby's Angel helps the ego to make its body from without and to select the proper material to go in it. Sometimes the ego cannot get all it wants because the planetary influences are not right. Then it is lacking in that respect, and may come deformed or minus a part. When the ego is tied in the body, it shapes it to fit its archetype.

Does this Angel just stand by at the time of the child's birth, or does it send thoughts to the people who are there to help them care for the mother and child properly?

The Angel gives a touch here and there, and if the mother has lived a normal and active life, there is no help needed. On the other hand, the Angel helps all he can and influences the others who are present to help; but usually most people are excited and are of no help. Then the mother suffers a lot, and nine out of ten times the baby has to be taken. An Angel can do very little if the people are excited. When people are calm, the Angel can do much to help.

An Angel is present when an ego is born, when the ego marries, and when the ego dies. It is a also present at critical periods in the life of that ego.

Here is an account of what an Invisible Helper saw one night.

She saw a beautiful baby, coming down feet first in a slanting direction in a ray of light. The baby seemed young and was clothed in a white garment or swaddling clothes. Its arms seemed to be at its side. The Helper could not remember afterwards whether the baby's eyes were open or not.

The baby was going to its mother to be tied to her so that it could view its life for the last time. It was a very highly developed ego, and its mental body was larger than the width of its body. The baby's new mother was an elderly lady, and its father was still older. Both of the parents-to-be were over forty-five years of age, but they were highly developed spiritually and well-educated.

The Helper was not permitted to see the baby tied to its mother. The beautiful light was the baby's aura, which stretched out as it flew through the air.

Yes, Angels and Archangels are real, and when a person has once seen some of them, he knows for himself of their reality. It does not matter that other people may not believe that these wonderful, beings are alive and active. Some day if they are kind and good to others, they will get proof for themselves. These Angels, and Archangels are always ready to help wherever they can.

One night while three Helpers were out, a lady Angel came to them. "Please come and help a family of mine," she said. "They are in a hole, and I cannot do anything for them. I had to wait until I could find someone coming this way."

"Yes, we will go with you," said the man Helper,"but you must not go too fast, as you are in your natural element, and we are not."

The Angel did not go too fast, but the Helpers could see that she wanted them to hurry. The Helpers went as fast as they could.

This Angel was a rather tall blonde lady with beautiful, deep blue eyes which did not seem to remain one shade but seemed to keep changing to various shades of blue. This beautiful Angel was slender and graceful, and her body appeared to be perfect.

"I want to get a good description of you for my friends," the man Helper to her.

"When we are through, I will let you examine me and my co-worker," she replied.

Her co-worker was a man Angel who was very straight and of medium height. He had jet black hair and eyes, and he seemed to be very magnetic. These Angels had hands and feet that looked like those of human beings, but they were very soft, fine, and delicate. They had very beautiful bodies. Their voices sounded like sweet voices in the distance singing a beautiful song.

When the three Helpers reached the place, they found a family in a large house that had sunk about one-hundred feet below the surface of the surrounding earth, and they could not get out.

The man Helper told the people to get everything they wanted, such as papers, deeds, money, and clothing. The man had a trunk full of South American silver and gold money. The man Helper took the money out first, then the Helpers took all the other things out and finally they carried out the two children and the man and his wife. Everything else was lost, for the house shook a little and began to sink, and then water came over it.

The house was standing on an underground stream, and the earth, which had been crumbling for years, finally sank and the house will never be used again. The stone house looked to be about one-hundred years old. When this house sank, water covered it to about the depth of two hundred feet.

The lady Angel kissed the two lady Helpers, and then the two Angels departed with a gentle rustle, leaving a sweet odor where they had been.

The man Helper advised the man to take his family and go to the northwestern part of the United States and settle there.

One time while some Helpers were going about helping people they were called by a Guardian Angel who was trying to influence a child to keep away from a fire so that she would not get injured by the flames with which she was playing.

The child was some distance from her home. The Angel could do nothing, and so he called the Helpers, who went at once and materialized. By this time the child's clothing had caught fire, and her legs, abdomen, and arms were burned. The Helpers extinguished the flames, and with the help of the Angel they were able to instantly heal the burned skin and flesh of the child. The Angel directed the work of healing in a marvelously efficient way.

The Helpers carried the child home and told her mother what had happened. The mother fainted from the shock, and the Helpers revived her. She did not believe the Helpers' stories until she saw the fresh scars on the child's body. If this child had not received this help, she would have been injured for life, for she could never have had a child when she reached womanhood.

The child's father came home, and he thanked the Helpers and thought they were Angels. One Helper explained their work to the child's parents, and then they disappeared.

From there the Helpers went to Holland to see a very sick man and do what they could for him. They were sent in answer to a prayer, for he was a good man in every way. The sick man had ulcers on his legs and stomach trouble. His leg injuries had been caused by a wound he had received while he was in the army. His stomach trouble had been caused by the food he had to eat while he was a soldier.

The three Helpers who were present at this time all remembered about how the man looked and how he was healed when they woke up the following morning. He had black hair and eyes and whiskers, and he looked very thin and weak.

The Helpers first washed the man's right leg at the calf, and the proud flesh came off in chunks. Then they worked on the other leg. They called the Angel who had charge of this poor man and asked her to direct the healing force on him. She did this, and the people who were present looked on in amazement. Their eyes opened very wide when they saw the man's countenance change, and they saw color come into his face.

"Surely they are Angels," one of the people said.

The people knelt down and gave thanks to God. The man had been in a coma for two days and the house was full of his relatives and friends who were expecting him to pass on at any moment.

The lady Helper later remembered that someone was in the kitchen frying a number of slices of ham which looked very tempting and smelled very good. This person was going to make hot sandwiches for the people who came to sit up with the family of the sick man.

After a while the man came to and asked for his clothes. The Helpers looked at his legs, and the flesh had nearly closed up the holes where the proud flesh had come out. The man said that he felt hungry. The man Helper told his family to give him a semi-liquid diet for a few days and then give him regular food.

The man dressed himself and walked around a little, but he found that he was weak. And no wonder, for he had not walked for four years. His karma had been paid off, and he was ready for a permanent cure. The Invisible Helpers did the material part, and the Angel did the spiritual part.

I hope I have impressed you with new ideas and that you will think over the things that you have read in this book and see if you cannot believe that these things are true. All life-waves are dependent on each other. There are many things in our Solar System of which we do not know from personal observation. Many of us have never been to Europe, yet we believe the accounts of those who have been there.

Many people are becoming more and more concerned about the fate of the people of the present civilization. They are wondering why there are so many wars and rumors of wars.

Wars are caused by the hates of past lives which are brought back as sparks of resentment. This resentment is fanned into flames by the various emotions of individuals. The thought-forms created by the fears, annoyances, prejudices, and hates of individuals grow in size, and finally cause people to blame others for things and conditions, that they themselves have caused by their own thinking. In this way troubles start and develop into disturbances of all kinds. These disturbances often cause the people of different nations to go to war with each other.

The evil forces existing in the world do what they can to infuse life into the thought-forms of people and nations and cause more trouble. If there were not good forces to combat these evil tendencies all life on the Earth would cease. The good will triumph in the end, for it will in time, overcome the evil. All of us can help these good forces if we will put forth the necessary effort.

We have limited ourselves by our own lack of belief in the Bible and in God. People who believe in the Christian Bible should be able to accept the truth that there are Angels, Archangels, and other High Beings, and that they work for the good of humanity.

If this is not so, why did the writers who gave us our Bible tell us about how Jehovah God worked with the egos reincarnating on Earth before and after the flood; and how he tried by every means possible to get them to live in such a way that they would advance? God raised up the most advanced egos and they strove to lead their backward brothers on by lives devoted entirely to their service. The lives of these inspirational leaders are like precious, pearls strung on a golden chain welded by good deeds and loving thoughts for others.

In the Bible we read how Angels helped these advanced egos who merited more encouragement than others. The great Angel Gabriel appeared to Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, and told of the coming of his son and Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and told her of the coming of her son Jesus. Other Angels have announced the birth of other advanced children from time to time.

The Bible stories of Angels are true, although some of the beings called Angels were Invisible Helpers, who were members of the human life-wave. Such Invisible Helpers can function much as Angels do, only they can materialize bodies that appear to be solid, while Angels cannot do that since they have never inhabited dense bodies such as we are now using.

Read your Bible with the thought that the laws of Rebirth and Cause and Effect, or Karma, are true, and see if the teachings in the Bible do not have a new meaning to you. If you believe in this great book, you must believe that the Angels, Archangels and other High Beings worked with man in early times. If that was true then, why cannot these beings work with humanity now? The need is just as great as it ever was because we are all stragglers in evolution and need to be encouraged and inspired to do better.

Since the Angels and other High Beings exist, as many people know because they have seen them, then why cannot humanity be instructed to work with them as Invisible Helpers? It seems reasonable that this is so; for we are told that all things are possible with God. Let us remember that Jesus is the light of the world. Seek Him diligently, trust Him fully, and try to be like Him every day. If you pray and ask Him to help you, He will show you the way to a happier and a better way of life.

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."
— St. John 8:12

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