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Rays From The Rose Cross Magazine
Food for Good Health—
Astrologically Analyzed
by Katherine B. Holbrook

In the study of astro-diagnosis we look first to any planet that is adversely aspected in the natal chart, then the sign in which such a planet is posited, and then, if the hour of birth is known, the house position. Of course, an adversely aspected planet will have a different effect on the health in one sign than it would in another, because each sign governs a certain portion of the human body, and as each aspect involves two planets, or luminaries, in different signs (with the exception of the conjunction) the effect of both planets must be considered. Also the first and sixth houses are two vital points in astro-diagnosis, because the first governs the body, and the sixth, the health.

   All of the foregoing constitutes the usual procedure by which the student may determine the weak spots in his anatomy. These weak spots can lead to serious illness or disease when they are activated by neglect of the health, and it does not matter whether this neglect is wilful or due to ignorance. Weak spots in the present natal chart indicating physical illnesses are the result of a lack of exercise of the will-power in some manner, in a past life. The reaction in the present life is in the opposite vehicle; thus the lack of asserting the mental power properly reacts in the physical body., This constitutes a defect in the archetype made by the individual in preparation for rebirth; in whatever way he failed to use his will in a positive sense in the past, in that same way he will be unable to use it when working on the archetype for the next life.

   Thus we see how necessary it is to assert will-power constructively in controlling negative inclinations for certain foods that have an injurious reaction on the physical body. By so doing we are able to make the corresponding part of the body correctly in the next life.

   Knowing one has these tendencies to physical weakness in his present natal chart is only one step in the right direction. It is just as important to know what to do to overcome the weakness before it becomes acute, for then a doctor's advice is necessary. It is necessary to know and accept the fact that an unfavorably aspected planet or luminary is an indication that there has been transgression of the laws of Nature in some respect in some former life. The weakness is there to overcome in the present life by the application of will-power, or to succumb to again. Right living can keep such a weak spot dormant, and when it remains so it is an indication that the person is controlling the particular weakness.

   These weak spots can be abused in a number of ways. Fear, worry, nerve tension, anger, and constant negative thinking in any respect, can aggravate the condition into activity. But by far the greatest amount of damage to the human body is done by improper eating. We are inclined to eat too much or too little for proper nourishment, although the former prevails. What we do eat, most of the time, is that which pleases the palate instead of what we know would nourish the body. There are some persons who think they can eat just as they please, knowing what they eat is not nourishing, and then try to adjust the nutritional deficiency in the diet by taking vitamin pills. This is an artificial manner of obtaining nourishment, but it may help if one's system reacts properly to vitamin pills. However, it is a known fact that some persons do not respond properly to vitamin pills in the process of metabolism. Therefore, it is best to obtain the nourishment we need from natural foods whenever that is possible. However, all foods do not nourish everyone in the same manner, as we well know. Each person has his individual requirement of the amount and kind of minerals needed to sustain life in the physical body, and astrology aids us in determining this.

   The Zodiac Cell Salts, known as the Schuessler Tissue Remedies, consist of twelve salts. Each sign of the zodiac rules a different cell salt in the body, and these twelve salts make up the general chemical structure of the body. A lack of any one of these twelve salts will have a tendency to disturb the chemical structure of the human system. The twelve salts and their governing sign are as follows:

   The salt for the sign in which the individual's natal Sun is posited is the one that is apt to be used up faster than the others. This applies especially when the natal Sun is unfavorably aspected, or in case of illness. But in either case the person should have an increased quantity of this particular salt.

   The salt for the sign on the ascendant in the natal chart, and those signs in which the individual's Moon and planets are posited, should also be considered. There is a special need'of these salts if the Moon or planets are adversely aspected.

   As these salts are inorganic and may not be easily assimilated, it is not advisable to take them in that form without a doctor's advice. However, all of these salts are contained in the various foods we eat, such as vegetables, fruits, and dairy products, and it is in this form as food that they should be taken into the human body. In this state they are easily assimilated by the digestive system. The following list contains such foods as are high in the, salts of the individual signs:

   Aries (Mars ruler)—Cell salt: Potassium Phosphate; Foods: apples, cauliflower, cucumbers, cabbage, horseradish, lima beans, lentils, lettuce, olives, onions, pumpkins, spinach, walnuts.

   Taurus (Venus)—Cell salt: Sodium Sulphate; Foods: beets, chard, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, horseradish, onions, pumpkins.

   Gemini (Mercury)—Cell salt: Chloride of Potassium; Foods: apricots, asparagus, green beans, beets, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, corn, celery, oranges, plums, pears, peaches, pineapple, spinach, tomatoes.

   Cancer (Moon)—Cell salt: Fluoride of lime; Foods: cabbage, cauliflower, cheese, brussel sprouts, egg yolk, lettuce, milk, pumpkin, tomatoes, water cress.

   Leo (Sun)—Cell salt: Phosphate of Magnesia; Foods: asparagus, apples, almonds, barley, blueberries, cabbage, corn, coconut, cucumber, figs, eggs, oranges, onions, wheat.

   Virgo (Mercury)— Cell salt: Potassium Sulphate; Foods: blueberries, chicory, cherries, carrots, endive, gooseberries, lentils, leafy vegetables, oats, peaches, rye, whole wheat.

   Libra (Venus)—Cell salt: Sodium Phosphate; Foods: apples, almonds, asparagus, beets, celery, corn, carrots, cocoanut, figs, peas, rice, raisins, strawberries, wheat, water cress.

   Scorpio (Pluto-Mars)—Cell salt: Sulphate of Lime; Foods: asparagus, cauliflower, cherries, coconut, figs, garlic, kale, leeks, onions, prunes, turnips, radishes, gooseberries, blackberries, strawberries.

   Sagittarius (Jupiter)—Cell salt: Silica; Foods: asparagus, almonds, barley, cabbage, carrots, endive, figs, gooseberries, lettuce, oats, peas, strawberries, wheat.

   Capricorn (Saturn)—Cell salt: Phosphate of Lime; Foods: asparagus, almonds, beans, blueberries, barley, cucumbers, coconut, lettuce, lentils, milk, rye, wheat.

   Aquarius (Uranus-Saturn)—Cell salt: Sodium Chloride; Foods: apples, asparagus, beets, carrots, cabbage, coconut, cucumbers, chestnuts, lentils, milk, radishes, strawberries.

   Pisces (Neptune-Jupiter)—Cell salt: Phosphate of Iron; Foods: asparagus, beets, carrots, currants, dates, grapes, raisins, spinach, egg yolk, blackberries, strawberries, lettuce.

   There is much more nourishment obtained from foods that can be eaten uncooked than from those that have to be cooked, for they contain the living fire of life. Cooking tends to devitalize food, and from the above list such foods as are eaten uncooked will afford the greatest nourishment. The great Initiates and advanced occult students practically live on such foods, and are able to maintain life of a very high order by consuming far less food than the ordinary individual who does not follow this natural rule.

   The planetary influences of foods are: Jupiter, starches, fats, and oils; Mars, condiments and other stimulating foods; Venus, sweets; Moon, watery, salty foods; Mercury, nerve building foods; Saturn, bone building foods.

   In the selection of proper foods for nourishment we must keep in mind that while we need all of the above-mentioned types of foods there is a negative reaction, as well as a positive, to aspects that influence our choice and desire for foods. Starches, oils, and fats are very necessary in the diet, but we can overdo the use of. them, which is not conducive to good health. A person with Jupiter unfavorably aspected in the natal chart has a tendency to react to this radiation negatively. The expansive quality of Jupiter is often misapplied. When this planet is in Taurus in a natal chart there is a tendency to gormandize. Jupiter unfavorably aspected in Cancer gives a tendency to overeat. This can result in stomach ailments, with Cancer governing that part of the anatomy. There is also a strong inclination in this aspect to overindulge in all kinds of carbohydrates.

   The writer has witnessed the result of Jupiter in Cancer in two friends' charts she astro-diagnosed. One was well aspected, while the other was unfavorably aspected by an opposition of the Moon. The first, while he had a strong desire for all carbohydrates, was very careful not to overindulge this desire; the second responded fully to the opposition of the Moon by indulging without restriction in all forms of carbohydrates, which ultimately resulted in stomach and liver ailments.

   When Venus is unfavorably aspected there is an inclination to eat excessively of sugar and sweets. This is especially applicable when Venus is in Cancer, and by reflex in Capricorn. Such persons need to govern this tendency because Cancer rules the pancreas gland, and diabetes may result. When Venus is unfavorably aspected in Taurus there is also a strong tendency to be overfond of sweets, as this sign governs the palate. If we react positively to aspects to Venus we will obtain the energy we need from sweets by including whole, some sugars such as honey, molasses, raw sugar, and sweet fruits in the diet, instead of eating too much devitalized white sugar, soda-pops, and candy.

   The salt that the human body requires should be obtained principally from fresh vegetables, but when the Moon is unfavorably aspected the tendency is to use refined salt much too freely.

   An unfavorably aspected Mars gives an inclination to indulge much too freely in condiments and stimulating foods, especially in the sign Cancer, and by reflex in Capricorn. In the former it may cause inflammatory stomach disorders, and in the latter gastric disturbances. The stimulation such persons desire in food can be obtained naturally in the foods listed in this article under the signs ruled by Mars.

   Foods necessary for the nervous system are listed under the signs ruled by Mercury, and the bone building foods are listed under Capricorn,

   In the matter of proper eating we need to look to the location of Saturn in the natal chart. When Saturn is posited in Cancer there can be obstruction to the flow of gastric juices in the stomach which are necessary to proper digestion. This also applies by reflex when Saturn is posited in Capricorn. In either case such foods as are easily digested should be eaten. When Saturn is posited in Virgo there is need to eat such foods as would be easily assimilated in the process of intestinal digestion, because this sign governs the small intestine and Saturn here can restrict proper assimilation of food. Saturn in this sign also makes the person too critical and fussy about food which, by mental reaction, can interfere wth proper digestion.

   Nature supplies all we need for bodily nourishment, but each individual must learn how to select properly for his requirements as his natal chart indicates.

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, February, 1957, p. 75-78.

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