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Living Our Purgatory Here and Now

   Q. Of what benefit is foreknowledge of Purgatory?

   A. There is an inestimable benefit in knowing about the method and object of purgation after death, because we are thus enabled to forestall it by living our Purgatory here and now day by day, thus advancing much faster than otherwise would be possible.

   Q. How is this done?

   A. It is done by faithfully practicing an exercise, the object of which is purification as an aid to the development of spiritual sight. It consists of thinking over the happenings of the day after retiring at night.

   Q. Is a particular method followed?

   A. We review each incident of the day, in reverse order, taking particular note of the moral aspect, considering whether we acted rightly or wrongly in each particular case regarding actions, mental attitude, and habits.

   Q. How does this practice relate to Purgatory?

   A. By thus judging ourselves day by day, endeavoring to correct mistakes andwrong actions, we shall materially shorten or perhaps even eliminate the necessity for Purgatory and be able to pass to the First Heaven directly after death.

   Q. Are there other benefits?

   A. Yes. If in this manner we consciously overcome our weaknesses, we also make a very material advance in the school of evolution. Even if we fail to correct our actions, we derive an immense benefit from judging ourselves, thereby generating aspirations toward good, which in time will surely bear fruit in right action.

   Q. Do we note only our wrong actions in this review?

   A. By no means. In reviewing the day's happenings and blaming ourselves for our wrongs, we should not forget to approve impersonally of the good we have done and determine to do still better. In this way we enhance the good by approval as much as we abjure the evil by blame.

   Q. Are there other aids in relation to Purgatory?

   A. Repentance and reform are also powerful factors in shortening the purgatorial existence, for Nature never wastes effort in useless processes.

   Q. How do these operate?

   A. When we realize the wrong of certain habits or acts in our past life and determineto eradicate the habit and to redress the wrong committed, we are expunging the pictures of them from the subconscious memory and they will not be there to judge us after death.

   Q. What occurs if it is not possible to redress a wrong?

   A. Even though we are unable to make restitution for a wrong, the sincerity of our regret will suffice. Nature does not aim to "get even," or to take revenge. Recompense may be given to our victim in other ways.

   Q. How far-reaching are the benefits of this practice?

   A. Much progress ordinarily reserved for future lives will be made by the man who thus takes time by the forelock, judging himself and eradicating vice by reforming his character. This practice is earnestly recommended. It is perhaps the most important teaching in the present work.

  — Reference: Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, June, 1980, p. 259

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