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Chart Number 4: Libra Rising and Kidney Dysfunction

   Male: Born June 13, 1966; 1:55 PM; Lat. 39N; Long. 120W

  Signs on Cusps of Houses: Asc/Libra 4:24; 2h/Scorpio 1:00; 3h/Sagittarius 2:00; 4h/Capricorn 5:00; 5h/Aquarius 8:00; 6h/Pisces 8:00

  Positions of Planets: Neptune/Scorpio 20:01; Dragon's Tail/Scorpio 24:39; Saturn/Pisces 29:03; Moon/Aries 21:59; Venus/Taurus 15:15; Dragon's Head/Taurus 24:39; Mars/Gemini 11:16; Sun/Gemini 22:23; Jupiter/Cancer 8:06; Mercury/ Cancer 11:36; Part of Fortune/Leo 4:00; Uranus/Virgo 15:41; Pluto/Virgo 15:49

   Taking a general survey of this chart we find that active, vital cardinal signs are on the angles and that there is a balanced distribution of planets in the crosses; but looking further we can see a strong over-balance of planets in the receiving and holding "negative" or feminine signs. Therefore it is easy to discern a basic sluggishness in the body and a general tendency to attract materials nutritive and otherwise, and hold them in the system. The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto afflicted in earthy Virgo shows a tendency toward a miasmatic condition in the chemical ether; and more importantly, it indicates the attitudes responsible for such a condition.

   The rising sign indicates the basic nature of the body and congenital physical conditions, especially those likely to be of great influence during childhood. Libra rising indicates the kidneys are a very likely weak point. Saturn in the 6th house of health (active manifestation) opposes the Libra Ascendant indicating a proclivity to obstruction and retention of poisons and waste matter, which retention has its source in the kidneys (Libra).

   From the age of six weeks to three months this young boy has six operations on his kidneys and bladder. At the present time (age 12/1979) he has a kidney tube pulled to the surface connected to a plastic bag which collects the urine. The bladder is not expandable and is unable to retain any appreciable amount of fluid. Kidneys are under the rulership of Libra and the sign of Scorpio indirectly affects the kidneys by ruling the bladder and urethra through which the elimination of urine takes place. In addition, the bladder, as a vesicle, or container, which holds liquids or fluids in the body fundamentally is ruled and influenced by the Moon and Cancer.

   Referring to the chart, our attention is directed to the cusp of the health house. We find there the 12th house sign of Pisces—indicating ripe destiny and sorrowful limitations—along with Saturn, the planet of concentration, restriction and obstruction. Saturn's position or its opposite generally indicates one of the weakest parts of the body. Saturn in the 6th house points to frailty, sickness and a susceptibility to chronic conditions and the opposition to the Libran Ascendant prevents proper functioning of the kidneys. The Dragon's Tail in the 2nd house conjunct Neptune augments the configuration by producing a saturnine crystallizing force in Scorpio (bladder) describing perfectly the symptoms as presented above. Jupiter in Cancer square the Ascendant indicates the expansion of the bladder which normally occurs when fluid is retained operates imperfectly.

   We note that the primary significance of the Ascendant and the 1st house in the life picture symbolized by the horoscope was well known to the mystic astrologers centuries before the advent of modern psychology and psychiatry with their claims about the importance of environment and childhood (both ruled by the Ascendant and 1st house) in the development of character. There is, however, one significant difference between the two views. The psychologist or the psychiatrist would tend to view the childhood and environmental factors as causes, with more emphasis on the latter state. The environment is a crystallization of experiences from the distant past, and the childhood state, before the expression of will is developed, is hardly the time for the Ego to initiate new causes, though because of the plasticity of the vehicles, it is an excellent time to reap effects and mold them into the vehicle to meet new causal events later in life.

   That the affliction is present from birth shows that the Spirit is indeed strong enough to grow spiritually from the beginning. The excellent aspects to the octave planets corroborate the fact that he responded immediately and excellently to the aid of the Invisible Helpers. This disposition points out also an appreciable soul age that is ripening through the realization of sorrow and limitation. The ripening process should be a rewarding scene to view, for the mixture of favorable and unfavorable aspects shows great spiritual promise.

Chart Number 5: Blindness and Spiritual Sight

   Male: Born November 27, 1867. Hour unknown.

  Signs on Cusps of Houses: Flat chart.

  Positions of Planets: Neptune/Aries 12:30; Uranus/Cancer 12:18, R; Mercury/Scorpio 23:05 R; Saturn/Scorpio 27:37; Sun/Sagittarius 4:48; Mars/Sagittarius 14:14; Venus/Sagittarius 20:41; Moon/Sagittarius 19:12; Jupiter /Aquarius 29:34.

   Regarding the mentality of this person, we find that the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury, particularly in the 8th house sign, Scorpio, clouds the mind with gloom. The Moon, which is the other significator of the mind, conjunction Mars in the 9th house sign, Sagittarius, would have a tendency to make the person rebellious against misfortune. This tendency is somewhat softened and toned down by the presence of Venus in conjunction with these two planets. We may therefore conclude that this man is apt to be very much depressed in mind whenever misfortune overtakes him, that he rebels, at least inwardly, very strongly against the blows of fate.

   With regard to the ailment to which this person is subject, we find in the first place that Jupiter is square Mercury and Saturn. This configuration interferes with the circulation of the arterial blood, a disability which is further increased by the square of Jupiter to the Sun, the latter being ruler of the spleen, the organ which circulates the vital fluid.

   The Sun and Mars are in conjunction with the fixed star Antares in 8 degrees of Sagittarius. This configuration always brings trouble to the eyes, though it may not result in blindness from birth. In the present case the crisis came at the age of 37 when the Sun had progressed to the opposition of Uranus, at the same time striking the square of Neptune. In that year the progressed Moon also was in conjunction with Neptune in Aries, which rules the head. This kindled the double fire of Mars and the Sun at birth, with the result that inflammation of the eyes made the poor man blind beyond hope of recovery.

   It may seem strange that the writer selected this horoscope for analysis, as the patient is beyond our help, but it offers certain points which it will be well for the student to impress upon his mind. You will notice that Mars is trine to Neptune, and that the Sun is only about seven degrees from a trine to the same planet. The culmination of this aspect by progression was reached about the time when the vital body was brought to birth at the age of seven. This is a very favorable indication that the spiritual sight may be awakened in this person and that it will compensate, or more than compensate, for the loss of the physical faculty. There is, however, the square of Neptune and Uranus which makes for mediumship. On this account it would be advisable for this person to be very closely on his guard during the time when the spiritual faculty is being developed and until he is perfectly safe and balanced in the other world.

   It would be a great privilege for a healer receiving such a case to aid the person thus stricken by the misfortune of blindness in cultivating his latent faculty of spiritual sight.

Chart Number 6: A Lack of Will Power

   Male: Born December 29, 1945; 3:07 PM Lat. 40N27; Long. 80W.

  Signs on Cusps of Houses: Ascendant/Gemini 10:56; 2nd House/Cancer; 3rd House/Cancer 24; 4th House/Leo 17:00; 5th House/Virgo 17:00; 6th House/Libra 27:00.

  Position of Planets: Uranus/Gemini 14:32R; Dragon's Head/Gemini 29:37; Saturn/Cancer 22:23R; Mars/Cancer 29:00R; Pluto/Leo 11:48R; Neptune/Libra 8:35; Jupiter/Libra 24:31; Moon/Scorpio 16:18 intercepted in the 6th House; Mercury/ Sagittarius 15:55; Venus/Sagittarius 29:42; Sun/Capricorn 7:46; Part of Fortune/Aries 19:28.

   A first glance at this chart draws our attention immediately to the position of Uranus in Gemini in the 1st house, in conjunction with the ASC, sextile to Pluto, trine to Neptune and the MC, but opposed to to Mercury, planet of the concrete mind. This last mentioned aspect suggests an erratic condition of the sensory nerves, as well as of the mentality. Mercury sextiles the MC and trines Pluto, but opposes the ASC as well as Uranus, and parallels Saturn. These configurations, along with the square of Sun in Capricorn to Neptune in Libra, show that it is not surprising to learn that this patient is in a mental hospital, and that he thinks he had an operation performed from the invisible worlds on the muscles of his head and throat in order to interfere with the normal functioning of his body and mind. A "nervous breakdown" preceded his placement in a mental hospital.

   It is obvious to the spiritual astrologer that this man has ignored the laws of pure and helpful living in past lives, so that now he must learn the unpleasant lessons which go with negative psychic conditions. Although his weak Sun in the 8th house points toward a lack of will power, he must eventually, if not in this life, in a later one, learn to become master in his own house (body). This requires a development of will, and this chart is a sad example of what can happen when one allows himself to become enamored of negative invisible forces and come under their control.

   The Moon in Scorpio is an indication of strong emotions, and its position in the 6th house suggests that this man's emotions have much to do with his health. Fortunately, the Moon trines Saturn, indicating some latent ability to recognize and use constructive spiritual forces.

   The sextile of Neptune to Pluto, and its trine to Uranus and the ASC, show that positive spiritual help is obtainable if the patient can be induced to realize the necessity for his own exertion of will to become positive in his thinking and general attitude. Encouraging him to pray earnestly could be a valuable means of getting him on the "right track"—the track to overcoming his basic negative condition.

   The sextile of the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, points toward a good circulation and the ability to throw off his depression and become more optimistic. Cultivating faith in God and the Invisible Helpers can be a very strong factor in ridding himself of the depression, which seems to be one of his main difficulties.

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