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Chart Number 7: A Severe Rash

   Male: Born July 4, 1969; 11:13 AM; Latitude 45N; Longitude 123W.

  Signs on Cusps of Houses: ASC/Virgo 28:20; 2nd House/Libra 24:00; 3rd House/Scorpio 24:00; 4th House/Sagittarius 28:00; 5th House/Aquarius 2:00; 6th House/Pisces 3:00.

  Positions of the Planets: Jupiter/Virgo 28:37; Uranus/Libra 00:11; Neptune/ Scorpio 26:15R; Mars/Sagittarius 01:45R; Moon/Pisces 20:53; Dragon's Head/Pisces 25:01; Saturn/Taurus 07:04; Venus/Taurus 27:49; Mercury/Gemini 24:16; Sun/intercepted in Cancer 12:36; Pluto/Virgo 22:34.

   This nine-year old boy was, at the time of the mother's appeal for help, covered with a severe rash. The cause is not hard to find. Virgo rising diagnostically draws attention to any planets posited there, and in this chart there are three streams of influence: Jupiter, Dragon's Tail and Pluto in close conjunction to the Ascendant, which indicates an intestinal delicacy.

   Pluto, whose power has been suggested as at least double that of Mars, is in the 12th house. As it is stressfully aspected, this placement is a strong warning of possible inflammation. The fact that it is so close to the Dragon's Tail (a Saturnine crystallizing influence) and Jupiter (arterial circulation) all squaring Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, and opposing Moon, shouts loud and clear that the child has an intestinal problem. And, increasing the significance, is the addition of Uranus to the Jupiter-Dragon's Tail-Pluto conjunction, giving another dimension to the already poor function of the intestines. Uranus square to Mercury causes nervous spasms in the last section of the large intestine, the impurities already in evidence providing a condition in the colon for the accumulation of poisons. If that were not enough, waiting to add further damage is the retrograde Neptune in Scorpio opposing Venus in Taurus heralding the tendency to food poison residues. Immediately we see why the blood is affected and why the child has such a severe rash. He needs a carefully planned diet to manufacture pure blood and high enemas to cleanse the colon. We would suggest he not be given drugs as the body does not have the capacity to eliminate them properly, consequently adding to the already toxic condition.

   The 6th house (health) offers a key to the reason he has these difficulties. Moon (functions) is there in Pisces, showing low resistance to these onslaughts, making it more than usually imperative that every care should be taken to keep ALL the eliminative functions in good order.

   Before leaving this group of aspects let us regard Mercury from another level. It rules the bronchial tubes; evidently purification which normally occurs in the natural breathing process does not take place, another sign of the inability to expel poisons. Mercury has four square aspects and no good ones. With such an active mind, he is likely to view life through a distorted lens, and when he is older he will not willingly change his diet or his nervous habits to prevent poor physical health, unless, of course, he becomes a fanatic and lives on vitamins. And, the youngster will have to learn to tell the truth. The affliction to Mercury is heavy enough to indicate he will suffer quite a bit before he learns to see truth; he will need special training to see things in a different light. (Here is a situation which will make us want to warn the mother, but as counselors we must be very careful what we say to prevent a negative reaction.) In this chart, Neptune is very important: it is in Scorpio, the sign of healing, and although its opposition to Venus allows poison to generate, it is a direct channel to the Divine Healing Powers. While he is a child his parents must choose the food to meet his requirements. If they are wise and follow the suggestion given, the child might be trained to like the right kind of food, but again, his Mercury is not likely to accept these ideas because they don't seem reasonable to him. If he learns to respond to his "inner voice" (Neptune-Uranus sextile) he will save himself much grief.

   There is an aspect which provides strength to carry him through his vicissitudes; Sun is sextile Saturn, giving a steadying quality. It is the only aspect either planet makes—it is an isolated cool spot upon which all his relationships may be quieted. The solid core versus the flighty spasmodic mercurial mind will keep him quite busy for a while—at least until experience has taught him to anchor his evasive and sometimes daydreaming mind.

   Can you see the two outstanding and opposite traits in one person? That of a certain knowledge and behavior due to a reasoning distortion, and on the other hand, the strong inner knowing that comes from Neptune sextile Uranus trine Moon aspects. We are still full of contradictions and our job is to bring harmony into spiritual manifestation.

Chart Number 8: Glaucoma

   Female: Born January 15, 1909, 00:05 AM, Latitude 33 North, Longitude 109 West.

  Signs on Cusps of Houses: ASC/Libra 18:06; 2nd House/Scorpio 16; 3rd House /Sagittarius 17; 4th House/Capricorn 20; 5th House/Aquarius 22; 6th House/ Pisces 22.

  Positions of the Planets: Moon/Scorpio 00:33; Mars/Sagittarius 3:25; Dragon's Tail/Sagittarius 25:33; Venus/Sagittarius 29:10; Uranus/Capricorn 17:27; Sun/ Capricorn 24:31; Mercury/Aquarius 8:08; Saturn/Aries 4:51; Pluto/Gemini 24:13R; Neptune/Cancer 15:24R; Part of Fortune/Cancer 24:07; Jupiter/Virgo 14:09R.

   Glaucoma is an eye disease which results when there is build-up of fluids in the eye that causes intense pressure within the eyeball and impairs its normal function. If not relieved, the fluid pressure will mount and result in a permanent damage and eventual blindness. Glaucoma is often accompanied or cuased by a hardening of the normally pliable eyeball. Sometimes it is a secondary effect of other ocular diseases and sometimes the result of contraction, but often it is the outcome of malfunctioning kidneys that do not properly filter salts and other substances from the blood stream. Very critical balances are upset through absorption of waste and poisons by the blood and the osmotic processes are disturbed. This could cause either an excess of or a deficiency of fluids or waste in any part of the body, but usually manifests in the weakest part. This native's weak spot is her eyes.

   The original cause probably lies in her unusual appetite for liquids and certain foods as intimated by Neptune in Cancer opposition Sun and Uranus in Capricorn, the latter placement making it hard for her to digest the food properly, or to accept suggestions about a change of diet. A clue to the possible result of the Neptunian indulgences lies in Pisces on the 6th House cusp.

   Libra, the sign on the Ascendant, governs the kidneys and its ruler, Venus, is squared by the obstructing Saturn from the house of health. The fiery signs, especially Aries, are associated with light, illumination,and vision, while the presence of Saturn in Aries indicates hardening and strong pressure in the head and eyes.

   A remarkably accurate picture of these physical conditions is shown by the Sun and Moon in their unusual negative square which is strengthened by their angular positions, the signs holding the co-afflicting luminaries, the Ascendant, and the Saturn-Venus square all combining to bear testimony to a strong emotional nature. It is a nature of great wants and needs and on that level craves satisfaction. On the mental level she has the capacity to control these emotional flights, for the "offending" 6th House Saturn is also sextile Mercury in the airy sign Aquarius and trine Mars in the fiery sign Sagittarius. The only barrier to her continual use of the constructive mental activities are her excursions into daydreaming and a tendency to worry as shown by Mercury square Moon. It is likely that the emotional element will be stronger, reflecting the Libran Ascendant and the negative Moon aspects from the first house. Consequently she will respond more actively to the cardinal sign afflictions from Cancer and Capricorn.

   A brief look on the other side of the coin shows Jupiter in Virgo in the 11th House excellently aspecting Neptune in the 9th House and Uranus in the 3rd House. Surely this woman has a strong religious quality, although it is possible she would be more interested in the church than in occult matters, especially when she was younger. Quite often the search for inner peace comes through conflicting elements in a person's chart, and Jupiter, the planet of "religion," is sextile the inspirational Neptune. Again, the majority of people keep their religious convictions separate from their everyday living, so it is possible to have such a wonderful quality and still wish to satisfy the craving for the kind of food which prevents perfect health.

   This same Jupiter-Neptune combination could hopefully show her ability to respond to spiritual healing and perhaps persuade her, through awakened aspirations, to change her diet and regain her health.

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