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Chart Number 13: Lymphatic Cancer

   Male: Born April 18, 1924 at 2:09 AM; Long. 122W; Lat. 38N.

  House Positions: Midheaven/Scorpio 28 11th House/Sagittarius 21; 12th House /Capricorn 12; Ascendant/Aquarius 9:26; 2nd House/Pisces 25; 3rd House/Taurus 2.

  Planetary Positions: Uranus/Pisces 19:43; Sun/Aries 28:06; Mercury/Taurus 17:42; Venus/Gemini 13:37; Pluto/Cancer 10:22; Neptune/Leo 17:37R;Dragon's Head /Virgo 0:38; Moon/Libra 11:55; Saturn/Libra 29:06R; Jupiter/Sagittarius 19:39R; Mars/Capricorn 26:18

   This young man was born with the supersensitive and advanced sign Aquarius on the Ascendant. Uranus and Saturn, the co-rulers of Aquarius, are heavily afflicted. They exercised such a restrictive and destructive influence on his health and body that they choked the life forces and caused his death in his early teens. But this probably could have been avoided if good hygiene had been followed from the start.

   Uranus in the first house in Pisces squares both Venus and Jupiter, the two planets which rule the blood. Venus rules the venous blood and circulation and Jupiter the arterial. Hence we see at the beginning that this boy came into his physical vehicle with a restriction of the blood. We know that the blood is the means by which the Spirit controls its vehicles; the purer the blood, the greater is the control. With these afflictions, the individual finds it difficult to eliminate toxins from his body; this, in turn, keeps his blood impure and hampers the Spirit. Aquarius on the Ascendant indicates that he came to learn altruism and constructive thinking and to forget himself for the sake of his friends.

   With the Sun in Aries in the second house square Mars in Capricorn and opposition Saturn in Libra, the forces of life and death are at war with each other. (Notice that the T-square involves three planets in their signs of exaltation, which increase their power for good or ill according to the nature of their aspects). This again limits the Ego in its efforts to overcome selfishness. Selfishness prevents the individual from letting go of things, feelings, or thoughts. In consequence, the body's biological functions follow the same pattern and the body retains toxins.

   There are three major ways to eliminate toxins: through the lungs, through the excretory system, and through the skin.

   The lungs are ruled by Mercury and the sign Gemini. Since Venus is afflicted in Gemini, it produces shallow breathing and poor oxygenation of the blood. Mercury square Neptune shows a tendency for fragility of the lungs and susceptibility to drugs and chemicals.

   The kidneys are ruled by Venus and the sign Libra. We find in Libra a strongly aspected Moon and heavy afflictions of the restrictive Saturn. These obstruct the filtering action of the kidneys, allowing toxic elements to stay in the blood stream and intoxicate the body. Afflicted Venus shows that the kidneys are weakened because they are not properly irrigated and drained by the blood vessels.

   The skin is ruled by Saturn and the sign Capricorn. Here again the aflictions of Mars in Capricorn explain the regular bouts of skin infection with which the boy was plagued. Not finding a natural exit, the toxins would escape through the skin at regular intervals.

   The lymphatic system which works with the circulatory system serves as a means to drain, filter, clean, and return to the veins the interstitial fluid (lymph) which is fed to the cellular tissues by the blood. Bacteria, cancerous cells, and other foreign substances are removed from the lymph by the phagocytes—primarily the macrophages—that are present in the lymph nodes. During infection, the rate of formation or macrophages is so great that the lymph nodes swell and become tender. In the case of cancer, the nodes destroy many of the cancer cells. These days, however, the nodes that receive lymph from cancerous areas generally are removed surgically because of the potential danger of cancerous proliferation from cells that were not destroyed in these nodes and that might contaminate other areas as they travel through lymph and blood.

   At the end of November 1938, the young adolescent had a sore throat and it began to swell. The doctor treated it, but the swelling did not go away. After several months, a thorough examination revealed that it was cancer of the lymphatic glands. Cancer was not very well understood at the time, and in early May 1939, various injections were tried in vain. By July and August the infection had reached a peak, and the swelling of the lymph nodes started to spread, then quickly subsided. At the end of October 1939, swelling and pain reappeared. After a relapse, an operation was attempted, but the patient died of respiratory failure during the process on November 16, 1939.

   The Healing Department (at The Rosicrucian Fellowship Headquarters) was contacted only a few months before the tragic operation, and the parents did not heed the advice against the operation. Had they called earlier, it would have been possible to prevent a lot of damage produced by wrong living. An adequate diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, filled with ethers, would have helped counteract the obstruction of the rulers of the Ascendant. Proper exercises and enough sleep in a well ventilated room would have made for better oxygenation of the blood. Skin brushing every morning would have stimulated circulation of the blood in the capillaries, and massage of the kidneys would have lessened their sluggishness. The discipline of regular elimination would have helped remove some of the toxins. Washing the body daily would have been necessary to remove the etheric miasma that clogged this young man's vitality. Following the rules of good hygiene and maintaining bodily fitness is very important, for it keeps the vital body active in protecting the physical body from intoxication and infection. This type of cooperation is necessary to make the work of the Invisible Helpers effective. The patient's health condition had deteriorated to such a degree that, when called upon, the Invisible Helpers only could help him make a smooth transition to the higher worlds.

   Exercise: What happened from an astrological viewpoint in November 1938 and in April 1939 and how did that affect this young man's chart? You may want to check the planetary progressions, transits, lunations, and eclipses around the dates of the various crises to deepen your insight into the problem and see how it evolved astrologically.

Chart Number 14: Lung Cancer & Intestinal Ulcers

   Female born on May 4, 1902 at 7:00 AM

  House Positions: Midheaven/Aquarius 28; 11th House/Aries 0; 12th House/Taurus 18; Ascendant/Cancer 3; 2nd House/Cancer 19; 3rd House/Leo 6.

  Planetary Positions: Dragon's Head/Scorpio 4:18; Uranus/Sagittarius 20:41R; Jupiter/Aquarius 15:36; Moon/Pisces 23:19; Saturn/Capricorn 27:47; Mars/Taurus 5:07; Sun/Taurus 12:52; Venus/Pisces 26:55; Pluto/Gemini 17:22; Neptune/Gemini 29:28; Mercury/Taurus 19:07

   How true are the words of this poet, and how ignorantly man is sharpening the thorns which in future lives are to tear his flesh and try his soul. This poor woman, in this life, has become conscious of the thorns grown from past sowing, and her physical body has been a source of continuous pain and discomfort. Had she formerly possessed the knowledge which has come to her in this life, and had she been aware of the Law of Consequence, she probably would have sown seeds which would have brought her health and peace of mind in this life. But the question confronts us: would she have learned as many lessons? We are told that we learn most through pain and suffering and that these lessons are precisely the ones which lift us upward and onward on the path of evolution.

   Why is it necessary that man experience the pain and suffering of these troublesome periods? Can it not be possible for him to progress on the path through fulfillment and satisfaction? Yes, he does progress through the satisfactions of life, but only when he finds them in the spiritual rather than material frame of reference—through helping others and sharing with them. The pity of it is that men become so intensely interested in self-satisfaction that they are all too prone to close themselves off from others or to share only with those who appeal to them and who are in the same walk of life. When a person puts a fence around himself and his friends, his activities cannot bring much soul growth. Only the fulfillment of selflessness contributes to soul growth and constitutes the treasures laid up in heaven.

   The horoscope of this woman has the watery, cardinal sign Cancer on the Ascendant. The life ruler, the Moon is severely afflicted. We find this luminary situated in the 10th house, conjunct the planet of beauty and art, Venus. This configuration of itself would be very good and would give skill in music and art, but both planets are afflicted by squares from Neptune in the 12th house (restraint) and Uranus in the 6th house (health). The presence of afflicting planets in the sixth and twelfth houses clearly shows that the native will at some time suffer ill health if she persists in breaking the Laws of Nature by, for instance, eating wrong foods or indulging too strenuously in social activities. This, we find, was the case with this woman. With the Moon and Venus conjoined in the tenth house she became very popular, for these two planets attract people who enjoy wining, dining, smoking, and staying up late in her company. The Sun in Taurus conjunct Mercury, and Mars in the house of friends square Jupiter in the sign of friends, indicate that friends have been the cause of the many excesses that brought her to physical breakdown.

   She suffered dreadfully from lung cancer and intestinal ulcers. These weaknesses resulted from the afflictions in the intercepted mutable signs: Neptune in Gemini (lungs), Uranus in Sagittarius, and Venus and the Moon in Pisces. By reflex action digestion and assimilation in the small intestine (Virgo) was greatly hampered. Saturn, the planet of obstruction is strong in Capricorn. Its obstructive power also has an effect on the digestion of food in the stomach by reflex action in the opposite sign Cancer, and hindered on elimination, producing gravel in the kidneys as it squares Libra (whose ruler, Venus, is afflicted. In addition, her squares between Jupiter in Aquarius and the stellium in Taurus, and reflex action in Scorpio, influenced the development of several infections in the colon and tumors in the womb which were surgically removed. Here we have the physical effects working through the "vicious circles": the fixed signs, the rectum and the womb; the mutable signs, the lungs and the intestines; the cardinal signs, the stomach and the kidneys.

   With Scorpio on the cusp of the 6th house (health) and afflicted Pluto in the 12th house (both sign and planet ruling surgery) we understand why she was so insistent on resolving all her ills through surgery. This procedure, of course, addresses only the physical effect and does not remove the spiritual cause of the ailment. It is advisable carefully to consider the potential spiritual as well as physical effects of surgery before embarking on this extreme form of physical alleviation. The physical body is the temple of the Higher Self, the God within, who has worked for eons and eons to build it meticulously and with tremendous wisdom. Each part, each organ, each detail in it has its specific purpose, and our spiritual responsibility is to keep the body in good health.

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