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Chart Number 21: Colon Inflammation and Auto-Intoxication

   Male, born on November 4, 1882 at 11:49 PM; Long. 60W, Lat. 34S

  House Positions: Midheaven/Taurus 13; 11th House/Gemini 8; 12th House/Cancer 0; Ascendant/Cancer 24:24; 2nd House/Virgo 5; 3rd House/Libra 13.

  Planetary Positions: Moon/Virgo 8:43; Uranus/Virgo 22:05; Mercury/Libra 24:11; Sun/Scorpio 12:39; Mars/Scorpio 22:53R Venus/Sagittarius 19:55; Neptune/Taurus 17:36R; Saturn/Taurus 23:27R; Dragon's Head/Scorpio 20:41; Pluto/Taurus 29:35R; Jupiter/Cancer 0:54R

   When this man contacted the Healing Department (of The Rosicrucian Fellowship) he was complaining about abdominal and rectal pain. (He also complained that he felt tired all the time and could not think or concentrate for any length of time, reasons for his not being able to keep a job.) No money, no food; he was in trouble!

   His horoscope gives the watery sign of Cancer (the sign of least vitality in the Zodiac) on the Ascendant, as well as on the cusp of the 12th house with Jupiter exalted and retrograde, sextile to the Moon in Virgo. When the 12th house cusp and the Ascendant are found in the same astrological sign, we have a clear indication that when the person is faced with the trials of ripe destiny he will also be given a chance by the Lords of Destiny to step upon the "straight and narrow of Light." When diagnosing, it is customary to look at the 6th house (of health and sickness) and its ruler for the key to the trouble. In this horoscope we have the sign of Capricorn on the cusp of the 6th house, with its ruler, Saturn, in the 10th house in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail, which is Saturnian in its influence. Saturn is also conjunct Neptune in Taurus. These are all in opposition to Mars and the Sun in Scorpio. The inflammatory Mars, strong in its home sign, has rule over the colon and generative organs. This pernicious affliction is rendered more devious by the subtle parallel of Neptune to the Sun, indicating a passional nature which in adolescence found its outlet in the secret habit of masturbation. This very detrimental habit hampers physical growth, depletes the vitality, chokes the feelings and stunts the mentality.

   Our young sensitive Scorpio, after developing irritation of the generative organs through bad habits, would avoid going to the bathroom for as long as he could to escape the pain. This started the process of auto-intoxication that temporarily clogged his physical and mental health. Voluntary retention of toxic waste is sure to bring more trouble than relief, and to understand why, let us examine the digestive system as depicted in this horoscope.

   Taurus begins the digestive tract. It rules the mouth, teeth, salivary glands, pharynx, and upper part of the esophagus; it is also responsible for the mechanical breaking down and liquefaction of food. The presence of Saturn, Neptune, and Dragon's Tail explains why the patient would "gulp" his food without chewing it. Mastication of the food is most important. It breaks food into small components and mixes them with saliva, which starts the preliminary phase of chemical transformation.

   Cancer rules the lower esophagus, the stomach, the pancreas and upper part of the liver; it is also responsible for the chemical separation and transformation of food. The presence of the Ascendant, the 12th house, and retrograde Jupiter in the 12th house tells us that he "dumped" in his stomach large quantities of unmasticated food. The stomach is not designed to chew but to mix with the gastric juices the food that has been liquefied in the mouth. Therefore the food he "gulped" was only partially digested, creating problems "further down the tube."

   Virgo rules the Solar Plexus, the spleen, the lower part of the liver, and the small intestine; it is also responsible for chemical neutralization processes, selection and assimilation of digested nutrients. The presence of the Moon and Uranus shows that unstable conditions of environment and temperament produce improper assimilation. The square to Venus (venous blood) explains that transfer of nutrients from the intestine to the veins by exosmosis is limited, sporadic and erratic. This allows only a small amount of the large food intake to be carried to the liver for storage via the mesenteric and portal veins. Furthermore, the unmasticated chunks of food slow down the normal flow through the small intestine, forcing more water and toxins to be assimilated, drying up the feces, creating constipation and intoxication.

   Scorpio ends the digestive tract. It rules the large intestine, the rectum, the anus, and the generative organs; it is also responsible for the bacterial transformation of undigested material, and elimination of waste material and the creation of new life out of decaying material. The presence of both fiery Mars and Sun reveals the reasons of the inflammatory condition and dehydration found in his colon. Dried out, unmasticated food from the small intestine passes through the colon and is further slowed down, fermentation and putrefaction take place and excretion becomes ever more painful. The rectum becomes irritated, blood circulation in its veins is interfered with and hemorrhoids ensue. Masturbation made it worse by exciting the muscles and vessels of the anal region. Constipation alters the normal balance of the bacterial colony in the intestine. These bacteria are agents which extract any Life Ether left in the feces before excretion. This Life Ether is then used by the generative and regenerative processes in the body. Undigested food, meat, spicy exotic foods, and so-called aphrodisiacs all carry an excess of the Ether which can overstimulate the generative process. As his desire nature was not under control, self-abuse became very hard to avoid.

   Correspondence with the Healing Department helped this man to adopt a balanced vegetarian diet, to reduce his food intake and chew it thoroughly, to appreciate and give thanks for it. In a few months he was back to normal. So impressed by the results, he became a member (of The Rosicrucian Fellowship) and married someone who helped him master his bad habits as he learned more about Mr. Heindel's teachings on the sacredness of sex and procreation. He was also helped mentally by the exercises of "concentration, observation, and discrimination" as taught in "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception," and these reduced his job problems.

Chart Number 22: Auto-Immune Disease

  Astrological Data: Saturn/Aries 15; Venus/Aries 28; Mercury/Arires 28; Sun/Taurus 0; Moon/Taurus 4; Pluto/Gemini 24; Neptune/Cancer 14; Jupiter/Virgo 5R; Uranus/Capricorn 21; Mars/Aquarius 7.

  Aspects: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon all conjunct; Mars square both Sun and Moon; Jupiter trine both Sun and Moon; Saturn square both Uranus and Neptune; Pluto sextile Mercury, Venus and Sun.

   Dispositorship: Mars: Saturn, Venus, Mercury; Venus: Sun, Moon; Saturn: Mars, Uranus; Mercury: Jupiter, Pluto; Moon: Neptune.

   The hour of birth is not known. The patient is a 72 year old (in 1982) woman who lives with her husband and has two grown children. She is a retired electronic parts inspector. She has suffered from emphysema for 18 years and has developed shortness of breath after smoking for 30 years. She was on "Prednisone" for many years. This is a synthetic drug which works like the adrenal hormone cortisone. It helps her breathe better, but over the years the medicine contributed to the thinning of her bones. She has experienced multiple compression fractures of several of her spinal vertebrae and lives in continuous pain. Much of her day is spent breathing oxygen from a tank. She has a history of arthritis and in recent years has lost sensation in her hands and feet. Her mouth and eyes are dry due to inadequate saliva and tears. She is frequently nervous and depressed and depends a lot on the pain relieving medicine. Past hospitalization revealed she had a stomach ulcer and inflammation of the pancreas. She can be very pessimistic and every day is a struggle.

   The patient is an independent, impatient person who is struggling against the limitations that she created in her body through wrong living. Mars and Saturn bring conflict within her due to their afflictions, this being further emphasized by their mutual reception. Mercury and Venus are both in combust conjunction with the Sun. Born at the New Moon, both Sun and Moon square Mars in the fixed signs. It seems as if the plan for this lifetime points towards the taming of Martial energy. As is always the case one is one's own worst enemy and the untamed martial fire is destructive. As she applied it against her own body, so much self-destructive attitude results in intense pain at present. The greater the fire the greater the pain. Spiritual understanding of the purpose of limitations and learning how to express martial energy positively, with more altruism, could greatly help relieve her suffering.

   Her disease is not fully understood from the medical viewpoint. She appears to have an auto-immune disease which is destroying her sensory nerves, lachrymal and salivary glands. Her saliva is thick and foamy while her eyes are dry and very uncomfortable. She underwent cataract surgery. It is thought that white blood cells called lymphocytes cause inflammation and destruction of the salivary and lachrymal glands: the disease is known as Sjogien's syndrome.

   Another feature of her condition is a complication of the use of Prednisone, a Jupiterian medicine which suppresses inflammation. When used in high doses over a prolonged period of time it may cause thinning of the bones and skin. But the body adjusts its balance to the extra dose of hormone and when Prednisone is reduced or stopped symptoms such as shortness of breath and increase of inflammation appear.

   It is possible that someone will bring her some understanding of the Law of Cause and effect and show how she created her own disease by breaking the Laws of Nature. At the appropriate time her spirit will depart from her body, giving her the opportunity to review life and help her understand what went wrong. Then she will prepare a new body suitable for next life of experience when she will strive to correct the present mistakes and generate more harmony for herself and others.

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