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Chart Number 23: A Life of Torment

   Woman, born on December 17, 1985 at 5:30 AM; Long. 117W, Lat. 34N.

  Signs on Cusps: Midheaven/Virgo 20; 11th House/Libra 20; 12th House/Scorpio 15; Ascendant/Sagittarius 7:29; 2nd House/Capricorn 9; 3rd House/Aquarius 14.

  Planetary Positions: Mercury/Sagittarius 12:22R; Sun/Sagittarius 25:07; Moon/ Capricorn 19:26; Jupiter/Capricorn 25:36; Dragon's Head/Capricorn 25:41; Venus/Aquarius 10:43; Uranus/Pisces 21:40; Pluto/Cancer 14:03R; Neptune/Leo 24:41R; Saturn/Scorpio 21:21; Mars/Scorpio 22:51.

Part One

   This woman was born in the most undesirable environment; her mother, a prostitute, was too busy to give her any kind of education and as a consequence the girl had no sense of discrimination and no moral values. Around the age of 13 she became a prostitute herself and her life turned into a nightmare. Syphilis, abortions, witchcraft, jail, despair, suicide, cancer and finally death were part of her ordeal. Of course, we may shiver at the load that some of these souls bring upon themselves from previous lives. It is evident that the unrestrained use of the creative function is the "sin against the Holy Ghost," and right use of this sacred force must be learned through pain and suffering. With the Sun, Mercury, and the Ascendant in Sagittarius we have the challenge of the lower natures represented by the Centaur, fighting with the Higher Self represented by the archer shooting his arrows skyward. In the present case the animal side has full control and prevents the higher side from expressing itself. Common signs on the angles tell of the tremendous need to develop will power to overcome the passions.

   The square Sun-Uranus from the first to the fourth house breeds pride and selfishness which attract to her the spirits of sensuality. On the other hand, Mars conjunct Saturn in the twelfth house in Scorpio square to Neptune retrograde in Leo in the ninth house explains how her deep passions and perverted life drew to her the sex elementals that obsessed her until her death. Her frantic quest for security and money impelled by Pluto in Cancer opposing Moon conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn in the second-eighth house axis lured her into prostitution around the time of puberty.

   Parents who give birth to children have the enormous spiritual responsibility of giving them the spiritual food and education that will make them strong in spite of circumstances. Max Heindel (in "Principles of Child Training") laid the basic principle when he said that man evolves in cycles of seven years during which different methods would answer different needs.

   In the course of the first septenary cycle ruled by the Moon (age 0 to 7) the physical body is born. The child discovers himself and imitates all he sees; therefore the best of examples must be provided by the parent. After the first set of teeth has fallen the age of reason comes with the second septenary cycle, ruled by Mercury (age 7 to 14) when the Vital Body is born. The memory and first reasoning faculties bring many questions and much agitation. The child needs discipline. Good health habits should be taught and developed, education on the sacredness of the sex function and the creative force should be given then, for they will be of much value in the next and most vulnerable phase. The third septenary cycle ruled by Venus (age 14 to 21) starts with puberty, the awakening of thhe creative force, and the birth of the Desire Body bringing the impetuosity of adolescence. The mind is born only at the next cycle and cannot control the desires so this period brings many emotional ups and downs and more than ever the adolescent needs the support, sympathy, understanding, and compassionate guidance of his elders to prevent him from falling into the many traps that stand in front of his inexperience.

   During this phase the creative force which should not be misused nor exercised, is utilized by the Ego to build the link between the Desire Body and the Mental Body with the third part of the Silver Cord. As this Cord is being built it also bridges the major Ductless Glands which are said to be Spiritual Centers of the body, the seven roses upon our living cross. Sex and drug experiences during the period are the most devastating because they interfere directly with the building of a strong bridge between the finest vehicles, and prevent proper connection with the spiritual centers. At the same time they rob the person's creative energy normally used to build the brain and guiding mind which will be born in the next cycle. A weak bridge will make for people who will not respond to the higher spiritual vibrations of the Aquarian Age, people who will have mental difficulties later in life, and people who will be a burden upon society due to their deficient condition.

Part Two

   We said previously that man evolves in cycles of seven years. The first, ruled by the Moon, the second, ruled by Mercury, and the third, ruled by Venus, correspond to the birth of the physical body, the vital body, and the desire body respectively.

   The fourth septenary cycle (21 to 28), ruled by the Sun, brings the birth of the mind. One reaches the age of majority and takes on responsibilities. This cycle is the time to leave home and family and start on one's own, for now the four vehicles are born and "operational."

   With the fifth septenary cycle (28 to 35), ruled by Mars, serious life starts. A new phase is introduced in the physical body, as are also changes in the Chemical Ether.

   The sixth septenary cycle (35 to 42), ruled by Jupiter, brings expansion of consciousness. We enter a new phase for the vital body: specifically, the Life Ether gives us an abundance of energy.

   The seventh septenary cycle (42 to 49), ruled by Saturn, is life's culminating point. Special work on the desire body helps to overcome the emotional challenges of that cycle, increasing our efficiency.

   The eighth septenary cycle (49 to 56), starts over again the sevenfold planetary rulership: it is ruled by the Moon. A new dimension opens up for the mind, giving us, during this important cycle, the greatest potentialities: a seven year plateau before the slowing down process of the following phases.

   Let us now look at the chart and see how this information can be used. It will be of interest to realize that the septenary archetypes may be shorter or longer than seven years since they vary with each individual. You may wonder why that is and how it works. The Moon gives us the clue. By progression, the Moon completes a cycle around the zodiac in about 28 years. During that time, the Moon goes through four phases of about seven years each. Take this horoscope and locate the Moon at 19:26 Capricorn. Draw a line to the opposite point at 19:26 Cancer, and another perpendicular to it from 19:26 Aries to 19:26 Libra. Your astrological wheel now has 4 equal segments. It takes the Moon about seven days to cover one segment, and by precession seven years. Each time the progressed Moon reaches another segment, a new septenary cycle starts. The speed of the Moon is not constant; it may travel between 11 and 15 degrees each day. Therefore a septenary cycle may be shorter or longer than seven years, depending on the speed of the Moon.

   At her birth (December 17, 1925), Moon at 19:26 Capricorn), her physical body and the positive pole of her Chemical Ether were born. This first septenary period is ruled by the Moon. By April 1931, the progressed Moon reached 19:26 Aries, squaring natal Moon. She was six and a half years old; she started to lose her first set of teeth. She had reached the age of reason, the second septenary cycle ruled by Mercury. Her vital body and the positive pole of the Life Ether were born. She was asking many questions concerning the creative force, pregnancy, conception, and the creative organs, and her exasperated mother (a prostitute) would finally give her physical demonstrations in answer to her questions. By the fall of 1938 she had her first sexual experience. The Moon was progressing in conjunction to Pluto in the 8th house; she was not yet 13 years old.

   When the progressed Moon reached 19:6 Cancer, opposing natal Moon, she reached puberty and had her first period in April, 1939. She was 13 and a half. She had entered her third septenary cycle ruled by Venus. The desire body and the positive pole of the Light Ether were born. At that time she needed the greatest moral support to help control the impulses of her desire nature, but her mother died. She became a prostitute to survive. She had two abortions: one in the winter of 1941 and the other in the summer of 1944, leaving deep psychological scars. In October 1946, she was close to 21. The progressed Moon reached 19:6 Libra, squaring the natal Moon. Her concrete mind and the positive pole of the Reflecting Ether were born; she then possessed her four vehicles and could start controlling her destiny. She tried to assume her own responsibilities and got a job with friends to get away from prostitution. By the summer of 1949, however she ended up in jail falsely accused of murder. This, of course, was a blessing in disguise, for while in jail someone gave her the address of The Rosicrucian Fellowship and she wrote for help.

Part Three

   During the 16 years she spent on the healing list, she fought the philosophy of regeneration. She felt sex was a natural thing to practice and that no one should restrict it under any circumstances because, she claimed, it is the most important biological function of the universe. She reasoned that restricting it to a few procreative acts did not justify the function. She could not understand why God would go through the trouble of creating such elaborate creative organs and functions if they are to be used only 3 or 4 times in a lifetime. This did not match the rest of our bodily functions, which are performed hundreds and thousands of times from birth to death. Her mind was blocked, and she dismissed anything religious, philosophical, or occult because she could not feel its reality, either from within or from without.

   Through regeneration we conserve the creative force within; then we lift it to the brain and larynx and by so doing cause many things to happen. Here are a few examples: 1) the raising of the unused sex force gradually builds the second, or etheric, spine, which will sustain the spiritual creative organ of the coming New Age—the etheric larynx—with which we are to speak the "lost word" again; 2) we also build that etheric larynx; 3) we gradually alter the functioning of our brains and awaken conscious activity in the right hemisphere; 4) we strengthen the silver cord,creating a better link between the various seed-atoms and their respective invisible vehicles, allowing us to learn to become better "centered"; 5) we awaken our "spiritual sensors" located in the ductless glands—the spiritual centers of the vital body—and become more receptive to the finer and more spiritual vibrations that surround us all the time; 6) the high vibrations of the transmuted sex force create a bridge of light in the third ventricle of the brain between the Pituitary Body and the Pineal Gland, opening our sixth sense, and the various ESP experiences thus created are the first signs of our conscious conquest of the inner planes; 7) provided we live pure, altruistic, and selfless lives, we also can come in contact with the "eternal now," the Memory of Nature, or read the aura, feelings, and thoughts of others, not for mere curiosity, of course, but to help or heal and do many other wonderful things.

   Even though she could not accept these ideas, she continued writing to The Rosicrucian Fellowship in order to argue, thinking she might convince them in the end! She did not, and even if it appears that she was not convinced either, they planted a seed that will bloom in God's good time. We also know that the conversation continued on the inner planes at night with the Invisible Helpers, and we are sure that she received, there, the education that she did not get when she was a child. Even if the desired results did not manifest in this lifetime, time was not wasted trying to help her. The efforts on her behalf will bear good fruits when she returns in a coming incarnation. No effort ever is wasted, and it always pays to do good to others.

   One of the greatest lessons we learn, when engaged in spiritual healing, is that we always can do something positive for the worst case. We are not allowed to give up our efforts to help, for we plant the seed and we water it. God giveth the increase in His own good season. God works in mysterious ways. As long as there is life there is hope. The Invisible Helpers, who learn the secret of the Word to repair the vital body at night under the wise guidance of the Elder Brothers, can restore or reconstruct any part of the body that is damaged or destroyed. This can happen only if the patient has made the necessary spiritual adjustment to prevent the problem from happening again— that is, if the lesson has been learned. That explains why so many people do not get notable results: the lesson has not yet been learned.

   This native's horoscope shows great spiritual potential, with Sun, Mercury, and Ascendant in Sagittarius, a strongly aspected Uranus, an elevated Neptune in the 9th house trine the Sun! Why did she not respond more positively? In part four we will see why.

Part Four

   During gestation, the negative pole of the silver cord is constructed by the Recording Angels and the incoming Ego. After birth the positive pole is brought to bear and matures in cycles of seven years. Since the silver cord is the link between the various vehicles of the Spirit, the greatest care must be given to the upbringing of the child so that he later may respond positively to the spiritual impulses of the Higher Self. From birth to the age of reason, the etheric segment of the silver cord is being constructed. It is completed at the time the vital body is born (around seven), to mature during the next seven years. From the age of reason to puberty, the second segment of the cord, made of desire stuff, is constructed from the liver to the solar plexus. Its completion marks the birth of the desire body (around fourteen), which also matures during the next seven years. From puberty to majority, the third and most important segment, made of mind stuff, is developed. It becomes operational at the birth of the mind at age twenty-one. It reaches ripening maturity at around twenty-eight years of age, when the individual is fully grown and serious life starts.

   We will draw our attention to the difficult period of growth between puberty and majority, for this represents a very delicate phase of human development. As the third segment of the silver cord, made of delicate mind stuff, is carefully constructed, it slowly grows from the seed atom of the mind located at the root of the nose, where the Spirit has its seat. Then, guided and strengthened by the unused sex force of the adolescent, it passes between the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Body in the third ventricle of the brain. From there it follows its path downwards, connecting the Thyroid Gland, the Thymus Gland, the Spleen, the Adrenals. At age twenty-one it finally ties in with the second segment of the silver cord in the seed atom of the desire body in the great vortex of the liver. It then matures during the following seven years.

   This connection between the seed atom of the mind and that of the desire body is of paramount importance because it links the ductless glands in a chain that eventually can be used by the Higher Self (Will) via the mind voluntarily to control and attune the three-fold body so that Initiation may take place. It is very important that the child be prepared for the challenges of adolescence during the preceding septenary cycle (seven to fourteen) with a sound moral education. When the desire body is born, it cannot yet be controlled by the unborn mind. Emotional impulses and pressure from others can bring moral problems with serious spiritual consequences. Adolescents should not be using the creative force for sex at that stage, because it is very much needed to build a strong mind and silver cord to create a good strong link between the seed atom of the mind, the ductless glands (which are man's spiritual centers), and the other seed atoms.

   If such a strong link is established during a healthy, moral adolescence, the Spirit, after age twenty-one, can control via the mind the secretion of hormones by the ductless glands and alter the composition of the blood (vehicle of the Spirit) to fit it for greater intellectual, cultural, and spiritual development. Under these conditions, the person will respond positively to adequate methods of spiritual development. On the contrary, if such a link is poorly established, due to sex and drug abuses during adolescence, the third segment of the silver cord is very weak. The link with the ductless glands is fragile, and the mind, which should act as a break on the impulse of the desire body, remains ineffective to a great extent. Strong feelings and desires overstimulate the lower glands and modify the composition of the blood, enabling the passionate nature slowly to take over the temperament. This further hinders mental development, and the person has a hard time responding to the higher and nobler impulses of the Spirit, sent through the mind.

   This is why our patient could not accept the philosophy of regeneration that was presented to her and would not consider controlling her moral life. Her personality and desire nature were somewhat separated from her higher nature and mind because she did not receive a moral education as a child and she became a prostitute as a teenager. By wasting her vital creative force through amoral practices, she interfered with the development of her mind, silver cord, and ductless glands. Had she chosen a different way of solving her financial problem at her mother's death, she would not have robbed herself of the potential spiritual development that her horoscope offered. Even though she was hardly responsible for choosing the easy way out, nothing is predestined; we all have free will. It is better to make a mistake than not to do a thing when we are challenged by destiny. The Law of Cause and Effect will guide her next life toward right living.

Contemporary Mystic Christianity

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