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Chart Number 25: Hypertension

   Female, born on January 28, 1922. Time of birth unknown.

  Positions of the Planets: Saturn/Libra 7:00R; Jupiter/Libra 19:00; Mars/Scorpio 19:00; Venus/Aquarius 5:00; Moon/Aquarius 13:00; Mercury/Aquarius 26:00.

  Aspects: Sun conjunct Venus; Sun conjunct Moon; Moon conjunct Venus; Mars square Moon; Jupiter trine Moon; Saturn trine Venus; Saturn trine Sun; Saturn trine Moon; Mercury unaspected

  Complaints: This woman has moderate hypertension and is subject to headaches. Her blood pressure has been as high as 210/110. Her past history includes a stomach ulcer, inflammation of the pancreas, and anemia. Her physician has given her medicine for hypertension, pain, and nerves.

  Anatomy and Physiology: How might we begin to analyze her chart? The planets are distributed in three signs, Libra. Scorpio, and Aquarius. First we examine the anatomic rulership of these signs: Libra: kidneys, adrenals; by reflex, head. Scorpio: generative organs, colon; by reflex, neck, lower back of head Aquarius: circulation of the blood; by reflex, heart

  Next we review the tissues ruled by the planets: Sun-blood; Venus-veins; Mercury-nerves; Mars-muscles; Moon-serous and mucous membranes; Jupiter-arteries; Saturn-skin, vaso-constrictor nerves in skin

   To complete the anatomic analysis we examine the planetary and sign rulership of the body parts cited in the patient's complaints: Head: Aries, Mars, Taurus, Venus (lower back of head). Stomach and Pancreas-Cancer, Moon. Circulation of blood in the tissues: Aquarius, Saturn.

   How does the pattern in the chart correspond to the patient's complaints? High blood pressure has multiple causes. Excess fluid and salt, constriction of blood vessels, the increased output of blood by the heart, impaired kidney function, hormonal imbalance, and nervous tension are some of the factors which contribute to elevated blood pressure. In this case there are four planets in Aquarius which potentially affect the circulation, one of which is the Moon afflicted by Mars. Saturn in Libra suggests the possibility of weakened kidney function. The long term results of hypertension include damage to the heart and kidneys, something which one would like to prevent.

   Headaches, like hypertension, are caused by many factors. Headaches due to muscular tension, lack of sleep, eye strain, and arthritis of the neck are commonly observed. Hypertension, unless very sever, does not usually cause headaches. Here the pattern probably responsible for headaches is the afflicted Mars ruling the head and potentially affecting the neck and occipital region by its reflex position in Scorpio.

   The past history of pancreatitis and a stomach ulcer is consistent with the affliction of the Moon by Mars. Anemia can be related to bleeding from the ulcer and possibly excess menstrual bleeding. (Mars in Scorpio square the Moon.)

  Emotional and Mental Astro-Analysis: There are three important patterns that can be seen in this chart: 1) a stellium (two or more planets in conjunction) in Aquarius ruled by a retrograde Saturn; 2) Mars dignified in Scorpio square the Moon in Aquarius; and 3) unaspected Mercury in Aquarius. The grouping of the Sun, Venus, and the Moon together in Aquarius suggests a need to activate the expression of Will, Imagination, and Love in this life. Saturn awaits this fulfillment. One has the choice of remaining aloof, alone with consequential frustration and gloom, or expanding one's horizons in the spirit of friendship (Aquarius). Mars in Scorpio square the Moon in Aquarius suggests a personality with strong emotions and unfulfilled energy. The chart alone does not reveal whether emotions are suppressed or uncontrollably expressed. The expression of sexual energy may be a matter of concern in this woman's life.

   The unaspected Mercury in Aquarius indicates a new beginning in the mental development of this person. This woman has an opportunity to develop a greater capacity for reason and communication. Growth in this area would be benefical in directing a positive expression of emotions. What strengths might she apply to her own growth?

Chart Number 26: Alcoholism & Asthma

  Complaints: A 39 year old man is seeking help for his problem with asthma. He is not under a physican's care, nor is he taking medication for it. In 1970, at a time when he drank alcohol, he had bleeding from the esophagus as a result of alcohol-induced liver damage (esophageal varices). He now avoids alcohol and is trying to follow a vegetarian diet.

  Astrological Data: Male, born on November 23, 1941 at 12:20 PM; Long. 84W, Lat. 40N

  Sign Positions: Mars/Aries 12; Saturn/Taurus 25R; Jupiter/Gemini 18R; Pluto/ Leo 6R; Neptune/Virgo 29; Mercury/Scorpio 16; Sun/Sagittarius 1; Venus/Capricorn 18; Moon/Aquarius 6.

  House Cusps: Ascendant/Aquarius 10; 2nd House/Pisces 28; 3rd House/Taurus 4; 4th House/Gemini 0; 5th House/Gemini 22; 6th House/Cancer 13.

  Aspects (Sun to Saturn):

  Higher Octaves:

  Planetary Principles:

  Discussion: Asthma is a problem characterized by shortness of breath and wheezing due to spasm of the bronchioles in the lungs. Asthmatic attacks typically occur at times of emotional stress, respiratory infection, and exposure of the lungs to irritants. Breathing may be normal between attacks.

   Excess consumption of alcohol in certain individuals can lead to destruction of liver tissue with scar formation (cirrhosis). Once the liver is damaged, the circulation of the blood through the liver is blocked. The build-up of pressure in other vessels, particularly the veins of the esophagus, may result in serious episodes of bleeding.

   Astro-diagnosis teaches us that spiritual causes underlie symptoms and diseases. What are the principles of life which this man has the opportunity to learn? Mars, Saturn, and the Moon denote his personality. His spiritual nature is represented by Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun. Mercury, the concrete mind, is the connecting link. You may visualize this by drawing two triangles connected by Mercury.

   What are the aspects among the personality planets? We have Moon conjunct Ascendant, Moon sextile Mars, and Mars sextile Ascendant. What does this suggest about his energy and vitality?

   What are the aspects among the spiritual planets? There are no aspects connecting the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus with each other. What does the sign placement of these planets tell us about the manner in which the expression of purpose, improvement, and love may be cultivated? The Sun is in the tenth house and Venus is in the twelfth. What importance is attached to this man's becoming aware of purpose and love in this life?

   How do the spiritual planets and personality planets interact with each other? The Sun is sextile the Moon, and Jupiter sextile Mars. Our friend seems to have made a start in his efforts to express himself in more positive ways. These indicators of spiritual opportunity are paired with two challenges to his soul growth: Sun opposition Saturn and Venus square Mars. This man has been and will in the future be tempted to lose sight of the spiritual path. He may feel cut off from the light, fearful, and discouraged. It is tempting to try to seek imaginary fulfillments, as with alcohol. He may desperately seek to be loved yet find himself alone because he has not yet learned to love others unselfishly.

   What does Mercury sextile Venus and square the Ascendant tell us about his connecting link between the Spirit and Personality?

   For this man Saturn is the major task master. Saturn is placed in the last degrees of Taurus conjunct Uranus. Taurus rules the throat and may affect the esophagus. These two planets are in the third house which influences the lungs. Asthma can be seen as a physical manifestation of a deeper spiritual conflict. What effect do you think the cultivation of faith, hope, and love would have on his asthmatic condition? Our love for him has the power to alleviate his fears and help him find the inner will to overcome his limitations.

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