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Rays From The Rose Cross Magazine
Max Heindel's Message
The Reward of the Perfected Spirit

Again the Earth has reached the vernal equinox in its annual circle dance about the Sun, and we have Easter. The spiritual ray sent out by the Cosmic Christ each fall to replenish the smoldering vitality of the Earth is about to ascend to the Father's throne. The spiritual activities of fecundation and germination which have been carried on during the winter and spring will be followed by material growth and a ripening process during the coming summer and autumn under the influence of the indwelling Earth Spirit. The cycle ends at "Harvest Home." Thus the great World drama acted and re-enacted from year to year, an eternal contest between life and death; each in turn becoming victor and being vanquished as the cycles roll.

This great cyclic influx and efflux is not confined in its effects to the Earth and its flora and fauna. It exercises an equally compelling influence upon mankind, though the great majority are unaware of what impels them to action in one direction or another. The fact remains, nevertheless, independent of their cognition that the same earth vibration which gaudily adorns bird and beast in the spring is responsible for the human desire to don gay colors and brighter raiment at that season. This is also the urge which in summer drives mankind to relaxation amid rural scenes where nature spirits have wrought their magic art in field and forest, in order to recuperate from the strain of artificial conditions in congested cities.

To the enlightened ones Easter brings a keen realization of the fact that all humanity are pilgrims on the Earth, that the real home of the Spirit is in the heaven realm, and that to reach that realm all should endeavor to learn the lessons in life's school as quickly as possible so that they may be able to look for the dawn of a day that will permanently release them from the bondage of Earth. Then, like the liberated Christ Ray, they will come into a realization of that glorious immortality which is the reward of the perfected Spirit.

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, March/April, 1996

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