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Destiny and the Twelfth House (Part 2)

Planets posited in a house strongly activate the department of life indicated by that house. The affairs denoted by that house and planet loom up as important in the life.

The Sun in the twelfth house is limited and not as prominent as he would be in other houses. Favorable aspects give a love of seclusion, a willingness and even desire to work alone, or to be shut off from contacts with other people and the world. This seclusion is observed in the lives of people working in hospitals or laboratories. In prison life not only the inmates feel this, but also the officers and wardens and all who serve in an institution of this type. People who spend long hours in research and invention, working alone and into the night, are under the twelfth house influence. However, it is generally conceded not to be a favorable position for the positive, active, outgoing qualities of the Sun. When the Sun in the twelfth house meets adverse aspects, it brings great sorrow and suffering to the native from this department of life.

Venus can never reach her full expression in the twelfth house, and may indicate a repression of the affectional nature. People with this position of the planet of love should learn to express the more amiable side of Venus. Secret love affairs are denoted, or perhaps the sacrifice of personal love through devotion to an ideal or service to someone else. Adverse aspects are indicative of sorrow and suffering through emotional attachments.

Mercury in the twelfth is another indication of one who loves to study alone and for many hours. Well aspected, it is favorable for delving into the secrets of nature or researching. There is a love of the mysterious and the occult. With unfavorable aspects, the native is the object of gossip and small talk tending to undermine a good name. Many small annoyances abound to disturb the peace of mind. Favorable aspects to Mercury lead to the unraveling of mysteries, or makes likely that the information one is seeking comes to hand.

The Moon rules the personality, or the outer part of our nature. Posited in the twelfth house its tendency is to bottle up the personality and the emotions. Women, being ruled by the feminine Moon, may cause secret sorrow or bring some trouble to the individual. There is a turning inward of the consciousness which helps to bring a realization of the deeper issues of life and what they mean to the individual personally. Women with the Moon here will find the sign it occupies and its aspects extremely important in their personal life.

Saturn in the twelfth house is usually the signature of sorrow. He, of all the planets, truly denotes debts of destiny, if adverse aspects prevail. He denotes great crystallization built up during past lives. Authority was misused, or other people were limited in some manner by the native. In the past wrong thinking and wrong actions were indulged in, exerting their effect on the body today. In health Saturn inclines to crystallization and deterioration, often causing the person to be hospitalized. Liquidation in this life of many heavy debts of destiny brought over from past lives is indicated. Under the harsh sway of Saturn we learn to "bless the rod that smites us." We are the diamond on the lathe of the divine Lapidary, and though we cry out in pain at the grinding and polishing, when it is finished we reflect God from every gleaming facet.

Jupiter in the twelfth house is in a fine position for the planet of benevolence and expansion. Well aspected, he indicates that the native has expressed the Jupiterian rays to the fullest in the past and they now come to bless. Good works reap a bounteous harvest. With the twelfth house as background, Jupiter is the Guardian Angel ready to quietly protect all who are under his rulership. Benefits come, through secret channels, charity is given in a quiet manner. This is an excellent position for hospital and institutional work where the cheerfulness and optimism of the planet are expressed. It is also favorable for religious work of a secluded nature and disposes to membership in occult societies. When afflicted, his keyword is indulgence, which results in ill-health.

The keyword of Mars is action, but his ability, too, is limited by a twelfth house placement. Because of his love of action and liberty, he is not at home here. The results of his actions are not readily seen and appreciated by the world. There will be a certain amount of freedom of action in regard to past destiny if his aspects are not too adverse. However, one has to to be careful of the Martian rashness and impulsiveness not to generate new debts of destiny that will have to be defrayed in the future. Accidents occur that often require hospitalization and there may be underhanded and secret action toward the native. When afflicted, Mars reaps quickly and the payment of debts can be painful to the body and the Spirit. Like Scorpio, his real work is to regenerate and to uplift.

Uranus in the twelfth house indicates that causes of an intemperate and often eccentric nature have been generated and their effects must be experienced. At times there is a veritable avalanche of destiny into the life, precipitated by the lightning-like Uranian Ray. The dreams and plans cherished in secret come to naught under his shattering ray. The release of debts of destiny is sudden and often catches the native unawares. His ray of humanitarianism is very powerful under good aspects and much service to others can be rendered in a quiet and unassuming manner. Connection with occult orders is indicated and benefit can be expected if favorable aspects prevail.

Neptune in the twelfth house is fraught with mystery. It is the logical ruler of the twelfth sign in the natural zodiac, Pisces. Neptune is like an ocean undertow-strong, relentless and unseen. Adversely aspected, it can involve the person in a maze of dissimulation and intrigue. If in the past the individual has been deceitful, now it is his turn to be deceived. The currents and crosscurrents of this planet are difficult to fathom. Neptune is subtle and can create such chaos and confusion around a person that he is utterly bewildered.

Neptune is one of the mystery planets and its highest influences promote great spiritual advancement. Posited in the twelfth house it can bring help and guidance from divine forces-either in the paying of personal debts of destiny or in helping others to liquidate theirs. This is a beautiful position for work as an Invisible Helper on the inner planes, where service of a spiritual nature is rendered.

Even adverse aspects can be made steppingstones in spiritual endeavor, for any aspect to the mystery planets indicates that we are lifting ourselves upward and that these Spirits are working with us. While Neptune rules illusion, it also rules illumination, for when the scales of illusion fall from our eyes, then we see truly. Then the clear light of Truth illumines us.

The influence of Pluto is powerful for either good or evil. Through his influence one might be connected with the darker forces of the underworld or the Desire World. His action is drastic, his are no halfway measures. Extremely heavy debts of destiny are brought into manifestation under his rulership. Criminal action may be taken against the individual who has an afflicted Pluto in the twelfth house. The octave of Mars, he is considered the great destroyer, since after a certain degree of crystallization has taken place, Pluto steps in and destroys that particular form or mold of things. Then rebirth and transformation can take place on a higher level. Pluto also rules groups that unite for a definite purpose: criminals under his negative influence, and religious and occult movements under his positive influence. Of all the planets, Pluto cuts the broadest swath. He can manifest the blackest and most wicked forces in our universe. He can also issue tremendous potencies of an exalted nature for the accomplishment of good.

We have no need to fear our destiny, no matter how harsh it may seem. Whatever it be, we should claim it and bless it for our own. Each debt paid off today, in this life, makes our debit account smaller. And when we have come through the more painful episodes of our life, surely we have gained some measure of wisdom. That is the benefit of pain and sorrow-they teach us to live in harmony with God's Laws and to advance upon the path of evolution.

The psalmist says, "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth His handiwork." Yes, and the heavens with their shining orbs of light show the divine path of each Ego, and reveal the pitfalls and stumbling blocks therein, if we can only read the mystic message. Then we must learn to live up to the highest good that is there indicated.

Shakespeare truly wrote:

"Men at some times are masters of their fates.
The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

  — Edward Adams

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, November/December, 1995

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