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Man With the Gavel

Has there ever been a Speaker of the House who made so much news?[1] Even before assuming office? "Exuberant and impatient...nearly jumping out of his skin...blabby, effervescent...his every utterance is news."[2]

This is perfectly in keeping with the celestial birth certificate of Newt Gingrich. Given his Moon of personality in Sagittarius, conjunct a critical degree and his I.C., strongly aspected and part of a grand trine in fire-the above characterization is to be expected. All the more so since, by mutual reception, the lunar orb is joined by jolly Jupiter. Add to that the fact that before he took the gavel, the Sun was making its annual transit over his natal Moon, and transiting Jupiter and Pluto were also approaching.

Not only was there speculation that he seemed "poised to become the most dominant legislative leader in memory,"[3] but that, just possibly, he might some day occupy the Oval Office. With Sun and Saturn, as well as Moon and Mars, in aspect, his chart has the "characteristic earmark of American presidents."[4]

Obviously this projection may be premature, but Gingrich does possess a powerful potential for leadership. For starters, his chart is a bucket pattern: nine planets within 180 degrees and the tenth at least a sextile removed from them, called the apex or handle.[5] His handle is the Moon, already described, and fittingly in that position, for it, perhaps more than any other part of the chart, helps him "handle" people, a talent vital for a leader.

He receives powerful help in this especially from the eleventh house of friends. Moon-ruled Cancer is on the cusp, occupied by its powerful Scorpio decan conjunct a critical degree, and holding three planets, more than any other house: Jupiter in the sign of its exaltation and conjunct a critical degree, and the Venus-Pluto conjunction. There can be no doubt, this man doesn't just perfunctorily socialize because it "comes with the job"; he genuinely enjoys it, which is well, since the members of the House could easily recognize if his affability were a "put on." The eleventh house not only pertains to friends, but also to hopes and aims, and perhaps nowhere more than in politics it is not only important what one knows, but whom.

And the Georgian (by adoption) is not deficient in what he knows. A History Ph.D. and former instructor in European history, he is blessed with "photographic memory"[6]—four planets plus M.C. and sign signature are in Gemini. Saturn therein "sharpens and deepens" the mind and is "one of the best positions" for this orb, enabling it to "cope with all the exigencies of life."[7] Uranus therein bestows a mind of its own. Best of all, with both planets in the sign of the lower mind, he should have the ability to safeguard the cream of the old while reaching for the best of the new.

Mercury is well placed in the ninth sector, pertaining to the higher mind, and is in its own sign governing communication skills, which translates as this "Speaker" is rarely at a loss for words. For instance, once he was "accused" of changing his mind on a certain matter-a typical Gemini trait. "I've just grown," he explained. He might truthfully have added, "It's part of my nature."[8]

One aspect of his Gemini nature should hold Dr. Gingrich in especially good stead: "Gemini's love to fix things."[9] Isn't fixing something making a change? And didn't he obtain his office because America wanted change? Nor is this surprising, since, with its Gemini Ascendant, isn't the U.S. a Gemini nation?[10]

In addition to those already touched on, there are other indications of strength in Newt's natus: Sun and Saturn in the tenth house; six planets are part of a conjunction or stellium; seven are conjunct critical degrees; eight are in masculine signs.

Also minor aspects. Generally they don't mean much, except if numerous. The septile (51-1/2 degrees, with small orb) and biseptile (103 degrees plus small orb) are both aspects of destiny, found in the charts of the strong. Here there are four of the former (Venus-Saturn, Venus-Neptune, Mars-Uranus, Jupiter-Uranus) and one of the latter (Saturn-Neptune). Additionally, Gingrich's South Node is in the same sign and degree as the U.S. Moon-a tie of destiny.

The powerful Mars is also a boon. In its own sign, the house of which it is natural ruler, conjunct a critical degree, little wonder Mr. Speaker can dominate groups and gatherings. Mars is also the planet of the trailblazer on the mundane level, especially if in its own sign, and Gingrich is heading in the direction of becoming one.

Added strength comes from the fact that this chart is not only a Bucket but also a Locomotive, with all planets within 240 degrees. It indicates energy, drive, ambition-all qualities helpful for a leader. In this pattern, the most important planet is the one facing the biggest planet-less space clockwise. Here it is dynamic Mars in the eighth house-that of debts and deficits! Undoubtedly the way this problem is handled will greatly influence the nation's future.[11] If it is handled with the same vigor with which Gingrich has handled his own past, all should be well.

He first tried for Congress in 1974. With Saturn over his natal Jupiter and Neptune atop his Moon, he lost. In 1976, with Saturn transiting his Venus-Pluto conjunction and slow-moving Neptune still afflicting his Moon, history repeated itself. But in 1978, with progressed Pluto over his Ascendant, he finally made it.

When the ancient Israelites faced a major problem victoriously, the Sacred Record states that "the people had a mind to work."[12] If this country is to overcome its present-day problems, it is necessary that the same disposition and determination be present in those entrusted with its leadership. p

  — A Probationer

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  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, November/December, 1995

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