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The Foundation of Founder's Day

In his June, 1911 letter to students, Max Heindel informed his readers that, culminating his search for a permanent site for conducting the affairs of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, he had bought "one of the sightliest spots in beautiful Southern California; in fact, though I have traveled all over the world, I have never seen a view to compare with that of the site of our future Headquarters." Where-upon, he describes the splendid panoramic vistas afforded by this choice tract of land, concluding that "it offers a composite picture of glory and inspiration, in itself sufficient to evoke all that is purest and best in anyone at all spiritually inclined." This beauty spot of nature was aptly christened Mount Ecclesia.

Why Oceanside, which even today, having both a population above 130,000 inhabitants and the dubious distinction of being home to the U.S. Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton, is still called "America's best kept secret"? Because, as Heindel states in the Cosmo, southern California offers exceptional opportunities for spiritual growth due to its ether atmosphere being denser than in any other part of the world, and Mount Ecclesia is particularly favored in this respect.

The Fellowship, as an idea and spiritual entity (archetype), was given birth August 8, 1909, in Seattle, Washington. It was grounded and given an earthly home at Mount Ecclesia a little over two years later. Groundbreaking for the first Fellowship building on Mount Ecclesia, inaugurating Founders' Day, took place at exactly at 12:40 P.M., Pacific Standard Time, October 28, 1911.

Why at this precise time? Because the planetary configuration was most propitious for initiating and sustaining the work of this spiritual center. It is instructive to note that both Fellowship and Grounds horoscopes show Jupiter as the most elevated planet, and in both the sun and mercury are in conjunction—in 8th house (regeneration) Leo for the former and in 9th house Scorpio (regeneration) in the latter.

At that first Founders' Day a "little flock of nine were present," outwardly certainly a modest witness for the genesis of such a significant enterprise. But that nine were augmented by three invisible Beings, including the august Head of the Rosicrucian Order, Christian Rose Cross, and the Elder Brother who was the inspiration for the Fellowship, as well as Max Heindel's Teacher.

Three shovelfuls of earth were lifted from the corner of the building site, accompanied by a threefold prayer for (1) Wisdom to guide the School along the right lines; (2) the faculty to present the Beauty of the higher life so as to render it attractive to all mankind; and (3) the Strength to patiently and diligently continue the good work.

Then the composite emblem of the Mystery School was planted: The cross representing matter, whose arms and upper limb bore the golden letters C. R. C., and the climbing red rose, representing the verdant evolving life climbing to greater and greater heights by this crucifixion. The black cross (later changed to white to avoid unfortunate associations), the twining green stem of the plant, the thorns, the blood red roses—in these is hidden the solution of the World Mystery.

The two arms pointed east and west, placing it directly in the path of the spiritual currents that vitalize the four kingdoms of life: mineral, plant, animal, and man.

On the night of April 9, 1910, when the new moon was in Aries, the Elder Brother came to Max Heindel and took him to the etheric Temple in Germany. There he was enabled, with "a little assistance from the Brothers," to contact the fourth

region of Concrete Thought, where the archetypes are found. He discerned the highest ideal and mission of the Fellowship and prophetically saw "a procession of people coming from all parts of the world to receive the teaching" at its Headquarters, from whence they issued "to carry balm to afflicted ones near and far." The Fellowship has every reason to be sanguine about realizing the purpose assigned it by the Rosicrucian Order, for which it is the preparatory school. We are particularly optimistic in light of the coordination of auspicious present and imminent planetary aspects. Even now we are experiencing the millennial energies highly favorable for the advancement of our mission. May we all contribute our utmost to the implementation of these beneficent energies so that, in Christ's Name and for His glory, our common spiritual cause may prosper.

  — C.W.

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, September/October, 1995

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