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The Sun — Principle of Power

"Basically, the house with Leo on the cusp shows which department of life contains your source of Power experience or "lesson of Power." Whatever afflicted conditions are indicated in that house — and there may be many — express your power and authority in the affairs of that house to the best of your ability. The planets there show what you want to express, but Leo on the cusp shows how you can best express those urges. Where the Sun is placed shows where we seek to dominate directly and rule our conditions. It is, then, our "center" for this incarnation."

   Considering the simplicity of the structure of a horoscope we cannot fail to be impressed by the profundity of its symbolism. A center, twelve radiations bounded by a Circle — that's all. And yet it serves as a picture of Cosmos. Nothing in symbology represents so much, by such economy of means.

   The structure of a horoscope symbolizes the basis of manifestation of any thing — a human being, an event, a nation, or a solar system. Every objectification has its own pattern or vibratory rate, and the simple drawing of a circle with radiations from its center can be used to represent the "body" of this objectification.

   Let us consider a solar system: We are told that the Logos, having selected a spherical area of space at the dawn of manifestation pours its energies into the center, thus objectifying a Sun — or center of manifestation. The Will of the Logos interpenetrates this immense sphere in every part. From the center — or Sun — various fields for evolutionary activity are radiated. These "fields" we call the planets and each one provides a home for the development of various types of beings. Each planet stands in much the same relationship to the Creator as each color stands in relationship to the Principle of Light, or each tone to the Principle of Sound. The Sun, as central body, is the Logoic Will objectified, and the bodies of the system are the expressions of that Will in manifestation.

   The horoscope, as a map of the heavens, should actually show the Sun in the center. However, in relationship to the Earth, which is our field of evolution, and for astrological purposes, we include the Sun in the family of planets for this reason: in human terms, the expression of Will is yet to be developed by evolutionary processes. Humanity, for the most part, lives in its negatives, its feelings, fears, and desires. Consequently, domination from experience is inevitable. Living in the "Sun consciousness" would imply a complete identity with the Source, complete detachment from the claims of feeling, complete control and direction of all faculties expressed by a human being. This, in our terms, is Mastership. In other words, a Master, even in the flesh, determines his experiences by radiation from his own center, not by response to the urges and drives of his planets. He then, as far as is possible, is truly a creator — he lives in his Sun consciousness.

   From the standpoint of even the most mundane approach to astrology, the same drawing is used. The birthplace is the center from which radiates the variety of life experiences, in terms of people, places, and things. The same drawing is used to represent the "objectified Ego;" the Higher Self — or "God-potential" is the center of the circle, and the varying states, or expressions, of that potential are the planetary positions and aspects. The horoscope is thus seen,in whatever application, as the symbol of a manifestation of God.

   Since the Sun represents the highest state of consciousness known to man, the principle implied is that of Power — the first Logoic aspect. We, as astro-analysts, must give very careful attention to the Sun aspects in the horoscope because these represent the "degrees of God consciousness" that the person has thus far attained in his present cycle of development. Every benefit Sun aspect, indicating a harmonious or constructive application of the Power principle, is a redemption. Every malefic is thus seen to be a hindrance or perversion of Power. The Sun is the synthesis of all the planets, and any planet identified with the Sun by aspect, dispositorship, etc., gains thereby in power and scope of expression, both spiritually and mundanely. Planets, particularly the dynamic ones, placed in Leo, indicate that their constructive expression must be based on the right use of power; afflictions indicate the tendency to pervert it.

   An interesting study is to be found in the charts having the Sun unaspected. Such a pattern tells us that, on this cycle, the person concerned is initiating his power consciousness. Sign position of the Sun tells us the spiritual or esoteric path of this development. House position tells us where, in this incarnation, he makes his start. Planets in Leo, and their aspects, tell us through which agencies he is seeking to express the Principle of Power, and by them through which channels his Power consciousness will express in the future. The Sun, however aspected, placed in the fourth house, shows the possibilities of power expression in the maturity of life. The negative aspects to this position show the people or experiences and reactions that will threaten this fulfillment during years of growth.

   Let us impress on our minds the thought that afflicted aspects involving the Sun are serious problems. The other planets may be in conflict with each other and many problems result thereby, but when the consciousness of power and purpose is stunted, the ability of the person to deal with his planetary difficulties is greatly limited. Solutions are thus much harder to find and apply. In other words, the entire horoscope is weakened to the degree that the Sun consciousness is inhibited or depleted. And, consequently, the dynamic afflictions in the chart have just that much more power to "afflict dynamically." Force, or energy of any kind, must, in the final analysis, be controlled by power radiating from the center. Clarify this thought by imagining the Sun position as the center of activity in the chart, radiating its energies in all directions. The squares and oppositions to the Sun will thus be seen as lines of force from the planets intersecting, or interrupting, these radiations at right angles or head-on from the opposite side of the circle.

   Basically, the house with Leo on the cusp shows which department of life contains your source of Power experience or "lesson of Power." Whatever afflicted conditions are indicated in that house — and there may be many — express your power and authority in the affairs of that house to the best of your ability. The planets there show what you want to express, but Leo on the cusp shows how you can best express those urges. Where the Sun is placed shows where we seek to dominate directly and rule our conditions. It is, then, our "center" for this incarnation. A great variety of "Sun conditions" are, of course, possible. However, any planet in favorable aspect to the Sun — thus integrated to a degree with power — may be utilized as a counteractive to negatives in other parts of the chart. Any such planet is automatically very influential in the chart and may assist in the working out of disharmonies.

   A consideration of the negative aspects to the Sun: Charge the afflicted planet with power, read it negatively; thus is found the essence of such aspects.

   Sun-Mars: Power-Desire: Power is expressed through conflict, competition, domination, sex conquest, ruthlessness, and cruelty. Mars is basic, or primitive, self-expression, and when power is abused through it, its vibration releases tremendous energy that tends to result in some form of destruction, pain to others, or "domination at all costs." Power is here seen to express as egotism. This aspect is symbolic of the unregenerate masculine polarity. To a degree, the Sun, afflicted in Aries or Scorpio, carries much the same coloring; also, any affliction to the Sun conjunct Mars, in any sign. Since this aspect is so basically masculine in quality, its redemption may be found in some constructive application of the feminine polarity: Moon, Venus, or Neptune.

   Sun-Jupiter: Power-Pride: In this aspect, power is expressed in various forms of negative, or false self-approval. These forms of "patting oneself on the back" may be traced to the kind of consciousness which gives undue value to financial abundance, social or professional position, family background, egotistical reference to talents and abilities, and the kind of benevolence which is usually expressed with an eye to recognition or acclaim. An aspect of "false aristocracy," symbol of snobbery and pretension. The person so conditioned tends to exaggerate that which he deems worthy in his own nature and conditions, and reacts with anger or hurt at any implication that he is not all he pretends to be. Open, frank criticism and he closes his ears and consciousness to retire into his ivory tower of lofty, offended dignity; but let him hear, indirectly, that certain fine things are expected of him and he will bend over backwards to uphold the fine opinion which he values. In other words, he will "pour his power" into improvement if he feels it is worth the effort, but, in reverse, he will pour the same streams of power into his pride if he is belittled. He must maintain his good opinion of himself! Such a person could do nothing better to harmonize his inner disharmonies than to create a regular pattern of benevolent deeds — and not talk about them.

   Sun-Saturn: Power-Unfulfillment: This is, perhaps, the most "painful" of all the afflictions to the Sun. An area of experience is thus shown to be so lacking in fulfillment that the energies of the very Center itself are needed to redeem karma. In a horoscope that is predominantly dynamic, this aspect throws a heavy emphasis on ambition and achievement in some form. The "urge to climb" is intensely felt, and power is utilized to a large degree in overcoming obstacles. It would appear that this pattern represents a past in which opportunities for development were neglected or wasted. In this incarnation lost time must be redeemed. In a predominantly passive chart, this aspect is heavily gravitational in effect; the requirements of Saturn hold the person to Earth. In such a case, check carefully for any dynamic urge in the chart which may provide a possible release of power into channels of growth. The persons represented by Saturn in this aspect are those who tend to repress or inhibit the person concerned. They threaten his very individuality, and though he may have to redeem a much needed experience of responsibility, he must, for the sake of his own constructive and healthy living, not allow himself to become so influenced by other people that he becomes subject to despair, depletion of self-confidence, or other possible psychological negatives.

   Sun-Uranus: Power-Lawlessness: This is the aspect of the anarchist. Because of the nature and purpose of Uranus, its square to the Sun, or conjunction afflicted, is a potential for terrific destruction in some form. So great are the possibilities of energy release indicated by this combination that every agency of control must be found and carefully analyzed. A heavy tendency to crystallization in some form is automatically implied as an accompanying factor to this aspect — check the Saturn conditions carefully and thereby determine in which part of his experience the person tends to rebel with such intensity — and possibly even violence. An aspect of potential genius is indicated by any aspect of Uranus to Sun, but the square or opposition seems to indicate the possibility of considerable destruction attending its expression. If "harnessed," this aspect pours into the other planets involved tremendous magnetic and dynamic charges, and, consequently, when directed constructively, it can make for great achievements and abilities.

   Sun-Neptune: Power-Illusion: This is a very subtle and difficult aspect. The power to visualize — and dream — is intense, but since this aspect indicates the perpetration of illusion in the past, it shows a pattern of disillusionment in the present incarnation. The dramatic instinct is pronounced; in fact, so much so that at times the person lives in his dream of "things as they might be" rather than realizing things as they are.

   In an artistic person, particularly those arts ruled by Neptune — music and drama — this is a very inspirational aspect; but it is inspiration without control. When stimulated the person can, with no effort, "tune in" on subtle influences and become, himself an instrument. However, the price that is paid for too much of this "tuning in" is physical, psychical, and nervous depletion — loss of power, vitality, and health generally. The people represented by Neptune in this pattern — in its negative phases — are those who may lead him into weakening habits, and thus deplete his retention of purpose.

   If the chart is mainly passive in quality with little source of stimulus or "urge," this aspect, if strongly marked may indicate a person whose life is dreamed away to no purpose or fulfillment. He must, sooner or later, come to grips with reality, and unite his efforts to some degree, with the channels of constructive living. When his dreams shatter into bits and his ivory tower crashes, and those he loved and admired turn out to be the greatest source of his pain, then he must meet these experiences with a constructive application of Neptune-faith, spiritual knowledge, purified love, and above all, learn from his disillusioners. They only reflected that which has been false in him in the past. This aspect shows an attunement with higher forces, or at least unseen forces, which in negative expression brings the person experiences with the lower astral ray. He must, to reconstruct his pattern, purify and cleanse his "inner pictures" through constructive meditation or prayer — and put his inspirations and dreams into reality by some form of work or toward the fulfillment of self-directed purposes of realizing truly high ideals.

   Sun-Moon: Power-Feeling: The astrologically inclined parents of a child with Sun and Moon in conflict must try to adopt an impersonal attitude toward it. This aspect shows that its subconscious mind is very easily impressed and "pictures" of negative feelings taken in childhood may obscure its self-awareness and create confusion for the rest of its life. A study of such a child's chart will reveal to the parents the directions it will want to go, but, if in their over-concern for every moment of its existence they impress it with their worries, fears, and anxieties, they will render it a great harm — that of clouding its sub-conscious with their own negative states and insure its inability to "carve its own course" as it grows up. A child with this aspect should be guided constructively to make its own decisions, never forced against its will. This applies, of course, to relatively unimportant things. Naturally a child cannot just run wild, but those little things that are of personal concern to it should be let alone by others so that it can establish, to a degree at least, its awareness of its little world. It has been found that some influence in childhood, impinged upon the sub-conscious of the child, has resulted in an inner conflict that resulted in disharmony and failure in adult life. When a child learns to know its own power without undue, or negative, influences on its subconscious it is so much better able to foresee, plan, create, and fulfill its purposes. After all is said and done, the Sun does represent the flowering of personality and ability, and the awareness of self as a creator of good can best be stimulated right in the beginning. If an adult person with Sun square or opposition the Moon consults for a solution to a disintegrative tendency in his life, do what can be done to urge him to psychoanalyze in some form and bring to the surface of his conscious mind the compulsions which may have been impressed on him when he was little. He must get them up and out in order to clear his channels for a more constructive expression of life.

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