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The Work of Invisible Helpers
Chapter XII (continued)

"The days of miracles are not over. They are taking place right along, but very little is said about them. Many people who have prayed for help have been healed by means of spiritual healing. Some have seen the Helpers who came to help them; others have heard them speak and conversed with them just as they talk to their friends. Others have sensed their presence. I have heard of a great many instances where sick people have contacted Invisible Helpers and told about it."

She put her finger in the man's eye and materialized it and pushed the splinter out a little. Then the other Helper got hold of it and pulled it out.

"Oh, darling," the man said to his wife, "she has her finger in my eye, and I will lose the sight in that eye."

The wife began to cry and started toward the lady Helper.

"Stay where you are, Lady," said the man Helper, "or you will make matters worse."

The Helper began to massage the man's eye, and the injury was healed.

"My eye feels fine now, and I can see well. Thank you so much," the man said. "You put your finger inside my eye, and I felt you push the sliver out, and he pulled it the rest of the way out. How did you do this? Then how did you stop my eye from hurting? Who are you? There is something strange about you. Are you human? Yes, I guess you are, for you both look like it."

"Yes, she is human," said the man Helper. "Be good and thank God for the help you have receive," and the Helpers disappeared from them.

Here is how a lady with an abscess in her right ear was cured by means of spiritual healing. She was in bed suffering greatly and asking the Lord to have mercy on her. The Helpers found her alone in a dark room. "My dear Friend," said one of the Helpers, "we have come to help you if you wish it."

"Oh, who is it?" she asked and reached for the light.

"Do not turn the light on. We can see well enough," the lady Helper said.

The man Helper told his companion to get a towel and tie up the lady's long hair on her head. She did this, and then she held the lady's hands while the other Helper the lady's head on the side of the bed. He then ran his hand in her ear and peeled all the diseased ether off. When the pus came out, she said, "Oh, that feels so good, and my ear has stopped hurting."

"Lie on that side and let it drain, and it will be well in a day or so," the man Helper said.

The lady asked the strangers to turn the light on, and one of them did.

"Pray tell me how you got into our house," the lady inquired.

"We walked in," one Helper replied. "We heard your prayers for help. and we came to help you if we could."

"Oh, thank you so much, I want to call my parents so that they can meet you," she said.

"No, do not wake them up, for we must go," said the Helper. "Good-by," and they left.

One night a lady was directed to a Helper when she was out in sleep to have her help her, for she had had a second stroke and was gradually losing the use of one leg and one arm. Her face was drawn to one side. "I want someone to help me," she said.

This Helper asked her companion to help this lady.

"Go home, and we will see what we can do to help you," he said.

When the Helper reached this lady's home in the eastern part of the United States, they found her in bed awake. She seemed be about forty-five years old, but she looked much older because of her drawn face and terrified expression.

"I am your friend," said the man Helper. "Don't be alarmed."

"I feel that you see both my friends," said the lady. "This is the second stroke that I have had, and I am afraid that I will become helpless and will not be able to take care of myself. Will you help me? I am alone. I dreamed that I asked an Angel to help me, and she told a man to help me, and I woke up."

"I am the man, and she is the one who told me to help you," the man Helper said.

"Then you are Angels," she said.

While the Helper was talking to her, he was rubbing her and massaging her head. Then the lady Helper began to act queer.

"What is the matter with you?" he asked.

"I cannot walk right, and my mouth feels one-sided," she replied.

"Well, you won't be able to talk so much now or nose around so much," he told her to tease her.

"Help me," she said.

"When are you going to remember that you are out of your body and stop taking on people's conditions?" he asked.

"Oh, I forgot!" she exclaimed, and then she was all right.

The Helper told the lady who had needed help that she could get up. She did, and she could walk as well as before. She thanked them for their help. They told her what to eat and to keep on praying and that she would find the way to improve himself both physically and spiritually.

I will now tell you of two men whom some Helpers visited one night a few years ago. A high Lay Sister showed the Helpers two men who had tried to kill themselves some years before. They both had tubes in their throats. One had a glass tube and the other had a rubber tube, by means of which they could get some nourishment.

One man had repented his act, but the other had become very mean. The Lay Sister told the Helpers to warn one and help the other. They went to see the bad man first. They found that he ruled a tribe of Arabians that lived in a small town and that he was very cruel to the people and unfair in his dealings with others.

This man would cause people to be tied in the hot Sun and then cold spring water poured over them. This caused them to get hotter, and they died of sunstroke. He had a young woman tied to a post, and a man was about to pour water on her when the lady Helper stopped him. The ruler was angry at this interference, and he spit on the Helper and slapped her face. She was surprised at first. Then she carefully got a good hold on him and took several cups of cold water and poured it on his head.

"I am very sorry, but you have brought this on yourself," the lady Helper said to the surprised man.

The man howled and tried to get loose. When he did, he hurried to his tent. "Kill her," he shouted to his men.

The men tried to shoot her, but their guns would not go off. The other Helper had told the Salamanders to keep quiet, and so their guns would not work. The men looked dismayed enough.

"If you don't treat your people better, you will lose your chiefship," one Helper told this cruel leader. "You will become a wanderer and will die in the desert alone."

The man promised to do better. The Helpers disappeared from him. They were told that he would do better in the future.

The Helpers then hurried to South America to see the man who had tried to kill himself by drinking poison and by his throat. He had been in love with a girl, and when she rejected his love, he decided to end his life. His life was saved, and he greatly repented his rash act.

Finally he became a rich man. The cut had paralyzed his esophagus, and he could not swallow except through a rubber tube. Some of the poison that he had taken had settled in the lower part of his intestinal tract and had caused severe constipation.

When the Helpers reached this man, he had had the hiccups for four days, and his body had been clogged up all this time. His doctor could do nothing to relieve him, and he was in much pain. His stomach was much distended, and he had a high fever.

The sick man was afraid that he was going to die. He had been praying ever since be had had the last illness of a similar nature. When this poor man saw the Helpers, he appealed to them for aid.

"Please help me," he begged. "I do not want to die. I love my wife and family, and I want to care for them. Oh, I am afraid to die. Help me, Lord! Have mercy on me."

The man Helper told the members of the family to leave the woman. The man had two children who were twins about twelve or thirteen years old. One was a boy and the other was a girl.

"Please let us stay," they said. "We love our papa, and he is a real pal to us."

"No, dear children. You must go out," the Helper said. They went out, and he locked the door and began to work on the sick man. He massaged the man's body and got it cleaned out. Then he got the peristaltic movement started. After that he took the rubber tube out of the man's throat and healed it by means of spiritual healing.

After that the Helper got a glass of milk and gave it to the man, and he drank it with ease. "This is the first drink I have had for fifteen years," he said. The Helper had the man take a bath and then get back into bed for a short time to regain his strength.

"What became of the woman that you loved?" the Helper inquired.

"She is about town, but I never meet her," the man replied. "My wife was my nurse in the hospital, and I married her two years after I got well."

The Helper called the man's family in and told them of the law of Karma and the law of Cause and Effect.

"Will I have to face this suffering again when I die?" the man asked.

"No, it is over with now, and you are a well man," replied the Helper. "Do not ever eat meat again. You can eat all the vegetables and fruit, milk, etc. that you want."

The twin girl was a very winsome child. She stayed close by the lady Helper and showed her that she liked her, and the Helper kissed her. "Oh, an Angel kissed me," she said happily. "Now kiss my brother."

The lady Helper did this, and then she called the twins together and put her arms around them and let out her aura. Then both of the Helpers disappeared leaving the happy family to rejoice over the healing of the husband and father.

Yes, spiritual healing is possible, but it cannot always be used. There are times when Helpers meet people who are in need of help, but they have not earned the right to it and do not ask for it, and so they cannot be healed or helped. The Lords of Destiny don't give something for nothing.

Many sick people can be healed by doctors or by electric or x-ray treatments. When we are sick, we are expected to use all material means first. If we cannot heal ourselves by means of the right kind of food, or by home remedies, we should go to a doctor. If necessary, we should go to a hospital for treatment. It is best to pray for assistance also, but we should assist ourselves all we can.

There are cases that medical science cannot cure. For instance, when a man has paralyzed his throat, he can scarcely expect to be cured by ordinary means. All things are possible with God. Do not hastily say that the illustrations in this book are not real. Think it over and read your Bible carefully, and you may be surprised at what you will find there.

The days of miracles are not over. They are taking place right along, but very little is said about them. Many people who have prayed for help have been healed by means of spiritual healing. Some have seen the Helpers who came to help them; others have heard them speak and conversed with them just as they talk to their friends. Others have sensed their presence. I have heard of a great many instances where sick people have contacted Invisible Helpers and told about it.

Helpers meet many people and see strange things that happen. One night two Helper's were sent to help a young lady who had been poisoned by her mother. Her face and arms were covered with sores, and her tongue was almost white. She was badly frightened and almost desperate. This young lady was suffering from arsenic poisoning.

It seems that the had been paying on a five thousand dollar insurance policy that was made out in favor of the mother. The mother wanted the money, and so she put arsenic in her daughter's powder box to kill her. The young lady used it on her face and hands, and the would have died if help had not been given her.

The man Helper got some cornmeal and milk and made poultices and put them on the young lady's face and arms to draw out the poison. She was soon out of danger. The man Helper told this young lady to move as soon as possible and let her mother entirely alone. She said she would because she was afraid of her mother and suspected that the had some evil plans concerning her.

Life is very strange. Some parents will do away with their own children for money, while others will risk their own lives to save them. It takes all kinds of people to make a world. In the case of this girl, she had not deserved such a death, and so her prayers were answered.

Here is what happened one time. Two Helpers went over into the jungles of Africa and found that it was very hot there. Some local people were out in the woods getting some kind of fruit, and a large spitting cobra came up to them and threw his poison on a man and a child. They began to scratch, and the poison would have soon entered their blood streams and then to die had not instant help been given them.

The lady Helper picked up the child, and the man Helper took the man, and together they carried them to a little stream of water. They washed the poison of the snake off and stripped the infected ether from their hands, faces, and legs; and they were soon all right.

As the Helpers started away, they found a woman in trouble. She had been bitten by a snake, and the people had run away and left her to die. The Helpers found a piece of the snake's tooth in her flesh. They took it out, examined it and found a hollow in it. It may have been the cap over the tooth that held the venom in the snake's tooth.

One Helper sucked the poison out of the wound while the other Helper stripped the infected ether out of her leg. The woman opened her eyes and tried to get down on her knees before the Helpers to pay them homage because she thought they were Angels. Strange as it may seem, all races know of Angels, even if they have not seen them, but not many seem to know about Invisible Helpers who have physical bodies that they can leave at home asleep while they travel in their soul bodies.

The Helpers carried the woman to her home and told the local people that all three of these injured people would get well and that they were to take good care of them. The people were delighted to see the Helpers and grateful for their assistance.

The woods where the berries and fruit grew were infested with snakes, and it was dangerous to go there. The Helpers saw many human bones among the thick bushes nearby.

The Helpers then worked on two of the people who were sick. While they were at that place, the Helpers saw the local witch doctor, and they saw a lot of elementals around him.

"Can you cure snake bites?" one Helper asked this local doctor.

"No," he said. "No human can cure a poisonous snake bite."

"Yes, they can," said the man Helper. "Where we come from, the doctors can cure snake bites."

"Then you must come from the Sun God, where all things can be done," the local doctor replied.

The Helper was told to tell this man that if he would be just and kind to all the people there and in the villages nearby and would help them to do better, he would be given power over the snakes and wild beasts. The man promised that he would do this.

"If you do not do as you promise," said the Helper, "something in the jungle will surely kill you."

"I will be good and help the people," he promised again.

The Helpers drove the elementals away from him and then they told him to follow them. They went into the bushes and found a large snake, and one Helper told him to pick up the snake's head. He did, and the snake did not hurt him.

The Helpers looked into the Desire World and found the Group Spirits of the snakes and beasts. He told them that this man was a friend and for them to forever keep their charges from harming him. They asked these Group Spirits to give the man knowledge to cure those who have been bitten or injured as long as he keeps his promise. The Group Spirits said that they would do this. The man saw and heard what took place and became a greatly changed man.

The Helpers told this local doctor that his people would not always do as he told them, but he must have patience with them. He said that he would, and the Helpers left him and went on about their work. Later they went back and met this man again, and they found that he was doing very well. He was helping the local people in many ways.

One night some Helpers went to help a lovely baby who was sick. Before they went to her, they were shown a little girl baby about a year old lying in bed beside her mother. The baby was as dainty and pretty as a little Fairy. She had fair skin, blue eyes, and curly hair.

This baby had a chest cold that was fast developing into pneumonia. Her mother was ignorant of her child's true condition, but before going to sleep, she had asked God to help her child.

The leader of the healing work showed this baby to one of the Helpers so that she would draw her to her, and she rushed to the baby. When the baby saw her, she raised her hands, and the Helper's love fairly drew the baby into her arms. In that case love caused the suspension of gravity and drew the small baby to the Helper.

The Helper asked that the baby be healed, and then she put the beautiful child down, and it smiled up at her as she left the room. The mother slept on, unconscious of what was happening to her baby.

One night two, Helpers saw a man all huddled up on a street car track, and they went to him. He had been at a friend's house playing poker and had a large sum of money. After that refreshments were served, and he had had something to eat and a last drink before going home.

Someone in the house had put something in his sandwich to make him go to sleep so that they could rob him when he fell in the street. The whiskey that he had drunk had a stimulating effect on him and kept him awake. Severe cramps set in, and the man fell down and doubled up on the street car tracks, tying up the traffic.

The Helpers picked the man up and took on his condition.

"Does it seem as if there is a knot in your intestines?" the man Helper inquired of the sick man.

"Yes," the frightened man replied. "Please help me."

The Helper rubbed the knots out of his intestines so that he could stand up, and then he recovered and was able to go home.

"The people where you went are not your friends," the Helper said to him. "It is best for you to stay away from there from now on."

Here is how a crippled lady was helped. On night some Helpers went to see a lady who was about thirty-five years of age. Ten years before this she had contracted rheumatism, and it had made a cripple of her. She had a husband who made a good living and provided a good home for her. She had two children, who were about fourteen and fifteen years of age.

The Helpers found this lady sitting in a wheel-chair on her screened in porch, and they began to talk to her. She told them that she had read the Bible through four times and knew it nearly all by heart. She said she could not understand the Bible the way the preachers and priests do.

"I believe there is a deeper meaning to the Bible," she said. "Who are the people who get the gifts that it tells of? How do they get them? How can people let God know that they want them? I have done what the Bible says about praying and asking for things, but I have received no answer. The preacher cannot answer me. Whom must I go to now?"

"You must change your way of thinking," the man Helper said. "You must root out all the prejudice against everything, and treat everyone fairly. You should stop eating meat, chicken, and fish. Instead you should eat vegetables, fruit, fruit juices, butler, milk, and whole-wheat bread."

"I will do that," the lady answered.

"May we come in?" the Helper asked pleasantly.

"Will you hurt me?" she asked.

"No, I will not hurt you, and I may be able to help you," the Helper said.

She let the strangers in and asked them to sit down and spoke of the warm weather.

"Come, get up and try and walk," the man Helper said. "God may have already healed you, but you have not tried to walk."

"Oh, yes, I have tried lots of times, but I have not tried today," the lady said.

He helped her, and she stood up. "Oh, I felt a shock as you touched me," she exclaimed.

"Get me a drink of water, please," the Helper said suddenly.

The lady went and got the water and forgot about herself. When she came back, the Helper explained the Bible and his teachings and then he told her about their work of helping others. When the Helpers got ready to go, they shook hands with the lady.

"This is the best visit I have had in my life, and you have answered all my questions," she said in a happy voice, and she walked to the gate with the strangers.

"See, God has healed you, and you did not know it," the Helper told her.

The lady was too startled to speak for a few seconds, and then she said, "Oh, I forgot all about the chair, and I went and got the water, too. I thank you so much for your help."

Chapter XIII:
Are Animals Subject to Spiritual Influence?

The animals are our younger brothers and they are evolving just as we are. The Angels and the Group Spirits are caring for them and they feel the spiritual impulse that comes from the Earth Spirit, who is confined to the Earth during six months of the year.

The spiritual influence is at work among the animals and it is breaking down the antagonism between the different species of the animal kingdom. The daily papers print many interesting stories of widely different animals that become close friends and pals. I will just mention a few of these stories of friendly animals which I have saved because of their human interest. All of the stories are illustrated with interesting photographs.

One shows a lion and a hen in the lion's cage. They were constant companions for three months. When they were separated, the lion died of a broken heart.

Another picture shows a lioness and a white mouse in a cage together. They were living in harmony together in England.

Another shows a beautiful black and white cat with a robin perched on his head. The story said, that a great friendship existed between these two widely different creatures.

Another picture shows a dog and a fawn with their noses together. Under the picture is the following: "This orphaned fawn came out of the forest along the western boundary of Glacier National park in Montana, and picked an unusual friend, a settler's wolf dog. Now they are inseparable."

A white mare and a shy young deer are boon companions on a farm in England. The deer was lame when it went to the horse and made friends and found a protector.

I have a picture of a cat sitting down with a canary perched between his paws. They were pals and liked to be together.

Still another picture shows a chow dog holding a cat in his paws. On the dog's head there is a canary resting. The story says that these pets are the best of friends and eat out of the same dish.

There are many advanced animals now in the world and the Group Spirits of the different species are influencing them to be friendly to each other.

People who love pets enjoy having friendly animals and when they get advanced animals they become very attached to them. When these people give these animals the proper care and are kind to them they are helping them greatly in their evolution, and the Group Spirits will give them their blessing, which will help the people whether they realize it or not.

Invisible Helpers often work with the Group Spirits in getting homes for animals. One night two Helpers were directed by the Group Spirit of the squirrels to go and get two squirrels which a man was going to kill. This man was afraid that these beautiful animals would multiply and destroy his fine garden. He had them in a basket-like cage. The Helpers told the man that they would take them if he didn't want them.

"I don't want them because I am afraid that they will become a nuisance and eat up the vegetables in my garden," he said, and he willingly gave the squirrels to the Helpers.

One of them started to open the door of the cage and take the young squirrels out. The man became excited about it. "Lady, don't take those creatures out," he said. "Why, lightning could not catch them. They are as wild as jack rabbits."

"They are my friends, and will mind me," she said.

"No, no squirrel is tame on sight," the man said. "Why, I was a week catching them."

The Helper opened the door and took a squirrel out and held it in her arms and petted it, and admired it, and talked to it, and the squirrel was quiet and good. The man stood with his mouth open and looked at her.

"Well, one of those creatures tried to bite me," he said, "and here you are loving it and making it like it."

A lady came out to where the Helper and the man were and she wanted to pet the squirrel, but the Helper told her to be very careful as squirrels will bite suddenly, so she did not try it. The man gave the Helpers the cage and they took the squirrels in the cage and walked away.

When they got out of sight of the man the Helpers dematerialized most of their bodies. One Helper carried the cage containing the squirrels about forty miles through the air and gave them to a boy about twelve years old who loved pets. This boy said that he would be kind to them. The Helpers were charmed with the place where the boy lived, for where were many fine oak trees there. The Helpers then walked a little way from the farm house and crossed a bridge over a stream of water, and then they went up in the air and looked down.

The boy's father's farm was a beautiful place, and his house was built upon a little knoll overlooking his large farm. Then they looked for the Group Spirit of the squirrels and saw him and he thanked them heartily for their help.

After that the Group Spirit of the cats asked the Helpers to take two cats to a home that he showed them by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness. The Helpers got the two half grown cats, which were homeless, and took them to the house that the Group Spirit showed them. The people were farmers and they were up milking the cows.

The Helpers put the cats on the front porch and then the Lady Helper knocked on the door and a little girl let the Helpers in. One Helper told her about the two cats and said that they would make lovely pets for her. "Do you want them?" she asked.

"Oh, let them in. I am glad to get them," said the child. The Helper started to the door to get the cats. "Oh, Rover will chase them away," said the girl, but she opened the screen door.

"Kitty, kitty," called the Helper and, the tomcat slowly walked in, but the other cat held back.

Then the man Helper got behind the timid cat and gently pushed her in. "Say, Cat, don't you want a good home?" he asked her and then she went in. The girl accepted both of the cats and the Helpers were pleased. One Helper told the little girl to go and get the dog, and she called him.

The dog came in and the cats raised up their backs for fight. The Helper got the three animals together and talked to them. I want you three to be good friends and not fight," he said.

The dog lay down and the cats lay down between his legs.

"What do you think of that?" the girl said. "Why, he would kill every cat he saw if he got a chance." The child was very happy to think the dog would be friendly to her new pets.

The Group Spirit of the cats thanked the Helpers and said, "Such service will never go unrewarded."

Not long after these same Helpers were sent to help a young goat that was about to be killed. The people had a truck farm somewhere in Illinois and they were very poor. They decided to kill their son's pet goat for food while the boy was asleep. The boy was very fond of his pet and had allowed it to go into the house. It was a brown and white kid ten months old. It was as affectionate as a dog and followed the boy all over and understood what he said.

The Helpers talked to the people and pleaded for the kid's life. One Helper told them that conditions would be better for them in a few days and the kid would only make about one good meal anyway. The people promised that they would not kill the kid, and the Helpers disappeared from them. They were amazed at this, and the Helpers knew that it would have a good effect on them for it would make them keep their promIse.

Again, the lady Helper looked for the Group Spirit of the goats, and he motioned for her to go where he was. She went there and put her arms around this beautiful Group Spirit and he let out his aura, which enveloped her and extended out a great distance. The other Helper saw only the Group Spirit's bright aura for a moment. The lady Helper was a very happy person at the end of the night. The next morning both of these Helpers plainly remembered helping these animals and contacting the Group Spirits.

The Group Spirits have charge of the animals and they send out impulses to guide their charges and influence them to do what is best for them. The spiritual impulses are fed by the Group Spirits and they in turn send out impulses to the animals to try to have them do better. Thus the animals are guided from without as we were long ago before our egos became indwelling.

The Group Spirits are very wise beings that belong to a different evolution than ours. They look like Archangels except that they have heads that resemble the animals that are under their charge. These Group Spirits function in spiritual bodies which are their lowest vehicles. The Group Spirits that have charge of the birds gather their flocks of birds in the fall and compel them to migrate to the south neither too early, nor too late to escape the winter's cold. They direct their return in the spring, causing them to fly at just the proper altitude, which differs for the different species.

The Group Spirit of the beaver teaches his charges to build their dams across streams at just the proper angle. The bees are taught to build their hexagon cells in which to store their honey by their Group Spirits, and the snails are taught how to fashion their houses in an accurate beautiful spiral by their Group Spirit.

Animals do seem to be showing the effects of the great spiritual influence that is at work in the world. Here is a story that illustrates this. Some Helpers were in Asia and they met a little Mongolian girl who had some very unusual pets. She had an angora cat, a prairie wolf, four rabbits, and a pet snake that was about eight feet long. They were all playing together and made a very strange and unusual picture.

The Helpers stopped and talked with the little girl, who was about ten years old. They asked her where she got her pets. She said that she found the wolf when it was a baby and carried it home and fed it and raised it and now it acts as a guard for her. One day she found the snake and talked to it and it followed her home and had stayed there ever since.

"A lady gave me the cat when it was a kitten," the little girl said. "One day. it had a fight with the wolf and the snake, but I told them to be good to the cat and the fight stopped and now they are friends. The rabbits were left by the papa and mamma rabbit. I keep my pets all in the shed and they do not fight any more but they will not allow anyone to come into our garden at night."

The little girl went on to say that one thing she liked about her pets was that they do not let her mamma spank her if she can get to them first, for they always take her part in any trouble. "Once when my mamma was spanking me for something I had done," she said, "I called the wolf and he jumped right through the window and went for my mamma. I had to plead hard for my pet's life, for my father was going to kill him. It was my fault and I told them so, and they finally consented to let him alone, and I was happy again."

The child told the Helpers that when the other children fight her she either calls the cat or the shake and they chase them away. One Helper asked the little girl if she didn't like dolls.

"Yes, but my playmates come first for I can make them do tricks," he said. Then she showed the interested Helpers what her pets could do. She got on the wolf's back and rode him about the yard. She made the snake lift himself up, hiss as snakes do, and coil himself up. Then she called the angora cat and made the cat sit up, walk on three legs, jump, etc. She even had the rabbits do tricks. She had them wrestle and box and jump over a rope.

One Helper told the little girl that she was not afraid of her pets and she went up to the wolf and began to scratch his head and he lay down and flattened out and was perfectly contented. She rubbed the big snake next and he coiled up and straightened out as if he was pleased. It looked as if he were laughing. Then the Helper saw the snake's fangs and knew that he was a very poisonous snake. The cat came up to be petted, and then the rabbits came up for their share of attention.

The child's parents came out and looked on and the Helpers talked to them about the child and her pets. The father and mother said that they had to watch her at bedtime so she wouldn't take any of her pets to bed with her for company. Once they found the wolf in her bed, and another time they found the snake there, and this nearly frightened the mother to death. The mother said that she was afraid of the wolf and the snake and feared that these creatures would turn on her and injure her.

One Helper contacted the Group Spirit of the wolf and asked him about these pets. The Group Spirit said that the wolf and the snake would not harm anyone in the family if they were kindly treated. "The only drawback is that the snake and the wolf may some day seek mates and bring them here and have their families," he said, "and then the people would have to get rid of the new comers."

I think that you will agree with me that this child has an odd assortment of pets and that it is strange that they live peaceably together. Here is a case where a little child is leading them just as Isaiah foretold hundreds of years ago.

One time some Helpers were sent to a lady who lived in the northern part of the United States to help her, as she was praying very earnestly for someone to come and help her.

The weather was extremely cold and she was sick in bed and could not get up, and her husband was away in a lumber camp. The sick lady told the Helpers her troubles and worries. She said that she had sent her little six-year old daughter to her neighbors to ask her to come and help her. The little girl had started off at about 8 o'clock and it was then about 3 o'clock in the morning and she had not returned home, and her mother was nearly crazy from fear and from her illness.

The Helpers saw four wolves at the door of the house howling. They had rushed past them to find the mother, who had dragged herself out of bed and was trying to dress so that she could go and look for her child, for great is a mother's love and she knows no danger.

When the mother saw the Helpers in her house her first thought was of her child. "Go get my daughter before I die," she gasped, "for if the wolves get her I will die."

The Helpers then asked the mother where her child was and she told them where she had sent the child at about 8 o'clock that evening. One Helper stirred up the fire, which was low, and put on more fuel and got it well started. He put the sick woman back in her bed and told the lady Helper to stay there until he found the child.

"No, I want to go with you," she said. "Those wolves may get you and if you must go let me go and help you." You see she forgot that when Helpers are out of their bodies nothing can injure them. It takes Helpers a very long time to learn this.

The man Helper saw that his companion was determined to go along, so he wrapped the woman tightly in bed so that she could not get out and then the Helpers set out to look for the child.

They went to a house about a mile away and woke up the people who lived there and told them about the sick woman and the lost child. They said that they had not seen the child. The two men got up and dressed, and took their rifles with them and went to look for the child. One woman went to the sick lady's home to help her. The Helpers had told the people about the four wolves which had left the house when they started away to get help.

The Helpers disappeared and went up into the air so that they could see better, and they soon saw two large fat black bears. They went down to help them for they thought that they were in a trap. They found the child between them fast asleep. The bears were also sound asleep. They had their fore feet together over the child's head and their hind feet at the child's feet and they were close to her to keep her warm.

The man Helper touched one of the bears. "Mr. Bear, wake up," he said, and the bear growled. "Listen, Bear, I don't want any trouble," the Helper continued, "Just let me have the child and wake up," he said.

The bear turned over and looked at the Helper and growled fiercely and then jumped up. This sudden movement awakened the other bear and the child, and the second bear growled.

"Mrs. Lady Bear," said the Helper stepping back, "you had better make your husband keep still for I do not want him to make any trouble. I am his friend and am telling him so."

The lady bear whined something and the large bear got between the child and the Helper. The Helper told him to move over but he would not. The lady Helper tried to get the child but the lady bear would not let her have the child, and the child went closer to the lady bear to keep warm for it was a bitter cold night and she was still very sleepy.

The Helper saw at once that they would have trouble in getting the child unless they got help. He called to the Group Spirit of the bears and asked him to help them.

If the Helper could have taken the child without waking the bears he would have done so. He could not because she was locked between them and in clutching after her their claws would have cut the child badly.

The Group Spirit explained why the bears stole the child. He said the bears wanted children and could not have any because in their previous life they had killed their young. So they took the little girl and would have kept her until she should be found killed by other animals or starved or froze to death.

The Helpers found the child about half a mile from her home. The bears followed the Helpers when they took the child to her home. When they got there, the Helpers let the bears into the house and shut them up in the kitchen. One Helper went out in the yard and rang the bell to call the searchers in as they had promised to do.

When the men came, one of the Helpers told them about the bears and told them that the bears would not hurt them and that they were not to bother the bears. The men looked much surprised and said that the would let the bears alone. "I shot four wolves and I will get a bounty for them," said one of the men.

One Helper asked the child where she met the bears.

"I was going along, and the two bears came to me and one picked me up and carried me off into the woods," she said.

"I tried to get away but then I became tired find went to asleep and then you came and got me.

"How strange," said one of the neighbors.

One Helper told the people that the bears would stay there and be near the little girl and would not harm anyone that did not bother them and that they would become pets of the child, and would follow her about, and would see that no harm came to her.

The child's mother hid a very severe cold and a fever and almost had pneumonia. She had a nice home but she had no home remedies to doctor herself with. She had money and plenty of food and fuel in the house. The Helpers worked on her, and one of them told her that she would be all right in one day or two.

"I want my husband to come home," the sick lady said.

"He will be home for Christmas, the Helper assured her. He then took the lady's hand in his and sent a thought for her husband to come home. After that he told the lady that her husband would be home either on Sunday or, early Monday morning.

The people wanted to know who the Helpers were and where they came from, and the Helper told them of their work and how they go about helping people.

"How strange!" someone said again.

Then the lady Helper opened the door and called the two black bears in and told them to be good and not harm anybody or anything and to always obey the people who live in that house. "You can go about in the woods but always come home," she said.

The child went up to the bear's and they lay down, as gentle as lambs. The Helper asked the child's mother to go up to them and she did and they looked at her in a friendly fashion, and stood up. She petted them as they lay down again. The Helper told the mother that these bears would not harm her or her family or her kind neighbors but that other animals in the woods would harm them. After that the Helpers left and went on with their work.

Three days later the Helpers returned to see the sick lady where they had left the two bears. Her husband was home and he was much pleased to see the Helpers who had helped his family. "I will build the bears a house in the back yard," he said. "One day the bears went away and my little girl cried because she was afraid they would not come back; but they came back before dark and scratched on the back door and I let them in. They are so big that they take up most of the room in the kitchen."

The wife spoke up and said that she told the bears to stay on the back porch until they could get a house made for them.

"What shall we feed the bears?" she asked the Helpers.

"At present let them get their own food but gradually give them what you eat," he said, "only do not give them any meat. They will eat bread, cake, potatoes, corn, and other vegetables, etc."

The husband thanked the Helpers and they went on.

One day two Helpers went to New Zealand to see a baby that they had helped to come into the world. The mother and the baby were fine. The lady showed the Helpers her pets. She had several large rabbits. The Helpers each picked up a rabbit and petted and admired it.

The family dog had made friends with a skunk and they were both pets. One Helper asked the owner how the dog happened to take up with the skunk.

"I guess the dog got lonesome," she said, "and went where the skunk was, and made friends with it. Then my husband made an apartment house for all of them. They all sleep under the same roof, but in different apartments, and they never fight. They will not allow any other animals to come around and they will follow me about the town if I will let them."

When the Helpers left they watched the dog and the skunk from above for a while. They were walking along a pathway in a friendly way. The skunk looked much like a black cat with a little white around its head. The dog was almost all white and had short hair. He was much larger than the skunk but it was easy to see that they were good friends.

Here is one of the most remarkable stories that I have ever heard about a child and wild animals, and you will realize what can be done in the future.

Some Helpers went to the northern part of South America to help some white people who lived in an outpost in a garrison on the edge of the jungles. The weather was very warm and the children were playing inside the yard by electric light. It was early in the morning, and the people were up.

One of the children had a mountain lion and was playing with it. One child had a pet monkey, another had a hairless dog. The fourth child had a strange animal that the Helpers could not identify. This animal was about the size of a police dog. The children and the animals all played together. The monkey was riding on the backs of all of them. One of the Helpers was so amazed at these animals that he had to take a good look to make sure just what was going on, for he was much surprised. He asked the girl who had the mountain lion to line the animals up side by side.

"Oh, we do that all the time," she said, "in playing soldiers. They are the cavalry." She called each animal by name and they came to her. "We are going to play soldiers, so you line up," she told them.

The animals lined up and the monkey got in front like a captain. "Forward march!" the little girl said, and they went forward. "Trot," she said, and they trotted along. "Break ranks," she ordered, and they walked every which way but kept near each other. "Attention, forward, march!" the little girl said, and the animals obeyed perfectly.

"Where did you learn all this?" asked the man Helper of the girl.

"I learned it from father, who is the captain here and from another man who drills the men here,' she answered.

The child's father came out to meet the strangers, and the man Helper asked him where he got such an assortment of playmates for the children.

"That is nothing strange," the man replied. The people in the jungles have all sorts of pets from snakes to monkeys. Most of them want lions and catamounts. I would take you to the chief's house, but it is dangerous to go there in the dark and we would surely get killed."

The Helpers talked to this man and he told them just where they were and what his work was. "Where can we find the local Indian Chief?" one of them asked.

The man told the Helpers where to find him and then told them to wait until daylight for he had a detachment going to him that morning. The Helpers told the captain that they could not wait and had to go. The captain was very friendly and he told the Helpers more about the children. "Nearly all of the white children have some kind of wild animal for a pet and their pets protect them when they go out. No one here kills the wild animals unless they attack first, but the jungles are dangerous all the time."

"Do not get off the path to make a short cut," the captain said, "for you may step into a hole or trap and be killed."

"All right, thank you," said the Helpers and they started off.

When they got outside of the gate they dematerialized and went to the chief's hut. They found him drinking tea and smoking. They spoke to him and he grunted a greeting to them. The man Helper told him what they had come for.

Do you think I am going to call my children up to show you that they will mind me?" the chief asked.

"I do not mean your children or anyone else's children," the Helper said. "I mean the animals."

"Hm!" the chief exclaimed. "Are not the animals our younger brothers?" and the Helper said, "Yes."

"Were you not told that I am the chief?" and the Helper said, "Yes."

"Then the animals are my children," the chief said.

The chief's voice woke up his daughter and she came into the room dressed in a very pretty pajama suit and she looked to be about twenty-five years old. She spoke to the strangers in excellent English.

The Helpers told her what they wanted and she asked her father to call the animals so that the strangers could see that they obey. The chief let out two yells and it looked as if all the beasts and reptiles in the jungle came to him. There were even alligators and crocodiles among them. The chief told the animals and reptiles to form a half circle with the largest in the back, and the animals did just as they were told. Just then the chief's daughter began to rock to and fro as if about to fall. Then one Helper sprang and caught her.

"Oh, since I have been away to school in the United States America, these things frighten me to death," she said. "Please tell my father to send them away. I thought he was only going to call one or two. The children have some of the worst ones for pets and they take great joy in frightening me with them."

"Why don't you live in town instead of here?" the Helper asked.

"I love my parents," the Indian lady said," and I am teaching the children and the adults and I love my work. None of the animals, or reptiles ever bother me but they follow me around if I don't drive them away."

There were many different species of animals near the chief. The lady Helper kept near her companion for she was afraid of the animals, too. "Go among them and make friends with them," he suggested and she just looked at him. "You don't need to go unless you wish," he said. She did not wish to go, and remained there.

The other Helper went up to a curious animal that he was unfamiliar with and looked at it carefully. It looked as if it had a tail on both ends of its body. He asked the chief what it was.

"He eats ants and insects and is harmless," the chief said. "Nothing hurts it, for it eats ants off of anything. We call him the benefactor of the animals, but man has another name for him." When the man Helper started to go farther in among the animals the lady Helper called him back.

"Go to sleep," the chief said to the animals. "I am sorry that I woke you up. Be good." The animals then went away.

"Do white men ever come into the jungle?" the man Helper asked the Indian girl.

"Yes, sometimes a traveler will attempt to go through, the jungle alone, but he never gets out, for he is killed by some of the animals or snakes," she answered. "The local people do not disturb the animals unless they do something to them."

The Helpers did not meet the girl's mother. "Come again," said the chief, and he went on smoking his pipe.

"Goodbye," said the Helpers and they went away.

This story gives us a better insight on what is going on in strange places on the earth. There are things that we cannot understand. We do not seem to realize some of the fundamental facts of life. The animals are our younger brothers and they are evolving just as we are. The Angels and the Group Spirits are caring for them and the animals do feel the spiritual impulse that is radiating from the Earth.

We respond a little, but we should respond much more than we do. One reason why our bodies are not more sensitized to that we can contact the inner worlds, and why we are not more receptive to the higher teachings, is because we eat meat. We eat our younger brothers.

Most people do not like to be advised and they resent friendly advice. They are not willing to give up the eating of meat, and the drinking and smoking habits that they have carelessly formed. They are too prejudiced and hateful to others. When they find out that they will be reborn again and again they say to themselves, "I will not be in a hurry to study a philosophy that demands that I give up my pleasures. I will enjoy myself a little longer and some other time I will do better."

One night a Group Spirit directed two Invisible Helpers to a horse that had stumbled and broken his leg. The Helpers wondered where the owner lived and the Group Spirit told them. They went and got the man and took him to the poor horse and, he shot him, for there was no way for the horse to get well and he was better off dead.

The Helpers then carried the horse in his desire body off to the Desire World and the Group Spirit thanked them for their help. The Group Spirit of the horse has a human body and a horse's head. When the Helpers looked at him closely they could see the body of the horse extending back from his shoulders and the man part seemed to fade away, and one seemed to be looking at a real horse.

When the Helper remembered this the next morning she remembered her great astonishment for it seemed as if she saw a beautiful brown horse and that he walked up the steps to the door of the house and talked to them. What really happened was that her spiritual sight was extended while she was out of her body in sleep and it appeared as if the Group Spirit of the horse was with them.

The Group Spirits are very interesting. The Group Spirit of a cat has the same attitude that the cat has. He looks and acts like a cat. The Group Spirit of the hooded cobra has a human body and a snake's head. The Group Spirit of the canary is the size of a human being and has a head that looks like the head of a canary, and his disposition is gentle and friendly.

We know that the eagle is a proud bird. Well, the Group Spirit that controls the eagles is also proud. The survival of the fittest is the rule of the animal world, and the Group Spirit of each species does his best to care for his charges.

One night some Helpers talked with one of these Group Spirits who is a friend, and they asked him about the other Group Spirits. He said that the most vicious and deadly of the animals are the lowest in evolution and the farthest from man, but all can be controlled by man. The domestic animals have been under man's influence for centuries and have become much like him in their ways. Some of them have reached the place where they are being held back until they can get human forms.

"Do these advanced animals sleep during this long period?" asked one of the Helpers.

"Oh, no. They are working on their future bodies," said the Group Spirit. "The reason man can not tame the wild things of the hills and jungles is because he has never had enough of them in captivity to check some of the Group Spirit's influence over them and insert his own influence. It is man's good influence and kindness that tames and helps the animals to progress, and it is man's evil influence that he emanates that unconsciously starts the impulse that causes the animals to attack man, for man is prone to kill."

"After the changes take place on the Earth," the Group Spirit said, "animals of all kinds will soon be tamed by man. The animals that are left will be in pairs of all kinds, and different people will have different kinds of pets. For instance, a child may have a pair of lions. Another child may have a pair of cobras, or pythons, or tigers, etc. These animals will always be well able to care for themselves."

The Helpers then looked at several Group Spirits and especially noticed those that they had contacted in the course of their work. They saw the Group Spirits that have charge of the pythons, the tigers, the lions, and the polar bears. The Group Spirit of the polar bear acted vicious and looked hard at the Helpers. Whenever they moved he moved until one of the Helpers spoke and then he and the other Group Spirits became friendly. The Helpers promised that they would help their charges whenever they could.

The Group Spirits of the smaller birds such as the robin, dove, sparrow, and canary where especially friendly, but the one in charge of the buzzard was not. The Group Spirit is like the animals he governs in action, disposition, etc. These Group Spirits surely are most remarkable beings, and it gives the Helpers great joy to contact and work with them at times.

Birds belong to the animal kingdom, and love and care will greatly aid them in their evolution. Here is the story of a very intelligent crow that some Helpers once saw in India. He was owned by an elderly lady who lived in a house near a summer resort. She and her family were English people and she had brought the crow with her when she came to this city. It was a young bird then. She treated it like a child and it responded to her love and care and could almost talk.

This lady gave two programs every day and three on Sunday with her crow and charged fifteen cents of the money of that country. The Helpers were present at one of these programs and were amazed at what this pet crow could do.

He could count, add, subtract, and do simple problems in arithmetic. He could jump, hop on one foot, lie down on his back, go to bed and pull his cover up with his bill. The lady had a little case in which she carried him for safety, and he would lie perfectly quiet in it.

The lady Helper was charmed with this crow and began to talk to him, and he answered her the best he could in his way of talking. She asked the owner if she might put the crow to bed and was given permission, but he made so much noise that the Helper told him to come to her. He flew on her right shoulder and stayed there until the Helpers left. The Helper also held this crow in her hands and talked to him and he answered her the best he could.

"Your crow will not need to come back again as a crow," said the lady Helper. "You have developed him up to the place where he will not need a crow body any more.

The owner was pleased at what the Helper told her. "I would rather have the crow with me than my children," she said. "I feel rested when I am holding him and loving him."

Then the Helper looked up and saw the Group Spirit of the crow. He looked like a very fine looking man with the etheric body of a crow behind him. He thanked the Helper for giving the lady further instructions about how to care for the crow and how to feed him to put the finishing touches to his development. This Group Spirit said that they all spread their blessing on all who in any way help their charges, and he gave this Helper his blessing and made her extremely happy.

The lady had a number of relatives who had lost their money and were dependent upon her. She supported her whole family with the money that she made by exhibiting her crow. At the beginning of the show a woman came in and bought twelve tickets and gave her a handful of metal coins and she was very grateful. After she saw what the crow could do, the woman went away. Then she returned and went up to the lady who owned the crow.

"Anyone who will take as much time as you have taken to teach a crow must be good and need help," she said. She then took a little sack of money out of the front of her dress, and gave it to the lady. The lady joyfully thanked her for her great kindness.

The Helpers went home with the lady to guard her and talk to her. They entered her little house and saw the family assembled in the dining room waiting for her. The lady Helper assisted her in serving the dinner and carried some meat to the table. The lady did not eat meat, but the family did.

The lady wanted to know who the Helpers were and where they came from. They told her of their work, and of their teachings, and she accepted the new ideas at once. She said that a lot of fakers had been to her to buy her crow and some of them had tried to steal him, but that she had always managed to keep him.

"Never sell your pet and no one will ever get him away from you," said the Helper, "although they may try."

The lady asked the Helpers to come and see her whenever they could and she told them her name.

One night two Invisible Helpers were sent to help a sick polar bear in the far north. First they saw the family which consisted of the father and mother bear and four cubs. Two of the cubs were much larger than the other two. The young fat bears were that year's children, while the other two cubs had been born the previous year, but they were still being cared for by the parents.

The father bear had been sick. He was moving about but was weak and unable to hunt for food. The Helpers massaged his stomach and before long he became quite frisky. The mother bear growled and the Helpers told him to out and look for some food to eat and he lumbered off. The bear family were in a natural cave in the ice.

Then the Helpers looked for the Group Spirit of the polar bears and they saw a stout man of medium size with a well formed body and a head and face like a bear. He had a beautiful etheric polar bear body behind him. He talked to the Helpers and was very kind to them. He thanked them for all the help they had given his charges in the past. He told them that there is not much to be learned about the Group Spirits of the animals. They direct their charges and have a free access to the world of Life Spirit where they can get all the knowledge that they need. Then the Group Spirit of the polar bears put his hand on the lady Helper and said to her, "Blessed are the ones who help their younger brothers for their reward is great."

It seems to me that if all men realized this that they would be more kind to the wild animals that they contact in field and forest. Yet we are living in an age where hunting for sport is still practiced by men who little realize the sorrow that they are causing the animals and the Group Spirits that have charge of them. They are also deadening their finer feelings and piling up karma for themselves which will have to be settled for at some time in the future.

One winter night some Helpers were sent to a house where a little canary had been burned by his owner. The woman was an irritable, nervous person. The bird's cage was hanging from the ceiling and the little bird felt like singing. The woman felt cross and nervous and she told her bird to keep still and because he didn't she took a cup of boiling water and threw it on him and went off and lay down.

The Group Spirit told the Helpers to take the injured bird away and he showed them where to take it. One Helper opened the door of the cage and took the poor bird out. He was about to fall off his perch and would have died from his injuries if he had not been healed by the Helpers. They were given this ability when they were sent out to help all in trouble. Some of the canary's feathers fell out anyway.

The Helpers carried the little canary to the next town and they were directed to a certain house. They knocked on the door, and a lady came to the door. "Would you like a little bird?" the lady Helper said to her.

"Yes, yes, give it to me," the lady said. "Oh! He has been hurt.

The Helpers told her what had happened to the canary and said that he would be all right. The lady took him and put him in a cage with her little mother bird and they became friends right away. "I have been wishing that I could have a little mate for my bird," she said to the strangers.

The lady was delighted to have him and thanked the Helpers, who then went away happy because they had saved the little canary's life and found a home for him with a lady who really loved birds.

Both of the Helpers remembered this plainly the next morning, and they were thrilled by the thought of seeing the Group Spirit of the canaries. His desire body was shaped like a bird and extended beyond what looked like a man's physical body.

Several months later these same Helpers stopped at this lady's home to see this canary. They found that the lady had raised six young canaries and that three of them were singers. When the Helpers went up to see the papa and mamma, birds and their family they all made so much noise that the owner and her husband got out of bed to see what the trouble was.

When they saw the Helpers they got down on their knees and bowed their heads, thinking they were in the presence of Angels. One Helper told the people to get up and explained their work to them. They wanted to know why she was so bright and seemed like an Angel and how they got into the house. The lady Helper told them about the soul body and how to develop it.

The people were much interested and said that they would like to be able to go about helping, too. They invited the Helpers to come and see them often.

During some floods in the south some Invisible Helpers were working to help the people to get food. They saw some cows and pigs on a small hill surrounded by water. These animals were very hungry and the Helpers were anxious to get them to the mainland so that they could get something to eat.

They found that it was hard to get them to move so they called to both Group Spirits and asked them to give these animals the impulse to follow them. They promised that they would take the hungry animals to dry land.

"Yes, we will do what we can, but our charges are very weak and may drown," the Group Spirits said.

The Helpers got the cows together and one of them told them to follow the lady Helper. He then went behind the cows and they managed to get across the water safely. One of the cows became exhausted and the Helper held her head above water and carried her to land. The Helpers got some food for the hungry cows and left them eating and went back to get the pigs.

They had a great deal of trouble with the pigs, for they were poor swimmers. Finally, they got all the pigs across the water. The Group Spirit of the pigs then said that he could take care of them now that they were near food and they ran off to find their breakfast.

The Group Spirit of the pigs looked like a man with a pig's head, and the Group Spirit of the cows had a head just like a cow's but a body like a man's. They were kind to the Helpers.

"My charges are progressing very slowly now," said the Group Spirit of the cows. "The cows do not get very much experience in an incarnation, and the bulls do not learn as much now as they did in olden times when man put them to work. The cows and pigs remain only about a year in the Desire World after death, and are then allowed to return in a new body in order that they may get new experiences to forward their evolution."

One of these Group Spirits told the Helpers that their charges have had much experience in the past and that their time is nearly up. The horses are very advanced animals. "In a little while man will no longer need them and they will be held out of incarnation until the mammals reach the human stage. People will then be one step ahead, and they will function in vital bodies instead of dense ones.

Some Helpers were going along and saw a little, boy and a frog on the shore of a pond. They were soaking wet, for the boy had fallen into the pond and his dog had rescued him from death in the icy water. It was a cold day, and they were very cold and all tired out.

The Helpers carried the boy home and one Helper assisted his mother while she changed his clothes to keep him from catching cold; The lady Helper took the dog into the kitchen and wiped him dry with some clean rags that the boy's mother gave her. She then took the bags and the bath towels outdoors and hung them on a clothes line to freeze dry.

The Group Spirit of the dog came down to thank the Helper for what she had done. He looked like a fine large dog with short brown hair. He had a very intelligent face. He was above the Helper and reached toward her and she put her arms around him and petted him. She was very excited and delighted beyond words to contact this marvelous Group Spirit. He was like an Angel with a beautiful dog's head an about human size. The Helpers had met this Group Spirit before in their work and he recognized her. This friendly Group Spirit also blessed this Helper and this made her very happy.

The boy's mother asked the man Helper who the lady was and he told her about the Helper and her work with people and animals.

"I wish I were like her," the lady said. "My humdrum life is very bad. My husband leaves home before daylight and gets home about three o'clock in the afternoon. We go to bed early and life is dreary for all of us. My husband is afraid to quit, as work is hard to find."

The Helpers told this lady about their teachings and where to get information, She wrote it down and said that she would write. "My little boy is six years old," the lady said. "He always gets up when we do and takes his dog and walks a little way with his father every day."

They had to pass a pond and that morning the boy just had to slide on the ice, and it gave way with him and he fell into the icy water. His devoted dog managed to tow him to shore. The boy had been given some hot lemonade and was asleep by this time and the dog was warm and dry and sleeping beside the stove. The Helpers left the mother very happy.

The Group Spirit of the dogs had an etheric dog body sticking out in back of him, and the Helper saw it with her spiritual sight. This body started where his head joined the body. All Group Spirits have the etheric body of the species they rule.

All animals are subject to spiritual influences for they are all guided by their Group Spirits and by the Angels that are in charge of them. We are told that most of the animals have an internal picture consciousness similar to the dream state in man. In The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception we read the following:

"When such an animal is confronted by an object, a picture is perceived within, accompanied by a strong impression that the object is inimical or beneficial to its welfare. If the feeling is one of fear, it is associated with a suggestion from the Group Spirit how to escape the threatened danger. This negative State of consciousness renders it easy for the Group Spirit to guide the dense bodies of its charges by suggestion, as the animals have no will of their own."

While some students were in the Hall of Learning, which is a school in the Etheric World, one of them asked the teacher if a dog sees a panorama of its life when it dies as human beings do.

"Yes," he said. "All living things have this panorama and are judged accordingly." The students were allowed to view some happenings in the Memory of Nature, which is the Book of Life. Here they saw the lives of two dogs, a lap dog and an alley dog.

The lap dog was questioned first. He was asked what he did for his progression and spiritual advancement.

"Nothing," he said. "My mistress kept me in the house and only allowed me out when she took me for a walk and I had a chain on me. I could not run about as other dogs do. She gave me a fine bed and good food, but I only had a few bones. I liked them the best of all my food. I could not hide anything. When I chewed the chairs or table legs to sharpen my teeth she spanked me.

"She gave me a bath three times a week. She taught me to sit up on my hind legs and bark. She would not let me bite anybody or chase cats. I slept most of the time and I never did feel good. Ever so often, my mistress took me to a man who would feel me over and say I was constipated. He would force some disagreeable water into my mouth. After a while I would feel all right for a time. When my mistress went away I would be terribly lonesome.

"One day she took me to this man again. I felt so bad that I did not care where she took me or what was done. The man stuck something in me and put me to bed. The bed was not like the one I had at home, for I could not get out. Then I came here."

"Do you want to go back there?" asked the Group Spirit of this dog.

"No," said the dog, and the scene closed.

Then the students saw the life of an alley dog which had been killed by an automobile. After this dog had viewed his life the Group Spirit asked him what he had done for his advancement.

"I do not know," the dog said. "I was taken away from my mother when I was very young and carried so far away that I could not find my way back to her. I then had to take care of myself the best I could. Many nights I went to sleep hungry and dreamed that I bad plenty of nice bones and that I saved some of them.

"One day I was going down an alley and I saw a person all dressed up (a woman) putting into a round thing something that smelled like food. After she was gone I went up and smelled it. I wanted to get the food, but the can was too big. I then jumped into the can and ate all I wanted. Then I tried to get out. Every time I jumped up I fell back again. I became afraid, for I did not know when I would get out. Then I wondered if I would get like some others like me that I had seen about in different places that could not move but smelled bad.

"I stayed in the round thing until I could not see, and I went to sleep and dreamed of many things. Then I could see again and some person came and saw me. She beat me and pushed the round thing over and I ran away crying from the injury that I had received. I knew that I must not get in the round things as I was too little to get out and that I must find a way to lay the round thing down. Then I could go in and back out as I saw lots of other dogs do.

"I saw many little people (boys) whose legs were free and they threw hard things (rocks) at me and they hurt me. I kept away from them. The people whose legs were covered up (woman were usually nice to me. I saw a little person all covered up (baby) crawling in the place (road) where those things that run very fast with that bad smelling stuff coming from the back (auto). One came toward it and I ran out and pulled it but of the way. (He saved the baby's life). A big covered up person began crying out loud and I became frightened and ran away, but the little person was all right.

"Then I met a big one like me and we became friends and he taught, me many things. He told me how to get into the round things (garbage cans). He told me the difference between a man, a woman, and a child and how to tell the mean ones from the good ones. He told me that I had to fight to live. He also told me that dogs who had no names and no friends were called alley dogs. He told me that some dogs were too big for me to fight and that if I tried it I would be badly hurt. I never wanted to hurt anything.

"Then my friend told me about cats and showed me one and told me to keep away from their front feet, as they could hurt one very badly. One day my friend showed me a long thing (snake) that looked as if it slid on the ground. It started after me and I ran away. My friend ran to it and got hold of it and shook it until it stopped moving. I went back and looked at it and I felt funny. I asked him what it was and he said that it was a snake. He told me to stay away from them if they were big and unless I felt that I could make them be quiet.

"Life then began to be very happy for me, for my friend kept a big dog off of me. One day my friend ate something and he told me that he felt bad and wanted some water. We found some and we drank. He told me to watch everything and he went to sleep (died). Then I saw him twice in the same place. I could see through one of his bodies but the other I could not.

"Then a lot of people came and said, "We've got him." I ran away and never saw him again. Then my life was harder, but I could take care of myself and tell other dogs what to do.

"One day some boys found me and threw rocks at me. I ran out into the street and one of those things (autos) ran over me and I came here after I saw all I ever did in my life."

The Group Spirit asked this dog if he would like to live the life over again.

"Yes," he said. "I do not want to be like some dogs I have seen with chains on them and with people."

"Well done," said the Group Spirit, and the scene changed.

The animals have been placed on earth for experience and they are being helped much as we are. The Group Spirit guides the movements of each animal and helps it to provide food for itself and others.

Each animal, or group of animals, has an Angel who watches over the animal. This Angel is present at the birth of the animal and is near when danger threatens. When the animal dies the Angel either carries the desire body and the spirit of the animal away or some Invisible Helper does this. The Group Spirit does all in his power to protect the animal. When the animal is injured or sick the Group Spirit suffers. When an animal is killed or burned in a forest fire the Group Spirit suffers.

I will now tell you how some Helpers contacted the Group Spirit of a beautiful large yellow angora cat. In the course of their work the Helpers were sent to help a girl who was being badly treated by, her family. This family had a lady boarder staying with them and she had a fine large cat. There was trouble over this cat because he made them all respect him. It was rainy weather and the lady wished to keep him in her room with her so that he would keep clean. Someone in the family put him out and he got his fur all dirty walking around in the mud, but he walked about with as much dignity as ever. The lady called him and gave him a bath in a large pail of warm soft water and dried his fur carefully. Then he was a beauty.

The Helpers met the owner of the cat and they were told of her troubles. The lady Helper suggested that she pay the lady of the house one dollar a month extra for the cat's food, and the lady said that she would do it. The Helper talked to the cat and told him that he must go to the door and scratch on it when he wanted to go out.

She asked the Group Spirit to have the cat do this and he said that the cat understood and would do as she told him. The Group Spirit had a body like a human being and a head like beautiful yellow cat. He also had another higher body extending beyond the man's body that looked like a cat. It was interesting for the Helpers to see the Group Spirit of this cat and the cat at the same time.

The family were told that they would receive a dollar a month for the cat's food and they were much pleased and they promised to treat the cat all right from then on.

One night a few years ago some Helpers were going over the northern part of North America and they saw two very pretty half- grown polar bears in a trap. Their hind feet were badly swollen but when the Helpers went to them to let them loose they showed fight.

The Helpers called the Group Spirit and asked him to quiet the bears so that they could help them. The bears became very gentle and the Helpers let them out and rubbed their legs down. They got up and began to walk around. They tried to lick the Helpers hands and rubbed against them in a friendly way as the Helpers played with them. The Helpers looked up and the could see the Group Spirit of the bear and he was pleased and said, "Thank you." His head looked like a kindly white bear's.

He told the Helpers of a man who was caught in his own trap and had been there six hours. "If you hurry you may save him," he said.

The Helpers hurried off to find the man, and the bears followed them as fast as they could. The man in the trap was about a mile away from where the bears had been imprisoned. When the young bears saw the man they became very fierce and they wanted to get to him but the Helpers quieted them. They got the man out of the trap and found that his left hand was broken at the wrist, and the hand was so badly frostbitten that he might lose it.

The Helpers asked the trapper where he lived and he said that he lived about five miles away. The Helpers tried to get the bears carry the man, but they would not, so they had to help him home. When the Helpers reached the house carrying the man and followed by the two young polar bears, the men in the house wanted to shoot the bears, but the Helpers would not let them. One Helper called the Group Spirit of the Salamanders, or fire spirits, and told him to make the Salamanders keep away from the bullets until they left.

The bears followed the Helpers right into the house and the lady Helper made them sit down in a corner while she and her partner worked on the injured man, who had by then lost consciousness. Everybody kept out of the room where the bears were. They just could not understand how the Helpers could handle the bears and make them obey them.

A hunter came in while the Helpers were there, and when he saw the bears he tried to raise his gun, but be was shaking so much from fear that the gun fell to the floor. Then the lady Helper went up to the bears and sat between them, and told the man to pick up his gun and put it away as her friends there would not hurt him.

Then the Helpers explained their teachings to the people, and one man said that the philosophy was good to know for then one could catch all the bears and seals one would want and I them and soon get rich. The Helpers told them that it did not work that way and that the animals are our younger brothers and that man should protect and help them instead of murdering them for material gain. Then the Helpers left and the bears followed, and finally the Helpers disappeared from them and went on their way.

A few days later these same Helpers went back to see the man who got his hand caught in the trap. They found that he was much better but the skin was peeling off his hands and feet and face where he had been frostbitten. The man Helper told the man to grease his skin with vaseline or goose fat.

The people were all very much interested in the lady Helper and asked her where her pets were. "Oh, they are out in the woods somewhere," she said.

One man then spoke up and said that he had a bear in a cage that she could not pet. "The bear has a broken front foot," he said. "You may fix it or do anything you can for it."

The Helpers went to see it and when the lady Helper saw the poor bear's foot all swollen up and hanging limp. She became angry and went to the cage and asked the man to unlock the door as the bear would not hurt anyone.

"You are crazy," said the man. "I can get five hundred dollars for him on foot."

"This is one five hundred dollars that you are not going to get," she said. "If you do not open the door I will break it open."

"Go ahead," said the man, for he didn't think she would try to.

She went up and snatched the lock off and he raised his gun. The man Helper told this man to put his gun down as it would not go off. He snapped it five times and it failed to explode.

The Helper then opened the door of the cage and went in and told the bear that she had come to heal his foot and set him free. This bear was a full-grown polar bear and he had a beautiful white fur coat. When the Helper turned his foot around to set it, the bear moaned. She told him that it would be over in a few minutes.

After the Helper got the foot set, a ray of light went from her to the bear's foot and he licked her hand and the people watched in open-eyed wonder and amazement She then broke the chain off his neck and she and the bear walked out. The Group Spirit of the polar bears spoke and thanked the Helper. The Helper started toward the house and the bear followed her and she told him that she wanted him to behave himself, and the Group Spirit said that the bear would.

When they got to the house the Helper told the people that the bear would not hurt them. She told him to sit down in a corner and he obeyed, and she told all the people if they must trap bears and seals they should kill all animals that got injured unless they could help them, and thus save them further suffering.

"If you fail to do this you will never catch another one," she said.

"I want my bear," the man said to her.

"No," she said. "Had you fixed the bear's foot I would have left him alone; but since you just let him suffer I will set him free." Then she went over and sat down in front of the bear and patted his head, and he rubbed his head against her. The people were astonished at her.

The Helpers went away with the bear and they led him far away and then disappeared from him. He stopped in dismay and looked around as if to say, "Well!" and then he lumbered on.

These stories are real experiences and illustrate the type of work that is being done by Invisible Helpers in cooperation with Higher Beings and the Group Spirits who guide and direct the animals.

There is an island away out in the Pacific Ocean somewhere where the local people keep a huge snake with which they test out newcomers. If the snake bites the stranger he gets no protection, but if the snake will obey the newcomer, they will bow down before the stranger and accept him as a God or king.

One time two Helpers were sent to this island on a second visit. During the first visit the Helpers were brought before this huge snake and he obeyed them, and the people were delighted. They gave the lady Helper the name of Lady Dove of the South Seas.

When the Helpers walked up to where the people were they took the lady Helper up and set her on the throne and brought the big snake out again. He raised up to strike her and then let himself down and crawled up to her and laid his head in her lap. After that he raised up and looked at her kindly.

The lady Helper called to her companion and he went up to her and they both saw the Group Spirit of this snake. He was a very fierce looking being. "Peace be unto you, my friends," he said. "You can command all my charges. Be kind to them."

"How many different species have you?" she asked.

"I have charge of seven," he answered.

"May I turn this snake loose?" she asked the Group Spirit.

"Yes," he said, "but put him back before you go."

The Helper came down from her seat and told the snake to follow her and he did. When he got out of his long cage he started after two or three people and she called him back. The snake stood straight up and lay down and rolled over and over. The Helper told him to behave and follow her.

The grown people were afraid and kept at a distance but the children came up to the Helper and patted the snake. The Helper visited several of the sick people and shook hands with all of them. She asked the ruler of the tribe if he could handle the snake.

"No," he said and he backed away from the Helpers.

"Then you should not be king," she told him. "If we give you the rulership over all the snakes on the island will you be good and kind to all the people and treat them justly and let the young girls and women alone?"

"I do not know, but I will try," he promised.

A very dark skinned girl about eighteen years old then came nearer. "Lady Dove of the South Seas, I will do what you ask. I will rule the people wisely and justly, if you will teach me. He will not do it."

"My Child," said the lady Helper, "you will do it but I must get permission from a friend first." She called a Lay Sister and she soon came and brought a high Lay Brother. They asked this pretty brown girl if she was afraid of the snake or the king.

"I am not afraid of man, beast, or God," she said.

"You will do," said the Lay Sister, and she called the king and took the crown off his head and put it on the girl. She then made the girl queen of the four islands. The Lay Sister, spoke in a loud voice and everybody on the island heard her and saw the girl by Jupiterian Consciousness. The people were told that the man was no longer king and that all the people must obey the new queen and that this order applied to the animals, reptiles, and birds as well as the people.

The Lay Sister put her hand on the girl's head. "Thank God, I now know who I am," she said. At that instant she was given back her spiritual sight and hearing. This girl in her previous life had been an Initiate of seven degrees. She had agreed to come and help these people and she will soon lead them on the upward path.

The girl called the snake and he went to her and she sat down and he went and put his head in her lap. Then the Helpers walked with her up to the throne and the lady Helper told the snake to go back to his box and he did. The caretakers opened the head end of the box and the snake came out and crawled up to the lady Helper and put his head in her lap again and then went back into his cage.

The Helpers told the former king to let the new queen alone and all the other women on the islands and to take care of his family. He was warned that if he did not do this he would meet an early death.

The new queen ordered that all the slaves and prisoners were to be set free. She told the people that all were brothers and sisters in spirit. She said that in the future there would be no forced marriages of any kind. "I will visit the islands every day to see that my orders are obeyed," she said.

Some men wrote her orders down on skins and then they went to the four islands to read them to the. She caused much happiness before she came down from her throne. As she walked down she saw a small snake about to bite a child and she told him not to do that. She picked the snake up and rubbed its head and sent it on its way.

"She is truly a queen like the queens of old," said someone.

The girl queen knew that the Helpers were out of their bodies. This girl was a white man in her past life and died in the United States almost fifty years ago. During that life he had been to that island both in the body and out of it, for he was a seafaring man. He knew many of the older people who were children then.

Some Invisible Helpers once saw the Group Spirit of the sharks. They were over on another island in the Pacific Ocean. Some people were out in the water swimming with wide boards and a motor boat. It was early in the morning and they were having a good time.

A school of man-eating sharks got between the people and the shore and began to attack them as the Helpers came up. One of the Helpers called the Group Spirit of the sharks and told him to make the sharks obey her. She then walked out on the water and called the sharks to her. About forty or fifty sharks came around her and made a floor of their backs for her to stand on. This Helper called to the people and told them to go to shore.

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