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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 3)

Chapter III

Perhaps you will smile at this and say, "It is nonsense," but nevertheless, it is true. Animals are younger brothers and are being assisted in their evolution much as we were helped when we were animal-like in the Moon Period, although we were then very different. The animals are in a higher stage than we were then. They are here on Earth to learn lessons and to advance them in evolution, just as we humans are, and we are kind to them, we are sure to reap what we have sown.

One night while some Helpers were going across the country, they saw some hunters running from wolves, and they went down to help. These Helpers had to call for help, as they could not make the Group Spirit obey them and make the wolves turn back. Some came who had the ability to do this. There were four white men and an African-American, who was a cook. They had been out hunting, and the wolves had cut them off from their shack. The cook was scared nearly to death and had turned pale from fright. He was shaking like a leaf. When he saw one Helper materialized, he said to her, "Please, Angel, help me to get back home and, I will be a good Christian, and go to church."

The Helper then told the men never to kill for sport, but only when food was needed. She did not have time to explain that she was not an Angel but a human being who was able to leave her body at night and work in her desire body The men said that they were never going hunting again. The Helper told them that they would find their guns where they had dropped them while running from the hungry wolves and that they would reach their camp safely.

Then the Helpers went on to the Atlantic Ocean and saw a ship in distress. It was a stormy night, and the ship struck an iceberg and was badly damaged. It had nearly two hundred people on it. The Helpers materialized, and one of them told the captain to put down the lifeboats. He said she was crazy, that if he did, all would drown in the rough sea. She told him to do it, anyway, and he complied. The two Helpers tied all the boats together, one behind the other, with the people in them, and then they pulled them on to land. They went to find the ship, but it had gone down.

Now, naturally the reader will say that this could not be possible. But when the Helpers are working in their desire bodies, their strength is very much greater than when they are in their dense bodies. Because of this strength, Invisible Helpers must be very careful not to cause injury to anyone. Helpers are taught that they are to help those in trouble and let the Law of Consequence take care of the rest.

Some Helpers were once visiting at the home of a Lay Brother, and he materialized then and allowed them to look over some of his books. They were then told to look over towards America near the west side of Greenland. They were shown what was happening at this place by means of the Jupiterian consciousness, which is a little like moving pictures. They saw two bears trying to break down the door of a house. They were told that they should go and stop them, that the people were all excited, and that there was a woman there who was going to give birth to three babies, and they needed help.

The Helpers hurried to the scene and found a high Lay Brother, who was also there to help them. One Helper called the hungry bears, and they looked at the Helpers and started for them. The Lay Brother made them stop and drove them away. The three Helpers went to the door and knocked. A lady looked out through a peephole in the door and then let them in. One Helper told her that two of them were doctors, and she told them about her daughter, who, she said, had been terribly frightened. Now she was ill, and the nearest doctor lived twenty-five miles away.

I wiIl not tell you all the details, but the Helpers began to make immediate preparations for the coming event. One of the doctors looked at the sick woman and saw the three babies. He told the lady's mother to heat a large quantity of water on the stove and have it in readiness. The two women and the boy who were there alone asked the Helpers where they came from. Two of the Helpers said they came from the United States and that the other man came from Germany. They did not seem to believe this.

The Helpers told them that they go out every night and help people all over the world and that they are called Invisible Helpers. The boy spoke and said, "There are no such things as lnvisible Helpers or Angels." Some day this boy will find out his mistake. Many people know that there are Angels and Invisible Helpers, because they have seen them.

It was a very cold night, and the people were dressed in very warm night clothes that covered their heads and feet. The first baby came, and they put it in a dishpan on the stove with a piece of wood under it to keep it from burning. The baby's head was out of the water, and one Helper watched it very carefully. After the baby was thoroughly warmed, the Helper bathed it gently and put it in a warm place. The two doctors stayed near the mother to help her. Soon the second baby was brought out to the kitchen to be warmed and bathed, and it was placed in a pan of water. Later came the third baby. The Helper and the grandmother were very excited and happy, working with them.

The babies were two girls and one boy, and each weighed about five pounds. In a little while the Helper carried the babies in and gave all three to the mother. The doctor in charge wrote out a prescription and told the mother to get it filled as soon as possible, and the Helpers left. Two of them have been back at least twice, and they found the mother slowly gaining strength and the babies well and growing fast. Do you not agree with me that this was real service to humanity? One of the Helpers has not yet ceased to marvel at the strange things seen and remembered on that visit in the far north.

One night a Helper was ordered to a ship off the coast of Africa. He was told that by the time he arrived there he would see a child in the water. He was to pick her up and place her in a lifeboat with the other survivors. The Helper went and found the child floating in the water and going farther away from the lifeboats. When he got to the child, he saw three sharks following her and one right under her. They didn't seem to bother her. Probably some High Being had told the Group Spirit of the sharks not to allow the sharks to harm the child.

The Helper reached down, got the child, and carried her to a lifeboat. Some of the women screamed at the strange sight, and nearly turned the boat over. He sat the child in the boat and told the people to go south. "You are about four miles from land," he said.

A man told the Helper to get into the boat, but he said that he could not, as he had other work to do. He told them that the child's mother would get the child in a day or two. The Helper went back to the ship and saw many dead people in it who had been shot by pirates. Many people had fallen into the ocean, and the sharks got some of them, as there were many of them around.

Two Helpers went to Europe near a small body of water, and saw a large hotel almost destroyed by fire. Everybody got out except a little girl, six years old, who was left in the building on the fourth floor. Her mother was crying and praying for someone to save her child. A man started into the burning building to get her, but the police and firemen would not permit him to do so.

Then the Helpers materialized and went to the place, and the police tried to make them go back. In spite of this the Helpers made their way into the doorway and up the stairs and into the child's room. She was at a window, crying. The room was filled with smoke. The Helpers went to her, and the man Helper picked her up and started to go out the door, but the flames drove them back. Then the other Helper became a little nervous.

"How can we get out with her, for she will burn up?" the lady Helper asked.

"We will go out the window," the man Helper said.

Just then the stairway fell in, and they went out of the window and floated to the ground safely. The mother rushed up to take her child, and the Helpers disappeared.

That night the Helpers traveled to Africa, where they saw four lions surrounding a child and her mother. They were closing in on them as the Helpers rushed in to their rescue. One picked up the child, and the other reached for the mother and lifted her up into the air. They came just in time, for the lions rushed at them.

The Helpers went a little farther and found a cleared place where a house had been built on stilts. This was where the people lived, and the Helpers put them down. The woman said that she and her daughter had gone for a short walk and had become lost while picking flowers.

One night some Helpers went to a farmhouse in Wisconsin to help a family who had just moved in. They were poor people, and the place had been given to them, for it was all run down. They had cooked supper and had gone to bed not knowing that the place was overrun with dangerous snakes. The house had holes in the floor and walls, through which the snakes had crawled in. There were eight snakes in the house when the Helpers arrived.

When the Helpers aroused them, the people became excited, and the Helpers had trouble in getting them to understand that they had come to help. They were about three miles out in the country with no near neighbors. The Helpers finally started them towards the town and told them to go there and stay until daylight and to leave the children in town until they got the house fixed up, so that they could return in safety.

The Helpers saw about twenty large snakes in the place. The people did not want the Helpers to leave them, but the Helpers left after they had led them out of danger. One of these Helpers returned later and advised these people to get some hogs. He told them that the hogs would clear the place of the snakes, as snakes are afraid of them under ordinary conditions.

Invisible Helpers often help people who have been robbed or are about to be robbed. In every case the people have not deserved such losses, or no help would have been given them. Many people on the verge of suicide have been prevented from taking such a dreadful step.

One young woman was about to drink poison, another, who lived in Switzerland, was about to jump off a cliff, when the Helpers came to her and pushed her back and asked her why she wished to destroy herself. She said that life was not worth living. The Invisible Helpers, who had materialized, told her to sit down and talk with them awhile and then if she still wanted to kill herself she could do so. The Helpers told her what the consequences would be, and she put her hands to her face and said, "Stop, I see enough."

I guess she must have visualized what the Helpers were describing. She told them of her love affair. The young man who had been calling on her suddenly stopped coming and she did not know the reason. She wrote and telephoned his home but received no answer. A Helper explained why this was and she felt much better. The Helpers left her smiling at her front gate before they went home.

One night some Helpers were told to go and help an aviator who was about to faint as he was piloting an airplane through the air. The Helpers found the plane crossing some mountains in the eastern part of the United State. The Helpers flew along beside the plane at first. Then one Helper, told the other to materialize so that the pilot could see her. He saw her just before he fainted. The Helpers rushed in, and the lady Helper sat down and guided the plane as it began to nose down. The Helper told the one who was driving to raise the plane a thousand feet. It went up, and as they looked out, the first Helper said, "Go up" thousand feet more." Then they went over the mountains.

The man Helper began to work on the unconscious pilot and, after bringing him to, asked him where to land, The pilot told them. The Helpers saw the lights in the field, and one of them said to the other, "Drop the wheels," which she did. Then he said, "Shut off the engine and coast down."

When the plane was within a hundred feet of the ground, the Helper suspended gravity, and the plane stood still. Then the Helper let it slowly down to the ground near the landing place. The Helper disappeared and watched to see what would happen. The pilot staggered out and said, "I am sick." You came in fifteen minutes ahead of time and in a hard head wind," a man said to him. "Go home and rest yourself."

The Helpers went there and saw the man sitting in a chair with his head in his hands. One Helper told the other to materialize and touch the pilot. She did this, and the pilot looked up at him and said, "Oh, Angel! Just think what could have happened because I fainted! A few days ago I was arguing with a man who said that there were Angels and that he had seen one. I told him that he was dreaming. The man told me that I would see an Angel one of these nights and that I would be likely to see two of them together."

The lady Helper told the pilot that there are many Angels. It would be well if you would seek the kingdom of God," she said.

"I don't know how to pray," the pilot said.

The Helper then told him what he must do and what he must promise to do, and he promised to do it.

"Angel, let me touch you," the pilot pleaded.

The Helper held her hand out to him, and as he took it, he jumped up suddenly.

"What is the matter?" she asked.

"I felt a shock just then, but I feel fine now," he said.

The Helper told him to turn around, and as he turned, she rapidly dematerialized and disappeared.

"Well, I have seen and touched an Angel!" the pilot exclaimed. "My, but she smelled like a rose!"

Another night two Helpers saved two beautiful polar bears that were caught in a trap. They set them free and healed them, but before the bears could get away, two men came up and fired at the Helpers and nearly shot one of the bears. The man Helper quickly asked the Group Spirit of the Salamanders to keep his charges quiet.

Then the Helpers walked over to where the men were hiding, and the bears followed. When the bears smelled the powder from the guns, they became fierce, and one of them grabbed the lady Helper up in his arms.

"Put her down, Mr. Bear," the other Helper ordered.

The beautiful bear slowly put her down.

"That is better," the Helper said in a friendly voice. You might forget and squeeze her hand, and I might get jealous and hurt you."

"Oh, let him carry me," said the lady Helper. "I think it is fun and I like it."

"Yes, I like to be carried, too," he said. "But if the bear sees the men and rushes for them, they may attack the bear with knives and frighten you so that you would rush home and do harm to your body."

And that is just what almost happened, for the bears rushed off toward the man, and they stood up with their knives raised. The Helper had to stop the men and the Bears. The men were so badly frightened that they trembled.

The man Helper told the hunters never to hunt bears, or any other game for profit from their hides. "If you need food, kill one animal and no more; and never trap the animals, for they suffer too long before they are found in the traps," the Helper cautioned.

By this time the lady Helper had quieted both of the bears. She was standing between them talking to the pair, and they were very friendly with her. The two hunters were watching her in great surprise and fear.

The man Helper told the hunters to return home, but when they started to move, the bears growled and jumped at them. The Helpers called them and made them come back, "The bears began to mumble to themselves as if to say, "I'd like to get my hands on them."

"No, not this time," said the Helper.

The bears turned and looked at him as if they were surprised at his reading their thoughts. The Helpers took the polar bears off in another direction, and then they disappeared.

From there these Helpers went to several sick people and helped them. They went to one girl who seemed to be about twenty five years old, who was so ill that she could hardly talk. She was alone in her room. She lived near her place of employment, while her real home was far away. The girl explained that she had a hard life and barely made enough to live on. "I want to die, and still I want to live," she said. "The people I room with hardly ever come near me. The doctor has been here for four days straight, but I seem to get worse. Please get me some water, for I have a high fever, and please help me."

One Helper told her that they would do the best they could for her. He asked that her fever be removed and that her lungs be cleared. He worked on her slowly, and finally he got her air passage cleared. Then he went to the landlady, who was asleep, and ordered her, as she slept, to help the girl all she could.

By the time this Helper came back to the sick girl's room, the other Helper had her room cleaned and aired. The lady Helper then took a small pail and went to a restaurant two blocks away and bought some oyster soup and crackers which she brought back to feed the girl. Later, the Helpers tucked her in bed and said, "Goodbye," and promised that she would be well in about ten days.

I will now tell you of a very strange thing that happened one night. Two Helpers were sent to a certain house where a lady was about to be killed by her own son. The Helpers were to do what they could to bring the son to judgment and then calm the terrified woman who would stand beside her body after it was over. The Helpers reached the home, in the northwestern part of the country, and heard the family talking. A young lady there wanted to go to Florida for the rest of the winter instead of to California, as her mother had planned. This lady had only about two hundred dollars saved up, and she didn't want to spend it for a trip because she was afraid that something might happen, and she would need it for unexpected expenses.

The young lady had a brother who was about thirty years old. He was shiftless and lived off the members of his family who were in good circumstances. He, too, wanted to go to Florida, so he wrote out a check payable to himself which he wanted his sister to sign, but she would not. His mother also refused to sign it. The man left the house after that and went to the cleaners and got a pair of his father's trousers that he had taken without his permission. He had nearly worn them out and had left them to be cleaned. He didn't want his mother to get after him about what he had done.

The family went into the dining room and began eating a meal. Someone came in the front door and went upstairs. The young lady was nervous because her two hundred dollars was upstairs in her room. She found out that it was just the man who lived upstairs coming home. Then the son came home and passed through the dining room and started upstairs with the pair of trousers covered with brown paper. His mother got up and followed him, for she had money in her room and was afraid that he would take it. The son put the trousers away. Then he and his mother had words over what he had done that was wrong. She sat down on a sofa, and her son went to her and grabbed her, and she tried to scream.

The Helpers listened and heard a strange muffled noise and with their spiritual sight they saw the man choking his mother to death. One Helper called the lady's husband and her daughter, and they went upstairs and saw the lady die. The daughter fainted from the shock, and the Helper recoiled from the sight, but she stood still until the son started to run away. Then she disappeared and met him downstairs, where she caught him and held him despite his efforts to get away.

The lady Helper made this man sit down at a table, and she leaned over and looked at him. "Vengeance is mine. I will repay, saith the Lord," she quoted from the Bible. The Helper's eyes shone, and the man became alarmed. She looked into his frightened eyes and talked to him about what he had done. She told him that he would have to suffer that same fate in that life or in some future life, and that he would be choked to death. Then she asked him if he was prepared to die.

Meanwhile the husband had called the doctor, and he came and pronounced the woman dead. Then the man called the police, and they came and took the son away.

"I wonder why my son choked his mother to death!" the husband exclaimed.

The Helper told him that in the life previous, she had choked him to death in an angry fit because they had a quarrel. She was then his father, since she had been a man in the previous life.

"Since you know so much, why did you not prevent it?" the man asked.

"I could not do that, as he was given the chance to stop a cause that had been started in the life before this one," the Helper said. "Now he has failed and must meet this condition again and reap the same fate unless she refuses to injure him, for she will surely have the chance to do so."

The daughter had recovered from her faint, and she now spoke. "Lady, are you human?" she said.

"Yes" the lady Helper replied.

"How were you able to disappear and then go out and stop my brother?" the girl asked.

The Helper told her that they were Helpers and were servants of humanity and went about helping all they could.

Then the Helper left and dematerialized. Later both Helpers came back and got the mother, who was excited and gasping for breath. One of the Helpers told her to will herself well. She did this, and stopped gasping, and said, "Why did my son do this when I would give my very life for, him willingly? What is the matter? Am I dead or in a trance or dreaming?"

"You are dead as man knows it," one of the Helpers said.

Then the man Helper told her how in a life before, when she was a man, she killed her son when he was a woman, at a time when she was angry. In this life he did the same thing to her, and in the next life she would have the opportunity to kill him.

"I am sorry, but I do not want to kill him no matter what he has done to me," the lady said. "Please help him to get out of prison if you can.

"We cannot do that," the Helper said. "You are to think over your life carefully and someone will be here to take you where you are to go.

Then the Helpers left and went on with their work.

Here is a story of how some Helpers helped a sick woman, a tree, and a snake. One night three Helpers were sent to a farm in South Dakota to answer a sick woman's prayers for help. She was somewhat better when they found her, and, after they had worked on her, she was able to get up. She was worried about her plants because she had been very sick and had been unable to look after them although it was very dry weather.

The lady Helper went around watering the plants in the window, and she found a snake there. The woman saw it and became very excited and nervous. She told the Helper to get away from it, as it was a poisonous snake.

"Pick it up and put it outdoors and tell it to go away," the man Helper told his companion.

The Helper did this, and the snake went away.

"It was mean of you to make her do that, as it might have bitten her," the sick woman said.

You see, she didn't know that the Helpers were in their desire bodies and could not be hurt.

When the lady Helper went to the kitchen to get water for the plants, a thirsty rat came to her for water. At first, the Helper thought that the rat was going to attack her; so she thought of throwing water on it, but it was only terribly thirsty. The Helper set down the dish of water, and the rat drank so fast that it almost choked. The Helper looked at its face and saw its very bright eyes and almost straight ears.

As the woman wanted a big tree watered, the third Helper took a pail, filled it with water, carried it out to the tree, and poured the water on it. Then he dug a trench around the tree to hold the water in the ground. The woman had a large windmill pump and plenty of water, as well as a large force tank in the house for use in the winter.

The Helpers advised the woman to keep her screen door tightly closed to keep the snakes out of the house, as there were many snakes around because of the water and the drought conditions. They told the woman what to eat and advised her to always keep someone, in the house with her, and she said that she would. The Helpers told her about, their work, and she was very much interested.

"How nice it must be to go places and help people," she said.

You see, when faithful students of a Mystery School work as Invisible Helpers, they are using their knowledge to help others. By helping others they help themselves because they increase the size and luminosity of their soul bodies, and they earn the right to receive more knowledge which they may, in turn share with others who are qualified to share it.

I will now tell you several stories about the work of Helpers with children.

Here is what happened in a little western country town a few years ago. Some Helpers were passing through the air. They looked down and saw a collie dog running along beneath them. He sensed the Helpers going over him, and he began to bark and jump up toward them. Then he started to go back in the opposite direction, and then he returned to the same place.

"Let's go down and see what is the matter," said one of the Helpers. They went down, and the lady Helper got on the dog's back and took a ride. Being in her higher vehicles, she had no weight and so did not hamper the dog, who led the way.

The dog ran as fast as he could across the fields. He crossed a pond and finally reached a place where a child had fallen into a canyon. The Helpers saw the child lying unconscious and badly bruised. "Oh, he is dead," one Helper said.

"No, he is only unconscious and badly bruised," replied her companion.

The Helpers carried the child home. First they told the dog to go home, and they went along with him. He ran across the pond and up the road about two miles to a fine farmhouse. The home was all lit up. There were two women there while the Helpers and the collie entered with the injured boy. One of the women said that the rest of the family were all out looking for the boy and the dog. After the Helpers carried the boy in, one of the women went out and began to ring the farm-bell to call the people back to the house. The boy's father and mother came in and the mother screamed when she saw the boy and cried, "My boy is dead!"

"No," said the man Helper. "He will be all right." He finished bandaging the boy's injuries and put him to bed.

The mother told the Helper that the boy had been gone all evening.

The boy soon regained consciousness and asked for food and water. The Helpers then slipped away unnoticed by the family and went out in the yard and played with the dog. One of the Helpers had the most delightful memories of this the next morning. She remembered being seated lightly on the dog and of his swimming in the pond.

The lady Helper ran around the yard playing with the happy dog, who ran about in half circles and then came up to her and looked up into her face expectantly. He stood with his weight on his front paws ready for a run and waved his tail gently from side to side. The dog could see the Helpers and was the friendliest fellow imaginable. He knew that the Helpers had helped him save the boy, his own dear master, and that he was freed from responsibility for the moment.

This is a case where an animal, a dog, has been almost individualized. This dog has reached a high place in evolution and may not need to be reborn as an animal again. When he dies his spirit will be held in the Desire World and will be one of the pioneers when the animal life wave becomes human.

Here is a most remarkable story of what took place one day. One Saturday afternoon a man Helper lay down for a little sleep. After he fell asleep, he went to Africa to some place in the jungles. There he saw a tiger family consisting of father tiger, mother tiger, and baby tiger. The Helper picked up the baby tiger. When the mother tiger saw him, she showed her teeth.

"Lie down," said the Helper. "I'll not hurt your baby," and she lay down quietly and watched him pet her baby.

The father tiger then took a few steps and growled and showed his teeth. "Lie down" the Helper said. "No one is going to bother anything around here."

While the Helper was holding the little tiger and stroking its back gently, it purred and became very friendly. Then he looked up and was surprised to see a little child who had become lost and had wandered deep into the jungle. The Helper called the child and motioned him to walk nearer. The child saw the tigers and trembled with fear, but finally he went up to the man, who picked him up and held him with one arm and the little tiger with the other.

All this time the two large tigers lay quietly near by. The Helper called to someone at a distance by means of thought and asked her if he could take the tiger family when he carried the lost baby home. The Lay Sister told him that this was not often allowed, but that he might do it.

The Helper called the tigers and started going along a jungle path through the woods to the village. One tiger walked beside him on each side. When they reached the village the people were frightened and ran in all directions. The Helper called them back and they stopped in their amazement and then came nearer. The Helper put the human baby on the mother tiger's back, and the tiger made no objection.. After that he picked the baby up again and held him in his arms.

The Helper told the natives that if they were friendly and kind to everybody, the wild creatures of the jungle would not harm them. "As long as you fight among yourselves and fight others," he said, "these animals will harm you as will the rest of the animals in the jungle." The Helper asked, "Whose baby is this?"

"It is mine, but I am afraid to go after it," said one woman.

The Helper told the tigers to lie down, and they behaved like well-trained dogs. The woman slowly approached the Helper and the family of tigers. She was pale and trembling. She took her child, who seemed very much at home in the Helper's arms.

One man in the village got his gun and prepared to shoot the Helper.

"You can pull the trigger, but the gun won't work," the Helper told him.

The man tried, and sure enough, it failed to ignite. This was because the Salamanders, who start all fires and explosions, had been told to keep silent.

Then the Helper turned and started back to the jungle. The tigers followed. The Helper took them back to the place where he had found them and set the little tiger down and disappeared and went on with his work.

The Invisible Helpers give help in a great many ways. The very talented artist, Gustave Doré, illustrated the Bible with remarkable drawings. One of them is called, "The Child Moses on the Nile." It shows the baby Moses in a basket floating on the Nile River and watched over by four Invisible Helpers who are in the air above them. The Helpers are partly materialized. These Helpers were the ones who caused the king's daughter to go to the river and find the baby Moses and bring him up as her own child. The picture shows that this famous artist knew all about Invisible Helpers and their work and, tried to show it in many ways. The Bible contains a great many other stories about people who could see and hear Invisible Helpers, Angels, and Archangels.

The Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, says many interesting things about Moses in his book, The Works of Josephus. In that book we are told that Amram, the father of Moses, a noble man, was worried about his wife, who was expecting a child. He prayed to God and begged His help, and God told him many encouraging things. He told him that his child should be concealed from those who wanted to destroy him, and that after he had been brought up in a surprising way, he would deliver the nation from the Egyptians. The father of Moses trusted in God and followed the suggestions of the Higher Ones, and the baby was saved and later carried out his mission to save the, Hebrews from slavery and death.

Here is a story of how a father and his children were rescued from death in the sea in recent times. This man lived in the South. One evening he took his three children out for a little boat ride. The water suddenly became rough, and they were carried out to sea. The father lost sight of the shore, and he rowed all night praying for help. At last help was sent to him, and they were saved from death. By means of the Jupiterian Consciousness two Helpers at a distance were shown what was happening to this man and his three small children.

When the Helpers reached the place and looked down, they saw a large-sized rowboat half filled with water. The father was desperately trying to reach the shore. On one end a boy was sitting in water that was up to his neck. In the other end another boy was sitting with his head just above water, while a little girl had slid down under the water and lay in the bottom of the boat. One Helper reached down and quickly snatched up the two children from one end of the boat and lifted them into the air. The other Helper took the father and the other boy and carried them to the shore where they were all well cared for. Both of the Helpers plainly remembered this scene the next morning.

Here is a story of some people who were badly in need of help and what happened to them. A few years ago two Helpers were going over the Rocky Mountains when they saw a little boy coming down a mountainside, on the side of a high cliff. They also saw a wolf slipping up behind the child. The wolf was planning to spring on him. One of the Helpers picked the child up just as the wolf sprang. The wolf then started for the Helpers but they made him go back. The wolf was desperate for food and would have killed the boy. The Helpers asked the child where he came from as there was no house in sight for miles around.

The boy said that his mamma had sent him after a man to come and help them. The Helpers told him to take them to where his mamma was. One of the Helpers carried him, for they could go much faster that way. As they rounded a bend, they saw an automobile in the distance leaning over the edge of the road. At that place there was a drop of about three hundred feet. There were two people in the car hanging over the cliff, a man and a woman. The child wanted to get down and go to his brother who was in the car, but the Helper told his companion to hold the child because of the danger.

One Helper looked around to see which was the best way to rescue the people. He told the woman to hand her purse out through the window and then hand over her little sachel. Then he told her to open the door very carefully, and she stepped out safely. This caused the car to slip over a little farther and she fainted away. The Helper told the man to carefully get back in the rear seat and stepped out. He did this, and just as he stepped on the running board, the car slid over the cliff. The Helper grabbed his hand and pulled him up, and thus all three were saved. The man was so weak from terror and nervous strain that he had to lie down to rest. The Helpers went to work on the woman, and when she came to, she was hysterical and had to be quieted and reassured that they were all safe.

The family had nothing now but their money and some clothing for the boy. They had no water or food, and they were miles from anyone. The Helpers could not leave them alone, for they knew there were wolves about. It was chilly and dark. One Helper told his partner to go back down the mountain and look around until she found a man with a car and then bring him up.

After what seemed like several hours, the Helpers returned with a man and a car. The man wanted to charge the family fifteen dollars to take them to a town.

"No, that is too much," the Helper said. "A dollar apiece is enough."

The man then refused to take the people in his car and drew a gun. The Helper took the man's gun away from him and told him, to get up on the other side of the seat and that he would drive the car back. They all got into the car, and the Helper drove the people to the nearest town, which was twenty-five miles away. Here they found a place to stay until morning.

The Helper told the people to try to get their belongings from their wrecked car. The woman was so worn out that she was about ready to collapse. The people forgot to thank the Helpers, who were then materialized, or to ask who they were before they left, but the man did not forget to ask for his money. The boy's father gave the Helper the money, and he paid the man and gave him back his gun and told him not to bother these people as he would see them again.

Then the man became angry and attacked the Helper, who had to shake him a little. The man cried for mercy. The courage of the Helper in not fearing his gun took all the energy out of the man. After that the Helpers went over and looked at the wrecked car. Then they went on with their work of helping others.

Invisible Helpers help all people, regardless of race or religion. When they are out of their bodies and helping humanity as best they can, they are able to hear and speak any language. They speak the soul language, which all people in the world can understand.

Here is a story that illustrates this, point. One July day, two Helpers met a little girl in Japan, and she, asked them to help her mama, who had fallen down and wouldn't get up and talk to her. The Helpers told the child to hurry and take her to her mamma. She ran back into the house, and the Helpers found the mother in the bathtub unconscious. She had slipped and struck her head and then had slipped down into the water, which was now up to her chin. If the water bad been an inch higher in the tub, she would have been drowned. She had a bad cut on her head.

The Helpers lifted the mother out of the tub, and revived her. They dressed her wound and put some clothes on her. The Helpers told the lady that her little girl had called them in, and she was very grateful for the help that she had received. They were well-to-do Japanese people and had a nice home. The Japanese lady asked the Helpers to have some tea. She wanted to know if the Helpers lived in Japan and where they, had learned her language, for she was surprised that they could speak it so well.

The Helpers then explained their work to her, and she told them that she had once attended a meeting in Ceylon where they taught what the Helpers were talking about. When her husband came in, she told him what had happened, and he was a little excited about it. Then he thanked the Helpers for their kindness to his family.

Now let us consider the work of Invisible Helpers with animals.

One night two Helpers ran upon a mother brown bear and her cub which was about three months old. They were hunting for water. The little bear was riding on its mother's back. When the Helpers approached, the bear stood up, and the cub slid down and got between her legs. The Helpers at once began to make friends with them. One Helper was especially interested in the little bear, which was very cute. The bears saw a waterhole, or spring, and they went up to it; but the mother would not drink or let her cub drink, for she sensed that something was wrong.

One Helper thought that the water was poisoned, and he asked that the water be made pure and good. His prayer was answered, for in a little while two large water snakes crawled out and went away. Then the bears drank from the spring. It seemed strange that the mother bear could tell that it was not safe to drink from that watering place. If they had drunk the water the snakes would surely have bitten them, and they would have died.

Once a Helper went to New Zealand. There he had some trouble with the natives and some policemen about stopping some natives from beating an animal to make it do tricks. The policemen wanted to arrest the Helper and someone wanted to beat him. The Helper told the men not to touch him, as he protected all dumb animals and defenseless people.

"Seize him and put him in the pit," a man said.

The people let the policemen do it. After they put the Helper in a pit where there were some snakes and crocodiles, they stood around to see the Helper killed, but the reptiles paid no attention to him and did not offer to harm him.

A Lay Sister from India went down into the pit. The men thought that she had jumped in. The two Helpers played with the snakes and the crocodiles while the men looked in amazement. They could not get the Helper out because they had nothing to put down into the pit. Presently the Helpers rose out, as they were in their desire bodies, and the people fled.

Two little children went up to the Helpers, and the Lay Sister touched them on their foreheads and told them to lead their people to higher things of life. The boy and the girl were not related to each other but were playmates. These children will help both people and animals as they go through life. They are advanced egos who have been reborn in that place to help the natives. Then the Helpers went around to the other islands near by and helped many sick people.

One Friday night, while some Helpers were in the far North where the seals live, they found a family of seals in some water in an ice pocket of an iceberg. The mass of ice was moving south and appeared to be about a mile long. Just on the other side of the place where the seals were imprisoned there was a pocket containing some fish. One Helper wanted to feed the seals, but she could not get the fish, nor could she put the seals in where the fish were.

A Lay Brother stopped by and soon saw how things were. He said the seals might just as well eat the fish because they would die when they got down to the warm Gulf Stream which comes up the Atlantic Ocean, whereas the seals would swim back. The Helper went away and came back with a spear. She caught a fish and went to the seals and coaxed them out. They climbed out of the water to her. There were four grown seals and two little ones. The Helper dropped the fish while trying get one of the baby seals. She caught it, but she could not hold it because it was very slick. The Helper gave the seals a few fish, and they began to follow her. Finally the Helper caught one of the baby seals and played with it awhile. It went back to its mother and then it returned to the Helper of its own free will.

The Helper then took the spear and punched a hole in the ice so that the fish could swim in where the seals were and the seals could go where the fish were. At first the hungry seals ate the fish as fast as they came in through the opening. The ice between the two holes was not very thick, and it was no trouble to make the opening between them. The ice was cracking and popping all around the Helpers and moving steadily south. The Helpers greatly enjoyed being with the seals for a little while, and the seals became very friendly.

One time two Helpers were passing over the jungles of Africa when one of them looked down and saw a black panther caught in a clinging vine and, whining pitifully. The Helpers came down, materialized, and went up to help him. The panther growled and became ferocious. Then one Helper said to him, "Steady, Buddy, if you want us to help you, you must be good. I only want to help you, but if you act like that, I will let you stay here a few days longer, and hunger will tame you."

The panther seemed to understand perfectly, and he quieted down so that the Helpers could get him loose. The panther was caught between his hips and ribs in such a way that when he struggled he only tightened the vines about his body.

After the panther was free, he began to lick the Helper's hands, and then he stood around waiting for the Helpers to go in order that he could follow.

"Young fellow," the Helper said, "you had better go and get something to eat, for you have plenty of friends in here that would like to try your strength. If they win, they will make a good meal of you.

Then the panther licked the lady Helper's hands again and slowly went away.

Here is an interesting story about how a lion was helped one day.

Some Helpers were in the African jungles, where they had been sent to help a large lion which had stuck a thorn into the soft part of his left front paw. He could not get the thorn out, and his paw had swollen badly and was very painful. The lion was lying down when the Helpers walked up to him, but he jumped up, showed fight and roared loudly.

"Say, fellow," the man Helper said. "We came here to help you, and we are not looking for a fight. If you do not want us to help you, we can go on."

The lion quieted down, moaned and held up his paw, for he could not stand on it, because of the pain. One of the Helpers went up to the lion and he backed away. "Listen, Mr. Lion," the Helper said, "instead of backing away, you come here and give me your paw. I will be as easy as I can with you."

The lion looked around, and then he hopped on three legs up to the Helper and gave him his paw. The Helper looked at it and saw at once that he needed something to open the abscess with to let the pus out. He told the other Helper to hunt for a sharp thorn, which she did. Then the Helper told the lion to lie own. When the Helpers started to pick the sore open, the lion became angry and snapped at the man.

"Let the cross lion alone or he may hurt you," the lady Helper said.

She had forgotten that they were out of their dense bodies and could not be hurt. The first Helper told her to rub the lion's head while he opened up his foot. She did this, and as the lion became quiet, the Helper squeezed all the pus out and then felt around for the thorn. When he found it, the lion roared, for the thorn was stuck in the bone of his foot.

The Helpers had to pick a hole in the flesh large enough to get two fingers in it before he could pull the thorn out. He could not materialize his hand and put it in the bone as he could have done if it had been flesh. The Helper got hold of the thorn and pulled it out while the poor lion quivered and moaned. The Helper squeezed his foot and had the other Helper rub it, and it healed up in a few minutes.

Then the lion licked her hand, got up and shook himself, and roared as if to give thanks. The Helper who had pulled out the thorn told the lion to be more careful. The lion approached the lady Helper, who hid behind the other Helper.

"He is not going to hurt you," he told her.

The lion went up to her and looked at her, and stood up on his hind feet like a huge dog and then lay down at her feet like a house cat and would not move.

All at once he jumped up and let out a fierce roar and jumped about twenty-five feet and began to fight a large snake. The lion was still weak, and the snake soon had him tired out. It had two coils of its body around him in almost no time. One Helper told them to stop, but they would not, and she became excited.

The other Helper asked the Group Spirit of the snake, and the Group Spirit of the lion to stop them. He called to the snake and the lion and told them to stop, and they obeyed at once. The Helper then called them to him, and they came. The Helper saw that the snake was a large African boa constrictor. The snake's skin had been badly torn by the lion's claws, and the lion had been bitten in the place when the snake held him. The Helpers soon fixed up the snake and the lion and sent the snake away. The Helpers started off, and the lion followed them until they disappeared.

Here is how a sick whale was helped one night by some Helpers. They were shown a whale out in the water by means of the Jupiterian Picture-Consciousness, which is somewhat like moving pictures shown on a screen. The whale was gasping and trying to dislodge a fish that was caught in his throat. The Helpers hurried to the place where he was and soon located him. This whale had a huge head and mouth and what looked like rows of teeth.

The whale was sick at his stomach and could not throw up the food which had made him feel bad, and his intestines were clogged. Worst of all, he had a fish caught in his throat. Not far away from the sick whale there were seven or eight sharks. They saw that the whale was sick, and they were waiting to make a meal of him just as soon as he was too weak to fight.

The Helpers went out to the whale. He sank down and came up in another place, like a child fighting off a doctor after it has been hurt. The timid whale did this several times. Then one of the Helpers waxed him to stay up. She patted his head, and he turned over and opened his mouth, and the other Helper pulled the fish out. It was a large fish, and its fins had caught on each side of the whale's throat and it could not come out or go down. Then the Helpers worked on the whale's stomach and intestines, and he had a good passage. This made him feel all right again, and he became frisky.

The sharks saw that he was acting natural again; and so they went off, and the whale swam away.

I will now tell you what happened to a boy's pet dog one night. Some Helpers were going through the air, and they saw a fine collie crossing a street. A man came by in his car and ran over the dog's two front paws and broke them. The man looked around and saw no one; so he started to drive on, leaving the injured dog in the road.

One Helper lit on his car and made the man go back. She materialized on his running board. He was too frightened to go on and did what she told him to do. By that time the other Helper had carried the dog to a lawn and laid him down. The dog was whining.

The Helper contacted the Group Spirit of the dog and asked where the dog's owner lived. The Group Spirit told him that the dog belonged to the people who lived four houses down the street on the same side that they were on. The Helper went to the house and told the man about the dog, he became very much excited.

"What will my little son do now, for they are pals?" he asked. "I always let the dog out early every morning so that he can run around awhile. He always comes home when the boy gets up."

The man who had struck the dog spoke up and asked what the dog was worth.

"I paid one hundred and fifty dollars for him; but I would not take a thousand, for I have spent several years in training him," the owner said.

The Helper carried the dog into the man's house and put him in a hammock on a side porch. The boy, who had been awakened by the sound of voices, came downstairs. When he saw that his dog was hurt, he began to cry, and the dog howled. The boy turned to the strange lady and said, "Lady, fix up my dog so that we can play together. We always eat together, and he sleeps at the foot of my bed. See, he is crying because he is hurt. You can stop it, and the Angels will bless you some day. My mama said that the Angels bless all who help people."

"The boy's mother stood looking at the injured dog.

"We cannot heal him," she said. "He must be shot."

"Will he be well, then?" asked the boy.

"No, he will be dead, and a man will take him away," his mother answered.

"No, Mamma, wait," the boy begged. "I will ask God to make him walk again. "Dear God," the boy said, "make my dog well so we can play. Mamma said you will do this for people who are good. I will be as good as I can but I know I will be good to my dog. You will do it for me, dear God, won't you?" Then he turned to the lady Helper and said, "Now, Lady, fix my dog."

The boy's father said to the boy, "She cannot do it, but I wish to God that she could."

The Helper spoke to the dear little boy, "My dear little one, she said, "your faith will cause your dog to be made well."

The people who were present all had tears in their eyes, for their hearts were touched by the child's words of pleading for his dog. The Helper put one hand on the dog and rubbed him with the other hand. The other Helper took one foot and set the bones, and the healing force from God healed the injury. The dog licked the Helper's hand, who then took the dog's other paw and set it, and it became all right.

The dog lay down at the Helper's feet as if to thank them.

"The Angels will bless you," the happy child said. "Oh, no! You are an Angel, for I see pretty colors of bright gold, blue, and white about you, no, in you. Mamma, I don't know what she is, but I can see through her. What is she?"

The Helper was so happy that she lifted the child up in her arms, and for a moment he was lost in her aura. Everyone present saw it and bowed before the Helper. "Yes, Child, I am your Angel," they heard her say. Then she put him down and disappeared.

The Helpers were very happy that they had been allowed to heal the dog and make the boy and his parents happy.

We will now consider how some other prayers were answered.

One night some Invisible Helpers were going along in the air, when they saw a man fall off a bus which was going at a good speed. The man got up and ran after the bus and tried to catch it, but he had to give up. His scarf streamed out behind him as he ran.

The Helpers went to the poor man, and he told them what had happened to him. He had been sitting in a rear seat and had taken off his collar but still had his scarf around his neck. Most of the people in the bus were sleeping. The man who sat across from him robbed him of his money and his baggage.

One of the Helpers asked, by means of thought if anyone could help this man, and was told that it could be done. The Helpers left the man by the side of the road. They caught the bus, got on, materialized, and found the thief. They saw that he had the other man's money in a wallet. The Helpers asked if they could help the victim get to the next town where the bus would stop so that he could claim his baggage and get his money back. The Helpers were told to do all they could to help.

The Helpers then rushed back and got the man and carried him to a certain town to which the bus was going. When the bus reached this town, the man had the thief arrested, and he got his money back and claimed his baggage.

A man in South America was terribly worried about losing his magnificent hard maple and oak trees. He prayed to God for help to save the best of his trees from being cut down. Two Helpers were sent to aid him. They reached his place quickly and materialized what looked like natural physical bodies. Then they walked up to where they saw a farmer talking to a group of telephone employees. These men had been instructed to buy a strip of land right across his farm, and they offered a very small sum for it.

The telephone company had planned to force the man to sell his rights to the land and the trees. They knew that the land they wanted had five or six hundred large trees on it and that these trees would make fine and expensive lumber. They meant to cut the trees down at once and had brought along their saws and axes, so that they could begin the work of destruction at once, and then put up the telephone poles and wires.

The farmer was greatly distressed, for he loved those fine, big trees and did not want them cut down. He did not want to sell the best part of his farm, but the foreman of the gang tried to make him do so. The Helpers made the men stop and told the farmer not to take less than fifty thousand dollars. The Helpers also told him that if he did sell, to be sure to retain the right to cross the strip of land; otherwise he would have to go a mile and a half to get to the other part of his farm.

The farmer told the foreman that he would not sell for less than fifty thousand dollars. The men left knowing that the telephone company would reroute their line, since they could not defraud this man of his valuable forest.

The Helpers looked the forest over and were delighted with the grand trees, which were some of the finest they had seen anywhere. They told the farmer that he should keep the land and that he had a lovely place. Before the telephone men left, one of the Helpers told the men that it wouldn't be long before people would not need phones. She explained how in the coming new age people will have clairvoyance and spiritual hearing and thought transference and so can send thought through the air which will be caught by other people, somewhat as a radio receiving set catches the sound waves from the air.

Then the owner of the big trees asked the Helpers who they were, and they told him. The Helpers contacted the Group Spirit of some of the trees and talked to him. This High Being looked like a man but was much wiser and far more intelligent. The Group Spirit of these trees thanked the Helpers for preventing the men from cutting these trees down unnecessarily. He said that the man had loved and tenderly cared for the trees in his woods, and this caused them to grow large. He said the trees were then worth a fortune.

The Group Spirit also showed the Helpers how the place would look if the men had their way and cut these trees down. It made a most desolate picture, bare land with many tree stumps and a line of telephone poles running across it with a few wires strung between. One Helper shuddered to think of the ruin that would have resulted. The Group Spirit blessed the Helpers for their good work. Both of the Helpers plainly remembered the next day all that had occurred and were much impressed by what they had seen and heard.

Here is how a little boy was helped one night. Some Helpers were sent to answer a mother's prayers for her little boy who had been burned and who had been in a hospital. While he was in the hospital, his condition had been made worse by the doctors and the nurses. The mother was then on the way home with him. The Helpers met the mother at a railroad station where they were waiting for a train to take them home. The boy was in much pain. One Helper materialized her body and went up and saw how the child was suffering, and asked his mother what the boy's trouble was.

The mother said that he had been accidentally burned on the hand, chest, and legs. "I carried him to the hospital," she said, "and they made him worse, and now I am taking him home."

While the mother was talking, the Helper was stroking the boy's bed, and he soon became quiet and went to sleep. A man who was standing near by said to the Helper, "Your presence seems to have a quieting effect on him, for he has gone to sleep."

The Helper asked to see how the boy got burned and how he was treated at the hospital. They then saw by means of Jupiterian Consciousness how the boy went to the barn and raked up some straw, hay, etc, and set fire to it. He had been sent to clean up the place. While he was standing by the blaze, his ragged overalls caught fire. As he tried to put the fire out, his shirt sleeves ignited. The boy became terrified and ran to the house, calling his mother. All his clothing was in flames by this time.

His mother wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the hospital where he received treatment. The boy and his mother stayed in the hospital a week. The doctor did not give him the right treatment, and the nurses did not soak the bandages off. This made the sores worse, and the boy became weaker. Tears came into the Helper's eyes, and the man said, "Lady, you are very sympathetic."

"Yes," she said, "and with the help of the Higher Ones I will help him."

The Helper asked, the mother to take the bandages off the boy's hands and arms, as they were well. "No, Lady," the mother answered, "you are letting your feelings get the best of you."

By this time the boy had awakened. "Mamma," he said, "I feel well, and nothing hurts me. See, I can move my arms."

His mother removed the bandages, and his arms and hands were smooth and white. His skin had healed and left no scars. All the people who were near by were surprised.

"Lady, put your hands on my head, for it makes me feel so good, and I see pretty people when I close my eyes," the boy said to the Helper. The people look like gold. No, they look like silver. No, they look like gold and silver together, and they have wings, but they don't move them. Oh look! There are some little ones."

The boy saw into the Etheric Region where there were some Fairies and lnvisible Helpers.

The train came, and the two Helpers put the child and his mother on it. Then they said goodbye and went away leaving them very happy.

Our next story is about how a girl, a cat, and a bird were saved from a fire. One night two Helpers went went to a fire, and they looked through a glass door and saw a girl about twelve years old whose clothing was in flames. She was trying to get out, but the fire was all around her. No one would go to her rescue, and the fire department was not there. One Helper asked if he might save her and was told to do so. The Helper went right through the wall and told the Salamanders to leave the girl, and the flames went out. The Helper opened the door and carried the girl outside, and a man put her in an auto and took her to a hospital.

The Helper went back into the house and rescued the father and mother. Before the mother became unconscious, she said, "Save my daughter and her cat and her bird upstairs in the backroom."

By this time the roof was falling in, but the Helpers found the cat on the floor. It was wild with terror because it was cut off. The Helper called the cat to him. It came to him and he took it up. Then the Helper got the canary. After that the Helper leaped from the window and placed the cat and the bird beside the mother and father. Then the Helpers left and went to the hospital to see the girl.

The girl was in the examining room when the Helpers went in. She pointed to the man Helper and said, "He saved me."

"Yes, child, I saved you, and I will heal you also," he promised.

"I hurt so bad," the girl said weakly.

The Helper heard the doctor say that the girl would die.

"She is too good to die," said the Helper. He picked the child up and let out his aura and asked that she might be healed.

The nurse and the doctor fell back in amazement. The Helper handed the girl to the lady Helper. She let out her aura and prayed that the girl might be healed. When she put her down, the girl was well and happy and smiling.

Chapter IV

More Work of Helpers

Here is an unusuaI story which tells about a Helper who impersonated a dog to help a man and his family.

One night while two Helpers were going over an eastern town, they saw a woman standing in front of a tavern with two children and a collie dog. The Helpers came down and went up to them. One of the Helpers asked the woman what was the matter, and she said, "I am waiting for my husband to come out so I can get some money for food. Otherwise he will drink it all up."

The Helper asked someone in the distance by means of thought if he could help the woman, and he was told to do so. "Can the dog do tricks?" asked the Helper.

"Yes," answered the boy.

The Helper found that the dog knew several tricks. "That is all I want to know," he said. Then the Helper told the dog to go to his master. The dog went into the tavern to the boy's father. The Helper told the dog to sit up, and he did. "Master, please stop drinking and come home," said the Helper who was near the dog. "They need you and your money, and I would like to get more bones.

The Helper had only materialized enough of his body to speak, and the man did not see him.

The woman's husband turned around and looked at the dog sitting up. Then the Helper spoke again and said, "Mr. Tavern man, it is wrong to take all my master's money from his family and you know it. Come, master, we are waiting for you outside the door."

The man ran out and saw his family, and he sat down in the doorway. He gave his wife all of his money, and then he got up and went home.

This man was drunk before the dog talked, but the experience sobered him up. When the Helpers got to his home, he was there, and he was shaking like a leaf. The dog went up to him, and the Helper said, "Thank you, master, for coming home. I can now have more bones," and he went away.

The man turned pale. One Helper told the other to tell the man that he had his warning to stop drinking and that he must take care of his family. The lady Helper told the man, and he promised that he would.

"What made the dog talk?" the man's wife asked the visitor.

"He was used as a means to make your husband know that it is time that he should stop drinking and care for his family," said the Helper. "He would not believe any human being." The Helper told the man's wife that if he drank again, he might have a stroke.

The Helpers thought he might have a stroke anyway, or that he might have delirium tremens.

"What has become of the man who was with you?" the wife asked the lady Helper. "Did he become frightened and run off?"

"No," said the Helper. "He had other work to do." After that the Helper played for a few minutes with the collie, and then she left.

Here is another story of how a man was helped. Two Helpers were in one of the southern states, where they met a man who had lost all his keys in a canal. He had been standing on the bank of the canal, with the bunch of keys in his hand, talking to his wife. As he pointed across the canal, the keys slipped out of his hand and fell into the muddy water. He had no other keys, so they were locked out of their home.

The man began to pray for help to get them. He marked the place where he stood with a piece of wood pressed into the ground. The Helpers went to him, and he told them what had happened.

"We are staying in a cottage on the hotel grounds," said the man, "and we have all our money in our trunks. The keys are at the bottom of the canal, and I don't know how to get them. If you will get my keys, I will give you a hundred dollars."

The worried man thought the man Helper was someone who lived near by.

"If the keys are not recovered now," said the lady Helper, "they may sink down into the mud, and by morning it may be impossible to find them. The water is five feet deep at this place."

"I cannot see the keys now, and it is too dark to get them out before morning," said the man.

"Go get the keys for him," said the lady Helper.

The man Helper slid into the water, reached down and got the keys, and came up with them and gave them to the man who was too surprised for words.

"How did you see my keys, and how could you breathe in the muddy water?" asked the surprised man.

"Pay no attention to that, but be kind and helpful to everyone you meet," said the man Helper.

"I try to be," answered the man. "Come to see me tomorrow, and I will give you the hundred dollars."

The Helpers slipped away, and of course they never returned to see the man, for they did not help him for any reward. These Helpers enjoy going around helping people and animals. When next morning both Helpers remembered this story plainly.

Here is a story about how a very sick lady was helped. She had been praying that she might get well and that her son would stop drinking so heavily. The Helpers were sent to help her. While they were working on her invisible vehicles, the son came into the house, drunk, and became very noisy. One Helper told him that he should not get drunk and that she wanted him to be, quiet because his mother was very sick and not able to stand it. The son then became abusive, and the Helper handled him a little roughly and put him out of the house. It was a cold night, and he soon became sober and begged to be let in. The lady Helper let the man in, and he listened to what she had to say. The Helper told him what he must expect when he passed on, if he did not mend his ways.

The man asked for proof, and she let out her aura and then disappeared. She went into the next room and materialized and came back to where he was.

"Surely I must have been talking to an Angel, for humans don't do what she has done," the amazed man said. "I wonder if I was dreaming or seeing things!"

The Helper was then behind him, and she spoke up and said, "No, you are not dreaming."

At that the man turned as if he had been shot. "Please, Angel," he said, "have mercy on me, and I will make a man of myself and stop drinking."

The second Helper was also present, and he told her to put her hand on the man's head to give him strength, for he was shaking like a leaf. This man will keep his promise, for the Helpers blotted out this man's desire for drink.

A great evangelist once told his congregation two stories similar to this one. In each case the man who was a drunkard prayed for help, and the desire for strong drink left him completely. Occult students know that a Lay Brother or a Lay Sister can take such a desire away from a man, and he will never want intoxicating drinks again.

Here is how a Chinese man's prayer for help was answered. Two Helpers were shown a Chinese who was sick with the palsy. They were also shown how to help him. The Helpers went to the man, who was about fifty-five years old. They found him shaking.

"Oh, Angel! Thou mighty one, help me, a poor worm of the dust," the poor man said. "I am meek and lowly. I have been this way for over twenty-five years, and no one else can help me. Help me, thou mighty Angel."

"Are you married?" asked the Helper.

"No," he answered.

"Are you poor?" she asked him.

"I did have plenty, but wars and my brother have taken it," he replied. "If I were a well man, I could get it all back. I have been praying for ten years to God to heal me."

"If you get well, will you be a good man and will you be kind to all living things and help everyone you can?" the Helper asked. "Will you even help the animals and plants?"

"My religion teaches that," the Chinese answered.

"What is your religion?"' the Helper asked.

"Confucianism was my religion up to ten years ago," he said. "Now I believe in the Christian religion. I have prayed, but I have received no help, and I have lost all I had."

"Can it not be a debt from a past life that you are paying off?" the Helper inquired.

"I do not know," he said, "have I lived before?"

"With all your learning do you not know of rebirth?" she asked.

"Yes, I did read about it when I was young, but I was not interested then," he said. "If you will help me, I will do whatever you ask. I want to go to America."

The Helper asked someone at a distance if they could help this sick man, and he was told that they could help him.

The man said that during the war with Japan the roof of his house had been shot off, but he was not hurt, and the soldiers did not bother or rob him. The Helpers assisted the Chinese to rise and he staggered around the room and got down on his knees in front of the lady Helper. "Mighty Angel!" he said, "this humble worm of the dust thanks thee. May God bless you."

The Helper tried to explain that they were servants of God, but the Chinese would not believe it.

"Go tell my servant in the next room to come here," he said to the Helper.

The man Helper went down the hall a little way and came to a room where he found a nice-looking Chinese woman. He told her that the man wanted her. She ran to his room and bowed before him.

"Worm of the dust," the Chinese said to her, go get my clothes."

"Wait!" said the man Helper. "From now on let there be no bowing. Call her by her name. Since you have the Christian faith, there can be no slaves."

The Helper then suggested a suitable name, which the man liked. "I will call her that," he said.

"Now, since you are well, if you like her, marry her according to the Chinese customs and treat her as your wife and not as a servant," the Helper said. "Be honest with her, and say please when you ask her to do something for you. Give her some money to spend for herself."

The Helper told the woman that all that he had said applied to her also.

"I thank thee," she said.

"Am I well?" the man asked.

"Yes, but you must always keep your promise and be kind and helpful to all living things." Both Chinese promised that they would. This man could not believe that he was well, and he kept feeling himself to make sure that he was all right.

The Helpers left China and returned to their own country to find a young woman who was a prisoner whom they had been told to help. This young woman and her parents bad been praying for five years for help. The girl was somewhere in the mountains in a neighboring country in an old but well-built building. The Helpers found her in the basement asleep on some straw. They woke her up.

"Please let me go home, for I am dying," she said.

"How long have you been here?" asked one of the Helpers.

"I do not know," she said. "I was brought here in August, 1931. My home is on the west coast. I have been moved five or six times since I was kidnapped. A woman brings me my meals, but I do not get enough to eat, and I am slowly starving to death."

The woman told the Helpers just where her home was. She had once been very pretty, but now she seemed to be mostly skin and bones.

The Helpers looked around to see how to get her out. They found no way; so one Helper took her hand and called the woman who brought her food.

"Who brought this young woman here?" the man Helper asked.

"I don't know where two of the men are, but the boss is upstairs," she said. "He never comes down here."

The Helper sent out a mental call to the kidnapper, who came armed with a gun. Both the man and the woman were so excited that they hardly knew what they were talking about.

The man said that he had kidnapped the young woman for money, but that he failed to get any; so he decided to keep her until she died. Then he would take her body home and put it on her parents' porch some night.

"We have come to take her home," said the man Helper. "Get her some clothes."

The evil man laughed. "Well, you can die like rats," he said to the Helpers.

He raised his gun to shoot one Helper, but the Salamanders, or fire spirits, had been told to keep quiet; so his gun only clicked. The Helper seized the gun from the startled man, who was shaking with fear. The Helper ordered him to get some clothes for the woman and to bring heavy blankets also. The woman housekeeper was told to go with the man for the things that were needed.

The two people went out and locked the door. "Now all three of you can die," the evil man called out.

The young woman began to cry, and the Helpers told her that they would get her out. The Helpers disappeared and went upstairs to the parlor where the man and the woman were, and appeared before them and demanded the clothes. The man was paralyzed with fear. "Get her some clothes and a blanket, and give her five hundred dollars," he said. "No, give her a thousand dollars and let them go."

The lady Helper took the things. "No one will stop us, as we can go through anything," she said.

The Helpers went down into the basement and broke open the door. They dressed the woman and brought her up wrapped in the blanket. At the top of the stairs they were met by two large, fierce dogs. The dogs began to crawl toward the Helpers on their stomachs, and they whined instead of growling. The Helper asked for help to get the young woman out of the house, for he thought the guards might start shooting at them and injure the girl. He was told that he did not need any help.

The Helpers told the Salamanders to be quiet until they got away. They rolled the woman up in the blanket and carried her out the door. They formed a kind of cloud-like screen around her by means of thought. After this was done, the Helpers rose up in the air and carried the young woman to the little town where she lived and where they left her safely in the home, with her parents.

"Now I am going back to that place to see if anyone else is held captive," said the man Helper to his companion. The lady Helper said that she would go, too. When the Helpers got back to the kidnapper's house, the man was talking to the woman. One Helper appeared in the room and asked the man if there were any more prisoners in the place and he said, "Yes."

"Show us where they are."

The man went to a room and unlocked a door and told the Helpers that there was a woman in the closet across the room. The Helpers started across the floor. When they got to the center of the room, the man sprung a trap door, and the Helpers fell into a dark place. One Helper screamed and caught hold of the other, for she forgot that she was not in her physical body and could not be hurt.

"Calm yourself," said the man Helper. "Nothing can hurt you."

"I am afraid," the lady Helper told him.

"Go home," her companion said.

"Take me out and I will," she answered. Just then she saw some skulls. "Oh," look at these skulls," she said. "Look! There are four of them."

"Yes, four people have paid the price," he said. "Come, let's go.

The Helpers dematerialized rapidly, returned to the man and materialized what looked like ordinary human bodies.

"We will not make six this time, Buddy," the man Helper said.

The man jumped, startled.

"Yes, your time is up, and I have a place for you," the Helper said.

"I do not want to die," the man said in great fear. "I'll give you a million dollars to save me."

"I can do nothing," the Helper said. "Look over your life, and see what you have done."

The man began to count and said, "I am guilty of seven murders. Look at the people I have whipped and robbed! Look at all the cattle I have poisoned and the homes I have burned! Why, I have done no good!" And he fell over, dead.

This evil man was seeing the things he had done during his life from just before death up to when he was a baby. We call this the panorama of life.

The Helpers took the man to the Borderland. which is a region between the First Heaven and Purgatory.

"Take him down near the earth's atmosphere," said the one in charge. "You had better tie your companion to you. No, leave her here."

"I want to go," the lady Helper said.

The Helper tied her to him, and they took the man down. What they saw was too awful for words, and the Helpers do not care to go to that region any more. This evil man had created all kinds of huge, ugly, and fierce-looking entities by his evil thoughts and deeds.

This story reminded one of the Helpers of the words of Christ Jesus in St. Matthew 16:26-27 — "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

"For the Son of man shall come in the glory of His Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works."

Here is how a lady was saved from sinking in quicksand somewhere in Mexico.

Two Helpers were going over a hill near the Pacific Ocean. They looked down and saw an automobile come to a stop. The passengers alighted and walked over to the edge of a nearby cliff to enjoy the beautiful view.

Suddenly one of the women slipped down the bank as the earth gave way under her weight. She fell into a quicksand hole, and began to sink in the soft mud. There had been a rain, and the hillside was wet. The woman soon found that it was impossible for her to extricate herself. She only sank deeper with each effort to lift a foot. It was about twenty-five or thirty feet from the top of the hill to the place where the woman fell.

The woman shouted for help and prayed for someone to come and save her, for she was slowly sinking. Her friends were running about vainly trying to devise some way to help.

The Helpers materialized; they went down to the woman and one Helper got hold of her right arm and the other took hold of her left arm, and they pulled her out of the quicksand, which looked like soft, slippery mud. Then the Helpers carried the frightened woman to her friends off the cliff.

It is strange how few people will believe that it is possible for certain persons who live good, useful lives to go to sleep and leave their physical bodies on their beds; that they go out in their higher bodies and help people and animals under an organized system carried on by Advanced Beings who form a long line of Helpers.

These Helpers consist of God, the four Lords of Destiny, certain Beings from other planets, Liberated Ones, Elder Brothers, Archangels, Angels, Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters, Helpers, and finally persons who live ordinary lives here among us. Many of the students of the various entrance schools of the Mystery Schools are members of bands of Helpers who take part in this work. I do not mean that merely by being a student anyone can at once take part in this work. Their are certain necessary qualifications.

A person must develop his souI body to a certain extent before he can leave his physical body and travel in his soul body. He must be sincere in his desire to help others, and he must strive for knowledge along spiritual lines. He must be absolutely fearless. He must be unselfish and desire knowledge that he may use it for the good of others and not for the purpose of making money. He must not sell this knowledge. He must give it freely if he wishes to keep the channel open so that he may receive more and better instruction himself. If a person tries to learn occult knowledge and refuses to impart his knowledge to others he in turn shuts himself from the source of knowledge. What you have received freely, you should freely give to others.

One day an occult student tried to tell an elderly businessman about some occult truth. "I do not believe that," he said. "What proof can you give me?"

"Do you believe in God?" she asked, and the man, at once answered "Yes."

You see, something within him recognized that there is a God and that he is a part of God. This man had lived many years and knew that there must be a God in charge of our world. The student asked if he believed in Angels.

"I do not," he replied.

If a person does not believe in Angels, it is generally quite useless to expect that person to believe in Invisible Helpers or that we live after death and are reborn about every one thousand years. The Bible has so many stories of Angels in it that one can scarcely believe in it without believing that Angels actually exist.

On the other hand, if a person, believes in Angels, it is less difficult to explain the Occult and Mystic teachings to him. Some people will believe in the higher teachings because these fill a real need with them. Others must have some actual proof. Many persons have had proof that there are Angels, Archangels, and Invisible Helpers; and I hope that the reader will some time see them, also.

Here is a story of a girl who was helped by means of spiritual healing. Two Helpers were directed to a certain place in Europe where a girl was praying for help. They went to her and saw a very homely girl who was crying because her mouth was out of shape.

After she told her story, one Helper said, "Get me some flour and water to make a paste with, and we will try to improve your face."

The girl got the flour and water and a towel. She was told to lie down. After she had done that, the Helper put the towel under her head. The Helper made a paste of the flour and water and put it on her face like a cast and worked on her face until it dried.

While he massaged her face, the healing force that comes from God was sent down to her by the other Helper, and her mouth became straight. When the paste became dry, the Helper took it off and told the girl to wash her face. She did this in a hurry and looked in a mirror. She said her face was beautifully white and clean as was her mouth. Her joy knew no bounds.

"Who did it?" she asked.

The first Helper pointed to the second Helper, and the girl ran to her and kissed her. Then the girl thanked both of the Helpers for all they had done for her. After telling her to go to church and be a good girl, the Helpers slipped away and went on with their work.

One night some Invisible Helpers saved a man from death by drowning. They were sent to help a man on a ship between France and England. On this ship there were two men and a woman who had planned to rob this man and throw him overboard. One of the plotters, a woman, was following him around the boat. He was praying to God to save him, as he knew that he was being watched constantly and was frightened. The Helpers talked to him in his tiny room on the ship. One Helper told him to get his valuable papers and money together. He had hidden them between two mattresses on his berth.

The Helper laid a blanket on the bed, and had him lie on Then they put his valuables in his hands and about him and wrapped him up carefully. They opened the door and carried the man out and away over the sea, to the country to which he wished to go and let him down in a safe place.

This sounds like a fairy story, but it really happened. Invisible Helpers can reverse the force of gravity, and heavy objects will then float in the air and can be carried along easily through the air by helpers, who can materialize all or part of their bodies at will when they need to do so in the course of their work.

Mr. Max Heindel in his booklet, The Mystical Interpretation of Easter, refers to materialization when, in speaking of Jesus he says, "Upon the death of the dense body of Jesus, the seed atoms were returned to the original owner. During the three years interval between the baptism where he gave up his vehicles, and the crucifixion which brought the return of the seed atoms, Jesus gathered a vehicle of ether as an Invisible Helper gathers physical material whenever it is necessary to materialize all or part of the body. But material not mated with the seed atom cannot be permanently appropriated; it disintegrates as soon as the will power which assembled it is withdrawn, and this was therefore only a makeshift."

Many other writers on the Occult teachings have told of the wonderful things that Invisible Helpers have done. Many of these stories have been disguised in various ways. After a time the faithful aspirant learns to interpret the true meaning of these truly wonderful stories that have inspired humanity down through the ages.

One November night two Helpers went to South America to a place where they found a mother squirrel and her babies in a large tree. The squirrels were poor and hungry, as they could find little food. One Helper told the bright-eyed little squirrel mother that they would take her to a place where she could get some food.

The Group Spirit showed the Helpers where to take the squirrels. The Helpers carried them about fifteen miles to a farm where they could get some green vegetables and some corn from a crib. The farmer was a kind man who would not hurt the squirrels. The Group Spirit said that they could stay there.

The following is quite a different story that illustrates the work of Invisible Helpers.

One night some Helpers were sent to a foreign land to save a young man who lived in a house that overlooked a beautiful body of water. On the way the Helpers passed over some hilly country that was very beautiful in certain places. A lot of fighting had been going on in that part of the country. The Helpers went to the house that had been shown to them when they received their directions from the Higher Ones for their night's work. As the Helpers came down out of the air, they noticed two pretty little lambs and a shepherd dog in the front yard. One of the Helpers wanted to go and see them.

Just before the Helpers arrived there, some soldiers found the brother, a young man of about eighteen, who Iived with his three sisters. He had gone to town to buy supplies and was on his way home. The soldiers were going to shoot the young man for being unpatriotic. One of the Helpers was told to carry the frightened young man over the house and build a screen around him and advise him to stay away from home for a time. Just as the soldiers were ready to shoot him, the Helper grabbed him and shot up into the air with him and carried him over the house. The other Helper saw it plainly and remembered it the next morning when she woke up.

The soldiers were too confused and surprised to shoot the young man; so the Helper got him away safely. The lady Helper asked the young man if he knew how he got over the house so quickly.

"No, do you?" he asked.

Then the Helper explained how it was done. She told him a good deal about Invisible Helpers and their work — how they go about and how they can take people in their physical bodies right up through the air. The young man was much interested. The man Helper told him that they had been sent to help him because he has some work to do for his race.

"I just can't understand how you picked me up so quickly and traveled so fast through the air and let me down so easily," the young man said. "I could hardly get my breath on the way. Oh, your work is wonderful!"

The Helper then told the young man to leave home and that no harm would come to his sisters or to his pets. The young man went away at once.

The Helpers went into the house and talked with his three sisters. One of them had been an army nurse for ten years, and had stayed at home and kept house. The youngest sister was incurably feeble-minded and had never been to school. The Helpers wanted to help her, but they were told that they could not, as she had a lesson to learn. The parents were dead, and the sisters and their brother owned the place and had not been bothered before this time.

The Helpers noticed a man servant trying to help a pet dog that was sick. The dog had a padded blanket on and lay on a bed on the floor. The animal was constipated and had a fever. The Helpers soon relieved the sick dog, and he got up and ran about.

By this time the lambs had been taken to the basement, where they were being kept for safekeeping. One sister said that they let the lambs feed on the grass in the yard several times a day and, then, took them in, as they wanted to protect them from passing soldiers.

Another night these, Helpers were sent to a country in Europe, where it was then daylight, to prevent soldiers from killing some women and children. The Helpers told the Salamanders to be silent. Then they told the women to go over into a neighboring country, and they helped them to get there safely.

(The Salamanders are the Nature Spirits that cause all fires. These Nature Spirits are flame colored and, of many sizes. Some are small, and others, such as those found in the craters of volcanoes, are enormous in size.)

At this time there were many dead and wounded people lying around on the ground, and the region looked like a barren field with old, broken-down buildings scattered over it. Once these Helpers put out a fire that would have burnt up many people, they told the Salamanders to leave, and they went away. The Helpers were shot at many times. One Helper rescued a little boy from a soldier who was about to run a bayonet into his body. The child's mother had been killed. The Helper carried the child into another country and found a home for him.

Now, I will tell you another bear story, one about a little bear that some Helpers saw in a large house in the country. First, they saw a child and a little bear on the bed. Someone came in and found that the little bear had made a wet spot on the bed. She was very cross and scolded and punished him. The Helpers materialized, and one of them said that she would try to make the little bear understand her and be a clean bear in the future.

Then the Helper petted the baby bear and talked to him. She showed him the door and opened it and went to him and got down on all fours and walked along with the bear to the door. She scratched on the door and showed him hop to do it. Then she took him outdoors and went on telling him what he must do. She took him in again and had him go to the door and scratch on it, and then she let him out.

The Group Spirit showed himself to the Helper and she asked him to influence the little bear to do as she had showed him.

"He understands, and he will be all right now," said the Group Spirit.

The spiritual sight of the Helpers was extended so that they could see the Group Spirit. He had a head and neck that looked like a kindly bear, and he talked to the Helpers in the soul language. His body was just like a man's, but his aura was far larger and brighter, than most men's auras. The Helper saw this Group Spirit in the Desire World where he stays. It seemed as if he was right near them. Try to picture to yourself a beautiful, radiant Being with a bear's head and neck, and you will have a little idea of how lovely this Group Spirit looks.

The people were well-to-do-farmers, and they were fond of pets. They told the Helpers that they had found the mother bear when she was young and had brought her home and fed and tamed her. Sometime she would go away for a few days and then come back. One day the baby bear came, and they took him and fed him like a baby on a bottle.

They kept him in the house, and he was the little girl's, pet and companion. She loved him and wanted him near her. Sometimes he slept on her bed, but he would always soil the bedding. Finally they lost patience with him. "The little bear was born here, but the father bear has never been here," the girl's mother said.

The Group Spirit said that the people would help the bears in their evolution and that the baby bear had been in a family in his last life and was very smart and domesticated.

Another day the Helpers passed by and went in to see how the little bear was behaving. They saw scratches on the door where he had been scratching; so they knew he understood what to do when he needed to go outdoors. The little bear was in bed with the girl, and both were sound asleep. I believe that Occult students who love animals will remember this story. It is one of the happy memories of the Helpers who were there.

Mankind owes a great debt to the animal life wave, for they have suffered terribly at the hands of ruthless human beings. Just think of how many of our fur clad brothers have been killed or wounded in cruel steel traps and snares of various kinds for their beautiful fur coats. The hunters have shot the animals down by the thousands, often merely for the sport of killing.

One night some Helpers were up in the north woods of Canada, where they found a young moose in a trap, with its mother and brother standing by it. The moose had evidently been in the trap more than twenty-four hours, for its mother had brought it some food and had nursed it. The two moose children were still unable to care for themselves.

When the mother first saw the Helpers, she showed fight, but they soon quieted her by talking to her. The young moose in the trap had been caught by its left hind leg, which was badly swollen, but the skin was not torn. The two Helpers got the moose out of the trap and rubbed its injured leg until the circulation started up again. Then the swelling went down.

The mother moose understood what was going on, and she licked the hands of the Helpers to show her thanks. The Helpers took the trap and walked on till they reached a stream near by. Then they threw the trap into the deep water.

Here is another moose story that is quite different. About a month before these Helpers had released the young moose from the trap, they passed over a farm and saw a young moose trying to get out of a pasture lot. On their way back the moose was gone. The Helpers went down and found a little girl feeding it milk. The child said she had found the moose in her father's woods, and it had followed her home, refusing to leave.

The Helpers wanted to know more about why the moose was there. One of them called a high Lay Sister, who told them that the parents of the moose had been killed while out hunting for food for themselves, and the Group Spirit of the animals had directed to the girl.

"My father told me that I could keep the moose, and I have named her Ruth," the little girl said. "I am going to feed Ruth now."

She got a pan of ground carrots and milk. By this time the moose had walked a short distance away. The child called, "Ruth, Ruth," and it came to her and soon ate up the food.

The man Helper told the child not to let her pet out, as she would not be safe because the hunters and their dogs would soon kill her. He told the young moose to stay inside the lot and barnyard and not to jump the fence. The Group Spirit said that he would influence the moose to stay there.

The lady Helper called the moose to her, and when she came, the Helper hugged and kissed her and talked to her in great delight.

The little girl then brought her cat to the lady Helper to kiss, for it was sick and had sore eyes. The lady Helper worked on it, and it was soon healed. She then told the child to give it a good bath, but to keep the water and soap out of its, eyes and ears.

"Mamma put soap and water in my eyes and ears, and I don't like it, but they must be clean," said the child.

"Your cat will clean her own eyes, and ears, and you clean the other part of her," advised the Helper.

Here is how some Helpers gave aid and comfort to two wildcats that were sick. The Helpers found the mother cat had gathered up different kinds of grass for the kittens to eat, but they were too sick. They were all swollen up and rounded out. The mother saw the Helpers and growled.

"Mrs. Cat, we came to help your children, if you will let us," one Helper said. "If you want us to help your children, bring one here."

The mother wildcat picked up one of her kittens and put it at the Helpers' feet.

The Helper picked the sick kitten up and examined it. Its stomach was hard, and it was listless. He began to gently roll the kitten in his hands, and it began to pass wind and to belch. Then its bowels began to move, and there was hard rabbit hair in the bowel contents. The rabbit hair was what had clogged up the kitten's intestinal tract.

The kitten began to purr its thanks, and the Helper put it down. It went back to its mother and cuddled up close to her. The mother wildcat brought the second kitten more willingly, and the Helper soon had it in a normal condition. About this time the papa wildcat came in with the hind part of some animal. He put it down and began to growl, and looked ready to fight, and spring on the Helpers. One Helper talked to him.

"Bring your meat to your family, Mr. Cat," he said. "There is no need for trouble; so act like a good cat."

The wildcat became quiet, and the Helpers slipped away, and went on with their work.

Helpers go everywhere to work. One October day a Helper lay down to sleep and soon found himself in the jungles of Africa with a native man who was hunting for food. As they were cautiously picking their way through the jungle, they saw a large lion turning round and round. He was rubbing his jaw with his paw, with saliva dripping from his mouth.

"What is wrong with the lion?" the Helper asked the man.

"He has a toothache," the native replied.

"I will help the fellow, as I know it hurts him," the Helper said, and he started toward the lion.

"Man, that lion will kill you before you get up to him," cautioned the native.

"No, he is all right, as he is in pain," the Helper answered. He then made his way toward the lion, which stopped and looked at the stranger. The Helper went up to the lion and rubbed his head. "Lie down and let me look into your mouth," he said.

The lion obeyed, and the Helper looked in his mouth. He saw that a tooth had been broken off and that the lion's lower jaw was badly swollen. The Helper asked that the lion's gums be loosened so that he could pull out his tooth with his fingers.

"Listen! Big Boy," the Helper said to the lion. "I am going to help you, and don't you get rough." While he was talking to the, lion, the Helper was working the tooth loose. Then he gave a hard pull, and the tooth came out.

The lion let out a roar, but the Helper urged him to lie down while he rubbed the pain out. The lion obeyed, and after the Helper rubbed his jaw, he felt much relieved. After that the lion stretched out on the ground and let the Helper work on him without any protest, for he realized that he was being helped.

After the Helper completed his treatment the lion rubbed his head against him and acted like a huge playful cat. "So long, Big Boy," said the Helper. "Take care of yourself. Your jaw is all right now." The Helper went away leaving the lion happy.

Here is a story of how a girl and her St. Bernard dog were carried home through the air. Carrying people through the air is quite common work for the Invisible Helpers, but most people do not know that it can be done. Those who are helped, in this way do not tell it because they know that people, will not believe their stories.

One night a man Helper left his body asleep on his bed and went to the Alps Mountains to rescue a little girl and her St. Bernard dog. The girl and the dog were both stuck in the snow a short distance apart. The Helper found the dog first, and he picked him up. The dog then jumped to the place where the child had fallen into a hole. The Helper looked down and saw the little girl. He went down and suspended gravity and carried the girl up. The child seemed to be about six or seven years old.

The next problem was how to carry the child and the big dog home at the same time. The Helper went up to the dog. and got up under him with the girl in his arms, and he rose up and went down the mountainside to a nearby house. He knocked on the door, and a woman came to the door. She screamed in surprise when she saw the Helper with the child in his arms and the dog on his back.

"Do they belong here?" the stranger asked.

"Yes, she is my child, and that is her dog," said the woman.

The child and the dog had not been lost long enough to get very cold, but they would have frozen to death if help had not been sent to save them.

One night three Helpers were out with a high Lay Sister working for humanity. They were going with her on her rounds among the sick and needy. They went to see a man in or near Arabia. The Helpers saw the man walking the floor of his house, and he was in great pain. He had been out in a sandstorm and had got some fine sand in both of his eyes and he was in misery. The Helpers saw the Lay Sister examine his eyes and carefully remove every speck of sand from them. The man's eyes were badly inflamed, and the lids were bright red and swollen. One of the Helpers thought that they were the worst looking eyes that she had ever seen.

The Lay Sister told the man to go to his room and lie down. She worked on the man's eyes herself. In a few minutes the man got up and went out into the living room of his home. By this time his eyes were almost normal, the swelling was gone, and they were only slightly red. The man could see without pain. The Helpers were amazed at the wonderful change in the man's eyes. The man was so happy and grateful for the help that he had received that he could not thank the one who had helped him enough.

"I am almost all right, but I do not understand how I could be cured so quickly," he said.

I will now tell you a story of how an obsessed woman narrowly escaped being buried alive.

Three Helpers were sent to a house in the northern part of one of the Scandinavian countries where a funeral was about to be held. The Helpers found the house filled with the relatives and friends of a lady who appeared to be dead, but was not. The Helpers looked at the lady in her coffin. They saw that she was not dead but was obsessed by an entity that could not use a physical body. One Helper spoke up and said, "She is not dead."

The other Helper asked that the entity be made to come out of the woman's body so that she would be spared the suffering of being buried alive. He told the entity to come out, and it did. It soon materialized and became very large. All the people present saw this awful looking entity and became frightened.

The woman entered her body and rolled her large eyes. One Helper told the sick lad that before she came to die, she should leave word that her body was not to be embalmed. She then explained what happens after death and about after death conditions. The entity became angry and tried to re-enter the woman's body. The man Helper stopped it, as the woman was too weak to offer the necessary resistance. Then the entity started after the lady Helper who had told the woman about making preparations for her death at some future time.

The entity tried to run the Helper out of the house, and things became very exciting. Both of the lady Helpers ran back of the man Helper. They then crossed the entity, and it went up in a black smoke that smelled like brimstone. The Helpers then took the woman out of the coffin and put her in bed and told the people what to feed her.
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Reference: The Work of Invisible Helpers, by Amber M. Tuttle

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