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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 4)

Chapter IV

The obsessed woman's daughter told how she had sensed that something was wrong with her mother and that she did not believe that her mother was dead. She would not let the family put her mother's body into a cold room. In that way she saved her mother's life. The minister came in with some song books for the funeral service. He was surprised to find the lady alive.

The Helpers also settled a family feud at that house. Two of the cousins present wanted to fight over something that had happened before this, and the rest of the family took sides with the trouble makers. All of the men had guns or knives. The helpers stopped the fighters and straightened things out and did a good piece of work.

This goes to show the power of prayer. It would seem as if her fate was sealed because she was obsessed by an entity that could not use her body and make her speak or even open her eyes. She had to stand outside her body and watch her relatives prepare her for burial, put her in her coffin, and finally watch relatives assemble in her home for the funeral. Still, it was not too late, and help came in time to save her from being buried alive.

Which reminds us of what St. James said in the fifteenth verse of the fifth chapter of James: "And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him."

Let us remember this, for we do not know what lies before us from day to day. In the fourteenth verse of the fourth chapter of St. James we read the following: "Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." This refers to death which may come unexpectedly when we are unprepared.

Every few days we read about someone with sleeping sickness. Some of these victims are tiny babies, some are young children, and some are grown-ups. Once in awhile we read of a case where the patient recovered and became normal again. Invisible Helpers go and see many of these poor egos and help them whenever they are allowed to do so.

For instance: One night two Helpers went to a child with so-called sleeping-sickness and woke it up by driving out the entity who had obsessed it. The Helpers were sent to that place to answer the prayers of the baby's parents, who had prayed very earnestly for help. These people were very happy when the baby was cured of this terrible condition.

We will now turn to quite a different kind of story. People who own intelligent animals and treat them kindly not only help them in their evolution but are often saved from death or capture by them. The Arabians usually treat their horses like children, and many times they keep them with the family in the tent. The children make pets of the colts. When the colts are grown, they are wonderfully attached to their owners. Recently I heard of such a close friendship between a little girl and her horse.

Two Invisible Helpers were sent to save a child from being shot. Some Arabs had seen a little girl out on the desert riding on her horse. They shot at her with their rifles. The Helpers deflected the bullets, but the horse was frightened. She started up suddenly and the girl fell off. The horse ran back and picked her up by her clothing with her teeth and started to carry her pony. The Helpers went ahead and told the father what had happened.

"Oh, her horse will bring her home safely if she doesn't get killed," the girl's father said.

Sure enough, the horse brought the child up to the door of the tent and laid her down. She got up and petted her horse and got a handful of dates to eat. The horse reached over and seemed to say, "Give me one, too."

The girl took the pit out and handed the date to the horse. The horse told her in her way that she was hungry, and the little girl went and got some barley and fed her. The child said that when her horse was a colt, she slept beside her, but later, she was afraid that she might roll over on her in sleep. The Helpers were very happy because they had been allowed to save this child and had seen the way her horse had carried her home safely.

Here is how some people were saved at a picnic in South America.

Some Helpers were in the central part of Peru early one Sunday morning. There they saw some people who had gone up in the mountains for a sunrise picnic breakfast in the warm air. These people were sitting under a large tree eating when a huge snake came down the tree after them. A woman and her daughter saw the snake, but they were too frightened to move, although they saw the others run away. The snake must have smelled the food that was being warmed up and came to get his breakfast.

"What can I do to stop the snake?" one Helper said, to her companion.

"Go and tell him to come to you," he said "He will not hurt you."

"No, I would rather have you talk to it," she said. "I am not afraid, but I do not care to do it."

The man Helper then took the woman and the child away as the snake dropped to the ground with a thud. The snake appeared to he about twenty feet long and about eight inches through, and it showed fight.

"Fellow, you had better go about your business before someone sends you two to snake heaven," the man Helper said "Do not coil around me."

Before the Helper could say another word, the snake had rapidly coiled around his materialized body as far as his neck, began to tighten up, and the Helper disappeared.

The coming of the snake broke up the picnic. The child's mother's hair turned gray, and she aged in a few seconds.

Our next story is about a prospector who was saved from death.

One night during retrospection a Helper saw a man fall into a ravine which was very deep. The Helper tried to leave and go to the man at once but was prevented from doing it. Later the Helper was told that the man needed a little time to go over, his life to see if he would mend his ways some. Then the Helper was sent to the man to save him.

He found the man hanging on a jagged rock which held him securely. The man would have starved to death there, as there was no way that he could get down by himself. About twenty-five feet below this place there was a rattlesnake den in which there were many large snakes. There was no place for anyone to stand, and it was very warm down there. This accident happened in a mountainous place in the west.

The man was a prospector, and he had found some gold. The man who was with him pushed him over the ravine as they were following the path that wound along the side of it. The Helper knew that the man would die unless he was helped at once. He turned to his lady companion and said, "Are you afraid to go with me and help him?"

"No, I will go"' she said.

The Helpers went to the man and released him.

"Don't let me fall," the poor man, said. "I want to live and be a better man. I have seen the principal events of my life pass before me, and I want to do all the good I can during the few years that I will live."'

One Helper asked him how long he had been out there.

"I have been here twenty-five years," the prospector said. "I had a quarrel with my sweetheart and left home. I have never been back, and I have never written to my relatives or to her."

The man Helper told the man to write home, as the girl and his parents were all living in hope that he would return home to see them and his son, who was then about twenty-five years old.

"I will go back and do what is right," the man said. "I have a small fortune in the bank. My watch fell out of my hand, and it's down there among those snakes. My sweetheart's picture is in it. I wish I had it, but I guess it is gone."

The Helper looked for his companion, and he saw that she was down among the rattlesnakes with the watch. He softly called her and told her to come up, as they were going. After she returned, he told her never to do that again, for if the snakes had made for her, she might have done herself harm in getting away from them and rushing home to her body.

The prospector's partner had gone on, thinking he would have all the man's, property and everything. The Helper told the prospector to go to town and rest and then to take what he had and go home to his aged parents. He was instructed to secretly marry his girlfriend. The man said he would, and the Helpers were ready to go. The prospector wanted to settle scores with the man who had pushed him over the cliff.

"No, he will meet his just dues very soon," the Helper said. "Just get what you have at the bank and go home." After this the Helpers went on with their work.

This story tells how some missionaries in Arabia were saved from death.

One Friday night some Helpers went to an Arabian village to a place where some Arabs had two white missionaries tied up against a wall. They intended to kill this man and his wife because they had dared to go to their village to disturb their Mohammedan religion and Allah by talking about their own religion.

The man Helper asked the lady Helper if she could take care of them.

"I do not know," she said.

~Follow me, and don't run away," her partner said.

There were five or six men with their hands full of daggers to throw at the man and woman and finally kill them. The first Arab came up and was ready to throw his knife. When he appeared the Helper said, "Stop."

The man let out a yell, and the rest of the men got around the Helpers like a swarm of bees.

"Why kill them?" asked the Helper. "They have not harmed or hurt anyone."

"Allah wants no foreigners here, and all who come must die, and so will you," declared the chief as he waved his hand. "Kill all the dogs and bring me the rings they have on," he ordered, but no one moved.

He spoke again, but no one moved. The chief pulled his hair and called the prophet, who came with all his magical works, and he went up to the Helpers and began his work.

"Let these things be gone," the Helper said, and they disappeared. The so-called prophet stood there in great surprise and dismay at this unusual happening.

"I came not to hurt or harm you or your Allah, but you shall do no harm to God's children," the Helper said to the people. He called the missionaries and said, "Come forth, my Friends," and they walked to the Helpers. Then the Helpers said to the chief, "Feed them and give them a place to rest and send them on their way if you do not care to hear what they have to say."

"Where is our Allah?" the chief asked the prophet.

"He has not left us before."

"Maybe he chased Allah away," said the prophet. "No one can move. He made things go away. I do nothing. Allah no more good now. His God is best. Take this God. He do great things."

"Your Allah is here, but he does not want you to kill people." said the Helper. "He will never leave you."

"Other dogs came here and they die and Allah be praised," said the puzzled chief.

"All true Christians are protected by their God, and the false ones die,"' the Helper said.

"Yes, they die, and you shall die," declared the chief. Again he ordered his followers to kill the strangers, but no one moved.

"Mr. Chief, you need a good lesson, and I am going to teach you one that you and the rest will never forget," said the Helper.

He walked up to the chief and took his knife and broke it. He took his robe and crown off and bent him over on his hands and knees. "Crawl until you learn to spare human lives," he said.

After that the Helper looked through the crowd and found a girl with a good soul body, and he called her. "Miss, I am going to make you queen, and you must rule justly and kindly, and no one or anything shall harm you," he said. "Will you do so?"

"Yes, I will," the girl said.

The Helper put the robe on her and then the crown and said to the people, "Hail the queen."

All the people fell on their knees and stretched out on their stomachs. The girl walked lightly over all of them as the former chief had done. That was their sign of submission and obedience. The men pulled their beards, and the women hid their eyes.

The Helper told the queen to take care of the man and the woman and send them on their way, and she said that she would do it. The Helper asked her where her parents were, and she said, "Allah took them," which meant that they were dead.

"Won't the former chief be killed by the snakes and wild animals?" the lady Helper asked.

"Nothing will harm him, and when he decides to stop killing, he will walk again," her companion said. He turned and spoke to the missionaries. "Where did you come from?" he asked.

"From the United States," one of them said.

Both of these missionaries had beautiful soul bodies, but they did not have spiritual sight. Neither had the new queen, but she will be protected. This tribe of Arabs lived far out on the desert and were fierce and warlike, but the Helpers believed that the girl would tame them.

"Are you Angels?" one of the missionaries asked the Helpers.

"No," she said, "we are people from the United States, and we help everyone that we can."

While this was going on, the former chief was crawling around, but no one paid any attention to him. The Helpers bade the people good-bye and let out their auras and disappeared from them and went on their way.

One night some Helpers were told to go and help an old man who was in danger of being burned to death. This man owned a farm a few miles out from town. He was sick with rheumatism and very much worried because the man who lived on the farm next to him wanted his farm. The man had offered to buy it for less than it was worth. The old man had refused to sell his farm. The neighbor intended to burn him out, for he knew that the old man would not be able to rebuild and that he could get his land for a small price.

The Helpers went to the farm and found the frightened farmer, who told them that he had been threatened by someone who had told him that he would burn him out. The old man was unable to move and did not know what to do. The man Helper told this man that he need not worry about the fire. No one could burn down his house but himself.

"How can you stop them from doing it?" the old man asked.

"Get up and put some clothes on," the Helper ordered.

The old man laughed a sickly laugh. "I have not walked for six months," he said.

"That is because you have not tried," the Helper told him.

The old man turned over, and his eyes bulged out as he hopped out of bed, put his clothes on, and reached for his rifle.

"He who lives by the sword dies by it," the Helper remarked. "You won't need it."

Just then they heard someone outside. "They are going to set fire to my home," the man said.

"Let them try to do it, for it will not burn," the Helper said.

The man and the Helpers looked out the window and saw a light. Then the man Helper willed that the men should not move, and the Helpers and the old man went outside and saw who they were. It was the man who lived on the adjoining farm and some of his friends. The people also saw that the neighbor's son was in a car waiting out on the road.

The Helper told these men that if they did not sign a confession telling what they had tried to do, they would have to stay where they were and let everybody see them for what they were. The man wrote a confession out, and they all signed it, including the boy in the car. The make of the car and its number and license number were also written down. The Helper took the paper and told the old man that he would keep it, as someone might steal it from him. "Good morning," he said, and the Helpers disappeared, but they did not go away.

After the men had gone, the Helpers gave the old man the paper and told him not to show it to anyone or tell anybody that he had it, for if he did, someone might kill him to get the confession.

Next, the Helpers left the old man and caught up with the men who had tried to set fire to his home. They were not materialized, and so they could not be seen by the men in the auto who were talking to each other. The man who had planned to burn the old man's home said, "They were not human, and the old man had either God or the devil with him, and I will sell out before someone gets that confession."

The Helper had told the Salamanders to keep quiet, and that was why the neighbor could not start a fire. The Salamanders are Nature Spirits that cause all fires.

Later these same Helpers met a man in Europe who was coming down a street. They saw that this man had a stiff back that made him bend forward. The Helpers stood at the corner and waited until he came up.

"My Friend," said the Helper, "you seem to be in a bad way. Can you not get help in this great country?"

"I have not as yet. I have spent thousands of dollars, but my back only seems to get worse; so I guess it is God's will," said the cripple.

"No, my Friend," the Helper replied, "it is not God's will." Your trouble is due to what you did the life just past, for you in your fiendish way tied up a man, and kept him tied that way until his back grew firm. You gave orders that he must not be set free until you said so. You went away and stayed for ten years. When you returned, your little daughter happened to go into the sub-basement and saw him. Your victim looked like an old man from his torture. When she told you about him you went and saw him, and you repented, and set him free, but the work was done. You tried to do something for him, but you could not do much to relieve him. You are in your condition because of what you did to that man.

The Helper rubbed the man's back and told him to straighten up slowly, and he did. He became as erect as the Helpers, and he was too overcome with joy to speak, and the tears ran down his face. The Helper told this man to be good to everybody and respect all religious faiths, as they all lead to God.

This man was a Catholic, and the Helper told him that the Protestants are as good as he and that he should not be against them no matter what anyone said. The man promised that he would be kind to everybody and thanked the strangers for their help. The crippled man was cured by means of the spiritual healing force that comes from God. The Helpers were merely servants of God who had been sent to him by a Lay Brother or Lay Sister.

Perhaps you may think that the following story sounds like a fairy story, but it really happened. The Helpers who were there plainly remembered it the next morning when they returned to their bodies and got up to get ready for the day's work.

While out as Helpers, they were sent to save some people who were on a steamer that had struck a snag or something that had ripped a large hole in its side. The steamer was sinking fast in the rough water of the Atlantic Ocean. The people on board were a hundred miles or more from the nearest shore. The passengers were terribly frightened and would not get into the lifeboats without food.

One of the Helpers became frightened and went home, for she forgot that Helpers cannot be hurt when out of their bodies at night helping others. The other Helpers materialized in the air and went down on the boat. "Everyone be quiet, and all will be saved," one Helper told the people.

The Helpers got all the people into the lifeboats as quickly as possible, and they rowed away. Soon the steamer turned over on its side. There was a sickening explosion, and the steamer sank out of sight.

There were ten rowboats and two more boats full of the passengers and members of the crew to be taken to shore. The Helpers tied all the boats together and slightly suspended gravity and started for the shore. They soon came in sight of the shore, and the Helpers let them go the rest of the way alone. No one was lost. The lady Helper got the steamer's log book and gave it to the captain. If the Helpers had not been sent with the power to save these people, they would have been lost at sea.

Here is a story of a lost man who was saved from death in the woods.

One night two Helpers met a man who had been lost for three days. The poor man said he had to walk to keep alive because of the cold weather, and he was very hungry. "I have prayed for two days and nights for someone to help me," he said.

"You should have prayed for the forgiveness of your sins, for if you cannot get material help, you will surely die anyway," the Helper said.

"I prayed the best I could, and I began to see all the things that I have ever done," the man said. "I saw a bear and a fox in traps, and I felt their hunger and pain. I even prayed for them."

The Helper asked the man where he lived.

"I don't know now, but I want to go home," the suffering man said.

The man Helper told the lady Helper to go and set the bear and the fox free and help them all she could, and she went happily away. She soon came back and said that she had freed the fox but could not do anything with the bear.

"Give me a hand with this man, as he is unconscious now and may freeze to death," the man Helper said.

The Helpers took the man to the nearest house, which was about five miles away, and it happened to be his home. The Helpers laid the man down and told the lady who let them in that they had to go and free a bear.

"Isn't this man more than a bear?" she asked.

One of the Helpers told her that they would be back, and they went to the bear. The man Helper saw at once that the bear was half frozen and hungry and that the leg in the trap was frozen. This Helper finally quieted the bear and freed him, and he lay down at the Helper's feet. Very soon the poor bear stretched out, dead from pain, hunger, and cold.

The Helpers went back to the hunter's home, and the wife let them in. One Helper told her that the bear was dead, as they got there too late to save it. The hunter's wife started to give the Helpers a scolding while they worked on the man and brought him to. The man Helper told her what to give the man to eat and how often to feed him.

After that the Helpers told the wife of their teachings. They could see that she didn't believe them, for she kept raving at them. The man Helper finally told her to be careful because she did not know to whom she was talking.

"I don't want the bunk that you are talking about," she said.

One Helper sent the other a thought to disappear, and they both disappeared. The woman exclaimed, "Angels," and fainted.

The Helpers returned and brought her to. "Oh, please, Angels, forgive me," she said, "I did not know there were real Angels. Whatever you say I'll do gladly."

The Helpers told her to help everybody she could without hurting herself no matter what color, they might be or what religion they believed in.

"I will gladly do what I can," the woman said.

The Helpers said goodbye to her and let out their auras and disappeared. Her husband saw the Helpers' auras, also.

Our next story tells how a boy and his lamb were saved from death.

Two Helpers put a woman on a train, and then they went on down the railroad track until they met some people walking along the tracks and dragging some belongings. The boy was leading a large white lamb. As the Helpers neared them, the boy turned and slipped into a large pond of water. As he was leading the lamb with a rope, he dragged the lamb with him into the pond. The people cried out and became excited, but no one seemed to want to get them out.

The man Helper went down and got the boy by one hand, and the lamb with the other and brought them out dripping wet. The lamb shook himself dry, but the boy could not do that. The Helpers found some clothes for the boy and took him to a house. A lady let them into her house while he changed his clothing. The Helpers saw that the boy was all right. One of them tied up his wet clothes in a bundle, and he went on with the people, smiling and waving his hand at the Helpers who had come to his rescue.

Here is another story that tells how a frightened farmer was helped one night.

Some Helpers were sent to a man who lived on a farm. This man told them that a big snake was in his barn and that he was afraid that it would bite and kill his milk cows and horses.

The man Helper asked by means of thought if he might get the snake out. "Yes, but it will give you trouble," someone said.

The snake was about eight inches in diameter and about twenty feet long. This Helper asked his partner if she wanted to go in with him and she said, "Yes," at once. The man who owned the place tried to keep the lady Helper out, for he thought that the man Helper was her servant.

The Helpers went into the barn and the lady Helper saw the snake in a corner all coiled up, and she pointed it out. At first her companion thought it was a pile of rope such as they used to have on steamers. He went over to the snake, and it began to hiss and stick out its tongue angrily. The Helper spoke to the snake and said, "Fellow, you have no business in here frightening everything nearly to death. Go out. I do not want any trouble with you. Be a nice snake, and go where you belong."

The snake made a leap at the Helper with its mouth open and fell full length, and wheeled back at the Helper. The Helper side-stepped and caught the snake back of its neck, and the force of its weight caused him to fall to the floor. The Helper tightened his hold on the snake, and it coiled around him. The other Helper tapped it on the head, and it lost consciousness. After that the Helpers dragged the large snake out of the barn. When the farmer saw the snake, he thought that it had the Helpers, and he shot it with his shotgun. He did not kill it, but he knocked a lot of its skin off, and it came to.

"If you will behave, I will fix you up, and you will be as good as a new snake," the man Helper, said to the snake.

After that the snake lay out full length, and the Helper washed his injuries, took several shots out, tied his back up and told the snake to go. The farmer was so surprised that he stood still and looked at the Helpers.

"Why help a snake when he will kill someone else?" he finally said.

"No, he will not bother anyone else before he gets to the jungle," the Helper answered. The Helpers then slipped away and went on with their work.

Here is how a girl's prayers for help were answered.

Some Helpers went to a house and talked to a girl who was putting two potatoes in an oven to bake and putting something in a pan on the stove to cook.

The girl asked one of the Helpers to go with her to a store to get some food. When they reached the store, they found several people lined up waiting for their turn to make some purchases. The store seemed to be very bare and contained little to sell. There were some loaves of bread in sight, and the girl bought one.

On the way back they met the girl's young brother and sister. They were crying and said that they had been locked out of their home and did not know what to do. The oldest sister told the Helpers that their parents had gone on a tour of southern Europe and expected to be gone for six months. Before they left their mother had hired a housekeeper to take care of them. This woman had brought a number of people into the house and they were afraid but did not know what to do about it. Now they had been locked out of their home. The children saw that one of the windows was down a little from the top, and they wanted to try and climb in. The boy climbed up, but he got caught.

"Just wait a minute," the lady Helper said, and she moved a table over to the window, and they got it open, and they all went in.

The Helpers found out that the housekeeper had become involved with some thieves, and they intended to strip the house of everything of value and then hold the children for ransom. There were a lot of rough people in the house. Two men were eating at a table. The little girl became angry. "You have thrown away my potato," she said.

The older girl's potatoes were still there, and she took them out of the oven. Some strange woman had gone into the bathroom to dress, and the girl had to wash in a room with a bowl and a pitcher, which she didn't like.

The Helpers went up the back stairs and met two mean-looking men who tried to prevent them from going any farther. These men were sitting on the stairs sorting out materials for making bombs. The Helpers went up stairs and saw that the men had taken possession of two rooms and had a large number of bombs already made. The Helpers went down stairs again, and they saw six untidy children going into the basement. They did not belong in that house, and when one of the Helpers ordered them out, they left. The Helpers found out that the two men were experts In making bombs to blow up buildings and kill people with. They also found out that the men had an order for a large number of bombs which they were making to send away.

The Helpers forced the men to leave, and then they gathered up all the bombs and destroyed them. The Helpers told the children that they would be all right until their parents came home and not to be afraid. The children were glad and thanked the strangers for what they had done.

Invisible Helpers have many interesting experiences during the course of their work when they are out of their bodies during sleep and under the leadership of the Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters.

One night two Helpers were sent to help a man who wanted to save his money from thieves. One Helper told the man to deposit his money in the bank. This was not easy to do because a band of thieves knew he had it in his house. They were watching him and didn't intend to let him get away. The Helpers told the man that they would help him go to the bank. The man had twelve hundred dollars, and that was put on the lady Helper before they started to the bank followed by the thieves, who even went into the bank and tried to get the money. The thieves created some excitement, but they did not get the money. They found out that the money was not on the man.

The Helpers sent word to the president of the bank that they wanted to see him on business. The president sent for the people, and the man and the Helpers were ushered into his private office, where the necessary transaction was made and the man was given a bankbook. The Helpers went home with the man. The four thieves were very determined to get the money, and when they saw that the stranger had outwitted them, they were determined to get him and make him get the man's bankbook and secure the money for them.

The man Helper let the thieves get him so that he could teach them a lesson. The lady Helper was left behind by the robbers, and she dematerialized and went with them and saw all that happened. The thieves stretched the Helper on a table and tied him down. The table looked like a doctor's examining table. The thieves had hot irons ready to put on the Helper's feet.

When the thieves got all ready to torture the Helper, he made them stand still and told them that it was time that they quit their doings and lived good clean life. "I want each one of you to promise that you will, and if one of you breaks this promise, that man will not walk any more," the Helper said.

The thieves realized that something was wrong, but they could not tell what it was. They promised to be good, and the Helper got up from the table without their assistance. This frightened the thieves worse than ever, for they could not understand how it was done. The Helper told them that they could go, and they soon left their den. The Helpers went on with their work of helping every living thing in trouble.

Here is how some travelers were helped in a foreign country. Some Helpers were sent to help a woman get on a train in a very barren looking place. The roads were muddy, and it was very dark, as it was late m the evening. The Helpers met a man, and they asked him where the train stopped. They were shown the place, and they waited there with a woman who wanted to go somewhere.

The train came, but it was not going to stop. The Helper asked that the train be made to stop, and be blew his whistle and stopped the train. It was a freight train, but a man said that there were some passengers in the fifth car. The woman got into the fifth car, which was a cattle car, and the trainman closed the door.

The Helpers then went in and looked the people over and saw that they must have been riding all day. The water bucket was empty, and a sick lady who was stretched out on a cot was asking for water. The man Helper took the bucket and floated out the car door. He went to the engine and got a pail of water while the other Helper floated along by his side. The Helpers returned and handed a man the pail of water so that the people all got water.

There were a cow and a calf in two stalls in the car. The car was cold, and the people got under the straw to keep a little warmer. There was no food served on the train, and most of the people had little baskets of food. The Helpers worked on the sick lady, and she was sitting up when they left the car. The Helpers did all they could for the people and animals in the car; and then they left and went on with their work.

I will now tell you a story about how a conscious Helper was tied into a new body. This was one of the many amazing experiences that these Helpers have had. They saw part of what happened to another Helper who had been faithful in her work.

Some Helpers went to a sick lady's home. This lady was about forty-five years old and had never married. The lady's people and the doctor were around her, as she was very near death. One Helper saw her bright aura and spoke to her. "We are friends; so have no fear," she said.

"Oh, am I going to die?" the sick lady asked. "My work has just begun, and I want to live."

"Maybe you will not die," the Helper said. "Let us hope not."

"I had a pal and sweetheart together, and he died about a year ago," the lady said. "No, he was tied into another body in a distant city. It was the body of a young man of twenty years, and he is now in an eastern medical school. His new parents are wealthy. My dear friend has met me since he has made the change."

"Tell me how it happened," the man Helper said.

"He fell ill with pneumonia, and the doctor said he could not live; as his age was against him. He was fifty years old. He sank rapidly. One night while I was sitting up alone with him, a very nice man appeared and told me that he was going to place him in another body so that he could finish his work and that I could see it done. I asked and asked to be placed in another body, too. The man said that he could not do that. I asked the man if my dear friend would know it."

"`Yes, and you will, too, and it will be a test of his love for you,' he said.

"`Oh, let me die!" I said. "I cannot expect a boy to love me. Why not take me to Heaven and let me forget him in my work over there. Oh, this is too much.'

"`If you love him and trust in God, things may work out all right for you,' the man said to me."

The lady told the Helpers that she had said to the man, "For twenty-five years we have been sweethearts, and we have worked at night for twenty years. Why do this when our years are numbered?"

Then she continued, "The man showed me a scene that had taken place some fifteen years before. My friend and I were sitting down talking and planning about our future. We planned what we would do if we could get younger bodies and have the same knowledge that we then had. The man talked to me about this, and I said that I had thought that such a thing was possible for us, but now it has happened to him.

"The man went away and came back three days later to my home and told me to come to him, and we went to the sick man at home and took him away. Another man met me and took me to another home where a boy about twenty years of age lay very sick. This boy was a college student. The man came in with my pal and stood him beside the bed and tied the silver cord to him, and then they took the ego of the boy away. My pal got into the body, and the men worked on it, and he spoke. I thought my heart would break, for I believed that be was lost to me. I did not know where he now lived nor his new name, and I was sick over it.

"Well, one night my pal came to me in my room, and we had a happy time. He took me to his home after our work was done and told me his new name and his new address. I wrote to him, and two days later I received a letter from him, and my joy knew no bounds. That summer he came to see me in person. This was a test for both of us. I was old and gray, and he was young and handsome. I steeled my heart. "Do you want me, an old lady, when you have youth, wealth, and happiness?" I asked. It seemed as if eternity rolled by before he answered, for he looked at the material advantages he would have if he let me alone.

"Goodbye, world," he said, and took me in his arms. "My own love," he said, and I knew that he had passed the test.

"I went to his old home and got all his books and papers and sent them to him, and he kept on with his studying. Now I am ill, and I have given my friend all my books and papers."

"What did they do with his dead body?" one of the visiting Helpers asked.

"They burned it up," she replied.

"How do his new people treat him?" asked the Helper.

"They are as good as they can be to him," she said. "He has a sister hut no brother. His new mother does everything she can for him, but she does not understand him since he has recovered from his illness, as he is completely changed. He has settled down to business and does not know his former friends. He stands at the head of his class in college."

A man appeared and spoke to the sick lady, "My Friend, come with me," he said.

"Wait a moment, please," she said, and she called the aged mother and father and kissed them and told them to be good, as she was going to sleep, and she lay down and slipped out. The two Helpers who had been talking to her went away with her and the high Lay Brother who had come for her.

When they got out of the house, they met another high Lay Brother who took them to a town where a sick girl about eighteen years of age lay unconscious on a bed. The doctor was there, and he was saying, "The crisis is now on, and if she lives, she will have to become acquainted with her friends all over again. As she is in a very deep coma, she may seem quite different when she recovers."

The high Lay Brother came in with the ego of the woman who had just died and stood her beside the girl's body and tied the silver cord. Then he broke it from the old body and broke the cord from the girl on the bed. After that the high Lay Brother told the ego who had been in an older body to go in, and he worked on the heart, the feet, and several other places. He was locking the vital body in the dense body. The ego woke up and called her sweetheart by name.

"She will live, but she will be very weak," the doctor said. "Just let her father, mother, and nurse in to see her."

In a little while her sweetheart came in, and he hugged and kissed her, and her face brightened up. The visiting Helpers left them happy over the change that had been made. The Helpers took the ego of the dead girl to the Borderland and left her. You see it was her time to go, for her archetype had run down. Since her dense body was still in good condition, the Elder Brothers could tie another ego in it. The two men who made the changes in both cases' were the same Elder Brothers. One of the Elder Brothers said that these two egos will have lived one hundred and twenty years and one hundred and fifteen years before they will really die. He counted the time spent in the two bodies that each of these people had.

The Helpers were told that neither of these people were Initiates, but they were conscious students of the Brotherhood. The girl's body that the woman was tied into was well made, and she had a lovely head of long hair that came down below her waist.

These two friends had never married because their parents objected because of their religious differences. Now these two close friends will marry and continue to work as Helpers.

Chapter V

Some Strange Mystic Stories

Esoteric and Mystic students often tell strange stories that seem untrue to people who are unacquainted with the wide range of work done by Invisible Helpers. The following stories illustrate some of this work and show how students are given proof that the Mystic and Esoteric teachings are true.

One day a student went to a lunch room, selected his lunch, took it over to his usual corner, and sat down. A friend of his called him by means of thought and asked him if he would like to see an unusual experience. She said he might not have time to eat his dinner.

"Yes, I would like to see what you have to show me," he said. "I can eat some other time."

Then this lady, who is a Lay Sister, showed him a young woman who had been a cabaret dancer and entertainer. She had been very ill with pneumonia for about a week and had had plenty of time to think as she lay in her bed. At this time she rose out of her body and looked into the future. She saw herself at the fork of the road, and she was trying to decide which road she should take. She was unconscious of her Angel who stood back of her and of her evil thought form body that stood at her left side and of her Guardian Angel, made up of her good thoughts, who was at her right side. These three were waiting for her to make her choice.

Then the young woman went slowly down the path of right living and left the path of destruction. After she was about ten feet away from the fork of the road, the Guardian Angel wrapped itself around her, and her Angel, a man from the Angelic Life Wave, shed his bright rays on her, and the evil thought form or body turned away and disappeared. After that she went back to her body again and got into it feet first through her head. She jumped up and called her mother, telling her that she had died and seen her life and what it was leading her to, and that she had chosen to live a better life. Then She told her mother what she had seen and asked her what she should do. Her mother was a society matron and fond of a good time, and she did not know what to tell her. "Wait until you get well, and you may change your mind," she said.

The Lay Sister told the student who was being shown this experience that she would send a Helper to this young woman to tell her what to do. This girl belonged to a well-to-do family and went to the cabaret for the pleasure that she got out of it.

The student had to leave his dinner untouched, but he felt more than repaid, for he had seen a wonderful sight. Can you imagine what a thrilling sight it would be to see a girl in her desire body accompanied by her Guardian Angel composed of all her good thought forms and a real living Angel with a very large aura composed of delicate colors of great brilliance?

This girl's evil thought form was really her sin body. Such a sin body is composed of both a vital body and a desire body, and it has an individual consciousness that is very remarkable. It can not reason, but there is a low cunning present which makes it seem as though it was actually endowed with an ego, and this enables it to live a separate life after the ego who made it dies. When the spirit returns to earth, this sin body is naturally attracted towards it, and it usually stays with it all its life as a demon.

The next story is also a very remarkable one and will give you a little idea of how a high advanced ego died and was transferred into the body of another man whose time was up and whose archetype ceased running although his body was still physically sound.

One day a student of the Mystic teachings was seated at his desk writing when a Lay Brother asked him if he wanted to see a Lay Brother pass on. "Yes," said the student, "and may I get my friend and take her along?"

"No, not this time," the speaker said, "but you may tell her about it."

The student lay down and was soon asleep and out of his body ready to go. They went to the west coast where a very old man lived on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This man was a very high Lay Brother who was healing all who came to him. Three men and a woman were trying to commercialize his marvelous ability to heal people so that they might enrich themselves. Previously the old man had lived alone, and then one day this woman went there to live as his housekeeper. The three men were connected in some way with this woman. The men would tell the people who came there that they were planning to build a temple for the old man so that they could have something to remember him by. The people would give them money which the men kept. This racket had been going on for three months, and they had collected a large sum.

The woman, who was in the house all the time, began to experience a change in herself, and she wanted to confess all that she had done to the old man, but the leader of the gang told her that he would kill her if she told. The other two men had also been affected by the high vibrations of the Lay Brother, and they refused to take any of the money; so the leader took all of the money and went away. This had happened on the day that the student went there to help.

The student saw a man going to the old man's home. He had to crawl on his side, and the student noticed that his right arm was drawn up to his shoulder and he had only the use of his left hand. The Lay Brother came out on the porch of his home, and the crippled man went up to him and lay at his feet. Gradually he began to twist and straighten out, and his arm came down. The perspiration came out on his face and collected in large droplets. Then he stood up and shouted for joy.

Then a little boy on crutches dropped his crutches and went to the old man, who picked him up and told him to love all mankind regardless of color, race, or creed and to pray.

A woman on a cot cried out to God to help her, and the old man held out his hand, and she rose and went to him a well woman. Then the old man blessed all that were within the sound of his voice. The air was very tense, and it seemed as if they were in the presence of God. Many eyes were wet with tears.

A man brought his son to be healed. The boy had begged and pleaded with his father, and finally the father promised to take him, but he did not have faith like the boy. The man told his son that it was a fake and that they just wanted to get money out of the people. After they reached the old man's place, the boy's father pulled out a little bottle of whiskey to take a drink, and his arm got caught in the air and remained stationary about two inches from his mouth.

By this time the boy had gone into the house, been healed, and was coming out. When he saw his father standing there and, shaking in great fear and perspiring profusely, he told him to pray.

"I do not know how," said the father, and then he looked at his son and saw that he was well. This astonished him so much that he collapsed and fell to the ground. The boy ran back into the house and got the old man and brought him out. The old man held out his hand to the fallen man, who revived, got up, and went to the man who had come to help him. He was a changed man.

"I want to be able to heal like that," said the student who was looking on.

"Brother, be sure that you know what you are asking for because much will be required of you before you reach this stage," said the Lay Brother.

"Let me keep my family and my work, and I will pay any price that I am asked," the student replied.

"My time here is not long, and I have two more people to heal," the old man said. "The man will bring the money back, and you are to take it away for me and give it to a man who will meet you on the street."

The student asked if he knew this man and was told that he would know him by the mark of Venus on him. The Lay Brother told him that he would recognize the man anyway when he saw him.

The two people that were expected came, and the old man healed them. Then an auto was driven up to the house, and the leader of the gang got out of it and hurried into the house carrying a little traveling bag. The man confessed all that he had done and gave the old man the money. Then the woman confessed and so did the two other men, and, the old man forgave them. The woman said that she wanted to remain there and help him. The Lay Brother told her that he was going away and that it would be centuries before he came back. He said that she could have the place and carry on the work through service to others and by prayers, but that she must not charge anything.

The woman had seen how the old man healed the sick and afflicted and how good he was, and this had an internal effect on her, and she became much better. She was sorry and tried to do better, and then she began to pray in her way to be made whole and clean. Her confession paved the way to a better life. The Higher Ones gave her a chance to carry on the Lay Brother's work. If she lives up to her promise, she will be given more power to heal others. Many persons who have started out to do wrong much as she did, have turned, and have lived good useful lives. Let us hope that she has been faithful to her trust and that she will always do what is right.

After that the high Lay Brother said, "My Friends, I must go now." Then he stepped out of his body. The room became bright from the blinding light of his bright aura. There were many Liberated Ones and Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters present in the house, and the house shook. Some of the men started to lift the old man's body up from the chair and lay it on the bed, but a brother was told to tell them to let it alone. They covered his body with a sheet and went out of the room. They had hardly gone before the body collapsed, and soon there was nothing there but his clothes and his shoes and the sheet. His body had disintegrated as did the body of Elijah and others who lived holy lives.

The student was told to take the clothes and shoes and burn them. He did this, and then he went out and told the people that the old man was truly gone. The student then took the money and some other things to a friend of the old man who lived some distance away and then returned home, re-entered his body, and got up.

A few days later this student and his friend were with four Lay Brothers and four Lay Sisters who took them to a certain temple somewhere in the mountains where there was a meeting. The students were then shown by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness all that had happened that day when the old man died. The student who had not been present that day saw how very old and feeble the old man was and how much he was loved by the people all around that part of the country. She saw the wonderful works of healing that he did, and she noticed the gratitude of those who were helped. She saw the events of that last day of the Lay Brother's life pass by one after another. She saw him sit down in his chair and talk to the people and bid them farewell. She saw him die and step out of his body. Then the body slumped down and rapidly disintegrated, and soon only his clothing and shoes remained.

The student who had gone to help the old man on his last day of life did not know where his ego went, because he had started right off to carry the traveling bag to the man in a distant place.

On this day he saw what happened after the old man stepped out of his body for the last time. A Lay Brother took him up through the Desire World, through the World of Thought, and up into the World of Life Spirit where he was given a new desire for life. He was then brought back and placed in another man's body and tied in by two Elder Brothers.

The other man was a young man, perhaps twenty-five or thirty years old. This man was an ordinary man who had lived a good clean life, and his body had become well sensitized. It was his time to die, as his archetype had run down and stopped. This man had been ill and had been in a state of coma for several days.

At the time the change was made, this man was surrounded by some of his family who were looking after him. They did not see the wonderful events that took place because all of the visitors were in their soul bodies and, therefore invisible to people with ordinary sight.

The body of the man on the bed was lifeless and inert. His face was colorless, and his eyes were closed. The ego of the high Lay Brother slipped into this body just after the ego of the dying man left it for the last time. Then in some very wonderful way two Elder Brothers tied the ego of the Lay Brother in. This is a very complicated process which I cannot explain.

Then I wish you could have seen the wonderful change that took place. The color came into the face of the body on the bed, and the complexion became a beautiful pink and white. The man had pretty brown hair and even features. The face lit up and became radiantly beautiful. The man opened his lovely brown eyes and gazed at the people about him. The students who were looking on could recognize, the Lay Brother's spirit, for they were looking with their spiritual sight and with the light of the others present.

There were eight High Beings in the room when the young man died. They had been getting the body ready for the Lay Brother. When the Elder Brother came back with the ego of the old man who had died previously, he made the ninth one. There were five men and four women. The young man's people, who were also present rejoiced to see him come to life after being in a coma so long. They knew later that the man was much changed, but they did not know that the body had a new and more advanced tenant.

All the Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters who were present had over nine initiations, and they were beautiful to look at. Their auras were an everchanging color, and it seemed as if one color was more beautiful than the last one. The lady student was very much excited over the pictures of these events and her face and body shone, too. One of the Lay Sisters had to go to her twice and quiet her. The others smiled at her, for they were glad to see her so happy.

Now, one of the reasons why this student was so excited was that she recognized the body of the young man who had died. She had met him before this, and she was sure of his identity. She recognized his face when she saw it light up after the Lay Brother had been tied in it. She hopes to see this Lay Brother in person some day.

Is it not wonderful to know that an ego can be tied into a new body when his old one has become too worn to be of further use? Max Heindel tells us in The Cosmo-Conception that this is what happened when Jesus was baptized, at the River Jordan. Jesus stepped out of his body, and the great Archangel Christ stepped into the body and was tied in by two Elder Brothers. This change was made with the full consent of Jesus, who had known right along that he was preparing a body for the Christ, who is the highest Initiate of the Sun Period.

Another example that I know of this type of work done by very advanced Helpers was the tying of the ego known as Francis of Assisi into a new body. He had come back as a monk and was given the opportunity to have a new body. A certain young nobleman in Assisi, a town in Italy, had a long and serious illness and died. The ego of the monk was at once tied into the body by two Elder Brothers. The people of the town marveled at the great change that took place.

The ego in the body took the name of Francis and went outside of the walls of the city and labored among the poor lepers and outcasts. This ego had been King David in a past life. He had later been reborn as Jonah, the prophet. Later he returned as the Apostle Peter and became one of the disciples of Christ Jesus. Peter came back and went to liberation as Francis of Assisi. During his evolution, this ego was tied into four different bodies.

Adepts are advanced beings who have had all the nine Lesser and one Greater initiation. They can build themselves new bodies and step into them. Some Invisible Helpers were present at the death of two of these persons a few years ago.

When the ego of the first man stepped out of the old body, he left a most emaciated body which seemed to be merely skin and bones. There was just enough left to hold a funeral with. The ego then went to another house and got into the new body that he had built and was tied in by two Elder Brothers. He attended the funeral of his worn out body in his new physical body.

Another time two Helpers remembered meeting a friendly man who showed them a body that he was building but which was not yet ready for occupancy. I think that you will agree with me that these are strange stories, indeed. You can get proof for yourself that such stories as these are true if you are willing to live a life of service to humanity and make the necessary effort.

Here is a story of what happened one January night after a minister died. Two Helpers were instructed to go to a minister who had passed on that afternoon. They were told to do what they could to help him. When they reached the place, they found him standing beside his body in a room. He was very much bewildered and kept going from one place to another to see if he was dead. He went into the clothes closet and then into the dresser drawers.

When he saw the lady Helper, he recognized her, and she knew him although they had not met in many years. When he was a young man, he had attended a Theological School in a certain large city, and during that time he served as a student pastor in a town nearby. While a student pastor, he had baptized this Helper and her cousin, who were then school girls. After he left his little church, the Helper never heard of him again until she met him this night standing beside his dead body.

"Am I dead?" the minister asked the Helper.

"Yes, you are what man calls dead," she said.

"Why was I taught that when a man dies there is no more life for him and that his thoughts perish with him?" he said. "Why did the undertaker put that fluid in me? It burned terribly at first, and then I turned cold as if I was frozen. I was looking at my life when he came and cut my arms and began to put fluid in them. Then the pictures of my life stopped, and I have been here ever since."

The Helper spoke to the frightened man, telling him of the Occult and Mystic teachings and asking him several questions. The minister said that he had never heard of such a philosophy, and that he did not know whether to believe her or not. He asked her questions. "I have not always been true to my teachings and maybe you are my last tempter," he said.

The Helper told him that she had not come to tempt him, but to help him, if she could.

"There is no help for anyone beyond the grave," he said.

The Helper told him that he could not be helped in a physical way but that lots of help can be given a person in Purgatory and in the future life.

"Do we live again?" he asked in surprise.

"Yes," she said.

"Can one have a new physical body and live on earth?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied, and then she showed him two of his past lives.

"Well, if I had known that, how differently I would have lived," the minister said. "Now, I don't know where I am going"

The Helper told this man that if he had lived a good life and helped everybody, he would get along all right. If not, he would have to make restitution for all the wrong that he had done. He would have to go to Purgatory, and there he would suffer for the wrongs that he had done to others; then he would go on to the First Heaven and enjoy all the good that he had done while on earth.

"I am sorry that I have not lived a better life," he said. The Helper asked this minister if he had ever seen any Angels, and he tried to evade the question, for he did not want to answer. "Have you ever seen any Angels?" the Helper again asked.

"No, and no one else has either," he said. "I doubt if there are any."

"I have seen Angels, and they are marvelous Beings," she said, and she described one.

"Well, I guess you have, for you have told me strange things and shown me some wonderful things. I must believe that there are Angels," he said.

The Helper told this man that the most important thing of all is to live a good clean life and that such a person will learn all of God's mysteries in time. The minister said that he was interested in missionary work in foreign lands. The Helper told him that it is useless to send out missionaries to foreign lands to teach religion. "It is all right to go to other lands and educate the people," she said, "but the people who do this should let the religion of the natives alone, for they are given the religion they need at this present time by the Higher Ones, who are guiding the evolution on this earth. As people become better educated, they turn to a higher form of religion."

The Helpers asked the minister if he wanted to go with them, but he said, "No." They knew that his three and a half day period for seeing the panorama of his life was not up, and that he was still connected with his body by his silver cord, and so they left him.

Here is one of the strangest stories that I have ever heard of. Invisible Helpers are allowed to suspend the law of gravity when they are sent out to help people who are in danger.

One night a Lay Sister told two Helpers to hurry to some people who were in a gasoline boat. While she was speaking, she showed them the people and the locality where they were, by means of Jupiterian Consciousness, which is similar to moving pictures. These people were going from one island to another, and some men in another gasoline boat were pursuing them, intending to rob them. The people were praying for help to escape their pursuers.

The Helpers lit on the boat and materialized, and the people became frightened. The woman screamed, for she did not realize that they were going to be helped and that their prayers for safety were about to be answered. The other boat was gaining on them so fast that one Helper had to suspend gravity. The boat rose right up in the air in the most wonderful way and shot forward. The people in it looked as if they were paralyzed, and no wonder, for they had never seen or heard of such a thing.

They landed on the island, and a man and his wife got off. The Helpers told them to hurry home, and they went off as fast as they could. The boat was turned around, and it rose up in the air again and started back. On the way they met the other boat about a mile out, and they passed right over it. The boat with the Helpers in it was going so fast that the robbers could not shoot the people in it.

The lady Helper was much delighted over what happened and became much excited about it. The four other people in the boat were dumbfounded at what had happened and at the joy of the lady Helper. After the boat had reached the other island, the people asked the Helpers if they were human.

"Yes, we are human," one of them said.

Then they wanted to know how the Helpers got on the boat. They asked if they came out of the water, which was full of sharks. The Helpers told them that they went about everywhere, helping people all they could. They explained a few things to the people, and then left and went on with their work.

Both of the Helpers remembered this incident plainly the next morning, and to one of them it was one of the greatest thrills of her life. Such proof as this is very convincing not only to those who are helped but to those who are Helpers.

Here is another strange story that will show you more about the work of Invisible Helpers. Some Helpers went away up north to an out-of-the-way place. As they looked down, they saw a house all alone, miles from signs of habitation.

"Let us stop and see if there is anyone in the house," said one of the Helpers. They went down and saw a man and a woman asleep, and they went in and woke them up. The people were very glad to see them and said that they had not seen a person, or talked to one, for four years. They said they were too far from a town to walk there without supplies of food and ammunition. They had been living the best they could, but their bodies were very thin from lack of food.

The man said that they had married against their parents' wishes and so had become outcasts among their people. Finally they went north with a dog team to find gold, and they had found quite a little, but they could not go back because their dogs had died and they had used up all of their ammunition. The Helpers looked and saw that the nearest inhabited place was about two-hundred miles away by land and seventy-five miles by water.

The Helpers found out that these people had managed to live by their ingenuity and had been praying for three years for someone to come and help them.

"We have seen airplanes go by away up in the air," said the man.

"A few days ago we saw an airplane going east and one going west, but we could not attract their attention," said the woman.

"We have seen people going through the air, too'," said the man.

The Helpers knew that these were Helpers going by, and that the people were not able to attract their attention. The reason they could see these Invisible Helpers either day or night was that lack of food had made their bodies very sensitive. They had money and gold but could not buy anything with it.

One Helper said to the other, "Let's carry them to a town!"

The other Helper called to a Lay Brother in the distance by means of thought and asked for permission to take the man and woman to civilization, and this was given. This Helper was told that he would be responsible for the people until they got settled somewhere. The Helper asked where they could carry them and was told to take them to the west coast of North America several hundred miles away.

The Helpers then told the people to gather the things that they wanted to take with them as well as all their money and that they would take them to a country where they could live better.

The two Helpers wrapped the people up in the rags they had and tied up their money, and they went to sleep. The Helpers lifted them up, and when they started to float, the Helpers put the money on them and then headed for a country far away. As they went rapidly, it was not very long before they reached the place to which they were going.

The Helpers put the people down on land and woke them up. They then took them to a hotel, and the lady Helper went home. The other Helper stayed longer. When it was day, the Helper went with the people to buy some clothes. Then he put them on a train for a western country and promised that he would see them on the train that night. He got home at 9:43 o'clock in the morning.

These Helpers met the people on the train two days later, and the man told the man Helper that the lady Helper had been to see them the day before. "She was in our car talking to us when the conductor came along, and she went out the door and disappeared, and the conductor was mystified. Who are you and where do you come from?" asked the man. "Won't you tell us your names?"

The Helpers told the people of their work, but they did not tell their names, as that is not allowed on the Inner Planes. The man and his wife thanked them and God for the help given them. The people didn't believe that the Helpers were human but thought they must be Angels. The Helpers have seen these people several times since then.

Here is a story of how a new home was found for a little boy who had spiritual sight. One May night some Helpers were up in the mountains in one of eastern states, and they came to a little town at the side of a mountain. It had been raining hard, the streets were flooded, and water was filling the basements of many of the houses. The Helpers were assisting some people who were going along in automobiles. Several grown people and children who were wading in the water got in the way of some autos and were pulled to safety.

The Helpers saved one little boy who was all alone. They saw that his aura was very bright and beautiful, and they knew that he was an advanced child. The Helpers carried him to his parents, who lived high up on a mountain.

"Why did you leave your little son behind?" asked one of the Helpers.

"He is such a funny child and says such strange things that I do not want him," answered his mother.

"Yes, he is a strange child," said the father. "But I love him, and I wish that I could find a good place for him to stay so that he will grow up and be a fine man.

One Helper thought of a lady that he had met who lived in the same state, and he told the other Helper that he was going to see this lady and for her to wait until he came back. The other Helper insisted on going along. So they both went to the lady's home and woke her up, and told her that they wanted a home for a very highly developed boy who was about five years old. They asked her if she would like him.

"Yes, she said, "but wait until I ask my husband."

The husband came in and talked to the Helpers about the child. He wanted to know if the child belonged to the Helpers and they said, "No." He said that he would have to see the child first, and he wanted to take his car and go and see the boy at once. One Helper told him that it was too far. This Helper then called one of his friends who spends most of her time working as a Helper, and she came to the door and said that she wanted to see her brother and sister. The man, a doctor, admitted her and was amazed at her beauty, and he asked her several times if she was a sister to the other people.

"'Yes, why?" she asked in a pleasant voice.

"Why, you look so perfect," the doctor said. "You look more than human."

This Helper, who is a Lay Sister, told the doctor and his wife to go and lie down and that she would take them to the child. She put them to sleep, and all of them went to where the child was. Then she woke the doctor and his wife and showed them the child, and they took to him at once.

The Lay Sister asked the little boy's mother if she would give her boy to her and the mother said, "Yes." Then the Lay Sister asked for his clothes and other things, and she dressed him, putting the ring that someone had given him on one of his fingers. She told her brother that in the future she would hunt for him but that she would never see him again in this life. She told the father that he would often see his son in his sleep but that he would never know where he lives.

The Lay Sister asked for a blanket, and she wrapped the boy up carefully in it. The lady Helper asked to carry him, and as she was allowed to do so, they took him to the doctor's home. The doctor and his wife got back into their bodies, and the wife opened the door, and the Lay Sister, who is a Liberated One, woke the child up. She asked the doctor and his wife if they wanted him, and they said, "Yes." Then the Lay Sister placed the child between them and did something which the keen eyes of the Helpers could not follow.

"He is now yours until death parts all of you," said the beautiful Lay Sister. She told the child that this was to be his home, and the people were to be his papa and mamma.

"All right," the little boy said.

"I am very glad to have him," the doctor's wife said. "Please tell us about this. Who are we, and who is this child, and why are my husband and I so eager to take him?"

"This ego has rendered you both much service in the far distant past, and you will have a chance to pay off this debt by giving him a home and a chance to make good," said the Lay Sister. "If you pay attention to what this child says, you will both profit by it."

The Lay Sister left with the Helpers, but the Helpers came back to see what the people would say.

"Now that you have a boy, be all to him that you would be to one of your own," the husband said to his wife.

"I feel as if he was my own son," she replied.

"I do, too," he said. "I wonder what kind of people they are and if they are human, for they don't look like It. My! Wasn't that lady beautiful? She made me feel so restful."

Then the lady took the boy and gave him a bath and put him in her bed, and the Helpers left knowing that he would be well cared for. The Helpers have seen this boy several times since then. The doctor and his wife have a little girl now, and she and the boy are chums. They are all getting along nicely and are happy together.

One time some Helpers were in Asia, and as they were going along in the air, they looked down and saw some bandits about to murder some white people who were traveling across a sandy stretch of country in an automobile. The bandits had three bladed daggers with copper caps on the ends.

One bandit was about to strike a woman in the abdomen when the Helpers appeared. One helper pushed the bandit down, and then the bandit started after him. The second Helper went after another bandit, who tried to cut her arm. Another bandit joined him and they were about to strike her when the first Helper told her to disappear. She did this at once, and the men stuck and cut each other badly. They also poisoned each other because they had put poison on their daggers. The other three bandits pursued the first Helper. While this was taking place, the second Helper set the white people free.

Every time a bandit struck the first Helper, he hit a Chinese, and they destroyed each other. The place was too far away for the Helpers to take the injured bandits to a hospital, and it would have done little good under the circumstances.

The travelers were on their way to another country. The Helpers assisted them in fixing up the tires on their automobile so they could travel. The bandits had put nails on the road to delay travelers who happened by, for they knew that, when their tires blew up, they would have to stop. When the people were ready to go on, the Helpers went to see about the bandits, and they were dead. The Helpers buried their bodies deep in the sand so that no animals or birds could disturb them.

The travelers wondered who and what the Helpers were and where they came from. A lady asked the lady Helper if she was human or an Angel, and the Helper told her that she was human. The travelers were intellectual people, and the Helpers knew that talking to them would do little good, so they told them to live good useful lives and develop their hearts; then they could do as they had done when helping to save them. Then the Helpers disappeared and went out.

These Helpers then went to Africa, where they saw a cobra that was about to bite a little baby. One Helper reached down and picked up the baby and retreated from the snake, which was very large and vicious. The Helpers carried the child home and told its parents about the snake, and six men went and killed it. The dead snake appeared to be about twenty-five feet long. The natives said that four of these huge snakes had been seen and that they had killed two of their runners.

The Helpers then went to see a mother lion and her cubs that they had helped a short time before. The father lion was there this time, and he had a very large head and neck. One of the Helpers went up to him, made friends with him, and picked some twigs and burrs out of his mane. He licked her hands and looked at her and lay down at her feet. The little lion cubs ran all around this Helper, and when she sat down, they climbed over her, and she had a good time with them.

Just then the man Helper saw six native hunters with a white man and woman coming along. They were about to shoot the lions when the man Helper shouted and told them not to shoot the lions. The lady Helper got up and went to the hunters, and the lion cubs followed her. She told the hunters that the lions were her younger brothers and not to hurt them. The hunters thought the lady Helper was crazy. The white man saw the Helper's rings and watch, and he told the men to get her. They did, and the lions both sprang up and went to help her. The men tried to shoot the lions, but the guns did not go off.

This was because the other Helper had told the Salamanders to stand aside. The Salamanders are responsible for the starting of all fires and explosions. They are Nature Spirits, and their bodies are flame colored and of various sizes.

The white lady hunter fainted and felt to the ground, and then a python came and wrapped around her. The snake had two coils over her before the man Helper saw him and told him to stop.

Just then a deer came running through the forest and stopped at the lady Helper's feet. A python was pursuing him and soon appeared on the scene. Things were very exciting for for a time. There were two snakes, four lions, a deer, six natives, and two white hunters, a man and a woman, all in a close group in the forest. They were all crowding each other to get near to the lady Helper, who loved the lions and was a friend to them. The man helper was worried about how he was going to see the people and the animals and the snakes before they harmed each other.

This Helper told the lady Helper to send the deer off in one direction and the snakes in another and the people in still another direction. The deer, the snakes, and the hunters were glad to leave, as things were too exciting for them.

After they were gone, the lady Helper put the lions back into the ring that the Group Spirit of the lions had showed her how to make a few weeks before in order to protect the mother lion and her newly born babies from danger, and then the Helpers left. It seems to me that this was a most remarkable happening, and that the Helpers did well to save them all from each other.

One June night some Helpers were sent to some high mountains in Asia to carry a man, who was eighty years old, to the Borderland, as he had died, and to take his daughter to civilization. The daughter was thirty years old and had never been off the mountain. She was conscious on the Inner Planes at night and could leave her body in sleep and go about, but she did not know how to leave her home in the daytime.

The Helpers carried this woman down to some monks who lived in a monastery far down the mountainside, and a man told the Helpers that he would take care of her. This woman did not want to leave her home, but the Helpers took her anyway, as they had been told to take her to a new home. They found out that she could read and write, and that she was very fond of animals. She had snakes, deer and wildcats for pets, and they did not harm each other.

The house that she lived in was made of stone and contained seven rooms. The woman said that they never had a light at night and did not need one. She had raised her food each year and had never eaten any meat.

The Helpers were told the story about her family by the man who had charge of her. He was a very high Lay Brother, and he had been instructing her when she was out of her body in sleep.

Many years before, the young woman's mother, a young white woman, had married a native man who was very attractive to the ladies, and this made her very jealous. The wife liked to explore the mountains, and one day she found a high level place far above the tree line that was warm and pleasant and green with vegetation. She had a first class mansion of that day built there. They used it as a retreat during the hottest weather.

One day the jealous wife planned to do something very strange and unusual. She had the house stocked with food enough to last six months. She had all the kinds of food that were available in that place. She had a small garden planted with corn, wheat, and such food as would grow in that area. The climate was warm and comfortable all the year around.

After the wife had everything arranged the way she wanted it, she drugged her husband and had him carried up to the house by some servants, saying that she would rather stay up there forever with him than to see him with other women.

After they had been up there for a week, the wife had a large supply of food, candles, and other things brought up. After the natives had gone, she and her husband went out walking, for he liked the place for a short rest and enjoyed the change.

That night the mountain slipped down two hundred feet and closed up all the exits to the estate, and the people were prisoners for life, for there was no way to reach them.

When they realized their condition, most of their happiness fled. The husband became very mean to his wife. He had to till the ground, and he never forgave her for taking him there. Not long after this, a child came to them and then three more as the years passed by. The last child, this young woman, had been born thirty years previous to the time the Helpers met her. Her mother had died when she was fifteen years old. Her two brothers and her sister had died after they were grown. The last brother had died ten years before. They had lived and died without seeing the land below.

The parents taught their children to read the English Bible and how to write. The mother taught her youngest daughter to always pray to God that He would take her off the mountain. The girl prayed for fifteen years, but when the time came, she did not want to go.

The daughter had been taking care of her father for ten years. One Helper asked the Lay Brother why the place was not overrun with snakes, deer, and wildcats. He told them that as fast as new ones came, some Helpers would take the old ones off and find new homes for them and that there had not been any new ones for five years.

The woman's clothes were made of long grass woven together. Her hair was long and came down below her waist. She was a very pretty girl with an olive complexion and she had a very gentle disposition.

When the Helpers were ready to take her away, they told her to gather up her things. She took what she treasured most, and the Helpers put them in a grass bag that she had made. She then called her pets and told them that she was going away and for them to be good friends. The Helpers were told that these animals would be taken off the mountain and that the place would not be discovered until the mountain settles down during the coming earth changes. They were also told that the father and the children never knew why they were up in that remote place. The mother suffered much for her jealousy and lived a life of prayer. They lived in a beautiful place far above the clouds and too far up in the mountains for the people to see their distant neighbors.

When the girl was ready to go, one Helper took the grass bag containing her things, and the other Helper carried the woman down to the monastery and left her with the friendly monks. The Helpers were told the monks would later send her to the United States to live.

Most people do not know that the anthropoids belong to the human life wave and are stragglers who may be able to catch up with the human life wave in evolution and inhabit human bodies. The anthropoids include the apes, the gorilla, and the chimpanzee. Mr. Max Heindel has said the following concerning them:

"The lower monkeys, instead of being the progenitors of the higher species, are stragglers, occupying the most degenerated specimens of what was once the human form. Instead of man having ascended from the anthropoids, the reverse is true. The anthropoids have degenerated from man."

Invisible Helpers often encounter gorillas in their work in Africa. Sometimes the Helpers protect the people from fierce gorillas, and sometimes they help the gorillas by getting food for them and by protecting them from snakes and the fierce animals of the jungles.

One night some Helpers went to South Africa to help some natives who lived in little grass huts, and they worked, on some sick people. While they were there, a couple of families of gorillas came around looking for food. They saw some of the local populace and chased some of them into the hut where the Helpers were. One of the gorillas went right into the hut and started after the Helpers. There was a small knife lying on the ground in a corner and a spear near by. One Helper took the spear and the other Helper took the small knife, which wasn't very sharp.

One Helper told his partner to drive the smaller gorilla off, and he tried to drive off the larger one. The gorillas put up a stiff fight and refused to leave the hut without trouble. Everybody else in the hut left except the sick woman, who was too ill to move. She just lay on her grass bed and moaned.

One of the Helpers later related her experience in this way: "I had a small dull knife. Twice the smaller gorilla lunged at me, and I held the knife tightly with the point in front of me, and as the gorilla came for me, the knife blade went into his stomach and then into his chest. There was great excitement for a few minutes, for the gorillas were really angry. They stood on their hind feet and looked very heavy and strong. They were about the size of a man and strongly built, with powerful shoulders and arms. I stood in a queer hut with a dirt floor, and near a railing beside some rude steps leading to the second floor or attic. When the gorilla made for me the third time, I became afraid and forgot that I could not be hurt while working out of my body as a Helper, and I disappeared and went home. When I woke up, I remembered what had happened."

You see, this Helper was not brave enough at that time to do that particular kind of work. The man Helper then had both gorillas to fight. He did not want to kill them, but he wanted to save the life of the sick woman. He finally hit one gorilla, which fell down, and then he floored the second one.

After that the Helper took a good look at the exterior of the hut, and he saw that there was a picket fence around it made of small tree trunks to keep the snakes and other animals out while the people were sleeping. If any creature got inside the picket fence, the natives could kill it before it could escape, if enough of the family happened to be at home. There was a small platform which had been made so that all animals' feet would fall through the cracks, so that they would be imprisoned. Then the animals' cries would wake the natives up. Snakes, however, could crawl across it safely, and so the natives had to be very watchful at all times.

The people came back when they saw that the fight was over, and they wanted to tie up the smaller gorilla.

"Do not do that, or the parent gorillas will kill you," the Helper said. "You haven't anything strong enough to hold him anyway."

When the two gorillas got up and went away, the Helper went after their families with a club, and after some trouble drove them away. They were a wandering band, and the Helper was told that they would never return.

One of the native runners told the Helper of another family that needed help. Just then the Helper who had become frightened and had gone back to her body returned, and the two Helpers went to the other family and helped some sick people and then left Africa.

Another night the Helpers were in a jungle in Africa, and they met a father and mother gorilla with a half-grown child. They were going along peacefully when a large snake attacked the mother. She cried for help, and when the father started to help her, a big fight started. The huge snake started to wind himself around her body, and, the other gorilla began pulling him away. Then the snake got both gorillas in its coils, and another snake came and got hold of the child gorilla. Just then the Helpers stepped in. The little gorilla was very much frightened, and the look on its face was very pitiful and human-like. One Helper told the other to stand by, as he had to get rid of the snakes alone. He went up to one snake and touched him, and when he told him to let the child alone, he let him go. Then this Helper told the lady Helper to take care of the little gorilla. He ran to her, and she took him by the hand. He was trembling all over with fear.

The second snake made for the father and mother, and then there were two snakes trying to kill them. A fierce battle started, but it did not last long, for the Helper went up and stopped the snakes and made them go away. The parent gorillas fought bravely for their lives, but they would have been killed if help had not been sent them, as the two snakes were too much for them to handle at once.

The snakes and the mother gorilla were badly injured. The father gorilla went over to where the lady Helper was standing with his child, and she was told that he would not hurt her. The Helpers then took the gorillas to a stream of water, washed the mother gorilla's injuries, and healed them with the healing force that comes from God, which certain Helpers are allowed to use in their work with people and animals.

Then just as the Helpers were about to leave, they saw a black panther, creeping up on the gorillas. They waited until it sprang for the mother, who had been bleeding. The panther had smelled the blood that had been spilled during the battle. One Helper pulled the mother gorilla out of the panther's way just at the right moment, and he fell to the ground with such force that he was stunned. The Helper made him lie there until they got the gorilla family out of the way. The gorillas did not want to leave the Helpers, for they liked their new friends. One Helper talked to the gorillas and told them that they ought to try to catch up with their life wave.

Just then the lady Helper turned around and said, "Look." The man Helper thought that she had seen something else that wanted to eat the gorillas. When he turned around, he saw a beautiful Angel, who was radiant and happy. She appeared to be emitting brilliant rays of light from herself. One Helper spoke to her and asked her what she wanted.

"I just want to thank you for saving my charges from the snakes," she said.

The lady Helper went into a state of ecstasy at sight of the wonderful Angel who had charge of the gorillas.

The man Helper thought to himself, "If the Angel came to her charges, what is the Group Spirit of the snakes doing?" He looked into the Desire World to see what this Group Spirit was doing. What he saw made him recoil for a moment. Then he braced up and spoke to the Group Spirit of those snakes. "It is our mission to help all life waves and not to destroy any life," he said. "We could not stand by and see that family of gorillas killed." This Helper talked until the Group Spirit got into a better frame of mind. He had been sending out impulses that would soon have made all the snakes war-like.

If the Helpers had not been there, the gorillas would have been killed, and the trouble would have been over; but being thwarted, the Group Spirit had stirred up the impulse to send out more strength for battle. That is one reason why it is very dangerous for animals and people to be in the jungles. Many lives are lost which the outside world has no knowledge of. Much help is needed for those who live there. Everyone in the jungle has to be on constant guard.

After quieting the Group Spirit of the dangerous snakes, the Helper sent the, gorillas off in one direction and the panther in another, and then the Helpers went on with their work.

Another time these Helpers ran upon a colony of gorillas who bad taken possession of a local village and frightened off its residents. As the Helpers were looking around, they saw thirteen gorillas bring in two local women and one white woman. The women's, feet were bleeding, and their bodies were scratched up.

The Helpers materialized and went up to the white woman and asked her what had happened. She said that one of the gorillas had caught her four days before. Since then they had walked days and had slept at night in trees, and they had picked up the native women three days before.

"The gorillas had two fights with snakes, and they tore the snakes to pieces and ate them," she said. "They gave some of the meat to me, and I was so hungry that I ate it. The gorillas got other things to eat which tasted good. A very large gorilla had charge of me, and he watched me closely. He beat his chest, but he never harmed me. The other women have not been injured either by the gorillas. We were scratched by the trees and vines in the jungle."

One Helper asked the other how they could save these poor women, and how they could deal with the gorillas, and whether they were under a Group Spirit. He said that he did not know but that he would find out. He called to the Group Spirit of the gorillas, who told the Helpers by Jupiterian Consciousness what had caused this white woman to be in this predicament. As he talked, they saw what had happened.

This white woman in her previous life, when she was a man, lured a rival man into the jungle to get rid of him, and the gorillas got him, and he never returned. Then this man went back and married the woman that both men had wanted to marry. Then he formed a hunting party and went to hunt the man that he had treated so cruelly, but although he searched and searched in the jungle, he never found him. In a few years the man died of remorse. He had never dared to tell anyone what he had done to this man.

He was reborn as a woman and finally joined a hunting party which went to Africa, and while she was in the jungle, she wandered off and got lost, and the gorillas found her. They frightened her so badly that she forgot she was armed. As she ran away she left her side arms behind and was forcibly carried off by one of the largest of the gorillas. The native women had been careless and had wandered off too far and so were easily captured by the gorillas. The Group Spirit said that the Helpers could not get her unless the Lords of Destiny gave their permission. The Helpers went up to the gorillas, and they became fierce when they saw them and tried to attack them.

The Helpers got the two native women and took them home and then came back to the other woman. She was lying down, and the gorilla had her in his arms so that she could not get away, and so that none of the female gorillas could harm her, as they were jealous of the stranger.

The Helpers did not know how to get the Lords of Destiny, who are spoken of in the Bible as the Recording Angels, and so they called a friend of theirs. She came, and they told her what the Group Spirit of the gorillas had said. She said it was true and that she would call a certain high Lay Brother.

He came with his daughter, and the Helpers explained things to him. One of the Helpers asked him please to do something, as she was quite sure that the lady was sorry and would be a good woman if she could escape from the gorillas and would never kill anything again. "Please wait until I ask her," begged the lady Helper, and she went to the lady to ask her.

The gorilla rose and growled. The Helper told the gorilla to be still and that she was not going to hurt the woman, and he lay down again. The Helper asked the poor woman the questions, and she said, "I will do anything to get out of here. If I don't get away, I will go crazy or die. I am not married, and I do not love anybody, but I want to live, and I am frightened to death."

"Be brave," said the" Helper, "and I will try to get help."

The Helper then told the Lay Brother what the woman had promised and asked him to go to the Lords of Destiny and plead her cause. She urged him to hurry there and back while she waited. He smiled and disappeared.

After awhile he came back, and the lady Helper ran to him.

"Calm yourself," he said, for he saw that she was much excited. He then told the Helper that her prayer had been answered. Then she called the Group Spirit and asked him to please keep his charges calm and let her get the woman, and he said that he would.

She then went to the gorilla and woke him up and told him to let the woman go so that she could take her back. The gorilla whined and went up and licked her hand. After the woman got away from him, she fainted, and he reached down and picked her up and licked her face and neck and handed her to the Helper, and she thanked him. The other gorillas looked on, but they kept still and made no protest. The poor woman was unconscious and needed some clothing, and the Helper did not know where she lived. She consulted the Group Spirit, and he said that she lived several hundred miles to the northeast. "Hurry and get her there before she wakes up, for she is going to be ill," he said. "But she will get well, and she will be a servant of humanity like you."

The man Helper picked the woman up from the ground where she had been lying during the time the Group Spirit was talking. "Come on," the other Helpers said, taking hold of her legs, and they started. As they rose up into the air, the gorilla began to beat his chest and to growl loudly. He was the leader of the group.

The Helpers got to the town where the woman lived, and they went down to the ground and started down a street. They met a man who told them who the woman was and where she lived. They took her to the hotel and up to her room. Her brother and sister were there mourning her as they thought that she was lost. The Helpers helped to treat her injuries and doctored her sore feet. The mother told them who they were and where they lived. She said that they had gone to this place to hunt in the jungles of Africa. The Helpers told them what had happened to the woman, but they could hardly believe it.

"Be kind to her," said one of the Helpers. "She will be sick, but she will recover and be a changed woman, and she will want to help everybody."

The Helpers then went back to the band of gorillas and made friends with them. The grown gorillas gathered around them, and the babies went up closer, and the Helpers took hold of their hands. When the Helpers sat down, the babies climbed all over them, and the Helpers had a good time with them.

The gorillas are under a Group Spirit who has charge of them and who sends them impulses to do things, helps them to get a living, and protects them as much as possible. This Group Spirit has a very powerfully built body and a head like a gorilla and an etheric gorilla body behind him. There were some fifty or sixty gorillas in that colony. After a while the Helpers left the gorillas in a playful mood and went on their way.

Here is one of the most remarkable stories that I have heard of, for the gorilla in the story is to be reborn as a human being in his next reincarnation.

One time, two Helpers were going over a clearing in a dense part of a jungle in Africa when one Helper looked down and saw a captive in a gorilla's arms. "Oh, look! There is a white woman," she said to her companion. "Let's go and save her."

They went down and asked the woman if she wanted to get away.

"Yes, please take me away from here," she said.

She was lying in a gorilla's arms, and if she moved he would wake up. When she got up, he did also. The Helpers wondered how they could get her away. Every time they tried to take her from the gorilla, he got up and growled at them. They were afraid that if they tried to get her, he would pull her to pieces.

She needed clothes, and she told them how the gorilla had torn her clothing off and that every time she made clothing of bark or grass, he had torn it off. He had not injured her but had protected her from the other gorillas, who had learned to let them entirely alone, and from the snakes and wild animals of the jungle. He had provided her with food and always kept near her and apart from the rest so that nothing could injure her.

As time went on she became tanned all over, and the skin on her feet got tougher so that she could get about without injuring them. She learned that in order to live, she must depend on her gorilla protector, and she began to teach him all she could. She said that at one time he became restless and uneasy, and she was afraid that he would leave her; so at night she tied him to her with her long hair. He had learned to love her in his way, and she knew she could live only as long as he took care of her. When asked how she happened to be in that place, she said that she had joined some travelers who were hunting in the jungle. They were attacked by this band of gorillas, and she had seen all the others killed.

The Helpers asked for permission to take this woman out, and they were told that they might take her away. One Helper told her to send the gorilla after some food. She did, and then the Helper told her to lie down. The two Helpers then picked her up and carried her to a small town where they found some people who gave her some clothes to wear. The Helpers told her to go to the consul and get a passport and go home.

A few nights later a very high Lay Brother went to those same Helpers and told them to go to the town, where they had taken this woman and compel the consul to give her a passport and money for expenses to get home. He gave one Helper the power to do this work and told her not to be too free with her right hand.

When the Helpers reached this town they found the poor woman in an old house with some poor people. She had some ragged clothes on. When she saw the Helpers, the woman begged them to take her back to the jungle to her gorilla friend and let her die with him, as he had been kind to her in his way and loved her. The Helpers told her that they had come to send her home.

"You cannot do anything for me, as no one will believe my story," she told them.

The Helpers told her to take them to the consul's office.

"He will not see you," she said.

They went and told the man at the door that they wanted to see the consul.

"He is not up," said the man.

"Go and wake him up, and tell him we want to see him on important business, and don't stand there and look at me," said the man Helper.

The man went, and after a while the consul came back with the man and asked the three strangers to enter the house. The consul was angry and wanted to know what was wanted of him.

"I want a passport and money for this woman so that she can go to her home in Europe," said one of the Helpers.

"I do not know her, and I have no record of her," he said. "The woman that she says she is was lost five years ago, and none of the party was ever found." He got out his record book and asked the woman to call off the names of the people who were in the party and tell where they lived and their ages.

She did this, and he was astonished. "I will have to find out from her home town whether her parents are living or not," he said.

"They are both living," the man Helper said. "You write to her parents and have them write a letter, and have the mayor of the town put his official seal on it."

The consul wrote a letter and put his seal on it. One Helper told him that the other Helper would deliver the letter while he made out the passport. The man Helper went to the woman's home town, found her parents, and gave them the letter.

The mother shouted with joy and sat right down and answered the letter. She told the stranger where the mayor lived, and he went there and had him stamp the letter. The Helper was gone twenty minutes, and when he returned and handed over the answer, the consul looked at it and nearly fainted, for he saw a familiar seal on it, dated and stamped in the paper.

"Are you married?" asked the man Helper.

"Yes, I have a wife," he said.

"Send your wife down here to act as maid to this woman," said the Helper.

"I have servants for that work," said the man.

"Do as I tell you," said the Helper in a firm voice.

"Yes, Your Highness," said the consul and he went after his wife.

She came in storming, but when the Helper looked at her, she stopped very suddenly. "What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Clean this woman up and give her some clothes to travel in," the Helper replied.

"Yes, Your Highness," said the wife of the consul, and she took the woman out of the room.

They returned in half an hour, and the Helpers hardly recognized the woman. Her hair was combed, and she was neatly dressed. Even her nails were trimmed. They all saw that she looked beautiful.

The consul gave her the passport and five hundred dollars. "We just have time to get the boat," he said. Then he asked the Helpers to return after the lady had gone.

The Helpers said goodbye to the rescued lady on the boat. She cried and said that she didn't want to go home, but wanted to go back to her friend in the jungle. She asked the Helper to look after him, and they said, that they would.

The Helpers went back to, the consul's home. He and his wife were in his office, and they kneeled down at the lady Helper's feet. "Miss Angel, I pray for mercy," the consul said: "I did not know who the lady was when she first came in."

"Get up," she said. "I am not an Angel at all. I am only a Helper to humanity."

"Pray tell me how I can do what you do and be a Helper," said he. His wife said that she wanted to know also, and the Helper told them and showed them all her teachings and what they must do. She told them that they would have opportunities in their position to do greater work.

"We will do it," promised the consul. "If you can get the gorilla who befriended this lady, I will keep him and tame him."

The Helper told these two people to go to their bed and lie down together, and that she would take them to the gorilla. The man and his wife did this, and after the Helper had put them to sleep, the four of them went to find the gorilla in the jungle.

They found him dead. He had come back with fruit for the woman, and when he found her gone, his heart was broken. The Helpers called his Group Spirit, and he told them what had happened. He said that this particular gorilla would be reborn soon as a little boy, and in the future his girl friend would have a chance to teach him, for she would be a true missionary to people of all races.

The consul and his wife were in their desire bodies and so were able to see and hear the Group Spirit, and they were surprised. "Surely they must be Angels or Gods, for no human can do what they have done," said the consul.

The Group Spirit said that the girl had brought the gorilla up to the human stage by her kindness, and he told of the karma that caused her trouble. She had once lost some people in a jungle, and in this life she had to pay that debt and did it well.

A big snake came crawling by, and one Helper called it and it went to her, but the consul and his wife backed off. The Helpers then took the man and his wife home.

The next night the Helpers went to the girl to tell her about her friend. They found the ship and woke her up and she grabbed the lady Helper and said, "Dear Angel, many strange things have happened to me. I lay down this afternoon and found myself out of my body, and I floated through the wall and out over the water and found myself at my friend's dead body. It had been nearly eaten up. I tried to bury it, but I could not hold or pick up anything. What is wrong with me?"

The Helper sat down on her bed and explained everything to her, and she cried for joy and said, "Now I can help the natives and, the gorillas. I care very little for people of my class."

The Helpers saw this woman's past life when she was a man. She had been an advanced student of the Hindu philosophy and was nearly ready, for initiation. Through jealousy she lost some people in a jungle because she wanted to get the man out of the way who had come between her and the woman she loved. After two weeks she hunted and found them and brought them out, but they soon passed on from jungle fever.

The lady said that she did not like the food on the ship, for she ate only fruit, bread, and butter, and milk or raw vegetables. "Everybody I meet is very friendly," she said, "but I want to be alone with my thoughts. The captain is kindness itself to me and tells me many strange stories which I enjoy."

The lady said that she had seen the helpers once before in the jungle. It was the time they saved the gorilla family from the two snakes. She said that she was glad that they stopped the snakes, for she and her gorilla protector were too afraid to move. They were only about one hundred feet away and saw all that happened to the gorilla family. She told of the gorilla village and said that there were about fifty of them.

This lady asked the Helpers to take a message to her father and mother and to tell her mother that she still had her pretty little toes. She then showed the Helpers two little extra toes and where she had had two extra fingers removed. The Helpers soon left and went off on this errand.

When the mother heard about the toes, she was overjoyed and said, "She is my daughter, for I always admired her extra toes."

Later the lady reached home safely and was welcomed by her parents with great joy. This story also relates how the law of karma works out. We are all affected by it, but few of us have such remarkable things happen to us.

I will relate one more story of the work of Invisible Helpers which illustrates how help is being given to backward beings, to help them make more rapid progress in their evolution.

Some Helpers were in the western part of North America, and they met a young boy. They talked to him and found out that he was very willing to learn. He was strong and a good swimmer. He had saved many people in a recent flood. The Helpers found out that he is now in his second human body and that he has returned to rebirth twice in five hundred years.

This boy followed one of the Helpers everywhere, she went and said that he liked her. When she said that she was going, he said that he would like to invite her to come and see him, but that his home had been destroyed by the flood, and that he did not know where his parents were. The Helper kissed him, and he hugged her and said, "I know you two are not like me. I do not know for sure, but you look like people who fly through the air. I have seen many of them, and they have talked to me when I have been asleep."

The Helpers told him that they travel through the air.

"Then you are Angels," said the boy. "My parents have told me about Angels."

The Helper told him that she wouId see him again soon and tell him about their work.

"Be sure and find me, for I do not know where I will be," the boy replied.

"All right," said the Helper. "Now, he a good boy, and help everything you can."

He said he would, and the Helpers disappeared.

Later the Helpers found this boy, but he had not found his parents. The Helpers looked for them and found them in the country on the other side of the flooded land. They went back to the boy and told him that they were going to take him home to his parents.

"My parents are good to me, but I would rather go with you," he said.

The Helpers told him to lie down and he obeyed. The Helpers then picked him up and carried him across the water to his parents' temporary home and put him down and woke him up. He was dazed but happy. The Helpers took him to the house, and his mother ran to him and kissed him and his father hugged him.

The Helpers found that the parents were good intelligent people and that they were very kind to the boy. The Helpers talked to the father and mother while the boy was eating. "Can you tell me why I have such a child?" asked the mother. "Has God treated me unjustly? I am not so old, and I have not injured anyone."

One Helper asked that she be shown this boy's past lives so that she could tell the mother or let the parents see while she told them. Here is the story that was revealed:

Two thousand years ago when the parents were man and wife as they are now, they were out in the jungle with their master hunting. This boy, then a gorilla, saved them from death and he was badly wounded. They carried the gorilla out of the jungle and nursed him back to life, and he was a friend to them. Then he died and came back to rebirth as a gorilla. He met friends who made a pet of him, and when he died, his life in a gorilla body was ended.
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Reference: The Work of Invisible Helpers, by Amber M. Tuttle

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