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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 5)

Chapter V

Five hundred years before this present time, this ego came back in a human body for the first time and lived to be eighty years old. Then he died and later was reborn to these parents twelve years before, and they had loved and cherished him and took special interest in teaching him, for they realized that he must have knowledge in order to make his living in this world. The boy was then in grade 8B in school.

The Helper told the woman that she and her husband were paying off a debt to the boy.

"What debt?" asked his mother. Then she heard herself say, "If he were a child, I would certainly teach him to be a very smart man, for I love him for his kindness in saving my life."

Then an old man appeared and asked her if she would give him a human body if she had the opportunity, and she put her arms around the gorilla and answered, "Yes."

The old man walked away saying, "Maybe you will some day, who knows."

Here again we see what the Bible means when it says that we must give an account for every idle and vain word and thought. This woman had no idea that this would ever come true. The mother said that she saw everything as the Helper talked and that she believed it all. "Since I know all this, I will do my best to make a good man of my boy," she said.

"I saw it all, too, and I will do my part," said her husband.

"Are you an Angel?" asked the mother, and the Helper told her no, and then she explained about their work as Helpers.

"How lovely it must be to go about at night helping people! I would like to do it, too," said the other.

The Helper promised that she would return some day and tell her how she could do this. She gave her the address of a place to which she could write and have some literature sent to her.

Another night these Helpers worked in a flooded region where thousands of people were homeless, sick and hungry. They saw this same boy, and they noticed a great improvement in his walking. When he was in a hurry, he would go on all fours as the gorillas do in the jungle. The Helpers told him not to walk that way, as he would overdevelop his arms. "You a must be a fine straight man," she said.

The Helpers were told that the Higher Ones were going to change the contour of his head, and face. This can be done by altering his archetype, which is the pattern of his physical body.

Later still the Helpers found out that the boy's face was greatly changed and that he looked much better. His mother was very happy over the great improvement in his appearance.

The anthropoids do belong to our life wave, and it is possible for these stragglers to come back into human bodies again. When one of these gorillas, for instance, saves a life or sacrifices himself for someone else, he progresses later, just as we do. When you read of people who have made pets of gorillas and other anthropoids, and that they have shown great intelligence, you may feel quite sure that these anthropoids will return as human beings when they die and are reborn again.

Here is how an Ubangi boy was saved from death. One night two Helpers were going over the jungles of Africa, and they came to where a tribe of natives lived. There they saw a local boy about thirteen years old running and screaming. They looked down and saw a large crocodile with his large mouth open running after the boy. The crocodile was gaining on the boy.

"Let us go down and save him," said one Helper, and she started ahead, but when they got near to the boy, she became afraid and asked her partner to go down and save him. You see she had forgotten that she was not in her physical body and could not be hurt.

The other Helper shot past her, as there was not time to argue with her, and he picked up the boy just as the crocodile hit him and knocked him down. It seemed as if the crocodile stood up on his tail and let out a funny hiss that sounded as if he said, "Shucks! I missed a good meal."

The Helpers did not dare to go back to that place with the boy, for the crocodile was fierce. He was hissing and flopping his tail around. The Helper asked the boy where he lived, but he was so badly frightened that he was speechless. The Helper had to ask someone at a distance, by means of thought, where the boy lived. He found out that the boy lived some distance away. The Helpers carried him over the jungle to his home. When the Helpers reached the place and let the boy down, he ran and fell at his mother's feet. She was some kind of a ruler. The mother let out a yell, and a lot of warriors rushed in and surrounded the Helpers, and the lady Helper began to get very nervous.

The man Helper told the mother what had happened, and she said to the boy, "Wait, Boy. Speak and then go. No, go now."

The Helper went to pick the boy up to give him strength, but the mother stopped him. Then the Helper looked at her, and she backed away.

"Get 'em. Kill 'em," she commanded.

The Helper looked around, but his companion was nowhere to be seen. The men started after the Helper, but they were stopped by a silent command which they had to obey, and they became motionless.

The Helper went to the boy and picked him up, and rubbed his face and throat. Soon he began to talk to his mother, and he told her what had happened and that he had left his sister in a tree. "Get me," said the boy turning to the Helper.

"What do you mean?" asked the Helper.

"Get the other me," the boy said.

Then it dawned on the Helper that it was his twin sister that he wanted. The Helper disappeared and went and found her up in a tree.

When the Helper went up to this girl, she fought him with a long knife that she carried with her. The Helper disappeared and went up to her and picked her up and put her to sleep. She quieted down quickly and was soon unconscious, and the Helper took her home and put her down and woke her up. Then she did not want to leave him. The Helper told the warriors to go away, and they went quickly, for they could not understand why they had been unable to move while the stranger was gone. The boy's mother went to the Helper on her knees and thanked him. The Helper raised her up, and she was surprised.

The Helper told the boy not to go to that place any more, and he promised that he would not. The mother said that her children were always going off and that they made her head go round and round. She meant that she was always worried about their safety. The Helper then left, as his work was done.

One morning an Invisible Helper woke up remembering a strange scene that she had witnessed during the night while out of her body in sleep. She had been at a girl's home where there was serious trouble. This girl had been very friendly with a young man that she knew in the neighborhood. She had allowed him to fall deeply in love with her and then had ignored him. Her two brothers took her part, and they all treated the young man very badly.

The young man became very angry at the rude and unjust treatment that he had received, and he resolved to go home and get his gun and kill all three of them. With this murderous plan in his mind, he went home and got his gun and started to town where he meant to lie in wait and finish all three of the people who had made trouble for him. The Helper was with a Liberated One and several other Helpers, and she saw what had happened. She took on his feelings of rage and was alarmed at what might happen. So she asked the leader if something couldn't be done to save the girl and her brothers.

"I will take care of him," the Lay Sister replied, and she went up to the angry man and in some way erased all feelings of hate toward these three from his consciousness and memory. "Henceforth they will be as strangers to him," she told the Helper.

The Helper thought that this was a very wonderful thing to be able to do. This feat seems impossible until we remember that man has other bodies than the physical one that we see and that the thought forms that we send out may be easily seen by those who are qualified.

Here is a story about how help was given by a high Lay Sister, who is a Liberated One. A certain man went home from work one morning and found his thirteen months old baby all drawn up in bed and crying from pain. He was all alone in the room. The man looked at his baby and picked him up. As his hand touched the baby's right side, he screamed loudly.

The man undressed the baby and saw that his right side was slightly swollen and very tender. He suspected that the baby had appendicitis and took him right to a hospital. A doctor examined the baby and said that he had appendicitis and must he operated on at once.

"No," said the father, and he took his baby home in a taxi.

All the way he prayed to God to save his baby. When he reached home, he put the baby to bed and greased the swollen place with some salve. Then a very beautiful woman came to him and told him to massage the region upward and to give the baby a mild enema. "Feed him liquid food for a few days, and he will recover safely," she said.

The baby was soon all right and has had no signs of this trouble since then. Later on the man found out who the lady was who came to help him in answer to his prayer.

In 1910 a certain man left one of the southern seaports in a ship bound for South Africa. The sea was rough when they reached the southern end of South America, but the rest of the trip out was all right. On the return trip they were out on the Pacific Ocean going west. When they were about two days out from Hawaii, the ship struck something and began to sink rapidly. When the life boats were being lowered, an old man called this man and another man and told them to get into a lifeboat.

The three men got into a boat and got away just in time to escape death. The ship suddenly did a nose dive and went down. The sun was just setting, and by its light they looked about for other boats or men, but they could see no one except themselves. They were alone far out on the broad Pacific Ocean.

This man did not see the water jug or the food box, and he began to be afraid that he would starve to death or die of thirst. He looked at the old man and wondered who he was. He had been all over the ship, and he was sure that he had never seen this man before. Who could he be? He then asked the old man if there was any water in the jug and he was told to look and see. His heart fell when he picked up the jug, for there was only a little water in it.

The old man told him not to drink any more than he needed, and he obeyed although he felt as though he needed all the water in the jug right then and there. He asked the old man if there was any food on the boat. "I cannot find the food box in the front end of the boat," he said anxiously.

"There is food under all the seats," his new friend answered.

By this time it was night, and it became very dark. The man hunted around as best he could, and he found the food box and got out some biscuits, and the other man and he ate them together. The old man would not accept any of them. They did not see this old man eat or drink during the entire three days that they were drifting about on, the Pacific Ocean.

The first night the man could not sleep, as he was so afraid that something might turn the boat over. During the following day they saw something very large in the water looking at them, and he was terrified. He was almost paralyzed with fear over his safety. The old man told him not to put his hand in the water, as there were huge fish all about them.

That evening it was moonlight, and the man saw many kinds of round red lights darting about. Some were large and far apart, and some were small and close together. He could not go to sleep but watched them as they came and went.

When the man awoke the next morning, he found the old man there in his place watching. For some strange reason the water never gave out no matter how often they drank, and each time they reached for food, they found the same amount there. The man spoke about it and wondered. "l know that I ate two biscuits yesterday, and there are the same number in the box today," he told the old man.

The man was very tired and sleepy that day, but he was afraid to go to sleep. It seemed as if all the fish in that part of the ocean came up to look at the men in the boat. Other creatures that lived in the water came up and looked at them. It seemed as if the word had been passed around that they were going to have some food given to them. The man thought that they looked hungry. "It will not be long now," they seemed to say to each other.

The overly tired and frightened man became sensitive, and his sight was extended, and he began to imagine things. He wondered where the fish would bite him first. He found that there are many things in the ocean that scientists have not named. He saw creatures that looked like snakes that were silver colored and others that were of a golden color. When the sun shone on these creatures in the green water, it gave the man an awful feeling of being helpless and alone. He seemed to be waiting for the time to come when he would be eaten. His thoughts turned to God.

The man began to pray out loud to God. "O, Lord! Have mercy on me and save me," he begged.

"Leave out the me and say us," the old man quietly said to him. "And try harder, for I doubt if your prayers leave the boat."

The man looked out over the water, and he saw something that had eyes as large as an ordinary washtub, and he began to pray in earnest. Now he included all three in his prayers to God for safety.

"Dear God," if you will let us get to land, any land, I will do what you want me to do," he prayed. After praying for a long time, he became very sleepy. "Lord, have mercy on us," he said. Then the man lost sight of everything and forgot that he was in the boat.

"That is the way to pray, and we will get somewhere now," he faintly heard someone say.

When the man came to himself, he was not so afraid, and he resigned himself to his fate and said so. "I am too tired to stay awake," he said, and went to sleep without giving any further thought to what might happen to him.

The next morning the boat was high up on dry land when the two sailors awakened. They found themselves on the shore of the western part of the North American continent, and the old man was gone. The water jug was empty, and there were no biscuits on the boat. Then the two sailors talked over the events of the preceding three days. The second man said that he had been a sailor for ten years and had never been shipwrecked before.

They spoke about how well the food and water lasted.

"I never saw a jug of water before that I could not drink up in less than three days myself," said the second man.

The two men could not understand why the water did not give out and why there was always the same amount of food no matter how much they ate. They wondered who the old man was and where he had gone. Their lives and been miraculously saved, and they were alone.

The two men went on to the nearest town, and the first man obtained work and later paid his way home. He has never seen the second man since the day they reached the shore in safety.

The first man met the old man again years later. One night while he was out of his body in sleep, he met him, and the old man made himself known to him. "I don't suppose you know me," the man said.

"No, I don't know you," the other man answered.

"Anyway, you are partly keeping the promise you made to God." said the old man. "What promise?" asked the other man.

The old man went on and related what had happened in the boat on the Pacific Ocean many years before.

"Are you the man who was with us?" asked the surprised man.

"I am he," said the old man.

The two men became good friends at once, and the man asked the old man more about the mystery, and the old man explained it all and showed all the chief events by Jupiterian Consciousness.

The old man went to the ship in his higher vehicles at the time when the ship was about to sink, for it was not their destiny to go down with it. He materialized and helped the two men get into a lifeboat. He kept everything in the sea away from them, and waited until they repented and asked God for help, and then he pulled the boat to shore after reversing the law of gravity so that it floated in the air. After they were safe on shore, he left them. The man found out that this old man who saved him is a Liberated One and that he left his body for three days in order to save them. The first man has since kept his promise.

An Invisible Helper cannot ordinarily stay out of his body three days in order to accomplish such a mission as the one just related, but the higher Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters can do this. Most Helpers have their work in the world to do and stay at work only during the usual sleeping hours. Helpers often rescue people, who have been shipwrecked.

In telling this story the shipwrecked man said that he learned that one must give up his whole self to prayer in order to get results, that prayer is the key to Heaven, and that it is true that faith unlocks the door and leads to the desired results.

Max Heindel, in his booklet, The Mystical Interpretation of Easter has said that when Christ was crucified on Golgotha His great sacrifice for humanity had only just begun. "Each year since that time on the twenty-first of September, when the sun passes from the Zodiacal sign Virgo into the sign of Libra, the Christ Spirit returning to our earth touches its atmosphere. He starts on his downward journey about the twenty-first of June at the summer solstice, when the sun enters Cancer. He reaches the center of the earth at midnight, December the twenty-fourth. There He remains for three days, and then He starts to withdraw. This withdrawal is completed at Easter. From Easter until the summer solstice He is passing through the higher worlds, and reaches the World of Divine Spirit, the throne of the Father, on June twenty-first. During July and August, while the Sun is in Cancer and Leo, He is rebuilding His Life Spirit vehicle which He is again to bring to the world and with it rejuvenate the earth and the life kingdoms evolving in and on it. From Christmas until Easter He gives of Himself without stint or measure, endowing with life, not only the sleeping seeds but everything about on and within the earth."

Early one Wednesday morning on the twenty-first of March, the great sun spirit Christ arose from the earth, and he was seen by about eleven hundred students of a certain school of Mystics who met that night in the Desire World. A Lay Brother told them that he was going to take them to see the ascension of our dear brother Christ Jesus. Then he and two other teachers took them all to some place in the Desire World where they could see the whole world.

They seemed to be in an open amphitheater, and they found seats and sat down where they could see what was about to take place. They saw a row of very High Beings come, and then a row of Liberated Ones came. Next came the Archangels, then the Angels, and then the Initiates. All were surrounded with large and beautiful auras which were of delicate colors and dazzling white and gold light which it would be impossible to describe.

The procession went up a gradual incline. All those present heard the music of the spheres and the Angels singing. The whole world looked like one big ball of white light, and when the Christ came out of the earth, the beings that were in the procession to meet him were in a square formation, and He was placed in the center.

The bright beings formed five great squares of varying sizes about the Christ, and it was a strong and powerful bodyguard of great Beings in their higher vehicles.

Some of the students cried, some prayed, some sang, and some went into a state of ecstasy and showed great enthusiasm and happiness, and some called on God to have mercy on them. The great audience watched Christ come out of the earth and go out of sight.

Christ looked tired and worn but happy. We must remember that He had been cramped up in the earth for six months and had felt the sorrows, sins, and troubles of all life during the entire period. The Christ's aura lit up the whole earth. This marvelous sight will stimulate all those who saw it and make them go faster even if they do not remember it in their waking consciousness.

Chapter VI
Obsession, Elementals,
Vampires, and Entities

Very few people understand what obsession means. To most people the word obsession means a desire to do something or that they want something very badly.

There are two forms of obsession. In the first form one is ruled by his desires for different things. We are not concerned about this form of obsession because we know that time and conditions will cure it.

The second form of obsession is the one that has baffled all the people down through the ages, except the true Occult students who have advanced far enough to know for themselves what it really is.

When a carefree person becomes silent and inactive and acts as if he had lost his mind, and cannot speak and lies still as if asleep, the doctors call it sleeping sickness. This is not the case. The person has allowed himself to become very negative mentally and used up his bodily resistance and so he cannot withstand the onslaught of the elementals and entities that are lurking about seeking to obsess everyone.

The condition of the person depends on the kind of entity or elemental that has entered the body. If the entity or elemental is an inexperienced one and does not know how to use the body or the vocal cords, the person who has been obsessed lies still as if asleep, but in reality he hears everything that is said and knows all that is done to his body.

The great, unconscious source of danger to those who live a riotous life and to others who are careless of their thoughts and deeds is obsession. There are some people who are overshadowed by sin bodies which seek to obsess them and make them do all kinds of evil, from petty thievery up to murder. After the victim has been put in jail the entity leaves him to take the punishment. Then the entity goes to seek new victims.

Elementals and entities are of two forms, experienced and inexperienced. The inexperienced entities generally oust a person from his body and enter it and then cannot get out. The experienced entity or elemental knows how to handle the human body and can enter and leave a human body at will. When an obsessed person dies, his inner vehicles may be held by elementals for centuries. The rightful owner will wander in the lower Desire World hoping to catch the entity and get his vehicles back so he can finish his evolution.

A sin body is formed by the coalescing of the vital body and the desire body of a person who in that particular life has been unusually cruel and mean. When such a person dies, the malice and hatred that he has generated in his mind and heart cause the interlocking of his desire and vital bodies and he becomes a menace to society. That is one of the reasons why capital punishment should be abolished. When an evil person is out of his body after death and meets a weak-willed person he can easily make him a victim of his influence and cause him to do much harm while under that influence.

Many criminals become earthbound after death and go about for many years inciting others to do evil deeds. They pile up an awful load of karma that must be paid for at some future time. When at last the departed spirit gets out of purgatory it has been chastened and is then allowed to go on into the higher worlds, where it stays for a time. The sin body is able to live a separate existence for hundreds of years and it seems to have an individual consciousness that causes it to wait around for the ego who made it. When that ego is reborn the old sin body is attracted to it and usually stays with it all through life as a demon. Such a sin body seeks to cause all the trouble that it possibly can to the ego.

By means of stories I will try to show you how Invisible Helpers deal with elementals, entities, and vampires when they meet them in the course of their work of helping people.

One night some Helpers were out with a Lay Sister who is a friend of theirs. They were all out in their higher bodies helping people. This Lay Sister works with people who are troubled with sin bodies and helps them all she can.

One of the Helpers asked this lady to show them a vampire but, there were none there at that time. They saw, however, many people with sin bodies following them. These people had drawn and fearful expressions on their faces and they looked as if they were expecting some trouble to come upon them.

These sin bodies were fearful looking things. The part that was used the most was large and all out of proportion to the rest of the body. For instance one man in his past life had used his hand to strangle others or inflict torture. His sin body had a huge hand that nearly touched the ground. Another man had sent out many evil thoughts from his brain and his sin body had an enormous head. Another man had been given to immoral practices and his generative organs were very large. These sin bodies were hideous looking things and the Helpers were amazed to see some of them.

Here is a case of obsession that some Helpers found one night in a hospital where they sometimes work. The doctors had a woman strapped in a bed. They said that she was insane and had been that way for several months. The Helpers went and looked at her. They found her standing outside her body with an elemental in it. She was a negative person and the elemental slipped into her body and ousted her. She seemed to be about thirty- five years old and was well built and good-looking.

The Helpers talked to this woman and she said that she had joined a voodoo society and that this was the result.

"If you get well will you live a good, useful life?" asked one of the Helpers.

"Yes, I will," she answered. "Please make that thing keep still in my body. He hurts me because he keeps on jerking and twisting. I have suffered much since it pushed me out of my body and I have often prayed to God to let me die or let me have my body back. I love my body and I will take good care of it if I can have it back. You are the only people who have come near me, or that I have seen that I could talk to. I have seen many things that I was afraid of. Will you please help me?"

The man Helper called a good friend of his who spends practically the whole day and night working out of her body as a Helper and asked her if they could help this poor lady.

"Yes, you may help her," she said. "Take her to the laboratory and cross her and command the evil entity to come out and enter a guinea pig and then kill the pig and the entity will go back to the Desire World."

The Helpers and the supervisor took the patient to the place designated. They had to strap her to the cart because of the entity who had control over her body. He became uneasy for he sensed danger to himself. Then the Helper crossed the lady and told the entity to come out. It wrenched her body and came out and went into the guinea pig, and the Helper killed the pig and the entity had to go to the Desire World to receive its punishment for the evil it had done. Before it left, the entity took on various shapes. It looked like a dog, then like a cat, then Iike a long snake, and then like a man about the size of an elephant. It looked at the Helpers and the man Helper told it to be gone and it left.

After that the Helper told the woman that she could get back into her body.

"My body hurts me," she said.

"If you get into it, it will cease hurting you," the Helper replied.

She slid back into her body and was taken back to her bed and she was perfectly sane although she was very weak. She remained at the hospital until her strength returned and then went home cured and well.

Not long after this, these Helpers went up into the woods to the voodoo camp that she had joined. It was located underground with a house built over the entrance. There were about thirty men and women in the foul-smelling place. They were doing all kinds of things and getting into all kinds of shapes. The people had taken off most of their clothing.

While they were going through these strange practices a man was searching their clothing and taking all their valuables. When this man saw the Helpers he went back and told the leader, who then came out dressed in a long robe.

"Follow me," he said and led them into a room where there three human skulls on a table.

A Helper picked up one of the skulls and found out that the people had been killed for the voodoo god. The man in the long robe asked the Helpers if they wanted to join the society.

"No," said the man Helper. "We came to ask you to send these people away. You must also give them back all their belongings."

The leader became very angry and he said that he would give the strangers to the voodoo god. He rang a bell and told a man to get the altar ready for the two strangers, as the god wanted them. Then four men came in and took hold of the Helpers, who were carried out into the large room, where the people were assembled. The leader told them that the voodoo god required them. Two of the women fainted from fright.

One Helper looked about and he saw the most horrible thing he had ever seen in his life. It was a sin body like a man and it had a large mouth covered with blood. His hands were as large as the seat of a large chair and his arms were enormous.

"Let's go," said the lady Helper. "We can't do anything to him and he will hurt us.

The leader told the man who was standing nearby with a knife to strike the strangers down, and he raised his knife to strike.

"Hold it there," the man Helper ordered before he could strike him.

Then the terrible sin body lunged at the leader, who ran back in terror. "Give him somebody else. Anyone, so he won't get me," he cried out to his servants.

Just as the sin body grabbed hold of the man, the Helper told him to let the man go and to go back to the Desire World. The sin body could talk.

"This man has made me what I am by many lives of evil doing," he said, "and now I am going to take him."

"No, not this time, but go yourself to the Desire World," ordered the man Helper.

The sin body went and the wicked leader became insane and acted like a raving maniac. The Helper took him and put him in a room out of the way.

The Helper told the people to put their clothes on and get their valuables and leave the place. They did this and started off, and the Helper crossed everyone before them as they went out the door, and the room was full of elementals that had been released, who all followed the Helpers. One of the Helpers was frightened at their dreadful appearance and she stayed close to her partner.

The man Helper told the elementals to go or to be burnt up.

"You can't hurt us," they said, "but we are going to get both of you."

The Helper piled up everything remaining in the place and put some kerosene on it for they had oil lamps and candles. Just before they set the place on fire the Helpers looked under the altar and saw the dead bodies of two women and a man which had been mutilated. They also found a live woman up in the attic of the house and they took her out. The Helpers took the insane man out and set the place on fire and the elementals were burned.

The house soon went up in flames and the Helper turned the insane man over to the police, but later he broke away from them, and went back to the fire and went into the burning house and was burnt up. This ego had caused many persons to go insane and become obsessed. The Helpers saw him in the Desire World running about wildly. His fearful looking sin body was destroyed with the elementals. When this man is reborn again he will have an opportunity to again live a good life and pay off some of his debts of destiny, for we reap as we sow.

When you read of similar cases to this one where people have been used as human sacrifices you may know that someone is being forced to kill someone else by his sin body that he has built up by lives of evil in the past. Invisible Helpers can sometimes destroy their vehicles and make them go to the Desire World, but ordinary people are helpless in such a case, so don't any of you try to do anything while in your physical bodies or you will be in danger.

Another night some Helpers who were out helping people met a little girl who was running down a street. "Where are you going?" asked the lady Helper.

"Lady, please come and save my mamma," she gasped out. "My papa hit her and she fell down and now she won't talk to me and he is beating my brother."

The Helpers hurried with her to her home, where they found the father beating the boy. The man Helper told the man to stop and he turned and struck at the Helper but missed him. Then he reached for his gun and shot the boy in the shoulder and then pointed the gun at the little girl. Just then the Helper caused the man to fall to the floor unconscious.

"Please, lady, save my mamma and my brother," begged the child.

The Helpers tied the mother's head up and worked on the boy so that he would live. The man regained consciousness and began raving in a most terrible way. The Helper saw that he was obsessed and drunk and did not know what he was doing.

The man Helper crossed the man and told the entity to come out, and it came out, and the man became sober at once and he saw what he had done.

"I am through with him," said the wife and she began to pack her things. The man begged her to forgive him and promised that he would be a good husband to her and a father to the children. The wife said that she forgave him but that she was through.

The Helpers talked to them both and told the mother that it would be best for her to stay with her husband for her husband was a cured man, but she kept her word and left him, taking her two children with her. The children were afraid of their father and ran from him when he went near them. The Helpers could not blame the wife for leaving him, as he had caused her so much sorrow and suffering.

The woman asked the Helpers who they were and they told her and she was very much surprised at their work. The husband was broken-hearted over what he had done and at the loss his family. The obsessing entity had driven him out of his body and had taken possession of it and did the mischief, while the real owner stood outside helpless to do anything.

Many cases of so called sleeping sickness are really cases of obsession. One night some Helpers went to see a girl who had been sleeping for a long time. She was standing beside her body with her head down in a deep study. One Helper touched her on her shoulder and she turned around quickly. "Oh, am I to stay this way forever?" she asked. "Am I dead or what is the matter? What have I done to be this way? I was to have been married some time ago, but I can't make anyone hear or see me.

The poor girl became much excited and the Helpers quieted her. One of the Helpers told this girl that in the far past she had used her powerful mind to hypnotize people, to show her power of mind over people, and that she, kept some of her victims under her influence too long and so weakened their power of resistance that they fell a prey to entities and were obsessed for the rest of their lives.

The girl said that if she got another chance she would give them all an opportunity to come to birth through her, as she wanted to do something to get out of that condition. She asked the strangers how they happened to come to her and they told her that a lady told them about her and that they got permission to go and see her and do what they could for her. The Helpers told her that she would be free in time and for her to pray to God for help and strength.

The man Helper told her that she was once in charge of some African slaves and she used her hypnotic powers on them and had all the people afraid of her for miles around.

"Will you give birth to these victims of a past life and be a good mother to them?" asked the Helper.

"Yes, why not?" she asked. "I did wrong by them, did I not?"

This girl was shown by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness what she had done in the past to merit such a fate as to be a victim of sleeping sickness in this life. She saw how she was able to look at one of the natives and make the person fall under her influence.

The Helpers saw the entity in her body and that he could not get out. When the entity slid down at times she could get partly in her physical body and was able to move it or say a few words. Then the entity would push her out to give himself more room and she had to stand beside her body unseen by her family and friends

Here is another story that was given to me. Some Helpers were sent to a place in the mountains in the southern part of the United States to a home. They were told to go and stop a man from beating his family. One Helper was told to be very careful and tie his partner to him so that she would not become so frightened that she would rush back home and get into her body so suddenly that she would suffer from the shock.

When the Helpers reached the place they found a man beating his wife. He had already beaten his daughter until she was black and blue and unconscious. When the man saw the Helper in the room it seemed as if he went crazy. The Helpers looked behind him and they saw the most gruesome and horrible sin body that could be imagined.

This sin body snarled at the Helpers.

"Let's go," said the lady Helper. "I don't want to see any sin bodies."

"We can't go now until we rid this man of his sin body," said the other Helper.

The sin body had a head about the size of a beer keg, and his hips and stomach looked like an over-sized barrel, and his teeth hooked like the tusks of a wild boar. Its hands were about two feet across and hung down to the floor. Its feet looked like large paddles.

The sin body had a sharp spear with which he was prodding the man in the back of his head and making him go on. The man was drunk but he looked as if he had been a good-looking man before he began drinking whiskey.

The man Helper commanded the elemental to stop and it did. Then he made it go into a corner of the room. After that the Helper made the man stop beating his wife, who was nearly unconscious. The Helper asked the man why he was beating his wife.

"I don't know," he said and he wiped his forehead as if he was clearing up his mind. "I do not know why I did it. Something made me." The man looked in surprise at the Helpers, who were materialized and shining brightly.

The Helpers turned their attention to the wife and asked her to get up. She was in a pitiable state. She was badly bruised and her clothing was in shreds, for the man had about torn her clothes and the daughter's off while under the sin body's influence.

"Angels, let me die," said the wife. "I have suffered enough and do not want to live. Death will be welcome to me. Let me die."

While the Helpers were talking to the woman, who was on the floor, the sin body rushed at the man and started him off again. The man jumped on her and she lost consciousness and stiffened out. Soon she stood beside her body. "What has happened?" she asked.

The lady Helper turned to her partner and said, "Is she dead?"

"She is in a dead faint," he replied.

The Helper made the sin body leave the man and the sin body rushed at the Helper, who then crossed him and told him to be gone. A blue flame went up where he stood and the Helpers saw him no more. It was the earth ether that the Helpers saw burn up. The sin body had gathered enough of this ether about his vital body to hold his desire body together while he was using it. The desire body then went back to the Desire World to disintegrate.

The man screamed and fell in a faint and three small elementals left him and the Helper destroyed them at once. The man groaned and twisted himself into many different shapes and then stiffened out and became straight.

"Oh, he is dead," said the lady Helper.

"Wait," said her partner, "and you will see whether he is dead or not."

The Helper crossed the man again and a full sized elemental came out and ran into a dog which was crouching under the table. The dog jumped out of the window and headed toward a steep cliff, and the Helpers knew that he would jump over and be killed, and the elemental would be forced to go to Purgatory and be punished for his evil deeds.

The Helpers put the girl and her mother on the ragged bed and did what they could to restore their strength and soothe their pains. They went to the man after that and brought him back to consciousness and showed him what he had done to his family. He looked at his wife and daughter in surprise. "Who did it?" he said, and he hugged and kissed them both. He was a changed man, for he had been obsessed for years and was driven on by his sin body. He had known nothing of what he had done. The man said that be would do better and would move away from that place as soon as he could.

One Helper asked the other what had caused all of his trouble. They went to the woman and daughter and took hold of their hands. The man was on the other side of his wife holding her hand. The Helpers asked to see the lives of these people and what caused them to be in that condition.

The panorama of their lives went back three lives to the time when the wife and mother started out to practice witchcraft with her daughter, who was then another woman and not related to her. The husband was the go between man who went to the wealthy people who employed them to do things for them. Soon these people became more evil and sank very low. They destroyed many homes and wrecked many lives. Finally they died in a pitiful condition alone. The man was the worst after he got started. He built up this terrible sin body by his wicked thoughts and evil deeds.

In the next life they had a life of sickness and poverty, and the mother and the present daughter, although thousands of miles apart, began to atone for their past evil deeds by doing what they could to advise people to guard their health and not lead such reckless lives. They did not know why they were so anxious to help others.

They were men but, they couldn't do any work because of their poor health. They both suffered much from poverty. The man was then a woman. She passed from one thing to another, sinking lower and lower until sickness overtook her and she passed on without repenting. Destiny brought them together as man and wife and daughter to pay off this debt.

Sixteen years previous to this time the man and woman met and were married and later this girl had been born. Soon afterwards he became obsessed and had treated his family very badly ever since.

The woman said that she could not leave her husband, for she had once loved him and they had lived happily until he began to drink. The man had been obsessed for twelve years and grew gradually worse, until life was a hell for them.

All three of the people saw their past lives as the panorama unfolded, and they promised to live better lives and leave the mountains. The man became frightened and wanted to know if he would ever be that way again.

"No, you will be all right unless you start drinking again." replied the man Helper.

The man said that he had not been himself for twelve years, but that he did know that he did not have his body for he stood outside of it most of the time, and that he often wished that he could do better, but that something always made him do as he had done. The poor man said that when he was out of his body all kinds of things would torment him. These were elementals. They were from six inches in height to nine or ten feet or larger and horrible to see.

These elementals would smother him and when he got his body back he would have a dread that something would be watching him all the time. He never saw it but it drove him to start drinking and then he would find himself standing beside his body and someone would be in his body beating his wife or daughter. When he got his body back he would know nothing of it and wondered what had happened to them.

The man said that the strangers had made everything clear to him and that through prayers and service to mankind he hoped to atone for his past sins.

This is a sad story, but such things are going on right along in all parts of the world and it is our duty to try to understand the reasons why such awful things happen and to try to do what we can to tell others in order that humanity may know the truth. Then when we know the dangers of strong drink and other evils we are less liable to obsession, which is a very dreadful condition.

Here is the story of a boy who became obsessed when he was eight years old, but was finally cured. One Tuesday night two Helpers went to the home of a family and found a twelve-year-old boy who was obsessed. He was kept in bed at night and was kept in a specially constructed room in the daytime. The Helpers found the mother of the boy sitting beside him asleep and holding his band. The entity was in his physical body lying on the bed. The boy in his desire body was in his mother's lap. There was a pretty blue streak of effluvia leading up from the mother's head. This was caused by her many prayers for her son.

One Helper at once materialized and touched the mother on her shoulder, and she woke up. "We are friends who have come to help you," she said.

"Oh, Angel, I am glad for I have not slept in my bed for four years and I am nearly worn out," said the mother. "I cannot get anyone to help me with him."

"How did your son become this way?" asked the Helper.

"He was eight years old when he was suddenly taken with a spell after he came home from school one day," the mother said. "He became unconscious and remained that way for four months. Then he became violent. We put him in the hospital, where he stayed for a long time, but he did not get better, so we brought him home. I gave up everything and devoted my time to him. I seldom left the house and when I did I was so nervous that I did not enjoy myself. Then I stopped going out entirely and I have not been out of the yard for three years. Please help my son if you can. If you cannot, will you please take both of us to Heaven or wherever we are to go."

Both of the Helpers were now materialized and one of them asked the mother to leave the room while they worked with the boy. She begged the Helpers to let her stay, but they refused, for they knew that she was in too weak a condition to stand any excitement.

"I am going to untie the boy," said one Helper. "Now do not run away."

"I will stay," said the other Helper, "but you had better tie me to you to make sure."

He did that and then he untied the boy. The entity in the boy's body jumped out of bed and got to the Helper and tried to bite him.

"Tie him up again," advised the lady Helper.

"No," said her companion and he pushed the entity away. He then crossed the boy's body and told the entity to come out.

The entity got out of the body and swelled up until it was larger than both of the Helpers together. The entity started after the Helper, who commanded it to stand still. It came on and the Helper crossed it and a blue flame went up from it. This flame smelled like brimstone. The entity let out a yell and disappeared.

The boy's body fell on the floor when the entity left it. One Helper picked up the body and put it on the bed and he coaxed the boy back into his body and locked him in it, and woke him up.

"Where is my mama? I want her," said the boy.

One Helper went to the door, and called the mother and told her to get her husband and come into the room. The parents both came in. The boy called his mother to him and spoke to her with a weak voice. "Mama," he said, "every night I sat in your lap and heard you pray and I began to pray with you. I heard all you said to papa and the other people. I was standing beside my body and something else was in it. No, it was in me. I was not in my body. I was beside my body and that thing hurt me."

The mother asked in a tearful voice if her boy had lost his mind.

"No, Mother, but something was in me and pushed," said the boy. "It could not talk but I can. I saw the Angels come in through the wall and then I saw her head like yours first and then she seemed to stretch out like we are and then she touched you on the shoulder."

You see, the boy saw the Helpers materialize. This is a rapid process and the head forms first and the rest forms almost at once. When Helpers disappear, the head is the last part of the body to be visible.

"Yes, she touched me," spoke up the mother. She turned to one of the Helpers. "I am so glad that he is sane and can talk. When, can I untie him?"

Before the Helper could answer, the boy spoke. "I am not tied. Look," he said.

The Helper told the boy to get up and he did, but he was too weak to walk. The Helper told the parents what to feed him and assured them that their son would be all right in a week's time and to let him get up a little while every day and to have him wear dark glasses for about a month to protect his eyes.

"Did you do what my boy said?" asked the father, turning to one of the Helpers. "Yes," answered the Helper.

"Oh, Mother," continued the boy. "That thing tried to bite him and he pushed him away and did something and that thing came out of me and I fell to the floor. (He meant that his body fell to the floor.) Then that thing (meaning the entity) became real big and went after the man. The man said something and did something and a blue flame came from it and it smelled bad and it disappeared crying."

"Is that true?" asked the father, and the Helper said, "Yes."

"If the boy was unconscious how, could he see and hear what was done?" questioned the puzzled father.

"The ego, or the boy himself," said the Helper, "was not unconscious and could see and hear. He was obsessed by an entity and we drove it out, disintegrated it, and sent it to the Desire World." He then told the father about their religious teachings.

"Well, Angel," said the boy's father, "I heard of this teaching and I put it in the same class with the churches, as I saw no difference in the members. Some of them should not be in possession of these lofty teachings."

The Helpers told the man that they were human and worked out of their bodies at night. The man said that he could not believe them unless they gave him their address. They would not do this, of course. They had only come to answer the prayers of the boy and his mother and not to convince the father of anything.

By this time the little boy was asleep. The Helper told the mother to go to bed.

"I will not sleep if I do," she said.

"You go to bed and you will sleep all right," said one Helper.

She did so, and soon fell into a dreamless sleep of peace and rested. The Helpers went on their way happy because they had been of service to others. Now, this boy was cured of obsession by means of prayer. He must have caused some other child in a past life to suffer in this way and he was reaping his punishment. His present parents were also his parents in the past and either they did not try to teach him to be good or they were in some way involved in his wrong doing. Abuse of mental power in one life leads to physical disability in later existences.

One winter night two Helpers were crossing over the northern part of Europe and they saw a woman in trouble. An obsessed woman was trying to force her into the icy water where she would surely have been drowned. One Helper came down and stopped the obsessed woman. She had knocked the woman down on the slippery ice and had kicked her in the stomach, and the woman was doubled up from pain as she had been injured. The obsessed woman started to fight the Helper and he crossed her and drove out the entity, and it was forced to go to the Desire World.

The right owner of the body re-entered it and then she saw what she had done and she was very sorry over what had happened. The Helpers lifted the injured woman up, and her friends came and got her and took her home. This woman had wanted to be a medium but this experience cured her.

The woman who had been obsessed was a leader and teacher of about twenty-five women. She was developing them into mediums and she had called an early morning meeting to initiate some of her followers, as she called it, but in reality he was to give one of the women to her guide, who required blood of a human being. She had already collected quite a sum of money from the women. The Helpers saved the woman and broke up the medium's plans to kill the woman for her guide.

Another night these Helpers were in a city in the southern part of the United States and they passed a hospital. "Let's go in," said one of them. They entered and went about the wards unseen by the patients and nurses because they were in their desire bodies. On their way out they went into the surgery room.

There they saw some doctors trying to put a woman to sleep. She was strapped on a table but she was fighting them. One Helper looked at her eyes and saw that they were set. Then he saw the ego of the woman standing beside her body with her eyes dilated with fear. Then he knew that she was obsessed and that the obsessing entity had taken possession of her body and was keeping the rightful owner out. The real owner of the body begged the Helpers to do something for her.

The doctors thought that something was wrong with the patient's head and they were going to operate and see. One Helper asked the Higher Ones to wipe out of the doctor's mind entirely the idea of operating on her. Then one of the doctors stepped back from the woman.

"Let's wait," he said. "If we force her to go to sleep, we may cause her heart to go bad and she wiIl die."

The other two doctors agreed and they took the patient back to the ward. The strangers went along and watched the orderly strap her in bed. The man left the room and the Helpers went to the woman and worked on her body and drove the obsessing entity out. The entity seemed glad to go to go for it was locked in her body and it did not like the ether. Then one Helper crossed it and ordered it out it came out quickly and left. The woman entered her body and she thanked the strangers. She at once began belching the ether up and passing it through her intestinal tract. It was this gas that was hurting the entity when it was in her body. The woman felt the pain and distress of everything that was done to her in the hospital because she was attached to her body by means of her silver cord.

One Helper materialized his hands and unbound the woman and she soon went to sleep. He left a note for the nurse, who was then out of the room. The note said, "Do not strap this patient up as she is cured and will not cause you any more trouble." He knew the nurse would be glad for she would not have to change the bedding so often, after that. The Helpers then left and went to help someone else.

Occult students who desire to become Invisible Helpers should learn all they can about the dangers of obsession so that they may be able, first to help others when in the course of their work they are sent to help people who are victims of obsession, and second so that they may avoid such danger to themselves.

Some students become so eager to learn more about the unseen world that they dabble in spiritualism or in the East Indian Teachings, which are dangerous for the people of the western world, for breathing exercises often cause entities to be attracted to such people. These entities may, in turn, actually obsess a person if an opportunity offers.

Here is a story about a woman who obsessed her parrot after she died. One November night two Helpers were sent to a home in one of the southern states where a lady had died about two weeks before. Since her death the family parrot had been acting very strange. It had been fighting everybody about the little girl, who was about twelve years old. The mother of the girl had been fond of pets and had taught the parrot everything she could. She had put it on a par with her daughter, who was the apple of her eye.

The mother was afraid to die and when she died the girl said the parrot had a fit or something and then it began to give instructions about her mother's funeral. When the undertaker came and began to embalm the woman's body she began to scream, "Stop him. He is hurting her. She is not dead."

The parrot continued to scream and jump around, "She is burning up inside," it said. Then the parrot began to move more slowly. "Oh! she is freezing. Put her coat on her," said the parrot.

The girl told the Helpers that no one could explain the strange actions of the parrot. "Since that time the parrot has been talking just like mother," continued the girl.

One Helper asked the girl what kind of books her mother read and she showed them the mother's library. There they saw all kinds of old Occult books that deal with breathing, transmigration and rebirth, etc. The Helpers then understood what had happened to the parrot. The dead woman had obsessed the body of the parrot and was causing all the trouble in the family.

Then the parrot caused some excitement. He was out of his cage and had followed the Helpers and the girl into the library. He began to attack the Helpers with his beak and claws.

"Put them out," he said. "Kill them. They are after me and want to take you away."

"You keep quiet," said one of the Helpers to the parrot and he kept still.

The child's father and brother and aunt looked at the Helpers.

"They are not human," said the parrot suddenly. "They are Angels."

The human ego in the parrot's body recognized that the Helpers were not ordinary people in human bodies. The man Helper then had the family sit down and he explained the Occult teachings to them. He told them how some people in former lives killed themselves and were taught a severe lesson. They were never to destroy themselves. If they do, when they come back they are afraid to die and will obsess anything and take its body to keep from going to Purgatory or to Heaven for they do not want to leave this earth. He told the people that the ego of the lad who died saw the parrot out of his body asleep and right after she died she ran into the parrot's body. Since she was not fully severed from her own body she felt all that the undertaker did to her.

The Helpers explained what takes place when a person's body is embalmed soon after death. The embalming fluid burns when it is put into the body and when it begins to set, the person feels cold and complains of freezing stiff as the body gets hard.

The family all understood what the Helper told them. He then told them not to have any of their people embalmed when they passed on. The husband wanted to know what they should do with the parrot.

"I do not know, but I will call for someone to come who will know," the Helper answered. He called a high Lay Sister to come and help them and she soon came.

The parrot again started after the Helpers, and one of the lady Helpers became excited again, but the other lady Helper soon quieted the parrot. She sat down and called the parrot to her and he flew into her lap. The lady began talking to the parrot and everyone who was present heard what was being said.

"My friend! The life before this one when you were a man you killed yourself because your husband here, who was then a woman, died from an illness. This girl was then a boy. She grieved after both of you and soon died. You were carried to the place where people go who kill themselves and you stayed there forty years, or until you would have died a natural death. The lesson was very severe. Now you are afraid to die. You will not have the same experience this time. Why rob this poor bird of his experience? You will be punished for it. Your friends here cannot and will not keep you because you will cause trouble between your husband and his next wife and make more punishment for yourself. Why not come out of the body and go on with your evolution for you will have to meet it some day anyway?"

The Lay Sister talked in a very low sweet voice to the parrot and stroked it while she talked.

"Oh, I am afraid to die," said the parrot. "I do not want to go back there. Please let me stay here. My daughter will take care of me."

"Your daughter is not able to take care of herself, and when the other woman comes you must go," said the lady. "Then you will be treated badly by others because of your talking, and you will finally be killed by a dog."

"Will you promise not to take me back to that horrible place?" said the parrot,

"Yes," said the lady.

"Get my daughter," said the parrot, "and have her take me to the basement with my dear husband. I want to show them something I have for my daughter."

All of the people except the aunt went down to the basement, and the parrot showed them a place that she had built in the wall where she kept all the extra money that she had saved. It looked as if she had about eight or nine thousand dollars in paper and silver money in a steel safe shaped like a half barrel. The people left the money there and went back upstairs.

I am ready to go," said the parrot, "Lord, have mercy on me. I have done no harm to anyone but I have always been afraid to die. I can't get out," said the ego of the woman in the parrot's body.

Then the Lay Sister did something and the parrot's body fell over as if dead. "Come, Polly," she said. "Get in your body," and then he slowly got in.

The parrot kicked awhile and then he spoke. "What's the matter, Mary? Where's mamma?" Everybody immediately noticed the change in the parrot's voice and talk.

"Lady," said the girl, "let me see my mamma before you go away with her. Then I will know that all you say is true."

In a little while her mother was standing before them. She told the family all that had happened to her when the undertaker was there and all that had taken place during the days that followed. "I am not afraid to go with these Angels," she said. "I hope you will all be good and do not let the undertaker embalm anyone you know. I will be waiting for you when you come." The materialized mother kissed them all and was soon gone.

The three Helpers took the woman to the Borderland and left her there. The man there said that she would have only a very short, stay in Purgatory and would then go on to the First Heaven.

One night while two Invisible Helpers were going over Africa they heard something screaming like a human being. They went down and found that it was a monkey in the coils of a snake. The Helpers made the snake let the monkey go, and it ran limping up to the lady Helper and tried to climb up on her. She reached down and picked the monkey up and healed it, and then it refused to leave her.

"What is the matter with it?" she asked her companion.

"Nothing. It's just afraid," he replied.

"No. There is something wrong," she said.

The man Helper looked at the monkey carefully and said, "Oh, I see now," and he carried it to a village, and called the natives to him.

They took one look at the monkey and backed off. "He has a devil in him. Burn him. He make trouble for tribe," said one of them.

The monkey was obsessed by one of the native witch doctors and the spirit of the real monkey was standing beside its body. The Helper asked the Group Spirit of the monkey what to do to get him out. The Group Spirit told the Helper what weeds and sticks to get for a fire. The Helper made a fire and smoked the obsessing ego out of the monkey's body. When he held the monkey over the smoke the real monkey squirmed and screamed. When the ego of the witch doctor came out, the fire burned up his etheric, or vital body, and he went up into the air crying. He had to go to the lower Desire World to get his punishment.

The Helpers coaxed the real owner of the body of the monkey back into its body and healed him and gave him to a native for a pet.

The Group Spirit of the monkey said that the ego of the witch doctor was going to try to obsess one of the Helpers and leave the monkey. Now, this evil ego will not be able to harm man or beast as he cannot return to earth until he is reborn. By that time he will be well purged of his evil desires.

One night two Helpers were sent to answer a woman's prayers for help. Her mother was obsessed and was accusing her daughter of trying to poison her. When the Helpers reached the place, terror reigned, for the mother had a long knife and was trying to kill her daughter. When the mother saw the lady Helper, she asked her if she had come to help her daughter kill her, and then she started after the lady Helper. This Helper forgot that she was out of her body and could not be hurt and so she ran around the dining room table several times and then disappeared.

The man Helper took the long knife away from the obsessed woman and made her sit down. She tried to bite him, and he crossed her and told the obsessing entity to leave her. The entity left her body and tried to attack the Helper because he drove it out. It could do nothing more, so it howled and disappeared.

The woman's body collapsed and the Helper put it on the bed, and the ego of the mother went back into her body again. The Helper told the daughter that her mother would be all right in a few days except for weakness. He advised her to feed her well on vegetables and fruits. "She will not know anything about what she has been doing. She will love you and be a good mother to you," he told her.

The daughter thanked the Helper for all that be had done for them. He then left to hunt his partner, who had become frightened and left. He met her coming back to that place.

Here is a story of obsession that ended in tragedy. One December night two Helpers went to see a girl who had killed her friend and then killed herself. They saw her standing by her body and went to her. The girl was wondering what had happened to her.

One Helper touched her and she looked up. "Oh, what has happened?" she said. Am I dead? I didn't kill myself."

"You killed your friend, didn't you?" asked the man Helper.

"No, I didn't, but that thing in my body did," she answered. "I tried to stop, it but it kept on."

"How long has this thing been bothering you?" he asked.

"A little over two years," she replied.

"How did it happen?" the Helper inquired.

The poor girl then told her story. She said that she went out with this girl and her boy friend and they had a few highballs and when she found herself she was in a strange hotel and she did not know who had been with her. She had a strange feeling throughout her body. She hurriedly dressed and went to school and after school she went home. Then the thing pushed her out and kept her out the rest of the night. The next morning it let her have her body back and she went to school.

Things went on that way until the girl friend was killed. She went to the girl's, home and they went out, and then the entity pushed her out and then slipped up to her friend and killed her. Then the entity would not leave her or take her body away, and the police arrested her. The entity did the talking. He said that he had wanted to kill someone for two years. The true meaning of this was that the entity had wanted to kill the other girl for two years because, he could not get her body.

After the girl was in jail and the entity could do no more harm with the girl's body he hung it and in so doing he killed himself. This entity did not know that if he hung the body while he was in it he would lock himself in it and force him self out by causing the death of the girl.

"Did you experience anything when you died?" asked the Helper.

"Yes, I choked to death and lost consciousness," she said.

"Then something came to me and went into me and I have been here ever since." Her vital body came back to her so she could see the panorama of her life.

"Did the undertaker hurt you?" the Helper asked.

"Yes, he put some hot stuff in me and it burnt me," she said.

"Then I got cold and froze. I am not dead and I want to see what they are going to do with me."

"They are going to bury your body," the Helper told her.

"Please tell my people to stop crying and worrying and that I did not kill myself and that I am not dead," begged the poor girl.

This girl in a former life had dabbled in occultism and had deceived a lot of people and caused them to become obsessed. This same entity or sin body was formed by her evil thoughts and deeds and followed her until she died. When she was reborn it was attracted to her and got her in this life and caused her death. Now through her misdeeds she will have to wait until she would have died a natural death and then go on with her evolution.

All the time that the Helpers were talking to her she was complaining that she felt choked and empty. There was nothing that the Helpers could do for her, as she wanted to see her funeral, and so they left and continued their work.

Another time two Helpers were sent to a hospital to help a woman who had been in a coma for a week. It was said that she felt ill after she returned from a spiritualist meeting, and went to bed and had not moved or spoken since. When the Helpers reached the place the doctor was waiting for them. The nurse of the ward called the lady Helper and she saw the woman first. Then she called her companion up over the telephone and said that she believed that the woman was obsessed.

"Find out," he said.

"No, I don't understand well enough how to deal with obsession," she replied.

Later the two Helpers went to the woman's ward and they had this patient moved to a private room. The man Helper examined her and found an entity in her body. He told his partner to open the window and get behind him. Then he crossed the woman and told the entity to come out. It did and, it ran toward the Helper. He then crossed it, and it howled and a black smoke came from it, and it floated out the window and disappeared.

The Helper coaxed the woman back into her body and she was extremely weak. The Helper told the nurse to call the patient's doctor and he came. The Helper told him what to do for his patient. "Have her watched and see that she is well cared for," he said. "She will not be violent but she will need good nursing and much care, as she is in a very weakened condition."

One night a Helper was out on the street and he came up to where an automobile had struck an electric light pole. The car was demolished and the two couples who were in it were badly hurt. The people had been carried out and laid on the sidewalk, where they were waiting for an ambulance.

The driver was talking to a policeman who had asked how it happened. "I saw a cat crossing the street and I swerved to avoid hitting it, and I couldn't straighten the car, and I hit the post," he said.

Suddenly the Helper saw an entity that looked like a huge rat about the size of a dog standing in front of him.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" asked the Helper in surprise.

The entity grinned and showed his teeth and looked at the wreck. "I did that," he boasted.

"How did you do that?" inquired the Helper.

"I was the cat crossing the street," said the entity. "He saw me and swerved to keep from hitting me and he swerved and hit the post, but he didn't hit it hard enough."

"Why did you do it?" asked the Helper.

"I have been following that man for two lives and this is the first opportunity I have had to kill him," said the wicked entity.

"I didn't do a good job of it, but I will."

"Why are you so anxious to kill him?" asked the Helper.

"Three lives ago this man caused my master to be injured and later he died," said the entity. "Before he died my owner made me swear that I would cause this man to die, and I have been following him ever since."

"Well, Buddy, your trail ends right here," said the Helper.

The entity looked at the Helper and snarled, "I'll kill you," and he started after the Helper.

The Helper side-stepped him and crossed him, and he started to howl and went up In smoke.

Soon the people assembled there began to sniff the air, and one man said that he smelled brimstone. The driver attributed the odor to the acid in the battery in the automobile which had been badly damaged during the accident. The entity was forced to go to the Desire World to reap his just punishment.

Such an elemental is an illustration of what evil men of the past can do to get their revenge. Belonging to the black brotherhood, the master of this entity had him work for him. These entities are glad to work for such people because they know that some day they will be able to get control of their masters and cause them to suffer.

Such tragedies as these are common, but few people realize it. They are unconscious of all this and of many more things which it would benefit them to know.

Here is a story of a young emu that was obsessed by a bushman.

An emu is a large ostrich-like bird that is found in Australia. One night some Helpers were sent to Australia to see a young emu hatch out of an egg. When they reached the nesting place they saw the mother emu looking at a large egg. Beside her was a baby emu that probably had come out of the egg the day before. It was a light gray chick with brown stripes on its back. The lady Helper longed to take it up in her hands.

It seemed as if the chick in the egg was trying to get out but couldn't break the shell. The mother bird knew that her one chick was dried off and strong enough to leave the nest and that it was time for the other one to come out, so she helped it out in a hurry. The impatient mother emu broke the shell with her bill. She took hold of it and violently tossed it up and then down to the earth. This broke the shell all up, and a young bird unrolled itself and straightened out. The Helpers observed it carefully and saw that this fuzzy child was different from the other one.

One Helper saw that an ego had forced his way into the egg and had driven the rightful owner out. We call such a condition obsession. The ego in this young emu's body was the ego of a medicine man of the Australian bushmen, who are said to be the most retarded of any of the people on earth.

This man wanted to come back, so he forced the young bird out and came out himself. This ego was a cruel man who was afraid to die and meet his punishment, but he will later on when the bird dies. The chick had the head of a human being and the body and wings of an emu. He will not be able to talk.

The astonished Helpers were told that this strange creature will be protected and will have a very hard life and will be so badly treated that this ego will never obsess anything again. It is going to be captured by the natives and kept as a curiosity.

One night while two Helpers were going along they saw a half-dressed girl running through some bushes. They went down and stopped her, They saw at once that she was insane. They asked her where she was going and she said that she was going to find her lover who had gone away.

The Helpers carried her out of the woods and to the town near by. There they met some people who knew her and who directed the Helpers to her home. They took the girl there and found the mother at home. She said that her daughter worked in an office and was in love with one of the men in the company. The man had gone on a trip without telling her anything about it. Soon after this the girl began to attend a spiritualist meeting. Then she bought a glass nail, a stand for it, a red velvet cloth, and some small candles. After that her life centered around her work, the spiritualist, and the ball.

Then one night the girl screamed and said that something gave way in her head. The mother said that she begged her daughter to give up looking at the ball, but she would not and said, "No." At about two o'clock in the morning the girl went to her mother's room.

"I did wrong, mother," she said, "and I believe I am losing my mind."

"What did you do?" asked her mother.

"The woman who had been teaching me told me that she would teach me how to get psychic sight so that I can find my friend and see what he is doing," the girl said. "I gave her two hundred and fifty dollars, and I bought the ball, the stand, the cloth, and the candles from her for seventy-five dollars.

The girl screamed in terror. "Mother! Look at that hideous thing! It is a man. No, it's a snake. No, it is a vicious cat, but oh, so large. Help me, Mother. Don't let those things get me."

The mother then said that she called a doctor and he said that her daughter was suffering from hallucinations and asked what she had been drinking or smoking. The mother told the doctor that the girl had not been drinking or smoking anything but that she had been looking into a glass ball for hours at a time and sometimes all night long.

The doctor gave her some medicine to keep her quiet but it lasted only a little while. Then the mother called another doctor, and as soon as he saw her he said that the girl had gone insane from studying and that she should be put in an institution for the insane. The mother said that she could not bear to do that, so she had bars put on the window on the inside and kept her daughter there for six months.

Then one night the girl broke out and the people of the town went out looking for her. The mother said that she had prayed almost continually that her daughter might get well.

The Helper, put the poor girl in her room and closed the door. A few moments later they heard someone lift the door and fall to the floor. They opened the door, and there lay the insane girl unconscious. Her ego stood beside her body and the Helpers talked to her. The girl told them that her lover was an official of the company and that he had left her for nothing and that she wanted to find him. A girl friend had told her about the spiritualist and she went to see her. "I am sorry now, but I want my lover," she said.

One of the Helpers called a high Lay Sister and asked her to heal the girl. She came and looked at the girl.

"The girl has learned her lesson, but she will be sick for many days," she said. She did something to the girl's head and the girl re-entered her body and talked in a sane manner.

"Thank God," she said. "Those things are gone. I will never do that again. Tell others to let spiritualists alone."

The Helpers then told the girl and her mother about their teachings. The mother said that she would like to learn those things. Then the Lay Sister took the girl's hand, and thoughts shot out from her head so fast that the Helpers could hardly see them. The mother could not see the Lay Sister's thoughts and she thought that she was saying a silent prayer for the girl.

The Lay Sister told the other Helpers that the girl had earned the man's love and that she was calling him. "He will come back to her, as he had no cause to treat her that way," she said.

By this time the girl was sound asleep, and sleep was what she needed most since she had been restored to a normal condition. The Lay Sister told the girl's mother to give her vegetables and fruit to eat but no meat. She told her that she did not need to send for a doctor.

"Your daughter will be very sick but she will get well," the Lay Sister said. "The spiritualist will give her money back to her and leave town."

One Helper asked the Lay Sister if the girl would ever have recovered in this life without spiritual healing.

"No," she answered, "and she would have been insane a long time in the Desire World after death."

It is really wonderful to be servants and friends of the Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters, who can do so much to help humanity. Invisible Helpers love to go out with them and watch them at work and assist them all they can in their useful work.

Two Invisible Helpers were sent very hurriedly to a young lady somewhere in the United States who had been practicing some Eastern Philosophy breathing exercises. She had been accustomed to spending several hours in the bathtub in the morning.

The girl said that she had been told that when she reached a certain stage that she could slip out of her body and soar into the realms beyond, and she had proceeded to follow the instructions given her and was now out of her body and unable to stay in it.

When the Helpers went to the house in answer to the mother's earnest prayers they found her trying to coax her daughter out of the bathtub.

"I do get out, but my body does not follow me," said the girl. "When you tell me to get out I do, but I can't talk to you and make you hear me when I am out. When I get back into my body I can talk to you but I can't lift my body out. "That is why I called for you to come and help me."

The girl's mother became frantic with fear. The Helpers asked the girl how long she had been practicing these exercises.

"I have not been at it long, but I have been very persistent," she said.

Before the Helpers gave her any assistance, they told her of the danger of making herself so negative that she could slip out of her body in the bathtub and of the dangers of being obsessed by unseen entities. The girl became very much frightened and promised the Helpers that if they would help her to get back to her body again she would never have anything more to do with any kind of breathing exercises. From all indications, this girl had been thoroughly cured of taking up any exercise from an unscrupulous person calling himself a teacher, for she had really found out that when a pupil is ready, a teacher is near, or that when a sincere person prays from his heart, assistance is given, and that no price is asked for this help.

The girl had become very negative and she had lowered her resistance and vitality to the point where the locks in her body had become so weakened that she found herself out of her body and could not manage it. The Helpers locked, her into her body and warned her thoroughly to be careful in the future. They also told her of some safe Occult teachings.

One night some Helpers were sent to the northwestern part of the United States to a man's home. There they found a man who had been insane for five years. He had a break between his vital body and his dense body. When he was in his body and awake he was violent at times. This was because he could not help himself and he could not express himself. When he was out of his body he was perfectly sane.

When the Helpers arrived at his home he was asleep. They talked to his mother and sister. They kept him tied in bed in a back room and had many doctors study his case, but they were helpless. The family had resorted to prayer and by means of their prayers the man was cured, as you shall hear very soon.

The man had been reading Occult books which said that he could get out of his body and go to different places if he followed certain directions. He tried it for a long time and he finally forced himself out. He was out five days. The doctors said he was in a trance and would come back but they could not say when.

When the man did get back into his body, he was insane. He had not spoken rationally for five years. The Helpers asked to see the man, and the mother took them into his his room. They saw the ego standing beside his bed on the bed. He had a frightened look on his face. One Helper wanted to talk to the poor man, so he asked his mother to step out of the room for a few minutes. She was only too glad to do this, for she said she felt very apprehensive and nervous in his room.

"When I'm cleaning him up or feeding him I feel as if someone would like to get hold of me," she explained.

When the mother was gone the man Helper spoke to the poor man and he turned around and looked at the strangers. "For God's sake, help me," he said. "These things I see have tormented me nearly to death."

"How did you get in this condition?" asked the Helper.

The man said that he had purchased a set of books because he heard that by studying them, he would be able to leave his body and go to different places when he wished. He followed the directions for a long time and did breathing exercises regularly. Finally he forced himself out of his body. Then he saw a million things rushing toward him. They ranged from an inch high to creatures as large as a box car. He saw all kinds of snakes, bugs, and so forth. He had a hard time getting back into his body again and when he did, he could not use it or express himself.

This state of things made him angry and then he did not know what he did. "Then I got back into my body," he said. "I found that I was in a hospital. Later I was brought home, and I have been here ever since."

The Helpers talked to the man about false teachings and what happens when a person tries to force himself into the inner worlds when he has not been taught how to protect himself. The man looked intently at the lady Helper. "Lady, are you an Angel?" he asked. "If you are please, God that I will be a good man and will never do this, if He will make me well and normal again."

Suddenly he had a look of terror on his face. "Oh, look Angel lady!" he shouted. "Make it go away. Oh, Lord! I can't stand this much longer. Help me. Go away! Go away! Help!"

The man who was outside his body, ran toward the Helper and she went to the other Helper, for she was what the man saw. They saw an entity that looked like a snake with a body about eighteen inches around from this body, exceeded four heads with long necks.

"Make it go away," the lady Helper said to her companion.

"You do it," he said to her.

"Be gone," she said to the fierce entity.

It opened all four of its mouths and made for her and she got behind the braver Helper, and the man collapsed. The man Helper stepped toward this evil entity and it backed up. He told it to go and it disappeared. Then another entity came that was more hideous than the first one and the Helper sent it away at once. Then a man entity came and spoke to the Helper.

"You cannot send me away," he said. "I can take both of you and will if you do not go away."

The man Helper turned to his partner. "Buddy, are you with me?" he asked.

"Yes, I am here," she answered.

The Helper then told the man entity to go, in Christ's name and never return. He howled and left and had to go to the Desire World, where he could do no more harm. The Helper asked someone at a distance by means of thought if he could help the man and he was given permission to do all he could for him. He was told to help the man to get into his body feet first and to have him do it very slowly.

The man Helper got the man up from the floor and calmed him and told him to get into his body. He started in head first and the Helper stopped him. "No, do not get in the way," he said.

"That is the way I have been getting in and then I turn around, but it hurts so," said the poor man.

The man then slid into his body feet first as he had been told. He also went very slowly and got in all right. The Helper locked him into his body and then woke him up and he was safe. The Helper untied him but he was too weak to get up. He seemed to be merely skin and bones and he had many bed sores from lying tied in bed so long. The Helpers took him up and then called his mother and asked her to get clean linen for his bed and clean clothing to put on him. They changed his bed and healed his sores and made him comfortable.

When the man's mother saw him up she was much surprised. "Oh, Lady! He will hurt us," she said.

"No, Mother. I am all right now," he said in a soft, clear voice. "These Angels helped me and healed the sores. Mother, praise God from whom all blessings flow."

His mother kneeled at the lady Helper's feet. "Angel, I thank thee and God," she said.

After the Helpers had put the man in his clean bed they sat down and told the family about their work and how anyone can do it. They explained how a person must live to be an Invisible Helper and go out and help the sick.

The man who had been cured told them that he wanted to be a Helper.

"I want to do that kind of work, too," said the mother.

The Helpers left them very happy and went on with their work. Now we can rest assured that if this man takes up a safe Occult teaching he will be a faithful student. He will not be as weak-hearted about it as many ordinary students are today. He knows that there are Invisible Helpers and he knows that prayers are answered when they come from a sincere heart. He had a severe lesson but all of us learn more by our misfortunes than we do by the pleasant happenings of our lives.

One night two Helpers were sent to help a family in one of the western states, and they found two women there who were obsessed. The grandfather had just died and the grandmother was missing, and the mother was acting in a very strange manner. The members of the family were distracted and did not know what to do.

The Helpers found out that the grandmother was obsessed and had been for five years off and on. When she was obsessed she would act like a bear or some large animal and was not able to talk or move normally. While the thing was obsessing her she would crawl somewhere and hide. At times she would be obsessed for five or six days and went without food and water. This had worried her husband to death.

The grandmother was missing at this time and the lady Helper said that she would try to find her. She looked around and found her under a bed in the attic. She was clad in her night dress. She had her knees drawn in and she was almost dead, for she had been underneath the bed for fifteen days. The man Helper saw at once what the matter was and he soon rid her of the entity that had obsessed her, but it was too late to save her life. The poor woman asked for water and then died of starvation and exposure for it was winter.

Then a young woman who was a grandchild of the dead woman told the Helpers that her mother acted the same way, and she took the Helpers to her mother's room. The Helpers looked at the woman on the bed.

"Please help me," she, said. "I cannot stand this much longer."

The man Helper crossed her and ordered the entity to leave, and he did, and the Helper soon had her all right and she was very grateful. The members of the family were very happy over her recovery, for they had feared that she would not live very long.

Most of us little realize the dangers of obsession and the sufferings of the egos who have to go through such harrowing experiences and of their families who live lives of fear, never knowing what will happen next to frighten them or cause them trouble.

Here is the story of how a vampire was destroyed. Late one night two Invisible Helpers were riding on a street car in an eastern city. There was a man sitting on a seat near them. A vampire sneaked into the car and sat down beside the man and put her arms around him. She looked like a dark skinned woman but she didn't have a physical body.

The man began to pray, for he was afraid that he was going to die. He could feel himself getting weaker and weaker. The Helpers could see the desire body of this shell absorbing the man's vitality from his vital body.

One of the Helpers touched the vampire on the back and spoke to her. "Outside," he said. She made several mean-looking faces at him and obeyed the command.

Then the man Helper went back to the rear platform and materialized and spoke to the conductor. "One of the men on the car is sick," he said, "and should be taken care of."

The conductor walked up and looked at him. "Yes, he does look sick. I'lI take care of him," he said.

The two Helpers then left the car and followed that vampire to one of the West Indies Islands, where they saw it go to a graveyard and enter a human corpse that was full of fresh blood.

A vampire is a wicked entity that has the power to revivify the coagulated blood of a person provided it can enter the body right after death.

One Helper asked his companion if she was afraid to go down into the hole and drive out the vampire and destroy the body.

"No, let's go," she answered, and then they went down and ran the vampire out of the body. They found that the vampire had eaten out the body of the person and left the bones and skin or shell intact. She had deposited blood from the substance of living people and used this place for a home.

After the vampire had been driven out, the Helpers materialized hands and broke open the skin, and the blood flowed out into the earth. This caused the vampire to slowly die. This vampire had been a very wicked human being who did not wish to die. At her death she had taken possession of this dead body.

A vampire can keep himself or herself out of the Desire World for hundreds of years by absorbing the vitality from a living human being as the Helpers saw this one do. People who sit beside a vampire soon begin to feel exhausted.

Another night these Helpers were going over a town in a western state and they saw a little girl fighting a vampire. It had a body like a human being and hands like long claws, a head like a long-headed wolf, and extra long claw-like feet. This awful looking thing was reaching after the child and she was fighting it with a long stick.

"You go and get the child's parents and bring a long knife," said the man Helper to his companion, "and in the meantime I will watch the girl."

When the mother came she started screaming, for she was afraid to go to the girl. The father was too terrified to help her. The lady Helper told the parents to go with, her so they could see what their daughter was doing.

The vampire turned and looked at the people and the Helper. He let out a diabolical laugh and spoke in a cracked voice. "She had me for a servant four thousand years ago when she lived in Egypt and I had her body for three thousand years. Now I will get it again. She has been playing with me, for three years, and now she is a woman and I will take her."

One Helper asked the girl's mother how old her daughter was and she said the child was thirteen years old. Then the Helpers knew that the girl's desire body was grown.

The man Helper called a Lay Sister by means of thought and asked her if he could help this girl and she said that he might. The frightened mother began to call on God to help her child.

"Give me the knife," said the man Helper.

"Please be careful," the other Helper answered as she handed him the knife that she had brought. "I will go with you, if you want me to."

"No, Buddy. Let it get only one of us and not both," he said.

The Helper went to the vampire and it jumped at him and the other Helper screamed. The man Helper stepped aside and let the vampire come down on the knife, and what appeared to be her dense body was split open. The vampire howled and started for the woods, and the Helpers followed it. They went into a cave, or hole, under a large tree covered by grass and weeds.

There they found a very dark purple body of woman who had been dead for sometime. The man Helper cut it open and the vampire howled and moaned and disappeared and went to the Desire World to receive its long delayed punishment.

The Helper looked around to see if he could see any more bodies. He found a man's body and he cut it up, and in came a very mean and ferocious vampire. The Helpers made short work of it.

After that the Helpers went to when the girl and her parents were waiting for their return. One Helper asked them how she met the thing.

"One day while I was hunting violets," she said, "I ran across it and I thought that it was an old woman. She told me lots of stories and told me not to tell my parents. One day when I was not feeling well it grabbed me and hugged me. When it let me go I was so limp and weak that I could hardly get home. (The vampire had sapped her vitality by absorbing some of her vital body.) Today I met it again in the woods and it wanted to hug me, but I fought it off until you came and helped me."

The Helpers were shown that after the vampire had ousted this ego, who had been a man in a former life, it took her vehicles, meaning her vital body, her desire body, and her mental body, and held them for nearly three lives and then gave them up, and she went to Purgatory and was punished for all the wrong she had done. She then came to rebirth in a family in the United States. The girl was in poor health and this experience cured her of her desire to meet that vampire or any other. The parents asked the Helpers who they were and they told them of their work and then went away.

Occult students should learn all they can about obsession in order that they may be more useful in helping others, and so they can avoid all harmful and negative practices that might cause an entity to try to obsess them.

If we are doing what is right and living good useful lives we do not need to have any fear of evil entitles, for they will not be able to harm us in any way. We should try to think constructively and avoid harboring any thoughts of hate or revenge toward anyone.

A student saw a vampire in her room one time when she was sick. She wondered if vampires went around sick rooms, and watched to see what the outcome would be.

"It wasn't as large as the one I have a picture of in a book," she said, "but it was very distinct. Its body was tilted, with the front part lower than the rest. It had a small round head, dark eyes, dark, hair, and very prominent wings. The wings were not web-like but more like a butterfly's wings with criss-cross lines on a gauze-like substance. It reminded me of one of those airplanes that look like birds. It scrutinized me closely and made a bee line for my face and came quite close. I thought it was very nervy.

"I thought to myself, `I'll fix you,' and I switched on the floor lamp. The creature was between the lamp and me. I put a pair of scissors on the table and I decided to clip its wings if it came again, but I never saw it again."

The student found out later that the vampire came in with a friend of hers who is very negative. Probably the vampire expected to find an opportunity to obsess this friend.

Here is how a girl was saved from death by an insane aunt. Some Helpers were sent to a house to save a girl who had gone to visit her aunt and uncle with her twin brother. The aunt was a woman who tried to do everything that she thought the modern people were doing. She had even begun to smoke marijuana cigarettes, and these terrible cigarettes caused her to go insane. Then she took a dislike to her niece because she was better looking than she was. She planned to slip into the girl's room and kill her by sucking her breath.

The woman must have been obsessed by a very wicked entity, for she went into the room where the girl was sleeping and crept up to her bed and got on the girl's body and held her down and began to suck her breath to kill her. The Helpers were sent to save her. They rushed to the place and saw what was happening. For awhile the girl was unable to breathe, and she struggled desperately to free herself, but she was no match for the insane woman.

The Helpers could not pull the woman free from the terrified girl without hurting her so the man Helper willed that the woman become motionless and then he suspended gravity and she floated up with her hands and feet sticking out from her body.

One Helper called the woman's husband and told him what had happened. The husband said that he was worried and feared that something would happen. The Helper told this man that it would be best to put his wife in a hospital because she would never get well.

The man carried his insane wife down a back stairway and the Helpers saw her waving her arms and moving her legs wildly. One of the Helpers also noticed her moving shadow on the wall as they waited. The man locked his wife up in a closet and sent for a doctor.

The frightened girl wanted to leave there at once and go home. Her twin brother came rushing out of his room to see what had caused the trouble. "I dreamed that my aunt was killing my sister and that I was powerless to help her," he said. "When I was awakened I was confused and could not understand what was the matter. What was happening to sister was happening to me and yet I saw no one."

One of the Helpers told the young man that the strong bond of love and affinity between them had caused him to get her feelings by reflex action. The girl was the stronger ego of the two and she had a very good influence over her brother.

The brother soon had their clothes packed up and they got ready to leave. The uncle was much upset over what happened and wanted them to get out of any danger that might befall them in his house. The young people left and the Helpers went on with their work.

The lady Helper also took on the girl's strong feeling of terror and remembered the experience very plainly when she awoke the next morning. If cigarette smokers only realized their danger they would struggle with all their might to overcome this habit of smoking, for they are always in danger of being handed a drugged cigarette which may lead to the smoking of cigarettes containing marijuana, which causes the users to commit many crimes that lead to imprisonment and death.

Here is how a vampire was destroyed in the West Indies. Somewhere two Helpers were sent to this place to save an African girl. A tom tom ceremony was being held and some men were going to kill a girl to please a vampire. She was very frightened and did not want to die. The Helpers saw the vampire, which was nearby. This hideous thing was standing beside the girl waiting for the voodoo doctor to cut the vein in her neck so he could suck the blood as it came out of her body.

There was but one thing to do and the man Helper did it. He took the knife from the native doctor and cut the vampire half in two. The Helper did this so quickly that no one knew what had happened.

Then the Helper cut the girl free and gathered up what clothes he saw for her and soon left the place and then he left the island. The islands were so far apart that the Helpers did not want to carry the frightened girl to the next island, but they had to do it to save her life. The Helpers took her to another island and told her not to go back as the natives would surely kill her if they found her. She said she would stay away from that place.

One night when some Helpers were window shopping in one the large cities of Europe they saw a woman drop her Christmas bundles and begin to ask people nearby to heIp her for she said that something had her. Some of the people said that she must be a drug addict, while others said, "She is suffering from hallucination."

Someone called a doctor and he came and said that she was all right but was suffering from some kind of mental strain. One Helper asked the other one to do what he could for her, and he pushed his way up to her.

"Please help me," she said.

"I will do what I can," he told her.

The Helper told the doctor and a policeman to hold the woman tightly because she would act as if she had a fit. Then, the Helper told the entity that had obsessed her to come out of the woman. The entity stuck his head up and began talking.

"Ten centuries ago I was her servant and I have followed her ten lives to get my pay. I had her for one life after she died during Atlantean times."

The Helper saw in a flash that she had lived a good, clean religious life for nine lives and had atoned for her misdeeds. She had such a strong influence over the entity that it followed her life after life. She was conscious of something following her, and just a thin veil separated her from it. All her life she had had that fear that something wanted to hurt her. All this was shown to the Helper in a flash and then he told the entity to come out of her body.

The entity refused and the Helper crossed it and it jumped out and went up in a blue flame with a howl, and the woman began to act as if she had a fit. The air soon smelled as if someone was burning brimstone, or sulphur. Some of the women nearby fainted and some of the people hurried away from the smell.

"Something is wrong with her," said the policeman.

"I do not know what it is," remarked the doctor.

After the woman had quieted down, the Helper spoke to her. "My Friend, go in peace. You will never be bothered any more. Live a good clean life and one day you will find the path which will lead you to the Temple. You refused to take it ten centuries ago. You have paid for your sins now and will be given another opportunity to go forward."

"Oh, I thank you!" she said. "I will go to mother and tell her all that has happened." She seemed to be about twenty-five years old and was unmarried. The policeman and the doctor wanted to know who the Helpers were.

"We, are friends of mankind," they said and disappeared and went on with their work.

The insane hospitals are filled with patients, a large proportion of whom are obsessed. Some of these people can be cured, and are cured off and on by spiritual healing. Many persons cannot be cured and must go on living as they are until death frees them temporarily.

Since mediumship is dangerous, we should have nothing to do with it in any way. We should avoid alcohol and all intoxicating drinks, for this tends to make people more negative and attracts elementals to the users. People with delirium tremens really see what they describe in their ravings. We should live good lives and not harm our fellow men or our younger brothers, the animals, and then we can avoid being obsessed.

Better still we can become servants of the Elder Brothers, and if we are faithful we will be allowed to help others who have been careless in the past. We may be allowed to heal people who have become victims of obsessing entities. Thus we will advance ourselves on the path that leads to God our Divine Father.
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Reference: The Work of Invisible Helpers, by Amber M. Tuttle

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