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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 6)

Chapter VII
Devas, Nature Spirits
and Angels

Devas, Nature Spirits and Angels are all real beings, and they can be seen by all the Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters of the true Mystery Schools, by people with spiritual sight, by children who have etheric sight, and by students and children when they are out of their bodies in sleep.

How often children ask if there are Fairies! They love Fairy stories and readily believe them until they are told that there are no Fairies. Most grown people in the western world do not believe that these lovely little beings exist. Fairies are found in all habitable parts of the earth today, just as the have been for thousands of years. Some children know that there are Fairies because they can see them.

There are men, women, and children Fairies, and they range in size from three inches to ten inches in height. Their bodies are composed of ether, which is the material our vital bodies are built of.

Ordinarily we cannot see Fairies, because we cannot see anything but physical matter, such as our physical bodies and the bodies of plants and animals. Invisible Helpers often see Fairies, and they know that they are real beings.

Here is a true story of a little girl who can see Gnomes and Fairies. This child had been very sick in a hospital where some Invisible Helpers often go. Her home was in the country, but she was taken to the hospital so that she could get the best possible care. She was about seven or eight years of age.

When the Helpers saw her, she was laughing and talking with some Gnomes and Fairies. There were four Gnomes, two men and two women, who stood on each side of her bed. There were about eight Fairies present, and they were having a Fairy party. The little girl saw the people coming toward her, and she told her little friends that they had better go, as the people would make her go to sleep. The Helpers heard her and said, "No, we are friends of the Nature Spirits," and they joined the party.

The little girl asked one of the Helpers to tell the nurse not to disturb her. She promised that she would not talk or laugh out loud, but would be very quiet. She wanted to be allowed to sit up. The doctor wrote on the chart that she might sit up in bed at night and that she should not be disturbed. The lady Helper sat on the child's bed, for she had materialized what looked like a regular human body. The Fairies climbed over her and sat on her shoulders, and she had a very happy time watching them.

In a few minutes the Helpers had to leave and the Gnomes shook hands with them. They left the happy little girl with her small friends.

Not long after that these same Invisible Helpers were told to go to Hawaii, where they would see a Fairy party. They went and saw a grand sight. The party was held in a lovely green valley. A very beautiful lady Deva was slowly floating above, and every now and then she would swell up, sending out streams of golden light which covered the whole valley and touched everything in it. Then the many Fairies down below would swell up and send out rays of the same color, and these rays touched everything in their radius.

The Fairies were dancing, singing, and marching. There were men and women Fairies and baby Fairies, and they were marvelously dainty little beings. They resembled beautiful and graceful people.

The Helpers thought of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and knew that Shakespeare really saw the Gnomes and Fairies that he put into his play.

The Deva showed the Helpers that she recognized them and was pleased to see them. Then one of the Helpers wanted to go down among the Fairies, and her companion told her to go ahead. "Wait for me,' she said, and then she went down into the valley and sat down on the grass among the flowers.

The Fairies went to her and climbed all over her, and she held the little ones in her hands. Then the Fairies went to the grass and flowers and got some etheric stuff and made a wreath, or crown, and put it on the Helper's head. Then they danced around her holding each other's hands. Later they dropped hands, and each one in turn danced around the Helper, who was just too happy for words.

Later the other Helper said that when he looked for her, he saw only a bright light where she sat. The Deva said that no harm would come from the contact of the Fairies with the Helper and that they would do her good. When the dance was over, the Helper got up, and the light left, and she looked like a different person, for her etheric body shone brightly. "You can probably recall several Fairy stories where the children danced with the Fairies and where the Fairies placed a wreath on the child.

One night a little boy saw a Gnome while he was out of his body in sleep, but he did not know what he saw or that he was going about in his etheric body. His teacher asked him to write about some dream that he had, had, and this is what he wrote: "I dreamed that I was on an island and that I was there alone. I was walking along the way, and I came to a cliff. I saw it was very deep, and didn't know what to do. I tried to slide down the hill, but, I could not do it. I didn't know what to do then. A little man came forward from nowhere. "Little Boy, why do you cry?" he said to me.

"`Because I want to get across,' I said. Suddenly I flew over. Then my mother told me that it was time for school."

Here is a story of a little boy who could see the Nature Spirits when he was out of his body. One day some Invisible Helpers were passing over a park in the United States, and they saw a little boy who was lost from his parents. He was lying under a tree asleep. The boy's ego had slipped out of his body, and he was playing with two Gnomes and two Fairies when the Helpers went up to him.

He hurried to the Helpers and said that he wanted his mamma.

"The little people won't take me home," he said. "My mamma has told me about the Angels, and I think you look like them because you are all shiny, and, white."

The Helpers asked the child where he lived, but he did not know. One of the Gnomes said that he would show the Helpers where the boy lived. The Fairies kissed the child and the Helpers woke him up and carried him home.

The boy's mother was very much worried about his being She said that she knew that the woods were infested with snakes. She took her child up in her arms and hugged and kissed him joyfully. After that the child told her that two little men watched him while he slept and then four tiny little girls came and played with him.

One of the Helpers explained to the mother that these were Gnomes and Fairies, and that when he went out of his body in sleep, he could see and talk to them, and that they protected him from all harm.

The Nature Spirits could have taken him home in his etheric body, but that would have been useless because they could not have made the mother understand where his physical body was, because she could not see or hear Gnomes or Fairies.

The Helpers could take the child home because they could materialize dense bodies, carry him home, and then dematerialize again and go on with their work. The mother wanted to know if the Helpers were human and how they happened to find the child. They then told her about their teachings, and she was very much interested.

A certain student has always loved Fairy tales, and after she became interested in the Occult and Mystic teachings, she greatly desired to see some Fairies and some Gnomes. At various times she met several persons who could see them, and they told her of some of the Nature Spirits that they had seen.

Then one morning, she remembered that she had seen a little Gnome in the attic of an old house during the night while out of her body in sleep. The dear little fellow seemed to be about two feet in height. He was working with some curious pieces of pottery. He wished to preserve the ancient writing which was beginning to disintegrate.

Then another morning this student woke up with the most delightful memories of what she had seen. She very plainly remembered being in a beautiful home where there were two large sitting rooms connecting. In each room there were sofas and comfortable easy chairs.

In one of these rooms there was a wood fire burning brightly in a fireplace. There were a number of people sitting and talking happily together. This student sat on a sofa, and someone made it possible for her to see the Nature Spirits that were present. She saw a number of beautiful living Fairies moving about in the room, and they were the daintiest little Beings imaginable.

The students saw Sylphs and Undines moving about in groups in the air. These pretty little Beings appeared to be clad in graceful drapery, and they seemed to have gauzy wings.

The Sylphs and the Undines are Nature Spirits who work with air and water, and cause the variations in the weather that are not due to heat or cold. They also cause waterspouts on the sea. When Sylphs congregate in great numbers over a large body of water, the Undines try to draw them into the water. Then the Sylphs try to draw the Undines up, and when they succeed, they often form a waterspout. This cause's the air to become tense. Such a sight is awe-inspiring. The water swells up in a huge mass as if trying to reach the sky.

Then the student saw several cunning little Gnomes who were alive and active. They appeared to be very old, with long white whiskers and bent shoulders. They wore gray or brown suits and shoes with pointed toes that turned up. The bodies and the clothing of the Gnomes as well as of the other Nature Spirits are composed of ether. It was a most amazing sight to the student and made her very happy.

Then the student looked at the fireplace, and she saw some Salamanders, or Fire Spirits. They seemed to be a foot or more in height and were a bright orange red in color. They had slender graceful bodies that seemed to stand upright. Their bodies were in constant motion, and were strangely beautiful and fascinating to see. They were alive and real, and there was no question about it, for the student saw them plainly. Since this time she has seen other Nature Spirits.

Then one autumn day this same student remembered seeing a Deva. The Deva was quite large in size and seemed larger than a human being. He was suspended in the air over a beautiful green river valley near a forest. He looked like a beautiful young man dressed in graceful, flowing drapery. His hair was rather short and very smooth. He had a pleasant expression on his face, and he seemed, to be moving very leisurely. There was no doubt about his being very much alive and real. The student and her friend looked very carefully at the Deva, and they saw his beautiful aura, which was of various shades of purple, lavender, yellow, and gold. It resembled a rainbow, and covered the whole valley like an umbrella. His desire body was like the handle of the umbrella. His mental body around his head was larger than his aura and was of a lovely yellow color.

Another time this student remembered seeing two lovely Fairies while out of her body in sleep. She was sent somewhere to help some people who were being overcharged by their landlady. The family consisted of a father, a mother, and two children.

The people had a small green Cuban parrot in a large homemade cage. The Helper went up and looked in the cage and was delighted to see that the parrot had company. There were two Fairies sitting on a shelf in his cage. They seemed to be about a foot tall, but they were not standing up. They seemed to be taller than the parrot. The Fairies looked like young people about fifteen years old, and they were evidently sweethearts. They had their arms around each other's necks, and they were laughing and talking happily.

As the Helper watched them, she saw them slide along the shelf. They hitched along much as children do in play. Both the boy Fairy and the girl Fairy were slender and graceful. Both were blondes, having light yellow hair. The boy's hair was parted, and the girl had bangs that hung down over her forehead. The Fairies seemed to be dressed in shining drapery that clothed them most attractively. They looked like beautiful young people, and the Helper loved them at once. They had to win, but they had radiations of force that seemed to stream from them.

No wonder the people of Atlantean times mourned their great loss when they lost their direct contact with the Nature Spirits and other beings and could no longer see them! The Fairies work under the direction of the Devas. Some Devas live in the earth, and some live in the air. Some live in the ocean and work with the Nature Spirits. There are streams of energy going out from each side of them. The Devas work with the Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters of the different Mystery Schools.

There is a very beautiful lady Deva somewhere in Asia Minor where there is a headquarters for the Devas. Another Deva alternates with her in the work that is being carried on. These great Devas heal many persons who go there on pilgrimages every year. Invisible Helpers are sometimes allowed to be present at this shrine.

A few years ago there was a storm in one of the southern states one night. A tornado passed and did a great deal of damage. A Helper was called to go there and help. When he got there, he saw about fifty people that were dead and a large number that had been injured. There were four bands of Helpers there, and they worked very hard to save as many people as possible. The whole town looked almost like a battlefield, for not a house was left standing. There was no hospital there and only a few doctors, but the Helpers did good work.

The rain came down in sheets, and the wind blew hard. The Sylphs and the Undines were having a fierce conflict in the air. There were many High Beings at this place. This Helper asked one of them why they could not stop the Sylphs or the Undines. She said that the people had earned this misfortune and had to go through it. Such is the law of Karma. Perhaps in some past life they had wrecked the houses of others and had to pay the penalty. At that place the Helper had a good opportunity to see the Sylphs and Undines in violent action.

A student once met a lady who told her of the Fairies and Gnomes that she had seen. She saw Fairies in her flower garden every summer, and sometimes she saw some in her bedroom. Some years before that, someone in her family caught a little screech owl, and she put it in a bird cage. A little Gnome came to her and made her understand that he wanted her to liberate the owl. She carried the owl in the cage to a large park in the city where she lived, opened the cage, and gave the little owl his freedom. The Gnome thanked him and disappeared.

The lady told of seeing an Undine which she called a sea Fairy. She and her daughter were taking an ocean trip. One day she saw an Undine standing on the railing of the ship looking at her. He seemed to be wearing a sort of crown. He stood poised on the railing for a few moments and then disappeared.

Here is a story of how some Helpers came into contact with some destructive Salamanders and made them go away. One night some Helpers were sent to a place where they saw a large building on fire. The fire department was on the way when they reached the place. Flames were coming out from many places all over the building. The firemen put up ladders to bring the people down.

The Helpers saw a family that was cut off by the flames, and no one would go and get them. One of the Helpers asked someone at a distance if they could be saved, and the person said, "Yes." The Helpers went into the building and up to the room where the three people were. The child was conscious and the woman was nearly so. The Helpers could not go out the window for the flames from below were coming up. The man Helper told his companion to stop the flames and go out the window. She was temporarily endowed with the power to command the Salamanders, or Fire Spirits, which cause all fires to burn and all guns to go off. She told the Salamanders to stop the flames at that place, and they obeyed.

The firemen put up a net and told the Helpers to jump. One Helper knew that it was not safe to jump from the third story window into the net, and that the weight would break the net. He told the Helper to take the woman and jump out on a slant so as to miss the net. She did this and later remembered how she floated down safely while the firemen directed a large stream of water onto the fire.

The other Helper carried out the man, and the first Helper went back and got the child just as the floor gave way. This is an example of the kind of work done by Invisible Helpers.

They not only save people but they save many animals from fires. One Helper once remembered carrying a beautiful cat out of a burning building. The people who were there watching the fire were amazed to see her come out with a huge pet cat in her arms.

One spring there was a big forest fire in South America. Some boys who were out hunting started the fire. Seven bands of Helpers were sent there to save the people. They saw a lot of snakes and animals running ahead of the fire, but the fire caught them and burned them up. The Helpers saw the Group Spirits of these creatures writhing in pain. The Group Spirits said that the Helpers could do nothing except save the people whom they saw.

One Helper said that he had never seen such fierce Salamanders before. The Salamanders were both large and small, and they ran after everybody. The Helpers saved many people and did all they could to warn everyone of impending danger. The wind was blowing hard and carried the flames rapidly before it. A large Salamander ran after one of the Helpers, and she forgot that she was out of her body and could not be injured. She picked up a little Indian child and carried him about five miles before she realized that she had him. Then she had to take the child back. He had fallen asleep and showed no fear. The Helpers felt very sorry for the Group Spirits who had to suffer because many of their charges were burned up.

One night two Helpers met a lady Gnome on the porch steps of the home of one of the Helpers. She went into the Helper's room later and looked at her. She said that she had come to the Helper because she was the most quiet person in the home.

"I like you and will come again, and you will see me and know me well," she told the Helper.

The next morning the student remembered seeing the lady Gnome and she felt very happy to think that the lady Gnome liked her. This Gnome seemed to be about two feet high and had large features. Her nose was long, and she looked very old and serious-minded. She closely resembled many illustrations of Gnomes that artists have painted to illustrate books for children. Let us remember that there are Gnomes and that all through the ages men have seen them and made friends with them.

In order to make friends of the Fairies it is necessary for one to develop his finer vehicles. One must be unprejudiced. There must be no hatred, malice, or envy in the heart towards anyone. He must be willing to treat everyone as he wishes to be treated himself. This is the most important requisite. Without it, it is useless to wish to see the Nature Spirits. It is not necessary to have spiritual sight, but one must have a partly developed soul body and be able to use it and go out as a Helper to humanity and the animal kingdom.

Here is a true Fairy story of modern time. One October morning a Helper sat in his room at his desk. A family of Fairies came in and went to the top of his desk and sat down by the radiator.

"My Friends," said the man, "how do you get along in this cold weather? You should be down near the equator."

"We were staying at a lady's house," said the mother Fairy, "but she began to get disagreeable, and we had to leave."

"I am bad, too, and I eat a Fairy for each meal," said the man jokingly.

The mother Fairy laughed, but the little girl Fairy became nervous. "Mamma!" she said, "will he eat me?"

"No, dear. He is only joking," answered her mother.

"Come to me, my sweet Fairy," said the man. The little Fairy went up to him very timidly, and he picked her up. She was about four inches tall and too beautiful to describe. The mamma and papa Fairies were about six inches tall, and the boy Fairy was smaller.

"What do you want me to do?" asked the man of the lady Fairy.

"Take us to a place near South America," she said.

"How can I do that without freezing you?" the man asked.

"Make a coat of desire stuff," said the lady Fairy. "Then we will get in it on your chest, and we will keep warm."

"Can you not make one?" he asked.

"No, for I belong to the Etheric Region," she replied.

The man, who is a Helper, asked someone at a distance by means of thought if he might help the Fairies, and he was given permission. He lay down and was soon out of his body. Then he made a desire stuff coat and put it on. Next he put the Fairies inside it on his chest, went out the window, and started south. The mother Fairy gave him directions how to go.

They soon reached Central America and came to a fairyland. It looked to the Helper as if there were a million Fairies there. There was a very lovely Deva high in the air above them sending beautiful rays of light and energy down to her charges, the Fairies. The Helper put the four Fairies down on the ground, and they thanked him for stopping his studying to carry them home. The Helper looked all over the place to see if he could see anything that would harm the Fairies, but there was nothing. He then asked the Deva if he might bring a friend of his to see the Fairies that night, and she said, "Yes.

Here is a remarkable story about how some crippled men were healed by a Deva. A Lay Sister took some Invisible Helpers with her one night to a shrine in the western part of Europe. Then she asked one of the Helpers to be an instructress over some other Helpers who were present. There were fourteen in the class. They had been brought to this place to see the fall festival.

First there was a devotional service in the eight-sided temple. Then the members of the class walked around in the temple and admired the beautiful paintings. There were many lovely pictures of the Holy Family together and pictures of Mary and Joseph and Jesus alone. They had been beautifully painted years before, but the colors were still bright and beautiful.

One Helper found one picture of the Holy Family that was unusually attractive and lifelike. It had been painted in delicate colors, and she was charmed with it and thought it a remarkable painting. Some of these paintings appeared to be very old.

The most outstanding thing of the trip was the healing of fifteen crippled men, who after the devotional service, knelt before the altar of the shrine. The Helpers saw a beautiful Deva with a very large yellow aura come and stand directly over them in the air. They could see many changeable rays which looked like shafts of light streaming down on the men, as they knelt in prayer and asked to be healed.

After a little while one got up and walked about, perfectly well and happy. Then the rest began to get up one after another, and they began shouting their praises to God The Helper had noted their strange appearance, when they first gathered at the altar. They either had short legs or short and deformed bodies, and they were very strange looking, and they walked along in a group. The Helper counted fifteen of these cripples. She wondered what they had done in a past life to earn such queer bodies that were all out of proportion.

In a short time all fifteen men were standing erect and well, and their joy and gratitude were a delight to see. There were also some sick women and children there who were healed by the healing power from the Deva. The Helper could hardly believe her eyes, for the scene was strange and marvelous.

Then the Helper became curious and wanted to know what these fifteen men had done to be in such shape. The Memory of Nature showed that in the fifth dynasty of a certain country these men were feudal lords. At that time feudalism was at its height. These feudal lords were very cruel to the their vassals and serfs when they did not pay their debts in grain, precious stones, or gold. There was no money in those days, and goods were used in exchange and for the payment of debts, taxes, and so on.

These feudal lords built great pits, and put their debtors in them, subjecting them to all kinds of the most hideous punishments. If the people still lived after a number of days, they were sold as galley slaves on ocean-going ships to serve as crewmen. Few of them ever returned. These evil men thought of unusually cruel things to do to these poor people. They even turned loose lions among the defenseless people or tore them apart on wheels going in opposite directions. Because of their cruelty to others, these feudal lords came back to life in deformed bodies. After many years they paid their debts for the karma they had created in other lives.

Their crippled and deformed bodies did not prevent them from progressing on the spiritual path, for they did what they could for mankind and went out of their way to help others. In a previous life these men had lived near each other, and they were born in the same country and were drawn together again.

When this remarkable group healing was over, the Helper asked the members of the class who were with her what had interested them most and each gave his, or her opinion. Most of the students in the class could not understand how all the events & the past lives of these men could be brought back so clearly and vividly when they had occurred over five thousand years ago.

Then the Helper explained the working of the Memory Nature to them. She told them many things about the Holy Family and how people have piled up a lot of karma, and that service to others is the best way to pay it off. By doing that, they have a chance unknowingly to meet all they have wronged and help them in one way or another, thus paying off the debt.

"The two most interesting things to me," the student instructress said, "were the very beautiful picture of the Holy Family that we saw and the miraculous healing of the fifteen deformed and crippled men by the Deva."

The Helper then left the shrine and went on with their work, and some of them clearly remembered the next morning what they had seen that night.

One Wednesday night two Helpers were sent to a lady's home to help a baby that was being bothered by an entity and to answer a call for help from a Fairy that loved the baby. A Lay Sister told the Helpers to go quickly and help her friends.

The Helpers found the mother in bed asleep with her year old baby. The baby's crib was next to the mother's bed, but it was empty. The mother had turned over and gone to sleep with her next to the child. The baby was laying on his back playing with a little girl Fairy. She had a scepter in her hand, and she was touching the baby in play, and he was kicking up his feet and waving his hands. They were having a good time in the warm room while the mother was sleeping soundly.

Then a black, evil-looking entity came in and went toward the baby. The Fairy began fighting off the entity and called, "Help! Help!" and the baby began to scream. The lady Helper grabbed the entity and shook it until it seemed dizzy and acted as if it were drunk. The man Helper crossed the entity and sent it back to the Desire World, where it will not bother anyone else. He then told his companion to materialize and take the baby, which she did.

As the Helper was taking up the baby, the mother woke up and turned over to take him and saw the Helper with her aura out.

"Oh, Angel! Please have mercy and give me my baby back," she implored. "All my life I have wanted a baby. After I had been married twenty years, I gave up in despair because I thought I would never have a child. God kindly gave me one, and now he is the light of my life. If you came to take him, leave him, and take me instead. No people will mistreat him. So take us both. No, take my husband, too, for I love him. Please, leave us all alone. We are all happy. The baby plays all day, and when he sleeps, he plays, too. Angel, give him to me. You may forget to put him down and go away with him. I can hardly see him, for you are so bright."

The man Helper saw that the mother was about to go into hysterics. So he told his companion by means of thought to give the baby to his mother. The mother thanked the Helper, then drew in her aura and told the mother that she had a lovely child.

"Oh, Angel! You do not know what it means to me to have him. I thought I would never be blessed with a baby. Life is very dull without children. I will take all I can."

"Be good to him," said the Helper, "and teach him the ways of the Lord."

The mother promised that she would. The Helpers found out that this baby is an Initiate reborn.

The entity wanted to frighten the baby and obsess him, if possible, but the brave little Fairy fought him off until the Helpers came to her assistance and sent him back to the Desire World to get what has been waiting for him for a long time.

One night some Helpers met a man who did not believe in Fairies. These Helpers happened to look in the window of a book store where they saw some occult books, and they made some comments about them. A man came along and heard them talking, so he began to talk, too.

The Lady Helper soon began to tell him about their teachings, and she told him that Angels and Fairies are real and alive and can be seen. The man was skeptical and said something like this, "Do you mean to tell me that there really are Fairies?"

"Yes, there are Fairies," she said.

"Will you swear to it that it is true?" he asked.

"I swear it," she replied.

"Let us disappear from him, and he will believe it better," said the man Helper, by means of thought. The Helpers disappeared, and the man was the most astonished man that the lady Helper had ever seen. It certainly made a real impression on him. From the look on his face he will believe what he heard for the rest of his life, even if he never takes up the teachings that he heard about.

These Helpers have met many other people who do believe in Fairies. The following, story tells about some people who could, see Fairies. Some Helpers went to see a man and his wife who owned a hothouse and, a beautiful garden. The Helpers saw that the place was full of Fairies and Gnomes.

The people were very loving and kind when they were in the garden, but when they were in their home, they quarreled and disagreed. The couple told the strangers about their peculiar behavior and said that they had asked many people to tell them why they acted that way, for they really liked each other and wanted to be good.

Each of these people could pick up the Fairies and Gnomes, and they loved them and wanted them to go into their home with them. The Nature Spirits would follow them to the house and then leave them. Both of these people had spiritual sight, but they did not know it.

At this time, the Helpers were in the garden, and the Nature Spirits were around them listening to what the people were saying. One Helper told the man and his wife that they did not agree on the material plane and made no effort to agree in their home; but, that when they were in the garden, they were on the spiritual plane.

"You must each hold your temper and give and take," he said.

The people promised that they would do this.

"Let us go into the house," suggested the Helper.

They all went in, and as soon as the man and his wife crossed the threshold, they began to fuss and fight. The Helper called to them and put their hands together and made them make up and kiss, and the Helpers saw a change in the people.

The Helper then told the people that they were advanced souls, and that they must be kind to each other and help everybody that they could. These people had beautiful flowers and were very successful with them, and they made a good living all the year around from the sale of their flowers and plants.

The Fairies came into the house and climbed all over the table, having a good time. The Helpers went away leaving the people very happy and contented.

One night two Helpers happened to be in a place where there is a very beautiful valley. Seeing a Deva over the small valley, they stopped. It was a warm day, and the people of the valley were going about from place to place. The Deva was very friendly and dignified as she floated in the air, above the fields and pastures where some Gnomes and Fairies were busy with their work and play.

"What life wave do you belong to?" the Helper asked the Deva.

"I belong to the same life wave that the Group Spirits are in," replied the Deva. "I have advanced above the stage of the fierce animals, and I have charge of the gentle animals, the Gnomes, and the Fairies."

"I want to go where the Fairies and Gnomes are," said the lady Helper.

"You may go if you wish," replied her companion. She went down and soon made herself at home with the Nature Spirits. The other Helper and the Deva watched her from above.

"She thinks more of spiritual things than earthly things," said the Deva, "and in the end it may make her life very hard, for she will have to catch up with her material things. She needs more worldly experience."

The Deva told the man Helper that there were a woman and two children in the valley that were sick, and she asked him to take his partner and go and help them. The Helpers found the sick people and did what they could for them after that they went away happy because they had seen the Deva and her charges.

One night an occult student was playing on her piano. There were several other persons present. One of them was able to see the Nature Spirits that are often seen in parks and gardens.

He saw six Fairies dancing on the top of the piano. They held out their cute little dresses and arms, and danced very daintily about. "Keep on playing," said one of them, "for we enjoy it."

One Fairy got on each of the lady's shoulders, bent over to her ear, and seemed to be whispering something to her. One of the Fairies told the man that they would stay until the services were over, and then they would go back to the park nearby.

Are you afraid of the Salamanders?" he asked her, and she became very frightened and rushed to him and said, "Hide me. I can't do anything with them."

"There are none here," the man assured her. He then told the Fairy that he just wanted to know if the Fairies have any control over the Salamanders.

"No, they haven't," she said, "but I wish I had, for then I would save my people from forest fires.

One night some Helpers went about with a band of Angels and helped many people. Finally one of the Helpers asked the leader of the band to take them to some high Deva, as he had a ring that he wanted sensitized. The Angel took them to a Deva that was over a temple somewhere in Asia.

The Angel told the Deva what the Helper wanted, and he said that the Helper would be told when to bring the ring to him and that he would be glad to do what was wanted.

The Deva told the Angel to have the lady Helper go up close to him. She did, and he put his hand over her head. When he did this, the other Helper saw a very bright light spread over her as if she were being burned in a fire. Then the Deva turned away and paid no more attention to his visitors, and they then went away.

The leader of the Angels turned to the Helpers. "There is a ship in trouble," she said. "We will go and help the people." The ship had struck land and punched a hole in the hull and was sinking fast.

"Will the people be lost?" asked the man Helper.

"Yes, if another ship does not pick them up," answered the Angel.

The Helper looked for a ship, and seeing one about one hundred and fifty miles away, he took his companion to it. They found the captain was asleep, and they told him to tell his pilot to steer north for one hundred and fifty miles and then go west.

"Go at full speed, as a ship is in trouble," said the Helper.

The captain awoke, jumped from his berth, and went upstairs. He told the pilot that he dreamed that a ship was in trouble and what he had been told to do. He gave his orders to the pilot, and the ship was started on its way to the rescue of the people.

The Helpers then went to the crippled ship and found there were about fifty people on it. The hold of the ship was full of freight and very heavy. It looked as if the ship would sink any minute. The Helpers assisted the people while they got into the lifeboats, and then left knowing that they would be picked up and saved by the captain of the other ship.

There were nine Angels at that time in the wandering band that the Helpers were with. They were very friendly with the Helpers, who had a very happy time going about with them. These Angels and people went to many places and helped people in different ways.

They went to a place in the northern part of North America to help an Eskimo woman who was in labor. She was having a very hard time and needed assistance at once. The man Helper called another Helper who is a doctor and surgeon, and he came in a very short time. The Helpers went outside and met the doctor, and the three of them materialized and then crawled through the doorway and entered the igloo. They helped the woman to deliver a fine boy.

Then the doctor wrote out a prescription for the mother and sent her husband to get it filled. He hitched his dogs to his sledge and started out on a ten mile trip to get the prescription filled.

One night two Helpers went to an island out in the South Atlantic Ocean, and there they saw a lovely landscape. There was a beautiful Deva over the island, and the Helpers were very happy when they saw the beautiful golden aura of the Deva that looked like a yellow light streaming down over the land. The Deva was watching over her charges and the land near by.

One night three Helpers and a baby went to South America to look for some Fairies. They went to a very beautiful place in Columbia which was high up in the mountains overlooking Central America and the Atlantic Ocean. The Helpers found many Fairies living near a village. They were playing happily in the moonlight. The little people seemed to range in size from two to eight inches in height.

High above the Fairies was a most beautiful Deva who had charge of them and the people who fell under her influence. At this place the people were kindly disposed toward strangers. The children were very pretty and gentle natured, and some of them could see the Nature Spirits.

The Helpers went to a home where there were four children. One of the children was sick with a fever. The Helpers saw about twenty Fairies of all sizes around his bed. There was a lady Fairy in charge of the Fairies who were all over the boy's body where they could touch his flesh. The Fairies bent their bodies up and down awhile, and then they pushed out their chests. Then a stream of rainbow colored force, or energy, flowed from them to the sick boy. They were trying to help their little friend.

"How long has he been sick?" asked the man Helper of the boy's mother.

"About ten days, and he is under the doctor's care," replied the mother.

The Helper took the boy by the hand and spoke to him. "Do you feel or see anything?" he said.

"Yes, I see a lot of little people who have played with me ever since I can remember. They are real people. Why don't they get big like papa and mamma?" he asked.

"They belong to a different world where they don't grow any larger," the helper explained. "You will soon be well so that you can play with them again."

"I feel well now. May I get up?" the boy asked.

"No, you cannot get up now, but you can get up in the morning. Do you ever hold the Fairies?"

"Yes," answered the boy, "I take them to mamma, but she does not see them.'

"She will some day," the Helper said.

The Helper turned to the lady Fairy and said, "I would like to examine some of the Fairies so that I can help my friend with a book that she is writing."

This lady called the queen Fairy. This Fairy queen came, and she looked like a very tiny human being. "I will conduct you over the realm," she said, "but first you had better get your daughter."

The Helpers found the baby out on the grass in the midst of a lot of Fairies, and she was having a good time with them. One Helper asked the baby's mother if she saw the Fairies.

"Yes, I see them, and I think it is strange that these people do not get stepped on and killed," she said.

"They do sometimes, but not often," she replied.

The Helper picked up one of the Fairies and held her up to the moonlight and looked at her carefully. Her body looked very delicate and graceful and almost transparent. She had all the organs that human beings have, but he could not see anything in her intestines, although they were rounded out with something. He could see the outline of the etheric muscles on the Fairy's body. The Fairies look exactly like the people who live on the planet Venus, only they are very small in size.

"The Fairies must all work when they reach a certain age," said the queen, "and their duty is to beautify everything that they can."

"How long do Fairies live?" asked the Helper.

"There is no definite time for them to come and go," she said. "I am seventy years old according to your way of counting time, but to me it seems that I am just a few moons old. Fairies stay in warm countries in the winter because in cold climates they cannot work, since there are no growing plants to work with. When it is cold, they can only sleep, and it is their duty to work."

The Helper was anxious to get some information from the Deva; so he looked at her and attracted her attention. "May I come up there?" he asked.

"You cannot come all the way," the Deva answered. "I will tell you when to stop."

The Helpers went up as far as they could go. The Deva told them to stop when they were about twenty feet away from her.

"I would like to ask you a few questions," said the Helper. "What life wave do the Devas belong to?"

"They belong to the same one that the Archangels do," she said. "That is, they started at the same time."

"Are there many Devas?" he asked.

"Yes, there are a host of them all over the world," she replied.

"Are there baby Devas?" he inquired.

"Yes, there are babies in all life waves that move," she said.

"Where do they stay?" he asked.

"They stay in the Third Heaven World," she said.

"Do you ever move about?" he asked.

"Yes, we move about," said the Deva. "We work in pairs, and we go to the Temple for instruction as every one must in order to grow to perfection."

The Helper asked the Deva how wide her aura was, and she said, "I can cover the land as far as one can see with a telescope and then some."

"Will the Fairies ever become human?" the Helper asked.

"They are human, but they belong to another life wave of their own. When man becomes good enough, the Fairies will be seen, and mankind will help further their development, and they will help man. The Fairies work to beautify the earth."

"Why are there a few Gnomes with the Fairies?" he asked.

"The Gnomes help the Fairies," she said. "They do all the heavy work, and they protect them from such things as will destroy them."

The Helper could see no difference between this Deva and other women except that her body was made of finer material and her motto was, "Love and Service."

"Do airplanes ever come your way?" the Helper asked the Deva.

"No, they cannot if they wish," she told him.

When it is spring in the United States, it is autumn in South America. Many Fairies spend the summer in the United States and then go to Central America for the winter so that they can be busy working with the flowers all the year around.

Some Helpers went to South America one night about the middle of April, and they found that the Fairies and Gnomes were making preparations for their departure to North America. It was a warm night, and the moon was shining bright. There were some children playing in the grass. The Fairies were having a general gathering, and so the Helpers thought that they might find out some interesting facts about them.

One Helper looked around and found a Fairy that was about eight inches tall. He asked her to come to him so that he could study her awhile and get a good description of her. She went to him and lighted in his hand very lightly, and he looked at her carefully.

This beautiful Fairy had very delicate skin that was of a fine texture. It was a very light rose pink. She had long golden hair that reached to her waist. Her dress seemed to be made in the latest style of very fine delicate material that had many colors and shades in it. The Helper could not see through her clothing.

The Helper told the Fairy that he would like to see the shape of her body. Without any delay she took off her clothes, and there stood the most perfect Being that the Helpers ever hoped to see.

"Oh, what a glorious darling," exclaimed one of the lady Helpers; "I would like to hug her."

"Don't touch her," cautioned the man Helper.

"What perfect trust she has. She is not frightened, and she does not seem disturbed in any way," continued the lady Helper.

The Fairy's feet were perfectly beautiful, and the Helpers were very happy to think that the Fairy was so friendly to them. Her clothing consisted of a dress, underskirt, panties, stockings and shoes.

"The pictures of Fairies that I have seen show them with wings," said the Helper, "and you have none."

"There is no one in our kingdom who has wings," the Fairy replied.

"What gave the artists the impression that Fairies have wings?" asked the helper.

"It is our duty to help purify the air for man as we go about our work," she said, "and as we move and breathe, we send out sweet-smelling air that leaves our backs at the shoulders, and this force coming from us has the appearance of wings."

The Fairy then showed the Helpers how they do it, and she seemed to have the most beautiful transparent wings imaginable. She filled the air with a fragrant and restful perfume which made the Helpers feel as if they could lie down and have a restful sleep.

"We will leave here some time in May for the United States," the Fairy said. She also told the Helpers that the Fairies are much alike and that the place where they live is well guarded by Gnomes who keep snakes and other harmful creatures away from them. When there are hard rains, storms, tornadoes, etc., the Fairies are taken out of the way.

When the Helpers had received the information that they wanted, the Fairy put her clothes on, brushed her hair, and then took her compact from her pocket and made herself more beautiful. Then she said, "Goodbye," and floated away.

The Fairies seem extremely delicate to us, but to themselves they are just common people. The Fairy told the Helpers that she was seventy years old, but she looked as if she was about sixteen. The Helper was told that the members of other life waves do not show their age as the people of the earth do.

Here are two stories about Salamanders and what they do. One night some Helpers saw a house on fire, and they went down thinking there might be someone asleep in it. They found that there were no people there. Someone had entered and poured oil over the house and the things in it, and set the place on fire. The house was burning briskly. The Helpers saw a large Salamander, or Fire Spirit, standing in the house where the flames were the brightest, and he was shooting little Salamanders off from him.

The lady Helper left the place and went and woke up the people in the houses nearby, and told them to get the things they wanted most and to take them out.

"No, that won't be necessary," her partner said, "as the fire will not spread." He then told the large Salamander to leave and take the smaller ones with him. He did, and the fire soon went out.

Then the owner of the house came running up to find out why the fire had gone out so quickly. This man had been a fire worshiper in his last life, and he loved to burn up things, even houses, etc. The man's family was away on a vacation, and he could not resist the temptation to set his house on fire, as he had many other places and fields, during the harvesting of wheat and hay.

The man confessed all this to the Helpers. The man Helper put his hand on the man's head and told him that he would do no more harm to himself or others. The Helpers took away this fatal desire to start fires. The man had his house insured and so would get money to repair the damage. The Helpers did not report this man to the police because of the circumstances. The neighbors wondered why the fire went out so quickly and why it did not set fire to the houses on each side of it.

One night two Helpers saw a man in an automobile which was backfiring. This man was going through a dry grassy field, setting it afire as he went along. Soon there was a raging fire behind him. There was great excitement among some people who rushed out to fight the fire.

The man Helper soon saw what would happen. He asked the Salamanders to stop, so that the people's fields would be saved. The fire went out, leaving the smoke-form of a large Salamander. This gradually went away. The man in the car was trying to damage the whole countryside. The man went a little further in his car before it went up in flames and the people caught him.

At this place the Helpers met a boy who could see the Salamanders. This boy said that he had seen Angels and Fairies, but he did not understand about them. The lady Helper explained about the Nature Spirits and the Angels, telling the boy what he must do to see more of them. She told him that the Nature Spirits would not hurt him, but that he must not have anything to do with elementals and evil thought-forms, for they are dangerous.

One time a man who is a Helper was on a train going to New York. While he was asleep, he went out to work as a Helper as usual. He returned to his body at about five o'clock in the morning and got up. He went and had his breakfast, and then he went back to his berth and was soon asleep again. He went to the rear of the train to see the beauties of the mountains and the Hudson River as they passed along that bright May morning.

He saw Gnomes and Fairies and Undines all busy with the plants. Some were scrubbing the bark, some were painting the young stems, and some were painting the leaves.

As the sun came up over the mountains and its golden rays played through them, it made the scenery too beautiful for words to describe. The people in the rear end of the car saw the sun rise over the mountains and its rays playing on the river and the mountains and spoke of it, but the Helper saw the real beauty of it. He said later that it is wonderful to see the things nature has to show man.

Another day this man was on his way east by way of the Cumberland Gap. The night before, the conductor had told the passengers that if they wanted to see the Cumberland Gap, they should be up about sunrise, for the train would pass through it about that time. Many of the people said that they wanted to see it and others said, "No." The man said, "No," but he expected to see it anyway.

Across from this man sat a man and his wife and little boy who was about five years old. The little fellow noticed the man and went over to him. "Hello, Man! Are you reading?" he asked. "Tell me a story."

The man put his paper down. "Come here," he said.

The child's mother called him back but the man said, "Let him come. He won't bother me."

The child got up in the man's lap, and as they looked out of the window, the man began to tell him stories of Fairies, Gnomes, and Angels.

"I want to see them!" exclaimed the boy.

"We will after awhile," the man said. "There are no Gnomes or Fairies on the train, and I do not know where the Angels are."

The man talked to the child of bears, deer, and birds. The child enjoyed what was said and laughed merrily, and the parents looked on and smiled. They all went in to dinner together, and the child wanted to eat with his new friend. His mother invited the man to their table where there was room for four persons, and they had a very enjoyable time.

After that the man took the child to the observation car and found a good seat, and they talked and laughed. Some people came into the car and stood around. One of them asked who the child was.

"He is a friend of mine who is going to New York," the man said.

A little later the man said to the child, "Tonight we will see some Fairies and Gnomes, and maybe we will see some Angels. You go to bed, and I will get you when we get to where they are."

The child fell asleep in his arms, and his mother took him and put him to bed.

"Wait until I come back before you go on talking," she said, "because I do not want to miss anything."

After the mother of the child returned, the man went on talking to the little group around him. "I am only an ordinary man and know very little," he said, "but I can talk to children because I like them, and maybe I can answer the questions put to me."

"Are there any Fairies, Gnomes, or Angels?" one man, asked.

"Yes, there are," said the man, "and I have seen many of them."

"What kind of liquor do you have to drink to see them?" asked the same man.

"Clear water," answered the Helper, and they all laughed heartily. They talked about different things, and the man always came out on top.

The man went to bed and left his body and met another Helper who works with him part of the time when they are out of their bodies in sleep. He told her what the conductor had said about reaching the Cumberland Gap.

"Let's hurry and get through with our work, for I want to see it," the lady Helper said.

They finished their work in plenty of time and went back to the train. It was warm and pleasant that morning. They got the little boy who was asleep, and he was wild with joy. Then they went out on the rear platform of the train.

The man Helper played a trick on the conductor and the flagman by materializing all three of them. The conductor got up to see who they were, and they disappeared. He wiped his hands across his eyes and went back and asked the flagman where he got his whiskey. The flagman told him.

"Change your brand, for it makes me see things," said the conductor.

"Where?" asked the flagman.

"I saw three people on the platform just now, and when I got there, they were gone," the conductor said.

"There is no one there," said the flagman. Then he stopped for the people had materialized again. The man turned pale and whispered, "I see them, too. The man looks like the man who was telling stories to a child, but I have never seen the woman before."

The Helpers took the boy and went off with him. It was about five o'clock when they reached the gap, and they could smell the water. The boy was the happiest child that the Helpers had ever seen. He really enjoyed himself.

They saw millions of Fairies with their little palettes and brushes painting the grass, the flowers, and the lilac bushes. The little Gnomes were doing their work, and the child saw that they looked like little old men.

One Helper looked up and saw a lady Deva high up in the air radiating her influence down on her charges. She was between the sun and the train and made the grandest sight the human eye ever beheld. She radiated all the colors of the spectrum, and the rising sun brought out the colors beautifully. The wind was blowing gently, and she swayed back and forward as if in an invisible rocking chair which was being rocked by some unseen person. The whole broad, flat tableland was quiet, and even the noise of the train seemed stilled. Calm reigned supreme.

Some of the passengers were looking out as the train wound in and out of the valley. "The man must be right," one man said. "I cannot see anything, but I feel that I am passing a grand sight. Oh, if I could only see!"

The lady Helper was standing there in a materialized body, and she said, "You may all see so that you will know for yourselves." Then she let out her aura and sailed out from the rapidly moving train, and her partner went with the boy, but the boy and the man were not visible. Soon after that the lady Helper had to return home, and she left.

The man Helper took the boy to his bed, and he got into his body. The child's parents began to watch the smiles playing on his pretty face. "I wonder if he is with the man we met last night!" the father said.

"He is," said the Helper in a very pleasant voice. The boy's parents turned around, but the man was not there. He had gone to his own berth.

The boy woke up, and he began to tell his parents what he had seen. He told them of the man and lady that he had been with. He was very happy. A little later the boy and his parents went up to the man, who was eating breakfast. The parents of the boy asked the waiter to move the man's plate to their table, and they began to ask him many questions. They were much concerned about what had happened. They were talking about the woman that went up in the air from the train. Someone said that the train crew had it fixed up. Several persons said that they did not know what they saw, as they were so surprised.

Some very High Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters guide the Nature Spirits in their work with the ocean floor. It is hard for most of us to believe that tremendous changes are going on and that in time the earth is to be greatly changed. Preparations are under way for these changes now, for we are told that a new continent is to rise in the Pacific Ocean. High Initiates have control of the Devas that control the Fairies and the Gnomes who are seen on earth by those beings who have spiritual sight. They teach and guide them in their work. Other Initiates control the elementals in the Desire World.

The Devas are High Beings that belong to a different life wave from ours. They look much like Angels and have faces like beautiful human beings. They have charge of all the Nature Spirits in a certain locality. Often this place is a beautiful valley where there is peace and quiet and harmony among the human dwellers there. They float in the air and watch over their charges in a wonderfully helpful way. They are often seen by Invisible Helpers who are thrilled when they see them in the course of their work.

Most human beings are stragglers in evolution, and so they have missed many wonderful things that they should have and should be enjoying. If people would only make greater efforts to improve themselves, they would find the reward greater than they can possibly conceive.

The Angels and Archangels are great Beings who are ahead of us in evolution and who are assisting humanity in every possible way, so that they may make greater progress.

The Angels are one life wave ahead of us in evolution. They became human in what is called the Moon Period and are expert builders of ether. They are thoroughly experienced in building a vital body, for when they were human, the ether was the densest condition of matter. Because of this ability, the Angels are properly the teachers of man, animal, and plant. They assist the members of these life waves in regard to the vital functions of propagation, nutrition, and so on. Their bodies are composed of ether, a substance, which is not visible to ordinary physical sight.

The Archangels are two life waves ahead of us, and they are expert architects of desire matter, because in the Sun Period, the densest globe was composed of that material. The humanity of that period, who are Archangels, learned to build their densest bodies of the chemical elements which compose our Earth. These Great Beings are helping the life waves below them to build and control a desire body.

All Angels have been human, but they did not have bodies such as we have. Their present home is on the Moon. They have children who look much like human children, but they are all beautiful and have perfect bodies. The Angels and Archangels do not have imperfect or deformed bodies as many human beings have, and they do not grow old-looking as time goes on.

Angels do not die, as we do. There is no definite length of life for the Angels. Some live two thousand years and some three thousand. When the Lords of Destiny find that an Angel has served his time, that Angel is called into a state of rest, and there the spirit assimilates all that it has garnered. The Angel rests for hundreds of years and is then reborn as a baby Angel to the same or other parents to liquidate his or her obligations. The Angels' span of life is longer than ours. They stay on the Moon longer and rest in Heaven longer. The Angel loses all his vehicles except his seed atom.

The law over there holds good the same as the law here. Cause and effect balance all things from God down to man. When we make an obligation or ask a favor, then the law of Cause and Effect calls us to balance it through the law of giving and receiving. Plants, animals, human beings, Angels, Archangels, and Hierarchies must all obey this law. When someone gives, someone else receives. Then the receiver by the law of Cause and Effect must give back. This law holds good throughout the universe. All Beings in our Solar System who disobey any law and fail to make restitution go to some place in the same Purgatory and later to the same Heaven.

One night a high Lay Sister took a student to the Moon so she might observe conditions there. They reached the Moon and went around as much as possible. The student talked to many of the egos there, and met an ego that she had known when she was on the Atlantean Continent. Some time after that he lost his bodies and was sent to the Moon.

This Lay Sister said that the Moon is cold and that nothing is raised there. The egos work in an unconscious state and help transfer the Sun's rays to the Earth and know nothing of the Earth or the other planets. Some of the stragglers who are especially active and bid fair to catch up with the human life wave are being prepared to come to the Earth in some of the lowest bodies.

There are Initiates of nine or more degrees who work on the Moon. They are helping these stragglers to advance. Those who have lost their place in our life wave are being prepared to go to the planet Saturn to wait until they can join another life wave in a later evolution.

The Moon is a desolate place, and part of it is dark at all times. The Angels live on the sun side of the Moon where it is bright and cheerful all the time and one can hear the music of the spheres.

The houses of the Angels are mansions made of moon stuff of a gray color. Their doorways seem to be made of silver, jasper, jade, and moonstone.

There are some Archangels living on the Moon, and their houses have doorways that are made of some substance that seems to be a kind of stone containing gold and diamonds.

Each family has its own house, and there are from seven to nine Angels in a family, including the little babies. The Angels are all very friendly to earth beings. They all work except the mother Angels. They are nourished by the life force from the World of Life Spirit.

During this trip this student completely forgot about the earth and its cares, and did not want to return. The Lay Sister reminded her of her duties and responsibilities, and the student sighed and was ready to go back. They returned to Earth and went on with their work of helping people and animals.

Here is a story about how two Angels asked help for a friend. One night while two Helpers were out working to help all they could they met two Angels who asked them to help them with a friend.

"Yes, we will be glad to go," said one of the Helpers. Then they went with the Angels to a little town in the northern part of Europe where they found a beautiful girl lying down on some snow. She had slipped and broken her leg while skiing down a mountainside. She had taken a path that was little used in winter except by people on skis, and she would have frozen if she had not received help.

Here one of the Helpers realized fully that Angels, humans, and animals are all dependent on each other for help in times of need, and they realized the real meaning of prayer. Without physical effort or help no one can get anywhere, especially if the prayers are for physical assistance.

The Angels could not help physically, but they could summon Helpers who were able to save the girl.

The man Angel said that he had influenced this girl for many lives and that she had helped him to make much progress. Because of her many prayers for spiritual and moral help, he was able to help her by influencing her and she had given a good account, of herself. She was an advanced girl, and she had spiritual sight and hearing. She had begged her Angel friend to send help to her.

She knew that the Helpers were friends when she saw them. "I know that you are my friends," she said, "because my friend is with you."

The Helpers picked the girl up carefully and carried her home. She tried to be brave, but she fainted from the pain and cold. The Helpers assisted the girl's mother to put her to bed, set her broken leg, and then told the mother to get a doctor to look after her daughter. Then the Helpers left and went on with their work.

Here is how a Group Spirit, helped a child save her parents.

One night while some Helpers were going over northern Canada, they saw something leaping over the snow with something on its back. They decided to go down and see what it was. They saw a large wolf carrying a girl about eight years old on his back. At first, the man Helper did not know what to do. He wanted to go down and get the little girl off the wolf's back, for he was afraid that the wolf would kill and eat her if let alone.

He called the Group Spirit of the wolf and asked him if he would protect the girl.

"I have already done that," the Group Spirit said. "Otherwise the girl would have been killed before you saw her. Go down and stop her and find out her mission and do what you can for her."

The Helpers went down, and the wolf stopped and showed fight.

"Mr. Wolf, I have no desire to fight you," said the man Helper. "I came only to find out where this girl is going so early in the morning on your back."

The huge wolf became very peaceful, and the child told her story.

"My father and mother are very sick in bed, and I am going for the doctor for them. I started to walk to town, and when I was about a mile from home, this big dog came up and I said to him, `Here, good Doggie, take me to town.' Then I got on his back, and he is taking me to town."

The Helper saw at once that the child did not know that this animal was a very large wolf that had been stalking her as she walked along the road at night alone.

The child told the Helpers where she lived, and then they left her. The Group Spirit of the wolf said that the wolf would take the child to town, wait around for her while she went to the doctor's house, and then would bring her home again. She lived eight miles away from town.

These Helpers went to the child's home and found that her parents had double pneumonia. The fire was out, and the house was cold, and everything was frozen up. One Helper made a fire and got some water. Then he went to work to help the father and mother. In a little while the child came back and said that the the doctor would be out some time that day. The man Helper wanted to get the doctor started; so he took the father's hand, and sat on the bed and sent the doctor thoughts to come. He came soon afterwards in his car.

"I was afraid to come, as the wolves are bad at this time of the year," the doctor said.

"Why, Man," said the Helper, "you have been going about this part of the country for the last ninety years, or rather for exactly thirty-five years. First you walked, then you had a horse and buggy, and now you have a car. In all that time you have never had a speck of trouble with wolves.

The doctor admitted that this was true, and after he got warmed up, he said that he was glad he had come.

The Helpers warmed up some canned soup for the sick people and then gave them some medicine. One of the Helpers carried a lot of wood into the house, and then they hurried off. The were sure that both of the brave child's parents would get well.

Here is a strange story of how a boy was saved from a lion by Helpers who have made friends with the Group Spirit of the lions. One time some Helpers were going over some jungles in far away India, when they heard a boy scream. They looked down and saw a boy about eleven or twelve years old running from a large lion. One Helper went down before the lion, materializing as he went. The lion slid up to the Helper in trying to stop. The other Helper went to the boy and picked him up and carried him up into the air.

"Oh, Angel, am I dead?" the young boy asked. "I went out to hunt for some food for our family because my dad is sick. Please tell my mother that the lion got me and that you are taking me to Heaven."

"You are not dead," said the lady Helper. "We came in time to save you from the lion."

The boy saw the other Helper with the lion, and he clung tightly to the lady Helper, for he was much frightened.

"The lion will not hurt you," the man Helper told the boy.

"All lions will hurt people," the boy answered.

The Helper took a short stick and began to scratch the lion's head and neck. The lion enjoyed this and lay down so that the Helper could scratch his neck and head better. It was not long before the lion went to sleep, and he came in his desire body and stood beside his dense body. The lady Helper patted him, and he lay down.

The Helpers tried to slip away from the lion while he was asleep, but he got back into his body and began to follow the Helpers and the boy. The Helpers had to make the lion go back.

The Helpers went on to the boy's home and saw his father, who was very sick, and his mother. They worked on the sick man and left knowing that he would soon be able to get up and provide for his family.

The lions are controlled by a Group Spirit who is a very wise Being with a body like a man and a head like a lion. His body is etheric, and he has a large aura about him. These Helpers had helped many of this Group Spirit's charges at various times. The Helpers asked this Group Spirit to make this lion friendly to all of them, and he did. These Helpers are able to command this Group Spirit by means of thought.

One time some Helpers went to a quaint village laid out in a valley at the foot of a mountain. There were a church and a cluster of houses and other buildings there. It was very cold at this place and there was snow on the ground.

The Helpers saw a lady Deva up in the air over the valley. Her beautiful aura was so large that it covered three small villages. They saw three lesser High Beings, one over each valley, and each of them had an aura that covered one village.

The Helpers saw some children playing in the snow. They were wearing wooden shoes with sheepwool linings in them. The Helpers saw several people who invited them into their mission. They went in, and the people asked them where they came from, and they said, "We came from the United States."

"The waterways are frozen up, and I can't see how you could possibly get here from there," said a man.

"We came to see and pay homage to the Deva of the valley," said the man Helper.

The man laughed at the idea. "My friend, there is no Deva here," he said. "The children claim that there is a lady in the air. That is some of them do, but there is no truth to it."

"I would not be so sure if I were you," said the lady Helper, "for you do not know what is in the air around you. There may be some here who can see her, and you not know it."

"If there were, I would expel them from this place," he said.

"Why are you not more tolerant of other people's beliefs?" the lady Helper asked. "You will be before we leave. Will you answer a few questions for me?"

"Yes," the man said at once.

"Are there any Angels?" she asked.

"Why, no," he answered without any hesitation.

"Do you believe in rebirth?" she asked.

The man laughed and said, "Why, my dear lady, there is no such a thing as rebirth. You should get such ideas out of your head. You make people think you are a little foolish."

The Helper stood up and told this man that he should get on his knees, for he was sitting in the presence of Angel-like beings.

"My dear Lady," he said, "you had better lie down awhile. The cold weather has affected your mind."

"No," she said. "I am all right, but you must teach the truth to the people here and confirm what the children say." Then she let out her aura and spoke to him, and he fell on his knees and begged for mercy. The Helper put her hand on the man's head and told him to go to the door and look up the valley.

The man went and saw the Deva and the other three Beings in the air. He staggered back into the room and sat down.

"Look back over your life when you were a woman and then when you were a man before that," the Helper said, and he saw what she was talking about in the Memory of Nature where the events of our lives are recorded.

"Oh, Angel, I believe now, and I will do better," he promised. "Just let me live, and I will repent and make restitution for all the harm I have done to all, especially to those under me."

After that the Helper turned to the other people in the large room. "Will all those people here who know the Deva was out there come to me," she said, and four women and two men came and knelt before her. The Helper told them that the pure in heart shall see God and understand His work.

"Is the other stranger an Angel, too?" asked the man.

"Yes, to you I am one," the man Helper said, and he let out his aura.

"I believe now," the man said.

"We are going to leave. Be sure that you keep your promise," said the lady Helper. "We can come to you again. Death can come here, too. Be careful how you speak to strangers, for you may drive an Angel away."

The Helpers disappeared and passed the Deva.

"Thank you," she said. "I will now be able to influence the people better so that they can progress faster."

Devas have charge of the Nature Spirits and direct their important work. They have a very benefic influence over people and animals. They have power to heal the sick, also.

Here is a story of how some Helpers were kind to some lions and were thanked by the Group Spirit who has charge of the lions and by the Angel who was in charge of this family.

One night some Helpers had a good time with some tigers and lions. They were going over the northern part of India when they saw a Bengal tiger with two wee baby tigers. They came down to see them, and one of the Helpers made friends with the tigers. She picked one of the babies up, and then she took the other one in her arms. They looked very sleepy. They licked her hands and face and purred while their mother looked on. The Helpers did not see the father tiger.

The Helper sat down by the mother tiger and scratched her head and patted her shoulders, and she rolled over and stretched. When the Helpers left, she followed them a little way.

Then as the Helpers were going over the jungles of Africa, they saw a lioness and a snake fighting. The snake had two coils on the lioness. The Helpers made them stop fighting, and the lioness lay down at the lady Helper's feet and gave birth to two babies. The Helper made the snake go off, and the Group Spirit, and the Angel of the lioness thanked her. This made her very happy.

The Group Spirit told the Helper to make a twenty foot circle and bless the ground inside the circle, so that nothing harmful would go over the circle and hurt the mother lion and her babies. After the mother had cleaned up her babies, the Helper picked them up and saw that they were really cute babies. They too, had a sleepy look and no wonder, for they were so young.

The Helpers made the mother a grass bed under a bush and put the babies in it, and the mother lion went over and lay down on her new bed. The Group Spirit of the lions told this Helper that in times past she had had pets among tigers and lions and wildcats.

A few days later these Helpers went back and found the lioness and her cubs safe and happy within the same circle, and they were just as friendly as before.

In the following story some Helpers saw the Group Spirit that has charge of the eels.

One night some Helpers were going along, and they saw an automobile full of men and women strike the side of a milk wagon. The horse shied and fell over an embankment into a pool of water. The shafts of the wagon pinned the unfortunate horse down and prevented him from getting up. He would have drowned if one Helper had not held his head up.

The automobile skidded and went into a ditch, and all of the people were hurt While one Helper talked to the horse and kept him quiet, the other Helper got the milkman and the other six people out.

Just then another auto came along, and the driver saw the injured people and started to take them to the nearest hospital. Before they left, the lady Helper called to them and asked them to help save the horse.

"Let him die," one of the people said, and they all went on.

The two Helpers could not get the horse out alone, and so they called a friend to come and help them. This friend came with her band of Helpers, and the Helpers told her how heartless the people had been.

They picked the wagon up, and broke the harness off the horse, and helped him up. They found that there were about ten eels on the horse's legs. The friend who came to assist them told the lady Helper that if she had not held up the horse's head, the eels would have bitten and killed him. After the horse was apparently safe on dry land, the eels refused to come off. The lady Helper told the eels to go back into the water, but they refused to move.

The lady Helper asked her friend to force the eels to leave the horse. This Lay Sister spoke to the Group Spirit of the eels, and he influenced them to leave, and they crawled away. The horse was trembling all over, for he knew that he had barely escaped death.

The Helpers went to the hospital and helped the injured people. The milkman thanked them warmly for their timely assistance. The lady Helpers scolded the people who had refused to help the horse and told them that this horse was their younger brother and needed their care.

Here is a story about some Fairies that a Helper saw.

One night while a lady was reading a lecture, several Fairies came in and went to the piano and sat and watched her. There was one person there who saw them. He said afterwards that these Fairies looked like kewpie dolls.

Some of them had their little hands under their chins, and some had their hands in their laps. Their tiny hands and fingers were about the size of a dime. They wore sandals on their feet.

The Fairies had small bright eyes that shone like diamonds. They had rosy cheeks, small mouths, and well-built little bodies. They had most attractive smiles and a come-hither look in their eyes.

When the people rose to sing the closing song, the Fairies also rose and soon went away.

One day two Helpers went to a country in southern Europe to a shrine where they had gone before to meet a beautiful Deva. The Deva knew them and was pleased to see them. She looked to see if the lady visitor had the ring on that she had blessed for her at the time of a former visit. She saw that she was wearing it.

"Keep it, my child," she said, "for much good will come from it."

"Will you please take us through the shrine?" the Helper asked.

The Deva did, and the Helpers found that the shrine was much larger inside than they had expected, and that it was very beautiful. There was a large round room in the center, and the Deva's picture was painted upon the wall back of the altar. This picture was life-size, and the Deva went up to it and faced the Helpers, and she looked as if she had been pasted up there.

The lovely Deva held out her arms, and the Helpers went up and knelt before her, and she gave them her blessing, and then she disappeared from them. After that the Helpers went out in the yard and sat on a bench in the cool balmy air and talked awhile. Then they went on with their work.

Chapter VIII

How Helpers Assist
Their Animal Kingdom

It is very interesting to know how the Invisible Helpers work with their younger brothers, the animals, and what they can do to aid them in their evolutionary progress. Students of Mystic Christianity are taught that the animals are our younger brothers. At present they are not as finely organized as the human life wave, but they will eventually reach a state as high as our own, and by that time we will have reached a still higher state of development.

Great Beings from other planets have been helping humanity ever since the very beginning of time, and they have patiently worked to help us to progress and develop our various bodies. Our newest body is the sheath of mind which is still only partly developed. The Lords of Mind came from the planet Mercury and gave us the nucleus of material from which we are now seeking to build an organized mind.

We are told that the Archangels and Angels are working with the animals and their Group Spirits who guide and direct them. The animals have dense bodies, vital bodies, and desire bodies, but they lack the sheath of mind which would correlate them with the World of Thought, and so the animal kingdom has not acquired the faculty of thought, although there are some exceptions.

In The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception we read the following:

"Yet we know some animals think, but they are the highest domesticated animals which have come into close touch with man for generations and have thus developed a faculty not possessed by other animals, which have not had that advantage. This is on the same principle that a highly charged wire will induce a weaker current of electricity in a wire brought close to it; or that a man of strong morals will arouse a like tendency in a weaker nature, while one morally weak will be overthrown if brought within the influence of evil characters. All we do, say, or are, reflects itself in our surroundings. This is why the highest domestic animals think. They are the highest of their kind, almost on the point of individualization, and man's thought vibrations have `induced' in them a similar activity of a lower order."

Invisible Helpers often find some of the most advanced animals in the course of their work. The following story is about a cat which acted as a watch dog after his mistress died. I think it is a very remarkable story of an animal's devotion to a human being.

One cold winter night some Helpers were sent to a lady's home in a small western town to see what they could do to help her. They were shown the place and the conditions in the house by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness, which is somewhat like moving pictures.

The Helpers went to the place and entered the house, and there they saw a woman sitting in a chair with her head down as if asleep. A large yellow angora cat sat beside her. One Helper said afterwards, "I did not see the ego standing in her desire body beside her body, and I looked to see if I could see the blue flame in the apex of her heart and the flame in the back of her head. These flames were out."

The man Helper told his companion that the woman had died of heart trouble. The Helpers looked around and saw that all the fires were out, and the radiators were cold. The furnace had just a few live coals in it, and the house was cold. The lady Helper asked where the lady's vital body was since she was dead. The man Helper looked at her silver cord, which was still attached to her dense body, and he found that the, dead lady's vital body was up next to the ceiling. "Let's go next door and wake up the people," he said, "and get them to come over and take her body out and feed the cat."

The Helpers did this, and the woman and her husband and son soon came over to the house and looked through the dining room window. They saw that the lady was dead, and so the man telephoned to the police. When the policemen came, they had trouble getting in. One of them got an acetylene torch and melted the glass over the lock on the window and opened the window. The large yellow cat leaped at him and looked so fierce that the policeman wanted to shoot him.

"No. Do not shoot him," said the Helper, and he turned to the lady Helper and asked her to go in.

"No," she said, for she saw that the cat was all bristled up ready for a fight. She had forgotten that she was in her desire body and could not be hurt.

Then the man Helper climbed in through the window and talked to the cat. "Now, listen, cat! I came to help you and your mistress. If you fight, you may get hurt or be killed. Come with me, and I will give you some milk."

The cat said, "Meow," and the Helper said, "Yes, now," and the cat followed the Helper to the kitchen.

The Helper looked in the icebox and got out some milk, which had frozen from the intensely cold weather. He thawed he milk on the gas stove and fed the hungry cat.

The police took the body of the dead lady away after the coroner came. He said that the lady had been dead for about four days. The man Helper knew that she had been dead for at least three days, as her vital body had come back to her dense body.

When the cat and the Helper returned to the room where his mistress had sat, he turned round and round as if he had lost something. "Listen, cat!" the Helper said to him, and the cat said, "Meow.

"Your mistress is dead and gone, and she will not be back. You had better make friends with these people so they will care for you and feed you. If you are mean and have to be let alone, will die before your time, and you have some time here yet before you are to leave. Do you see that lady?"

"Meow," said the intelligent cat.

"She will be good to you and so will the rest of the family," the Helper continued.

"Meow," said the cat again.

"Now, now, you go over to her," coaxed the Helper.

The cat went to the neighbor lady and looked at her and then at the Helper, "She is going now," said the Helper. "You follow her home and be a good cat and do not run off."

The cat looked around and said, "Meow," and the Helper said, "Yes, now. You are to go with her."

The policeman and the neighbors present wanted to know how the stranger could control the cat.

"Oh, he is a friend of mine," replied the Helper.

"How did you find out that something was wrong?" the policeman asked the Helpers.

"I looked through the window by the moonlight and saw the cat's eyes, and then I saw the woman sitting in the chair," said the Helper. "And I called the people next door."

The neighbors then returned to their home, the cat followed, and the Helpers went on with their work.

A few days later the Helpers went to see the yellow angora cat again. They found him lying in a baby's bed with a cover over him. The Helper who had made friends with him went up to him and spoke to him. He got up and went to the man Helper and then he went to the lady Helper and lay down at her feet. She picked him up and put him back in his bed. He said, "Meow," as if to say thanks.

One Helper told his companion to say, "All right." She did and the cat said, "Meow," and the Helper patted his head, and he stretched out comfortably.

The lady came and patted him and said, "Poor Sonny Boy must be dreaming of his mistress. I will try to make up for it."

The Helpers left without her seeing them.

Here is a queer story about how another cat was helped. Two Helpers were out one night, and they saw an alley cat lying on a doorstep. It was sick, and its fur was full of fleas. One Helper worked on the cat, and he soon got much better and he began to beg for food.

The lady Helper took some fleas off this cat and killed them. The first Helper told her not to do that but to tell the fleas to leave the cat.

"Can I do that?" asked the surprised Helper.

"You know the Group Spirit," he said. "Ask him to have the fleas leave the cat.

She did, and the fleas left at once. Then the Helpers got some food for the cat and left him happy.

Here is an interesting story of how some Helpers saved a calf in South America. One night two Helpers were going over a town. They were traveling very fast, but one of them heard a dog bark and howl. "Wait," she said, and they stopped to listen and heard the dog again. "Let's go back and see what the trouble is?" she said.

"Oh, it's just a dog wanting to get into the house or calling his boy or girl pal," her companion replied.

"No, it isn't," she said. "Something is wrong."

"Are you a howlologist, and do you know all the barks," he laughingly remarked. It is getting late, and I want to make my rounds."

The lady Helper went to where the barking dog was, and the Helpers found a beautiful collie dog barking over a young calf that was bogged up to its stomach in the mud. The dog saw the Helpers and came barking to them to attract their attention. They went down and saw what the trouble was.

The farmer hurried out and went part way, and then he said that be could not go out on the marsh land, as it was dangerous, and he did not want to get bogged and never get out. "I guess I will have to shoot the calf," he said, "for no one can go out there and get It. It belongs to my little boy."

"I will go and get the dear little thing," the Helper said.

"Lady, you will sink out of sight in no time," said the farmer. "I don't see how that calf got away out there."

The Helper started off, and the farmer asked the man Helper to stop her.

"No, she is all right and will come back safely," he said.

The Helper went to the calf and put her hands under its neck and hind legs, picked it up, laid its head on her shoulder, carried it to solid ground, and put it down.

"Lady, you surely must love animals to risk your life for a calf!" the farmer remarked.

"I do love animals, and I am a servant to everything that is alive and moves, even to the flowers, trees, and grass," she said.

"How do you get that way?" he asked. "No human being will risk her life for a calf that belongs to a stranger at this hour in the morning. No one would try such a thing but a fool, or a crazy person."

The Helper told this man about her teachings, and he turned to the man Helper and said, "The poor lady is out of her mind. God takes care of nuts and children. You had better watch your friend, for there is another bad swamp a few miles down the way, and she might hear a panther and think that it is a woman in trouble and go to her death."

While the farmer was talking, the Helper who had rescued the calf was making friends with the dog. Then she told the dog to take the calf home and he did at once. "I would not say such things if I were you," she said to the farmer, "I am a servant to everything and may be an Angel to you, for I have been that to others," and she disappeared.

The farmer was so frightened that he shook. "That lady must be an Angel," he said in a fearful and trembling voice. "What is she?"

"She is human just like us," the Helper told him.

"No, she isn't," the farmer said with conviction.

"Be careful how you talk to strangers, for you may be talking to Angels and not know it," said the man Helper, and he also disappeared.

Some day that man will hear of the Mystic teachings, and I believe that he will be really interested, for he will know that there really are Invisible Helpers and that they are servants of humanity.

Here is how a tiger and a lion were helped in a jungle in India one day. Some Helpers were passing over a jungle and one of them looked down and saw some animals fighting, "Look, a fight!" she said.

The Helpers then went down to see what was going on. They saw a lion and a tiger in a death fight, and as they looked around, they saw a large brown bear waiting away off to see what would happen. He probably meant to fight the winner and have a good meal. One Helper thought he could go between the lion and the tiger and stop them.

He materialized and tried it, but the furious animals carried him around so fast that he could not do anything. The tiger and the lion went round and round with the Helper and it must have been a strange sight, for the Helper leaned one way and then the other as he was buffeted about. He called to the Group Spirits of the lion and the tiger to stop them.

"Tell them to stop," they said.

The Helper did, and they both stopped, and one animal stood on each side of him and looked at him. If he had let them go then, they would have found the bear by his smell, and then they would both have jumped on him. The bear was short and stout and could have put up a good fight with either one of them alone but would have been no match for both of them.

The Helper called the bear to him, and he came very cautiously and stood in front of him, and the Helper made them feel friendly. The lady Helper had been standing at a safe distance, as she did not know how to help on this occasion. Her companion called her, as he was afraid that a snake would crawl up and frighten her.

She came up and made friends with the lion, the tiger, and the bear and started to play with them. Soon they became very friendly with each other. After that the Helper sent the three wild animals off in different directions, and then they went on their way.

Some years ago a band of wandering Helpers was sent to Alaska to save some Eskimos from some elks which were on a stampede and coming south. The Eskimos had been out hunting and were in the, path of the elks and were in great danger.

The leader who sent the band out told them to hurry or the Eskimos would all be killed. One member of the band asked him if they could not get the Eskimos out of the way, and he said, "No." The Helpers went to the Eskimos and told them to travel east as fast as they could, and they went off in a hurry. The Helpers went on, and after a while they heard a sound like thunder, and then they saw a dark mass moving rapidly toward them.

The leader of the band lined all the Helpers up and told them to concentrate their thoughts on the herd and tell them to turn west. They did, and the elks stopped, and those in the rear piled up on each other, and then the whole herd turned and went west in smaller herds.

It took the greatest of nerve for the Helpers to stand there in the pathway of the stampeding elks, which came within about two hundred feet of where they were lined up. After the danger was over, part of the herd went on, and part of the Helpers went after the elks and completely scattered the big herd so that they would not start on another rush southward

The weather was extremely cold, and the leader said that there was a cold wave coming south. The elks sensed this and had been given an impulse to try to outrun the cold wave and go where they could find more food.

One time two Helpers were going over the central part of Africa when they saw a large lion lying down in an open space. This was an unusual thing for a lion to do, and so one Helper spoke to his companion. Let us stop and see what is the matter with the lion," he said. "It may be sick or hurt."

The Helpers turned back and went to the place, and materialized, and went up to the lion and saw that its left front foot had been badly mangled, or chewed by some animal. The man Helper started toward the lion, talking to him to quiet him, for he didn't want him to get excited.

"Buddy, you have a bad paw," he said. "Let me see what I can do for you."

The Helper reached for the injured paw, and the lion tried to bite him. "Say, Fellow, don't bite me!" he said. "I only want to help you. You know that you can't fight with a paw like that." The Helper reached for the lion's paw and got hold of it, and the lion grabbed at him with his mouth.

"Don't get excited, and do not bite, me," said the Helper patiently. "If I wanted to fight, I would not come over here to Africa to fight a lion with a sore foot."

Still the lion would not let the Helper touch his injured paw. Then the man Helper told the lady Helper to rub the lion's head and neck. While the lady Helper was doing this, he examined the lion's paw carefully and saw that it was ulcerated and needed washing out and should be bandaged. The Helper had nothing to do it with and didn't see any water near. He called the Group Spirit of the lion and asked him what he could do to help the lion.

The Group Spirit showed the Helpers a stream of water nearby. The man Helper tried to make the lion, get up and go with him, but the lion would not move. "Come on, Old Fellow," he said. "I want to fix you up so you can catch yourself some food." Still the lion would not move.

Then this Helper told the lady Helper to make the lion go with them. She told the lion to get up and go with them, and he got up and hobbled on three legs between the Helpers. They went to the stream, and she told the lion to lie down at the water's edge, and he obeyed.

The man Helper thought that the lion was all right and understood that the Helpers were his friends so he started to wash his paw. The lion growled and snapped at him and jumped over him.

The lady Helper called the lion back and made him lie down, and she began to stroke his head and neck, and he relaxed and laid his head in her lap after she sat down beside him. He kept still because the healing force that comes from God passed through her and stopped the pain in his foot. He quieted down and had a restful feeling, and he lay as still as a house cat.

The man Helper washed his paw and cleaned it out thoroughly. When he was through, the Group Spirit showed him some leaves to get and wrap the lion's paw in and where be could get some young tender vines to tie the leaves on the lion's foot. After the Helper had bandaged up the lion's paw the best he could with the means at hand, he said, "You can go now."

The lion looked at him as much as to say, "Keep still. Can't you see that I am resting?"

"Why do you always want to bite?" the Helper asked.

The lion looked at him as if to say, "I have to eat, don't I?"

The lady Helper told the lion to get up, and as he followed the Helpers, they noticed that he was no longer limping. They then disappeared from him and went on their way.

One night some Helpers went up north and saw a hunter who had just found a family of polar bears. He shot the papa bear and would have killed him, but when one of the Helpers saw the fire leap out of his gun as he pulled the trigger, she spoke to the hunter.

"Oh, no. Don't, shoot," she said. He did anyway, but his aim was not true, so he did not kill the bear.

The bear family lived in a cave, in the ice. The Helper rushed to the wounded bear and went into the hole where he had crawled, and she coaxed him out and healed him. The two baby bears and their mother came out to see what was going on. By this time the big bear had become quite friendly.

When the mother bear smelled the powder she became terror-stricken and grew very fierce and wanted to attack the hunter, who was near. This man begged the Helper to save him from the mother bear and her little ones who wanted to get him. The Helpers, quieted the bear family and made them all very peaceful.

After that the two Helpers and the hunter left the bears and walked on. The Helper who had helped the bears told the man to find something else to do to make his living. He promised that he would, and the Helpers disappeared from him when he was near his home.

That hunter had much to think about, for he had seen with his own eyes what Invisible Helpers can do to assist the animals. He had had positive proof that Helpers can materialize apparently solid physical bodies and can heal animals by spiritual means and can then disappear quite as suddenly.

Before some Helpers started out on their work one night, they were shown a scene in Africa where a leopard and, a lion were fighting. It was a coming event. As soon as possible after being shown their work by means of Jupiterian Consciousness, these Helpers hurried to a place near the middle of the African jungles.

There they found a leopard and a lion having a terrible fight. They were making their hair fly. The lion had sneaked up, hoping to make a meal of the leopard's baby, and the mother leopard went for him and was fighting for both their lives.

The lady Helper told them to stop, which they did, and they came and stood on each side of her. She patted them both and talked to them and told them that they must not fight, but must be friends. She told them to touch each other's noses, and when she pushed their heads together, they did not growl or fight.

Next she sent the lion off, and the leopard went to her baby. The Helper picked up the baby leopard and admired him. He looked sleepy, but he was very much alive. The Group Spirits of both the lion and the leopard thanked her for helping their charges, and the Helpers left and went about their work,

Here is a story of how a red fox was healed. Some Helpers were at a home one night helping a sick man and they saw a pretty red fox in the house. Someone told them that one of the family found the fox when it was very little and brought it home for a pet. They raised it and it stayed in the house and ran about like a dog.

While the Helpers were at this house the fox wanted to go outside. It ran up to the screen door and pushed it open and ran out on the lawn. Some dogs saw the fox and chased and caught it. The lady Helper went out and called off the dogs and called the fox. It came right to her and she carried it into the house and looked it over to see what its injuries were. She saw at once that its lower eyelid on the left side was badly torn and part of its lovely plume-like tail had been torn off by the fierce dogs which had attacked it.

The Helpers asked that the fox be healed and it was all right in a few minutes. The Helper thought it would be a good idea to give the fox a bath so it would be nice and clean to have in the house. She asked the young lady daughter to help her. This girl was all dressed to go to a party that evening but she wanted to help wash her pet. She put a large apron on over her dress and got the large dishpan and some warm water and soap. They washed the fox in the center of the kitchen table while the lady of the house put the supper dishes away. The Helper spoke to this Lady about getting in her way, and the lady said that it would be very nice to have the fox clean and that they were not in her way.

After the bath was over the Helper carefully dried the fox's fur coat. She petted it and talked to it just as if it were a person and it seemed to understand everything she said. It was a very handsome little creature after it had been bathed.

Afterwards the Group Spirit of the foxes thanked the Helpers for helping his charge. About three years before this time the lady Helper had seen this Group Spirit. While she was trying to go to sleep one night she saw his head with his long ears standing up. He looked like a fox only he seemed to be painted in bright shining gold light. Then it seemed as if her room was filled with a kind of golden mist. It was dark but she could see it with her eyes open or closed. She looked as hard as she could and saw it moving away and before long it was all gone.

This lady Helper told a friend about seeing this beautiful Group Spirit and he said, "The time was right and your condition was in tune and the Fox Group Spirit raised your vibrations so you could see him as he could not come down to you. You saw his aura and his shining light. There was no need of your seeing his body as long as you saw his head which identifies him. He wanted you to see him so you would have more proof that the teachings you are studying are true."'

The Group Spirit who has charge of the foxes is an Archangel who is helping this species of animals to gain experience and progress in evolution. He has a body composed of desire stuff which looks like a man's body but his head resembles a fox. He is surrounded by a large aura which is very bright and shining. These Group Spirits can read in the Memory of Nature and they are very Wise. They are two life waves ahead of us in evolution.

The next story is about how a horse was helped. Some Helpers were in the northwestern part of the country, and they saw a milkman's horse slip and fall down. Just before this the horse had slipped and fallen, and the milkman had backed the wagon to get the horse up. Some people were watching but they did not know what to do The milkman got the horse's forefeet up in front of him so he could get up. He did get up but slipped again, and his mouth hit the ground, cutting his lip. Then the poor horse tried to get up again, but again he slipped on the wet street, and his right front leg snapped, and down he went for the third time.

"What shall I do?" the man asked. "His leg is broken. I guess I will have to call the police and have him shot"

"No," said the Helpers "who were standing nearby.

"How can he get well when he has to walk on his feet?" the milkman asked them.

"We can heal him," said the lady Helper

Lady, what kind of liquor have you been drinking to give you such an idea?" asked the astonished milkman.

The lady Helper asked for some water to wash the horse's mouth, and the milkman got her some. While she was washing it, the cut healed up. Then she leaned down and patted the horse on the head and neck and talked to him.

At the same time the other Helper straightened the horse's injured foot, pulled the broken bones in place, and rubbed the break until he could feel the reinforced ring come around the broken place. Then he told his companion that the foot was healed. Next he put the horse's feet in front of him and told the lady Helper to stay on one side to brace him. The man Helper got behind the animal to help him up.

Then the lady Helper told the horse to get up slowly and carefully, which he did, finally standing on all four feet. One Helper told the milkman to let the horse walk around a few days in the barn lot and that he would be all right for work again.

"Well, what have I seen done this morning?" asked the surprised milkman. "Lady, what do I know?"

"Very little, like the rest of us," the lady Helper answered.

"The trouble with us all is we think we know. I have never drunk any kind of intoxicating liquor in my life."

"Lady, are you an Angel?" asked the milkman.

"We can all be Angels of mercy; but we are human beings who go out and help every living thing in trouble that we can," she replied.

"Where do you live and who are you?" asked a man who was standing near.

The Helpers left them wondering, for they had other work to do.

Here is a lovely story that I heard about a little boy and his dog who were helped by Invisible Helpers. One Monday night two Helpers went to a lady's house, to see a little boy and his dog that had been badly injured. Over a week before, they ha been hit by an automobile. The boy twisted and turned in his bed and cried for his dog. The dog lay outside under the window of the boy's room, and when the boy cried out for him, the poor faithful dog howled.

When the Helpers entered the boy's room, the child, who was about six years old, saw them, for he had psychic sight.

"Mamma, look! Look! An Angel!" the surprised child exclaimed.

His mother's eyes grew large, and she began to tremble and perspire.

"Oh, my son is going to die!" she exclaimed in fear.

"No, I am not, but I want the Angel to get my dog from under my window," he said. "Angel, will you please get my dog? The doctor said I couldn't have him, and my mamma will not give him to me, but my papa holds him up sometimes so I can see him. Make him well so he can play with me. Angel, do this for me, and I will be a good boy. I will be as good as I can."

"Yes, we will make your dog well," the lady Helper assured him. "Tell your mother to let me in the front door with your dog."

The boy nearly jumped out of his bed in his excitement. He told his mother, and she screamed and called her husband and told him to go to the front door and let an Angel in with their dog. The father went and let the Helper in with the dog.
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Reference: The Work of Invisible Helpers, by Amber M. Tuttle

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