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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 7)

Chapter VIII

By this time the, dog was healed of his injuries and was barking and wriggling in her arms. The Helper told the mother to wash the dog, and she would take care of her boy, while she was busy. The mother said that the boy was still bleeding from his injuries.

Then the Helper went to the little boy and picked him up, and he became well. She took the wet bandages off the boy, and his skin was smooth and white underneath. The father stood near by and looked at the Helper in amazement, and his eyes bulged out as if they were paralyzed.

"My God, who are you?" he asked the stranger. "Are you an Angel or a human being?"

"Yes, I am an Angel to you," she said, "and I am taking the part of an Angel to the boy, but I am human."

The mother came in with the freshly washed and hastily dried dog. It jumped from her, ran to the boy, leaped into his bed, and snuggled down, and they were both happy. The boy and his dog were pals and couldn't bear to be separated.

"Leave them together," advised the Helper, "and tell the doctor to let them alone, and they will be all right."

Then the parents began to ask a great many questions, and the Helper explained her work and told them about her teachings.

"You are my Angel," said the boy. "Will you make the doctor stay away?"

The Helper hugged the little boy and let out her aura.

"Come now. We must go," said the man Helper, who had not materialized.

The Helper disappeared and the people said, "surely she was an Angel!"

After that the Helpers went on with their work.

My next story is about how a man saved a snake. One day while a man was at work, he walked along a by-path, and a snake five or six feet long ran out to bite him.

"Go back," the man cried, and he jumped away, for it frightened him by its sudden appearance. After the man got himself together, he said to the snake, "Buddy, I, am your friend. You should not bite me."

The snake wriggled around within striking distance, and he was afraid to move. At first he did not know what to do, for his reason seemed to leave him. Then he looked at the snake to see what kind it was and realized that it was a ground rattler. Then the man called the Group Spirit of this snake and asked what he should do.

"Walk down the path about fifty feet and you will find a box," said the Group Spirit. "Put the snake in there, and call the police to take it away. It will not hurt you."

The man went on and the snake followed him. Several men saw the snake and ran away to a safe distance, calling to the man that there was a snake behind him. "I know it," the man said, "and it is a friend of mine."

When the man came to the box, he reached down, picked up the snake and put it in the box, and told it to stay there. Then he called the police, and they came to see about it. One policeman said that the snake must have come out of an old building about half a block away that was being torn down. He asked the man how the snake got in the box, and he was told all about it.

The policemen didn't want to get very near, for they saw that the, snake had a large head and some very sharp fangs. The man told the Salamanders to remain quiet, for he saw that the policemen wanted to shoot the snake. They spoke of it, and the man said, "Go ahead," for he knew that they could not. They tried several times.

"We will take him to the park," one of them said. They did this, so the snake's life was saved, and no one was hurt. The man went back to work as if nothing had happened.

Here is a different kind of snake story. As some Helpers went along one night, they saw a house on fire. The house had a snake den under it, and the heat from the fire had frightened the snakes out. Their way of escape through the basement was cut off, and they slid through the house and went up on the roof, which was not burning at that time.

The house was at the city limits, and by the time the fire department reached the place, the house was destroyed and the snakes were dead. The only thing the Helpers could do was to carry the snakes in their desire bodies to Group Spirit. One Helper did not care to do that until her partner told her that the snakes would not bite.

"Yes, I am out of my body, and they cannot bite me," she said.

The snakes wrapped themselves all over the Helpers. It bothered the lady Helper at first, but the vibrations from the Helpers soon quieted the snakes, who had died from the flames, and the Helpers went to the Desire World with them. They found the Group Spirit of these snakes in much pain.

"Do you suppose I can help him?" the lady Helper asked her companion.

"I do not know, but you can try," he answered.

The lady Helper cautiously went up to the Group Spirit and put her hand on him. "I am sorry that your charges got burnt up," she said.

The Group Spirit straightened up at once and turned to her.

"Thank you," he said. "I can help you, but I cannot help myself. I give you my blessing for your help."

Then the Helpers left and went somewhere else to be helpful.

One night during a drought some Helpers were passing over the northern part of the United States, and they found a mama bear and her cub, and a cow and her calf looking for water. The calf and the cub were tired out and had lain down, and the mothers were standing beside them.

The Helpers had just passed over some water and wanted to take the thirsty animals to it. The trouble was how were they to take them! "I will take the cub, and you take the calf," said the man Helper.

When the Helpers started to pick up the cub and the calf, the bear and the cow objected, and war broke out. The Helpers put the young animals down, and the man Helper began to talk to the mothers.

"You mothers come here," he said, and they came nearer. "Listen. I came here to help you save your babies, but if you have to fight, I will have to let you alone. There are only two of us, and we can't carry all four of you at the same time. I will tell you what I will do. I will stay here and let her carry the children to water and then we will take you both to the water. Then we can go quicker.

They grunted their consent, and the lady Helper picked up the cub and started off. The bear growled and jumped at her, and she nearly dropped the cub. Her companion told her to go ahead, and she carried the cub to water, set it down, and came back.

"Pick up the calf and go ahead," said her partner.

She did that, and the cow tried to follow her, mooing. She carried the calf to where she had left the cub, put it down, and returned.

"The best way to carry the mothers is to suspend gravity, and they will float along," said the man Helper.

They did this, and one took the cow and the other took the bear up from the ground. The cow began to kick and moo, and the bear struggled and growled because she couldn't keep her feet on the ground. They were not accustomed to being carried rapidly through the air. The Helpers went as fast as they could with the cow and the bear and got them to the water.

They seemed dizzy at first but soon made for the water and moaned while they drank. After their thirst was satisfied, they came back to where the Helpers were, for they recognized them as friends now. They licked the Helpers' hands in gratitude. The Helpers saw that the animals were all right, and they went on.

Mr. Max Heindel discusses the subject of suspension of gravity briefly in his book Freemasonry and Catholicism. He even tells us that certain people can suspend the law of gravitation for a certain definite purpose in order to rise in the air while in their dense bodies. I will quote what he says. "Stories are told of Initiates having overcome the law of gravitation in order to rise in the air at certain times for a definite purpose, while still in the dense body. Initiates are also taught how to suspend the law of levitation when they are in their soul bodies, and how to pass through the nine strata of the earth."

Invisible Helpers, when out in their soul bodies on definite work, are endowed with authority to accomplish this work and often suspend the law of gravitation, in order to carry heavy objects through the air, when it is necessary to save the lives of persons or animals. This is done frequently by Invisible Helpers in the course of their work.

One June day some Helpers found two baby bears in traps. They took them out and found that one cub was dead. The live cub was healed of its injuries and stayed close by its mamma. The spirit of the other cub was lying beside its body, which was still warm. Its mother was going away. The cab was frantic at being left behind by its mother. The Helpers quieted it, and the lady Helper picked it up in its desire body and caught up with its mother.

The mother bear saw her cub, for animals have psychic sight, and she became very fierce and started to fight the Helper because she had her baby. The Helpers had a hard time quieting the mother bear. The cub began to squirm and wanted to go to its mother. The man Helper told his partner who had the cub to keep on holding it but to take it to its mother. The bear reached for it and fell over to the ground, looking dismayed enough.

"Listen, Mrs. Bear," one Helper said to her. "Your baby is dead, and we are out of our bodies; so you cannot get hold of us, as we are the same as air. You can see us, but you cannot touch us. This friend of yours only brought your cub to you so you can see it for the last time. She is very fond of you and and she does not realize that you do not understand. If I had taken a second thought, I would not have let her come to you and get you all upset."

He began to rub the mother bear's head. She lay down, and he began to gently scratch her head and neck. Then he motioned for the other Helper to take the cub to the Desire World. The Helper took it to the Group Spirit, who has charge of the bears, left it, and came back.

By this time the mother bear was in a good frame of mind. The Helper had asked that the memory of her cub be erased from her mind, and it was. The Helpers left the bear happy, for she had forgotten her cub. Perhaps this same cub will be sent to her again, and she will have the opportunity to raise it next time. Her mother love was strong, and she wanted to keep her cub, but she was powerless to keep it out of the hidden trap. The bear and the cub will recognize each other in the future, for they seemed to be much attracted to each other.

The bears are evolving on this planet and are here for experience the same as we are.

One night two Helpers saw a beautiful black panther caught by his tail in a trap in the Belgian Congo in Africa. The tail was half in the trap; so the panther could not turn around and chew it off. His red eyes shone like two balls of fire as the Helpers came nearer. When they materialized and, walked toward him, he became very, fierce and rose up at them.

"Mr. Panther, I know you are hard to get along with," the man Helper said, "but you must be friendly to us so we can set you free. I know you want your tail, and you want to go free, so be good."

The Helpers went nearer, and he was quiet. One Helper opened the trap and took the panther's tail out and wrapped some leaves around the injured part. The panther became very friendly, but he was still a panther and had to be watched.

"Why do you always say Mr. or Mrs. to the animals?" inquired the lady Helper.

"They all like to be honored, and I do it to please them," he said.

Another night a dog attracted the attention of two Helpers and saved the life of his master and his injured master shut up in the kitchen of a house. The Helpers were going along through the air low down, and they saw a police dog running towards them. He jumped up and barked and then ran back.

"Let us go down and see what is the matter," said one of the Helpers.

They went into the farm house and saw a very sick man groaning on his bed. There was no fire, and there were many dirty dishes about. They heard a dog whining in the kitchen. One Helper went to the kitchen and came back and told her companion that the dog was hurt and all swollen up.

"When I get through with the man, I will look after the dog," he said. "You make a fire and clean up the house a little."

The man had pneumonia, and the Helper worked on him and gave him some relief. This man told the Helpers that his wife and daughter were away and that he had got wet while at work in the fields and had taken sick. "My dog got into a fight two nights ago and came in bleeding, but I was too sick to look after her," he said.

The Helper went to the kitchen and saw at once that the dog was about to have a family and was badly cut up. He thought she must have had a fight with a wolf. He gave this dog some milk and tied up her injured legs and rubbed her to give her strength, for she was in a much weakened condition. The lady Helper held her head, and the man Helper began to rub hard on her stomach and downward. After a while the dog had five little puppies.

The Helpers cleaned up the kitchen, washed the dishes and prepared some food for the man and his dogs. Then the Helper smilingly told the sick man that he had five grandchildren in the kitchen, and he smiled, too.

After that the Helper told the man that he could get up and keep the fire going and that his wife would be home the next day. This Helper bad already sent thoughts to the wife to return, as she was needed at home.

One Helper let the papa dog in to see his wife and children. He looked as if he meant to say, "Well, five of them!" He touched his mate's nose, and she said something to him. The Helper said he guessed she said, "Are you glad John, dear?" Then he lay down on the bed the Helpers had made for him.

This Helper told the man that he had that dog to thank for bringing help. If the dog had not attracted the attention of the Helpers, the man and the dog in the house would have died.

"You ought always to be kind to your dog," the man Helper said.

"I will," promised the grateful farmer. This man asked the Helpers many questions, and they told him about their work and their religious teachings.

A few days later the Helpers stopped by to see this man again. His wife was home, and the house was neat and tidy. The mother dog and her puppies were in the kitchen, and all were doing fine. Either the puppies' eyes were not yet opened or else they were very sleepy. The man's vital body had begun to get its color back, and he was recovering. The Helpers did not wake up the family but went on when they found that their help was not needed.

Here is a lovely rabbit story. One night while in the central states two Helpers saw a rabbit family almost ready to die for lack of water. There was the mother, the father, and four baby rabbits. The Helpers wanted to help the poor little things to get water to drink. They looked around for water and saw some a long way off. One Helper coaxed the mother and father rabbits to him and told them that he was going to take them to where there was some water.

"I do not know whether you drink water or not, but I know you need juicy, green food and that all this dry earth is not good for your babies," said the man Helper. "I will carry one of you and two babies. She will take the other one and two babies.

The mother rabbit talked to her husband, then she called her babies, and they all went to the HeIper. The other Helper began to gently pet the little rabbits.

Just before this, the Helper paid close attention to the parents to see if he could understand them. It seemed as if she said, "Do you think they are fooling us to catch us?" The father rabbit said, "No, if they were, could they not catch us now? She has our babies."

It was then that the mother rabbit called them and hopped up to the Helper. He picked up the father and two baby rabbits and gave them to his partner. He wiggled and squirmed, and she told him to keep quiet so she wouldn't drop him. Then he quieted down. The man Helper told her to dematerialize all but her hands and chest where she held the rabbits up against her. Then he took the mother and the other two babies and did the same thing, and they carried them to water about ten miles away and put them down on the damp ground. The rabbits all flattened out as if they were dead.

"Oh, they are dead!" the lady Helper said. "We should not have brought them."

"They are not dead," her partner replied. "They have gone to sleep," and he began to rub them and talk to them. Soon the father rabbit said, "Huh!" or what sounded like it and began to jump around. In a little while the rest became well and lively. The Helpers left them after they saw that there were no animals around that would harm them.

Soon after this these same Helpers found a fawn standing beside her mother, who was caught in a trap. They took the deer out of the trap and did what they could for her and let her go, but they kept the fawn and carried her to a farmer who lived in the southern part of Canada. He had a daughter who was about twelve years old.

The farmer owned a police dog and two collie dogs. When the farmer saw the fawn, he was surprised. "The dogs will kill it," he said.

"Get the dogs," said the man Helper.

The farmer called them, and the fawn ran to the Helper, who put her arms around its neck, calling the Group Spirits of the dogs and the deer to ask them to make all animals and dogs be friends to the deer, and they said they would. The dogs came up and lay down beside the deer, which looked them over and stopped trembling.

"Well, what do you think of that!" exclaimed the farmer.

"Lady, who are you, and how do you do it? That police dog kills everything he comes to. Why, he even fights the collies."

"He is just as mean as he ever was, but he will be friendly to all on this farm," the Helper said.

"Here is ten dollars for the deer," the farmer said. "My daughter has been wanting one for a pet for a long time."

The Helper shook her head and refused the money.

"Go and get your daughter," the other Helper said.

The farmer got her up, and she came. When she saw the deer, she ran to it and hugged it and wanted to take it into the house away from the dogs. The man Helper told her that nothing would hurt the deer. She thanked the Helpers for her new pet.

"Why did you take the fawn away from her mother?" asked the lady Helper of her partner.

"The Group Spirit told me that the mother would die soon as her time is nearly up. So they wanted to place the fawn in a good place so she can advance," her partner replied.

The Helpers told the farmer that as Invisible Helpers it was their work to help everything that was alive.

"I have a sick cow. Maybe you can help her," the farmer said.

The Helpers followed him into the barn, and they found the cow lying down. A big snake had milked her dry. One Helper made the snake come out of its hiding place and told it to go away and never come back. It started on its way down the road. The Group Spirit of the snake cooperated, with the Helper and gave the snake an impulse to leave the place.

The Helpers began to rub the cow and she began to moo. When a Helper touched her milk-bag, the cow became quiet, and the Helpers worked on her until he was healed.

"Your cow will be all right in a day or so," he said to the farmer. "Put about four hogs in the barn and the barn lot, and they will keep the snakes away. Cow snakes are not dangerous, but they will suckle a cow to death."

The Helpers then left and went down the road to see how far the snake had gone. It had not gone far when a milk truck came along and ran over it and killed it. So the snake was soon punished.

One night, while some Helpers were passing along, they saw some children with two rabbits in a basket. They soon saw that the rabbits were sick and that the children were taking them back to the original owners to find out what was the matter. The Helpers went with the children to a house nearby, and one Helper asked the lady who came to the door if they might come in with the children, and she said, "Yes."

Here at this house they saw two more rabbits that were in a box, and they looked sick, too. The visiting children took their rabbits and put them on the floor, and they didn't care to hop around or eat. It seemed that the rabbits were sick when someone in that family had given them to these children, who were distressed about them because they were fond of pets.

One Helper got down on the floor and looked at the rabbits. Then she called the Group Spirit of the rabbits and asked him what to do for them. He said that the rabbits were constipated because they had not been fed the right kind of food. He told the Helper to massage their abdomens. She did this and the rabbits were soon all right.

She told the children to feed their rabbits on carrots, cabbage, greens, etc., and to let them outdoors where they could exercise and play. She told them that their pets would not run away but would become very tame. The children were much pleased and started home with their little brown and white rabbits.

The rabbit Group Spirit is a very beautiful, gentle Being with a body like a graceful man, a head like a rabbit, and an etheric body of a rabbit extending out behind him.

Not long after this these same Helpers saw a fine, dark brown horse in a barn. This horse looked sick and not very well cared for, and his master said that he didn't eat well and seemed to be short of breath. The Helpers found out that the horse had bad too many oats to eat and needed green grass, sunshine, and exercise.

The Helpers coaxed the horse outdoors and put him in a pasture. They told the owner to let him stay there several weeks and he would be all right.

"Thank you very much for your help," said the owner.

Here is an interesting story about some white doves and a brown and black tiger cat. Some Helpers met a lady sitting on a porch late one hot night. She told them what was worrying her. She lived in one room on the ground floor of a house and boarded with the lady who owned the house. She had two lovely doves and a beautiful pet cat. She went to work early and came home late, and she kept her pets shut up while she was gone. They were showing the effects of confinement, and she was worried but didn't know what to do. She did not dare leave them out alone all day, and she didn't want them to die.

This lady asked the lady Helper what she could suggest, and they talked the matter over. The lady wanted to make some arrangements with the landlady to let her pets out for air and exercise. She thought of helping the lady out with her work in some way in exchange for her care of the pets.

"It would be better for you to pay your landlady fifty cents a day to feed and look after your pets while you are gone," said the Helper. "She can put them outdoors for an hour in the shade."

The lady had a large cage for the doves. The lady Helper went to the cage and opened the door to get the doves out.

"Don't take them out, as they will fly away in the dark, and I will lose them," said the owner.

The Helper looked at a dove and then she looked for the Group Spirit of the dove, and she saw him. He let out his marvelous white aura, and he was gloriously beautiful to see. He was only a little less beautiful than an Angel, if a comparison can be made. The Helper was charmed and delighted. As she looked it seemed as if the body of the Group Spirit grew and took on a beautiful white light like feathers springing out miraculously. It is quite impossible to tell you of the beauty of this Group Spirit.

"Yes, my Friend," said the Group Spirit to the lady Helper.

"Take them out, and I will straighten them out through you.

The Helper took them out of the cage and held them in her hands, and then they flew to her shoulders. The lady to whom they belonged looked on in surprise. The lady Helper rubbed the doves from their heads to their tails, and they became stronger.

The cat came in and rubbed against the Helper and was very friendly. After that the Helper went with the lady to see the landlady and ask her to take the doves outdoors in their cage and leave them for an hour every day.

"I will willingly do it," said the landlady.

They all went out into the yard to select a place to put the cage.

While all the people were out in the yard, a man came sneaking along and tried to slip into the lady's room through the door, which was unlocked. She saw him, and she became very much excited. "Oh, all I have is in my room. What shall I do?" said the owner of the pets.

"You stay back, as he may have a gun," the Helper said. "I will chase him off."

The Helper went up behind the man and took him by the neck and shook him. As soon as he could get loose, he ran away as fast as he could. Then, the landlady showed the Helpers all over her house and took them down into the basement. When they came back, the cat was gone, and the Helper called him.

"Kitty! Kitty!" he called, and then she had a big surprise, for instead of the right cat, a poor half-starved mother cat came to her, and then a lot of little, three-colored cats came from various directions. The Helper felt a little dismayed to think that she had gathered up, such a lot of cats. The landlady gave the Helper plenty pf food; and she fed all the cats and let them go. After that the Helpers went on, leaving the two people wondering who they were.

Here, is another bird story that shows how Helpers assist animals and birds. One spring, several men were standing underneath the raised street level near a large building which stands near a river. It was a cloudy, hazy day and darker than usual in this driveway. A sparrow got lost in this large, dark passageway, and could not find her way out.

The Group Spirit of the sparrow called a certain Helper by name and said. "Go get in my charge and take her out so that she can go to her youngsters."

"That bird will either starve to death or get run over by one of those trucks, if she does not get out," said a man who was near by.

"No. I am going out there and get her," said the Helper.

"You couldn't catch that bird in a thousand years," said another.

They all laughed as the Helper started out to get the sparrow. When he reached the bird, he stooped down and held out his hand and called to her. The bird flew close to him and then jumped onto his hand, and he carried her back to the men. He told them that as long as he held the bird, it would not fly away, but that none of them could catch or touch it.

Then the Helper put the sparrow on his shoulder, and stayed there. A man reached for her, and she flew away and lit on the ground. A man started after her, and she flew back to the Helper, who then carried her to the next street and let her go.

The men could not understand how this was done. The Helper told them that as long as they or anyone else has hate, malice, or prejudice in then, they can never hope to pick up wild birds and animals.

One night on the way back from Egypt two Helpers started to cross the jungles in Africa, and they saw two pythons fighting a boy and a large male lion. The Helpers came down quickly, and the man Helper told his partner to help the lion while he helped the boy.

The man Helper made the snake that had the boy turn him loose, and the snake subsided. Then this Helper went to the lady Helper, and together they freed the lion and made both of the large snakes go away.

"What were you doing with the lion?" one Helper asked the boy.

"He is my lion, and he lets me go every place, and he fights and hunts for me," the boy answered. "He carries me, along fast, and he jumps with me on his back." The boy motioned as he talked.

The boy seemed to be about ten years old. The Helpers rubbed the lion, and he was soon all right. One Helper told the boy to scratch the lion's head and neck and comb his hair out, and he showed him how to do it. The boy said that he would.

The boy got on the lion and went away, and the Helpers followed them until they reached the village where he lived. The lion was wild, but he obeyed the boy. The boy's parents said that their boy had found the lion in the jungle, and he had followed him home, and that they had been friends for three years. The Helpers were very much interested in this strange friendship.

One night two Helpers were shown a picture of a bull in trouble. He was running along with his head up and his mouth open as if he had something in his throat. The Helpers were sent to save his life. They hurried to the place and saw that he had part of an ear of green corn in his throat. As he had been eating the kernels it slipped and went into his throat, and he could scarcely get any air to breathe. The poor bull tried to cough it out, but it stuck tight.

One Helper went to the bull and told him to stand still. Then he reached his hand down the bull's throat and got the cob and brought it out. "Well, old fellow, you're all right now, but a little more, and they would have made meat of you by tomorrow," the Helper said to him.

The bull showed his relief and appreciation and was friendly to the Helpers. The Group Spirit, who has charge of the cattle, had called the Higher Ones, and asked that help be sent to save the bull's life, and they had sent these two Helpers to remove the cob from his throat. All life waves are dependent on each other, and should help each other and not cause harm, for otherwise the individual egos are held back in evolution.

Another night some Helpers were going along and they met an alligator creeping on the street in front of a store It was about three or four feet long, and as it acted vicious, the people nearby were afraid of it. This alligator belonged to the owner of a store. It had slipped out without being missed.

The Lady Helper stooped down to pet it, and it caught her hand in its large mouth. The people who had gathered around to look at the alligator thought that she had lost her hand. She did not try to jerk her hand out but told the alligator to let go. It released her hand and stood still. The owner came and shouted to the Helper to get away, as the alligator was vicious when outside without its muzzle.

"You should keep it in a cage or chained," the Helper said.

"It has about taken possession of the store, and I wish that I could sell it," the man said. "It is the only one I have left out of fifty babies, and now it is too large to sell."

"I will take it away for you," said the man Helper.

"I will be very glad to have you do it," said the man.

The Helpers took the alligator inside and tied it up after a good deal of trouble. Then they ran a pole through its feet and slipped out the back way and carried it to the everglades where they let it loose in a swamp so that it could take care of itself.

In the following story several animals were helped.

Some Helpers came upon six large crocodiles that had eaten something that had made them sick. They did not show fight but some others did.

"Listen, Crocy," the man Helper said to some of the others, "I came to help your friends, or brothers or sisters. If you, eat them, you will die, too."

The Helpers had to keep the crocodiles moving until they could get them quiet. They were from twelve to fifteen feet long and very large. Soon the Helpers began to work on the sick reptiles, and they massaged their intestines with their hands inside them. The crocodiles wriggled and opened their mouths as if trying to laugh, and a lot of green stuff came out, and they soon got frisky. The lady Helper began to play with them.

There were three large pythons watching the crocodiles. One of them ran out and caught one of the crocodiles, and a terrific fight was on. The crocodile flopped around and caught the snake about halfway from his head, closed his jaws, and the fight was over. The crocodiles ate all of the snake except the head. One Helper led the six crocodiles out to where the other two snakes were, and they ran away.

The Helpers left there and went on, and in a short time they came upon a black panther in a trap. They had a hard time making him believe that they meant well by him. The Helpers finally got him to understand, and they set him free. Afterwards they healed his foot.

These Helpers then came upon some hunters who were about to shoot a large gorilla that was badly wounded while trying to get out of a big steel trap.

"Don't shoot my friend," the man Helper said to them. "He will not hurt you if you don't bother him."

"Why, man, you are crazy with the jungle heat if you think he will not hurt us," said one of the hunters as he aimed his gun to shoot the gorilla.

The gun clicked but did not go off. You see the Helper asked the Salamanders to remain quiet to save the gorilla's life. The Salamanders are Nature Spirits that cause fires. The hunter looked surprised and became nervous.

"Do not be alarmed," the Helper said. "He will not hurt you."

Then he asked the lady Helper to go up to the gorilla and quiet him so that he could remove the trap from his foot.

The lady Helper talked to the gorilla as she went up to him, and he picked her up, looked her over, and then gently put her down. The hunters turned their heads because they did not want to see her torn to pieces. The other Helper took the trap off and bent it all up. He then put some soft mud on the gorilla's bleeding foot. It soon got dry and fell off, and his foot was healed. The mud was merely a medium for the healing force which the Helper directed on the injury. This healing force comes from God and is used by the Invisible Helpers in their work with people and animals.

The four hunters looked on in amazement while all this was taking place. "What kind of people are they?" one of them said.

The gorilla picked the lady Helper up as if she were an apple. He wanted to take her home, and she let him do it. They went to a village of gorillas, and they were well received.

Suddenly they heard a baby gorilla cry out, and everything rushed for it. A large snake had caught it. One big gorilla caught the snake and pulled it to pieces before the Helpers could move. Then this gorilla picked up the child and slapped it. The baby gorilla cried and ran to its mother, climbed up on her, and stayed there.

The hunters had come to that place to get a baby gorilla, but they gave up the idea. They asked the Helpers to see them to their camp, and they said that they would leave that place. The Helpers took them to their camp before they went on with their work.

One night the Group Spirit of the beavers told some Helpers about two baby beavers that needed help. The parent beavers had been caught in a trap and killed. This Group Spirit told the Helpers where to locate them and where to find a new home for them.

The Helpers found the babies and carried the little orphans to a farmer, who wanted them for pets for his two children.

"My dog has puppies, and maybe she will take them," the farmer said.

The Helpers carried the baby beavers to the mother dog and she looked them over and made a noise is if to say, "I will take them," and they started to nurse her. The dog solved the question about how to feed the beavers, and the farmer was delighted, for he knew his children would be very glad to have some new pets.

The Helpers left them all happy and went on. Few of us realize how the Group Spirits and Helpers work together to give assistance to both human beings and their younger brothers, the animals.

Here is a story about how a bear was released from one trap and a man from another. One afternoon a man who is a Helper lay down and went to sleep and then went out helping people. He went up in the northern part of the United States and saw a fine half-grown bear In a trap. When the Helper went up to him, the bear showed fight.

"Fellow, I came to help you, but you must keep stiff," the Helper said to the poor bear. The bear soon quieted down, and the Helper set him free and healed his right foot. The bear licked his hands to show his appreciation.

"You had better go on before someone comes along that would shoot you," the Helper advised the bear.

The bear looked at the Helper, as if to say, "Well, I had better go, as you are going, too."

"Yes," said the Helper, "I am going but not your way."

The bear went off, and the Helper disappeared and went high up in the air and looked around until he saw a man sitting In the snow. The Helper went to him and saw that his left foot was caught in a steel trap and a dead bear was beside him. It looked as if there had been a terrific fight, for the man's clothes were torn. The imprisoned hunter was blue with the cold.

The Helper asked the man where be lived, and he told him that he lived about ten miles away, to the southeast, and then he became unconscious. The Helper got the man out of the trap, picked him up, and carried him to his home. The man's wife met the Helper at the door and soon had a bed ready for her husband. They undressed the hunter and put him into it.

"Oh, he will lose his foot," the wife said.

"No, he will get well, but he will never trap again," replied the Helper. He took some warm water and washed the frozen blood off his leg and wrapped it up, and then he healed his injured arm.

"Keep him in bed for about ten days," the Helper said.

He then went and found the hunter's gun and the dead bear and took them to the woman.

"Do you think I will be able to get my husband to move to town?" the wife asked. "We have enough to live on for the rest of the winter."

"Your husband will move to town for good, as he is cured of his desire to hunt and trap animals," said the Helper.

"Oh, I am thankful, for I always worry until he gets back," she said.

Here is how a hungry stork was fed. Some Helpers were going along one night, and they saw a stork sitting on some eggs. The stork was hungry, and one of the Helpers wanted to feed it. A lady who was with the Helpers tried to make the Helper go on and leave the stork.

"Let it hunt its own food," she said.

"You can go on, and we will try to catch up with you," said the lady Helper.

"I am going, too," said the man Helper.

"Go ahead," said the lady Helper. "I will stay here and feed the stork."

Then the others helped her, and afterwards they all went on together.

The HeIper went out in search of food for the stork. She asked a lady for some meat, and this lady said that she only had some bacon. She then gave the Helper four slices of cooked bacon, which she took to the stork, and it went down in a hurry.

The other lady Helper said that she had some cornmeal at home, and she materialized some and got some water and mixed it so the stork could eat it. The lady Helper passed a good test that time. Her actions showed that she was more anxious to help than to go to the meeting.

One time a Helper found an Arabian horse that had wandered away while eating grass. She talked to him and asked him where he lived, and the horse looked as if he wanted to tell her. She contacted the Group Spirit who has charge of the horses and asked him where this horse lived, and she was shown by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness. She got on the horse's back and rode him back home.

The Arabs became excited when they saw a stranger riding into their camp on the chief's daughter's horse. The horse belonged to an Arabian girl who was about fourteen years old. She became much excited when she saw a stranger with her horse, for he was considered a mean animal by the other people in the camp. The Helper told the girl what had happened to the horse and that she was returning him to her. The girl was pleased because her horse had been brought home to her, and the Helpers left all the tribe happy.

If the Helper had not found this horse when she did, a man who was about to steal him would have caught him and sold him to another tribe. This would have caused a war between two tribes. And if the Group Spirit had not quieted the horse, the Helper would have given it up as a bad job and let him alone.

The sorrow and misery that hunters cause cannot possibly be imagined. Here is a story of some work done by invisible Helpers a few years ago. That night these Helpers were sent to help a brown bear that had been shot in the right hip by a hunter. The bear then got away and went as far as he could and fell. He was trying to get up and go on, but could not because of the great pain. The Helpers were shown this by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness.

The Helpers went to the bear, and when the bear saw them, he rose. One Helper said to the bear, "We have come to help you," and he lay down.

"You rub the bear's head while I examine his injury," one Helper told the other.

The bear had put mud into the hole to stop the flow of blood. Then the Helper started to get the mud out of the bear's hip, he turned around as far as he could to stop the Helper because this hurt him.

"Be patient just a little longer, Buddy, and it will be over," the man Helper told the bear.

The lady Helper sat down and took the bear's head in her lap while the man Helper got all of the dirt out of the wound.

"Listen, Buddy," he said, "I have to get that bullet out so you can walk, and it is going to hurt. Don't you hurt my partner. Understand, I want you to keep still."

The bear settled down with his head in the Helper's lap and the other Helper put his finger below the bullet, materialized it again, and pushed the bullet out. The bear lay still, but he groaned, and the other Helper cried. "Why do men shoot animals and let them get away and suffer?" she asked.

"It was not the hunter's intention to let him get away," the other Helper answered.

After the Helper had removed the bullet, the bear was healed by means of spiritual healing that comes from God.

Then the Helper looked the bear over carefully. "All right, Buddy," he said. "You are as good as new, only a little of your hide is gone. It will grow back in time."

The bear did not want to take his head out of the Helper's lap. He was comfortable and contented. He looked up at the speaker as much as to say, "Why don't you keep still? Can't you see that I am resting? I don't get petted often." The Helpers made the bear get up, and he followed them as if nothing had ever happened to him. Later they disappeared from him. Without his help the bear would have died of hunger, thirst, and the injury.

Another time these Helpers came upon two bear cubs. One was dead, and, the other was dying from starvation. One Helper picked up the dying cub and asked the other Helper if he couldn't do something for it.

"No, for it will not live long," he said.

The lady Helper made the little cub as comfortable as she could and started to look for its mother. The Helpers found a trap fastened to a tree with blood all over it and on the ground. This showed that a struggle had taken place there and that the mother must have been thinking of her children. They did not find the mother. The hunters had carried the mother bear off after killing her, and the cubs had starved from lack of food.

When the mother is reborn, maybe she will get her cubs back again. If so, let us hope that they will not be the victims of savage hunters who mistreat their younger brothers.

Here is how two elephants were saved by Invisible Helpers. One Monday night some Helpers were sent to save a mother elephant and her baby from a python. They hurried to the place and saw that the snake had one coil of its body on the baby elephant's hind leg to hold it while it was trying to coil around the elephant's trunk. The snake had pulled the mother down to her knees, and she was moaning loudly. The snake could not crush the large elephant, but it could kill her or injure her so that she would not be able to help her baby. After that the snake could have crushed the little one and eaten it.

The baby elephant seemed to be only about two days old. The snake seemed to want to crush the elephant's trunk so that she would be powerless to do anything with it and would in time starve to death.

The man Helper went to the snake and touched it. "Say, fellow, why kill them both or cause the death of both of them? Let them go," he said.

The snake did this quickly, and before the Helper realized it, the snake had two coils of his body around him.

"Listen, fellow," the Helper said, "you cannot get a meal here, so let me go.

The snake struck at the Helper with his head, and the Helper disappeared but came back and touched the snake and made it be quiet. Then he sent it off into the woods.

While this was going on, the lady Helper, had quieted the baby elephant and was playing with it.

"Why do you play so much?" her companion asked. "Didn't you see how much trouble the snake was making me?"

"This poor little baby needed my care," she answered, and she leaned over it, and it got as close to her as possible.

The man Helper then examined the mother's trunk and saw where the snake had bitten her and where she had shaken him off. The Helpers healed her injuries and quieted her as she was trembling with fear. The baby was quite small, and the mother had not fully recovered from giving it birth. The Helpers did all they could for her and then sent her on her way with her baby.

One time a man who lived in or near Arabia bought a baby zebra to roam over his estate, as he loved animals. The zebra was too young to be taken from its mother, and it got sick. The man took the zebra to a boat landing as he was going to cross the Persian Gulf. He had been on the road two days, and the food that he gave the zebra made it constipated, and its little stomach was swollen. The little zebra had given up and was lying down when the Helpers arrived on the scene.

The man who owned the zebra was talking to the captain of the boat who had refused to allow him to take the sick animal on board. The captain was afraid that the zebra had some kind of disease and might start an epidemic, for the zebra had some slimy saliva running out of his mouth.

"This zebra has no disease," the lady Helper said to the captain. "He has been fed the wrong kind of food and was too young to be taken from his mother. I will have him all right in a little while."

"Let's see you do it, for it is nearly dead now," said the captain.

The Helper picked the zebra up in her arms and worked on his intestines and stomach. In a little while the zebra eliminated some waste matter, and then it vomited. In a little while the baby zebra became frisky and began to follow the lady Helper.

"Hmmm! You must be a superhuman animal doctor," said the captain. "You just took it in your arms and tickled its belly, and it became all right." He could not see her hand inside the zebra's body.

"Bring It on the boat, as we leave in five minutes," the captain said.

The lady Helper picked it up and carried it on the boat, and the captain stood still and looked with his mouth wide open. He had expected to see the zebra fight to keep from going on the boat as all animals do, but instead it lay in her arms like a baby. The Helper put it down on the deck, and as it followed her, the people on the boat gathered around to watch it. The Helper advised the owner to take the zebra to his stateroom so that it would not get hurt, and he did. He thanked her and wanted to pay her, but she refused to take anything and said that she had enjoyed helping the little zebra.

The man looked at her as if to say, "She's foolish not to take the money."

"Always be kind to animals," she said as she left him looking, at her and wondering if he had heard right.

Here is a story of how a dog's life was saved. Some Helpers went to a place where they saw a dog in trouble. Some men had put a steel trap on a fine collie dog and then had rowed out to deep water and had thrown him overboard. The dog began to struggle for his life. The trap was attached to a chain which was weighted down with a stone.

The Helpers came down on the water and went up to the dog as if they were swimming. The lady Helper got the dog in her arms and held him while the man Helper took the trap off his head so he could breathe better. Then the Helpers went to shore with the poor dog. It was near daybreak, and the water was very cold. The dog was shivering. The lady Helper stood against a hill with the dog dose to her to keep him warm.

One of the hunters cursed the lady Helper and said that he would shoot the dog. She picked the dog up and put him behind her, and her partner told the Salamanders to keep quiet. You see, no fires can be lighted and no guns can be shot off without the help of the Salamanders, who are Nature Spirits.

The hunter raised his gun to shoot the Helper as she stood in front of the dog with her arms stretched out sideways. His gun did not go off, and he became frightened after he examined his gun and found that it was all right

The other hunter had his gun pointed at the man Helper, and when the first man became excited, the Helper stepped up to this man and took his gun and threw it into the sea.

"Let's give them a good beating," said the first hunter and started to do it.

One hunter struck at the man Helper, and his arm stayed in the air. The other man hit at the lady Helper, and his arm became locked so that he could not move it. The hunter who had tried to strike the man Helper started to run, and his feet stayed apart. The lady Helper went up to them and shook them until they begged for mercy and promised to behave themselves.

The hunters asked the Helpers to go with them out of the woods, but they refused. The Helpers told the men about their work and how they look after human beings and animals. The hunters told them that the collie would not learn to hunt and they became angry with him and so decided to drown him.

Collies are not hunting dogs, as some breeds of dogs are, and he did not understand what they expected of him. Collies learn how to care for sheep and cattle, and they are often faithful friends and guardians of children and grown-ups, but hunting is not their specialty. The men were hunters and trappers, and wanted a dog to help them with their savage and ruthless business of tracking down the poor wild animals of that region. One Helper took the coat of one of the hunters and wrapped the wet dog in it and carried him to one of the eastern states. It was early morning, and they saw some people on a farm goring to the barn to milk their cows.

The Helpers walked up to the farmer's wife and asked her if she would like a collie. She was very glad to get him and promised him a good home. Thus the dog's life was saved, and the men had something to think about which may prevent them from being quite so hard and unfeeling towards animals. Let us hope so.

Chapter IX
How Helpers Work
With the Dead

We will now consider some proof that we do not end our existence when our spirits leave our physical bodies in what is commonly called death, but that we transfer our consciousness from this world to another and go on living, clad in finer vehicles which cannot be seen with ordinary physical sight but are just as real as bodies composed of flesh and blood.

If this is not true why did the prophets of old tell humanity of Heaven and Hell and how to live to enjoy the delights of Heaven and avoid the miseries of Hell?

All Christians believe that there must be a Heaven, where those who lived worthily may go and that there is a place of punishment where evil doers must stay. From what evidence I have secured it seems to me that most people do not give much thought to what will happen to to them after death. Many appear to leave this more or less to chance but go on trying to be reasonably good in order to fit themselves for Heaven.

Many people, when confronted with the question of whether we live after death or not, say that no one has ever come back after he died to prove that he still lived on. This is not true, for we have all lived before, without a single exception. We have lived many lives. We have occupied all race bodies and we have all taken part in the civilizations of the past. The trouble is we can't remember all that has happened to us. Most of us remember nothing of our babyhood and little of our childhood. It is not surprising that we cannot remember a period a thousand years ago when we were here before in other physical bodies.

Many advanced occult students have seen some of their past lives. Some have been shown this by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness while out of their bodies in sleep and have remembered it on awakening the next morning. Others, still more advanced, have been given this knowledge in full waking consciousness. They do not merely believe that we live after death, but they know that this is absolutely true.

I will present for your consideration some proof that we live after death. It is positive proof to the students who saw and talked with these so-called dead people, but it will not be proof to you. I hope, however, these stories will awaken your interest in this subject and that you will seek to know the truth for yourself, as that is the only way you will know it. If you wish, you can get similar proof for yourself and then you will know and all doubt will forever leave you concerning life after death.

Some Helpers have been investigating what happens to various people after death. They wanted to know about the effects of embalming the body soon after the spirit leaves the dense body. By talking with various individuals who had passed on they learned that in every instance where the body was embalmed during the first three days the person felt the pain and suffered from the injury and was burned by the embalming fluid.

A lady once asked one of these Helper's if the one who died would suffer from the cold if placed on ice and kept there for three days before burial. She was told that the person does feel cold at first but that he soon gets used to it and then puts all his attention on seeing his life's panorama, which is not interfered with by cold but is lost when the person's body is embalmed immediately after death. I will tell you the whole story.

Some Helpers were sent to a certain place to help a man who had died about three days before. They found him standing beside his body in his desire body. This man had died suddenly of heart trouble in a hospital, and the authorities delayed taking him to an undertaker because his wife had gone to the next city some miles away and left no address behind.

They put his body in a morgue and kept it there until his wife returned. When the man's wife wrote to him on the same cold day that she was gone, the people of the hospital opened the letter. They found out where she was and had the police of that city go and tell her of his death. She returned home on the afternoon of the third day and had the undertaker go and get his body.

When the Helpers saw him the next day, he had been embalmed and his body was laid out for burial, and he was there beside it. One of the Helpers, not knowing what had happened to him, asked him if it hurt him when the undertaker embalmed him and she was startled at his reply.

"Why, no, that did not hurt me. I felt cold for a few minutes when they put me in the morgue, but that soon passed away. Then I began to see my life from the time I got this way until it stopped when I was born. Am I really dead or in a trance? Will I wake up?"

The Helper told this man that he was dead as man calls it.

"That is strange," he said. "Why did I see in picture form all that I have done in my life? I have done several things that I am ashamed of now that I have had them shown to me.

Then the Helper told him that the pictures that he had seen were his life record and that when he left that place he would go to a place where he would have to atone for all his wrong-doings.

"I am sorry for the wrong things that I have done and I will not do them again," the man said.

The Helper asked, him why he was staying beside his body, and be said that, he wanted to see his funeral. He told her that he had been an average man and had done some good and some bad things but that he loved his family and was good to them. "I had mean streaks sometimes and did wrong," he said. In a little while he spoke again.

"You are the first people that I have been able to talk to," he said. "Are you dead as I am?"

"No, we are not dead," the other Helper answered. "Our bodies are asleep at home." The Helper then told the man about his teachings.

"I heard of these teachings," he said, "'but I paid no attention to them and thought they were bunk."

Alas! how many more people have contacted the occult teachings and turned carelessly away, not realizing the wonderful opportunity that came to them. At death they will realize their loss and find out that the teachings given out by the Elder Brothers are true.

From there the Helpers went to the bedside of a man who was about to pass on, and they materialized and one Helper told the man to tell his wife not to embalm him and she was amazed when he said, "I want to be embalmed so I will be really dead and not in a trance."

"I am very sorry, but you will have your request granted," she said.

The man passed on after the Helpers left and the undertaker had him embalmed an hour afterwards. The next night the Helpers went again to see him and he told them he went through more pain than he did all the time that he was ill.

"The undertaker cut both my arms," he said, "and put one end of a rubber tube in my left arm and the other in the pail. He used a large syringe and pumped some strong liquid into my arm and into my body. It burnt me terribly and then I froze and I am still cold and in pain. Can't you do something for me? After I first died I began to see what I had done during the few minutes before my death. I saw myself talking to both of you and heard what you said about embalming. Then I began to burn. I tried to tell the undertaker that I was not dead but he did not see me and paid no attention to my pleading to be let alone. When I touched his hand my hand went right through him and he kept on until he was through."

Then the lady Helper told the man that his life record was lost because he did not get to review it clearly, as the embalming fluid had destroyed the seed atom in his heart.

"That must be true because the pictures went so fast that I could hardly make them out and I was burning so," the poor man said.

The Helper told him that this was caused by the embalming fluid pushing the blood out quickly before it became congealed. The Helpers were in their desire bodies and so the man could see them, but his wife and relatives could not. They heard the man's wife talking to her friends and relatives. "I wonder if I did right when I allowed my husband to be embalmed," she said. "I have felt nervous over it ever since, and when I go in the front room I feel his presence. I wonder if he is in there!"

The Helpers went out and materialized what appeared to be physical bodies, and knocked on the door, and the wife came to the door and let them in. "Oh, Lady, please tell me this," she said. "Did I do right to let him be embalmed? I believed you but I thought I had to carry out his last request."

The lady Helper looked at her partner expectantly. "No, lady, you did wrong and went against your better judgment," he said. Your husband is in the room beside his body.

"Oh, God have mercy on me. I did not know," she said, and then she fainted. The people in the room ran to pick her up and the man Helper told them to let her alone. After the wife had formed and stood beside her body she looked at the Helper.

"Come with me," he said.

"I am on the floor," she replied. "No, I am here. What is wrong?"

"That's all right. Come on with us," the Helper said. He then led her into the front room and when the wife and her husband saw each other they ran to meet quickly, and he told her that the strangers were right and that he wished now that he had listened when they tried to save him all this suffering. "Don't ever be embalmed," he said. "It hurts, It burns and freezes one, and I am still cold and suffering."

The wife told her husband that she felt his presence.

"I tried to tell you when you were asleep," he said, "but you would always wake and get up."

"Are you dead?" she asked.

"The strangers told me that I am what man calls dead but that I am not dead," he said.

"Am I dead and are you both dead?" the wife asked the Helpers.

"We are not dead and you have fainted" the man Helper replied.

Then the wife said goodbye to her husband and he told her to listen to their new friends and be a good woman. One Helper carried the wife in her desire body back to her physical body and told the people to pick her up and put her on the bed. Then she came to and told them what had happened. Naturally the people looked surprised and aghast.

One Helper told the man to will himself well and that nothing would hurt him. He did and he was all right immediately. The so- called dead man thanked the Helper, who then told him that someone would be there to take care of him and to go with them, and he promised that he would. When the Helpers came out into the next room the wife was. Speaking about the strangers.

"Surely they are Angels disguised as humans," she said.

"No, we are only servants of humanity," one Helper told her.

"I will stop every one I can from being embalmed from now on," the lady said.

The next morning both Helpers remembered meeting both of these two men who had passed on in death, and they knew that they were just as much alive as ever.

One afternoon a certain student went to sleep and he went out west where there were serious floods but he found nothing that he could do. He saw lots of water, some dead cattle, and a few snakes. He met an undertaker in a town and he talked to him. The man said he had fourteen bodies that had been found. The student asked this man if he had embalmed the bodies.

"Yes," he said. The student went in and explained about embalming and the undertaker laughed at him. "Do you think I am going to let fifteen dollars a body slip away from me?" he asked.

The student took his hand and asked that the undertaker might be shown the truth of this by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness while he talked to him, and he related several cases to him that he had seen. Then the man saw by means of the Jupiterian Consciousness, which is much like moving pictures. The man turned pale and began to tremble. "What have I done?" he exclaimed. "Why, I have destroyed their view of their life records. How can I undo that?"

The Helper told him that he could undo it by keeping the rest of the bodies that he should get on ice or in an electric refrigerator until they are to be buried. He promised that he would do this, and the Helper told him that he would return that night with a friend and explain how he could make an ice casket to keep the bodies of the dead in.

That night two Helpers met the undertaker, and one of them materialized a lecture on after-death conditions that she had written, and copied it for him. She then told him how he could make an ice box or have an electric refrigerator for regular use. He asked many questions and she answered them all. She told him to charge a little more for his funerals to make up for the loss if he liked but not to embalm a person under any conditions before three and one-half days had passed after death, even if the body was to be shipped outside the town.

"If the people want the body left at home undisturbed," she said, "let them have it, for in the end you will not lose anything."

"I will," the undertaker promised.

This is one of the most remarkable stories that I have heard about the work of Invisible Helpers with the dead. That undertaker received proof that we live after death and he was willing to cooperate with the Helpers after being shown.

One morning a Helper awakened and remembered carrying a beautiful baby away in his desire body. Two Helpers had been sent to a house where a baby lay dying. The mother stood over the bed with her head bowed. She was crying in her sorrow over losing her baby. The doctor stood on one side and one of the Helpers took her place on the other side.

When the baby boy left his body by way of his head, he formed on the bed and stood up. The Helper noticed how bright and intelligent he was and she admired his beauty. She held out her arms to the baby, who had left his body permanently, and he came to her and, she carried him away to the children's place in the First Heaven, where someone took charge of him.

Before the Helpers left the house they heard the heart-broken mother say, "This baby was the best of all." They were not permitted to say anything to the mother as she had a lesson to learn through the baby's passing on.

Here is a story about a man who took his own life. One day a student who is a Helper was standing in the driveway of a large building. An employee who worked in the building jumped out of a nine-story window, and fell on the pavement below about ten feet from where the other man was standing.

The student was so startled that he could not say anything. He watched the man take shape beside his dead body, which formed from the head down. The head formed, then the shoulders and upper part then the chest and arms, then the hips and hands, and then the legs to the feet. Both sides of the body formed evenly. When his body was completely formed, the student spoke to him. "Say, fellow, why didn't you jump out of one of the windows in the court, or on the other street?"

"I was so worried that I thought any window would do if it was high enough. I started to jump but the ground came up to me too fast. What has happened? Am I dead or jolted out of my body?"

"No, fellow, you are dead as man calls it," said the student.

"I thought death ended it all," the man said.

"No it does not end everything," replied the student. "You can only end your troubles by living the right kind of life, and must also be a useful one, too. What caused you to kill yourself?"

"Domestic trouble. All my wife wants is money, fine clothes, and a car, and I couId not give her these things," he said.

The student talked as fast as he questioned the man because he knew that his body would soon hurt him, and it did. The man began to cry because of the pains in his head, arms, and legs. In fact his entire body hurt him because when he fell he struck the right side of his head, his right shoulder and arm first and crushed them badly. The man asked the student to stop the pain. The Helper told him that there would soon be someone there who would stop his pain.

Then a number of people found his mangled body and covered it with sacks and sent for the coroner. The man's wife came and became hysterical. The student asked a man to take his place and he went to a quiet place and slip out of his body and went to where the wife stood and told her to stop her foolish ways. as she was the direct cause of her husband's death and that the one thousand dollar life insurance would go very far with her. She had no children.

When his wife came the suicide went up to her, and seemed much surprised when she did not notice him. "I must be dead and yet I am not. I don't understand."

The student told him that someone would come and explain everything to him. The man wanted to know how the student could see and talk to him and the others could not. The student told him that he would know later. Two Lay Sisters came in their higher vehicles and told the man to will himself well and he would be all right. Then they took the poor suicide to the lower Desire World where Purgatory is located.

Animals are our younger brothers and they also live on after death, and are reborn regularly into new bodies to gain more experience to help them to evolve. They come to rebirth oftener than human beings. Here is an interesting story that tells how a dead horse and his young master were parted by death.

One night two Helpers met a boy in a pasture in one of the western states. The boy had broken a leg and was unconscious. near him lay the body of a horse which had broken his neck and died. The spirit of the horse was standing in his desire body beside his dense body. The Helpers felt the horse's body, and it was still warm, they knew that he had just died. He seemed to be very much frightened.

"How did it happen?" one of the Helpers said to the boy.

"What do you mean?" asked the boy.

"Your horse is dead," the Helper replied.

"No, Tom's not dead," said the boy, "for we have been playing here. Something must be the matter, though, for Tom is lying on the ground and I am here. No, he is here, too. What is the matter?"

"While your horse was running, he stumbled and fell and broke his neck," the Helper said. "In falling he threw you off and you broke your leg and became unconscious.

"Am I dead, too?" the boy inquired.

"No," said the Helper. She then asked him where he lived and he told her that he lived about five miles down the road. "I was going up to a lady's house on an errand for my mother" he said. "My parents are going to town at sunrise."

The day was just breaking as the Helpers talked to the injured boy. The Helpers went to the boy's home and told his mother and she and her husband went after him with their car.

When the mother saw her son she began to scream. "He is dead." This brought the boy to. The horse followed the boy to the car and licked his head with his desire body tongue, which the Helpers could see but the parents could not. The people left and the horse whinnied after the boy and looked at the lady HeIper as if to say, "What has happened?"

The Helper called him by name and he went to her and she picked him up. He folded up his long legs neatly and laid his head on her shoulder and she carried him to the Desire World and left him.

The Group Spirit who had charge of this horse said that the boy and this horse had been pals ever since the horse was born. Then the Helper asked the Group Spirit if all the Group Spirits have what look like human bodies and if they are all fierce.

"All have human bodies and all were once fierce, but as man tamed the different animals by kindness they lost their fierceness," be said, "but they always retain their strength according to what they rule or control. The human form is is the goal."

Here is a story about the death of a Lay Sister who died several years ago in South America not far from the jungles. Two Helpers were sent there and when they saw her they remembered that they had met her before and had worked with her several times.

This lady had a husband and three daughters. Two of the daughters were her own and one was an adopted child. This adopted daughter was an advanced girl with a sweet and gentle disposition. The lady had rectal trouble caused by the birth of her last child when she was not properly cared for. An abscess developed, and caused her death twenty years later.

The mother was at home alone and the family were away on a vacation when she was taken seriously ill. She sent out a mental call to her adopted daughter and told her to tell the rest of the family to return home as she was about to pass on.

The father and the three daughters reached home Sunday morning before the mother lapsed into unconsciousness, and the Helpers went there that night. The dying mother told her family what to do and how they were to bury her after three days. She said that she had lived on raisins and dates for nine days as she was not able to cook any food, and her neighbors were too far from her to call them. She told her family that she was told to send for them as she was about to pass on.

This lady had died a few minutes before the Helpers arrived and was standing in her shining soul body which appeared like a flowing white dress. Her beautiful soul body was very brilliant and luminous. The lady hugged and kissed the lady Helper.

"This is the way I want you to be and appear to all who can see you," she said.

The husband took his wife's death very hard, and cried over her loss. He had been a good husband to her and a good father to the daughters. The whole family loved each other very dearly.

The Helpers left with the Lay Sister and she asked them to look after the girl Lay Sister and to come often to the Desire World (Heaven) to see her. "I hope we will meet and be friends in our next life" she said, "and that we will be reborn at about the same time. Then there will not be much difference in our ages.

"Will twenty or thirty years make any difference in the time of birth?" asked one of the Helpers. She said, "No." The lad said that she liked the Helper for many reasons. She shook hands with one Helper and kissed the other one and went on. She told the Helpers that there was no need of her staying with her body as her retrospection was over and it hurt her to see her family crying.

Now, does it not seem wonderful to think that Helpers could have this experience and could remember meeting this dear friend and how they promised to be friends of hers in their next life when they are reborn again? Does this not make you feel sure that we live after death and function in finer vehicles which can ascend to other planes of consciousness?

The next story tells of a man who was not prepared for death. One night a man went to see an acquaintance who was very ill. Before he left he told him that he would see him on Friday night. During the next day the man heard that the sick man had passed on. That night this man and a friend of his went to his home. They went in their desire bodies, for they worked at night as Helpers.

They found the man in his home, standing by his body. "Well, I am here," the man Helper said.

The so-called dead man jumped nervously and looked at the visitors. "What has happened to me?" he asked.

"Man, you are dead," said the Helper.

"No, I am not," the man said, "but the undertaker hurt me greatly and he made me very hot. I felt as if I was on fire inside. Now I am so cold that I can hardly move.

"Well, if you are not dead," said the Helper, "just wait until next Wednesday and they will plant you six feet in the earth and you will never make any more fuss on this earth."

"Are you dead?" asked the man.

"No, I tried to tell you, how to avoid being this way (embalmed) but you laughed and said that I was crazy," answered the Helper. "When old man Burns gets you he, will singe you over the coals and you will be a nice boy until you come back."

The man was good natured and so he smiled. "Yes, Man," he said. "I guess he has got me, for I cared very little for churches." Then he saw the other Helper. "Look at that Angel back of you. I wonder if I can get her to fix things for me. I have not been so overly bad and I have been good in some ways, too.

"There she is. Talk to her," said the man Helper.

"Lady Angel," the man said. "Can you see somebody and get them to let me off? I have not been so bad."

"There is a law which no one can change and that law is called the Law of Cause and Effect," she said. "It is known to you as "We reap as we sow."

"'Am I really dead?" the man asked.

"Yes, you are dead as man knows it," she said.

"Will I burn forever?" he inquired, and the Helper answered, "No, for no one burns forever. One is only punished for what he has not made restitution for."

"Will I ever get to Heaven?" he asked, and the Helper said, "Yes, in time.

"Why is it that they say that when a man dies he knows nothing?" inquired the man. "I am just as alive as I ever was only I can't make anyone hear or see me.

The lady Helper told him that in all cases where she had viewed a body soon after death, the owner of the body was there beside it just as he was and heard everything that was said by the persons near his body.

"Oh, if I had known that I would have left unsaid many things that I have said. What must I do to do better?" he said.

The Helper told him to promise God that, if he would give him another chance he would do better and make right all the things that he had not made right while he was in his body. When the Helpers left him he was happy, for he fully understood his condition, but he cried when they had to go away and leave him alone.

One November night two Helpers were told to go and get a mother and the three sons who had drowned in a river between two European Countries. When the Helpers got there the egos of the mother and her three sons were on the river bank. The sons were lying across the mother's shoulders. She was standing and looking in amazement at her body and her sons bodies.

"I am very sorry at what befell you," the man Helper said.

"What has happened?" she asked. "I don't understand."

"You are all dead," the Helper told her.

"No, I am not dead but my body is in the river," she said. "No I am here. No, I am there. What is wrong? I have been five days getting to the river with my oars. I got the boat and started across and the soldiers began to shoot at us. A lot of little bullets hit the boat but it kept on going. Then one big bullet cut the rear part of the boat off and we slid into the water and we got choked and here we are."

"You are in the state that man calls dead," the Helper said. "If you are not dead ask that soldier the way to the relief station."

The mother went to the soldier and began to talk to him but he paid no attention to her because he did not see her in her desire body. She looked at the Helpers in surprise. Then the Helper told her to go and ask the policeman. She went and spoke to him but he paid no attention. "Touch him," said the Helper. She touched him and her hand went through him and she jerked it back.

"Do you believe me now?" the Helper asked.

"No, but something is wrong," she admitted.

"Where do you want to go?" the Helper asked.

"I want to go to some relatives on the other side of town," she said.

"Come, I will go with, you," he said, and they started off.

"Wait," she said, "I cannot go so fast. The people are in the way and they walk over me and yet I do not all." She rubbed her, hands over her eyes as if in a daze and said, "I can't go so fast."

"Will that you can keep up with me," he told her. Note: Invisible Helpers travel with the speed of thought. When they want to go somewhere they will themselves there. Since the newly dead are unacquainted with the occult laws, they have to be instructed.

They went on and she jerked back several times, trying to dodge people but they kept on and passed through people as they came to them. They reached the place where she wanted to go and the Helper told her to knock on the door. She tried to knock but her hand went through the door and she jerked it back. She spoke to the lady Helper Who was at her side. "Lady, what is wrong? I am not dead. Am I dreaming?"

The man Helper took the lady's hand and told her to will herself through the door. She went through with the Helpers and they found a woman sitting on a chair talking to a man.

"Go and tell your relative what you want," he said.

The poor lady went up to the woman in the chair and began to talk but she paid no attention to her and kept talking to the man. The Helper told her to touch this relative, but even then she did not notice her.

"My dear, you really are dead as man knows it" the lady Helper told her, and she said, "No, no. I must be in a nightmare." I go through people. I talk to them and they do not hear me. Well, I must be dead! I thought when people died that they knew nothing and that they go on to where they are going. Where am I going now with my children? I must find a place for them to sleep. Oh, I left my money in my belt on me. No, it is on my body."

"You will not need any money now for a while," said the Helper. "Come, I will take you to a place where you can stay."

"Can my children stay there, too?" she asked.

"No, I have another place for them," he said.

"Oh! They have never been away from me and I love them dearly. Can I go and see them?" she asked, and the Helper said, "I do not know."

The Helpers took the poor lady and her three sons to the Borderland. "This lady will show you where to stay and I will take the children where they are to stay," he said.

The mother kissed her children and told them to be good boys and obey others as they obeyed her. She said that she would pray for them.

The lady in charge of the Borderland was pleased with this mother. "Few mothers come to me in complete forgetfulness of themselves and their punishment," she said to the Helpers. "People are, generally, thinking of themselves. This mother shows great love for her children. She could have saved one child and herself, for she was a good swimmer, but she preferred to die with them. She tried to swim with all three of them holding on to her, and the four sank. The father was killed in battle."

After that, the Helpers took the children on to the place in Heaven where the children go, and they soon began to play with the other children.

The Helpers then went back and got a man who had been shot and 'thrown In the river. His body was very poor and thin from lack of food. He said his chest hurt him and that he was sick and hungry. The lady Helper told him to will himself well.

"I have been dodging the soldiers," he said, "and they found me because I ran out of food and was sick and they shot me and threw me into the river."

The Helpers told this man to go with them and took him to the Borderland and left him.

Here is the after-death story of a child. One Monday night while going over the northwestern part of the United States two Helpers saw a boy standing on a railroad track. They came down to see what was the matter with him. They soon saw that he was in his desire body. One Helper asked him why he was there.

The boy said that he did not know but that he hurt all over as if some one had torn him apart.

"How did it happen?" asked the Helper.

"My mother sent me to the store," the boy said, "and then I was to go to a lady's home after school. It was about four o'clock and the four-twenty PM express comes past every day and I like to watch it, as it does not stop here. I saw it coming and I started across the track to see it from the other side. When I reached the middle of the track I became paralyzed with fear and could not move. The next thing I knew was that I was standing there and was full of pain."

"Why didn't you go home?" the Helper asked.

"I did," said the boy, "and spoke to my mother but she didn't answer me. I heard her say that she hoped that I would burn. I tried to put my arms around her, but they went through her."

"Why did you come back here?" the Helper said.

"I was drawn back here," he said.

"What did you do when the trains came by?" the Helper inquired.

"I got off the track," he answered,. "but once when I was nodding, one train ran over me, but I did not feel it."

By this time the boy could talk better. The Helper asked him where he lived and to take them to his home. The boy led the way and one of the Helpers knocked on the door and the mother hurried to the door.

When she saw the lady Helper she turned pale. "Tell me quickly," she said, and her voice sounded strained.

"I am sorry but your boy was killed by the four- twenty train," the Helper said.

"Where is his body?" the mother said in a dry voice.

"Along the railroad track," replied the Helper.

The mother got a sheet and a blanket and a lantern and called her husband and went to pick up her boy.

"You had better call the coroner as you may get into trouble if you move him," said the Helper.

"God let him get killed," she said in a hard voice. "I suppose I have to ask someone to let me pick him up."

The Helpers went and got the coroner and he came with six men and they picked up all the pieces of the boy's body that they could find. The mother went home and sat down and gazed into space.

"Pray, my friend," said the man Helper, "and God will give relief to your aching heart."

The mother looked around to see who was speaking but she could not see the Helper. Then she broke down and cried. He told the lady Helper to put her hand on the mother's head and let her aura fully out to give her strength.

The poor lady saw the Helper. "Oh, Angel!" she said. "I wondered how you knew where my son was. Can you take me with you? I am the same as dead. My desire for life is gone with him. I am old and I cannot have any more children. I was forty-nine years old when he was born."

"No, I cannot take you but you will be all right and you may get another child if you ask God for one," the Helper said. The mother of the dead boy followed her to the door and saw her rise up and disappear.

When a person dies during childhood he frequently remembers that life when he is reborn in a new body because children who die before the age of fourteen do not journey around the entire life cycle which makes it necessary to build a complete set of new bodies. Instead they pass into the upper regions of the Desire World and there they wait for an opportunity to return to earth in a new body. Young children usually are reborn in from one to twenty years. When they return they bring the old mind and desire body with them, and many times they can tell strange stories about their lives just past. Young children do not go to Purgatory as adults do after death but are taken to the Borderland and then someone takes them to the First Heaven where some relative or motherly person takes delight in caring for them.

Mr. Max Heindel in his book, The Rosicrucian Cosmo- Conception, says, "The extreme plasticity of the desire stuff makes it easy to form the most exquisite living toys for the children, and their life is one beautiful play; nevertheless their instruction is not neglected. They are formed into classes according to their temperaments, but quite regardless of age. In the Desire World it is easy to give object lessons in the influence of good and evil passions on conduct and happiness. These lessons are indelibly imprinted upon the child's sensitive and emotional desire body, and remain with it after rebirth so that many a noble life owes much of it to the fact that he was given this training."

As far as I have been able to learn, all children go to school while in Heaven awaiting rebirth, and a great many of the children who are living also go there at night while, out of their bodies in sleep. Much help is given all children both with and without physical bodies. They have lessons in school subjects and in music and art and other subjects.

Their teachers are partly living teachers and partly teachers who have died and are resting between lives. Many of these teachers are Lay Brothers, and Lay Sisters, and some are Liberated Ones.

When the teachers want illustrative material they can create it by thought and make books and the finest maps and living toys. The children are taught how to model such toys and take great joy in doing it. I heard of one case where a child remembered that she went to school at night and knew who her teacher was and, that she also had a teacher who was giving her violin lessons.

At one time a Lay Brother provided an entertainment for a roomful of earth children. He made a cute pony of desire stuff and had it do tricks for the delighted children. Then he called up some of them and gave them complicated problems in arithmetic which some of them answered correctly, and he complimented them on their ability. The teacher had refreshments made of the same desire stuff, and the children partook of them sitting in their seats.

Another time a Helper saw a class of children out in a meadow painting pictures while in Heaven. One girl about fourteen wanted to paint her friend's picture. She seemed to have all she needed and in a short time she had a good portrait of the other girl on her desire stuff canvas. Life is a great school and we come here for experience, and we get much help in all the worlds in which we function.

If we wish we can take part in this great work of helping children and adults and thus we can begin paying off our debt of destiny for all the help that has been given to us through our countless lives since the God of our Solar System sent us out as Virgin spirits to gain experience and knowledge.

One time some Helpers attended a young child's funeral and saw the child by its white coffin. They looked into the coffin and saw the lifeless physical body of the child and then they turned their attention to the living child in her desire body. She was not afraid, for she said that two very pretty ladies had been there talking to her. They were Lay Sisters who are Helpers. This child could not understand why she could not make her mother know that she was well and happy. She said that she had seen her playmates and played with them and that they saw her.

This little girl, who was about four years old, had caught cold and then developed pneumonia and died in three days. She told the Helpers that the man hurt her when he put something in her arm and made the other arm bleed. That was when the undertaker embalmed her body. She said that she burned inside and got cold and stayed that way until the pretty Angels came and warned her and stopped her body from hurting and that she had been happy ever since.

The mother and other people were attending a church service where they were saying an early mass for the child. The lady Helper noticed a little group consisting of a lady and three young children. They kneeled and prayed and stood up and sat down during the service. Several of the children present saw the Helpers and told their mothers who turned pale.

One little girl talked to the lady Helper until her mother made her stop. Then she held out her hand to the Helper, who was not materialized, and the Helper took it. This child seemed to be about three year's old. "Oh, Mamma," she said, "look at the two Angels. One is a very pretty lady."

"No, hush," answered her mother.

"But Mamma, she is so pretty," said the child. "May I go to her?" and she held out her hands to the Helper who stood near her.

"No," said the mother.

Later the ego of the child was taken to the Heaven World by the Lay Sisters.

When an ego who has built up a sin body dies as a child, the sin body stays in the lower Desire World while the ego is being taught in Heaven, and when it returns to rebirth, this sin body will try to influence the child to do wrong. Many normal children are difficult to control and teach, because they have sin bodies that cause trouble.

During some severe floods several years ago two Helpers went down south to do what they could to help the people and animals there that were in trouble. They met an African-American man in great trouble. A week before he had taken his wife to a hospital in another state. He then returned home and was taking care of his two children and working on his farm. They began coming up and he watched it from his house.

He decided that he had better send his children up to his brother's home over the hill about four miles away, for he was afraid of the water. He sent his children off and told them to stay for the night. The boy and girl between the ages of ten and twelve started off. They had to go through some lowland to get to the hill. After they got out of their father's sight, the water came up very rapidly and the children were drowned.

After the father had sent his children off he became panic-stricken for fear that they would not be able to get through the hollow which surrounded his farm. He went into his house and closed the door and prepared to wait until someone would come and get him. When the water got near his house he went out and set his horses and cattle free. During the night, the water came into his house and he went upstairs and sat by a window. He saw his chickens floating away dead. When the water came upstairs up into the attic. There he stayed four days.

When the Helpers found him he was lying on two boards. He had a high fever and was suffering from double pneumonia. The man saw the Helpers come into the attic, for his spiritual sight had come to him.

"Oh, Angel," he said to the lady Helper, "save my children. I sent them to my brother four days ago and the water came up soon after they left. I have dreamed about them and they told me that they were safe and happy, but I do not know."

One Helper asked someone at a distance if he could save the sick man and was told that he would pass on soon but that he could comfort him. The man Helper took the man's hot hand and made thought forms of his children, and these thought form children told him that they were safe and well. The egos of his children were then in Heaven where they were happy and all right. After the sick man saw what he thought were his children he was much relieved. "Lord, I am thankful that they are safe," he said, and he died in peace.

The Helper looked to see where the bodies of these children were and they were in each other's arms dead. The water had carried them about a mile down the hollow and they had lodged against some bushes.

After the man passed out, the Helpers took him to the Borderland and he stayed there until his retrospection was over. He did not see his children again. The Helper was allowed to make thought form children resembling his own to comfort him in his last moments of his earth life. Let us hope that these egos will be reunited in a future life and that conditions will be far more favorable so that they may live in safety and not have their lives cut short by a flood or anything else.

One November night, two Helpers went to see an old man who had been brought up in the south. He was about to pass to the other side. When they reached his home the man was talking to his wife. I wonder if I will have any stars in my crown," he was saying.

"I do not know," she said, "but I hope so."

"Then the man held up his hand to stop her from talking as he caught sight of the strangers. "The Angel has come for me," he said, "and I am ready to go, but I do not see any crown. Angel, where is my crown? Our old maid told me when I was a child that if I lived a good life I would have a crown with stars in it when I died."

A voice told the man Helper to make a crown for him of desire stuff and put stars in it. The Helper made the man a beautiful one and gave it to the lady Helper and she showed it to the sick man. He became very happy. He told his wife that the Angel had his crown. Then the man Helper told his partner to ask the man three questions.

"Have you been redeemed?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered, "I have been a Christian for forty years."

"Have you been baptized?" she asked, and he said, "Yes."

"Have you been made to bow low?" she asked, and he said,


Then the dying man said that forty years ago, his mother's maid had taught him bow to pray and how to be a good boy. He told how he had rebelled against the way the people treated the African-American people, and spoke against it. He was quietIy asked to leave the church and finally his people drove him out of town and he went north and found work and did well. Four years later his sweetheart came to him and they were married. Later they had four children who grew up and married and had children of their own.

"Yes, Angel," he said. "I have been made to bow low and shed many tears. Will I go to Heaven? And will I see our maid?"

The lady Helper was told to tell him that he would. He said, "Goodbye," and passed out.

"John, I will follow you soon," said the man's wife.

After the good old man formed in his desire body the Helper put the bright crown on his head and carried him to the Borderland which lies between the three lower regions of the Desire World which is called Purgatory and the three higher regions which are commonly spoken of as the First Heaven in some occult philosophies.

The lady in charge of the Borderland showed the Helpers where to take him in the First Heaven for he did not have to go to Purgatory because he had no sins to be punished for and he had cleaned up the seed atom in his heart. Here he met the maid with her crown and she grabbed him as if he were still a child. "My son," she said, "here is your home."

He had the most beautiful home that the Helpers had ever seen. There these extremely happy egos will enjoy their well-earned rest.

You see these people had lived very good lives and had believed that they would have stars in their crowns when they died and they were rewarded with them. We may be sure that the old man had built up a beautiful soul body by service to others. This was really his ticket to heaven, for when an ego is taken to the Borderland the person in charge only has to take one look. We know whether he must go to Purgatory or to Heaven. If an ego has a desire body filled with ugly spots and homely, murky colors he must go to Purgatory. If he has a beautiful shining soul body built up of delicate shades of pink, blue, lavender, and gold and free from spots, he can go right on to the First Heaven and enjoy his rest there.

Everybody gets to Heaven in time, but an ego may spend many years in Purgatory after death before he is allowed to rise to the First Heaven. If he has done little good in his life he will have little to enjoy in this lovely place.

One night some lnvisible Helpers were told to go to Purgatory and try to help a man. A Lay Sister showed them the man by Jupiterian Consciousness so that they could recognize him. They went there and saw a man writhing in pain and calling loudly to the Lord to have mercy on him. It looked as if his desire body was covered with large bubbles, and various persons were pulling them from all over the world.

One of the Helpers spoke to this man in a loud voice to attract his attention and he stopped and looked at her. "Please don't punish me any more," he said, "but tell me what I must do to get out of here. I am sorry for what I have done and I will do better."

The Helper told him that he must clean up his seed atom. He asked what that is and she told him that the seed atom is an atom that he had had ever since he left God and that it is his record book in which all his life records are kept. She told him that the orthodox people know this as the book of the Lamb of God in which is kept the record of each human being, and to clean it up one must promise God that he will live a better life and make right all the wrong that he has done.

"How can I do that when I am to be here forever?" the man said.

The Helper then told him all about rebirth and how each one is given a chance to do better in another life. Then the light of understanding broke over his face and he prayed hard and asked for another chance, and he promised that he would do better and make right the wrong he had done to others. Great drops of what looked like perspiration stood on his face and he moaned and said, "Mercy, Father, have mercy on me." and his head fell forward.

"Oh, he has died!" said the lady Helper and tears came into her eyes. He had not died, but he had willingly resigned himself to his punishment. He had decided to pay off his debts and was allowed to go forward. By his suffering in Purgatory and by his ardent prayers to God he had paid off his last debt and he went to sleep to ascend to Heaven. Now when he comes back to life he will be a much better man, or rather a woman, for we usually alternate bodies from life to life. He will come back with a keen desire to help all mankind.

Here is an interesting experience that two Helpers remembered one morning. They went somewhere and saw a dead man sitting near some red velvet drapes, in an easy chair near his body which was laid out in a coffin nearby. The man was in his desire body and looked just as he did when alive, only he was badly frightened and did not understand what was happening to him. He had been dead for two days.

The Helpers were anxious to get the story of his experience after he had died because they wanted to help the living avoid his terrors. The man told them that he had died from pneumonia and that he still had difficulty in breathing. One Helper told him to think himself well and that he would be able to breathe easily. He did it and smile. "That is funny, but I am all right now," he said.

Then the man wanted to ask some questions. The man Helper asked him to wait a minute and he would answer his questions after he had asked him some questions. In telling of his after-death experience he said that he had been well-to-do and had good medical care but the doctors kept on giving him hypos and this jerked him back into his body and the pain it caused was awful. Finally the man gave up and died, or left his body. Then the undertaker cut his arms and put the embalming fluid in one arm and ran the blood out of the other arm.

The man said he stood right beside his body and felt all the pain just as if he had been in it and that he tried to tell the undertaker that it hurt but could not make him hear. He said he looked at his life from the time he got out of his body until the undertaker came and started to put the fluid into his body. Then the pictures and events went so rapidly that he could not see them well. He felt as if he were on fire for a few minutes, and then he felt as if a piece of ice had been wrapped around him.

The Helper explained to him how the embalming fluid made him feel cold and that after three and one-half days he would not feel it any more. After that the man asked the Helper if he were really dead and he was told that as far as man was concerned be was.

"I thought one went to Heaven or Hell as soon as one died," he said.

The Helper then explained his teachings to him and told him that he must view his past life and then after three and one-half days. He would go to the lower Desire World and be purged of his lower desires and bad habits and finally he would go to the First Heaven. This man was a so- called Christian man and a hard businessman as well. He was a teacher in the Sunday School and his class had come that night and had held a short service over his body as he was laid out for burial the next day.

"I am tired," he said, "and I would like to go where I am going as no one cares for me and no one can see or talk to me although I am just as much alive as ever. I have a little girl and I love her very dearly."

"Do not worry about her," said the Helper. "She will get all that is due her."

"Death is altogether different from what I read about it and what I have been taught to believe and what I really believed myself," he said.

A knowledge of true conditions would have greatly helped this man.

One night some Helpers were sent to see a family who were weeping over a loved one. "I have had been sent to help a minister who had died two days before. The man was standing beside his body and when the Helpers entered the room where his body lay he saw them. "Are you the Angels who have come to take me to Heaven?" he asked.

"No, we came to talk to you," said the Helper. "Have you lived a good Christian life, and have you been kind to all human beings and to the animals?"

"I have been good to all white people but I have not been good to Native Americans or African-American people," he said. "The Native Americans and African-American people cannot go to the same Heaven anyway."

"Why not?" asked the Helper. "Are they not human?"

"Yes," he answered, "but they are of a lower grade. The African-American people make good servants but the Native Americans are not good for anything."

"How long have you been a minister?" the Helper asked.

"I have been a minister for twenty-five years," he said, "and I am forty-nine years old."

"Do you believe in the Bible?" inquired the Helper.

"'Yes, I believe it from cover to cover," he said.

"Do you believe that God stopped the Sun for Joshua so he could win his battle?" the Helper asked and the man said, "Yes."

"God did not do that," she said, "as it would have thrown the Universe into chaos."

"I cannot help that," said the man. "If it were not true, it would not be in the Bible. You cannot prove that God did not stop the Sun."

"My Friend," said the Helper, "you will have to spend much time in Purgatory before you, go to Heaven and then you will stay only a short time in Heaven."

"I did what I thought was right," replied the man. "My sermons were laid out by the year by the Church Council and I had annual sermons for Christmas, Easter, and other special occasions. I graduated from a university about twenty-five years ago and I have been preaching ever since."

"Were you not told that all humanity came from God, and that God is no respecter of persons?" the Helper asked.

"Yes," he replied, "but that means white people and they are better than the rest. Ministers must be above the lower class of white people, too."

The Helper called a friend of hers, by means of thought, and was permitted to show this man that Joshua did not stop the Sun. She took hold of the man's hand. "My Friend," she said, "look back over the space of time and see what Joshua did do and say."

They looked into the Memory of Nature and saw two armies with the soldiers all arrayed in their glittering armor with spears, swords, and battle axes. They were in a valley and the men were so numerous that they looked like bees. Joshua was standing on a high hillside with some of his officers. "We will lose the battle if the Sun goes down," he said, and then he walked a little way from his officers and stopped and began to pray. "Oh Heavenly Father! Help your servant that we may win this battle before the Sun goes down."

They saw a very High Being come forward and it looked as if he were on a white horse. He stood high over Joshua and Joshua fell to the ground and spoke to him. "Have mercy and help me." Then another High Being came. This High Being was a Liberated One and his aura was so bright that it looked like the Sun." He stood between the Sun and Joshua and his aura spread out as far as they could see. His bright aura completely hid the man on the horse and the real Sun.

Then they saw Joshua's enemies turn and run away, leaving their dead and wounded. Joshua's army went after them. After Joshua won the battle, the Liberated One slowly drew in his aura and it was dark. The minister and the Helpers saw the Liberated One go away.

"Well, I was wrong," said the man.

"How do you know that you were wrong?" asked the Helper.

Then the minister told what happened after he died. "As I was standing here," he said, "I saw my life from death to birth and all I did. I passed out shortly after I went to bed at nine P.M. and my wife did not come in to call me until nine A.M. When I failed to appear at breakfast time she came and found me. I had seen my whole life during the night. I did not really think I was dead until I heard the doctor say, "He has been dead only twelve hours." Then the undertaker came to embalm me and he hurt me. I heard them say that I died of a sudden heart failure. But I am not dead. The Bible says that when one dies there is no more of him."

"Yes, the Helper replied, "but that means that the dense body dies." The spirit lives on as you now see. After you have been punished for your sins and for all the harm that you have done you, will go to Heaven for a short time. Then in time you will be reborn to reap what you have sown.
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Reference: The Work of Invisible Helpers, by Amber M. Tuttle

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