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The Work of
Invisible Helpers
by Amber M. Tuttle
(Part 13)

Chapter XV

In a certain Sunday paper there appeared four pictures of a little girl who had some strange pets. In the first picture this child was one year old. She is shown sitting in a high chair playing with a large snake that covers most of the tray of the chair.

The second picture shows the same child when she was six years old. She is sitting in a chair with a large snake in her lap. She is holding the snake up with her right hand by the neck and pointing a finger of her left hand at the open mouth of the snake. She is smiling and looks as if she was enjoying her play with her unusual pet.

In the third picture this little girl is out on the sidewalk standing with the same large snake coiled around her neck twice and hanging with its head and tail almost to her knees. She is holding her pet skunk by a leash. The skunk appears to be in a hurry to continue the walk that was interrupted by the photographer.

In the fourth picture this child is sitting down on a box, covered with wire. This is probably the cage where she keeps one of her strange pets. She is holding a beautiful pet fox in her arms.

There is an interesting story about her that was not in the newspaper. The Memory of Nature revealed the following about this child. When she was a boy in a previous life she lived near the upper part of the Nile River. One day she saw two snakes fighting. Not knowing the danger, she went up and stopped them from fighting. She made friends with them and took them home and ran everybody out of the house. The family soon saw that the snakes would not hurt the boy and so they let them alone. These snakes would not bother the boy, his family, or his friends.

These snakes followed this boy everywhere, and took his part in the woods against other things that tried to harm him. Through the help of the Group Spirits he was able to make friends with everything in the jungle about him from the smallest thing to the largest creature in the jungle.

The boy fought for his friends when anyone tried to harm or kill them. Even the birds became his friends. If she can get to do as much in this life, people will say that she is a genius. It will depend on her parents whether she will regain her power over the animals and birds in this life and make spiritual progress.

This is a story about a tiny baby who could pronounce her name. One day an unusual article appeared in a daily newspaper. At the top appears these words, "Three Day Old Pronounces Her Name; Nurses Vouch For It."

The article is as follows: "Nurses at St. Luke's hospital today recommended that all other child prodigies take a back seat. They told of a three day old girl, able to pronounce her own name. And they offered to give auditory proof to all skeptics. The remarkable child is the daughter of ------------."

Some invisible Helpers saw this article and one night they went to see the baby who talks. When they got there the baby was asleep. They woke her and told her to tell them her name. The little baby told her name very plainly and they could both understand it.

The Helpers were told that this baby is a very advanced child who has been reborn. They saw that she had a full-grown soul body. This child may be very talented when she grows older and the world may call her a genius.

Three years ago I saw a picture of a child in a Sunday newspaper that interested me greatly. The story in connection with the picture tells about a girl who made a pet of a large python.

One day a member of a scientific expedition came upon this little girl and her pet while he was passing through a Moro village on the Sulu Archipelago. The man saw that the huge python was coiled around the child and had his head resting on her shoulder and he said that the sight gave him the creeps.

The girl's father told him that his fears were needless as the python, and his little daughter were firm friends. He went on to tell the man that they had played together since the child was about two years of age. At that time she was toddling around in the yard beneath a shady tree in front of her home. She steadied herself against what seemed to be a large vine hanging straight down from a branch of the tree.

This awakened the python which was suspended from the tree and he immediately coiled himself around the child. Some women saw what had happened and they screamed for the child's father. The chief rushed out and was surprised to see that the python was sleepy and peaceful and that his daughter was prattling happily and pummeling the snake with both baby fists. He told the frightened woman that it was the will of Allah. He did not try to dislodge the snake for fear that he would antagonize the python and cause it to crush and kill his baby.

The snake seemed to have a real affection for the child and came back so often to visit her that the villagers have become accustomed to seeing them together. The sight is enough to make a stranger's hair stand on end and send him running away from that place.

We read of many strange friendships between human beings and members of the animal kingdoms, and between animals which are generally antagonistic toward each other, but friendship between a child and a twenty-foot python is truly unusual. The writer said, "The serpent is as affectionate as a kitten with its little slant-eyed, black-haired mistress."

Some Helpers wanted to see this little girl and her snake and so one night they went to see her. They found her petting the snake. The man Helper told the lady Helper to go up to the snake. She was afraid at first, but she went up to it. When the snake saw her he straightened out and came to meet her and stuck out his tongue. The snake stopped at the Helper's feet and she sat down. He put his head in her lap and she gently stroked him. He coiled around her and laid his head on her breast. He certainly was a huge fellow!

The little girl soon called the snake and he returned to her and they went off together and the Helpers went on. It does seem strange that this snake and child are playmates, but the friendship can be explained. The pythons are under a Group Spirit who is very wise. This Group Spirit can read in the Memory of Nature. He must have known that this child had not earned a violent death and influenced his charge to be friendly toward her. No doubt this child has been kind to animals in her past lives and the Group Spirits of all the animals will help her by influencing their charges to be friendly to her.

The Helpers were later told that this child is an Initiate and has a full-grown soul body and can work as a Helper at night. It is altogether likely that she has some important work to do with her people in that far-away land.

I will now tell you about a man who was a real genius in his last life. It is said that he never went to school. Still he mastered Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, Assyrian Cuneiform, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. This interesting man became a self-taught master of these difficult languages.

This man was the son of a poor peasant who could not afford to send him to school. Nevertheless, he secured a very wonderful education and became a well-known philosopher. He was also a poet and published a few volumes of poetry.

A friend set up an astrological chart for the time of birth of this man. She found that he was born at a very favorable time to succeed in the work that he came back to do.

This man had a keen desire for Occult and Mystic knowledge and wanted to become a better servant of God and so help others. He desired to impart his knowledge to his friends and to the public, but as might be expected the public refused to listen.

Now, let us take a look into the Memory of Nature and see what happened in the far distant past. Some two thousand years ago there lived a man in Central Europe who was very much given to neglecting his opportunities for self-improvement. He had a good opportunity to become highly educated and could have been a good teacher. He was also able to be a social favorite and enjoy himself. He took the line of least resistance and enjoyed life to the fullest. So he lost his opportunity to develop his mental faculties. Later in life he realized his great mistake, but it was too late to start and finish anything new, and he soon passed on with misgivings and regret.

In the next life this ego was reborn as a woman of the Cancer type. She loved her home and wanted to stay in it. As she had neglected her opportunities for advancement both along mental and material lines in the life previous, she was reborn into a poor family in order that she might learn the needed lessons that she had neglected. These lessons were now to be learned under difficult circumstances.

Her home was plain and her parents were good to her. They were strict with her and gave her to understand that she had to earn everything she had. This in turn developed her will. It also made her think and take notice of the downtrodden, the uneducated, the maimed, and the afflicted. There was also born in her a great desire to educate all who came her way. She had a meager education and little money. Still she attempted to help all that she could.

Her parents could have helped her more, but they were anxious to have her develop self-reliance. They wanted her to depend on her own resources. They did not believe in sparing the rod and spoiling the child. They realized that her desires needed curbing and that her energy should be directed along useful lines. Because of this rigid discipline and the work required of her by her parents she grew up with a limited education. Her practical education developed an understanding heart and mind which proved of great value to her in the next life when she was reborn as a man.

Again she was reborn in about the same part of Europe. She had as her parents some of her gay playmates of the second life previous when she devoted her entire life to pleasure. These parents had the same lessons to learn that she did and they were extremely poor. They had nothing to give her but a physical body, love, and kindness. The family was happy in their simple home. There were no luxuries for anyone in it. They had a little four-room house with a few flowers in front.

The father did any work that he could find, but earned little money. He had good friends, but they were as poor as he was and not able to help him financially. He was hopeful and tried to instill hope into the family. The mother did all she could for her family with what she had.

In his last life this man had a mind that could be developed beyond his wildest dreams and he was able to retain what he learned and impart it to others in a clear and concise manner.

It is said that this man was able to master five ancient languages. How did he do it? His chart shows that he was born at a very favorable time and had a superior physical body and mind. It shows that he would receive much help from others. He had the ability to pronounce the difficult words of foreign languages and a love of accomplishment. He had a good retentive memory and the ability to impart his knowledge to others. He was active and energetic and had the persistence necessary to carry his projects to a successful conclusion.

How did this ego learn Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, Assyrian Cuneiform, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics? In the previous life he saw the need of the people being taught in their mother-language and he decided to carry out his ideas and he taught them in their own language. In the incarnation when he chose a life of pleasure he learned that it afforded him only temporary happiness. So in his last life he directed his energy along constructive lines and he lived up to the good aspects in his horoscope. In a certain sense he ruled his stars. He exerted his will to overcome adverse tendencies and succeeded so well that he became a real genius, a master of languages, self-taught.

I believe that in past lives this man had lived in the countries where these languages were spoken and had been a student of languages. If we did not believe in rebirth we could not account for this man's ability. It is likely that this man spent much time traveling in Palestine, Egypt, Greece, and other countries.

He was a conscious student of the Mysteries of that part of the world. He was an Invisible Helper and learned much on his travels out, of his body. Since he had spiritual sight he could very easily be helped by the Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters who were helping him to advance. Since he had spiritual hearing he could get the meaning of unknown words and signs. Thus he could pursue his studies alone and make rapid progress.

While traveling in person in foreign lands he was well received by the people in authority. No doubt he was shown ancient documents and records which helped him in his studies. He knew psychometry and when he picked up or touched these things he could find out what took place at the time they were written and about the persons who wrote them.

He taught publicly and privately and imparted his knowledge freely to others. In this way he fitted himself to be the recipient of more and further instruction. This man was an advanced ego who had developed himself to a high state by persistent effort in many previous lives and so in his last life he accomplished a seemingly impossible task and did much to help humanity.

One day I read an article in a newspaper about a little boy who was ordained as an evangelist at the age of seven years. It was claimed that this boy could preach in seven languages. A friend investigated and found out that this boy does have unusual ability.

A chart was set up for the time of his birth and many interesting tendencies are shown. He is likely to be original and independent, energetic, ambitions, and resourceful. He is likely to benefit from influential friends who will be in a position to help him. He should have executive ability and be successful in public life. This child should be successful as a public speaker since oratorical ability and a good flow of language are indicated.

This child may develop into an inspirational speaker with prophetic ability which will help him to accomplish his life work, whatever it is.

I have been told that this ego was living during the time that Jesus walked the Earth, and that he was a prophet in that life when he was a man. In the next life he was a woman living in England in the year 1,000, a little before the Duke of Normandy went there. This ego was reborn as a little boy in our time and he is an advanced child who will be able to speak many regular languages in time.

One morning a man was sitting down looking at a paper and listening to some sweet music that was being played somewhere. This soft music was like that played in ancient times. Someone told the man by means of thought that this music was the work of a genius.

Then he saw the work of an evil genius who has been working to harm people for several lives. He saw waste and desolation on land from Ireland to Egypt. He saw some friars walking about the country helping the fallen people who had been wandering about. The man thought that this state of things had been caused by savagery of some kind. "Oh, the pity of it all," he said. "What is genius and how are geniuses made and who makes them?" he asked.

Then he saw a man who appeared to have lived about three thousand years ago. This man was in a hut trying to cook something. He had a very mean and savage look on his face. He went out and tried what he had been cooking on a crowd of people and they all fell down dead from what he gave them to eat. He appeared to be happy over the success of his efforts to cause these people to die. He disappeared from the scene and then came back in more recent times.

In the second series of pictures from the Memory of Nature this ego had a simple laboratory. He was making some kind of gas in powder form in his laboratory. He tried it on cows and hogs and anything that was alive and moved. He took some of his powder-like stuff and put it in a clay bowl and covered it up. He then built a fire under the bowl and it exploded. He went into a state of ecstasy over his experiment. Then followed scenes of destruction and death everywhere, due to his death-dealing invention. In that life this evil ego had been reborn into the Chinese race.

There was a blank for a few minutes which indicated the passing of time. After that the man who was being shown these scenes saw the same ego in a modern laboratory with a lot of men around him making all kinds of chemicals. He saw them putting the compound into shells, airplanes, boats, etc. This man was in some country in a chemical laboratory preparing for a more deadly kind of warfare. We may be sure that the law of Cause and Effect will take care of this man in time and that he will have to pay dearly for his work.

There are more good geniuses that do good for mankind than evil geniuses who do evil. If this were not true the world would have been destroyed long ago. The true genius is a person who does his philanthropic work for mankind quietly, without any thought of any immediate reward for his labors. Some of these people are never heard of until long after they have died. History gives us many examples of such persons. Some of the best painters and musicians did their work under very trying circumstances. Some of them almost starved to death while they were doing their best work. They were unappreciated while they lived and now the world seeks to honor their memory. There are geniuses along many lines who are helping man in his evolution.

I have been told that prodigies are almost always egos who have about spent their gifts. They either die or their special gifts disappear. This is due to the ego resting on its laurels. Such a person receives his reward for the effort that he put in his work to earn whatever gift he may have.

On the other hand there are some egos who continue their work with greater effort and become truly great. They give mankind some of its greatest blessings. They cease to be prodigies and become servants of God and mankind. The knowledge of the Spiritual Worlds becomes their heritage. Then they walk the path of holiness and the world becomes their home and all people are their brothers and sisters.

It is wise and good that man should become a genius, for then he can truly become a servant of God. No one needs to feel sorry for himself, for anyone can become great in the sight of God and man, if he will put forth the proper amount of effort, and have faith in himself. Without effort and faith nothing can be accomplished.

Chapter XVI

Is the Life of
An Invisible Helper
Joyful or Sad?

The life of an Invisible Helper is both joyful and sad. When Helpers are sent on missions to cure or relieve the sick, they are satisfied and happy when they are able to do their work satisfactorily. They are pleased by the gratitude of the people whom they help. They go to many interesting places and meet other Helpers and see them at work. They often visit Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters and receive much useful advice for themselves and others. The encouragement and help that they receive sustain them in their daily life and assist them to redouble their efforts to make spiritual progress.

Helpers are sad when they see people who have become involved in activities which have been their undoing. They are sad when they see people in prison or in some place of confinement, and have not earned the right to be helped by the Helpers. It makes Helpers sad to meet people who have chosen to follow others in wrong ways of living. Helpers feel sorry for persons who have lost their loved ones and feel sad and alone.

It makes Helpers feel badly to see animals suffer from lack of food, water, and proper care and consideration. They feel great sorrow for the animals which are maimed and starved in cruel steel traps and in other ways. They feel sorry for the Group Spirits of the animals and birds who are made to suffer death in fires, explosions, on battlefields, and in other places.

First, I will tell you of some encouragement that a Helper received one day from a good friend of his whom he went to visit.

"You have a philosophy, or ideal, that I like and it will sustain you as long as you hold to it," the Lay Brother said to the Helper.

"What is it ?" asked the Helper.

"You are too frugal with yourself and too liberal with others," the Lay Brother answered. "It is the nature of man to want what he has not, and to desire to he where he is not. This craving produces progress, inspires effort, and is the mainspring of many useful accomplishments."

"Fortunate is the man who can create for himself a world of usefulness which nurtures exalted ambitions. It is this usefulness together with the capacity for work and enthusiasm which, if motivated by the knowledge of real human values, tends to broaden our horizon to gainful endeavors. They stimulate our interests in worth-while activities which inevitably lead to a fully occupied life, and a busy life means security, advancement, and happiness against stagnation, want, and decadence.

"In the human breast there are crystallized hopes and aspirations yearning to be satisfied, trying to find expression, like mighty streams surging and seeking outlets into the wide, blue sea. It is this ceaseless yearning for something good, something better, something positive, which keeps us plugging away, not looking aside, until we attain those factors which we believe could improve our lot.

"It is this inborn longing to get ahead that spurs us toward our objective, the realization of cherished ambitions, whether we reach our ultimate goal or not, because there are so many odds against us and so many obstacles which we have to conquer. This flame within acts as a natural, energizing influence that forges us ahead on the highways and byways of life, infinitely seeking, patiently searching for something real, something beautiful, something that might bring lasting joy.

"The romance of life and the business of living, with all its complexities, requires a sound and practical as well as a beautiful and inspiring philosophy. A good and profound philosophy which one proposes to live by, has a tremendous influence in shaping one's ideas and ideals. It affects deeply one's very existence. If this kind of philosophy is kept constantly before us, it should serve as a motivating force that normalizes our entire conduct and behavior. It gives us a clearer perspective which makes us look at the world in a kindlier light. It affords us an optimistic slant on life. It imparts the human touch.

"It is this ideal or philosophy that makes it possible for us to bear life's burdens, and understand life's baffling problems. It gives us a more sensible outlook and a wider comprehension in their treatment and solution. This philosophy gives us a broader spirit of charity and tolerance with our fellow beings. It gives us an acute understanding of the manifestations of human nature. It tempers our disposition. It enables us to adjust ourselves to the varying circumstances of life.

"It gives us courage and moral strength to face the harsh realities and uncertainties of life. In other words, this philosophy affords us a sense of proportion, equanimity, and a comforting attitude so necessary and vital in this turbulent world. When this philosophy is enriched by knowledge and wisdom, and when it is reared in more bountiful and variegated human experience, it should prove the most desirable and lasting foundation for a good life, a larger, richer life, if you will, which is sane, intelligent, buoyant, and happy."

After this friend had given the Helper his inspiring talk about the philosophy that he was trying to live by, the Helper asked to be allowed to write it down for a friend of his. Permission was given and the friend received it a day or so later.

The Helper saw several other friends of his while be was at that place and he returned home encouraged and inspired by this helpful talk.

One night two Helpers were saddened by a tragedy which they could not prevent. A motorboat left a little landing place where several people had come to see some friends off. The people in the motorboat were going across a large body of water. The wind was blowing fiercely and the water had become very rough.

Suddenly the motor stopped and the boat whirled round and round. The five people in the boat were very much frightened and began calling for help. When the father of one of the girls in the boat saw the danger that his daughter was in he seemed to lose his reason, for be understood the awful peril in which the people were. He took his rifle and pointed it at his terrified daughter. He intended to kill her to cut short her sufferings. Instead he shot a hole in the side of the boat and it sank rapidly. All on board were drowned. Then the father waded out as far as he could while trying to get his daughter, and he sank and also drowned.

The Helpers saw all that happened, but they could not give any help for these people had to go that way. After it was all over the Helpers went out into the water, got the bodies of the people, and carried them all to shore, and laid them in a row on the ground. The egos stood beside their bodies and wondered what had happened to them, and why they could not get back into their bodies. One of the Helpers told these poor victims of the sea to will themselves well from the choking feeling. They did and said that they felt much better.

One Helper spoke to the people who gathered about the bodies of the dead. "The egos of these people are here beside their bodies," she said. She pointed to them and the surprised people saw them, also.

The other Helper had asked that these people might see them, so that they would believe what the lady Helper was telling them.

The lady Helper told these people why those on the motorboat could not be rescued. They had some karmic debts to pay off in this life. She explained about the law of Karma and told them what these people had done in some past life to merit this fate. It did seem hard for these young people to have to die in this way. A few minutes before, they had been lighthearted and gay. Now, their lifeless bodies lay cold and wet on the ground.

One of these Helpers was so distressed about the fate of these poor travelers that she went back to her body soon after this and woke up. She stayed awake awhile turning the events over in her mind. If people have not earned assistance they can not be saved. Helpers may be sent to take the egos of the so-called "dead" people away to the Desire World, and may get there in time to see how they meet death, but they are not allowed to rescue them.

Here is the story of some other work that made two Helpers sad. One night while passing over a refugee camp several years ago, some Helpers came across an old Chinese woman who was about eighty years old. The Helpers heard a faint call of distress and they went to a tent and found a woman who was sick and alone. She was dying of hunger and thirst. She was asking for food and water and she kept saying, "Where is Wen?"

The Helpers went and obtained some soft food and some water for her, and took it to her. Then she told them her story.

"I was once rich and had five sons. Then the Japanese came and took everything we had and my husband and I had to flee for our lives. We came to this camp and my husband went and got food for me at the place where they give it out at mealtime. He is eighty-five years old and very feeble. He went off yesterday and has not returned and I am very worried about him."

"We will go and try and find him," one of the Helpers promised her.

The Helpers found out that this man started out to get his sick wife some food and because he was weak he was pushed over and trampled on. He was picked up and thrown in a ditch, where he died. The Helpers found him standing beside his body wondering what had happened to him.

"You are dead," the man Helper told him.

"No, I'm not," the poor man said, "but I must get Wee's food or she will starve to death."

"She will not need any food now, for she will soon be like you," the Helper replied.

The poor man's body which was in the ditch was nude, as someone had stripped it of all its clothing. The Helpers saw some vultures close at hand waiting for the opportunity to eat the man's body. The Helpers saw the white skeletons of other people nearby who had died.

The Helpers took the ego of the poor Chinese back to his wife. She saw him for hunger and privation had opened up her spiritual sight. She called her husband and he went to her to take her in his arms. His arms went right through her and he wondered what was wrong.

"An American missionary told me that I would never die and that my wife would go to Heaven with me," the man said.

"You will not really die, but you will change this old body for a lighter one to rest in, until you come back to Earth again," the Helper assured him.

"I don't want to come back here where they fight all the time, and where someone comes and takes everything you have," the man said. "I like peace and not war."

"The way you have lived and treated other people will determine where you will be reborn and what your circumstances will be," the Helper said.

"I don't like the Chinese Race for the people are too slow and backward," the man said. "I want to take Wee and go away from here."

"You have outgrown your race and you will be reborn in the white race," the Helper told him.

This pleased the Chinese man and he said, "I don't like it here at all. I hope we go to a better place."

Just then the lady Helper told her companion that the wife had passed on. After she had formed beside her body she hugged her husband and said, "Oh, I feel so different, but heavy and weak."

"Will yourself well and you will be all right," said the man Helper.

She did this and brightened up. Then he told her to will to keep up with them as they were going to take them away from that place. The Helpers took the old people to the Borderland and gave them to the Lay Sister who was in charge. The Helpers noticed that their soul bodies were very well developed and they thought they would not need to spend any time in Purgatory for they had been good people and had gone through much suffering.

Here is another story which made two Helpers feel very sad. Several years ago while some Helpers were working in the southwestern of Europe they found a little girl who was very weak from cold and hunger. She was a very pretty olive complexioned child about seven years of age. She told the Helpers that her father and mother were dead and that she had no relatives that she knew of. One Helper thought he would like to take her home and care for her. He saw that her soul body was so bright that she was a blaze of light. He asked someone at a distance by means of thought if he could take this child to his home.

"No, for she will soon join her mother," the lay Sister replied.

"Who is she?" the Helper asked.

"She is a Helper," the Lay Sister told him.

The child asked for a drink of water. The Helpers did not see any water near them, but they saw some soldiers about ten miles away.

"You go and get one of the soldier's canteens and bring it here," the man Helper said to his companion. "Then later you can take it back."

"I'll go and get one, and you stay here and watch her," the lady Helper said.

She rushed away and materialized her hands, took a canteen off of one of the soldier's belts, and rose up with it before any. one could say or do anything. The Helper gave the dying girl a drink and she thanked her and said, "Good-by. They have come for me."

The Helpers looked around and saw two beautiful lady Helpers nearby. One of them held out her hands and the child raised up out of her body and went to her arms. The child waved at the Helpers as she was carried away by her friends who had come to take her to the Children's Heaven.

When Helpers are able to comfort and help people they feel happy. Here is the story of how a lady received her sight about a year ago. Once a Helper met a lady who was blind and crippled. She was taking an early morning walk with her dog before the traffic became heavy.

"Good morning, Lady," said the Helper pleasantly. "It is somewhat cool this morning, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," she said.

"How long have you been like this?" he asked.

"Twenty years," she replied. "I was ten years old when I heard a voice say, `Now you must pay your debt for what you did many hundreds of years ago,' and then I became blind. I was going to school and I thought that it had suddenly become dark and I started to go back home. In crossing the street I was run over by a wagon and was left a cripple. Somehow I managed to finish school and college and I have my B.S. degree."

"Are you a Christian?" inquired the Helper, and he said, "Yes."

"Did you pray and ask to find out what you had done to cause your troubles?" asked the Helper.

"Yes," she said, "I was a Greek woman and I caused a woman to go blind because I was jealous of her. This woman was injured while trying to go about while blind and she became a cripple. After I saw what I had done I was sorry for her and for myself, for I never got the man anyway. Secretly I did much to help the woman whom I had wronged. Now I am blind and crippled as she was. No one believed my story and so I turned to God."

"I have come to help you," the Helper said.

Then he put his hand on her head and then in it, and moved the optic nerve over. After that the lady began to see and stood erect. When she saw the Helper, she was glad. "Your voice sounded so soft and sweet to me," she said. "Who are you?"

"Just a helper to all mankind," he replied.

"Will you come to my home so my family can see you?" she asked.

"What will you do with your dog now that you can go about alone?" asked the Helper.

"I will return him to the place where I got him," she said.

"If I were to keep him he would forget his training to lead people."

The Helper bade the happy lady good-by and went on, glad that he had been sent to heal her.

Here is an unusual story of how a young woman was saved from death. Once some Invisible Helpers were going along over a high building and they saw a woman hanging on the cornice, or edge, of a twenty- story building. They noticed that the cornice was bent very much under her weight. There were many people in the street below looking up. There were also some men on top of the building.

The Helpers stopped and, by means of thought, asked someone at a distance if the woman was to be saved. They were told to save her, and to punish the man who had caused her to be in that predicament.

"Do you wish to save her?" the man Helper asked his partner.

"You do it," she said, for she was not very sure of her ability in such cases as these, where quick thinking is necessary.

The Helpers materialized on the roof of the building and walked up to where the men were. The man Helper climbed over the edge and slipped down to where the girl hung in terror. She was mentally praying for help. "For God's sake help me," she said.

"Be still and I will," he promised.

He reached down, and got a firm hold on her legs and started to pull her back.

"I am caught," she said.

The Helper then reached down and caught her by the waist and released her. He straightened up and handed her to the lady Helper who then took her up over the edge of the building and she was saved. Just then the cornice gave way and fell to the street below.

How did you ever happen to be on the roof and get caught over the edge?" one of the Helpers asked.

Then the girl told him her story. She said that the man she worked for had asked her to go up on top of the building where the air was cool, so they could talk. After she went up to the roof he made advances to her and would not let her go down to go home. Finally she climbed to the very edge of the building thinking that he would go away and let her alone. Suddenly she slipped and fell over. Her body caught on something and there she was, suspended high in the air above the street. She described her feelings to the strangers who had saved her life.

"While I was hanging there," she said, "I saw everything I have ever done, and from now on, I intend to live a good, Christian life."

"Is the man present who bothered you?" asked the Helper.

"Yes, he is standing beside you," she said.

The lady Helper grabbed this man by the shoulders and shook and slapped him until he begged for mercy. By this time the police and some firemen had reached the place. The lady Helper told them what had happened and they arrested the man. The girl suddenly fainted away while this was happening.

The man Helper looked at her and saw that she had been injured. He tore the front of her dress open to see what had happened to her. In sliding down, a nail had caught in her pelvic bone and held her tightly. If she had moved she would have fallen head first to the ground. She had a cut on her abdomen about six inches long. It was nearly through the skin. One Helper advised the policemen to take her to a hospital and they did. They wanted to know who the people were who had saved the girl's life and asked their names. The Helpers disappeared and went on with their work.

When Helpers are able to cure people who are in great danger of dying they rejoice and are happy. Soon after the girl was saved from this twenty-story building the Helpers were sent somewhere in the mountains in the east to help a sick lady who had the lockjaw.

They found her praying hard that she might live and bring up her three little children. When the Helpers walked into the house the poor lady made frantic motions for a pencil and paper. When these were brought to her she wrote, "An Angel of death and another Angel have come for me and I do not want to die. Please tell them to spare me."

The people in the room could not see the Helpers, but she could, for her affliction and hunger had opened up her psychic sight.

"We have come to help you because you have been a good wife and mother," one of the Helpers said.

Then he began to work on her foot where a nail had run into it. The Helpers could see the line of infection extending up her leg. "You work on her face and lower jaw," he said to the lady Helper.

Soon the lady opened her mouth and said, "Thank God and bless the Angels."

The people in the room were startled and surprised to hear what she said. Then the woman showed them her legs and they were, both white. Just a little while before, her right leg had been black and blue and badly swollen.

"Where are the Angels?" asked one of the people in the room.

One Helper told the other to appear before them. She went behind them and said, "Here I am."

The people turned quickly and fell to their knees.

"Get up," said the Helper, "I am human, just as you are."

"How can you be?" a lady asked, "Tell us about it."

Then the Helper told them about her teachings. They could not believe that one could live a good enough life to do as the strangers were doing. Someone said that if everybody would do as the Helpers were doing, the world would be a happy place to live in.

"We thank you for your help, but we still believe that you are Angels," said the same lady.

One of the Helpers told the lady to get up and dress and that she would not need the doctor any more as she had been cured by her faith in God. The happy lady hugged the lady Helper and shook the man Helper's hand.

"Be kind to all human beings regardless of race, creed, or color," he said.

"I will do this all my life," she promised.

The Helpers then disappeared and went to their homes.

I will now tell you of an unusual way of helping people. A man was carried home by Invisible Helpers. One night some Helpers were sent to help a man who was standing on a street corner. He said he had the money to go home, but could not get a train or bus until the next day. He had tried every means that he could think of because he wanted to reach his wife before she died.

When the Helpers found out about it, one of them told the man to go back to the place where he was staying and get a blanket. He went back, and got a blanket and gave it to the Helpers. The man Helper rolled the man up in it and put him to sleep. He then stood beside his body and the Helpers reversed the law of Gravity and carried him to a town in one of the central states and then awakened him. At first the man was much bewildered. A Helper told him where he was and he hurried home, taking the Helpers with him.

They found the man's wife very sick. They eased her breathing but they knew that she would pass on soon. The man wanted to know who the strangers were and how they happened to come to him and they told him. He said that he went to bed, and someone told him to get up, go to the corner and wait, and someone would help him get home so that he could see his wife for a few days before she passed on.

One Helper told this man what to do after his wife died. "Do not have her body embalmed," she said, "but keep it quiet for three and one-half days and then have it buried." She explained why this should be done and the husband promised that he would follow her directions.

A few nights later the Helpers went back to see how the man's wife was. When they reached the house they found out that the wife had died and that her body had been buried that day, three and a half days after death. The man that they had carried home was in a dazed condition. One Helper touched him and he aroused himself and saw the Helpers standing before him.

"Thank God! My prayers have been answered," he said. "I have prayed every day since you brought me home for you to return to me. Now I am free. Tell me how I can become like you two, if you are not Angels."

The Helpers told him and he wrote it all down. "I can rest now," he said, "but I couldn't before, for I have been afraid that you would not come back."

This man had kept his promise and had not had his wife's body embalmed. Both of the Helpers plainly remembered how they helped this man and his wife, and they rejoiced because the man wished to be a Helper and take part in this great work.

Here is a story, which I heard, concerning a very high Lay Sister who lived in India at one time. She spends most of her time working out of her body. She lives as other people do, for she has to take care of her physical body and give it food, water, and exercise.

Sometimes these high Initiates have parties and meet together and enjoy themselves. One day while this Helper was attending one of these parties she heard a cry of distress which she could not resist. She went in her fine clothes and came back in rags.

She said that while she was eating she heard a cry. She looked to see where it came from and she saw a pack of wild hogs in Northern India attacking some tourists. It was night when she walked out of the house, suspended gravity, rose up into the air, and went to them to give them help. By this time the three women had almost gone crazy from fright. They ran to her and in dodging about they tore her clothes nearly off.

When this Lay Sister got there she told the wild hogs to leave and they did. She could command the Group Spirit who rules these animals and they obeyed her.

Two men were badly injured and she had to help them after she had driven off the hogs. The tourists were traveling in a car. After she had saved their lives and started them on their way, she had to beg and borrow money to get to her home nearly two hundred miles away. Perhaps you will wonder why she could not suspend gravity and return home the way she went. That would have been against the spiritual law, for it is not permissible, for Initiates to use spiritual powers to save themselves. They can save others, but they cannot save themselves.

Christ could heal the sick and restore sight to the blind, and cast out entities from obsessed people, but he would not save himself from death on the Cross. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ had to suffer many temptations while he walked upon, the Earth helping others.

Now if this Lay Sister had been asleep, she could have saved these peoples more easily, and she would have been able to return to her body in a few seconds. If she had been at home she could have lain down and left her body consciously. Then she could have gone to these tourists and returned without difficulty. Helpers who are not Initiates have to wait until they fall asleep and are later sent out to do certain things. This is the only case that I know of, where a Helper left in her physical body to do work such as this. It is really very unusual.

At one time some Helpers were sent to a house where the people were hungry and sick. One of them knocked on the door and the woman who opened it asked what the stranger wanted.

"Isn't there someone sick here?" the lady Helper inquired.

"Yes, come in, invited the lady of the house.

The two Helpers then went into the house and talked to the people for awhile. Then one of the Helpers turned to the man and said, "Are you the man who has been praying to die?"

"Yes," said the man. "I have been in pain and have been suffering for some time. I think I am going to die."

"Well, I think we can take you with us when we go," said the Helper in an unconcerned voice.

"I wish someone would take me," the man replied.

"There is no pain or sorrow in Heaven and I will first have to drive the aches and pain out of you," said the Helper and he began to rub the man's body. He worked on his vital body and the man said he felt better.

The man asked the Helpers where they came from and they told him, and explained that they go everywhere and help everyone they can who is in trouble.

"Are you human?" asked the man.

"Don't we look like human beings?" asked the Helper.

"Yes, and no," the man slowly replied.

"Now I will take you with me," said the Helper getting up to go.

The man became frightened and called his wife who had left the room. He told her to bring his clothes as he wanted to get up.

"Are you not sick?" the asked the Helper, pretending to be surprised.

"No, you have healed me," the man said.

"You should not pray and ask God to take you to Heaven when you do not wish to go," the Helper said.

You see, the man did not want to die after he had been cured of his illness. The man thought that the Helpers must be Angels, for he knew that ordinary people cannot heal others so quickly, and he said so. The Helper told him that they were not Angels, but they could take him to Heaven or Hell if he died.

The man laughed and they disappeared from him, for they had been fully materialized. "I wonder who they were," he said to his wife. "They surely made me well."

The Helpers came back and the man was so frightened that he shook with fear. The Helpers talked to him a little longer and then they left. The man was too bewildered to understand what they had said to him.

Early one morning some Helpers were in South America and they saw some young boys and girls cutting their initials on a large tree. One Helper went up to them. "Please stop hurting the tree," he said. "You not only hurt the tree, but you hurt the Group Spirit of the tree."

The young people laughed at the Helper because they thought he did not know what he was talking about "Come to me and form a circle around us and we will see if we can see the Group Spirit," the Helper said. They joined hands with the Helpers in the center. The man Helper asked that the young people might see the Group Spirit of the tree and know for themselves. Then in the future they could stop other boys and girls from cutting the trees. The Helpers saw them stiffen and then he heard the girls crying. "Oh, I am so sorry I hurt you," one of them said. "Please forgive me and I will try to keep everyone from hurting trees."

The Helper told these boys and girls that everything that grows and moves has a Group Spirit and that any harm done to them hurts the Group Spirit.

The Group Spirit of this tree showed pain and suffering on his face. He has a body like an Archangel and a beautiful face. The hair on his head is very fine and has delicate branches like a tree with fine, well-shaped leaves. The marks that the boys and girls had made showed on the Group Spirit's body where they could see them.

The Helper told the young people that it was the beginning of the fall in that part of the world and the sap was going down. He said that the sap would run out of the trees through the deep cuts in the bark and cause them to die if they were not tied up. The boys and girls took mud and tied up the trees which they had injured. They began to ask questions and the man Helper and the two lady Helpers answered them.

"How strange that these things can be true!" exclaimed one girl. "Who will believe that we have seen these things when we tell about them?"

"There are many things that you can do to help the forest if you twelve band together for the good of all things that grow," continued the Helper.

"What about the snakes?" one boy inquired.

"Kill all that you may see, for they may kill you if you don't," said the Helper.

The boys and girls decided to work together and the man Helper told them to choose a leader. They chose a girl who had never put her name on a tree.

Each kind of tree and plant has a Group Spirit. All of them look like beautiful people and they have wonderful auras. Group Spirits are much like the Archangels whose lowest bodies are made of desire stuff.

These Group Spirits can be distinguished by their hair, which looks like miniature leaves, fruit, flowers, or vegetables according to the species that they have under their charge. By looking at the head of the Group Spirit a Helper can tell what he governs.

The Group Spirit who has charge of the orange trees has hair that looks like the foliage of an orange tree and there appear to be small ripe oranges on it.

The Group Spirit of the white rose has hair that looks like small rose bushes with white roses on them. The Group Spirit of the water lily has hair that resembles the leaves and stems of the water lily plant, and there are small white blossoms on the green stems.

These Helpers felt sad to think that the Group Spirit of these trees had to suffer because of the injuries inflicted on the trees by these young people. They know that people generally do not know that they are causing pain when they injure the trees.

The Helpers were glad that they could instruct these young people and get them started along helpful lines. They were very glad to get the information on how to identify the Group Spirits that have charge of the plants and trees. The Earth is really a marvelous place, and there is much to be learned on it and about it. But we still have to develop our higher bodies in order to be able to meet the members of other life waves that are working to advance humanity.

The animals are our younger brothers and they are also helped by Invisible Helpers. One night some helpers were told to go and help a sick whale. By means of the Jupiterian Consciousness, they were shown the whale, and they found it in the Atlantic Ocean about five hundred miles from New York.

The whale's body was swollen to about twice its normal size. It had eaten some decayed meat and this had caused it to swell up from the gas formed in its intestinal tract. The whale could not pass this gas from its body and it could not throw it up. It was a very sick whale indeed. When the Helpers came down to the surface of the water where it was, it did not show fright or try to get away.

One of the Helpers rubbed the whale's head and neck which were above the water. Then the whale brought up its back and she rubbed that and it began to recover immediately. It was able to eliminate the decayed meat from its intestinal tract, and it got rid of the gas that had formed in its body. Then it became frisky and wanted to rub her hand with its head. The Helper patted it a while and then looked for the Group Spirit of the whales. She saw a very fine, well-built man with a whale's head and an etheric whale body in back of him. He had very kindly eyes and the Helpers liked him at once. The Group Spirit of the whales thanked her for her kindness to one of his charges and she was very pleased and happy.

This Group Spirit said that food is scarce and the whales have difficulty in getting enough to eat, because the ocean bed is up so high that the whales do not have the large range that they used to have. He also said that the whales are not coming to birth as much as they did. Many of the whales will be held back in the Desire World until the coming changes in the earth's surface have taken place.

Some people today have strange ideas about animals. Some think that God created the animals just for food for man and to satisfy his hunting desires. They forget that the animals are also God's children. Perhaps, if hunters knew that an Angel mourns every time an animal is shot or killed in a trap they would think twice before going on with their slaughter of the innocents. For each person and each animal has an Angel in charge of him or her. There is an Angel present at the birth and death of everything that lives, moves, and breathes. Some birds have little children Angels in charge of them.

Our next story is about a Helper who saw two men die and took on their feelings. This story will give you an idea why the life of a Helper is sometimes sad and sometimes joyful.

One Friday night two Helpers were out working and one of them had the experience of seeing and feeling two men die. One man was a sinner and the other was a good occult student. The two Helpers stood at the bedside of the dying man, who had not lived a good life, and looked down at him. An awful feeling came over the man Helper and he said to himself, "Am I dying?" Fear took hold of him and he could feel an inward shrinking.

"See if something is the matter with my body," he said to his partner, by means of thought.

"No, your body is all right," she said after looking at him.

"It is getting dark and I cannot see well," he continued.

It did not enter his mind to pray, but he was wondering where he was going. "Where am I?" he asked the lady Helper. "I can't see and it is so dark that I am afraid to move."

"Nonsense, it is as light as it always is," she said. "What are you going to do? The man is dead."

"H-mm, I surely do not want that feeling any more," he said.

"What feeling are you talking about," she inquired.

"I took on the feelings of the dying man," he explained to her.

Then the Lady Helper became excited and wanted to go.

"Be calm," he said. "I was only having a new experience that was too real to be pleasant. Come with us," he said turning to the dead man.

"I am afraid," said this man. "I can't see where I am going, and I may fall into something."

"Will to see and you will see the way," the man Helper said and started to take him away to the Borderland.

"Will the Devil get me?" the frightened man asked.

"There is no devil but yourself to punish you," said the Helper.

"You will suffer for the wrong that you did to others."

"I am sorry," said the man, "for I have not been too good to other people."

"Well, you will learn better before you come back," said the Helper as he left the man in the Desire World.

This man died in a hospital alone except for the nurse and doctor. The Helpers heard the nurse say, "I am not afraid but I had a feeling that others were present when the man died. I wonder if there were some other people here!"

The next night the man Helper saw the nurse again and he told her that there were two Invisible Helpers and the man's Angel present when he died.

After this man died the Helpers hurried to the bedside of an occult student who was dying. The man Helper took on his feelings of calm, peace, and happiness. Everything was bright and he could smell the sweet odor of roses.

"A well-spent life but a hard one," was the thought that came into the man Helper's mind. He saw children and adults, little Angels and grown up Angels, and they were all singing, "Well done," as the man sank into death.

A smile came to his face and he seemed to become lighter. The music became clearer, and he could see where he was going. His home in Heaven was a bungalow with many flowers around it. There were birds singing and bees going from flower to flower. The garden was large with pretty green grass evenly cut.

"I do not want to go to Heaven now," the man said. "I want to help my fellow man. I know I have this home. My wife and children can wait until I come." He thought a beautiful woman came out on the large porch and waved and said, "We will wait, papa."

You see, this good man had built a home in Heaven and had peopled it with thought-forms of his wife and children. They were still living when he died and left them. He wanted to continue as a Helper and not go to Heaven to enjoy his well earned rest. Then it became dark for a second.

"He has passed on," the lady Helper said.

"Why did you wake me up?" the man Helper asked.

"I thought you were looking on Venus or Vulcan,", she replied.

"You seemed so intent on what you were seeing."

"I was seeing and experiencing what this man was going through," the Helper told her.

The Helpers asked the dead man if he wanted to stay for his funeral and he said, "No." The man's wife stood by her husband's bed and talked to the Helpers. "Does he not look the picture of peace?" she asked. "John, I shall not be long in following you and then we can work together."

"Do not seek me, but look after the children," he said and kissed her.

Then the Helpers took this man to the Borderland. The Lay Brother in charge of the Borderland asked him if he wanted to work or rest. He said that he wanted to work. He was given a new partner and he left the Helpers with a happy smile on his face.

Two Helpers were once sent to help a lady who had been told how to develop negative sight and who was then in trouble. She was successful in her efforts and three days before this had found that the lower Desire World had opened up to her. What she saw there had frightened her so terribly that she was nearly a wreck.

She was praying to God with all her heart for someone to drive away from her the large entities that she saw constantly. The Helpers saw the entity that she saw at that time and he was a horrible looking creature. They spoke to him and he turned and looked at them, made a terrible face at them, and changed his shape.

The Helpers then spoke to the lady and told her who they were and why they had come to her. She asked them to save her and said she would never practice those negative exercises again. One Helper told the entity to go away and he left.

The Helpers quieted the frightened lady and talked to her until some of her family came in with a doctor. The doctor examined the lady and found that she was all right. The Helpers told her to study their teachings and that she would be safe.

Once two Invisible Helpers were going over some mountains in the northwestern part of the United States when they heard someone praying for help. They looked down and saw several men and women going down the mountainside, laughing and talking. Then they saw a woman who had got too close to the edge and had slipped over. She had caught hold of some roots of a tree and hung suspended over a precipice. In her terror she prayed desperately.

One of the men in the party saw her at that moment. He carried a rope but he was too frightened to use it and stood still as though paralyzed. One of the Helpers saw that the woman was weakening and was about to let go. He let himself down and took hold of her and brought her up safely. She thanked the Helper and fainted. The people were so frightened by her accident that they started to run away, but the Helper called them back. They then took charge of the woman and the Helpers disappeared. One of the Helpers took on the woman's feeling of fear and terror and plainly remembered in the morning what had happened and how her companion had rescued her. The Helper was happy because he had saved the woman's life.

Now, I will tell you of a man's prayers which were not answered, and you shall also know why. One night two Helpers heard a man praying and they came down to help him. This man was out in the woods alone, hunting, and had climbed over a fence which had been put up around the marshland to keep the cattle and horses out. He started across the marshy field, and fell into an old mineshaft which had not been used for centuries. It was full of water then, as it had been hundreds of years before, when another person was pushed in and left to die.

The mineshaft was in an out-of-the way place and had weeds growing all around it which kept it hidden from view. He was a strong man in the prime of life and he had been down in the shaft for four or five hours fighting for his life. He was sending up prayers to God for help to save his life. The Helpers stood on the brink and looked down. They wanted to go down and get the man and carry him out, but they were prevented from doing so by a High Being who said that this man must reap as he had sown.

"You can soon take him to the Desire World if you wish," the High Being said.

One Helper protested and they were shown the man's past life in which he had generated this karma. He had been a woman then and she had pushed a man into this same hole and he had died. There was nothing for the Helpers to do but wait for the man to die. In a few minutes his spirit came up and the Helpers took him off to the Desire World. He had already viewed his present life and his previous life, and he knew why no help was given him. He had paid the debt which he had made in the distant past.

Helpers love to help and it makes them feel very sad when they must stand by and see people die because they have not earned the right to receive help.

One night two Helpers were told to go to the North Atlantic Ocean and help a fishing boat that was about to be sucked into a whirlpool off the coast of Ireland. They hurried there and found the sailors and the men working hard to steer the boat out of the swift current that was taking the ship to the whirlpool.

When the men saw the Helpers who had materialized bodies by then, they asked and prayed to them to save them. The Helpers tied a long rope to the bow of the boat and then started off in the air above the water and pulled the boat out of the current. The old boat groaned and creaked, but the Helpers succeeded in pulling it to safety.

The men thought the strangers were Angels and they were very respectful. The Helpers told them that they were human beings and that their bodies were at home. The men wanted to know how the Helpers could go through the air. The Helpers tried to explain how they could leave their bodies and go everywhere helping people. The seven men could not understand it and believed that they were Angels. The Helpers then left them and went on with their work.

You may well believe that those men know that their prayers were answered and that no one can shake their faith in God's power to help his children in time of trouble and desperate need.

Here is a story that tells of something that happened in Asia. A woman was in a dentist's chair and the dentist was pulling her teeth out and had not given her anything to stop the pain. She prayed for help and when the Helpers reached her she was screaming with pain.

The Helpers materialized and went in and stopped the dentist and made him give the woman something for her intense pain, and then they let her go home. One Helper told the dentist that he ought to pull his teeth out and let him see how it felt and he became frightened. We will hope that it will be a lesson for him, and that he will not be so cruel and unfeeling again, especially to poor people. One of the Helpers felt the woman's pain and terror and remembered it vividly the next morning when she awakened from sleep. Such scenes as this make Helpers feel very sad.

Here is a story where a Helper saved a little girl from death, and also saved a bear and a python which were in a pit. One night some Helpers were in India, and they encountered a very mean and vicious bear which was attacking the local people. The people were trying to make the bear go away and he was fighting everyone he saw. He had badly injured a man and a woman.

One Helper would not go near the bear, for she had forgotten that the bear could not hurt her when she was out in her desire body. The man Helper saw a little girl coming along. When the bear saw her he started after her, but the Helper ran to the little girl and got her out of the way. The bear then rushed at the Helper and came up in front of him. He was about to strike him when the Helper stepped to one side.

The bear lost his balance and rolled over on what the Helper thought was grass. Instead it was a pit that the local people had dug to trap bears, tigers, and lions. The bear fell in and soon the Helpers heard a great commotion in the pit. A large python had crawled into the pit some time before this. He was probably there to get out of the hot sun.

The local people heard the growling in the pit and they came and pulled the grass away. They looked down and saw the bear and the snake fighting. The Helper did not want the snake to kill the bear. Neither did he want the bear to kill the snake, so he went down into the pit and stopped them. The bear was on one side and the snake was on the other side of the pit. The lady Helper was delighted to think that her friend could stop the trouble. The man helper went out of the pit to get her and the fight started again. He went back into the pit and called the other Helper and she came and went down. He went out and the snake and the bear continued to be quiet.

After that the Helper told the snake to crawl out and he did. He told the python to go away and not hurt anyone until it reached the jungle. The local people ran about wildly to get out of the huge snake's way. Next the Helper got some logs and put them in the pit and told the bear to climb out. He did it quickly and the lady Helper came out, and the bear began to follow her. They stayed at a safe distance and watched to see what would happen next. A little girl went up to the Helpers and paid no attention to the bear. He merely looked at her and stayed quietly at the lady Helper's side. The other Helper put the child on the bear's back and he carried her around.

A high Lay Sister came and did something to the higher bodies of the child. "Now, nothing will harm this child," she said, "and all creatures will obey her until she reaches womanhood at the age of fourteen. She will be able to protect those people who have been very hard pressed by snakes and wild beasts."

Then the Lay Sister took the bear away and the Helpers went to the injured people. The man had bled to death from his injuries and his ego was gone. The man Helper told them to bury his body at once.

The Helpers found the injured woman and dressed her wounds. They thought that she would live. After they had done all they could for her, the Helpers went on with their work.

Another night two Helpers were sent to an old monastery in Europe which had been bombed. Just as they reached the place a lady came in with a baby in her arms and leading two small children. This woman had left her hometown twenty miles away and was trying to reach the monastery. Her husband had been killed and their home had been destroyed. They had been in comfortable circumstances before the war.

She had to flee for her life and had been on the road coming for four days. Many times she had hidden from soldiers and robbers. They all took colds and being without food and shelter, they developed pneumonia. The baby in her arms took all the mother's strength. The mother and her three children fell down and died about forty feet from the ruins of the old monastery.

The mother was delirious before she died and she had only one thought. She wanted to reach this place and she died without knowing that the building was deserted. When the dead mother saw the lady Helper she thought that she was a nun and she gave her the little girl and boy. The Helper put them on a bench and sat down beside them.

"Oh, I am so glad that you will take care of them," the poor lady said, and disappeared.

The mother and her children were well dressed and they had very bright auras about them. The Helpers put the little girl in her lap and she soon fell into unconsciousness. The little boy who was leaning against the Helper soon lapsed into unconsciousness too. While this was happening, the lady Helper spoke to her companion. "They are sick. What is the matter with them?"

"They are all dead," he replied sadly. "Their bodies must be near."

He went to the door and saw all four bodies about forty feet from the door. Then the Helpers left the dead children asleep on the pew of the old monastery and went to the four bodies. The mother was standing beside her body wondering what had happened. She was holding her baby.

"Please help us," she said. "Something has happened. I do not know what it is. Here I am and here is the baby; but there are our bodies or us. What has happened? Oh, my chest hurts. I can hardly breathe. I want to go to the monastery to bring my older children there."

"Lady, you are dead as man knows it," said the man Helper. You have taken the boy and the girl to the monastery. You must will yourself well.

The mother did this and felt better. Then she told her new friends how the soldiers came upon her husband in the field and shot him down. She took her children out the front way with what they had on, and started. It was cold and raining and they caught cold. "We had only water and some nuts to eat during these four days that we have been on the way."

"Come with us and we will take you to a place where you can rest a while," the Helper said.

"Will you please carry the baby because I feel too weak," she said to the man Helper.

"Will yourself to follow us," said this helper as he took the baby.

The mother did this and she soon became unconscious. The Helpers first carried the two children to the Heaven World. Then they returned to get the mother and her baby. They stopped at the Borderland with the mother, and the lady in charge said that the mother would only have a short stay in the lower Desire World as she was a good woman. The Helpers went on to the Children's Heaven with the baby and it became very much alive and began to play with the brother and sister who were then awake and all right.

Do you wonder that one of these Helpers cried over the sad fate of this little family? Wars cause such endless sorrow and pain. I say endless, for the feelings of hate generated in one life carry over into the next and another war results. Just go back in history and try to count the wars that have taken place. The loss of life is appalling. Humanity has piled up so much karma that the load seems staggering. If people would only stop and consider the cost, much trouble might be averted, but most people will not stop. They refuse to believe in the law of Rebirth and the law of Consequence. To them this is all idle talk. They close their ears and go blundering on, making all sorts of mistakes which will only cause them trouble.

Many doctors have lived useful and helpful lives. Paracelsus was one of the most famous of the physicians of his time. He was merciful and devoted his entire life to healing the sick, regardless of whether they could pay him or not. He gathered the herbs, leaves, berries, and bark from the trees and plants in the woods, and made his own medicine and was wonderfully successful.

Invisible Helpers spend much time helping the sick. They help all people to whom they are sent, regardless of who they are. Our next story tells of some work done in one of the northern states. One October night two Helpers were sent to an Indian reservation. There were about fifty sick Indians there, men, women, and children.

The Helpers went from place to place doing what they could for them. Someone gave them an Indian call and many Indians came to the shack where the Helpers were and watched them. One young Indian woman went away and came back with a very sick baby wrapped up in a blanket. The other Indians backed off from her as if they were afraid of the baby. One Indian tried to let her to go out and she called to the Lady Helper who made the man stop.

"Please help my child," the Indian mother said to the Helper. "I know that you are not human, and if you touch him he will be made well."

She uncovered the baby and his face and body were covered with a mass of sores. The baby also had pneumonia.

"Oh, what a cute little baby," said the Helper as she took him in her arms. "Dear Lord, I know, but they do not. Please help this child, if it be thy will."

While she was praying for help for the baby the man Helper asked for a pail of dirt and two quarts of milk. This was brought to him. The baby was so weak that the Lady Helper said, "I believe the baby has passed on."

The other Helper looked at it closely and saw that he was still alive. "Take the baby home," he said.

The Helpers went home with the mother and found that it was no place for either the baby or its mother. "Have you any parents?" he asked.

"Yes, but they put me out," the mother said.

"You must take me to them," the Helper said firmly.

The mother led the way and the Helpers went in. "I want a place for this mother and her child," he told the parents.

They were friendly and gave them a warm room without a word. The lady Helper sat down and held the baby in her lap. The other Helper mixed the dirt and the milk into a paste and put it on the baby and let it dry on the child as he lay on the blanket before the fire. He asked for some grease and it was brought. After a while the Helper removed the dirt and greased the child's body and gave it to the Indian mother who was watching them. The baby began to wriggle about and cry. Then the Helper took him again and he stopped crying.

One big Indian man said, "Hm-mm, let's see him without his clothes. See if sores are all gone."

The Helper took the blanket off the child and held him up so that they could all see he was cured. The paste that was put on him was used merely as a medium for the healing force that comes from God. This baby was the prettiest copper-colored Indian baby that the Helpers had ever seen. There was not a scar or blemish on him anywhere.

The Indians were surprised to see the change in the baby.

"Are you married?" asked the Helper turning to the mother.

"Yes," the Indian mother said. "The buck went off when the baby became sick and sore and did not come back."

"Is he here?" inquired the Helper.

"Yes, there he is," she said and she pointed him out. The Helper told him that as long as he lived he must take care of that child until he became a man, and that he must not touch or bother his wife unless she wished him to.

"Me not want him. Him no good," said the wife.

The Indian man rushed toward her but the Helper stopped him.

"If you ever bother her or take the boy away, or try to, you will never walk or talk again," the Helper said.

The Indian looked very badly frightened when he heard that.

"What did you want to say?" asked the Helper.

"Me no hurt her or take boy. Me help boy," he said. He meant that he wanted to help the baby.

The Helper questioned the Indian woman to find out if she had been sick or had any disease and she said, "No," to all his questions.

"Who do you think we are?" the Helper asked her.

"She Angel," she said and pointed to the lady Helper, "and you are a guard for her."

It was useless to explain that the strangers were not Angels. The Indians wanted to give the strangers beads and other things, but the, Helpers only thanked them and said that they could not take the gifts. The Helpers visited every sick Indian on the place and the Indian mother went with them.

"You have had much trouble haven't you?"' said the Helper. "Why not be a good girl and help your people and everyone else that you can?"

"I will but the people here shun me," she said, and then she began to cry.

"Come here, dear child," he said. "I will not shun you. I admire you, for you are so brave, strong, and good."

The Helper was standing up and the Indian mother came and laid her head on his shoulder, and said, "Oh, I am so lonely and sad. I prayed to white man's God to help me and he sent his Angel and you. I will be good."

While she was speaking the Helper was stroking her head and asking that, she be given power to help others as long as she remained good, and unconsciously to keep her baby well, and so that she can heal all whom she touches. He then told her to shake hands with all the people whom she went to see who were sick, and to go and see all that were sick no matter what was the matter with them. He told her that everyone would like her.

There must be a nucleus of good Christian people in all races for the Aquarian Age. The Indians followed the strangers everywhere they went. Finally the Helpers rose up in the air and left them.

A few days later the Helpers went back to see the Indian woman and she was happy in her parents home. The baby was well and sleeping in a crib beside his mother's bed. The Helpers woke her up and she kissed the lady Helper and they went on their way knowing that they were no longer needed there.

It makes Helpers happy when they are allowed to help children and animals. Most children love animals and every child should have a pet and be taught how to care for it properly. In my experience I have found that children who love animals are usually the best and most obedient children. Those who do not love animals should be taught to respect their rights and not mistreat them. If you want your child to grow up and be unselfish, teach him to share what he has with people and with his pets.

The next story is about a little girl who was attracted to a bear cub in the woods and how she was saved from attack by the mother bear, and how the bears were given a home on the farm.

Two Helpers were sent to save a little girl who was about six years old. She had wandered away from her farm home one day and her parents had not missed her. She went into some woods and there she found a very young bear cub and she began to play with it all went well until the mother bear saw the child and came tearing through the bushes toward her. This bear would have harmed the child if the Helpers had not appeared just at that moment and stopped her.

One Helper began talking to the mother bear to quiet her. "Listen, Mrs. Bear, keep your fur on. No one wants your cub I live hundreds of miles from these Maine woods and could not very well take it home. This little girl may want it now because it is little; but she will not want it after it grows big. Come along, we will take the child home and no one will hurt you."

The bear followed the Helpers until they reached the edge of the woods, and then she stopped and called her cub. The man Helper told his partner to call the cub and she did. The cub went to the Helper and its mother growled and showed her teeth.

"I know you have good teeth," the Helper told her. "I mean well by you, so come on."

Then the mother went along as if she were walking on briers. After the Helpers got on the road, the child and the cub went on ahead, running and playing, and the big black bear came lumbering down the road between the Helpers. When the child reached the gate to her own yard, she ran in calling to her mother who was in the barn.

The mother came out and when she saw the bears she screamed and two men ran out with shotguns and leveled them at the cub. Its mother put a paw on one of the Helper's arms and looked into his face as if to say, "Please don't let them kill my child. I never would have come if it had not been for you."

This all happened in a flash, but the Helper had already told the Salamanders to keep quiet, so the guns did not go off. The men dropped their guns and ran into the barn, but the mother went to her child. The Helper told the mother that neither the cub nor its mother would hurt the child.

"Mister, that bear is wild," the child's mother said.

"I know, but we are friends," he said. "You see the Group Spirit was cooperating with the Helpers because he wanted the lives of his charges saved."

"Wait until I tie up my dogs," she said, "or they will kill the cub and the bear."

"No, you do not need to do that for the dogs and the bears will not fight," the Helper said. "They will be friends."

Just then the dogs came out of the barn and came towards the strangers. The man Helper spoke to them. "Listen, I want no rough stuff from you. You must just be friendly with the bears."

The dogs looked at the cub and its mother and went away. The two men and the woman were amazed at the way they acted.

"How did this happen?" one of them asked.

"It happened because I asked that it be so," replied the Helper.

"How did you do it?" questioned the man.

"I asked that they be friends," the Helper told him.

The Group Spirit of the dogs helped by making the dogs friendly to the charges of the Group Spirit of the bears, but we people knew nothing about the Group Spirits.

"That is foolishness," the man said.

"Your gun refused to shoot," the Helper said. "The dogs would not fight. I suppose that is foolishness. I want a home for this mother bear and her cub. They will be good and the mother will go away soon, but the cub will stay and be good as long as you don't mistreat it."

"Under these conditions I will take them but what about the father?" asked the man.

"If he comes he will behave himself," said the Helper. The Helper called the dogs to the bears and told them to be the friends of the bears on the farm and off of it, and to take good care of the cub. He told the bears that this farm was to be their home and that they could come and go as they pleased. The cub followed the dogs off into the barn. The Helper watched and saw them go to the place where the dogs slept. He was not sure, but it sounded as if one dog said to the others, "The cub can sleep here all right, but if its mother comes she will take up all the room. She should get another place."

Then the Helper told the farmer to make a place for the mother bear near where the dogs slept in the barn.

"Why, I cannot put that bear in the barn! Why, the horses will stampede," the farmer said in a surprised voice.

"No, everything on this farm will be friendly to the bears. Go get a horse, a cow, and a pig and we will see what happens," said the Helper.

The farmer brought these animals, one by one, and there was no trouble. The perspiration stood on the farmer's forehead, for he was much excited. "What has happened?" he asked. "Is the world coming to an end?"

"No," answered the Helper, "but the spiritual influence is at work on all animals and making them friends and it cannot influence man as yet, but it will in time."

"Who are you and where do you live?" the farmer asked.

The Helpers told him of their work and he was much interested.

"Are you Angels?" he inquired, and the Helper said, "No."

"You must be very good then," the farmer remarked.

The Helpers returned home as the alarm clock of one of them had gone off warning him that it was time for him to be getting up.

Here is a story about how a boy and a panther were helped by means of spiritual healing. One Saturday night two Helpers met a boy in the heart of the jungles in Africa. The boy was sitting on a fallen tree with an image of his god in front of him. He was praying to it to help him. He had gone off alone as his parents had shunned him because his burned arm smelled badly.

The Helpers came down out of the air, materializing in front of him. The boy saw them and got down on his knees and begged them to help him or take him with them. He was a very intelligent boy, far above the average of his people.

The Helpers saw what should be done, but they had nothing to do with. It was ten miles to the nearest missionary camp. One Helper sent the other Helper to that camp to get bandages, salve, etc. The lady Helper went but the people refused to give her anything for the boy and so she returned.

"Stay here until I come back," the man Helper said and he went away and returned with a first aid kit. He saw that his partner was trying to make friends with a black panther with a sore foot. He was an unusually large animal for his species.

The man Helper called the panther to him and told him to sit down. He then asked the Group Spirit of the panther to keep him quiet until he had fixed the boy up, and then he would dress the panther's leg. The Group Spirit said that he would be glad to do this.

The Helpers cleaned the pus out of the boy's arm and washed it carefully, put some salve on it, and bandaged it. Then they told the boy to stay close beside them.

The man Helper turned to the injured animal. "Mr. Panther," he said, "you have a bad foot there. I will fix it up for you if you will act like a gentleman."

The panther opened his mouth wide and showed four large, sharp white teeth.

"I know you have sharp teeth," the Helper said, "but I have not enough here for you to make a meal of."

After saying this the Helper picked up the panther's front paw and saw that it was badly swollen with pus. He took the knife in the kit and told the lady Helper to take the panther's attention from his foot while he cut it. She did and the Helper cut a slit in the swollen skin. The panther let out a fierce howl and jumped up and knocked the lady Helper over. She screamed and the boy ran away. The man Helper had to stop and go and get the boy to keep him from being hurt in the jungle.

After the lady Helper recovered from her momentary fright she slapped the panther and he became as meek as a lamb. She squeezed out all the pus from the foot and the panther was licking her hand when the man Helper returned with the boy. He then washed the panther's foot and, bandaged it up and the panther stayed near his new friends.

The Helper then asked that the boy have some protection against the beasts in the jungle until he becomes a man. The Helpers were told to acquaint the boy with the things in the, jungle. They found a few large snakes, a lion, and several other animals in the jungle and had the boy go up to them and touch them, and command them to do his bidding. The Helpers told the boy that as long as he was good, nothing would hurt him, and that he would be able to heal others. He was told to help the things in the jungle and to return home, and his family would be glad to receive him.

"I don't want to go back," the boy said. "I want to stay with you."

The Helpers took the boy home and went on with their work, happy that they had been able to help both the boy and the panther.

I have been told that the Group Spirits that have charge of the animals are connected with their charges by a slender glistening cord invisible to the physical eye, just as we are connected with God. These Group Spirits are beautiful Beings of great intelligence and wisdom. The Group Spirit of the lion looked like a well-formed man with the head of a lion, and an etheric body of a lion extending out beyond the body that is like a man's body. Just imagine a beautiful Angel with a lion's head and with bright lights radiating from him and you will have an idea how the Group Spirit of the lions looks to the Invisible Helpers, who make friends with his charges. These Group Spirits can see into the World of Life Spirit where the true Memory of Nature is located. The Group Spirits often help children and animals by directing Invisible Helpers to them.

Next you shall hear about a little girl who liked to play with snakes. This story is somewhat amusing to the Helpers who met the mother of this child. One night some Helpers were going over South America when they saw some men and women running toward a house. They stopped to see what the trouble was.

The child's mother was greatly frightened because she had discovered that her little girl was in the basement of the house surrounded by a number of large snakes. The mother said that she would give half of what she owned to anyone who would rescue her child.

"If anyone goes to get the child," a man said, "the snakes will bite the child and the rescuer, too."

"Get my child so I can speak to her before she dies," begged the excited mother.

"Do you really mean what you said about giving half your property to anyone who will rescue your child?" asked the lady Helper.

"Yes," said the child's mother.

"I will get her for you," promised the Helper and she went down to the basement and went up to the child and told her that her mother wanted her. She then picked her up and came back upstairs. The five large snakes followed them out and the people began to scatter. A man was about to shoot the snakes.

"Do not do that," said the Helper who knew his gun would not go off, because he had told the Nature Spirits to be quiet.

The lady Helper stopped the snakes and took the child to her mother and said she was ready for her half of the lady's property. The Helper wanted to test her sincerity. Then the lady wanted to back out and not keep her promise.

"You can give it to me now, or in your next life," the Helper said. "It doesn't matter to me."

"I won't live again," said the lady.

The lady Helper then explained the laws of Rebirth and Consequence to her and showed the lady her past life and she saw how she had worked hard to get property and money.

"Let me think it over a few days," she said. "I want to talk it over with my husband."

The Helper told the snakes to follow her and she led them out of doors. She played with them awhile and picked them up one at a time. The people wanted to know who she was. They gave her plenty of room to play with the snakes. In a little while the Helper sent the snakes off.

A few nights later the same Helpers stopped again at the lady's house and talked to her. The lady wanted to settle with the Helper for five hundred dollars. Her offer was refused and she offered one thousand dollars. The Helper told her she wanted half of all she had or nothing. The lady became angry and said that she would get nothing and told her to get out

"You should not make promises that you do not mean to keep," said the Helper. "You will have to learn to keep your promises."

The dear little girl came to the Helper and she sat down and held her on her lap and admired her pretty curly hair.

"Will you bring my snakes back?" asked the child, "I have been playing with them for a long time."

The lady questioned her child and found out that she had been playing with these poisonous snakes for about nine months, and had never been harmed.

"Those snakes will never come back but some others will," replied the Helper.

The mother turned deadly pale but she would not give in and keep her promise. Later on, the man Helper asked his companion if she would have taken half of the lady's property.

"No, of course not," she replied, "but if she had offered it to me, it would have proved that she was sincere and honest."

Another night the Helpers went to see this lady who had promised half of her property to the one who rescued her child when she was surrounded by dangerous snakes. One of the Helpers knocked on the door and they were let in and found the lady very sick. The child was in bed in the same room with her mother.

"I am afraid that something will happen to my child because she is so fearless," said the mother to the Helper.

"Your child will be all right," replied the Helper. "Let her play outside and stop worrying about her and get well and be a good mother to her.

"I am ready to keep my promise to you," the lady said.

The Helper rubbed her hands together and pretended to be very pleased. She asked for the deeds and the lady got them and gave them to the Helper and then collapsed. The Helpers raised her up and then the lady Helper gave the deeds back to the lady. "Now everything is squared," she said.

This made the lady happy again and the Helpers left her in a happy frame of mind.

Our next story is about an Eskimo child who was saved by Invisible Helpers. In connection with this story I want to emphasize a very important point that many occult students do not understand. When people are sent on errands of mercy they must help everyone. Some narrow-minded people are prejudiced and are not willing to help people of other races. They feel superior to the African people, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Eskimos, the Indians, or some other race, and do not wish to help them.

I have been told that one student did good work for a time when out of his body at night, but one night he refused to help a sick Indian and so he was no longer suitable for a servant of the Elder Brothers. Years have passed by since then and he has not qualified to be again admitted as a worker in a band of Invisible Helpers. He is still prejudiced and narrow-minded.

If you aspire to be a worker in a band of Helpers who are directed by the Higher Ones of a true Mystery School, you must regard the people of all races as your brothers and sisters, and be willing to help everyone you can. This is not idle talk; it is a requirement necessary for advancement.

Two Helpers were sent to the far north to save an Eskimo boy about eight years old. He had been sent out for a doctor and had become bogged in the deep snow and could not go on. The Helpers found him lying unconscious in the snow with a note in his hand. They picked him up and carried him to the nearest outpost station. The man in charge read the note and said that the boy's parents were sick and needed help and that they lived five miles away. He told the doctor to get ready and go and see them. The doctor examined the boy and said, "His face and one hand are frost-bitten and he may lose his fingers and an ear."

The lady Helper began to cry and asked her partner to help the child immediately. The man Helper asked the man in charge of this outpost to put the boy to bed and said that he would care for him.

"I have no bed except my own," the man said.

"Put him in it," said the Helper.

The man consented and the Helper undressed the little fellow, put a nightshirt on him and laid him on the bed. "Hold him," he said to the lady Helper.

She took the boy in her arms and covered him with her aura. He was an attractive child, fat and chubby. The Helper felt very sorry for him and was eager to help him all she could so that he would get well. The men at the post were astonished at the compassion and pity shown by this Helper. They saw the helper's aura, too.

"She must be an Angel as no human being can do this," said one of the policemen.

"Do not disturb him," the man Helper said to the man in charge, "except to feed him and care for his needs so he will have no pain. Keep him here until his skin peels off. If you see that this child is kindly treated, much good will come to you."

"I will"' promised the man.

"Take your case with you and we will meet you at the boy's home," the man Helper said to the doctor.

"I will take the lady with me on the sleigh," said the doctor, "but I cannot take both of you for my dogs cannot pull three people."

"We do not wish to be separated and we do not need anyone to take us," one of the Helpers replied.

The doctor then started on his way to the home of the Eskimos. The Helpers called the man in charge outside and again told him to be sure and look after the boy, and then he disappeared. The Helpers reached the boy's home long before the doctor did and they found that the parents were very ill and had little food. By means of thought, one of the Helpers asked some one at a distance if he could help them."

"Yes, but wait until the doctor comes," the person said.

When the doctor arrived he was surprised to see the Helpers again and began to shake with nervousness.

"Calm yourself," the man Helper said to the doctor. He turned to his partner and asked her to work on the woman while he took care of the man.

The Eskimo had arctic fever, and because of scarcity of food they were poorly nourished. The Helpers soon had the Eskimos feeling better. The man Helper told the doctor to have a supply of food sent to these people and to take care of the boy.

The doctor begged the Helpers to tell him who they were. They told him of their work and that they were Helpers and were human beings. He did not believe this and insisted that they were Angels. The Helpers then went on their way.

Here is a little story. About four bear cubs that were saved from a hunter. One night two Helpers found some little bear cubs in an old hut in the woods somewhere. The little animals seemed to be only three or four days old. A hunter had found them and wanted to take them away and sell them.

"Leave them alone and let them grow up," said one of the Helpers. "We are friends of theirs and we desire that they be left alone."

The hunter was so frightened at the strangers' sudden appearance, that he decided not to hunt any more that day.

"It will be a long time before he will hunt again," one Helper said to the other by means of thought.

The hunter looked at the strangers as if to say, "They are nuts," and then he started for the door and went away.

"Good-by," said the Helpers to him as he hurried away.

After he was gone the lady Helper picked the cubs up and looked them over, made their bed softer and more comfortable, and put them back in it.

"Wait a moment, the parents are coming," said the man Helper as they were leaving.

The father and mother bears came in sight and stopped. The father bear held up a paw and smelled it and said something to the mother bear. Then he started to the hut while she waited, picking his way there carefully. When he reached the door he looked in and turned to her. Then she came up in a hurry and went to her babies.

It seemed as if she said, "Someone has been here and made a nice bed for my children, and I am glad that they did not take them away."

The father bear pushed the cubs over to awaken them and the Helpers left them all happy. Such work leaves happy memories.

Chapter XVII

Miscellaneous Stories
of Helpers

In this chapter I will relate several stories that will give you further information about the varied activities of Invisible Helpers who are sent out on helpful missions by the Higher Ones. These Higher Ones, with the help of many lesser beings, are doing all they can to assist the people on this planet in their evolution. Humanity has been placed on Earth for experience, and each human being must work out his own destiny. Man has gone part way on his evolutionary journey, but he still has an immense amount of work to do on his various vehicles before he can hope to win Iiberation. Man must learn to progress by helping others on the way of attainment. All must some day gain conscious unity with the Father.

Many people receive help because of their prayers to God. Here is the story of a man whose prayers were answered. One night two Helpers were sent to help a man in the southwestern part of the United States. This man was terrified because he was in the power of another man. He was a good man and worked hard for his living. He had a wife and two children and made good wages and lived well. He was well thought of in the community where he lived.

He had met a man in a tavern and this man had deceived him. He had involved him in a hijacking ring and was forcing him to hand over all his savings to him. This bad man had forced him to help the gang. He was nearly killed twice and once he had been arrested. He was terribly frightened and his wife was worried about his upset condition. She thought that he had done something wrong where he worked.

The Helpers met this man with the leader of the gang. The gang of robbers were planning to pull off a job and wanted him to help. When the man Helper came up to the worried man and asked what the trouble was, he said that the other man had taken five thousand dollars from him. The Lady Helper told the leader of the gang to give the man back his money and let him alone. She said that there would be trouble if he did not do it.

The leader said that she was too smart to live, and pulled his gun out and pointed it at her heart and shot at her twice. The Helper was in her desire and soul bodies and of course she could not be hurt. The gun did not make any noise. The Helper reached over and took the gun and broke it. The man ran but the Helper went after him and soon caught him. She shook him very roughly to bring him to his senses.

"I will give the money back and let the man alone," he said.

The Helpers went with the man to the gang leader's house, which was not far away and saw the man get his money back. They saw the working-man home and told him not to take up with strangers again. The man asked the Helpers who they were and where they came from and they told him. He thanked them warmly for their help and the Helpers went on.

Another night some Helpers were sent to save a woman who had been thrown off a ship by two men. The ship was off the coast of South America. The Helpers went down into the ocean and rescued her, out of the water, put a screen made of desire stuff around her, and took her to shore.

Then the woman told the Helpers that the men had robbed her of eight hundred dollars and two diamond rings. She told where she lived in one of the southern states. She was on a vacation trip that was to last twenty-five days.

The Helpers left the woman in a safe place and went to the ship and found the men down in a stateroom dividing the money and rings that they had stolen from the woman. The man Helper materialized his hand and picked up the money and the rings and went to the window and disappeared. "Dead money is not good for you," he said, turning around.

The men fell back from the shock, and the Helpers left the ship. They went to the woman and gave the money and the rings to her.

"Go home," said the man Helper, "and do not talk so much about your money and about being rich."

The Helpers went with this woman to a dock, where she could get passage on a ship and get back home. She found that she could go on a ship in two days. The Helpers then went with her to a hotel where she engaged a room to stay in until the ship sailed.

"Who saved my life?" the woman asked.

"I did, Lady," the man Helper answered.

"How did you get out in the ocean?" she asked. "We could not see the lights on shore for we were too far out, and it is a clear night"

"It is a long story and we do not have time to tell you," he replied.

"My life belongs to you," she said. "I do not know how to reward you unless you will take me, but I can give you a reward."

"The only reward we want is that you be kind and good to everybody," he said. There are good and bad in all races, you know."

The woman thanked the Helpers and promised that she would be helpful to others and the Helpers left her and went on to help someone else in need.

One night two Helpers were out in the country and they saw a bundle lying on the snow on a road. They went back to see what it was. They found that it was a woman who had been jolted off a sleigh or wagon. One Helper looked to see if she had died. He found that she was alive but she was sick with a fever and was unconscious.

The Helpers picked up the woman and carried her to the nearest hospital. Some people were taking the sick woman to this hospital, but when they arrived they found they had lost her somewhere on the road and so they hurried back to look for her.

The woman appeared to be about forty or forty-five years old. She was not pretty, but she had a beautiful soul body and a fine mental body. She had knots on her hands from hard work and her feet were black from frostbite. The doctor soon revived her and she asked for her daughter. "My day is done," she said.

"Give me your message and I will tell your daughter," the man Helper promised.

"Tell her to follow my footsteps and she will see God and his Angel children," she said.

"Where does your daughter live, and how old is she?" asked the Helper.

The woman said that her daughter was twenty years old and she told where she lived. She then turned her head aside, smiled, and passed on. In a few minutes she stood beside her body in her higher vehicles.

"How many children have you had?" the man Helper asked.

"I had four," she replied. "I have had a very hard life but a sweet one. Many a cold night I have walked and talked with Angels."

The man Helper said afterwards that most of the Angels that she saw and talked with were Helpers, but that she had seen many Angels in the clear moonlight. He said she had only talked with her Angel who was trying to help her all he could.

"Oh, I am so hot and dry," the dead woman said.

"Will yourself well and you will be all right," he said.

She did this and then she felt much better. "I want to go on to Heaven and rest," she said, "and then I want to help Angels. Oh, I feel all right now. Let's go to her."

"You can't go there now, but later you can," the Helper said. "Come with us.

The Helpers took her to the Borderland. The lady in charge asked her whether she wanted to rest or go on with her work.

"I want to work," she said at once.

This lady called a man and told him to work with her. She then told the woman who had just died that she could go and help all mankind.

The Helpers went to the woman's home and found her daughter. The man Helper told her that her mother had passed on and that she was to follow in her footsteps.

"I will do it," said the daughter. "Shall I continue to live where I am?"

"Do you have a good education and have you some money?" asked the Helper.

"Yes, I have," she replied, and she showed her bankbook and her money.

"I cannot tell you now, but I will let you know later," he said.

The Helper was told that there was a thin vein of gold on her place and that the daughter could get enough from it to last her three lives, but she knew nothing about it. The mother was a natural born Helper of a past life. From this girl will be born a line that will last until her mother is reborn again and then she will get the riches from the gold mine.
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Reference: The Work of Invisible Helpers, by Amber M. Tuttle

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