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Giving Thanks

As we walk the Path of spiritual development, we find that our prayers are changing. In former times we thought it proper to ask God for all manner of things, material gifts as well as spiritual. Gradually, as we learn and grow, we find that we ask less and less. Instead we are filled with praise and adoration for the Beauty, Glory, and Love of which we are becoming aware. The joy of communion with the highest we know supersedes any request for favors and we no longer wish to use the Divine in this manner.

In Web of Destiny we read: ". . .when we offer thanksgiving and praise we put ourselves in a favorable position to the law of attraction, a receptive state where we may receive a new down-pouring of the Spirit of Love and Light, and which thus brings us nearer to our adored ideal."

We see the importance, then, of being truly grateful and expressing our gratitude. This attitude of appreciation opens the way for further inflowing of the Love and Light which guide us along the Way on which we have set our feet.The pilgrims and founding fathers were, perhaps, wiser than they knew when they declared a time to give thanks for blessings received. In our personal lives we, too, should be alert to giving thanks, for, as St. Paul said: "I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content" (Phil. 4:11).

As we retrospect at the close of day we may find cause to be thankful, not only for the pleasing things we discover, but also for those we find not so pleasing. Often it is through these mistakes and shortcomings that we learn our most important lessons and make our greatest growth.

In our daily living we find that the habit of giving thanks to those who are helpful is a fundamental condition for gracious living. Actually it is an act of thoughtfulness and love to be appreciative of others. If we cultivate the habit of concern and appreciation for those with whom we come in contact it will be only natural to extend this feeling to God, to Whom we owe all we have. The daily inclusion of appreciation and thanksgiving in our retrospection will help us develop this valuable aid to spiritual growth.

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, November/December, 1995

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